International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27

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Walled-In, Reaching Out: Benefits and Challenges of Migrant Workers’ Use of ICTs for Interpersonal Communication
 Lim, Sun Sun. and Thomas, Minu.

War Reporting in the 21st Century: Political Phenomenological Perspectives on Embedding, ICTs, and Citizen Journalism
 Markham, Tim.

Weaving the Life of Guatemala: A Participatory Approach to Cross-Cultural Filmmaking
 De La Cruz, Sonia.

Web Credibility 2.0? Effects of Source and Content Credibility on Evaluation of Online Restaurant Reviews (TOP 3 Student Paper)
 Kim, Young Ji.

Web Production, News Judgment, and Emerging Categories of Online Newswork in Metropolitan Journalism
 Anderson, C.W..

Web2.0 Use Among Chinese Civil Society Organizations
 Shi, Song.

Website Interactivity Effects Explained by Consumers’ Online Flow Experience
 Noort, Guda., Voorveld, Hilde. and van Reijmersdal, Eva.

Weight Marks on Models: Information Labels Reduce Body Dissatisfaction Incited by the Thin Body Ideal
 Veldhuis, Jolanda., Konijn, Elly., Hoogervorst, Hanneke. and Beliaeva, Tanya.

Western Journalism’s “Other”: The Legacy of the Cold War in the Study of Media Systems
 Szpunar, Piotr.

Western Public Relations Theories in China: Hegemonic Influence or Intellectual Coexistence
 Zhang, Ai.

What Are You Laughing At? Examining White Identity and Enjoyment of Black Entertainment
 Banjo, Omotayo.

What CSR Can Tell Us About Public Relations and Issues Management
 Taylor, Maureen. and Kent, Michael.

What Does Media Sport Cultivate? Lessons From ‘MyFootballClub’
 Ruddock, Andy., Rowe, David. and Hutchins, Brett.

What Does the Audience Want? Understanding Media Choices by Examining the 2009 American Presidential Inauguration
 Lee, Angela.

What Influences Trust Building in Cross-Cultural Distributed Work Teams: A Multilevel Analysis
 Huang, Meikuan. and Lambotte, Francois.

What Makes Us Care? The Impact of Cultural Values, Individual Factors, Attention to Media on Motivation for Ethical Consumerism
 Krasser, Andreas. and Cho, Sooyoung.

What Makes a Difference Between Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube? Similarity and Dissimilarity Between Online Social Networking Communities
 Lee, Hyunjoo., Chun, Heasun. and Evans, Carolyn.

What Matters More in Online Games? A Synthetic Approach to Online Game Acceptance Factors
 Yoon, Gunwoo. and Ryu, SeoungHo.

What Types of Advertisements Are Being Loved in Web 2.0 Era? A Content Analysis of Popular Advertisements on YouTube
 Yu, Hyunjae. and Sung, Yongjun.

What Were They Thinking?! Discipline, Hegemony, and Pleasure in Worst-Dressed Celebrities Discourse
 Penney, Joel.

What a Difference a Day Made? The Effects of Repetitive and Competitive News Framing Over Time
 Lecheler, Sophie. and De Vreese, Claes.

What if Hydra Had No Head? Group Communication in a Social Student Protest Movement
 Schwarzenegger, Christian.

What if I See IMF in My Courtyard? Creative Mappings in Bamako Contest Dominant Development Discourse
 Mukherjee, Rahul.

What is Oprah Worth? A Thematic Analysis of the Value Attributed to Oprah’s Endorsement of Barack Obama
 Stephens, Maegan.

What is Web Traffic Worth? A Multidimensional Model for Measuring Online Attention on News Sites
 Zheng, Nan., Chyi, Hsiang. and Kaufhold, Kelly.

What's Up, Bitch? Women's Use of a Derogatory Word
 Baldwin, Martina.

What’s Journalism Got to Do With It? Political Blogs and Bloggers
 Bakker, Tom., Schoenbach, Klaus. and De Vreese, Claes.

What’s The Big Picture? Idiosyncratic and Ideological Viewing Practices and the Hermeneutics of Visual Rhetoric
 Wade, Walter.

What’s in a Domain Name? ICANN and Semantic Legitimacy
 Bottando, Evelyn.

When Distant Others Matter More: Perceived Effectiveness for Self and Other in Child Abuse PSA Contexts
 Paek, Hye-Jin., Hove, Thomas., Kim, Mikyoung., Jeong, Hyun Ju. and Dillard, James.

When Mind, Heart, and Hands Meet: Communication Design and Designers
 Cheung, Ming.

When Sexual Becomes Spiritual: Lila Downs and the Body of Voice
 Westgate, Christopher.

When the Watchdog Bites: Insulting Politicians on Air
 Kampf, Zohar., Liebes, Tamar. and Daskal, Efrat.

Where Have We Met Before? Viewing Social Network Site Use Within the Broader Communication
 Steinfield, Charles., Ellison, Nicole., Lampe, Cliff. and Vitak, Jessica.

Who Are Facebook Friends? Exploring the Composition of Facebook Friend Networks
 Parks, Malcolm.
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Who Customizes Health Websites and Why?
 Marathe, Sampada., Kang, Hyunjin. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

Who Is the Star and What Are the Contents of Comments on Cyworld? Textual Analysis of a Politician’s Mini-Hompy
 Park, Se Jung., Nam, Sang Me., Sams, Steven. and Park, Han Woo.

Who Pretends to Be Smarter? Adolescents’ Performance Adjustment as a Consequence of Self-Discrepancy Experiences
 Kagawa, Naomi.

Who Regulates Children’s Speech? Multi-Stakeholder Struggles Over Expression on Social Networking Sites
 Livingstone, Sonia.

Who We Are and What We Want: A Feminist Standpoint Approach to Defining Effective ICT Use for West Virginian Women [Top Student Paper Award winner for FSD]
 Goh, Debbie.

Who's in Control of Student Newspapers? An Analysis of Influences, Self-Censorship, and Censorship of Content
 Bickham, Shaniece. and Shin, Jae-Hwa.

Why Contribute? Relationships Between Citizen Journalists’ Motivations and Their Perceived Citizen Journalists' Role Conceptions
 Chung, Deborah. and Nah, Seungahn.

Why Do People Get Phished? Testing Individual Differences in Phishing Susceptibility Within an Integrated Information-Processing Model
 Vishwanath, Arun., Herath, Tejaswini., Rao, Raghav., Chen, Rui. and Wang, Jingguo.

Why Do People Work for the Good of Others? Examination of the Role of Moral Outrage in Explaining Third Person Behavioral Effects
 Hwang, Hyunseo., Kim, Ock Tae. and Lee, Sun-Young.

Why Do We Smile When Dying Virtually? Insights on Player Experience From Physiological and Self-Report Measures
 van den Hoogen, Wouter., Poels, Karolien., de Kort, Yvonne. and Ijsselsteijn, Wijnand.

Why Keeping Up Avatar Appearances and Metaverse Design Matters: A Model of Effective Team Collaboration in 3D Virtual Environments
 van der Land, Sarah., Schouten, Alexander. and Feldberg, Frans.

Why Koreans Are More Likely to Favor “Apology,” While Americans Are More Likely to Favor “Thank You”
 Lee, Hye Eun. and Park, Hee Sun.

Why We Distort in Self-Report: The Effects Cognitive Dissonance and Balance Theory on Self-Report Errors
 Kahn, Adam., Ratan, Rabindra. and Williams, Dmitri.

Widening the Gap or Closing It? Effects of News Media Coverage on Cynicism Towards the European Union (EU)
 Schuck, Andreas. and De Vreese, Claes.

Wii Tennis Play as Physical Activity in Low-Income African American Adolescents
 Staiano, Amanda. and Calvert, Sandra.

Wiimote Possibilities: The Effects of Types of Game Controller and Character Perspective
 Crouse, Julia. and Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

Wikipedia and Its Participatory Characteristics
 Hong, Seong Choul.

With All Due Respect, We Know a Little Bit More by Now
 Joeckel, Sven.

Women's Leadership, Communication, and Imagining the World Otherwise
 Clare, Jillian.

Women's Organizations and Experiences With Media Outreach: A Report From AWARE in Singapore
 Lam, Dana.

Work Advice, Experts, and the Voice of Management: Constraining the Working Woman in Glamour and Essence Magazines
 Cruz, Joelle.

Work-Life Negotiations Through Discourse and Materiality: Couples’ Coconstructions of Work-Life, Gender, and Power Through Larger Influences
 Denker, Katherine.

Working Notions of the "Active Participant" in Convergent Media Industries
 Ytreberg, Espen. and Sundet, Vilde.

Work’s Intimacy
 Gregg, Melissa.
International Communication Association 2010-Jun-21 to 2010-Jun-27
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