International Communication Association 2012-May-23 to 2012-May-28

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"Black Women's" Hair and the Postcolonial Practice of Style
 Corbin, Nicola. and Hamilton, James.

"Citizen-Advertisers": Promotional Culture, ‘Mediatized’ Commodity Displays, and Political Action
 Penney, Joel.

"Conductor Effect": Violent Video Game Play Extends Anger, Leading to Triggered Displaced Aggression Among Women
 Chen, Gina., Schweisberger, Valarie. and Gilmore, Kristi.

"Dam" the Irony for Greater Common Good: A Critical Cultural Analysis of the Narmada Dam Debate
 Khan, Tabassum.

"Evangelism" as a Key Term for Chinese Indonesian Evangelical (CIE) Discourse of Identity
 Lie, Sunny.

"Exposure" to the News: Who Sees What in an Age of Social Curation? And How do we Know?
 Wells, Christopher., Vraga, Emily., Thorson, Kjerstin. and Bode, Leticia.

"Here I Stand; I Can Do No Other": Paradoxes of Legitimacy in the Soviet Union
 Roudakova, Natalia.

"Ireland Isn't as Networked as We Could Be": Writing "the Irish Blogosphere" Into Being
 Wade, Karen.

"It’s OK to be Mad, But Not OK to be Mean": Storytelling of War in Afghanistan and Street Crime at "Home" in the Omaha World-Herald
 Gutsche Jr, Robert. and Durham, Frank.

"I’m From Europe, But I’m Not European": Television’s Influence on Children’s Identities
 Slavtcheva-Petkova, Vera.

"Labels, Semantics, and Terminology Don’t Mean Much”: Consequences of Language in Organizations Concerning Sex Trafficking
 Taylor, Julie.

"Le Spectateur Engagé": Detachment Versus Involvement Among French War Correspondents
 Boudana, Sandrine.

"No Strings Attached?": A Cross-Cultural Content-Analytic Comparison of the Hook-Up Culture in U.S. and Dutch Teen Girl Magazines
 Joshi, Suchi. and Peter, Jochen.

"Professional" Performances of Expertise by Sustainability Practitioners: Deliberations in an Online Forum
 Mitra, Rahul.

"Prospects are Gloomy": Risk Conflicts, Critical Discourse Analysis, and Media Discourses on GM Food
 Maeseele, Pieter.

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A 3-Generation and 3-Nation Triangulation of 3 Methods: An Approach to Transnational Communicative Life-Worlds
 Schwarzenegger, Christian. and Kinnebrock, Susanne.

A Bayesian Model of Argumentation, With Application to the Base-Rate Fallacy
 Hample, Dale. and Richards, Adam.

A Black and White Game: Racial Stereotypes in Baseball
 Ferrucci, Patrick., Tandoc, Edson Jr.., Painter, Chad. and Leshner, Glenn.

A Carnival of Cruel Optimism: Understanding Media Reception Post-Katrina
 Mayer, Vicki.

A Comparative Network Analysis of Audience Fragmentation in China and U.S.
 Yuan, Elaine. and Ksiazek, Thomas.

A Comparative Study of Relationships Between Mobile Phone Use and Social Capital among College Students in Four Chinese Cities
 Chen, Katherine Yi-Ning., Lo, Ven-Hwei., Wei, Ran. and Zhang, Guoliang.

A Comparative Study of Traditional Media Dependency and Internet Dependency in Mainland China
 Lu, Joanne.

A Connotation-Inference Model of Visual Framing
 Buehner, Tara.

A Content Analytic Examination of Morality Displays in Spanish- and English-Language Television Programming
 Mastro, Dana., Enriquez, Marisa., Tamborini, Ron., Bowman, Nicholas. and Prabhu, Sujay.

A Critical Examination of Youth Identity in the Social Media Community
 Lou, Shanshan.

A Critical Look Without Critical Thinking: Finding by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction of Violation of by the Tucson Unified School District
 Velazquez Vargas, Yarma.

A Critique of Research on the Dual-Process Models
 Poorisat, Thanomwong. and Detenber, Benjamin.

A Culture-Centered Approach for Communicating Health Rights to the Israeli Ethiopian Community: Dilemmas and Challenges
 Guttman, Nurit., Gesser-Edelsburg, Anat. and Aycheh, Seffefe.

A Dialogue With Social Media Experts: Measurement and Challenges of Social Media Use in Chinese Public Relations Practice
 Luo, Yi. and Jiang, Hua.

A Different Kind of Man: Mediated Transgendered Subjectivity, Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars
 Mocarski, Richard., Emmons, Betsy., Smallwood, Rachael. and Butler, Sim.

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Babies, Smiles, and Status Symbols: The Persuasive Effects of Images in Small-Entrepreneur Funding Requests
 Anderson, Kenton. and Saxton, Gregory.

Backfire of the Public: Reverse Agenda Setting in the Interactive Era in China
 Hu, Xiao.

Background Television in the Homes of American Children (Top Paper)
 Lapierre, Matthew., Piotrowski, Jessica. and Linebarger, Deborah.

Balancing the Internal and External: Communicating Strategically in International Organizations
 Gorisek, Aleksandra.

Battleground Arizona: Visual Fidelity in Network News Coverage of Arizona’s Immigration Law
 Johnson, Melissa.

Beautiful Script, Cute Spelling, and Glamorous Words: Doing Girlhood Through Language Playfulness on Israeli Blogs
 Vaisman, Carmel.

Behind the Music: Exploring Audiences’ Attitudes Toward Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music
 Banjo, Omotayo. and Morant Williams, Kesha.

Being Involved in Something One Should not Get Involved With: Resistance to Sexual Music Videos
 van Oosten, Johanna., Peter, Jochen. and Boot, Inge.

Best Practices for Corrections at Online Newspapers
 Hettinga, Kirstie.

Betting on the Underdog: Operationalizing Hope and Inspiration in Media Narratives
 Prestin, Abby.

Between Data Visualization and Visual Storytelling: The Interactive Information Graphic as a Hybrid Form
 Weber, Wibke. and Rall, Hans-Martin.

Between Heroes and Victims: Mexican Media Framing of Immigration
 Guerrero Martinez, Manuel.

Between the Grassroots and the Transnational: Information Activism Among Rights Advocates
 Stein, Laura., Notley, Tanya. and Davis, Stuart.

Between the State and the Market: An Analysis of the Business Reality Show Win in China
 Li, Luzhou.

Beware: This is Sponsored! How Disclosures of Sponsored Content Affect Persuasion Knowledge and Brand Responses
 Boerman, Sophie., van Reijmersdal, Eva. and Neijens, Peter.

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CSR as Aspirational Talk: A Critical Revisit of Transparency and Hypocrisy
 Christensen, Lars., Morsing, Mette. and Thyssen, Ole.

Camouflage Techniques in Social Science Research: Ignoring Interactional Details in Telephone Surveys as a Certainty-Building Device (LSI Top Paper)
 Caronia, Letizia.

Can Developing Gestures Among Workers Along a Production Line Improve Communication?
 Harrison, Simon.

Can Media Really Be Good?: Media Literacy Education for North Korean Refugees
 Yoon, Jiwon.

Can Party Labels Be Resisted?: Party Labels, Automaticity, and the Flexible Correction Model
 Bergan, Daniel. and Zhang, Kaiping.

Can Systemic Differences and Individual Beliefs Explain Actors’ Perceptions of Mass Media’s Impact on the Political Agenda and the Success of Politicians? France and Germany Compared
 Maurer, Peter.

Can We Be Friends? Building Cultural Bridges in Globally Distributed Work Contexts
 Narayanamurthy, Bhuvana.

Can YouTube Unite Us All? Integrating Course Content Across the Theory/Production Divide
 Herman, Bill.

Canaries in the Coal Mine: Law and Policy Conflicts Around Activist Media
 Stein, Laura.

Cancer Communication and Caregiver Burden: An Exploratory Study
 Venetis, Maria., Magsamen-Conrad, Kate., Checton, Maria. and Greene, Kathryn.

Candidate Voting and Personalization: Finding the Missing Link
 Zeh, Reimar.

Captive but Mobile: Privacy Concerns and Remedies for the Mobile Environment
 Popescu, Mihaela. and Baruh, Lemi.

Casting a Political Idol? The Effect of a Political TV Casting Show on Adolescents
 Moller, Judith.

Cats and Penises All the Way Down: Performances of Gender and Sexuality on 4chan/b/
 Phillips, Whitney.

Cautious Traditionalists? Use of Interactive Features on Swedish Newspaper Web Sites
 Larsson, Anders.

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Data Access, Ownership and Control in Social Web Services: Issues for Twitter Research
 Puschmann, Cornelius., Burgess, Jean., Bruns, Axel. and Mahrt, Merja.

Data Acquisition: Best Practices for Understanding Players, Their Motives, and Their Experiences
 Jansz, Jeroen., Reinecke, Leonard., Sherry, John., Voorhees, Gerald. and Williams, Dmitri.

Data Mining in Everyday Life: Mediating the Mobile Moms & Connected Careerists Through Informating Smartphone Apps
 Frizzo-Barker, Julie. and Chow-White, Peter.

De-Professionalization of Journalism?
 Hok, Joran. and Nygren, Gunnar.

Dealing With Feelings: Positive and Negative Discrete Emotions as Mediators of News Framing Effects
 Lecheler, Sophie. and Schuck, Andreas.

Dealing With interpersonal conflict: A Japan-U.S. Comparison on Conflict Accounts
 Shimada, Takuji.

Decoding the Musical Message
 Barker, Bethany.

Deconstructing Typologies: Overcoming the Limitations of the Binary Opposition Paradigm
 Herdin, Thomas.

Deeper Processing Leads to a Liberal Shift in Support of Public Health Policy
 Lee, Tae Kyoung., Shapiro, Michael. and Niederdeppe, Jeff.

Deference v. Assertiveness: A Dialectic Tension in Pharmacists' Interprofessional Interactions With Physicians
 Denvir, Paul.

Deliberation and Media in Asymmetrical Ethnopolitical Conflicts
 Ellis, Don.

Deliberative Qualities of Generic News Frames: Assessing the Democratic Value of Horse-Race and Contestation Framing
 Rinke, Eike., Wessler, Hartmut., Loeb, Charlotte. and Weinmann, Carina.

Deliberative vs. Nondeliberative Evaluations of International-Medical-Graduate Physicians After Viewing a Medical Drama
 Jain, Parul. and Slater, Michael.

Demanding Democracy Online: Internet Use and Citizen Attitudes About Democracy
 Nisbet, Erik., Stoycheff, Elizabeth. and Pearce, Katy.

Demarcating Humility From Self-Deprecation
 Kim, Sang-Yeon., Allen, Mike., Song, Hayeon. and Lim, Tae-Seop.

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EDA Positive Change: A Simple and Reliable Indicator of General Audience Activation During Media Exposure
 Leiner, Dominik., Fahr, Andreas. and Frueh, Hannah.

Early Surveys in Latin America and Different Framings of Community in Communication Research
 Ortiz, Jose Luis. and Navarro, Mariano.

Ecologies of Information Production: NGOs, Journalism and the Dynamics of Humanitarian and Human Rights News
 Powers, Matthew.

Ecotainment: Effects on Attitude Accessibility, Norm Accessibility, and Behavioral Correlates
 Toole, Jennifer., Arpan, Laura. and Rhodes, Nancy.

Effect of Eating Disorder-Related Magazine Articles on Implicit Thinness Associations in Women
 Maldonado, Christine.

Effect of Local Content and Images on Perceived Relevance and Intention to Exercise
 Jung, Eun Hwa., Lawrence, Nicole. and Traeder, Tara.

Effective Banners in Hybrid Media: The Impact of Pictures and Text on Contextual Advertising
 Bartz, Franzisca., Rieger, Diana. and Bente, Gary.

Effects of 3D Displays: A Comparison Between Shuttered and Polarized Displays
 Cho, Eun Joung. and Kwan Min, Lee.

Effects of Differences in Numeric Ability on the Perception of Adversity Risk to Others and Self
 Hester, Rhonda., Callison, Coy. and Zillmann, Dolf.

Effects of First-Person vs. Third-Person Narratives on Sympathy and Intentions to Help People in Need
 Cao, Xiaoxia.

Effects of Issue, Candidate, and Party Primes: Decision-Making in a Dynamic News Environment (Top 3 PhD Paper)
 Geiss, Stefan.

Effects of Media Criticism on Gatekeeping Trust and Implications for Agenda Setting
 Pingree, Raymond., Quenette, Andrea., Tchernev, John. and Dickinson, Ted.

Effects of Modality-Interactivity in Exergames on Health Behavior Intentions: Moderating Role of Regulatory Focus (Also Featured in Virtual Conference)
 Kim, Sung Yeun., Lee, Yoo Min., Gramzow, Richard. and Biocca, Frank.

Effects of Music Beds in Radio News on Recall of Surrounding Promotional Content
 Dillman Carpentier, Francesca. and Parrott, Scott.

Effects of New and Old Media on Young Children’s Language Acquisition, Development, and Early Literacy
 Rutherford, Leonie., Bittman, Michael. and Brown, Judith.

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FCC Regulation of Commercial Speech in Public Radio
 Kasko, Joseph.

Facebook Group Resistance Toward the Social Networking Surveillance Environment
 Fernback, Jan.

Facebook Use During Relationship Termination: Uncertainty Reduction and Surveillance
 Tong, Stephanie. and Walther, Joseph.

Facebook and Farmville: A Ritual Analysis of Social Gaming and Community
 Burroughs, Benjamin.

Factors Affecting Intercoder Reliability in Content Analysis: A Monte Carlo Experiment
 Feng, Guangchao.

Factors Associated with Women’s Readiness to use Mobile Health Technology: Results of a National Survey
 Chang, Leanne., Yen, Ching Chiuan., Xue, Lishan., Tai, Bee Choo., Chan, Hock Chuan., Duh, Henry. and Choolani, Mahesh.

Factors Contributing to Smartphone Adoption Among College Students
 Kim, Daejoong., Chun, Heasun. and Lee, Hyunjoo.

Factors Influencing Interactive Coping: Stressfulness, Communication Competence, and Tendency to Disclose About Stressors
 McManus, Tara.

Factors That Influence the Inclusion of Values in Political Speeches
 Waheed, Moniza.

Factual Mediation, Individual Differences, and Thin-Ideal Exposure’s Effect on Adolescent Girls’ Self-Esteem
 Rasmussen, Eric. and Nathanson, Amy.

Families, Telephones, and Violence in Transnational Mexican Space
 Moreno Esparza, Gabriel.

Family in Migration Debates: Polarised Discourses in Finnish Media and Parliament
 Horsti, Karina. and Pellander, Saara.

Fandom Meets Activism: Rethinking Civic and Political Participation
 Brough, Melissa. and Shresthova, Sangita.

Fast Transfer of Complex Knowledge in Global Firms: Learning Principles From Templates
 Spruill, Casey. and Leonardi, Paul.

Fictional Agenda-Setting. The Influence of Feature Films on News Coverage
 Wuensch, Carsten. and Nitsch, Cordula.

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Game Off!: Understanding Newspapers Portrayals of the NHL Lockout Using Situational Crisis Communication Theory
 Formentin, Melanie.

Gay Men & Feminist Women: Networks of Communication, Representation, and Coalition
 Scott, Travers. and Arbogast, Sarah.

Gender Inequality and Rural Employment Generation Program in India
 Dutta, Uttaran.

Gender and Social Resource: Predicting Divides of SNS and Mobile Phone Use in Singapore
 Pan, Ji. and Skoric, Marko.

Gendered Reception of a Botswana Edutainment Drama
 Peirce, L. Meghan.

Gendering Jokes: Intergroup Bias in Reactions to Same- vs. Opposite-Gender Humor
 Abrams, Jessica. and Bippus, Amy.

Generational Differences Among Gay Men and Lesbians: Social and Media Change (Also Featured in Virtual Conference)
 Gudelunas, David.

Geographic Dissonance in Media Issue Framing: A Content Analysis on Wisconsin Protests
 Qiao, Fei., Yerardi, Joseph. and Lu, Yan.

Geographical Inequalities in New Media Connectedness in Seoul: A Multilevel Approach
 Shon, Haeyoung. and Kim, Yong-Chan.

Geopolitics, the Middle East and the Popular Imagination
 Semati, Mehdi.

Germania: La Dolce Terra d’Immigrazione? Challenging Transnational European Citizenship on German Screen (Top Student Paper)
 Khrebtan-Hoerhager, Julia.

Geronimo, Osama bin Laden, and American Glory: The Ideology of Masculine Colonialism and the Misrepresentation of the Apache Indians in American Rhetoric
 Kemper, Kevin.

Gestures of Time Among the Miriuwong People of Western Australia
 Mitchell, Marilyn.

Getting to the Bottom of it All: Arguing for the Importance of a Theoretical Basis in Visual Content Analysis
 Marquart, Franziska.

Girl Gamers on Reddit: A Technocultural Discourse Analysis
 Bergstrom, Kelly.

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HIV/AIDS-Related Stigmatization in China: A Study of Netizens’ Responses to the Lifting of Entry Ban on HIV-Positive Foreigners
 Tai, Zixue., Wang, Qiushi. and Hu, Fengbin.

HPV Vaccine Information in the Blogosphere: How Positive and Negative Blogs Influence Vaccine-Related Risk Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behavioral Intentions
 Nan, Xiaoli. and Madden, Kelly.

Hail the Independent Thinker: Online Debates, Emerging Norms, and Democratic Culture in China
 Wu, Xiao.

Hallyu for Hire: The Commodification of Korea in Tourism Advertising and Marketing
 Ter Molen, Sherri.

Happy Go Lucky: Mood as a Moderator of Political News Framing Effects
 Lecheler, Sophie., Schuck, Andreas., De Vreese, Claes., Nelson, Thomas. and de Lange, Merel.

Harnessing Social Technology in Students’ Transition to College: Facebook’s Role in Student Adjustment and Persistence
 Gray, Rebecca., Vitak, Jessica., Easton, Emily. and Ellison, Nicole.

Harvey’s Last Appearance: Long-Term Use and Acceptance of Social Robots
 de Graaff, Maartje. and Ben Allouch, Somaya.

Having Space in/Between ‘Program Research’: Reflections on Being an Engaged Academic in Germany
 Hepp, Andreas.

Health Care Gluttons Driving Gold-Plated Cadillacs: The Racialized Consumer in US Health Care Policy Discourse
 West, Emily.

Health Cognition and Information-Seeking Behavior: The Case of the H1N1 Influenza
 Lin, Carolyn. and Lagoe, Carolyn.

Health Literacy and Crisis: Public Relations in the 2010 Egg Recall
 Roberts, Holly. and Veil, Shari.

Health at the Margins of Migration: Negotiations of Community Culture Among Bangladeshi Immigrants in New York
 Dutta, Mohan. and Jamil, Raihan.

Healthy Characters: A Content Analysis of Food Advertisements Featuring Familiar Children’s Characters (Also Featured in Virtual Conference)
 Castonguay, Jessica., Kunkel, Dale., Wright, Paul. and Duff, Caroline.

Healthy Eating on a Budget: Negotiating Tensions Between Two Discourses
 LeGreco, Marianne., Shaw, Derek. and Greene, Stephanie.

Healthy Food? “Naturally”: Anthropocentrism, Sustainability, and Normality
 Henderson, Alison.

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I "Might" Want Your Sex! The Impact of Model Gender on Females’ Processing of Sexually Objectifying Video Ads
 Schillinger, Dawn. and Bolls, Paul.

I Know I Am But What Are You? Creating and Policing Lesbian Communities on Facebook
 Stempel, Laura.

ICA Fellows: A Collective Biography
 Meyen, Michael.

ICC (Identify, Content, Community) Model of Blog Participation: A Test and Modification
 Lee, Brittney. and Webb, Lynne.

I'm So Much Cooler Online: An Examination of Self-Presentation in Facebook Profiles
 Toma, Catalina. and Carlson, Cassandra.

Iconic Self-Immolation: The Case of Mohammed Bouazizi
 Jarvis, Jason.

Identification, Reactance, and Counterarguing: Reactions to an Explicit Persuasive Appeal Following a Prime-Time Drama
 Moyer-Guse, Emily., Jain, Parul., Chung, Adrienne. and Palmer-Wackerly, Angela.

Identifying the Teacher’s Pet: Student Perceptions of Instructor Favoritism Behaviors
 MacArthur, Brenda. and Berkos, Kristen.

Identity Negotiations: Role of Media in Influencing Intergroup Perceptions of Newer and Older U.S. Immigrants From India
 Doshi, Marissa. and Ramasubramanian, Srividya.

If You Are the One: Hybrid Governmentality in a Chinese Matchmaking Reality TV Show
 Su, Hua.

Image Capital, Field, and the Economies of Signs and Space (Also Featured in Virtual Conference)
 Chow, Carol Pui Ha.

Imagine Your Future: Inspiring American Youth Toward Innovative Careers
 Quagliata, Andrew. and Wang, Hua.

Imagining Ethnicity and National Identity in Diasporic New Media: A Case for Zimbabwe

Immersive Television and the On-Demand Audience
 Strover, Sharon. and Moner, William.

Implications of Fear, Anxiety, and Shame for Social Health Websites
 Friederici, Nicolas., Hsieh, Gary. and Lapinski, Maria.

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Japanese Employees Want Advice or Empathy? A Multilevel Perspective on Supervisor Support and Leader-Member Exchange
 Matsunaga, Masaki.

Japanese State and Shinto: Spanning the History of the Secularized Scripture
 Akita, Kimiko. and Kenney, Rick.

Jill-of-All-Trades: Media Convergence and the Professional Identities of Women’s Magazine Producers
 Duffy, Brooke.

Journalism Education in Asia: Dealing With New Media Environments
 Detenber, Benjamin.

Journalism Reviews: Watchdog of the Watchdogs
 Hossain, Mohammad. and Babcock, William.

Journalism and "The Call to Allah": Teaching Journalism in Indonesia’s Islamic Universities and State Institutes
 Steele, Janet.

Journalism as Bipolar Interactional Expertise
 Reich, Zvi.

Journalism in Times of Cost-Cutting and Web 2.0: A Study on the Impact of Marketing and Digitization on Sourcing Practices and Editorial Content
 Van Leuven, Sarah. and Raeymaeckers, Karin.

Journalism, Freedom of Speech, and Copyright in the Digital Environment
 Aufderheide, Patricia. and Boyles, Jan Lauren.

Journalism’s Hip Hop Generation: Vibe Magazine Covers Convey Resistance and Aspiration
 Srivastava, Vinita.

Journalistic Autonomy and News Media in War
 Kim, Hun Shik.

Journalistic Autonomy as Cultural Practice: Boundary Processes and Social Performance in Political News Production (Top 2 Student Paper)
 Revers, Matthias.

Journalistic Freedom and Effective News Reporting: Shifting U.S. Views Over Time?
 Hornaday, Bill.

Journalistic Professional Ethos and the Challenges of Social Fragmentation and Disengagement: The Baltic Perspective
 Balcytiene, Aukse.

Journalistic Skillsets in the Age of Data-Driven Journalism
 Meckel, Miriam. and Fieseler, Johannes.

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Kaleidoscopic Transformations: Sofia Maldonado and Racial Representation in the Art World
 Arzumanova, Inna.

Keeping Track of Time: Applying the Event Indexing Model to Cultivation
 Brookes, Sarah. and Ewoldsen, David.

Keeping Up With Internet Research
 Rice, Ronald.

Keeping in Touch: Corporate Blogs for Building Organizational Public Relationships and Consumer Brand Relations
 Balogh, Brigitte., Person-to-Person Lending, and the Conditions of Intercultural Contact
 McKinnon, Sara., Dickinson, Elizabeth., Carr, John. and Chavez, Karma.

Knowledge Networks Between Organizations and Their Crisis Prevention Usability
 Rynarzewska, Ania.


Labor Pains: Surrogates' Voicing Their Identities in India
 Sandoval, Jennifer.

Language and its Key Role in the Digital Engagement Process of Immigrant Vulnerable Latino Women
 Pavez-Andonaegui, Maria.

Latin/o Sounds: Music, Industry, and Identity
 Westgate, Christopher.

Leader of the Pack: The Emergence of a Presidential Nominee Through Primary Debates
 McKinney, Mitchell. and Houston, J. Brian.

Learning About Your Employees One Bit at A Time: Increasing Attributional Certainty via Online Information
 Carr, Caleb. and Walther, Joseph.

Learning From Television: A Panel Study of Knowledge Gaps During the 2010 Swedish Election Campaign
 Shehata, Adam.

Learning From the News Media: A Political Knowledge Meta-Analysis
 Flynn, Margaret.

Leave it all to Me? iCarly as a Mediated Cultural Artifact for Teen Identity
 Cumberbatch, Melissa.

Left to Their Own Devices: College Students’ "Guilty Pleasure" Media Use and Time Management
 Panek, Elliot.

Legitimizing Human-Animal Communication: A Call for Philosophical Transformation
 Hafen, Susan.

Lessons From the Private Sector: Using Enterprise Approaches to Define Incentives and Constraints for Web 2.0 Adoption
 Selby, Jaclyn.

Let There Be Light: Lessons From an Indonesian Model of Participatory Development and Social Entrepreneurship
 Murti, Desideria. and Sprain, Leah.

Let's Blog About Health! Exploring the Persuasiveness of HIV Blogs Compared to Informational HIV Websites
 Neubaum, German.

Levels of Measurement and Cross-Cultural Differences
 Hazen, Michael. and Yan, Juanjuan.

Leveraging Communication to Protect and Empower the Young and Vulnerable During and Following a Crisis
 Rogers, Adam.

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MTV’s 16 and Pregnant: Symbolic Violence and its Impact on Teenagers’ Identities
 Darlington, Kay-Anne.

Mahjong Table: An Ethnographic Study of the Proletarian Public Sphere of Rural China
 Hong, Jiachun.

Majority Rule or a Minority Right? Discursive Orientations Toward Democratic Ideals in a U.S. Public Hearing
 Fridy, Jessica. and Tracy, Karen.

Making Corrections Work: Role of Partisanship, Perceptions of Bias, and Message Length in Increasing Recall of Political Facts
 Muddiman, Ashley.

Making Friends with “Everybody”: Understanding Social Gratifications in Renren
 Lee, Chei Sian., Ma, Long., Zheng, Chao., Shi, Jiafu. and Cao, Shaoxin.

Making Mobile Money
 Swartz, Lana.

Making Sense of the Newspaper Crisis: An Agenda for Future Work
 Siles, Ignacio. and Boczkowski, Pablo.

Managing Contradictions and Tensions in Workplace Flexibility: Adaptability as an Alternative Perspective
 Myers, Karen., Putnam, Linda. and Gailliard, Bernadette.

Managing Creativity: Changing Work Practices in Finnish Magazines
 Toyry, Maija., Johnson, Sammye. and Helle, Merja.

Managing Impressions in Team-Based Knowledge Work: Political Tactics Motivating Media Use
 Gibbs, Jennifer. and Erhardt, Niclas.

Mapping "Diversity of Participation" in Networked Media Environments
 Fuentes-Bautista, Martha.

Mapping Intervention Effects Over Time: The Benefits of Integrating e-Health Intervention With a Human Mentor for Cancer Patients With Depression
 Kim, Sojung., Shaw, Bret., Shah, Dhavan., Hawkins, Robert., Pingree, Suzanne., McTavish, Fiona. and Gustafson, David.

Mapping Political Reporting Styles. TV Election News in the United States, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain
 Esser, Frank. and Buechel, Florin.

Mapping Text-Visual Frames of Sub-Saharan Africa in the News: A Comparison of Online News Reports From Al Jazeera and BBC Websites
 Mellese, Mastewal. and Mueller, Marion.

Mapping Utopias: From Tahrir Square to Plaça Catalunya
 Conrad, David. and Novella Centellas, Carolina.

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Nadya Suleman and Kate Gosselin in the Media: Images of Motherhood and Reproductive Technology
 Hanna, lisa. and Meyers, Marian.

Narcissism, Internet Uses, and Addiction in Taiwan
 Alhabash, Saleem., Huang, Kanni., Yang, Jing. and Chiang, Yi-hsuan.

Narrative Engageability as a Trait: The Propensity for Being Engaged With a Story
 Sukalla, Freya., Bilandzic, Helena., Hastall, Matthias., Busselle, Rick. and Schloegl, Sophie.

Narrative, Formative Myths, and Religious Identity: The Mormon Missionary Discussions
 Avance, Rosemary.

Narratives in Dialogue: The Effect of Continuous Involvemnt of Israeli-Jews
 Ron, Yiftach. and Maoz, Ifat.

Narratives of National Communities in Conflict: PRIME's Dual Narrative Project "Israelis and Palestinians Learning Each Other's Historical Narrative"
 Ron, Yiftach.

Narratives of Othering? Immigrants in South Africa's Newspapers
 Ramaprasad, Jyotika., Lang, Katie. and Sessa, Whitney.

National Memory in News Discourses: The Influence of War Memories to National Identity
 Han, Choonghee.

Need Satisfaction Supportive Game Features as Motivational Determinants: An Experimental Study of A Self-Determination Theory Guided Exergame
 Peng, Wei., Lin, Jih-Hsuan., Pfeiffer, Karin. and Winn, Brian.

Negotiating "Documentary Values" in "Reality TV": Views From the Production Side
 Mast, Jelle.

Negotiating Governance in Virtual Worlds: Grief Play, Hacktivism, and LeakOps in Second Life
 Bakioglu, Burcu.

Negotiating Health in the US: Understanding International Students Beliefs and Health Care Experiences
 Ndiaye, Khadidiatou., Zhuang, Jie., Havener, Neala., Sparapany, Nicole., Kurian, Jonathan. and Chen, Yashu.

Negotiating Narratives of Human Trafficking: NGOs, Communication, and the Power of Culture
 Kamler, Erin.

Negotiating Safe Sex: Attitude Functions, Anticipated Emotions, Relationship Status, and Gender
 Wang, Xiao.

Negotiating the Meanings of Organizational Identities in Nonprofit Organizations
 Huang-Horowitz, Nell. and Weberling, Brooke.

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Observing the Use of Social and Locative Media on the Move
 licoppe, christian. and Figeac, Julien.

Obstacles and Opportunities: Emotions, Communication Reactions, and Relationship Consequences of Boundary Turbulence
 McLaren, Rachel. and Steuber, Keli.

Occupy Wall Street Signs: Visual Reflections of Hidden Social Issues
 Morris, Pamela.

Occupy the Media: Social Movement Communication Practices Across Platforms
 Costanza-Chock, Sasha.

Of Hip Hop Bling and Punjabi Bhangra: Gender and Modernity in New Times
 Murty, Madhavi.

Offensive and Controversial Advertising in China
 Li, Hongmei.

Offline Status, Online Status: Replication of Social Categories in Information Skill and Knowledge
 Park, Yong Jin.

Often Mentioned, Hardly Measured: Explicating and Measuring Web Site Navigability
 Wojdynski, Bartosz. and Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

Old Empire Vs. Geographic Proximity: The Roles of Brazil as an Exporter in Both the Lusophone Cultural-Linguistic Space and Latin America
 Straubhaar, Joseph.

On Barnyard Scrambles: Towards a Rhetoric of Public Relations
 Ihlen, Oyvind.

On Predicting the Collective Surfing Behavior
 Wu, Lngfei.

On Strong Attitudes and Group Deliberation: Relationships, Structure, Changes, and Effects
 Wojcieszak, Magdalena.

On a Cognitive Model of the Third-Person Perception
 Shen, Lijiang., Palmer, Jason., Mercer Kollar, Laura. and Comer, Sarah.

On the Discrepant Discourses of Self-Management
 Kristensen, Mette.

Online Chronemics Convey Social Information
 Kalman, Yoram., Scissors, Lauren., Gill, Alastair. and Gergle, Darren.

See all 38 papers starting with O ->>


PAR and Health Communication: Mental Health Service User/Survivor Research
 Schneider, Barbara.

Packaging Technologies for a Mobile-Marketing Ecosystem
 Turow, Joseph.

Palestinian Telecommunications Infrastructure and Israeli Coercion
 Mahfouz, Rebecca.

Parent Attitudes Toward Preschool Directed Media
 Krcmar, Marina. and Cingel, Drew.

Paris Off Screen: Analyzing the Chinese Tourist Experience of Cinematic Paris
 Dung, Yun-An. and Reijnders, Stijn.

Parsing the Effects of Website Interactivity and Navigability
 Wojdynski, Bartosz. and Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

Participating to Speak or Learn: Using Participation Quantity and Quality to Predict Student Learning
 Frisby, Brandi.

Participation First, Politics Next
 Punathambekar, Aswin.

Participation as a Health Communication Strategy in HIV/AIDS Intervention Projects: An Examination of an Initiative Targeting Commercial Sex Workers in India
 Dasgupta, Satarupa.

Participatory Consequences of Ideological News Online: Mobilization and Cross-Pressures in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election Cycle
 Brundidge, Jennifer., Garrett, R. Kelly., Rojas, Hernando. and Gil de Zuniga, Homero.

Participatory Drawing as a Visual Research Method With Children and Youth (Also Featured in Virtual Conference)
 Literat, Ioana.

Parties on the Ballot: Visual Cues and Voting Behavior in Uganda (Also Featured in Virtual Conference)
 Moehler, Devra., Conroy-Krutz, Jeffrey. and Pariente, Rosario.

Partisan Differences in Knowledge of Candidate Policy Positions
 Thorson, Emily.

Partisan Selective Exposure and Presidential Evaluation: Moderating Factors of the Priming Effect
 Ha, Jaesik. and Ji, Sung Wook.

Partner Effects Of Compulsive Internet Use: A Self-Control Account
 Muusses, Linda., Finkenauer, Catrin., Kerkhof, Peter. and Righetti, Francesca.

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Quantitative Visual Content Analysis: An Overview of the State of the Art and Current Challenges
 Grittmann, Elke. and Lobinger, Katharina.

Queer and Now: Contemporary Queer Representations in India
 Jose, Betsy.

Queering the Mother Tongue
 Mourad, Sara.

Questioning Chinese Premier at Press Conferences: Exploring the Discrepant Roles of Foreign and Domestic Journalists
 Yi, Yan.


Race Attribution: Local Versus National Newspaper Coverage of the Virginia Tech Shootings
 Holody, Kyle., Park, Sung-Yeon. and Zhang, Xiaoqun.

Race and Gender Moderation of Cessation Belief-Intention Relationships: Is Message Segmentation Necessary in Antismoking Campaigns?
 Parvanta, Sarah., Gibson, Laura. and Johnson, Mihaela.

Racially Discriminatory Messages (RDM) Targeting Asian Americans and Asian Americans' Communication Approach for Responding to RDMs
 Jun, Jungmi.

Rappin', Riffin', Resistin': The Liberatory Poetics and Revolutionary Potential of Radical Rap and Neo-Soul (Part 2)
 Harris, Christopher.

Rated Measures of Narrative Structure for Written Texts
 Sanders-Jackson, Ashley.

Rationales For and Against Regulatory Involvement in Resolving Internet Interconnection Disputes
 Frieden, Robert.

Razing the Virtual Glass Ceiling: Gendered Economic Disparity in Two Massive Online Games (Also Featured in Virtual Conference)
 Ratan, Rabindra., Lehdonvirta, Vili., Kennedy, Tracy. and Williams, Dmitri.

Re-Membering Through Film Practices: The Moroccan Diaspora in Belgium and its Engagements With Homeland Film
 Smets, Kevin.

Reactions to Moral Conflict in Narrative Entertainment: The Moderating Influence of Moral Intuitions
 Lewis, Robert., Tamborini, Ron., Grizzard, Matthew., Weber, Rene. and Prabhu, Sujay.

Reaffirming the Community: Narratives of Personal Experience in Television News Interviews After the London Bombings
 Montgomery, Martin.

Real Friends and Virtual Life? Computer Games as Foci of Activity for Social Community Building
 Domahidi, Emese., Scharkow, Michael. and Quandt, Thorsten.

Reap What You Sow: A Social Capital Perspective on Playing Farmville on Facebook
 Wang, Shaojung.

Reassessing Issue Publics with a New Method: Individual Tendency toward Specialist and its Relationships with Media Type
 Jang, Seung Mo.

Recasting the Casting Director: Managing Change, Gendering Labor
 Hill, Erin.

Receptive to Bad Reception: Can Jerky Video Make Persuasive Messages More Effective?
 Bayliss, Lauren., McCarthy, Alexandra., Woodard, Kendall., Dennis, Lauren., Ivory, James., Patel, Himalaya. and MacDorman, Karl.

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Sacred Spaces for the Hopi: Rhetorical Sovereignty, Cultural Hybridity, and the Legal and Ethical Limits of Visual Communication in Indian Country
 Kemper, Kevin.

Samizdat 2.0: The Dymovsky Case and the Use of Streaming Video As a Political Tool in Contemporary Russia
 Knobel, Beth. and Sanders, Jonathan.

Sanctioned Carnival as a Tool for Cultural Advancement: China's 798 Art Factory
 Brunner, Elizabeth.

Saving Information: Mormonism and Open-Source
 Peters, Benjamin.

Saying the Unthinkable: Reflections on Being an Engaged Academic in the UK
 Couldry, Nick.

Schemata Approach to Affective Disposition Theories of Entertainment
 Tukachinsky, Riva. and Mastro, Dana.

Sci., Psi, and CSI: Police Consumption of Paranormal TV and Their Perceptions of Psychic Detectives
 Sarapin, Susan., Sparks, Glenn. and Gross, Jaclyn.

Secrecy in Romantic Relationships: Implications of Adult Romantic Attachment for Personal and Relational Well-Being
 Merrill, Anne. and Afifi, Tamara.

Seeing as Labor: Visual Pedagogy, Walter Benjamin, and Video Games
 Bulut, Ergin.

Seeing is Experiencing, Not Believing: Visual Media, Cognition, and Media Effects Research
 Brehe, Stephanie.

Selecting Science Information in Web 2.0: Effects of Personality Characteristics, Source Cues, and Message Complexity
 Winter, Stephan., Krämer, Nicole., Neubaum, German., Roesner, Leonie. and Appel, Jana.

Selective Exposure for Better or Worse: Mediation of Online News Impacts on Political Participation
 Knobloch-Westerwick, Silvia. and Johnson, Benjamin.

Selective Exposure to Health Information: The Role of Headline Features in the Choice of Health Newsletter Articles
 Kim, Hyun Suk., Forquer, Heather., Rusko, Joe., Hornik, Robert. and Cappella, Joseph.

Self as Multimodal, Multiplex, Multispatial: Reframing the Player Self as a Network of Personas
 Banks, Jaime. and Martey, Rosa.

Self-Censorship as Demotivation: A Moderated-Mediation Model of Willingness to Self-Censor, Motivated Processing, and Discussion Frequency
 Valenzuela, Sebastian. and Matthes, Jorg.

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TV Language, Cultivation, and Perceived Vitality of Hungarians in Slovakia
 Vincze, Laszlo. and Harwood, Jake.

TV News: Dismissed? Young News Viewers in the Netherlands and South Korea Over Time
 Wonneberger, Anke. and Kim, Su Jung.

TV Series and Expectations About Occupations: Cultivation and Accessibility Effects of TV Series on Occupational Estimations and Career Aspirations of Adolescents
 Gehrau, Volker.

Tabloidization Trends in German and Austrian Newspapers in the Context of National Market Structures. A Cross-National Comparative Study
 Stark, Birgit. and Magin, Melanie.

Tabloidized Campaign Coverage? A Comparative Analysis of German and Austrian Newspapers (1949-2006)
 Magin, Melanie.

Targeting the Intended Patient Audience: A Demographic Study of Patient Participation in Social Media
 Appel, Lora.

Teachers’ Needs With regard to Cyberbullying Interventions: What We Learn From Current Practice.
 Pyzalski, Jacek.

Tears vs. Rules and Regulations: Media Strategies and Framing of Immigration Issues
 Ihlen, Oyvind. and Thorbjornsrud, Kjersti.

Technical Exchange Networks as a Knowledge Sharing Mechanism at the Organizational Level
 Holtz, Sara. and Campbell, Natalie.

Technology Affordances and Group Communication in an Immersive Virtual Environment
 Liu, Yi-Ching., Li, Susanna., Davids, Rachil. and McLeod, Poppy.

Technology Use as a Status Characteristic: The Influences of Mundane and Novel Communication Technologies on Attributions of Expertise in Organizations
 Treem, Jeffrey.

Teenagers and Sexting: Perceived Norms and Sexual Double Standard
 Lippman, Julia. and Campbell, Scott.

Telecommunication Imbalances: A Network Perspective
 Huh, Catherine.

Telemedicine in North Carolina Newspapers: Portrayals of the Diffusion of a Telecommunications Innovation
 Myrick, Jessica.

Telepresence and Sexuality
 Lombard, Matthew. and Jones, Matthew.

See all 312 papers starting with T ->>


UNICEF and Communication for Development
 Obergon, Rafael.

Uncertainty Management During Retirement Planning: The Role of Social Costs in Face-to-Face and Online Contexts
 Kang, Katie., Lemus, Daisy. and Park, Hee Sun.

Uncertainty, Communal Coping, and Well-Being in the Context of Disasters
 Afifi, Walid. and Afifi, Tamara.

Uncovering the Opportunities for Korean-Latino Intergroup Communication in Los Angeles’ Koreatown Through Community-Based Collaborative Research
 Son, Minhee.

Under Pressure: Avatar Appearance and Cognitive Load Effects on Persuasion, Trust, Bargaining, and Interpersonal Distance in a Virtual Store
 Pena, Jorge. and Yoo, Seung-Chul.

Underdetermined Globalization: Media Consumption via P2P Networks
 Meng, Bingchun.

Undermining the Commonwealth Games in India: Framing and Ideology in the Western Press
 Mishra, Suman.

Understanding Individuals in the Context of Their Environment: Communication Ecology as a Concept and Method
 Ball-Rokeach, Sandra., Gonzalez, Carmen., Son, Minhee. and Kligler-Vilenchik, Neta.

Understanding Mobile Internet Use: Integrating Habit Strength Into the Theory of Planned Behavior
 Kim, Sookyong., Tsai, Hsin-Yi. and Baek, jong-hwan.

Understanding Narrative Effects: The Role of Discrete Negative Emotions on Message Processing and Attitudes among Low-income African American Women
 Yoo, Jina. and Kreuter, Matthew.

Understanding News Sharing in Social Media: An Explanation From the Diffusion of Innovations Theory
 Ma, Long., Lee, Chei Sian. and Goh, Dion.

Understanding Nonuse of Interactivity in the Online Newspaper Context: Insights From Structuration Theory
 Larsson, Anders.

Understanding Patients’ Perspectives on Opt-Out, Incentivized, and Anonymous Mandatory HIV Testing
 Noland, Carey. and Schlecht, Hans.

Understanding Public Fears on New Food Technologies
 Kim, Soojin., Kim, Jeong-Nam., Kim, Soo Yun. and Krishna, Arunima.

Understanding Reel Friendships: Assessing the Role of Need for Affect in the Development of Parasocial Relationships
 Sangalang, Angeline.

See all 40 papers starting with U ->>


Valence Framing, New Communication Platform, and Health Risk: Does Social Networking Media Matter in Understanding Painkiller Use?
 Han, Gang (Kevin). and Zhang, Jueman (Mandy).

Validation of a Content Analytic Instrument for Evaluating the Parasocial Interaction Potential of Political Talk Radio
 Semmler, Shane.

Validity of Adolescents’ Direct Estimates of Exposure to Media Violence in Three Types of Media
 Fikkers, Karin., Valkenburg, Patti. and Vossen, Helen.

Verlagsgruppe Passau, Orkla Media, and Mecom: Analysis of Different Business Strategies on Polish Press Market
 Szynol, Adam.

Video Stories and Competence: Considering Children as Qualified Authors of Media Content
 Schoonmaker, Michael.

Videoconferencing for Communication and Community: A Case Study in an Undergraduate Course
 Olaniran, Bolanle.

Viewing Alone or Together: The Effect of Sexually Explicit Internet Material Among College Students
 Kim, Jihyun.

Violent Media and Children’s ADHD-Related Behavior: Testing a Disposition-Content Congruency Model
 Nikkelen, Sanne., Valkenburg, Patti., Vossen, Helen. and Huizinga, Mariette.

Virtual Coaches and Intrinsic Motivation: The Role of Parasocial Interaction
 Frost, Jeana., Roelofsma, Peter. and Boukris, Nora.

Virtual Journalism Training: Challenges and Opportunities to Help Teach Journalism Students and Journalists About Covering Crises Along the Border
 Schmitz Weiss, Amy.

Visual Content Analysis: A Proposal for Theoretically Dimensioning Pictures
 Geise, Stephanie. and Roessler, Patrick.

Visual News Framing and Effects on Recipients’ Attitudes Towards Athletes With Physical Disabilities
 von Sikorski, Christian.

Visual Representation of Hong Kong in Tourism Advertisements: Multiple-Place as Nonplace
 Tang, Ho Man.

Visualizing Ideal Self vs. Actual Self Through Avatars: Impact on Preventive Health Outcomes
 Kim, Youjeong. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

Voice Pitch Variation and Status Differentiation in Mixed-Sex Dyads: A Test of Three Competing Theories
 Zhang, Jinguang., Reid, Scott., Gasiorek, Jessica. and Palomares, Nicholas.


War and Peace Journalism: Coverage of the 11-M Train Bombings in Spain’s El País
 Meade, Melissa.

Was Blind But Now I See: Animal Liberation Documentaries’ Deconstruction of Barriers to Witnessing Injustice
 Freeman, Carrie. and Tulloch, Scott.

Watchdogs on a Leash? Journalists’ Sense of Professional Autonomy and Relationship With Their Superiors
 Skovsgaard, Morten.

Watching TV – Anywhere and Anytime: A Classification of Mobile TV Usage Situations
 Jandura, Olaf. and Ziegler, Lena.

Watching Television in the Multimedia Era: Individual and Structural Predictors of Exposure
 Taneja, Harsh.

Water Doesn’t Know the Boundary: An Analysis of Cultural Models That Affect Community Decision-Making
 Pande, Somava., Typhina, Eli. and Peterson, Jeffery.

Ways of Being Together, Heterotopias in the Colombian Armed Conflict Documentaries
 Luna, Maria.

We All Scream for Ice Cream: How Mundane Topics Strengthen Bonding in Computer-Mediated Support Groups
 McLaughlin, Bryan., Hull, Shawnika., Namkoong, Kang., Shah, Dhavan. and Gustafson, David.

We Had a “Text Fight”: Understanding the Role of Technology-Mediated Communication in Romantic Couple Conflict
 Scissors, Lauren.

Weibo in China: Understanding Its Development Through Communication Analysis and Culture Studies
 Negro, Gianluigi., Zhang, Zhan. and Richeri, Giuseppe.

Weighing Women Down: Messages on Weight Loss and Body Shaping in Editorial Content in Popular Women’s Health and Fitness Magazines
 Willis, Laura. and Knobloch-Westerwick, Silvia.

Well-Being, Work Engagement, or Both? Explaining the Linkage Between Information Provision, Communication Climate, and Performance
 ter Hoeven, Claartje. and Fransen, Marieke.

Western Coverage of Islam in Spain: Dominant News Frames and Their Interpretation
 Vaskivska, Tetiana.

What Are You Telling Me? Supervisors’ Perceptions of Employees’ Dissent Messages and Conversational Outcomes
 Garner, Johny.

What Community? The Cultural Geography of Licensed Video Game Production
 Johnson, Derek.

See all 71 papers starting with W ->>


Yes We Can (Profile You): Political Campaigns and Online Advertising, 2000-2012
 Kreiss, Daniel. and Barnard, Lisa.

Yes, I Can! Exploring the Contingent Effects of Party Identification and Political Efficacy on Internet News Use and Its Impact on Political and Civic Participation
 Chan, Michael.

You Have the Internet in Your Pocket: Why Are You (Still) at a Telecentre? Emerging Patterns of Internet Access in Urban South Africa
 Donner, Jonathan. and Walton, Marion.

You Just Cannot Have it All, and At What Cost: Another Look Into Public Relations Practitioners’ Work vs. Life
 Shen, Hongmei. and Jiang, Hua.

You Say Pink, I Say Red: Selective Perception and Biased Information Processing in the 2008 Presidential Election
 Oh, Kyoungrae. and Han, Jee Hee.

YouTube and the Occupy Wall Street Movement: Students Investigate Citizen Advocacy and Media Representation
 Haas, Susan.

Young Danes: Mobile Connections on the Run: Evolution or Revolution?
 Stald, Gitte.

Young People as News Media Providers and the Importance of Partnerships
 Paron, Katina.

Your Report is Mandated: Third Parties, Sexual Harassment, and Voice in Higher Education
 Harris, Kate.

Youth Media Imaginaries in the Arab World: A Narrative and Discourse Analysis
 Asthana, Sanjay.

Youth Media in School Communities
 Tripp, Lisa.
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