International Communication Association 64th Annual Conference 2014-May-21 to 2014-May-27

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"Acting White" on Social Media: A Study of African Americans' Racial Performance on Twitter
 Maragh, Raven.

"Am I Being Entertained or Manipulated?" Audience Interpretations of Persuasive Intent
 Tchernev, John., Moyer-Gusé, Emily., Brown, Christopher. and Walther, Whitney.

"Applying Venture Labor: Lessons for the Field of Communication"
 Neff, Gina.

"Containing the Freshest Advice Both Foreign and Domestic": Early News Values in the American Colonies
 Gilewicz, Nicholas.

"Entrepreneurial Subjects: Venturing From Alley to Valley"
 Marwick, Alice.

"Handmade Goods for a Good Life": A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Etsy Seller Interviews
 Vultee, Denise.

"I Agree to the Terms and Conditions": (How) Do Users Read Privacy Policies Online?
 Steinfeld, Nili.

"I Can Read Snooki Like a Book": Television Exposure and Genre Preferences Cultivate Narcissism
 Lull, Robert. and Dickinson, Ted.

"Implications of Entrepreneurialism: Journalism Education in an Age of 'Venture Labor'"
 Anderson, C.W..

"Judge This! Is It Hit Music or Not?" An Exploratory Study on the Gamification of Evaluation
 Suhr, Hiesun.

"No Outlet": A Critical Visual Analysis of Neoliberal Narratives in Mediated Geographies
 Gutsche Jr, Robert. and Shumow, Moses.

"No Overly Suggestive Photos of Any Kind": Content Management and the Policing of Self in Gay Digital Communities
 Roth, Yoel.

"TV No Longer Commands Our Full Attention": Effects of Second-Screen Viewing and Task Relevance on Cognitive Load and Learning From News
 Van Cauwenberge, Anna., Schaap, Gabi. and van Roy, Rob.

"The Internet Did Not Exist for Mortals": FidoNet and the Popular History of Networked Computing
 Driscoll, Kevin.

"This Ad is So You!“: Perception and Effectiveness of Personalized Online Advertisement
 Peter, Christina.

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A Case Study in Computational Content Analysis: Comparisons of Sentiment Analysis Methods on News Media
 Weiss, Rebecca.

A Click for the Good Life? Slacktivism on Facebook and Its Impact on Life Satisfaction
 Seifert, Claudia., Ohme, Jakob., Helm, Kerstin. and Hagen, Lutz.

A Cognitive Process Model of Agenda Setting: Salience Transfer, Accessibility, Importance, and Attributional Judgment
 Yu, Jusheng.

A Communicational Approach to Strategy-Making: Exploring the Constitution of Matters of Concerns
 Bencherki, Nicolas., Chaput, Mathieu., Cooren, Francois. and Vasquez, Consuelo.

A Comparative Analysis of Convergent Media: Audio Versus Video on Mobile
 Oppegaard, Brett. and Rabby, Michael.

A Comparative Study of News Reports on Human Rights and One-Child Policy
 Liu, Yanqin.

A Content Analysis of User Roles in the Twitter Discourse on the NSA Scandal in Germany
 Kapidzic, Sanja., Neuberger, Christoph., Stieglitz, Stefan. and Landwehr, Malte.

A Crisis in Hand: Exploring Mobile Technology to Engage Students in Public Relations Crisis Management Curriculum
 Sandlin, Jean Kelso. and Cabebe, Kate.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Cognitive and Emotional Mediation Between Thin Ideal Media Exposure and Body Image Disturbance: Focusing on U.S and Korean Women
 Kim, Kyungbo. and Stevens Aubrey, Jennifer.

A Cultural Industries’ Genre Approach to the Phenomenon of Celebrity Politics
 Ribke, Nahuel.

A Culture-Centered Approach to Infant Feeding: An Inverse Quest
 Yehya, Nadine.

A Date with Data: Using A Facebook App to Collect Network Data
 Ellison, Nicole.

A Democratic Advantage? Evaluating Media Use and Political Knowledge Across Information Regimes
 Nisbet, Erik., Stoycheff, Elizabeth., Myers, Teresa. and Behrouzian, Golnoosh.

A Dialectical Approach to Analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility
 Dhanesh, Ganga.

A Digital Divide in Political Participation: Exploring Antecedents and Effects of Online Political Participation
 Hoffmann, Christian., Aeschlimann, Lea. and Lutz, Christoph.

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Bad News: The Coverage of National Leaders in International News
 Balmas, Meital.

Balancing (Inter)Cultural Identities of Patrifocality and Liminality: Experiences of Indian Women in U.S. Engineering Programs
 Dutta, Debalina. and Kisselburgh, Lorraine.

Banning ”Homosexual Propaganda”: Belonging and Visibility in Contemporary Russian Media
 Persson, Emil.

Barriers to “Regionalizing” India in Media and Cultural Studies: The Resilience of Linguistic and Cultural Hegemony
 Parameswaran, Radhika.

Battle in the Airwaves: Media Freedoms and Controversies Among Kurdish Broadcasters
 Smets, Kevin.

Battling the Enemy: The Militarization Metaphor in Wildland Firefighting Discourse
 Jahn, Jody.

Beauty Advertisements Containing Ethnic Models With Dark Complexions
 Bermudas, Kayyisa.

Beauty and the Asian Gaze
 Frith, Katherine.

Becoming Drones: Smart Phone Probes and Distributed Sensing
 Andrejevic, Mark.

Becoming “Culture and Creative Industry”: The Transformation of Taiwan’s Game Policy Discourse
 Lin, Ying-Chia.

Being ‘Part’ of the Crisis and ‘Feeling’ It: People’s European Public Connections and Everyday Understandings of the ‘Crisis’
 Moeller, Johanna., Elsler, Monika. and Lingenberg, Swantje.

Believing the Unbelievable: Understanding Young People’s Digital Literacy Beliefs and Practices
 Metzger, Miriam., Flanagin, Andrew., Bulger, Monica., Pure, Rebekah. and Markov, Alex.

Between Communicative Action and Picture-Related Practices: Young People’s Use of Pictures in Social Network Sites
 Reissmann, Wolfgang.

Between Consensus and Denial: Climate Journalists as Interpretive Community
 Brueggemann, Michael. and Engesser, Sven.

Between Corporate Development and Public Service: The Cultural System Reform in the Chinese Media Sector
 Hong, Yu.

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CSR with Chinese Characteristics: An Examination of the Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility in China
 Li, Nan.

Calling it Wrong: Partisan Media Effects on Electoral Expectations and Institutional Trust
 Daniller, Andrew., Silver, Laura. and Moehler, Devra.

Can Big Data Be Feminist? Exploring User Disengagement on
 Bergstrom, Kelly.

Can Exemplars Trigger a Spiral of Silence?
 Zerback, Thomas., Fawzi, Nayla. and Peter, Christina.

Can News Comment Sections Be More Deliberative?
 Stroud, Natalie., Scacco, Joshua., Muddiman, Ashley. and Curry, Alexander.

Can States Regulate Media Ecosystems Amid Globalization and Convergence Trends? The Flemish ‘Signal Integrity’ Case
 Van den Bulck, Hilde. and Donders, Karen.

Can Visual Framing Offer Insight Into Studying Visual Culture ‘Beyond the News’?
 Parry, Katy.

Can a Black Woman be Sex-Positive? Examining Audience Responses to Popular Female Artists’ Music Videos
 Banjo, Omotayo.

Can a “Like” Affect Liking? Online Taste Performances, Feedback, and Subsequent Media Preferences
 Johnson, Benjamin. and Van Der Heide, Brandon.

Cancer Information Seekers in China: A Preliminary Profile
 Zhao, Xiaoquan., Mao, Qunan., Kreps, Gary., Yu, Guoming., Li, Yinghua., Chou, Wen-Ying., Persoskie, Alexander., Nie, Xueqiong., Xu, Zihao., Song, Meijie. and Kim, Paula.

Can’t Cut Through the Clutter: Memory Impairment for Brands Advertised in Violent and Congruent Video Game Contexts
 Cruz, Carlos. and Lull, Robert.

Capturing Issue Publics With Attitude Attributes and Issue-Specificity: The Conceptualization and Operationalization
 Chen, Hsuan-Ting.

Caring, Sharing, and Reframing: Analysis of Interaction Sequences Among Cancer Caregivers
 Moon, Tae Joon., Kim, Soo Yun., Chih, Ming-yuan., Shah, Dhavan. and Gustafson, David.

Cattiness as Credibility in Neoliberalism
 McQueeney, Krista. and Nguyen, Kim.

Catty: The Feral Feminine in Advertising
 Merskin, Debra.

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Damned If I Do and Damned If I Don’t: How Structurational Divergence Strips Actors of Agency and What to Do About It
 Nicotera, Anne.

Defecting From The Gutenberg Legacy: Employing Images to Test Knowledge Gaps
 Grabe, Maria., Bas, Ozen. and van Driel, Irene.

Defending Access to Affordable Higher Education: Lessons from the Quebec Student Strike
 Sterne, Jonathan.

Defining Best Practices for Assessing the Effectiveness of Digital Game-Based Learning
 All, Anissa., Nunez Castellar, Elena. and Van Looy, Jan.

Defining Broadband, Shaping the Internet: Information, Telecommunications, and the Terms of Power in Internet Infrastructure Policy
 Kimball, Danny.

Defining a Journalist: Freedom of the Press in the Age of the Citizen Journalist
 Allen, Douglas.

Defining a “Civic Hacker”
 Schrock, Andrew.

Deliberation as an Engine for Political Learning: An Examination of the Timing and Extent of Policy Knowledge Gains During a Five-Day Deliberative Process
 Gastil, John. and Knobloch, Katherine.

Deliberative Moments: Understanding Deliberation as an Interactional Accomplishment
 Sprain, Leah. and Black, Laura.

Deliberative System and Discussions on Racism and Homophobia in Networked Media Environment
 Maia, Rousiley. and Rezende, Thaiane.

Dependency and Political Bias: How Europeans Form Evaluations of Their Media Environments
 Stoycheff, Elizabeth. and Nisbet, Erik.

Depression Trajectories From Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Demographics, Media Use, and Relationship With Parent
 Huang, Guanxiong.

Detecting Deception in Text Messaging: The Role of Context, Relationships, the Lie, and the Liar
 Reynolds, Lindsay., Hancock, Jeff., French, Megan., Smith, Madeline. and Birnholtz, Jeremy.

Determinants of Online Youth Political Participation in the Netherlands
 Schols, Marjon. and Jansz, Jeroen.

Determining Attraction of Online Dating Site Profiles
 Schouten, Alexander., Antheunis, Marjolijn. and Kanters, Saskia.

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Early Exposure to Pornography: Indirect and Direct Effects on Sexual Satisfaction in Adulthood
 Johnston, Jennifer.

Echo Chamber or Public Sphere? Predicting Political Orientation and Measuring Political Homophily on Twitter Using Big Data
 Colleoni, Elanor.

Eco-Spirituality and Environmental Education in Oman: An Analysis of Environmental Ideologies
 Alhinai, Maryam.

Economic Condition, Policy Cycle, and Media Visibility of Environmental Organizations
 Lee, Francis L. F..

Educational Gamification in the Virtual Classroom: The Effect of Leaderboards on Women’s Math Performance
 Christy, Katheryn. and Fox, Jesse.

Effect of Similarity, Social Identification, and Source Credibility in Obesity PSAs on Health Behavioral Intentions
 Phua, Joe.

Effects of Adopting and Using a Brand’s Mobile Application on Purchase Behaviors
 Kim, Su Jung., Malthouse, Edward. and Collinger, Tom.

Effects of Climate Change Messaging on Support for Policy and Individual Behavior Change Over Time
 Rickard, Laura., Yang, Zheng. and Seo, Mihye.

Effects of Fictional Exemplars on Political Attitudes
 Wojcieszak, Magdalena. and Mutz, Diana.

Effects of Gender and Language Intensity on Persuasion in Farm Bill Messages: Language Expectancy Theory Revisited in Textual Discourse With Multiple Authors
 Worthington, Amber., Parrott, Roxanne. and Nussbaum, Jon.

Effects of Hedonic and Eudaimonic Television Clips on Viewers' Affective States and Subsequent Program Selection
 Bailey, Erica. and Ivory, James.

Effects of Music Complexity and Intensity on Listener Attention and Arousal
 Jamison-Koenig, Edgar. and Potter, Robert.

Effects of Narrative Modality and Transportation in Charitable Appeals
 Matthiessen, Alison. and Wojdynski, Bartosz.

Effects of News Cues and Citizen Self-Expression on Causal Absolutism
 Pingree, Raymond., DeBell, Paul. and Esralew, Sarah.

Effects of Partisan Selective Exposure on Attitudes and Vote Intention Using Propensity Score Matching Analysis
 Valenzuela, Sebastian. and Brandao, Angela.

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Face Threatening Acts Effects on Channel Selection: An Examination Into Politeness Theory and Communication Channel
 Shaw, Allison., Dolan, Emily., Mukherjee, Tanuka. and Xu, Weiai.

Face and Online Social Networking
 Lim, Sun Sun. and Basnyat, Iccha.

Face, Its Correlates, “Reticence,” and Alienation: The Chinese International Students in the U.S. Classroom
 Zhu, Yi.

Facebook Displays as Predictors of Binge Drinking: Introducing a Theory of Reason, Presentation, and Action
 D\'Angelo, Jonathan., Moreno, Megan. and Kerr, Bradley.

Facebook Features, Usage, and Relational Quality
 Chen, Vivian Hsueh-Hua.

Facebook Use, Envy, and Depression Among College Students: Is Facebooking Depressing?
 Tandoc, Edson Jr.., Ferrucci, Patrick. and Duffy, Margaret.

Facebook and College Women’s Bodies: Social Media’s Influence on Body Image and Disordered Eating
 Eckler, Petya., Kalyango, Jr., Yusuf. and Paasch, Ellen.

Facebook and Freedom of Speech in Thailand
 Ishida, Suda.

Faces on Facebook. Picture Sort Studies and the Analysis of Privacy and Openness in the Profile Pictures on Social Networking Sites
 Niemann, Julia. and Goelz, Hanna.

Family Communication and Climate-Friendly Behavior: Intergenerational Influence at Home and on the Road
 Roser-Renouf, Connie., Flora, June., Myers, Teresa., Maibach, Edward. and Leiserowitz, Anthony.

Family Identification and the Transition to College: A Mixed Method Construct Exploration (Top Student Paper)
 Dorrance Hall, Elizabeth.

Fandom and its Relationship to Affective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Audience Responses: Examining the Connection of Fans to the World of Harry Potter
 Tsay-Vogel, Mina. and Sanders, Meghan.

Fantasy Themes and Shared Identity: A Symbolic Convergence Perspective of a Voluntary Team’s Culture
 Zanin, Alaina. and Hoelscher, Carrisa.

Far From the Public Relations Good Life: Small, Community-Based Nonprofits and Local Community Stakeholders
 Matuszak, Steve.

Faraway, So Close! Proximity and Distance in Ethnography Online
 Bengtsson, Stina.

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GIFTS: Communication, Gender, and Theory: Exploring the “Good Life” of One’s Childhood
 Bressler, Nancy.

GIFTS: Describing the Network of Your Favorite Characters
 Buckner, Marjorie.

GIFTS: Dueling Rhetors: Teaching Aristotle, Cicero, and Burke Through Debate Tournaments
 Arendt, Colleen.

GIFTS: Group Impromptu Speech
 Christen, Scott.

GIFTS: Intercultural Transmedia Storytelling
 Jorgensen, Rebekah.

GIFTS: Internet-Based Audience Awareness Activity
 Stone, Heather.

GIFTS: Nonverbal Speech Delivery and Humor: Discovering the “Good Side of Your Face”
 Bressler, Nancy.

GIFTS: Student Communication Theory Class Poster Presentations
 Griffin, Darrin.

GIFTS: Teaching Research Traditions, Methods, and Research in Intercultural Communication
 Kienzle, Jennifer.

GIFTS: Teaching and Practicing Nonverbal Communication in Online Communication Courses
 Kelly, Stephanie. and Claus, Christopher.

GIFTS: Using the Sandtray to teach Mindfulness of the Good Life
 Webster, Stephanie.

GLBT Rights and National Identity: The Campaign to Decriminalize Gay Sex in the Republic of Ireland, 1977-1993
 Roth, Yoel.

GR8 Parenting: Impact of Text Message Intervention on Parent-Child Activity Engagement
 Hurwitz, Lisa., Lauricella, Alexis., Hanson, Ann., Raden, Anthony. and Wartella, Ellen.

Gaming Habits and Self-Determination: Conscious and Non-Conscious Paths to Behavior Continuance
 Wohn, Donghee.

Gas Versus the Good Life: The Unconventional Gas Controversy in the United States and Australia, 2008 to 2013
 Mitchell, Elizabeth. and Angus, Daniel.

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Habitual Media Selection and Involvement During Reception
 Naab, Teresa. and Schnauber, Anna.

Hacking Politics
 Kubitschko, Sebastian.

Hallin and Mancini (2004) Revisited: Four Models of Western Media Systems
 Brueggemann, Michael., Engesser, Sven., Humprecht, Edda., Buechel, Florin. and Castro Herrero, Laia.

Hashtag Dissent: Finding Meaning in the Counter-Narrative of the #Idlenomore Protests in Canada
 Hermida, Alfred. and Callison, Candis.

Hashtags and Handles: The Effect of Structural and Content Attributes of Tweets on Smoking-Cessation Information Contagion
 Sanders-Jackson, Ashley., Vega, Vanessa., Zerbe, Brandon. and Brown, Cati.

Have Global Ethical Values Emerged in Communication Practice? Evidence From National and International Professional Public Relations Associations
 Taylor, Maureen. and Yang, Aimei.

Health Communication in an Ageing Society: Towards a Conceptual Framework to Understand Information Recall in Older Adults
 van Weert, Julia.

Health Disparities and Social Isolation: The Potential of mHealth in Connecting People
 Fiordelli, Maddalena., Diviani, Nicola. and Schulz, Peter.

Health Education About Alcohol for Low Educated Adolescents: The Influence of Textual Markers on Persuasion
 Zebregs, Simon., van den Putte, Bas., Neijens, Peter. and de Graaf, Anneke.

Health Meanings Among Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore
 Dutta, Mohan., Comer, Sarah., Lee, Mary., Teo, Daniel., Krishnaswamy, Arudhra., Luk, Pauline. and Zapata, Dazzelyn.

Healthy Choices. Picture Sort Studies and the Analysis of Health Communication Messages
 Reifegerste, Doreen.

Heard in Passing: Vital Signs of Past Practices in Extremis
 Lubken, Deborah.

Heart Rate Variability as a Function of Motivational Activation and Violent Game Exposure
 Kurita, Satoko., Fukushima, Hirokata. and Murohashi, Harumitsu.

Heating Up the Debate? Fragmentation and Polarisation in a German Climate Change Hyperlink Network
 Haeussler, Thomas.

Hegemonic Activism? Social Media Campaigns Concerning Syrian Refugee Women Facilitated by Informal Activists and NGO Organizations in Jordan
 Alhayek, Katty.

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I Know You on Twitter: How Journalists’ Self-Disclosures Influence Sharing on Social Media
 Boehmer, Jan.

IAmA Barack Obama: A Qualitative Analysis of the Discursive Nature of President Obama’s Reddit Discussion
 McGraw, Jessica. and Gauz, Maurice.

ICT4D Visions of the Good Life: A Critical Assessment
 Parks, Lisa.

ICTs in XSPs: The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Cross Sector Partnerships
 Mills, Ivory.

Identifying Active Hot-Issue Communicators and Subgroup Identifiers: Examining the Situational Theory of Problem Solving
 Chen, Yi-Ru Regina., Hung-Baesecke, Chun-ju Flora. and Kim, Jeong-Nam.

Identifying Barriers to Identification Among Low-Status, Remote Healthcare Workers
 Scott, Muriel.

Identifying With the "Other" Through Digital Media: Facilitating Positive Intergroup Contact
 Wertley, Chad. and Soliz, Jordan.

Ideology and Contested Identities: Public Discourse on Interethnic Relations in the United States
 Kim, Young Yun.

If I Had More Time, I’d Tell You Fewer Lies: The Effect of Technological Affordances on Online Dating Deception
 Toma, Catalina.

Image or Issue-Orientation: A Question of Mode of Information Processing in Televised Debates?
 Otto, Lukas., Maier, Michaela. and Glogger, Isabella.

Image, Vision, and Cognition
 Holsanova, Jana.

Imagining Switzerland. Applying the 4D-Model in a Comparative Analysis of the Swiss Country Image and Identity
 Buhmann, Alexander. and Ingenhoff, Diana.

Imbricated Space-Times: Storying the Organization’s Self Through the Here and Now, the Then and There
 Vasquez, Consuelo. and Taylor, James.

Immersive Virtual Environments That Promote Environmental Behaviors Also Encourage Indulgent Eating via the Licensing Effect
 Ahn, Sun Joo (Grace)., Fox, Jesse. and Park, Dooyeon.

Impact of Emoticons on Perception of Politeness: Social Information Processing in Computer-Mediated Communication
 Shin, Jieun.

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J-Tweeters: Pointing Towards a New Set of Professional Practices and Norms in Journalism
 Hedman, Ulrika.

Japanese Console Games Popularization in China: Nation-State Ideology, Transnational Cultural Power, and Bottom-Up Localization Practice
 Liao, Sara X. T..

Jazz Vernacular and the Rhetoric of the Dispossessed in Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke
 Corrigan, Lisa. and Edgar, Amanda.

Job Seekers’ Behaviors and the Willingness of Others to Provide Esteem Support: The Role of Attributions, Emotions, and Efficacy
 Clare, David., Hanna, Ashley., Holmstrom, Amanda., Summers, Morgan. and Musatics, Catherine.

Journalism Culture and Media Accountability: Central and East European Perspective
 Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa. and Glowacki, Michal.

Journalism Endures: Has Twitter Changed the News Product?
 Lee, Shin Haeng.

Journalism Endures: Twitter as a Case Study of Human-Software Interaction
 Mari, Will. and Lee, Shin Haeng.

Journalism Hits a Wall: Changing Metaphors of the Separation of Editorial and Advertising Functions in News Organizations
 Artemas, Katie., Vos, Tim. and Duffy, Margaret.

Journalism as Cultures of Circulation
 Bodker, Henrik.

Journalism-Business Tension in Swedish Newsroom Decision-Making
 Saldana, Magdalena., Sylvie, George. and McGregor, Shannon.

Journalistic Behaviors in Social Media and Political Participation
 Park, Chang Sup.

Journalistic Functions in Pakistan: Journalists Perspective
 Siraj, Syed.

Journalistic Professionalism in the Context of Revolution: Comparing Survey Results From Before and After the 25 January 2011 Egyptian Uprising
 Elmasry, Mohamad., Basiony, Dina. and Elkamel, Sara.

Journalistic Reporting Styles in Elections: Comparing Election Campaign Coverage in TV News Across Countries Using QCA
 Buechel, Florin.

Journalistic Social Web Communication: A Theoretical and Methodological Proposal for Analyzing Democratic Potential
 Drefs, Ines.

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KVOS-TV and Canawest Film Productions: A Case Study of Cross-Border Industry Dynamics, 1960-1977
 Erickson, Mary.

Kanye West: From Selling Out to Civil Rights
 Powers, Devon.

Kerry Washington and the Scandal of Representation: A Black Feminist Critique of Postrace, Postfeminist Media
 Salters, Jasmine.

Killer Ads: A Terror Management Account of Fear in Advertisements
 Das, Enny., Duiven, Rolien., Arendsen, Jolien. and Vermeulen, Ivar.

Knocking on Heaven's Door
 van Spanje, Joost., Dinas, Elias. and Burscher, Bjoern.

Korean High School Girls' Bowling Online: Smartphones, Mobile Messengers, and Mobile Social Games
 Seo, Hogeun.


LMX (Leader-Member Exchange) Between Cross-Ethnic Dyads in Malaysian Organizations
 Noew, Hooi San.

Landscapes of Care: Feminist Approaches to Global Public Relations
 Kennedy, Amanda.

Language, Listening, and Crowd Politics in the 1968 Doves Riot in British Gibraltar
 Peake, Bryce.

Language, Stereotype Content, and Imagined Intergroup Contact
 Harwood, Jake., Joyce, Nicholas., Chen, Chien-Yu., Xiang, Jun., Paolini, Stefania. and Rubin, Mark.

Latrinalia: Writing Gender in a University Restroom
 Meade, Melissa.

Law, Lies, and Cyberspace: The New Judicial Interpretation and the Ambiguities of Internet Regulation in China
 Han, Dong.

Legitimacy, Networked Publics, and the Organizing of Advocacy Movement on Social Media
 Wang, Rong. and Chu, Kar-Hai.

Les...tina? Santana Lopez and the Negotiation of Dual Latina/Lesbian Minority Identity on Glee
 Maris, Elena. and van Wolferen, Michelle.

Let's Talk Girls: The Effectiveness of an Educational Female Cancer Prevention Intervention GirlTalk in Pakistan
 Vahe, Mariliis.

Leveraging Archival Internet Data to Understand the Growth of Social Movements
 Weber, Matthew.

Leveraging Twitter for Networked Social Movement: Hashtag, Virality, and Symbolic Power
 Wang, Rong. and Liu, Wenlin.

Liked Characters Get a Moral Pass: Young Viewers’ Evaluations of Social and Physical Aggression in Tween Sitcoms
 Martins, Nicole., Mares, Marie-Louise., Malacane, Mona. and Peebles, Alanna.

Linking Cultural Capital With Subjective Well-Being and Social Support: The Role of Communication Networks
 Lee, Seungyoon., Chung, Jae Eun. and Park, Namkee.

Linking Domain-Specific News to Citizens’ Perceptions of Novel Issues: An Example From Risk Communication
 Binder, Andrew. and Berglund, Emily.

Listening on the Go: Effect of Mobility on Narrative Engagement
 Soto-Sanfiel, Maria Teresa.

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Making Analytics Public: Really Useful Analytics and Public Engagement
 Kennedy, Helen. and Moss, Giles.

Making Investigative News: Social Network, Collaboration, and Journalistic Autonomy
 Shen, Fei. and Zhang, Zhian.

Making Media Work, Asking Feminist Questions
 Rodino-Colocino, Michelle.

Making Media Work: A Cultural History of New Media and Management
 Rodino-Colocino, Michelle.

Making Norms and Values Visible: Reflections on Media Policy Research
 Klinger, Ulrike., Magin, Melanie. and Wallner, Cornelia.

Making Sense of Becoming Facebook Official: Implications for Identity and Time
 Lane, Brianna. and Piercy, Cameron.

Making 'New' Arab Memories: The Nostalgic Remembrance of Al-Andalus in Revolutionary Times
 Al-Ghazzi, Omar.

Malawian Media, Tambuka, and African Identities
 Gray, Jonathan.

 Gregg, Melissa.

Manager Identity in the Game Industry
 Schieb, Carla. and Kroeger, Sonja.

Managing Adolescent Desires for Privacy and Autonomous Media Use in Immigrant Mexican Families
 Katz, Vikki.

Managing Privacy Boundaries Together: Exploring Individual and Group Privacy Management Strategies in Facebook
 De Wolf, Ralf., Willaert, Koen. and Pierson, Jo.

Managing Stigma: Exploring Disclosure-Response Communication Patterns in Pro-Anorexic Websites
 Chang, Pamara. and Bazarova, Natalya.

Managing the Optics: Mediatized Indigenous Affairs Policymaking in Australia
 McCallum, Kerry. and Waller, Lisa.

Manipulating and Measuring Involvement in Mass Communication Research, 1990-2009
 Wojdynski, Bartosz. and Dillman Carpentier, Francesca.

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Nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology, and Nuclear Power: Understanding the Social Media Discourse of Science Issues
 Cacciatore, Michael., Scheufele, Dietram., Brossard, Dominique. and Xenos, Michael.

Narrating Hong Kong: Notes on Making an Independent Film
 Chu, Donna.

Narrative Persuasion as a Mechanism of Framing Effects: The Mediating Role of Engagement With Characters in Crime News
 Maleckar, Barbara., Giles, David. and Zawisza, Magdalena.

Narrative Processing and Person Effects
 Rosenthal, Sonny. and Dahlstrom, Michael.

Narrative and Cultural Identities: Performing and Aligning With Figures of Personhood
 Koven, Michele.

Narrative and Moral Perspective-Taking as Determinants of Players’ Antisocial Behavior
 Weaver, Andrew., Matthews, Nicholas., Lewis, Nicky. and Xu, Fangxin.

Narratives of Strength and Hope: Domestic Workers and Social Media Use in Beijing
 Wallis, Cara.

Nation Building Through Nation Branding? The Case of Post-War Kosovo
 Kaneva, Nadia.

National Conversations About Systemic Illness in U.S. Health Care: Influences on Media Coverage of Rising Health Care Costs, 1993-2010
 Foster, Caroline., Tanner, Andrea., Kim, Sei-Hill. and Kim, Soo Yun.

National Support, Local Opposition? Effects of Communication on Opinion About Local and National Energy Issues
 Metag, Julia.

Needing to Feed the Trolls to Maintain Honor, but at Great Risk: State-Sponsored Trolling as a Tool of Control
 Pearce, Katy.

Negative Hyperpersonal Intensification Effects of Religiosity in E-Mail Signature Blocks
 Carr, Caleb.

Negotiating Identity Through Media Use: Developmental Tasks and the Social Dimension of Using Audiovisual Media in Adolescence
 Weber, Mathias.

Negotiating Latino/a Stereotypes: Critical Participatory Culture and Media Production in a Border Region High School
 Gonzalez, David.

Negotiating the Divide in Pursuit of the “Good Life”: How Digital Connectivity Impacts Latino Parents and Children
 Katz, Vikki.

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Object, Me, Symbiote, Other: A Social Typology of Player-Avatar Relationships
 Banks, Jaime.

Object-Relation Mapping: A Method for Analyzing Phenomenal Assemblages of Play
 Banks, Jaime.

Observing the News Flow: A Big Data Analysis of Online Coverage During the 2013 German Elections
 Guenther, Elisabeth. and Quandt, Thorsten.

October Baby, Christian Postfeminism, and the Co-Optation of Choice in Antiabortion Films
 Bedor, Emma.

Of Big Birds and Bayonets: Hybrid Twitter Interactivity in the 2012 Presidential Debates
 Freelon, Deen. and Karpf, David.

Of, By, and For the People: “The Nation” in Tea Party Movement Identity Frames
 Di Cicco, Damon.

On Becoming an Exchange: Translating Michel Callon Into a Political Economy of Communication
 Lee, Micky.

On PR, Diplomacy, and Branding: Proposing a Social Constructivist and Interdisciplinary Approach to Country Promotion
 Dolea, Elena.

On Writing in Exile: Absolving Cuba and China in Robert F. Williams' Crusader
 Mislan, Cristina.

On a Scale of Health Uncertainty
 Huang, Poyao. and Shen, Lijiang.

On the Importance of Visual Frames: Why Should We Care About Visual Frames?
 Borah, Porismita.

On the Margins of the Evolving Global Telecommunications System: The “Public Good” and Burma
 Labbe, Brett.

On the Mediation of Multiculturalism Beyond the Developed World: The Case of Manila's Diasporas
 Cabanes, Jason Vincent.

On the Phone and in the Know?: The Implications of Political Uses of Mobile Communication Technology
 Bae, Soo Young.

One More Christian, One Less Chinese? How Chinese Christians Construct Religious Discourse
 Wang, Ming.

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Paranoid Politics: Visual Communication in Right-Wing Populist Political Poster Advertising
 Marquart, Franziska. and Rodriguez-Amat, Joan Ramon.

Parasocial and School Relationships of Preschool Children
 Kurtin, Kate. and Farrar, Kirstie.

Parental Mediation of Children’s Television and Video Game Use: Active and Embedded in Family Processes
 Schaan, Violetta. and Melzer, Andre.

Parsing Gender Gaps on News Memory Making and Decay
 Kleemans, Mariska., Bas, Ozen., van Driel, Irene. and Grabe, Maria.

Parteindo la Madre: Re-Visioning Citizenship, Borders, Ideals of Mobility, and Be-Longing Among El Alberto's Hñähñu
 Walsh, Michaela.

Participatory Cues and Program Familiarity Predict Young Children’s Learning From Educational Television
 Piotrowski, Jessica.

Pathway to Political Participation: The Influence of Online and Offline News Media on Internal Efficacy and Turnout of First-Time Voters
 Moller, Judith. and De Vreese, Claes.

Patterning Openness: Expanding Family Communication Patterns to Enhance Adult Adoptee Dual Family Identities and Self-esteem
 Horstman, Haley., Colaner, Colleen. and Rittenour, Christine.

Patterns of Social Play in Online Game Worlds: A Multi-Game, Cross-Cultural Comparison
 Shen, Cuihua., Huang, Yun. and Williams, Dmitri.

Peer-Influenced Organizational Exit: An Examination of its Relationship With Workplace Jealousy and Envy
 Sollitto, Michael., Chory, Rebecca. and Weber, Keith.

People vs. Objects in Media Texts: Effects of Content Features on Attention, Arousal, and Memory
 Sternadori, Miglena., Nutting, Brandon., Hulscher, Frank. and Dalldorf, Charlie.

Perceived Credibility Gaps and Opinion Formation Within a Competitive Media Environment: Arab Satellite TV News in Lebanon
 Nisbet, Erik., Saldana, Magdalena., Golan, Guy., Johnson, Thomas. and Day, Anita.

Perceived Media Credibility and Psychological Reactance
 Kim, Hyunjung. and Jung, Eun Kyo.

Perceived Media Position and Polarization: Projection of Issue Preference and Extremity
 Tsang, Stephanie Jean.

Perception of Public Opinion and Willingness to Speak Out in Fragmented Audiences
 Eilders, Christiane. and Porten-Chee, Pablo.

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Queering Difference Research in Organizational Communication: A New Paradigm to Analyze and Critique Organizational Life
 McDonald, James.


Race, Media, and the Discipline
 Dixon, Travis.

Racial Identity, Media, and Perceived Value Orientations: What Contributes to Endorsement of Mainstream American Values?
 Fujioka, Yuki. and Neuendorf, Kimberly.

Racial Shadows, Threat, Neoliberalism, and Trauma: Reading the Book of Eli
 Lacy, Michael.

Racial and Political Militance in Online Communication: The Relations Between Black Movement, State, and Political Party in Brazil
 Oliveira, Alicianne. and Barbalho, Alexandre.

Radio Ceylon in the Indian Ocean Arena: Towards a More Expansive Cultural Geography of Media
 Punathambekar, Aswin.

Radio Melodrama and the Cultural Cold War in Post-Korean War South Korea, 1956–1960 (Top Student Paper)
 Kim, Bohyeong.

Rational Markets and Hysterical Practices: Evaluating the Gendered/Classed Discourses of Speculation and Web Design in the Dot-Com Bubble
 Ankerson, Megan.

Re-Examining LGBT Resources on College Counseling Center Websites: An Over-Time and Cross-Country Analysis
 McKinley, Christopher., Luo, Yi. and Wright, Paul.

Re-Membering War and Revolution in the War Remnants Museum in Vietnam
 Nguyen, Kim.

Re-Operationalizing History Groups in Brainstorming: Validating Osborn’s Claims
 Levine, Kenneth., Heuett, Kyle. and Reno, Katie.

Reader Comments as Press Criticism: Implications for the Journalistic Field
 Craft, Stephanie., Vos, Tim. and Wolfgang, Justin.

Readiness for Workplace Diversity: The Case of France and its Growing Immigrant Populations
 Croucher, Stephen.

Reading Speed in Hostile Territory: Motivated Processing of Incongruent Information
 Gunther, Albert., Wise, David., Tsang, Stephanie Jean. and Kohl, Patrice.

Reading the Myth of American Freedom: The U.S. Immigration Video
 Reyes, Camille.

Reading the Tiger Mom Across Race, Class, and Culture
 Lopez, Lori.

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SNS Dependency And Community Engagement in Seoul: Focusing on the Moderating Role of Individuals’ Integrated Connectedness to Community Storytelling Network (ICSN)
 Kim, Yong-Chan., Shin, Eui-Kyung., Cho, Ahra., Jung, Eunjean., Shon, Kyungeun. and Shim, Hongjin.

SNS Dependency and Community Engagement: From a Media System Dependency Theory Perspective
 Kim, Yong-Chan. and Jung, Joo-Young.

Salience Transfer and Its Effects on Attributional Judgment in Cause-Related Marketing
 Yu, Jusheng.

Same Same But Different: Antecedents and Consequences of Eudaimonic Entertainment in a Political Format
 Roth, Franziska.

Same-Sex Infidelity in Heterosexual Romantic Relationships: Investigating Emotional, Relational, and Communicative Responses
 Denes, Amanda., Lannutti, Pamela. and Bevan, Jennifer.

Saving Private Manning? On Erasure and the Queer in the I Am Bradley Manning Campaign
 Wight, Jules.

Scale-Making Media
 Curtin, Michael.

Schematic Representations of Ethnic Minorities Among Young Spaniards
 Alvidrez, Salvador. and Wright, Claire.

Scion and the Branding of Chicana/o Punk History
 Davila, Richard.

Sea Ice Minima and the News Coverage of Arctic Climate Change: Views From the USA, UK, and Sweden
 Christensen, Miyase.

Searching for Mediapolis: Mediated Cosmopolitanism in Three Media Systems Between 2002-2010
 Lindell, Johan.

Searching for a Better Life in Community: Some Lessons to Learn From Gezi Protests
 Turkoglu, Nurcay.

Second Generation Migrants: SNS Use, Family and Social Ties in Italy
 Vittadini, Nicoletta., Milesi, Daniele. and Aroldi, Piermarco.

Second Screen and Participation: A Content Analysis on a Full Season Dataset of Tweets
 Giglietto, Fabio. and Selva, Donatella.

Seeing Through the Avatar’s Eyes: Effects of Perspective and Gender Match on Identification and Enjoyment
 Ferchaud, Arienne. and Sanders, Meghan.

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TV to Tweet About: The CW, Social Media, and Industrialized Fandom in 21st-Century Teen Television
 Erickson, Sarah.

Tactical Interventions and Interventionist Collage: The Poetics of the Billboard Liberation Front
 Glassco, Michael.

Taking Scholarship on Technology and Journalism Into the Classroom and Back
 Boczkowski, Pablo.

Taking the "Public" Out of Public Education: U.S. Education Reform and the Struggle Over Education as a Public Good
 Peck, Janice.

Talk Matters at Work: The Effects of Supervisor-Subordinate Conversational Richness and Communication Frequency on Work Role Stressors
 Jian, Guowei. and Dalisay, Francis.

Talking Objects: The Recording Devices as Participants in the Research Setting (Top Paper)
 Caronia, Letizia.

Talking Politics in Contentious Political Climates: The Opening and Closing of Political Conversation During the Wisconsin Recall Elections of 2012
 Wells, Christopher., Alvarez, German., Bode, Leticia., Edgerly, Stephanie., Friedland, Lewis., Shah, Dhavan. and Gabay, Itay.

Talking The Talk: An Exploration of Parent-Child Communication About Cyberbullying
 Droser, Veronica. and Rill, Lesile.

Talking to an Agent in Smart TV: Effects of Modality Matching in Human-TV Interaction on Viewing Experience
 Sah, Young June. and You, Soyon.

Tapping Into Traditional Norms for HIV Prevention: Harnessing the Influence of Grandmothers (Agogos) in Malawi
 Limaye, Rupali., Rimal, Rajiv., Brown, Jane. and Mkandawire, Glory.

Taqwacore in the News: Representations of Muslim Punk Rock Culture in American, British, and Ethnic Press
 Shahin, Saif.

Teaching Latina Communication Studies in Through Community-Based Learning
 Castaneda, Mari.

Teaching the Computer to Code Frames in News
 Burscher, Bjoern. and Odijk, Daan.

Technological Discourse, Moral Panic, and Home Audio Taping in the 1980s
 Drew, Robert.

Technology Addiction’s Contribution to Mental Wellbeing: A Mediation Model
 Billotte Verhoff, China. and Magsamen-Conrad, Kate.

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U.S. Public Response to Corporate Environmental Messages
 Miller, Barbara. and Sinclair, Janas.

Ultra-Orthodox on TV and Film: A Match Made in Heaven
 Rosenthal, Michele.

Uncertainty and Intergroup Communication: Language-Based Conflict in Southwestern India
 Belavadi, Sucharita. and Hogg, Michael.

Understanding Car-Munication: Applying CMC Research to Communication in the Driving Context
 Ratan, Rabindra. and Tsai, Hsin-yi.

Understanding Conditional Mediation Process of Online Incidental News Exposure Effects on Political Engagement
 Yoo, Sung Woo. and Gil de Zuniga, Homero.

Understanding Online Safety Behavior in the Online Banking Context
 Tsai, Hsin-yi., Jiang, Mengtian., Alhabash, Saleem., Larose, Robert., Rifon, Nora. and Cotten, Shelia.

Understanding Organizational Change in a Post-Conflict Society: A Sensemaking Approach to Northern Ireland’s Government Re-Organization
 McConnell, Ashley.

Understanding Participation Patterns in Global Teams and How They Lead to Meaningful Engagement Across Boundaries
 Gibbs, Jennifer., Gibson, Cristina. and Grushina, Yana.

Understanding Progress: Framings of Gender and Sexuality in the Broadcast of the 2014 Winter Olympics
 Wachs, Faye.

Understanding Public Relations as a Cultural Industry
 Edwards, Lee.

Understanding Transformations in Rural Brazil: The Benefits of Longitudinal Ethnography
 La Pastina, Antonio.

Understanding the Impact of New Media Through Longitudinal Fieldwork: Experiences From the Philippines and Burma (Myanmar)
 Brooten, Lisa.

Understanding the Intentions Behind Illegal Downloading: A Comparative Study of American and Korean College Students
 Sang, Yoonmo., Lee, Jeong-Ki., Kim, Yeora. and Woo, Hyung-Gin.

Understanding the Interfaces of Sensemaking, Discourse, and Materiality During an E-Innovation
 Tehrani, Maryam.

Understanding the Use of Circumvention Tools to Bypass Online Censorship
 Mou, Yi., Wu, Kevin. and Atkin, David.

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VMPFC Activity Predicts Changes in Mobile Game App Recommendations
 Cascio, Christopher., O\'Donnell, Matthew., Bayer, Joseph., Tinney, Frank. and Falk, Emily.

Validating a Scale to Assess Media Preference and Moral Judgment of Antisocial Media Content
 Plaisier, Xanthe. and Konijn, Elly.

Validating the Narrative Transportability Scale With Children 9 - 13
 Christy, Katheryn., Jensen, Jakob., Krakow, Melinda. and John, Kevin.

Validity and Reliability of Media Violence Exposure Measures
 Fikkers, Karin., Piotrowski, Jessica. and Valkenburg, Patti.

Validity of Self-Reported Television Use in Quantitative Surveys
 Unkel, Julian. and Haas, Alexander.

Variables Influencing the Likelihood of Being Reminded to a Failed Message by a Similar Communication Situation
 Meyer, Janet.

Varieties of Mediatization Research: The Case of Education
 Livingstone, Sonia. and Lunt, Peter.

Vertical Video: Rupturing the Aesthetic Paradigm
 Ryan, Kathleen.

Vicious Cycle of Mobile Phone Addiction: The Unsuccessful Attempt of the Depressed to Alleviate Their Mood Through Mobile Phone
 Kim, Jung-Hyun., Seo, Mihye. and David, Prabu.

Victims, Heroes, and Changing Times: How Media Portrayals Affect Attitudes About Gay People and Gay Rights
 Goldman, Seth., Egan, Patrick. and Gosline, Reneé.

Viewing Meaningful Entertainment and Altruistic Behavior: Investigating Potential Mediators
 Bailey, Erica. and Wojdynski, Bartosz.

Violent Video Games and Delinquent Behavior in Adolescents: Aggressiveness and Peer Delinquency as Moderators
 Exelmans, Liese., Custers, Kathleen. and Van den Bulck, Jan.

Virtual Stereotype Lift: Effects of Arbitrary Gender Representations on Quantitative Task Performance in Avatar-Represented Virtual Groups
 Lee, Jong-Eun Roselyn., Nass (Deceased), Clifford. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

Virtually Rich: Conspicuous Consumption in a Virtual Economy
 Clark, Joshua.

Vision of Eurovision: Pre-Eurovision Visual Profiling of Azerbaijan and Sweden as a Reflection of Cultural Conflict Between “East” and “West”
 Mammadov, Rashad.

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Walter Lippmann’s Heritage in the Field of Public Relations
 Garcia, Cesar.

Warning Before or After the Message? The Role of Argument Quality in Advertising Warning Effects
 Fransen, Marieke., Fennis, Manon. and Verlegh, Peeter.

Warning! Explicit Content: The Persuasive Effects of Profanity on Evaluations of Message, Source, and Topic
 Picklesimer, Sara. and Hull, Kyle.

Was That Tear Gas or Just Me Laughing Until I Cried: Humor and Satire Use in the Gezi Resistance Movement
 Ogan, Christine.

Was it Better in the “Good Old Days”? Perceptions of Change Among TV Documentary Makers
 Zoellner, Anna.

Ways With Media Governance: Two Takes on Media Policy Literacy
 Aslama, Minna. and Parthasarathi, Vibodh.

We Don't Want the Monsters to Eat You: How Children Initiate Play
 Searles, Darcey.

We the People: U.S. E-Petitioning as Technology-Mediated Social Action
 Harrison, Teresa., Dumas, Catherine., Kotfila, Chris., LaManna, Dan. and Ravi, S.S..

We're All in This Together: Self-Monitoring and Collectivism as Antecedents to the TPP
 Boyle, Michael. and Schmierbach, Michael.

Weak-Tie Support Network Preference, Stigma, and Health Outcomes in Online Support Groups
 Wright, Kevin. and Rains, Steve.

Web Proficiency 2.0: How African American Young Adults Use Internet as a Tool of Information Search and Protection
 Park, Yong Jin.

Well-Being and Daily Virtual Interactions at Work
 Stich, Jean-Francois.

Western Christian Arabic-Language Radio Broadcasting to the Middle East: Motivation, History, and Audience Impact
 Boyd, Douglas.

What Do You Use Mobile Phones For? A Creative Visual Method With Chinese Adolescents
 Hong, Jiachun.

What Does Hunger Look Like in America?
 Preston, Catherine.

See all 85 papers starting with W ->>


You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: How Transparency Affects Source and Message Credibility
 Karlsson, Michael. and Nord, Lars.

Young Citizens and “Opt-in” Engagement: Designing Online Networks of Information and Mobilization
 Thorson, Kjerstin., Gotlieb, Melissa. and Bouchillon, Brandon.

Your Privacy for Sale: The Evolutions of Infomediaries and the Transactional Model for Privacy Protection
 Draper, Nora.

Youths' Regretted Online Self-Presentations: Risk or Opportunity?
 Stern, Susannah.

You’re in Charge: Narrative Processes and Outcomes in Interactive Narratives
 Green, Melanie. and Jenkins, Keenan.
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