International Communication Association 2013-Jun-14 to 2013-Jun-25

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"A Colorful Plastic Method of Indoctrination": Consumer Citizens and the Politics of Amazon Reviews
 Stabile, Carol.

"But Pottsie is a God": Researching Australian Public Relations History Using Interviews
 Fitch, Kate.

"Discussions and Debates in Pathological Gaming" Panel Introduction
 Ferguson, Christopher.

"Elevation!": Examining the Determinants of Users' Elevation Responses to Short Film Clips
 Eden, Allison., Hartmann, Tilo., Oliver, Mary. and Mares, Marie-Louise.

"Gangnam Style": A Theoretical Overview of Viral Propagation in the Social and Digital Media Age
 Yeo, T. E. Dominic.

"It's All False to Me": The Role of Celebrities in Mediating Distant Others
 Scott, Martin.

"It's Life Boyo - But Not as We Know it": Men Performing in the Valleys
 Palmer, Gareth.

"Ketchup is the Auschwitz of the Tomatoes": Humor and Collective Memory of Traumatic Events
 Zandberg, Eyal.

"Not the Greatest Anymore": Fictional Anchors, Nonfictional Events, and Semifictional Journalism in HBO’s "The Newsroom"
 Peters, Chris.

"Participatory" Visual Research Revisited
 Pauwels, Luc.

"Sexy-Fit Femininity": the New Cheerleader as Post-Feminist Icon
 Grindstaff, Laura. and West, Emily.

"Simply Scan, Print and Repeat": New Challenges to Intellectual Property Laws and Potential Futures
 Kozak, Nadine.

"The Deserving Victim": Public Responses to Humanitarian Communication in the UK
 Seu, Irene Bruna., Orgad, Shani. and Fathi, Mastoureh.

"The Reality is Not as it Seems From Turkey”: Imaginations About the Eurovision Song Contest From its National Production Field
 Akin, Altug.

"The Story is Us, the Media Are Us": Occupy in the European Periphery
 Kaun, Anne.

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A Bleak Picture: How News Organizations Missed the Potential of Digitization to Improve Photojournalism
 Klein-Avraham, Inbal. and Reich, Zvi.

A Civic Network: The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967
 Loomis, Chris.

A Commentary Echo Chamber: Twitter as an Information Subsidy in Coverage of U.S. Senate Candidate Todd Akin
 Swasy, Alecia. and Perreault, Gregory.

A Communicative Analysis of a Sexual Health Screening Intervention Conducted in a Low-Income Housing Complex
 Scott, Muriel., Elia, Alana. and Golden, Annis.

A Communicative Interdependence Perspective of Close Relationships: The Connections Between Mediated and Unmediated Interactions Matter
 Caughlin, John. and Sharabi, Liesel.

A Comparative Study of China and the US: Defamation and the Liability of Internet Service Provider in Social Media Era
 Wu, Yanfang. and Freivogel, William.

A Comparison of Digital and Face-to-Face Communication Effects on Self-Esteem Using Ecological Momentary Assessment
 Gonzales, Amy.

A Comparison of Political Interviews in Public Television and Commercial Broadcasters
 Roca-Cuberes, Carles.

A Comparison of the Persuasive Tactics in the Websites of Violent, Ideological, and Nonideological Groups
 Dunbar, Norah., Connelly, Shane., Jensen, Matthew., Adame, Bradley., Rozzell, Bobby., Griffith, Jennifer. and O\'Hair, H. Dan.

A Content Analysis of Print News Coverage of Media Violence and Aggression Research
 Martins, Nicole., Weaver, Andrew., Yeshua-Katz, Daphna., Lewis, Nicky., Tyree, Nancy. and Jensen, Jakob.

A Crooked Balance of Interests? Comparing Users’ Rights in Printed
 Markkanen, Anna-Laura. and Nieminen, Hannu.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Domestic and International Students’ Social Media Usage
 Xu, Qiong. and Mocarski, Richard.

A Cross-Cultural Test of the Implicit Cultivation Process
 Arendt, Florian. and Northup, Temple.

A Dwarf Fighting Giants: Flemish Media Policies in an Age of Globalization
 Donders, Karen. and Van den Bulck, Hilde.

A Europe of Rights and Values? Public Debates on Sarkozy’s Roma Affair in France, Bulgaria, and Romania
 Balch, Alex., Balabanova, Ekaterina. and Trandafoiu, Ruxandra.

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Barriers to Patient-Centered Mammography Among Appalachian Kentucky Women
 Cohen, Elisia., Vanderpool, Robin. and Wilson, Bethney.

Beauty, Body, and Weight: An Evolution of Messages and Persuasion Techniques in Weight-Loss Advertising in the New York Times (1930-1990s)
 Mishra, Suman.

Begin Wherever You Please, As Long As You Keep Me Interested. Exposition Location Influence on Interest in Film
 Doicaru, Miruna. and Tan, Eduard.

Behind the Scenes: Domestic Students’ Perspectives on Interactions With International Students on a South Florida University Campus
 Phillips, Jasmine.

Being Meaningfully Mobile: Mobile Phones and Development
 Tacchi, Jo.

Being Middle-Class as a Matter of Values: Women and Jobs in Popular Hindi Television and Cinema
 Pal, Joyojeet. and Young, Margaret.

Being Popular While Being Authentic: The Need for Popularity and Authenticity Among Microblogging Users
 Lim, Joon Soo. and Yang, Sung-Un.

Being-With a Loss: Aphasic Affects in Contemporary Installation Arts
 Toye, Megan.

Belief Echoes: The Persistent Effects of Corrected Misinformation
 Thorson, Emily.

Believability: Epistemic Stance in Interviews With Abused Children (Top Student Paper)
 Iversen, Clara.

Below the Belt: Gender Portrayal in Women’s Boxing During the 2012 Summer Olympic Games
 Butler, Sim. and Bissell, Kimberly.

Between Big Data and Deep Analysis? Scaling Digital Media Research
 Mahrt, Merja. and Scharkow, Michael.

Between Economic Objectives and Public Remit: Positive and Negative Integration in European Media Policy
 Nowak, Eva.

Between Frame-Sending and Frame-Setting: A Conceptualization of how Journalists Contribute to News Frames
 Brueggemann, Michael.

Between Google and Godliness: Government Regulation of Blasphemy
 George, Cherian.

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Call Your Legislator: A Field Experimental Study of the Impact of Citizen Contacts on Legislative Voting
 Bergan, Daniel. and Cole, Richard.

Calling All Facebook Friends: Exploring Broadcasted Mobilization Requests on Facebook
 Ellison, Nicole., Gray, Rebecca., Lampe, Cliff., Vitak, Jessica. and Fiore, Andrew.

Can Media Relations Promote Public Health? The Pharmaceutical Sector in the Portuguese Press
 Ruao, Teresa., Lopes, Felisbela., Marinho, Sandra., Araujo, Rita. and Fernandes, Luciana.

Cancer Prevention Information Seeking and Health Consciousness Among American Indian, Hispanic, and Non-Hispanic White Cancer Patients and Family Members
 Ginossar, Tamar.

Candidate Affinity, Political Competition, and Televised Leader Displays: Winning Over Hearts in the 2012 Presidential Election
 Bucy, Erik. and Stewart, Patrick.

Candidates for Chancellor: A Comparison of German Television Channels and Election Years Since 1990
 Schulz, Winfried. and Zeh, Reimar.

Canned Music and Captive Audiences: The Battle Over the Public Soundscape at Grand Central Terminal
 Jordan, Matthew.

Capturing Children’s Advertising Exposure: Comparing Methods and Measurements
 Opree, Suzanna.

Career Structure and Experiences of Television Screenwriters in an Internationalizing Industry
 Davidson, Roei.

Causes and Consequences of Trust in Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising
 Ball, Jennifer., Manika, Danae. and Stout, Patricia.

Celebrity First Families? A Comparative Examination of the Mediated Visibility of National Leaders' Spouses and Children in Seven Advanced Industrial Democracies
 Stanyer, James. and Harmer, Emily.

Challenges by and Challenges for Applied Conversation Analysis: The Example of Making Recommendations for Communication in UK Jobcentres
 Toerien, Merran.

Challenges for Media Regulation Given the Context of Convergence and Global/Regional Media in the East African Community
 Goretti, Nassanga. and Sembatya, Nakiwala.

Challenges of a Rejected Technology: Communication Solutions to the Bt Eggplant Case in Rural India
 Tallapragada, Meghnaa.

Challenges to Participatory Communication in a Youth Video Project in Benin, West Africa
 Huesca, Robert.

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Daily Kos, Fanzines, and the Textual Boundaries of Political Fandom: Analyzing Community and Partisanship in the 2012 Presidential Election
 Sandvoss, Cornel.

Dangerous Stories: Encountering Narratives of the Other in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Processes, Effects, Identity, and Moral Response
 Ron, Yiftach. and Maoz, Ifat.

Data Motility: The Nonhuman Materiality of Big Social Data
 Cote, Mark.

Data Validation Between Journalism and Social Sciences
 van der Kaa, Hille.

Data on the Fly: Mobile Technologies and the Documentation of Media Use in Everyday Contexts
 Thorhauge, Anne Mette.

De-Americanizing Soft Power
 Thussu, Daya.

De-Westernizing New Media Discourse: The Case of Citizen Journalism in the Arab World (Top Three Student Paper)
 Alghazzi, Omar.

Deaf or Hearing: A Hard of Hearing Individual's Navigation Between Two Worlds
 Lash, Brittany. and Helme, Donald.

Dealing With the Dark Side: Negative Ingroups and the Effects of Right-Wing and Islamic Extremist Propaganda Videos
 Frischlich, Lena. and Rieger, Diana.

Death Images in Israeli Newspapers: Ethics and Praxis
 Morse, Tal.

Death of a Child, Birth of a Guild: Rethinking the Function of Weak Ties in Online Communities
 Poor, Nathaniel., Lampe, Cliff. and Skoric, Marko.

Death of a Guild, Birth of a Network: Online Community Ties Within and Beyond Code
 Poor, Nathaniel. and Skoric, Marko.

Debating Darija: Telquel and Language Politics in Modern Morocco
 Iddins, Annemarie.

Debating LGBT Workplace Protections in the Bible Belt:Contested Identities in Legislative and Media Discourse
 Rhodes, Claire. and Stewart, Craig.

Deceptive Minds: Indirect Advantage in Judging Deceit When the Lie Detector is Turned Off
 Solbu Slowe, Anne. and Frank, Mark.

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East Asia Beyond Broadband
 Qiu, Linchuan.

Eating Meat and Climate Change: The Media Blind Spot
 Almiron, Nuria.

Education’s 5-Year Plan: The “Public” Precedent of the ETV Facilities Act of 1962
 Shepperd, Josh.

Effect of Risk Disclosures on DTC Ads: The Role of Involvement and Need-for-Cognition
 Fosu, Ignatius.

Effectiveness of Cigarette Warning Labels: Exploring the Impact of Graphics, Message Framing, and Temporal Framing
 Nan, Xiaoli., Zhao, Xiaoquan., Yang, Bo. and Iles, Irina.

Effects of Agency in New Media Storytelling on Attitudes and Behavior Intention
 Rogers, Ryan., Barnard, Lisa. and Dillman Carpentier, Francesca.

Effects of Culturally Adapted Health Promotion Message Framing
 Kim, Soojung. and Huh, Jisu.

Effects of Imagined Interactions and Rehearsal on Speaking Performance
 Choi, Charles., Honeycutt, James. and Bodie, Graham.

Effects of Increasing Information Introduced by Camera Changes in Television Messages on Local Recognition Sensitivity and Criterion Bias
 Fox, Julia. and Kurita, Satoko.

Effects of Mediated Celebrity on Young People’s Attitudes Toward Cosmetic Surgery
 Wen, Nainan., Chia, Stella. and Hao, Xiaoming.

Effects of Mental Imagery on Responses of Listeners to Advertisements on Commercial Radio
 Sachdev, Anu. and Capila, Anjali.

Effects of Morally Ambiguous Character Behavior on Affective Disposition, Character Perceptions, and Enjoyment
 Bailey, Erica., Tsay-Vogel, Mina., Krakowiak, K. Maja. and Ivory, James.

Effects of Partisan Rhetoric on Attention and Influence in the Blogosphere
 Brown, Christopher., Moehler, Devra. and Roodhouse, Elizabeth.

Effects of Physical Similarity Between the Models in Fashion Advertisements and Viewers on Purchase Intention
 Jung, Younbo., Chan, Xin Yi., Lew, Cassandra., Lim, Derrick. and Lee, Hyun Ou.

Effects of Product Type and Source of Customized Recommendations on Attitudes Toward the Website
 Kim, Yeuseung. and Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

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Facebook Comparisons Among Adolescents: How do Identification and Contrast Relate to Social Wellbeing?
 Kang, Seok., Chung, Wonjun. and Mora, Adolfo.

Facebook Feature Use by Dutch Students and Their Teachers: Effects of Motivation and Generation
 Utz, Sonja. and Huizing, Klaas Jan.

Facebook as Multivalence Machine: The Continuity of Affect, Data, and Economic Value
 Gerlitz, Carolin.

Facing the Mediated Pain of Others: New Directions for the Empirical Study of Audiences of Distant Suffering
 von Engelhardt, Johannes. and Jansz, Jeroen.

Fact-Checking the Campaign: How Political Reporters Use Twitter to Set the Record Straight (or Not)
 Coddington, Mark., Molyneux, Logan. and Lawrence, Regina.

Factors Influencing Friends’ Coping With Sexual Stressors and Their Impact on Relational and Coping Satisfaction
 McManus, Tara. and Lucas, Alysa.

Facts From Friends: How Journalists’ Roles Influence Their Interaction With Politicians
 Hellmueller, Lea.

Family-Owned Newspaper: Filling Niches in Rural Communities
 Powers, Angela., Sohn, Ardyth. and Briggs-Bunting, Jane.

Fear and Death: A Meta-Analytic Review of Fear Appeals From a Terror Management Perspective -- Top Three Paper/Health Communication Division
 Rhodes, Nancy., Hunt, David. and Radford, Scott.

Features, Blogs and User-Generated Content Might Not Save Journalism: Evidence From a Comparative Study of the Supply and Demand of Online News
 Boczkowski, Pablo. and mitchelstein, Eugenia.

Felling a Tree to Save Paper: Short- and Long-Term Effects of Immersive Virtual Environments on Environmental Self-Efficacy, Attitude, and Behavior
 Ahn, Sun Joo (Grace%29., Bailenson, Jeremy. and Park, Dooyeon.

Feminism and Social Change: Women’s Place in Taiwan Newspaper and Public Opinion
 Shaw, Ping. and Tan, Yue.

Feminist Research Praxis in Multicultural Settings
 Leurs, Koen.

Filling the Trust Gap in Transcultural and Transnational Business Relations: Sinicization Within Sino-Chilean Economic Exchange
 Labarca, Claudia.

Film Policy and the Construction of a Nation: Regulating the Film Industry in Early Israel
 Ashuri, Tamar. and Hassid Levi, Mor.

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GIFT: Postman, Pictures, Persuasion: Showing the Power of Video vs. Words, Plus Public Relations, in Electronic News
 Roberts, Chris.

GIFT: Service Learning at its Best: Creating a Social Media Plan for Local Nonprofit Organization
 Carpenter Childers, Courtney.

GIFT: Teaching Students to Become Curators of Ideas: An Exercise in Applied New Media Literacy
 Weisgerber, Corinne.

GIFTS: Brand Your Website Using Multimedia on the About Page
 Painter, David.

GIFTS: Building Community Through VoiceThread Speech Reflections
 Collins, Leslie.

GIFTS: Computer-Mediated Communication Project
 Christen, Scott. and Kelly, Stephanie.

GIFTS: Improving Interviewing Skills With “Speed Interviewing”
 Arendt, Colleen.

GIFTS: Teaching Argumentation and Debate With a Presidential Play-By-Play
 Mack, Ashley.

GIFTS: Using the Critical Process to Evaluate Media Portrayal of Specific Groups
 Clune, Katie.

Gaining Attention Yet Communicating Little? On Episodic and Thematic Coverage of Protest Events in Belgian Television News
 Wouters, Ruud.

Game Studies: A View From Outside
 Szablewicz, Marcella.

Gameplay Controllers and Modalities for Older Adults: A User-Centred Perspective on Usability and Experiences
 Theng, Yin-Leng. and Pham, Tan Phat.

Gaming Motivations, Avatar-Self Identification, and Symptoms of Online Game Addiction
 Zhong, Zhi-Jin. and Yao, Mike.

Gauging and Responding to Patient Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatment Preferences in Acute Primary Care Visits
 Koenig, Christopher. and Ho, Evelyn.

Gender and Grade as Moderators of the Relationship Between Music Television Viewing and Smoking: A Longitudinal Study
 Beullens, Kathleen. and Van den Bulck, Jan.

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HIV and Men’s Health: Patterns and Stories From People Living With HIV in New Mexico
 Oetzel, John.

Habermas and the Garants: Narrowing the Gap Between Policy and Practice in French Organisation-Citizen Engagement
 Burnside-Lawry, Judy., Lee, Carolyne. and Rui, Sandrine.

Habitual Exposure to Media Violence in Childhood Predicts to Serious Aggression and Crime in Late Adolescence and Adulthood: Evidence From Four Longitudinal Studies
 Huesmann, Rowell.

Hackgate and Institutional Change in Journalism: Shock, Layering, Conversion, Drift, and Displacement
 Bromley, Michael.

Happy Accidents: Facebook and the Value of Affect
 Karppi, Tero.

Harmonization and Autonomy of Media Policy Within the European Union
 Wallner, Cornelia.

Harvey Milk and the Crumbling Celluloid Closet
 Gross, Larry.

Harvey Milk’s FAIR Future: K-12 Education and Queer Mnemonic World Making
 Morris III, Charles.

Health Campaign on Online Social Media: Evaluating CDC’s Antismoking Campaign on YouTube
 Chung, Jae Eun.

Health Journalism Reform: Cultivating Solutions With Media Logic to Improve Communication About Health Determinants
 Hinnant, Amanda., Jenkins, Joy. and Subramanian, Roma.

Health as a Site of Intercultural Adaptation for International Students in the United States
 Doshi, Marissa.

Health in Newspapers: A Culture-Based Comparative Content Analysis of Newspapers in the US and China
 Tang, Lu. and Peng, Wei.

Hedonist or Pragmatist? Conceptualizing Appreciation as Primary Emotion in the Framework of Meta-emotions
 Hoelck, Katharina. and Jacobs, An.

Hide Yo’ Black With Yo’ Gay: The Public "EnCampment" of Antoine Dodson
 Bahrainwala, Lamiyah.

Hierarchical Antecedents of In-App Advertising Effectiveness
 Kim, Sang Chon. and Ng, Daniel.

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I Couldn’t Lie to his Face (but I Could Omit): Deception, Detection, Demeanor, and Truth Bias in Face-to-Face and Computer-Mediated Communication
 Van Swol, Lyn. and Braun, Michael.

I Do, Don’t I?: Hyper-Femininity and Celebrity Aspiration in Reality Wedding Programming
 fairclough, kirsty.

I Post, You Tweet, She Chats. And We All Occupy: Spaces of Struggles and Participation in Occupy Wall Street
 Mattoni, Alice.

I Would Ask Her Out if I Wasn’t a Cop: Vicarious Interaction, Perspective-Taking and Narrative Comprehension
 McDonald, Daniel., Collier, James., Dale, Katherine., Jones, Kaitlyn. and Lin, Shu-Fang.

Iconophilia in the Public Sphere: Embracing the Visual in Big "P" and Small "p" Politics
 Parry, Katy. and Aiello, Giorgia.

Identification With Media Celebrities: A Self-Discrepancy Theory Based Examination of Actual, Ideal, and Ought Identification
 Wilson, Kari., Cho, Hyunyi. and Shen, Lijiang.

Identifying Household Television Practices to Reduce Children’s Television Time
 Piotrowski, Jessica., Jordan, Amy., Bleakley, Amy. and Hennessy, Michael.

Identifying, Understanding, and Deploying a Community's Health Communication Assets
 Ball-Rokeach, Sandra., Wilkin, Holley., Villanueva, George Allen. and Gonzalez, Carmen.

Identity Dilemmas for Israeli Settlers
 Ellis, Don.

Identity and Intercultural Conflict
 Kim, Young Yun.

Identity, Sequential Organization, and Categorical Organization: Interactions in Comments on a Chinese Microblogging Website
 Huang, Luling.

Ideology and Instrumentality in Ikhwanweb: The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the Mubarak Regime, and the West
 Bardhan, Soumia.

If You Want it to Count, Make it Visual? Effects of Poll Results and Exemplars on People’s Judgments on Political Issues
 Peter, Christina. and Brosius, Hans-Bernd.

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Are a Thousand Words Worth a Picture? Comparing the Effects of Vivid Writing and Photographs on Moral Judgment in Public Relations
 McEntee, Rebecca., Yaschur, Carolyn. and Coleman, Renita.

Imagined Networks: How International Journalism Innovators Negotiate Authority and Rework News Norms (Top Three Faculty Paper)
 Russell, Adrienne. and Ananny, Mike.

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Jesse and Barack: Examining How, and if, the Press Has Changed How They Frame African-American Politicians
 Holt, Lanier.

Journalism Discourse and Legitimacy in Postreform China
 Tong, Jingrong.

Journalism History in Popular Culture
 Ehrlich, Matthew.

Journalism and Collective Memory in a Postbroadcast World
 Edy, Jill.

Journalism and Popular Music: Converging Modes of Filtering
 Bødker, Henrik.

Journalism and Prospective Memory
 Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Keren.

Journalism and the Politics of Hate: Charting Ethical Responses to Religious Intolerance
 George, Cherian.

Journalism as Institution and Work in Europe, Circa 1860: A Comparative History of Journalism
 Ornebring, Henrik.

Journalistic Ideals Versus Journalistic Practice: The Relationship Between Role Perception and Valued Skills Among Journalists in Six European Countries
 Ornebring, Henrik.

Journalistic Role in Chinese Freedom of Information
 Tang, Yong.

Journalistic Roles and Revisiting Gatekeeping
 Vos, Tim.

Journalists, Hackers, and the Boundary Object of News: Establishing a New Contact Language for News Innovation
 Usher, Nikki., Lewis, Seth. and Kominiak, Todd.

Journalists’ Perceptions of Media Influence in Hong Kong
 Li, Miao.

Just Another Gypsy Dancer, Just Another Refugee: Constructions of Gypsies in Musical and World Publications
 Schneeweis, Adina.

Just How White or Black Are You? Effects of Race and Stereotype-Congruence on Evaluations of Online Daters’ Attractiveness and Behavioral Intentions
 Alhabash, Saleem., Hales, Kayla., Baek, Jong-Hwan. and Oh, Hyun Jung.

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Key Features of Internet Communication
 Ivanova, Svetlana.

Key Issues in Researching Citizenship Education
 Kerr, David.

Knapp's Model of Relational Development in the Digital Age
 Duran, Robert., Kelly, Lynne. and Frisbie, Alexandra.

Knowledge Types and Risk Perceptions: Driving Information-Seeking and Risk Prevention Behaviors
 Manika, Danae., Stout, Patricia., Golden, Linda. and Mackert, Michael.

Knowledge-Based Journalism: What it Means and What it Can Achieve
 Patterson, Thomas.

Korean Wave: Enjoyment Factors of Korean Dramas in the US
 Chuang, Lisa. and Lee, Hye Eun.

Krumpin' in North Hollywood: The Ecology of Street Dance and the Production of Space
 Frazier, Robeson.


LOL in Nonmediated Communication Contexts? Perceived Appropriateness and Text Speak Frequency in Verbal Communication
 Park, David., Wang, Weirui. and Knuckles, Joseph.

Labour, Gender, and the Cultural Reserve
 Beale, Alison.

Lack of Credibility Accompanying Public Relations Messages Distributed Through Corporate Channels: A Longitudinal Experimental
 Callison, Coy., Merle, Patrick., Matthews, Curtis. and Youngblood, Norman.

Large Cross-Cultural Q Research Projects Require Particular Operational and Analytical Approaches
 Davis, Charles.

Laser Cannons and Placards: Social Movement Theory in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
 Clark, Joshua.

Latin American Diasporas in Global Cities: Critical Approaches from Latin American School
 Retis, Jessica.

Laughing and Crying: Mixed Emotions, Compassion, and the Effectiveness of a YouTube PSA About Skin Cancer
 Myrick, Jessica. and Oliver, Mary.

Laughing at Little Girls: Class and Gender in “Honey Boo Boo” and “Toddlers and Tiaras”
 Hillier, Paul Myron.

Laundering Policies: The Case of the Ley Sinde in Spain
 Sarikakis, Katharine. and Rodriguez-Amat, Joan Ramon.

Leadership Through Portraiture: An Analysis of Hispanic Leadership, Culture, and Performance
 Gonzalez, Ariadne.

Learning Networks of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Youth: Reconsidering Learning
 Haan, Mariëtte de.

Learning in Digital Worlds: Commercial Video Games and Online Communities
 Lacasa, Pilar., Mendez-Zaballos, Laura., Garcia-Pernia, Maria Rut. and Estables, Maria Jose.

Learning in Practice: A Study of Knowledge Development in Multinational Corporations in a Chinese Context
 Du, Juana.

Learning of Digital Skills, Social Support Networks, and Digital Inequality: Evidence From the Netherlands
 Matzat, Uwe.

Legal Globalization and Communication Law
 Braman, Sandra.

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Macbeth and the Media: Effects of Violent Media on Perceived Moral Purity and Self-Regulatory Behavior
 Melzer, Andre. and Gollwitzer, Mario.

Macbeth: Development of a Serious Game for the Mitigation of Cognitive Bias
 Dunbar, Norah., Wilson, Scott., Adame, Bradley., Elizondo, Javier., Jensen, Matthew., Miller, Claude., Allums, Abigail., Seltsam, Tobias., Bessarabova, Elena., Vincent, Cindy., Straub, Sara., Ralston, Ryan., Dulawan, Christopher., Paiz-Ramirez, Dennis. and Squire, Kurt.

Magazine Readership Study: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of South Korean and U.S. Women Readers Lysis of South Korean and U.S. Women Readers
 Rhodes, Leara. and Lee, Jungwon.

Mainstreaming Gay Politicians Online: Verbal and Visual Presentations on LGBT Candidate Websites
 Painter, David., Dmytrochenko, Nataliya. and Eschenfelder, Christine.

Maintaining Romantic Relationships as a Function of Cultural Values and Equity
 Yum, Young-ok., Canary, Daniel. and Baptist, Joyce.

Maintaining You and Me: A Content Analysis of Relational Maintenance Behaviors on Prime Time Television
 Anderegg, Courtney., Dale, Katherine. and Fox, Jesse.

Make it Count! Interactivity and Deliberative Democracy in Mexican Online Journalism
 Frankenberg Hernandez, Lorena. and Lozano, Jose-Carlos.

Making Ads Easy, Creative, and Persuasive: Effects of Conventional Metaphors and Irony in Print Advertising
 Burgers, Christian., Konijn, Elly., Steen, Gerard. and Iepsma, Marlies.

Making Do With Media: Teachers, Technology, and Tactics of Media Management in Interwar American Classrooms
 Good, Katie.

Making Flashpublics: Social Media, Network Sovereignty, and Transnational
 Bratich, Jack.

Making Sense of Big Data: Developing a Social Science Research Agenda
 Weber, Matthew.

Making Sense of Childhood Messages: Family Communication's Impact on Adult Eating Behaviors and Attitudes
 Hoffman, Trisha.

Making Sense of the News in a Hybrid Regime: How Young Russians Decode State TV and an Oppositional Blog
 Toepfl, Florian.

Making Visible the Algorithm: Citizen Science, Data Art, and Social Media Hacks
 Powell, Alison.

Making Waves: Mass Media, Opinion Leaders, and the Campaign for Environmental Change
 Dalrymple, Kajsa., Shaw, Bret. and Brossard, Dominique.

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Naked Rebels With a Cause: Framing FEMEN in International News
 Ibroscheva, Elza. and Kaneva, Nadia.

Narrating Adoption: Resisting Adoption as “Second Best” in Online Stories of Domestic Adoption Told by Adoptive Parents
 Baxter, Leslie., Norwood, Kristen., Asbury, Bryan. and Scharp, Kristina.

Narrating Neoliberalism via Financial Media: Comparing China’s Accession Into WTO in Economist and Caijing
 Piao, Jingwei.

Narrative Effects of a Movie About Hearing-Impaired Rape Victims: Narrative Engagement and Persuasion
 Bae, Hyuhn-Suhck., Lee, Doohwang. and Bae, Eun-Gyuhl.

Narrative Films to Address Health Disparities Among Latinas
 Frank, Lauren. and Moran, Meghan.

Narrative Health Messages in a Story Context
 Kalch, Anja. and Bilandzic, Helena.

Narratives Featuring Dr. Horror and Dr. Nice: A Study of Status and Affect in Online Talk About Migrant Physicians
 Haavisto, Anna.

Narratives Used to Portray in-Group Terrorists: A Comparative Analysis of Israeli and Norwegian Press
 Samuel-Azran, Tal., Dinur, Amit. and Karniel, Yuval.

Narratives of Emergency Response in the Norway Shooting Massacre
 Soernes, Jan-Oddvar. and Svenkerud, Peer.

Narratives of Trauma and Reconciliation
 Hawes, Leonard.

Narratives of US: The National Narrative and the Disruptive Moments Hypothesis
 Handley, Robert.

National vs. Global Media Policies: The Case of Mediaset and SkyItalia’s Struggle Over the Italian Television Sector
 Padovani, Cinzia.

Natural Criticism and Membering in Academia: The Study of an Extreme Case
 Boromisza-Habashi, David. and Parks, Russell.

Need for a Helping Hand? Media Policy Paradigm Shifts in Times of Crisis
 Wenzel, Corinna., Gadringer, Stefan. and Trappel, Josef.

Need to Belong, Social Norms and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Social Networking Site Usage
 Niemann, Julia., Mangold, Frank. and Schenk, Michael.

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 Viner, Russell.

Obscenity to the Max: Max Hardcore, Community Standards, and “Works as a Whole” Online
 Leone, Ronald. and Herbeck, Dale.

Occupies, Generators, and Tents: Resource Mobilization by OccupyNYC via Twitter
 Walker, Shawn.

Occupy Messages: Social Justice and Legitimacy in the New York Times
 Reyes, Camille.

Occupy Wall Street Posters: Analysis of Publically Created Visuals in Global Branding
 Morris, Pamela.

Off Your Face(book): Gender, Politics, and Social Media
 Ross, Karen., Comrie, Margie. and Fountaine, Susan.

Offence as Presence, Presence as Offence: Classed Cultures of Visibility
 Ong, Jonathan.

Olympics Everywhere: Predictors of Multiplatform Media Uses During the 2012 London Olympics
 Tang, Tang. and Cooper, Roger.

On Being a Theoretical Magpie: All That Glitters is Not Gold
 Edwards, Lee.

On Digital Religious Eloquence
 Simonson, Peter.

On the Boundary of Repair: The Case of Questioning Repeats
 Heritage, John.

On the Integration of Theory Within Q Research Design
 Michelle, Carolyn.

On the Measurement of Reader Preferences for News Topics: An Application of Choice-Based Conjoint Technique
 Kanuri, Vamsi Krishna., Mantrala, Murali. and Thorson, Esther.

On the Relevance and Irrelevance of Place in the Journalistic Imaginary
 Zelizer, Barbie.

On the Role of Static and Dynamic Faces on Attributions of Attractiveness, Social Competence, and Dominance
 Sobieraj, Sabrina. and Nowak, Katharina.

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PR Capacity on Nonprofit Boards
 Penning, Timothy.

Pairing "Big" Data With Not So Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges
 Goulet, Lauren.

Panel Four: Theoretical and Methodological Issues on Transcultural Studies of the BRICS Nations: Roundtable Discussions
 Sparks, Colin.

Panel One: New Trends in the Media Industries and Popular Cultures of the BRICS Nations: A Comparative Perspective
 Li, Hongmei.

Panel Three: Public Diplomacy, External Communications, and Soft Power
 Marsh, Leslie.

Panel Two: National/Global Identity Building, Nationalism, and Cosmopolitanism
 Steemers, Jeanette.

Paper Scarcity Issues and Print Business in Colonial America
 Mellen, Roger.

Parasocial Opinion Leadership: Theoretical Concept and Empirical Evidence
 Roessler, Patrick., Leissner, Laura., Stehr, Paula., Schönhardt, Friederike. and Döringer, Esther.

Parent TV Viewing Predicts Energy-Dense Food Choices in Preschoolers’ Pretend Healthy Meals
 Harrison, Kristen. and Peralta, Mericarmen.

Parent-Child Joint Reading in Traditional and iPad Formats
 Krcmar, Marina. and Cingel, Drew.

Parental Beliefs About Childhood Activities: Media Use, Play, and Education
 Krcmar, Marina., Cingel, Drew., Silva, Erin. and Malsin, Mikaela.

Parental Mediation and Adolescents’ Social Media Use: Assessing Beneficial Parental Strategies Among Young Italians
 Micheli, Marina., Gui, Marco. and Mascheroni, Giovanna.

Parental Mediation of the Internet and Cultural Values Across Europe
 Mertens, Stefan. and d\'Haenens, Leen.

Parental Patterns of Cooperation in Parent-Child Interactions: The Relationship Between Nonverbal and Verbal Communication
 Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira.

Parenting in the Age of Technology: Parent Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Children’s Media Use
 Lauricella, Alexis., Maschke, Ariel., Connell, Sabrina., Wartella, Ellen. and Rideout, Victoria.

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Q Methodology as a Facilitator of Comparative Research: Exploring Landscapes of News Consumption Cross-Nationally
 Courtois, Cedric. and Schroder, Kim.

Quant E-Data for the Qual Researcher: Tools for Gathering and Processing Online Data
 Thelwall, Mike.

Queer in Polish: English Names Travelling to Central and Eastern Europe
 Szulc, Lukasz.

Queering Everything: Thomas Beatie, Male Pregnancy, and the Mediation of New Gender Politics
 Barker-Plummer, Bernadette.

Questioning Entertainment Values: Moments of Disruption in the History of Swedish Television Entertainment
 Bolin, Goran.

Quotation Practices and Communication Ideals: Reporting Speech to Manage Potential Interactional Troubles
 Robles, Jessica.


Race and Ethnicity as Autonomous/Codependent Modes of Analysis
 Husband, Charles.

Race and Ethnicity as Coconstructed Processes
 Witteborn, Saskia.

Race to the Starting Line: Voter Assessment of Media Coverage Before the 2012 Iowa Caucus
 Singer, Jane. and Andsager, Julie.

Race, Ethnicity, and Migration in Europe
 Christensen, Miyase.

Race, Identity, Drumming, and Digital Inclusion in Salvador, Bahia
 Straubhaar, Joseph.

Race, Place, and Performance: How HBO’s True Blood Imagines the South
 Chatman, Dayna.

Racial Incorporation; Asian Indian Immigrant Alignments With Whiteness
 Pande, Somava. and Drzewiecka, Jolanta.

Racial and Gender Exclusion Affect Novel Group Identity: Effects of a Single Instance of Symbolic Annihilation
 Corsbie-Massay, Charisse.

Racialisation and Radicalisation: Extremism and the Limits of Multiculturalism
 Kundnani, Arun.

Radical Journalism, News Epistemology and Disruption in Paradigm in WikiLeaks Phenomenon
 Kumar, Anup.

Radical Knowledge: Action Research and Public Relations
 Pieczka, Magda.

Raid, Rescue, Silence: Why a Feminist Approach to Antitrafficking Policy in Thailand is Needed
 Kamler, Erin.

Rape in the Era of Post-Identity Politics: The Controversy Over Rihanna’s “Man Down” Video
 Chatman, Dayna.

Rational Information Sharing or Emotional Expression in the Online Discussion: How Do Leadership Spark Conversations and Trigger Feedbacks
 WANG, Pianpian. and WANG, Chengjun.

Reaching out in No Man’s Land: The Boundary Spanning Struggles of Outreach Workers
 Van Vuuren, Mark.

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Scale Development for Measuring Publics’ Emotions in Organizational Crises
 Jin, Yan., Liu, Brooke., Anagondahalli, Deepa. and Austin, Lucinda.

Scandals and the Silent Processes of Political Power
 Kantola, Anu.

Schmooze for Businesses in Digital Era Predicting Mediated Business Networking With Incentive and Efficacy
 Pan, Ji., Fu, Wayne. and Skoric, Marko.

Scholars as Audiences, Symbolic Boundaries, and Culturally Legitimated Prime-Time Cable Drama
 Wayne, Michael.

Science Journalists’ Selection Criteria and Their Depiction of Nanotechnology and its (Un)Certainty in German Media
 Guenther, Lars. and Ruhrmann, Georg.

Search Engines, Markets, and Democracy
 Kim, Minjeong.

Seeing Europe From the Outside in: The Al Jazeera English Series Surprising Europe
 Robertson, Alexa.

Seeing Through Transparency
 Christensen, Lars. and Cheney, George.

Seeking Interpersonal Information Over the Internet: An Application of the Theory of Motivated Information Management to Internet Use
 Gustafson, Abel. and Tokunaga, Robert.

Seeking and Processing Information for Health Decisions Among Elderly Chinese Singaporean Women
 Chang, Leanne., Basnyat, Iccha. and Teo, Daniel.

Seelampur Women and Labor Away From the Doorsteps of the ICT Center
 Sarkar, Sreela.

Selective Exposure Without Avoidance: Examining Selective Exposure in a Media Saturated Environment
 Jang, Seung Mo.

Selective Exposure as an Attitude Bolstering Behavior: Using Media to Affirm Attitudes and Reduce Dissonance
 Garguilo, Sean., Ewoldsen, David., Myers, Teresa., Knobloch-Westerwick, Silvia., Alter, Scott. and Fazio, Russell.

Self-Bolstering and Self-Motivating Through Selective Exposure to Online Health Messages
 Knobloch-Westerwick, Silvia., Johnson, Benjamin. and Westerwick, Axel.

Self-Determination and Long-Term Participation in Peer-Production Communities
 Wohn, Donghee., Lampe, Cliff. and Hou, Youyang.

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TMS in Action: The Role of Professional Identity in Coordinating Organizational Knowledge Networks
 Houtman, Leonie., Kotlarsky, Julia. and van den Hooff, Bart.

TV Bullying as Viewed by “Gleeks”: An Exploratory Analysis of Fan Forum Posts
 Walsh, Kimberly.

TV Talk Show, Visual Representation, and the Ascendency of “Philanthropic Capitalist” Political Leader in South Korea
 Choi, Su Young.

Taking a Critical Look at Technology in Public Relations: We Have an App for That
 Kent, Michael.

Talk Back and Particiapte: The Making of the Active Audience Within Swedish Local Radio 1977-2000
 forsman, michael.

Talking About GM Foods
 Kim, Sei-Hill., Kim, Hwalbin. and Oh, Sang Hwa.

Talking Through Technology: The Duality of Maintaining Internal and External Organizational Relationships Through Social Media
 Haseki, Muge. and Weber, Matthew.

Tanzanian Self Efficacy: Meta-Analysis of HIV Prevalence Research Through Situational Context Perspective
 Merritt, Sarah. and Kiwanuka-Tondo, James.

Tapping Into Motivations for Drinking Among Youth: Normative Beliefs About Alcohol Use Among Underage Drinkers in the United States
 Rimal, Rajiv., Padon, Alisa., Jernigan, David., Siegel, Michael. and DeJong, William.

Targeting Smokers With Empathy Appeal Antismoking PSAs: A Field Experiment
 Shen, Lijiang.

Teaching College Students to Build Networks: The "Reality" Game
 Stokes, Benjamin. and Watson, Jeff.

Teaching and Preaching About Reproductive Health: Evidence From a Study of Religious Leaders in Jordan
 Underwood, Carol. and Kamhawi, Sarah.

Teaching the 80s, or, why advertising students need to learn about Madonna and Damien Hirst
 Wyatt, Carolyn.

Team Sports in Virtual Worlds: Are Clan Members Team Players in the Real World, too?
 Guenther, Elisabeth., Festl, Ruth. and Quandt, Thorsten.

Technoculture Versus Big Brother: Pirate Politics as a Countercultural Movement
 Burkart, Patrick.

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UK: The Phone Hacking Crisis: What Happens to Media Policy When the Shit Hits the Fan
 Fenton, Natalie. and Freedman, Des.

US: The Return of the Nervous Liberals: A Market Fundamentalist Approach to the Journalism Crisis
 Pickard, Victor.

Ubiquitous Cyberfeminisms
 Kember, Sarah.

Uncertainty Management and Social Support in Cancer Clinical Trials Treatment Decision-Making
 Raup Krieger, Janice., Palmer-Wackerly, Angela., Dailey, Phokeng. and Krok, Jessica.

Under Pressure to Sext? Applying the Theory of Planned Behaviour on Adolescents’ Sexting
 Walrave, Michel. and Heirman, Wannes.

Understanding Arab Blogospheres: Counterpublics or Enacting Cultural Citizenship?
 Riegert, Kristina.

Understanding Cultural Variations in Giving Advice Among Americans and Chinese
 Feng, Hairong.

Understanding High School Athletes’ Use of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids: The Role of Source Proximity in the Theory of Normative Social Behavior
 Woolf, Jules., Rimal, Rajiv. and Sripad, Pooja.

Understanding Immediate Behaviors Through Meta-Analyses: Immediate Behaviors as Related to Self-Disclosure and Liking
 Kelly, Stephanie. and Kotowski, Michael.

Understanding J-Twitter Adoption: Factors That Influence Korean Journalists’ Twitter Adoption
 Lee, Na Yeon. and Kim, Yonghwan.

Understanding Out-of-Class Communication and Social Support Received From Instructors Using Leader-Member Exchange Theory
 Sollitto, Michael. and Martin, Matthew.

Understanding the Backbone of Technology: A Conceptual Model to Research Code
 Mosemghvdlishvili, Lela. and Jansz, Jeroen.

Understanding the Impact of Multimodal Instructional Technology on Learning in a Simulated Online Class
 Limperos, Anthony., Record, Rachael. and Frisby, Brandi.

Understanding the Influence of Journalists and Politicians on Content: A Cross-Longitudinal Analysis of Chilean Political News Coverage
 Mellado, Claudia. and Rafter, Kevin.

Understanding the Influence of News Media Coverage on Search Query Volume
 Granka, Laura.

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Vakko and the Veil: Negotiating History and Agency Through an Iconic Turkish Brand
 Sastre, Alexandra.

Validating Measures of Health-Related Conversation Content in the Context of Sleep Behavior Among College Students
 Robbins, Rebecca. and Niederdeppe, Jeff.

Value Poaching: Issue Frames That Target the Same Value for Competing Political Ends
 Nelson, Thomas., Lecheler, Sophie., Schuck, Andreas. and De Vreese, Claes.

Value of International Experience and Cultural intelligence in Developing Global Mindset: The Role of Global Mindset in Effective Intercultural Collaboration in Global Teams (Top Student Paper)
 Boyraz, Malgorzata.

Valued Skills Among Journalists: An Exploratory Comparison of Six European Nations
 Ornebring, Henrik. and Mellado, Claudia.

Valuing Expression Over Identity: Anonymity v. Compelled Disclosure in American Political Speech
 Chenoweth, Sarah.

Video Game Addiction: Past, Present and Future
 Griffiths, Mark.

Video Game Involvement and Social Skills: A Systematic Review of the Literature
 Kowert, Rachel.

Video Game Therapy? The Use of Video Games to Cope With Stress
 Hou, Jinghui (Jove). and Williams, Dmitri.

Video Games as Meaningful Entertainment Experiences
 Oliver, Mary., Bowman, Nicholas., Woolley, Julia., Rogers, Ryan., Sherrick, Brett. and Chung, Mun-Young.

Video Games, Moral Emotions, and Repeated Play: The Desensitizing Effect of Repeated Play on the Ability of Virtual Behaviors to Elicit Guilt
 Grizzard, Matthew. and Tamborini, Ron.

Video Technologies and Participatory Approaches for Sustainable Peace: Tackling Conflict Through Social Change Communication
 Bau, Valentina.

Videorec as a Form of Gameplay: Ways in Which the Recording of Play Contributes to the Engagement, Analysis, and Development of Videogames
 Gonring, Gabriel Menotti.

Viewing Experience of 3D Entertainment Technology: A Stereopsis Perspective
 Tao, Chen-Chao.

Virtual Self-Sexualization: The Consequences of Female Sexual Objectification in a Virtual World on Self-Objectification
 Behm-Morawitz, Elizabeth. and Gerding, Ashton.

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Watching From an Arm’s Length: The Foreign Hand in Tamil Cinema
 Mudliar, Preeti. and Pal, Joyojeet.

Watching Indian Television in America: A Study Across Five Major U.S. Cities
 Somani, Indira., Guo, Jing. and Oh, Soo-Kwang.

Watching TV Fiction. Changing Viewing Practices in the Age of Digitization?
 Simons, Nele.

Watching Television With Others. The Influence of Interpersonal Communication on Enjoyment
 Zillich, Arne.

Ways of Speaking and Competing Cultural Dialectics on Campus: Student Dating and Advisor-Advisee Relationships

 Chornet, Daniel., Poutiainen, Saila. and Gerlander, Maija.

We Came to Play: Studying MMOGs in Public Settings
 Taylor, Nicholas., Jenson, Jennifer., de Castell, Suzanne. and Dilouya, Barak.

We Get "Marching Orders to Tweet": The Ethical Challenges of Digital Dilemmas for Professional Journalists and the Rest of Us
 Kumar, Anup.

We're Out Here: How the Daily Yonder's Political Coverage Builds Social Capital
 Swasy, Alecia.

Web Metrics as Heuristics? How Online News Audiences Prioritize Economic and Cultural Capital When Choosing Which News Stories to Read
 Tandoc, Edson Jr..

Webmalaise in the Social Media Era: Interactivity and Internet Effects on Trust
 Barthel, Michael., Moy, Patricia., Rinke, Eike., Agarwal, Sheetal. and Hussain, Muzammil.

Welcome to the Grey Zone: Interpreting the Death and Strange Afterlife of Mass Media
 Couldry, Nick.

What Are the Values and Impacts of Public Relations on Business News?: A Survey of Business Journalists on the Use of Information Subsidies and the Determinants of That Use
 Lee, Sun Young.

What Can We Expect From Facebook?
 Hong, Seoyeon. and Kim, Bokyung.

What Do Social Media Users Think of Social Media Monitoring?
 Kennedy, Helen.

What Do Stakeholders "Like" on Facebook? Public Reactions to Organizations’ Informational, Promotional, and Community-Building Messages
 Saxton, Gregory. and Waters, Richard.

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Yes Dutch Minister; Political Fiction in Multiparty Systems
 Van Zoonen, Liesbet.

You Did What? The Communication of Forgiveness in Married and Dating Couples
 Sheldon, Pavica., Gilchrist, Eletra. and Lessley, James.

You Got Coffee in My Racing Game: Brand Congruity and Reality in Video Game Advertising
 Dickinson, Ted., Hanus, Michael. and Fox, Jesse.

YouTube Interventions: The Syria Conflict from YouTube to the Mainstream Media
 Aday, Sean., Freelon, Deen. and Lynch, Marc.

YouTube's Fantasies of Political Agency
 Carpentier, Nico.

Young Children’s Positive and Negative Parasocial Relationships With Media Characters
 Alper, Meryl. and Jennings, Nancy.

Young Citizens and the Fine Art of Disengaging Online
 Thorson, Kjerstin.

Young People, Sex and the Media: Challenging Assumptions About Media Literacy and Sexual Learning
 Albury, Kath.

Youth and Information Quality: How Young People Search, Evaluate, Share, and Create Information Online
 Gasser, Urs. and Cortesi, Sandra.

Youth and Online News: The Battle for Control
 Stolero, Nathan.

Youth and the Internet: Developmental Implications of Website Preferences Among 8 to 12-Year-Old Children
 Blackwell, Courtney., Lauricella, Alexis., Wartella, Ellen. and Conway, Annie.

Youtubing From the Margins
 Van Zoonen, Liesbet.


Zombie Apocalypse: Can the Undead Teach the Living How to Survive an Emergency?
 Kruvand, Marjorie. and Bryant, Fred.
International Communication Association 2013-Jun-14 to 2013-Jun-25
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