International Communication Association 2011-May-23 to 2011-May-31

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"A Battle of Confidence": Chinese News Coverage in the Global Economic Crisis
 Yang, Tianhao.

"Affectionate and Unpredictable Like Russian Life:" Practitioners Analyze the Current Stage of Public Relations in the Russian Provinces
 Erzikova, Elina.

"And All of a Sudden My Life Was Gone“: A Biographical Analysis of Extreme Gamers
 Domahidi, Emese. and Quandt, Thorsten.

"I’m Universal”: Beyoncé and the Re-Packaging of Black Women in Media
 Celeste, Manoucheka.

"Leading” vs. “Fresh”: Medical Authority on Two Physician Blogs
 Walden, Justin.

"Moral Journalists": The Emergence of New Intermediaries of News in an Age of Digital Media
 Ashuri, Tamar.

"Smuggled" in Translation: Transporting Cultural Cues From One Language to Another and .... Back?
 Jackim, Oksana.

"Spectacle of Accountability": Covering Crimes of the Powerful in UK Television News
 Schlosberg, Justin.

"‘Your Mission…Should You Decide to Accept It’”: The Cold War Logic of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (1968-69)"
 Goss, Brian.

(New) Media and Public Accountability
 Ettema, James.

(Re)mix, (Re)purpose, (Re)learn: An Analysis of Participatory Tools and Media Literacy Outcomes in the University
 Mihailidis, Paul.

120 Years of Changing Images of Danish Cultural Journalism
 Kristensen, Nete.

16 and Pregnant: The Effects of Watching and Discussing a Reality Television Drama About the Consequences of Teen Pregnancy
 Ortiz, Rebecca., Scull, Tracy., Brown, Jane., Shafer, Autumn., Kupersmidt, Janis. and Suellentrop, Katherine.

21st Century End Times: Vernacular Christian Fundamentalism on the Internet
 Howard, Robert Glenn.

9.11 in Sweden: Commemoration, Trauma and Catastrophic Time at Electronic Sites of Memory
 Lagerkvist, Amanda.

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A Broadcast System in Whose Interest? Tracing the Origins of Broadcast Localism in Canadian and Australian Television Policy, 1950-1963
 Ali, Christopher.

A Call for the Assessment of Interuser Reliability to Complement Intercoder Reliability in Content Analyses
 Ivory, James., Ivory, Adrienne. and Magee, Robert.

A Case Study of the Foxconn Suicides: An International Perspective to Framing the Sweatshop Issue
 Guo, Lei., Hsu, Shih-Hsien., Holton, Avery. and Jeong, Sun Ho.

A Changing (Political) Climate? A Study of Swedish and U.S. Press Coverage of Global Warming
 Shehata, Adam. and Hopmann, David Nicolas.

A Co-Construction Story: Users as Co-Designers of a Communication Device: The Case of IRC
 Latzko-Toth, Guillaume.

A Communicative Framework for Assessing Value in Cross-Sector Partnerships
 Koschmann, Matt., Kuhn, Timothy. and Pfarrer, Mike.

A Comparative Study of News Copyright in the United States and China
 Tang, Yong.

A Comparison of Models to Predict Indoor Tanning Intentions: Exploring the HBM, TNSB, and TPB
 Carcioppolo, Nick. and Morgan, Susan.

A Comparison of the Communication Accommodation Behaviors of International and Domestic Physicians
 Jain, Parul. and Raup Krieger, Janice.

A Comparison of the Visual Framing of Michelle Obama as Created by Journalists and The White House
 Buehner, Tara.

A Computer of One's Own
 Sawchuk, Kimberly.

A Content Analysis of Moral Foundations Presented in Spanish and English Language Soap Operas
 Tamborini, Ron., Enriquez, Marisa., Lewis, Robert., Grizzard, Matthew. and Mastro, Dana.

A Content Analysis of Sex and Race in Popular Video Game Official Websites and In-Game Screenshots
 Ta, David.

A Crime Without Intent: Deconstructing Media's Role in the Saturation of Social and Political Space
 Couldry, Nick.

A Critique of Missing Methodologies: Toward an Improved Practice of Feminist Media Studies
 Red, Magdelana. and Liberman, Rachael.

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BP`s Communicative Kill of the Media Spill: Frame Dynamics in Second-Order Agenda-Building
 Schultz, Friederike., Kleinnijenhuis, Jan., Oegema, Dirk., Utz, Sonja. and van Atteveldt, Wouter.

Back to the Roots: The Significance of the Theory of News Values for the News Coverage of International Conflicts
 Maier, Michaela. and Stengel, Karin.

Bad Angles: Challenging the Conventions of Cinematographic Framing in Film Communication
 Stifano, Stephen.

Barack Obama in Newspapers From the United States and Tanzania: A Comparative Analysis
 Tofteland, Rachel.

Bartleby’s Autism: Wandering Along Incommunicability
 Pinchevski, Amit.

Beating Hearts and Smiling Faces: Understanding the Influence of Research Paradigm on the Interpretation of Psychophysiological Measures
 Ravaja, Niklas.

Because They Have To, or Because They Ought To? Considering Moral Obligation as a Relationship Antecedent
 Strauss, Jessalynn.

Becoming Ethical Global Consumer Citizens: Taking Responsibility for Oneself for the Wellbeing of the Global Other in Planet Green’s Blood Sweat & T-Shirts
 Zimmerman, Heidi.

Becoming a Parent of a Child with Disabilities/Negotiating Political Policies and Practices
 Isgro, Kirsten.

Being a Multicultural American Girl: Popular Communication, Identity, and Femininity in Preadolescence
 Avila-Saavedra, Guillermo., Cook, Judi. and Hains, Rebecca.

Believing What You See or Seeing What You Believe? A Framing Analysis of the Iraq War
 Cansler, Garen., Zoch, Lynn. and Collins, Erik.

Benefits of Internet Use for Communication in a Rural Area: Relationships Between Online Communication and Perceived Social Support
 Park, Namsu., Strover, Sharon. and Straubhaar, Joseph.

Berlusconi on Berlusconi? A Critical Analysis of Italy’s Commercial TV Discourse on Digital TV Policy
 Padovani, Cinzia.

Between Media Memory and Political Activism
 Katriel, Tamar.

Between Strategic Nostalgia and Banal Nomadism: Arabic Audiences, Transnational Subjectivities
 Georgiou, Myria.

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C.Edwin Baker’s Critical Communication Law and Policy Scholarship: Lessons for Media and Communication Scholars
 Stein, Laura.

C.Edwin Baker’s Scholarship and the Global Debate About Free Speech
 Price, Monroe.

CMMB Mobile Broadcasting TV Bloom in China? A Socio-Technical Analysis
 Lin, Trisha Tsui-Chuan. and Han, Shuqiao.

CSR (S): The Impact of Dialogic or Deliberative vs Activist or Adverarial Approaches to Stakeholder Engagement
 Wood, Emma.

CSR Communication Strategies for Twitter: Microblogging as a Tool for Public Relations
 Etter, Michael., Plotkowiak, Thomas. and Stanoevska-Slabeva, Katarina.

CSR: A New Buzz Word of News Reporting? The Link Between Macro and Meso Level
 Weder, Franzisca.

Call Centers, Colonialism, and Immaterial Labor: Lessons From Manila
 Padios, Jan.

Camp and Circumstance: Aesthetics, Identity, and Mainstream Culture
 Feil, Ken.

Campaign Communication in Social Network Sites: A Survey of Candidates From a Network Analytical Point of View
 Domahidi, Emese.

Can Database Democracy and Laptop Reporting Save Journalism?
 Schudson, Michael.

Can Exergames Impart Health Messages? Game Play, Framing, and Drivers of Physical Activity Among Children
 Lwin, May. and Malik, Shelly.

Can Flat Packs Save the World? Transforming CSR to Sustainability
 Andersen, Sophie. and Nielsen, Anne.

Can Mediated Memory Foster Democratic Discourse?
 Edy, Jill.

Can Serious Games Contribute to Political Education? Evidence From Two Field Experiments
 Hefner, Dorothee. and Klimmt, Christoph.

Can We Speak With Others? Ethics/Politics of Representation in the Issue of the Sex Trade Prevention Act in South Korea
 Oh, YeonJu.

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Damned Either Way? Strategic Ambivalence After Sedgwick
 Doyle, Vincent.

Data Falling Off the Page: Tracking Surveilled Subjects
 Dubrofsky, Rachel.

Data Mining Difference: The Social Shaping of Genome Technologies From 1998 - 2007
 Chow-White, Peter. and Green, Sandy.

Database as Documentary
 Harwood, Graham.

De-Coding ‘Communication @ The Center’ : Mediatization and Economic Crisis in a Multi-Polar Age
 Preston, Paschal.

De-centering Global Communication: Russia and the Rest
 Vartanova, Elena.

De-centering Infotainment: South African Popular Media and the Politics of the Everyday
 Wasserman, Herman.

Death Reminders and Advertisements: Effects of Mortality Salience on Systematic Processing
 Magee, Robert. and Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

Debate and Development: A Participatory Approach to Ad Creation Based on Focus Group Insight
 Roedl, Sara.

Debating Muslim Separatism Online: Rethinking Agonistic Pluralism in the Case of Extreme Speech Discourses in Philippine Blogs
 Soriano, Cheryll Ruth.

Debunking Sarah Palin: Mainstream News Coverage of “Death Panels”
 Lawrence, Regina. and Schafer, Matthew.

Deceptive Self-Presentation: An Examination of Lying for Saving Face in FtF and CMC Contexts
 Li, Siyue., Levine, Timothy. and Walther, Joseph.

Deciphering the ‘New’ Language of Love: Identifying Romantic Relationship Norms in the Digital Age
 Blackwell, Derek.

Decoding Dan Brown: Critical and Negotiated Readings of Angels and Demons by Mexican Youngsters
 Frankenberg Hernandez, Lorena. and Lozano, Jose-Carlos.

Decolonial Ethnography of Communication: Connecting With an Inner South
 Fuller, Michael.

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E-Campaigning in Germany: Learning From Obama?
 Schweitzer, Eva.

E-Sex-P-N: Athletic Form or Sex Appeal? An Analysis of the 2010 ESPN Magazine Body Issue
 Smith, Lauren. and Smith, Kenny.

EEG Analyses of Modern Media Use
 macdougall, robert.

Economic News is Sometimes Wrong
 Scholl, Rosanne.

Educating Young Adults on the "True" Meaning of an "Independent Woman": An Analysis of Popular Song Lyrics
 Moody, Mia. and Foumena, Jessica.

Effect of Information Redundancy on Disclosure Recall in DTC Commercials
 Iyer, Narayanan. and Feng, Yang.

Effectiveness of Gain- and Loss-Framed Anti-Binge-Drinking PSAs on College Students: Explicit and Implicit Measures of Attitudes
 Kim, Hyejin., Kim, Seoyeon., Lee, Joonghwa. and Bolls, Paul.

Effects of Conversation Partner’s Gender-Language Consistency on References to Emotion and Tentative Language
 Ye, Zhenzhen. and Palomares, Nicholas.

Effects of Cultural Norm on Strong and Altruistic Reciprocity
 Jung, Younbo., Hall, Jeffrey., Hong, Renyi., Goh, Shimin Tiffany., Ong, Shu-Lin, Natalynn. and Tan, Kian Wee Nathanael.

Effects of Ethical Communications on Organizational Reputation, Organizational Identification, and Supportive Behavioral Intentions
 Hong, Soo Yeon. and Jin, Yan.

Effects of Ethnic Targeting on the Effectiveness of Cancer Prevention Messages Among Latinas and NHW
 Ramirez, A Susana. and Hornik, Robert.

Effects of Multimedia Enhancements on Issue Perception
 Tran, Hai.

Effects of News Frames and Academic Major on Opinions About Embryonic and Adult Stem Cell Research
 Stewart, Craig.

Effects of Postdebate Coverage on Spontaneous Policy Reasoning
 Pingree, Raymond., Scholl, Rosanne. and Quenette, Andrea.

Effects of Postinoculation Talk on Resistance to Influence
 Ivanov, Bobi., Miller, Claude., Compton, Josh., Averbeck, Joshua., Robertson, Kylie., Sims, Jeanetta., Parker, Kimberly. and Parker, James.

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Facebook and “Surveillant Assemblage”: The December 2009 Disappearance of “Regions”
 Rodriguez, Mario.

Facilitating User-Generated Content Creation: An In-Depth Analysis of a Popular Japanese Video Sharing Website
 Suzuki, Yoshikazu.

Facilitating a Transcultural Approach to Entertainment-Education and Health Promotion: A Model for Collaboration.
 Bouman, Martine. and Brown, William.

Factors Influencing the Perceived Credibility of Diet-Nutrition Information Web Sites
 Jung, Eun Hwa.

Fail With Honour or Win by Cheating? A Qualitative and Quantitative Exploration of Cheaters’ Motivations in Online Multiplayer Games
 Ribbens, Wannes., Poels, Yorick. and Lamotte, Gertjan.

Failed Transmissions and Broken Hearts: The Telegraph, Communications Law, and the Emotional Responsibilities of New Technology
 Malin, Brenton.

Fair Share: An Analysis of Motivations for Sharing Wireless Bandwidth
 Shaffer, Gwen.

Fan activism sustained and challenged: Participatory culture in Chinese social media
 Zhang, Weiyu. and Mao, Chengting.

Fandom as Industrial Response: Producing Identity in an Independent Web Series
 Christian, Aymar.

Fans as Citizens: Satire Takes to the Streets of D.C.
 Boler, Megan. and Reily, Ian.

Fans or Friends?
 Baym, Nancy.

Favorite Movies by East and West Germans: Age or Cohort Effects?
 Schwender, Clemens.

Feeling Good While Buying Goods: Promoting Commodity Activism to Latina Consumers
 Castañeda, Mari.

Feeling Political: On Twitter and Emoticon Politics
 Crawford, Kate.

Female Suicide Bombers and the Family Melodrama
 Bakøy, Eva. and Kalnes, Oyvind.

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Game studies and the problem of interactivity
 Hawlitschek, Anja. and Koeppen, Veit.

Geek Jeremiads: Speaking the Crisis of Job Loss by Opposing Offshored and H-1B Labor
 Rodino-Colocino, Michelle.

Gender Difference in Emotional Rating of Naked News
 Bae, Soyoung. and Lang, Annie.

Gender Differences in Literacy Games: Efficacy, Strategies, Experiences, and Learning Outcomes
 Tanes, Zeynep. and Kisselburgh, Lorraine.

Gender Violence and Identity Intersection Online: News Framing of Gang Rape in a Refugee Community
 Worthington, Nancy.

Gender and Race Representation in Casual Games
 Wohn, Donghee.

Gender, Media, and the Globital Memory Field
 Reading, Anna.

Gendered Dimensions of Social and Cultural Capital Influencing Internet Adoption by Women in West Virginia
 Goh, Debbie.

Gendered Production and Reception of the Balkan Diva: The Phenomenon of “Ceca”
 Volcic, Zala. and Erjavec, Karmen.

Generation Gap = Gap in Online Privacy Perceptions? The Case for Singaporean Youths and Their Parents
 Ou, Meimin.

Geographical Differences in Investigative Journalism in China: Investigative Journalism, Metropolis Newspapers, and Places
 Tong, Jingrong.

Geographies of Prestige: Mapping the Institutional History of Communication Research
 Pooley, Jefferson.

Geographies of Risk and Security in Disaster News: Reporting on Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake
 Petersen, Jennifer.

Geometry of Teaching-Learning Cultural Diversity: A Horizontal and Vertical Approach to Drawing Diversity Projects Across Journalism Curriculum
 Vargas, Lucila. and Erba, Joseph.

Geopolitical Influences on the Discourses (and Materiality) of Meaningful Work: A Study of Children in Lebanon
 Hammoud, Abrar., Kisselburgh, Lorraine., Berkelaar, Brenda. and Buzzanell, Patrice.

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HIV/AIDS and Minority Men Who Have Sex With Men: An Ethnographic Meta-Analysis
 Dillon, Patrick. and Basu, Ambar.

HIV/AIDS in Botswana: President Festus G. Mogae's Narrative of Secular Conversion
 Jensen, Robin., Williams, Elizabeth., Holyoak, Isaac. and Shorter, Shavonne.

Happiness and Unhappiness at the Bureau: The Gendered Ecology of Classic U.S. Media Research
 Simonson, Peter.

Health Communication Research Using Visual Methods
 Greiner, Karen.

Health Cues: A Content Analysis of Health-Related Messages in Food Advertisements Targeting Children
 Castonguay, Jessica., McKinley, Christopher. and Kunkel, Dale.

Health Information Mavens Among a Lower Socioeconomic Position and Minority Population
 Kontos, Emily., Emmons, Karen., Puleo, Elaine. and Viswanath, K..

Health Nonprofits Online: The Use of Frames and Stewardship Strategies to Increase Stakeholder Involvement
 Patel, Sheetal. and Weberling, Brooke.

Health Promotion From the Grass-Roots: Piloting a Radio Soap Opera for Latinos in the US
 Torres, Maria.

Health Promotion via Social Media: An Analysis of Health Organizations' Use of Facebook in Enhancing Health Literacy
 Park, Hyojung., Rodgers, Shelly. and Stemmle, Jon.

Health and Marginalization: A Culture-Centered Construction From Rural Bangladesh (TOP STUDENT PAPER)
 Jamil, Raihan.

Healthcare Reform and Presidential Evaluation: Attribute Agenda-Setting and Priming
 Ha, Jaesik. and Kim, Sei-Hill.

Helping Design Students’ Self-Efficacy for Communication
 Gaffney, Amy.

Heuristic Cue, Evidence, or Moderator?: The Role of Source Expertise in Attitude Change
 Chung, Sungeun., Keum, Heejo., Lee, Wonji., Shin, Haejeong. and Yang, Woojeong.

Hidden-Profile Paradigm, a Tautology or an Uninteresting Argument at Best: Toward Complex and Dynamic Models of Group Information Processing
 Oh, Poong.

Hines Ward and the Border of Korean
 Kim, Gwangseok.

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I Dream of Jeannie, Too: The Ambivalent Case of a Sixties Blonde Oriental Who Called Her Man Master
 Elseewi, Tarik.

I Know Ulterior Motives Behind Companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring the Effects of Perceived CSR Motives and Issue Engagement on Consumer Responses
 Kim, Sora. and Lee, Yoon-Joo.

ICT Contours in Africa’s Development: Prospects and Concerns
 Saleh, Dr. Ibrahim.

ICT4D, Gender, and Empowerment: Case Studies From Ghana
 Kwami, Janet.

IPhone Effects: A Critical Analysis of Discourses on Science and Technology in South Korea
 Kim, Gwangseok.

Iconoclasm and the Destiny of the Image
 Martinez, Dora.

Identification With a Successful Television Character as a Predictor of Viewer Self-Efficacy and Occupational Outcomes: Media Involvement With The Closer
 Chory, Rebecca. and Carozza, Brittany.

Identifying Perceived Experts in an Online Community of Practice
 Beacom, Amanda., Kim, Young Ji., Selby, Jaclyn., Weber, Matthew. and Monge, Peter.

Identifying Public Perspectives of Relationships With Applications to Public Diplomacy
 Seo, Hyunjin. and Kinsey, Dennis.

Identifying and Deconstructing the Strategic Communication of Nation Branding in Abu Dhabi
 Page, Janis.

Identity and the Cultural Fluidity in Lebanese Television Advertising
 Nasr, Assem.

Identity on the Go: Executives’ Presentation of Self Through E-mail Communication in Everyday Work Life
 Caron, André., Hwang, Jennie., Caronia, Letizia., Brummans, Boris., Chabot, Pierre-Luc. and Mathys, Catherine.

Ideological Struggle in the Transnational Cultural Field: Japanese Shoujo Manga and the U.S. Publishing Industry
 Brienza, Casey.

If Consumers Only Knew: Immigration, "Food, Inc.," and Whiteness in the Local Foods Movement
 Page, Allison.

If They Really Wanted to, They Would: Press Discourses of Integration of the European Roma
 Schneeweis, Adina.

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Jalan Sesama's Impact on Young Indonesian Children's Literacy and Math Outcomes
 Borzekowski, Dina.

Japanese Imaginings About Blacks and Race in Popular Media: From Race to Resistance
 Tajima, Atsushi. and Thornton, Michael.

Jeux Sans Frontières? The Reformulation and Erosion of National Categories in European Club Football Competitions
 Sandvoss, Cornel.

Journalism History in the Netherlands: National Peculiarities, Transnational Universals
 Broersma, Marcel.

Journalism Training in Latin America: Examination of Virtual Education Through the Lens of Collaborative Learning and Communities of Practice
 Schmitz Weiss, Amy.

Journalism and Scientific Evidence
 Bloebaum, Bernd. and Noelleke, Daniel.

Journalism and Social Change: A Hundred Years of the New Zealand Daily The Dominion (Post)
 Rupar, Verica.

Journalism and the Politics of Memory: Remembering Prerevolutionary Cuba
 Lohmeier, Christine.

Journalism of Yesterday and Today: Challenges and Chances for Tomorrow
 Kutscha, Annika., Karthaus, Anne. and Bonk, Sophie.

Journalism, Visual Memory and the “Warsaw Ghetto Boy”
 Zelizer, Barbie.

Journalism’s Changing Norms of Accountability: A Study of Corrections Policies of Major News Web Sites
 Weiss, Elisheva.

Journalistic and White Identifications and the Failures of ‘Diversity’ (TOP 2 STUDENT PAPER)
 Dolan, Kevin.

Journalists, PR Professionals and the Practice of ’Black PR’ in the Baltic States: An Exploratory Study
 Ornebring, Henrik.

Just Being a Woman Isn't Enough Any More: Israeli Media Coverage of Women in Local Politics
 Lachover, Einat.


Keeping Children Healthy: How the Effects of Attitudinal and Normative Messages on Parent Intention Vary With Personality
 Lewis, Nehama.

Keeping Children Healthy: How the Effects of Normative Messages on Parent Intention Vary With Identification With Other Parents
 Lewis, Nehama.

Keeping the Elite Powerless: Fan-Producer Relations in the “Nu Who” Era
 Hadas, Leora. and Shifman, Limor.

Keepsake Journalism: Making Material Memory from Yesterday’s News
 Kitch, Carolyn.

Kimora Barbie: Camp and the Performance of Race
 Nishime, LeiLani.

Knowing the Soul: Human Interest Stories, Citizenship, and the Limits of Colorblindness in Katrina Reporting
 Jones, Bradley.

Knowledge Is Not Always Power: Inequality of Effectiveness of Exposure to Health Information on Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Populations
 Shapiro, Dina.

Korean Practitioners’ Cultural Tendency and Its Influence on the Perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
 Kang, HyunMee. and Richardson, Hettie.

Korzybski and . . . the Psycho-logic of the Ellipse
 Eicher-Catt, Deborah.

Korzybski and Heidegger: Time-Binding and Existence
 Anton, Corey.

Korzybski and Pierce in the Postmodern Context of Communicology
 Catt, Isaac.


Labor and the Limits of Seduction in Korea’s Creative Economy
 Kim, Changwook.

Labors of Love or of Life? Gender and the Invisible Labor of Professional Service
 Mayer, Vicki.

Language Intensity as a Sensationalistic News Feature
 Burgers, Christian. and de Graaf, Anneke.

Language Use as Social Practice on the Chinese Internet
 Yuan, Elaine.

Lasting or Vanishing? Short and Longer Term Priming Effects of Televised Debates
 Reinemann, Carsten., Maurer, Marcus., Jandura, Olaf. and Zerback, Thomas.

Latino Images as Teachable Moments
 Ramírez Berg, Charles.

Lawyers’ Image and Ethics in Hong Kong Television and Films: From Social Elite to Ordinary Professionals?
 Wu, Richard. and Leung, Grace.

Leader-Member Exchange Mediates the Effect of Superiors’ Communication Competence on Subordinates’ Job Satisfaction
 Hertzsch, Helen.

Leadership Effectiveness Intervention: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination on Organizational Culture
 Meng, Juan. and Berger, Bruce.

Leadership, new organizational forms, and tattered old ones
 Fairhurst, Gail.

Leaks of Science. How Journalists Tackle Uncertainty and Dissent in Climate Change
 Duarte, Katherine. and Yagodin, Dmitry.

Learning About the World: The Model of Cognitive Processing of International News Messages
 Kononova, Anastasia., Winters, Nathan., Myers, Justin., Williams, Jaime., Dong, Xue. and Bolls, Paul.

Learning From Interactive Media: Parent Versus Device Support
 Flynn, Rachel.

Learning-Oriented Reflection Following a Communication Failure
 Meyer, Janet.

Legislative and Regulatory Strategies for Providing Consumer Safeguards in a Convergent Information and Communications Marketplace
 Frieden, Robert.

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Mainstreaming Homosexuality in Nollywood: The Task and the Challenges
 Abah, Adedayo.

Make Mine Freedom: Sponsored Film, Public Opinion, and Forgotten History
 Jack, Caroline.

Managing Creative Capacity: Creativity as a Process of Organizational Change
 Evans, Sandra.

Managing GLBTQ Teen Identity and Communication Between Safe and Contested Spaces
 Horikami, Bryan.

Managing Multiple Goals in Supervisory Influence: The Role of Disapproval, Relational, and Identity Communicative Intentions
 Kline, Susan., O\'Neil, Bell., Fay, Martha. and Rooney, Margaret.

Managing as Designing: The Uses of Meetings by Policy Professionals to Design Communication in Complex Policy Processes
 Aakhus, Mark.

Managing the Division of Cognitive Labor in Diverse Groups: A Transactive Memory System Perspective
 Kim, Young Ji.

Manliness, Motherhood, and Mêlée: (Re)articulating Gender in the Balkan Wars
 Vukasovich, Christian., Ziberi, Linda. and Lengel, Lara.

Manufacturing Media Reforms: Towards a Model of Corporate Influence on Media Policy-Making
 Klinger, Ulrike.

Manufacturing Monsters: The Co-Construction of Lady Gaga and Her Audiences on Twitter
 Banks, Jaime.

Mapping Canadian Diasporic Media: The Existence and Significance of Communicative Spaces for Overseas Canadians
 Yu, Sherry.

Mapping Citizen Activities on the Internet: A Summary of Results From Two Large-Scale Representative Surveys in the Netherlands and in Austria
 Schoenbach, Klaus.

Mapping Gender on the Console: Transnational Labor Networks in Next Generation Hardware Production
 Huntemann, Nina.

Mapping Strategic Communication Approaches Across Different Domains of Crisis
 Meltzer, Kimberly.

Mapping [ir]Replaceable Elements of News Reporting: A “Quasi-Experiment”
 Reich, Zvi. and Lahav, Hagar.

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Narrative Impact and Narrative Engagement in Players of Violent Video Games
 Reich, Sabine.

Narrative Persuasion in Road Safety Communication: Do the Mediators Miss the Males?
 Oschatz, Corinna. and Klimmt, Christoph.

Narratives of Vigilant Spaces in Media and on the Ground: Ethnography of Red Light Districts and Pleasure Services Advertising in Singapore and Hong Kong
 Venger, Olesya.

National Audience Tastes in Hollywood Genres: Cultural Distance and Linguistic Affinity
 Fu, Wayne.

Native Message in Nonnative Form: Self Mention as Distinct Speech Codes in English Language Use in Intercultural Communication
 Liu, Jing. and Chang, Yanrong (Yvonne).

Navigating Careers in Online Contexts: Negotiating Public and Private by Using Images of Motherhood
 Berkelaar, Brenda. and Buzzanell, Patrice.

Negative Campaigning: A Strategy for American but Not for German Campaigns? An Experiment
 Leidecker, Melanie.

Negotiating Collaboration and Competition Among the NGO Community
 Baker, Melissa. and Stohl, Cynthia.

Negotiating Privacy Concerns and Social Capital Needs in a Social Media Environment
 Ellison, Nicole., Vitak, Jessica., Lampe, Cliff. and Steinfield, Charles.

Negotiating Public and Private: Mobile Technology and Civil Inattention
 Humphreys, Lee.

Negotiating Technology Efficiency, Communication Effectiveness, and “Safe Broadcasting”: Introducing New Technologies in the Television Production of the Beijing Games
 Liang, Limin.

Negotiating the Twitter Self: On Networks of Affiliation and Relational Pressures
 Lomborg, Stine.

Neither “Non-” nor “Becoming”: American Polonia and the Need to Reformulate Whiteness
 Szpunar, Piotr.

Neo-Tech Taiwanese Americans: Internet Use and Transnational Identity
 Wang, Li-Jung. and Wang, Wei-Ching.

Neoliberal Citizenship and the Commercial Television Landscape in Twenty-First Century America
 Brzenchek, Alison.

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ORSIDS: A Proposed Communication Method to Support Educators With Selecting Learning Objects for Their Online Courses
 Cohen, Deborah Elizabeth.

Observer Ratings of Behavioral Adaptation in Deceptive Interactions
 Burgoon, Judee., Dunbar, Norah., Rodriguez, Dariela., Bernard, Daniel. and Robertson, Kylie.

Obtrusiveness and Negative Bias: Issue Attribute’s Influence on the Asymmetric News Coverage of the Economy
 Ju, Youngkee.

Occupational Stereotypes and Intercultural Interaction in Global Organizations
 Leonardi, Paul.

Oceanic Negroes: Communicating Blackness Down, Out, and Under
 White, Khadijah.

Older Adults and Video Communications: A Case Study
 Milliken, Mary., O\'Donnell, Susan., Gibson, Kerri. and Daniels, Betty.

Older Adults’ Perceptions of Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising: The Role of Health Literacy
 An, Soontae. and Muturi, Nancy.

On Journalism and New Media
 Zelizer, Barbie.

On Politics of ‘Listening’ and Citizenship: Relational Community Media Practices of Diasporic Youth in Melbourne
 Mikami, Akina.

On Transnational Media Interfaces: Beyond Push-Pull Theories of Globalization
 Havens, Timothy.

Online Cancer News: Trends Regarding Article Types, Specific Cancers, and the Cancer Continuum
 Hurley, Ryan., Riles, Julius. and Sangalang, Angeline.

Online Collective Action: Social Network Sites and Activism in the United States and Latin America
 Harlow, Summer. and Harp, Dustin.

Online Community, Identity and the Sense of Home: An Analysis of the Online Forum of Taiwanese Students in the United Kingdom
 Wang, Wei Chun.

Online Content Analysis Using Supervised Machine Learning: An Empirical Evaluation
 Scharkow, Michael.

Online Game Addiction Studies: An Overview
 Yilmaz Ozkaya, Elif., Larose, Robert. and Wohn, Donghee.

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Pandemic Communication: Health Cognition, Behavior, and Information Dependency
 Lin, Carolyn. and Lagoe, Carolyn.

Papa Goldberg and Uncle Joe: A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television
 Davis, Kelly.

Parasocial Interaction as More Than Friendship: Evidence for Parasocial Interactions With Disliked Media Figures
 Dibble, Jayson. and Rosaen, Sarah.

Parasocial Interaction in the Online Model of Value Cultivation
 Semmler, Shane., Bobby, Jake., Michels, Collin. and Loof, Travis.

Paratextuality and Gay Sexuality in American Idol
 Draper, Jimmy.

Parent-Child Interactions Differ Across Media Platforms
 Lauricella, Alexis., Barr, Rachel. and Calvert, Sandra.

Parental Mediation Strategies Throughout Europe
 Garmendia, Maialen., Garitaonandia, Carmelo., Martinez, Gemma. and Casado, Miguel.

Parental Monitoring, Communication Satisfaction, Family Environment of Drinking, Drinking Refusal Self-Efficacy, and Korean High School Students’ Drinking Intentions
 Jang, Su Ahn., Yoo, Jina. and Cho, Nam Auk.

Parental Uncertainty in Illness: The Struggle for Parents to Assign Meaning to an “Orphan” Illness
 Rankin, Anna. and Haas, Stephen.

Parents` Mediation of Children`s Video Game Experience and Game Rating Systems: Iranian Parents` Mediation Patterns and Views on Video Games
 mehrabi, meghdad., Kousari, Masoud. and Chen, Vivian Hsueh-Hua.

Parents’ Use of a DVD to Teach Toddlers’ Language
 Richert, Rebekah. and Fender, Jodi.

Parents’ Views on Media and Young Children as a Function of Ethnicity, Education, and Income
 Lauricella, Alexis. and Wartella, Ellen.

Participatory Activity in the Youth Civic Web: A Quantitative Analysis
 Freelon, Deen., Bennett, W. Lance., Wells, Christopher. and Hussain, Muzammil.

Participatory Aesthetics: Reflecting Ritual Practices of Non-Professional YouTube Posting
 Sumiala, Johanna.

Participatory Journalism and Editorial Influence
 Holt, Kristoffer. and Karlsson, Michael.

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Qualitative Research on Communicating With the Public About Health Causation, Attributions of Responsibility, and Inequality
 Lundell, Helen. and Niederdeppe, Jeff.

Quality Taste or Tasting Quality? The Value of Excellent Television From a Professional and an Audience Perspective
 Meijer, Irene.

Queer Nationalism
 Jelaca, Dijana.

Queer Tumblrs, Networked Counterpublics
 Cho, Alexander.

Question and response, inquiry and claims: the interview guide as convergence of the conceptual and empirical
 Hanska-Ahy, Maximillian. and Das, Ranjana.

Questionable Citizenship: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Nonconformity and Construction of Threat
 Hocker, Stephen.

Questioning Candidates
 Clayman, Steven. and Romaniuk, Tanya.

Questions from an Anthropological Ethics of Media: Filipino audiences and their responses to televised suffering
 Ong, Jonathan.


Race, Class, and Facebook: Online Hegemonic Discourses and a Guatemalan Protest Movement
 Harlow, Summer.

Race, Narrative, and Television Time
 Griffin, Hollis.

Racist Thought and Speech in the Academy: Is There A Solution?
 Graves, Joseph.

Radio Talk Shows and Women’s Empowerment in Senegal
 Diamanka, Fanta.

Rainbow Pride Bratislava 2010: Facebook as a Platform for Queer Activism
 Lorencova, Viera.

Rational Reappraisal of Threatening Narratives: Toward a Cure for Dysrationalia
 Berger, Charles. and Ha, Yerheen.

Re-Mediating Prior Talk and Constructing Public Dialogue: Hong Kong Newspaper Coverage of Political Talk Radio Discussions
 Lee, Francis.

Re-evaluating Feminist Discourse in Print Media: A Comparative Study of the Britain and the United States
 Mendes, Kaitlynn.

Re-presenting Social Reality Through Mannheim's Documentary Approach
 Lemish, Peter.

Reaching Across National Barriers: Transborder Journalism Collaborations in Europe
 Grieves, Kevin.

Reading Happiness Backwards
 Scannell, Paddy.

Reading the Body Object in House M.D.
 Kahle, Shannon.

Realism is Not the Default: Mental Resources and Realism Judgments
 Shapiro, Michael. and Kim, Hye Kyung.

Reality Inversion: When Mediated Experience is More Real Than Direct Experience
 Van den Bulck, Jan.

Reality-Loops and Intercultural Communication
 St.Clair, Robert.

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SODA as Change Communication: Engaging Organizational Representatives and Elders in Challenging Existing Organizational Practices
 Simpson, Mary. and Richardson, Margaret.

Salma Hayek and the Commodity Exchange of Latinidad in the Neoliberal Era
 Molina-Guzman, Isabel.

Sarah is Magic: Postgendered Comedy of Sarah Silverman
 Oppliger, Patrice. and Shouse, Eric.

Saving Haiti: Framing in International News Coverage of Natural Disasters
 Jia, Haiyan., Mislan, Cristina., DeIuliis, Daniel., Hahn, Cory. and Christo-Baker, George.

Say, "Cheese!" Bloggers and Cameras in Wisconsin's Courtrooms
 Blasiola, Stacy.

Scratches on Our Minds, Revisited
 Rand, Peter.

Scream Queens in Prime Time: Gender, Genre, and the Captured Victims in Criminal Minds
 Foss, Katherine.

Screening Science, Producing the Nation: Popular Science Programs on Israeli Television (1968-1988)
 Katz-Kimchi, Merav.

Scrutinizing Fictional Characters’ Arguments: The Role of Issue-Relevant Thoughts and Identification in Narrative Persuasion
 Hoeken, Hans. and Fikkers, Karin.

Search Engines as “Gatekeepers”: Content Analysis of the Online Information About Nanotechnology
 Li, Nan.

Searching for a Cyber Sex Effect: An Investigation of Computer-Mediated Instructional Immediacy and Student Motivation:
 Kelly, Stephanie., Fall, Lisa. and Christen, Scott.

Searching for the ‘Spiral’ in the Spiral of Silence: Modeling True Change Relationships Between Opinion Climate and Opinion Expression Over Time
 Matthes, Jorg.

Searching for “Plan B”: Using the Internet to Find Information About Emergency Contraception
 Hargittai, Eszter. and Young, Heather.

Securing Identities and Funding: Resource Seeking Statements Within an Academic Department’s Self-Study
 DeGooyer, Jr., Dan. and Carlone, David.

Seeing Bad People Punished Makes Us Think Alike: Social Norm Violations in Television Drama Elicit Cortical Synchronization in Viewers
 Weber, Rene., Eden, Allison. and Mathiak, Klaus.

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TV News of Swine Flu Pandemics: A Comparative Analysis of Two Virus Crises in the US
 Pan, Po-Lin. and Meng, Juan.

Tailoring Does Not Always Fit
 Jongenelen, Maaike.

Talk Radio Jambo Kenya as a Public Sphere for Deliberative Democracy
 Omwoha, Joyce.

Talk of the Talkies in the Twenty-First Century: Film Discourse on the Praised and Acclaimed
 Kersten, Annemarie. and Bielby, Denise.

Talking with Affective Dialog Systems: Extending the Analysis of Affect in Online Communication
 Skowron, Marcin.

Taming the Information Tide: Americans’ Thoughts on Information Overload, Polarization, and Social Media
 Hargittai, Eszter., Neuman, W. Russell. and Curry, Olivia.

TaoBao Jianghu: Social Shopping as Cultural Consumption
 Sun, Huatong.

Task and Identity Concerns of Temporary and Permanent Workers in Japan
 Ie, Fumiko.

Tchova Tchova in Mozambique: A Multilevel Intervention With a Multilevel Evaluation
 Figueroa, Maria Elena., Poppe, Patricia., Merritt, Alice. and Kwizera, Amata.

Tea Party Movement: The Problem of Populism as a Discursive Political Practice
 Kumar, Anup.

Teacher Identity and Selective Strategies for Mediating Interactions With Students on Facebook
 Vadrevu, Shobha.

Teaching End-of-Life Communication: An Applied Approach
 Pagano, Michael.

Technological Change and Production Location in the Movie Industry: A Study of Genre Trends in Seven Countries
 Wang, Xiaofei.

Technologies of Motherhood: New Media and the Accentuated Ambivalence of Migrant Mothers (Top Rated Paper)
 Madianou, Maria Mirca.

Technologies of the Pub(l)ic Sphere: Mobile Porn, Feminism, and the Public/Private Dichotomy
 Jurisz, Rebecca.

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U-Learning Adoption Among College Students
 Shin, Dong-Hee. and Kim, Tae-Yang.

U.S. Journalism Students and PR Students Do Ethics: Consequences for Professional Education and Training
 Schmitz Weiss, Amy. and Sha, Bey-Ling.

Ubiquitous God? When Religion Meets Media Technology
 Chang, Jong In.

Unbelievable News: Reasons for Trust and Distrust in News Information
 Geiss, Stefan. and Heimprecht, Christine.

Uncertainty Management and Communication Preferences Related to Genetic Relativism Among Families Affected by Down Syndrome, Marfan Syndrome, and Neurofibromatosis
 Peters, Kathy., Parrott, Roxanne. and Traeder, Tara.

Uncertainty and Communal Coping During Anticipated Natural Disasters
 Afifi, Tamara., Afifi, Walid. and Casillas, Anne.

Uncertainty in Type 2 Diabetes: Explication and Its Implications for Communication, Intervention, and Clinical Practice
 Middleton, Ashley., LaVoie, Nicole., Brown, Laura. and Brashers (Deceased), Dale.

Uncivic Pop Culture? Online Fan Networks and Youth Consciousness in Postauthoritarian Taiwan
 Yang, Hsin-Yen.

Unclipping Our Wings: Communication Researchers, Fair Use, and the Public Interest After eBay and Salinger
 Olson, Kathleen.

Under the Gun: Army Wives’ Use of Individual, Social, and Communal Coping in the Context of a Wartime Deployment
 Maguire, Katheryn. and Sahlstein, Erin.

Understanding Government-Youth Relationship Through the National Narrative: A Public Relations Perspective
 Lee, Mary.

Understanding Privacy Concerns: A Cross Cultural Perspective
 Yao, Mike. and Liang, Te-Hsin.

Understanding the Development of Functional Impairment From Internet Use: Problematic Internet Use or Too Much Time on the Internet
 Tokunaga, Robert.

Understanding the Effects of Message Framing and Approach/Avoidance Tendencies on Promoting Coping Behaviors for Caregivers
 Patel, Sheetal. and Shafer, Autumn.

Understanding the Role of Structural Norms in Promoting Health: The Joint Influence of Campaign Exposure and Interpersonal Communication
 Rimal, Rajiv., Limaye, Rupali., Brown, Jane., Roberts, Peter., Mkandawire, Glory., Kakhobwe, Triza. and Suzi, Joel.

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Validating Chen and Starosta’s Intercultural Sensitivity Scale in Malaysia
 Tamam, Ezhar.

Validation and Exploration of the Dual Identity Distress Scale: A New Identity Measure
 Corsbie-Massay, Charisse., Williams, Sophia. and Read, Stephen.

Value Chain or Value Network? Comparative Analysis of Value Creation Models in Online Video Sites
 Zheng, Nan., Yeh, Yi-Hsin. and Chen, Hsuan-Ting.

Veiled Bodies: Aesthetics, Islam, and Capital in Pakistan's Fashion Week
 Arzumanova, Inna.

Vernacular Multiculturalism: Oil, Meat, and Refugee Labour
 Burman, Jenny.

Video Communication for Maintaining Social Relationships: A Case Study
 Molyneaux, Heather., O\'Donnell, Susan. and Milliken, Mary.

Violence, Paradox, and the "Palancing" Female Body
 Barratt, Sue Ann. and Mohammed, Crista.

Viral Campaigns in Social Network Sites: Importance of Social Ties and Perceived Persuasive Intent
 van Noort, Guda., Antheunis, Marjolijn. and van Reijmersdal, Eva.

Virginity Loss and Pregnancy in U.S. and Dutch Teen Girl Magazines: A Quantitative Content-Analytic Comparison
 Joshi, Suchi., Peter, Jochen. and Valkenburg, Patti.

Virtual Body vs. Real Body in Exergames: Reducing Social Physique Anxiety in Exercise Experiences
 Song, Hayeon., Kim, Jihyun., Schoessling, Sarah., Van Dyke, Emily. and Lee, Kwan.

Virtual Product Experience: Toward an Integrated Framework

Virtual Reality, Google Earth, and the 16th-Century Spatial Image of Venice by Jacopo de’ Barbari
 Kittler, Juraj. and Holdsworth, Deryck.

Virtual Values and Real Crises: Public Relations and the Emergence of Economic Crises
 Seiffert, Jens. and Nothhaft, Howard.

Virtually Perfect: Effects of Image Retouching on Adolescent Physical Self-Perceptions
 Harrison, Kristen.

Visible Symbiosis: A Research Agenda for Social Media Collaborative Research
 Matei, Sorin., Britt, Brian., Kisselburgh, Lorraine., Lee, Seungyoon., Rajan, Prashant. and Braun, David.

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War Journalism or Peace Journalism? A Case Study of U.S. and British Newspapers' Coverage of the Somali Conflict
 Workneh, Tewodros.

War-Themed First Person Shooters: Relationships With Pro-American Attitudes and Racial Stereotyping of Arabs
 Lemmens, Jeroen.

Watching the Watchdog: Following a Procedural Justice Approach to Analyze Police Fiction
 Dirikx, Astrid., Van den Bulck, Jan. and Parmentier, Stephan.

We Do Not Only See: We Feel: Emotions in News Photography
 Doveling, Katrin.

We Forgot Something: Media Ecology on the Periphery of Exporting Democracy
 Giobbe, Michael.

We Like Each Other, Now What? Examining Initial E-Mail Messages From Speed-Date Matches
 Scissors, Lauren.

Web Analytics as a Tool for Strategic Communication
 Kent, Michael. and Carr, Bryan.

Web Ecology of the 2010 Regional Elections in South Korea
 Nam, Yoonjae., Lee, Yenn. and Park, Han Woo.

Web Persistence, Continuity, and Change on Prowhite Sites
 McCluskey, Michael.

Weighty Conversations: The Role of Confirmation in Couples’ Weight Management
 Dailey, Rene., Romo, Lynsey. and Mooney, Charee.

Welsh Accents in British Media: Forming, Reforming, and Representing Welsh Identities Through British Television Portrayals
 Thompson, Ellen.

We’re All in This (Game) Together: Social Presence and Transactive Memory Systems in Video Game Teams
 Kahn, Adam.

What Academics Miss When Studying the Emerging Media World and Why It's Important
 Turow, Joseph.

What Are People in Health Care? Consumer Subjectivity and Health Care Policy
 West, Emily.

What Are The Best Policies For Closing the Digital Divide? Fuzzy Sets in Complex Media Systems
 Howard, Philip.

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You Can Do It: Creating A Psychophysiology Lab of Your Very Own
 Potter, Robert.

You receive the agenda via email from the division leadership team.
 Esser, Frank., Craft, Stephanie. and Quandt, Thorsten.

You, Me, and the TV: Thin Ideal Media Exposure, Antifat Bias, and Perceptions of the Self and Others
 Bissell, Kimberly. and Parrott, Scott.

Young Adults’ Internet Pornography Use and Its Effects on Adopting High Risk Sexual Practices
 May, Amy., Feng, Miao. and Song, Hayeon.

Young Readers’ Perceived Credibility of Local Newspaper’s User-generated Content
 Hou, Jiran. and Oyedeji, Tayo.

Youth and Public ‘Horizons’: Generational Specific Formations of Cosmopolitan Spaces Through Local Communicative Practices
 Volkmer, Ingrid.
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