International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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"A Traitor to His Class": Race and Publisher W.E. ‘Ned’ Chilton III, 1953-1984
 Simpson, Edgar.

"Actively Ageing" Through Music? Analyzing Popular Music Events Featuring Seniors
 Grenier, Line.

"But I Don't Know How to Talk to Old People!" Using Service Learning to Teach Intergenerational Communication Competence
 Jones, Elizabeth.

"Cosmopolitan" Cities, Embodied Expressivity and Morality of Proximity
 Christensen, Miyase.

"El Hielo"
 Kun, Josh.

"Good” Pictures? Discussing Ethical Challenges of Visual Everyday Communication
 Venema, Rebecca. and Lobinger, Katharina.

"I Don’t Care if You Care": Risks and Benefits of Facebook Use Explaining Self-Disclosure of Models
 Fahr, Andreas., Frueh, Hannah. and Graf, Anja.

"I Want to Show the World What They Did To My Son": A Framing Analysis of the Grieving Yet Empowered Black Mother
 Cubbage, Jayne.

"If Hamas Rockets Are Late, Do We Get a Free Pizza?" Israeli-Palestinian Online Dialogue at War
 Livio, Oren.

"It Can Kill You...": Developing and Demonstrating the Gendered Capacity to (Re)act in Extreme Fitness Programs
 James, Eric. and Gill, Rebecca.

"OK, talk to you later!”: Practices of Ending and Switching Tasks in Interactions With an In-Car Voice Enabled Interface
 Molina-Markham, Elizabeth., van Over, Brion., Lie, Sunny. and Carbaugh, Donal.

"Our Clothes is Not Our Consent": SlutWalk, Feminism, and News
 Mendes, Kaitlynn.

"Punctuating the Promised Land: Who Acts and Who Reacts?"
 Meyrowitz, Joshua.

"Share Your Universe": Gender, Generation, and the Future of Marvel Comics Publishing
 Johnson, Derek.

"Truth at All Costs": Journalistic Discourse About 2012 War Reporting From Syria
 Gilewicz, Nicholas.

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A Bad Habit for Your Health? An Exploration of Psychological Factors for Binge Watching Behavior
 Sung, Yoon Hi., Kang, Eun Yeon. and Lee, Wei-Na.

A Big Threat or The Bigger Picture: Face, Commitment, Trust, and Behavior in Not-for-Profit Collaboratives
 Sen, Mrittika.

A Breach of Consensus: Outlining a Comparative Study on the Snowden/NSA Case
 Heikkila, Heikki. and Kunelius, Risto.

A Closer Look at the Relationship Between Institutions, Political Participation, and Interpersonal Political Discussions
 Shulman, Hillary. and Chod, Suzanne.

A Communication-Based Model of Acculturation Experiences and Mental Health of Immigrants: Stories From Indian Immigrants
 Ni, Lan., Wang, Qi. and Gogate, Anushree.

A Comparative Analysis of Freedom of Information and Open Government Data Online
 Martin, Jason.

A Comparative Analysis of Net Neutrality
 Shin, Dong-Hee., Kim, Guri. and Gu, Ji-Hyang.

A Comparative Analysis of the Intercultural Influence of American Media on Romanian Adolescents During the Ceauscescu (1978) and Post-Ceaucescu (2014) Eras
 Jorgensen, Rebekah.

A Conditional Process Model to Examine the Association Between Risky Driving Television and Joyriding Intentions
 Beullens, Kathleen. and Coenen, Lennert.

A Consumer Socialization Perspective on Prosocial Attitudes and Behaviors: The Importance of Interpersonal Influence
 Craig, Clay.

A Creator Matters and So Does a Sharer (But for Different Reasons)
 Kim, Soela. and Shen, Lijiang.

A Cross-Cultural Look at Communication Style
 Baldwin, John.

A Cultural Approach to James W. Carey: 
To Europe and Back With Geertz and Dewey
 Pooley, Jefferson.

A Developing Chasm: Structural Violence and the Media in Postgenocide Rwanda
 Cruikshank, Sally Ann.

A Factorial Survey Experiment With Political Journalists to Explain the Newsworthiness of MPs
 Vos, Debby.

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Bad Seed or Good Seed? A Content Analysis of the Main Antagonists in Walt Disney and Studio Ghibli Animated Films
 Feng, Yang. and Park, Jiwoo.

Barriers and Incentives to DTV Over the Air Antenna Adoption: Five Years After the 2009 Transition
 Yun, Gi Woong., Park, Sung-Yeon., Joa, Claire., Ha, Louisa., Rosati, Clayton., Park, Sanghee. and Lim, Jongsoo.

Baseball and Baby Boomers: An Ethnographic Examination of Older Fans’ Experiences of Baseball
 Krizek, Robert.

Be Published or Perish: Polls and Party Coverage in the Run up to the 2013 German Election Campaign
 Stolwijk, Sjoerd. and Schuck, Andreas.

Be Strong, Advanced and Powerful: Understanding the Logical Changes of Policymaking of Media Convergence in China
 Hu, Zhengrong.

Becoming a Circumstantial Media Activist: Brazilian Landless Workers Movement Struggle to Construct Arenas for Communication (GCSC Top Paper)
 Sartoretto, Paola.

Becoming a Mother Through the Looking Glass of YouTube
 Rybas, Natalia. and Anarbaeva, Samara.

Becoming a Parent in a Digitized Age: Facebook as an Agent of Change in the Transition to Parenthood
 Damkjaer, Maja.

Being a Hongkonger and Not a Chinese: A Qualitative Study of Ethnic Minority Members of South-Asian Descent in Hong Kong
 Chen, Ling. and Yip, Toby.

Being ‘Afrikaans’: A Contested Identity
 Theunissen, Petra.

Benefits of Illness Blogging for Social Support and Intrapersonal Well-Being
 Mitchell, Marilyn.

Best Practices in Environmental Communication: A Case Study of Louisiana’s Coastal Crisis
 Brown, Paige., Altinay, Zeynep. and Reynolds, Amy.

Best Practices in Instructional Risk Communication: The IDEA Model for Effective Message Design
 Sellnow, Deanna., Lane, Derek., Sellnow, Timothy. and Littlefield, Robert.

Between Facts and Fiction: Visual Authentication Strategies in Comics Journalism
 Weber, Wibke. and Rall, Hans-Martin.

Between Hope and Fear: The Use of Social Media Guidelines in Companies
 Opgenhaffen, Michael. and Claeys, An-Sofie.

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CSR-Communication Between Voluntariness and Obligation: A Qualitative Analysis of the Energy Sector in Germany
 Belentschikow, Valentin.

Calling it Wrong: Partisan Media Effects on Electoral Expectations and Institutional Trust
 Daniller, Andrew., Silver, Laura. and Moehler, Devra.

Cameras in the Home: Ethical Considerations When Using Digital Recordng Devices for Media Research
 Brechman, Jean., Robinson, Jennifer., Wooley, Brooke., Bellman, Steven. and Varan, Duane.

Can I Live? Stereotypes and the Intersectional Identities of Black Gay Men
 Davis, Catasha., Coppini, David. and Hull, Shawnika.

Can Incongruent Combinations of Media Frames and Emotional Trajectories Elicit Coactivation in the Motivational Systems?
 Loof, Travis. and Keene, Justin.

Can You Really Teach THAT With a Game? A Case Study With Experimental Results
 Watt, James., Hamilton, Mark., Nowak, Kristine. and Christensen, John.

Candidate Set Selection and its Correlates: Philippine Senatorial Elections
 David, Clarissa. and Legara, Erika.

Caribbean Multiracial Ethnic Identity and Social Networking Sites
 Maragh, Raven. and Corsbie-Massay, Charisse.

Cascading Homophily: Partisan Websites Audience and Polarization Processes.
 Dvir-Gvirsman, Shira.

Celebrity Endorsement in Anti-Drunk-Driving Campaigns: Reaching Risk Groups by Risk-Taking Advocates?
 Baumann, Eva., Geber, Sarah. and Klimmt, Christoph.

Celebrity Influence and Identification: A Test of the Angelina Effect
 Hurley, Ryan. and Kosenko, Kama.

Challenges and Opportunities for Puerto Rican Nonprofit Organizations
 Soto-Velez, Ivette.

Challenges and Opportunities of Developing an Online Public Goods Game Experiment
 Pilny, Andrew. and Poole, Marshall.

Changing Class Formations and Changing Television Viewing: The New Middle Class, Television, and Pay Television in Brazil and Mexico, 2003-2013
 Straubhaar, Joseph., Higgins Joyce, Vanessa., Sinta, Vinicio., McConnell, Christopher. and Spence, Jeremiah.

Changing Content Offerings in Children’s TV Programs and Their Potential Effects on the Self-Identity and National-Identity of Puerto Rican Children
 Delgado Madlonado, Jorge.

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D) All of the Above: Reinvigorating Masspersonal Communication Within the Discipline
 Carr, Caleb. and Hayes, Rebecca.

Dancing with Shackles: China’s Public Diplomacy in the Digital Sphere
 Wu, Di.

Dark Triad Personality Traits and Adolescent Cyber-Aggression
 Pabian, Sara., De Backer, Charlotte. and Vandebosch, Heidi.

Dealing With Measurement Error in Content Analysis Data Using Simulation-Extrapolation
 Scharkow, Michael. and Bachl, Marko.

Dealing With Offline Friendship Online: Examining Influencing Factors of Interactive Uncertainty Reduction Strategies
 SUN, Yao.

Death Invoking Differences: Mortality Salience Effects on Linguistic Intergroup Bias
 Kazerooni, Franccesca. and McLeod, Poppy.

Death Magnetic: Heavy Metal as Cultural Worldview Defense Against the Fear of Dying
 Kneer, Julia.

Debating (“Alternative”) Gender Identities: The Online Discourse Triggered by the 2014 Life Ball Advertising Posters
 Wetzstein, Irmgard. and Huber, Brigitte.

Debating Cultures: Teaching Debate in an International Context
 Nuciforo, Elena. and Lakin, Travis.

Deceptive Audience Costs: Priming Costs and Hawkishness in the Russia-Crimea Conflict
 Stoycheff, Elizabeth. and Nisbet, Erik.

Decisions, Decisions: Choices and Givens in Watching Television, From Malawi to Madison
 Gray, Jonathan.

Decorum and Discomfort in Digital Media Use
 Johansson, Bengt.

Defining Digital Markets
 Holt, Jennifer.

Defining Discourse: The Telecommunications Act, Comment Policies, and the Public Sphere on Top U.S. Newspaper Websites
 Simpson, Edgar.

Defining Entertainment: The Value of Industry Perspectives
 Collis, Christy. and Harrington, Stephen.

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Eating Their Young: Understanding Nurses’ Intergenerational Communicative Experiences in the Workplace
 Anderson, Lindsey. and Morgan, Melanie.

Eating Together, Separately: Intergroup Communication and Food in a Multiethnic Community
 Wenzel, Andrea.

Ecological Views of Big Data: Perspectives and Issues
 Shin, Dong-Hee., Yoon, Hongseok., Jaeyeol, Jung. and Park, Seyoung.

Economic and Other Welfare in Media Merger Control: Analysis Of National Competition Authorities’ Reviews
 van der Burg, Miriam. and Van den Bulck, Hilde.

Effect of Interactive Advertising on Large Display
 Lee, Daeun., Biocca, Frank. and Jung, Soyoung.

Effect of Professionals’ Religious Disclosures on Social and Task Attraction
 Carr, Caleb.

Effective Experiences: A Social Cognitive Analysis of the ICT Development of Youth
 Huang, Kuo-Ting., Ball, Christopher., Cotten, Shelia., Rikard, R.V.. and O\'Neal Coleman, LaToya.

Effective Instructional Risk Communication in the Time of Ebola
 George, Amiso., Sellnow-Richmond, Deborah. and Sellnow, Deanna.

Effectiveness of Online Health Information Tools for Older Patients: A Systematic Review
 Bolle, Sifra., van Weert, Julia., Daams, Joost., Loos, Eugène., de Haes, Hanneke. and Smets, Ellen.

Effects Of East Los High, An Entertainment-Education Web Series, On Sexual Decision-Making Of Young Latino/A Couples
 Sachdev, Anu. and Singhal, Arvind.

Effects of Ad-Profile and Ad-Content Congruence on Attitude Toward the Ad and Brand
 Ling, Debby., Lee, Debbie., Lai, Aloysius., Yeo, Xinzi. and Jung, Younbo.

Effects of Advertiser Pressure on Coverage: How Germany’s Leading Political Magazines Synchronize News and Ads
 Hagen, Lutz., In der Au, Anne-Marie. and Flämig, Anne.

Effects of Crisis Response Strategies on Publics’ Postcrisis Attitude Based on Individuals’ Prior Attitudes: Applying Social Judgment Theory to Crisis Communication Management
 Zhang, Xiaochen. and Lee, Moon.

Effects of Environmental Brand Attributes and Nature Imagery in Green Advertising on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention
 Schmuck, Desiree., Matthes, Jorg., Naderer, Brigitte. and Beaufort, Maren.

Effects of Exposure to Reframed Involving Visual Displacement of Pro-Tobacco YouTube Videos
 Winneg, Kenneth. and Jamieson, Kathleen.

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Face Value: Theorizing Facebook Profile Pictures From Duckface to Facial Recognition Algorithms
 Karppi, Tero.

Facebook Users’ Experience and Reaction Towards Facebook ads
 Zhang, Xueying. and Zhou, Shuhua.

Facebook and Public Affairs: Delivering the News Through Social Media
 Simpson, Edgar.

Facebook and Twitter use as Organizational and Public Relations Tools at Two Puerto Rican Universities
 Melendez-Burgos, Mahirami.

Facebook in Context: Social Capital and Mood Across Time and Space
 Bayer, Joseph., Ellison, Nicole., Schoenebeck, Sarita., Brady, Erin. and Falk, Emily.

Factors Driving Adoption and Diffusion of Multiscreen Services
 Shin, Dong-Hee., Cho, Hoyoun. and Kim, So Jeong.

Factors Influencing Patient-Physician Discussion of Mammography Choice: Examining Informed Decision Making Amidst Cancer Screening Controversy
 Nagler, Rebekah. and Lueck, Jennifer.

Factors Predicting Internet Gaming Disorder: A Two-Wave Panel Study
 Waterloo, Sophie. and Lemmens, Jeroen.

Falling Walls: How the Iconic Imagery of the Berlin Wall Travels in Contemporary Global Contexts
 Sonnevend, Julia.

Family Communication Patterns That Predict Perceptions of Upheaval and Psychological Well-Being for Adult Children of Late-Life Divorce
 Leustek, John. and Theiss, Jennifer.

Family Communication and Body Satisfaction Among Young Adult Children: Mediating Effects of Social Competence
 Taniguchi, Emiko. and Thompson, Charee.

Family and Religious Influences on Restrictive Parental Mediation and Video Game Addiction
 Davies, John., Holiday, Steven., Evans, Kieth. and Coyne, Sarah.

Fanfiction and Telenovelas. The Rise of the Fans
 Scolari, Carlos.

Far From Reach But Near at Hand: The Role of Social Media for Cross-National Mobilization in the Sunflower Social Movement in Taiwan
 Chen, Hsuan-Ting., Sun, Ping., Gan, Chen. and Yang, Mengchieh.

Fashioning the Feminine Self in “Prosumer Capitalism”: Women’s Work and the Transnational Reselling of Western Luxury Online
 Zhang, Lin.

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GIFTS/RIFTS: Preparing Students for the World Beyond College
 Violanti, Michelle.

GIFTS: Audience Analysis Hot Potato
 Eisenstadt, Michael.

GIFTS: Did You Just See That? Using Critical Pedagogy and Observation to Teach About Gender
 Ruiz-Mesa, Kristina.

GIFTS: Improving Interviewing Skills With “Choose Your Own Adventure” Probing
 Arendt, Colleen.

GIFTS: Service-Learning as a Tool for Practice-Oriented Media Relations Course
 Endaltseva, Alexandra.

GIFTS: Teaching Diversity: Write an EMail
 Corsbie-Massay, Charisse.

GIFTS: Teaching Gratitude and Building Academic Confidence Through Peer Nonverbal Communication
 Ruiz-Mesa, Kristina.

GIFTS: Teaching Theory of Reasoned Action and Theory of Planned Behavior Using Health Campaigns in Action
 Friley, Lorin.

GIFTS: Test/Retest: A Two-Stage Exam for Deep Analysis in the Social Sciences and Humanities
 Gilbert, Anne.

GIFTS: The Basics of Public Speaking: Building a Speech, One Brick and One Point at a Time
 Loof, Travis.

GIFTS: Using Your Privilege to Teach About Privilege
 Brenneman, Luke.

GIFTS: Using a Human Likert Scale to Facilitate Discussions about Identity Formation in the Basic Interpersonal Communication Course
 Spradley, Elizabeth.

Games for Learning
 Sherry, John.

Gatekeeping, Gatekeeping Forces, and Microdocumentary
 Michael, Nick. and Vos, Tim.

Gauging Public Opinion in the Age of Social Media
 Skoric, Marko., Liu, Jing. and Lampe, Cliff.

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Harmonizing Freedom and Protection: Adolescents’ Voices on Automatic Monitoring of Social Networking Sites
 Van Royen, Kathleen. and Poels, Karolien.

Has Nationalism Weakened?: Korean Online Discussions about Sporting Nationalism and Citizenship in the 2014 Winter Olympics
 Kim, Jinsook.

Hasbara 2.0: New media and the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict
 Aouragh, Miriyam.

Hashtagging Health: Exploring Black Women’s Use of Social Media to Promote Health in Online Communities
 Harris, Felicia.

Have You Found What You're Looking For? On the Experience of Music Tourism
 Bolderman, Leonieke. and Reijnders, Stijn.

Health Misinformation on Social Media: The Case of Vaccine Safety on Pinterest
 Guidry, Jeanine. and Messner, Marcus.

Health Promotion Through Serious Games: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Health Serious Games on Self-Efficacy, Enjoyment and Behavioral Intention
 Li, Benjamin. and Lwin, May.

Health as Submission and Social Responsibilities: Embodied Experiences of Javanese Women With Type II Diabetes
 Pitaloka, Dyah. and Hsieh, Elaine.

Hegemony and Resistance as Dialectic: Co-Option and its Limits
 Sinclair, John.

Hegemony or Resistance? On the Ambiguous Power of Communication
 Lussier, Martin.

Help Toucan Sam Bring His Fruity Treasures to Safety!: Food Marketing to Children Online
 Hurwitz, Lisa., Morales, Eric. and Alvarez, Aubry.

Heuristics of the Algorithm: Big Data, User Interpretation and Institutional Translation
 Bolin, Goran. and Andersson Schwarz, Jonas.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Communicative Mechanisms of Opaque Transparency
 Stohl, Cynthia. and Stohl, Michael.

High-Choice Revisited: An Experimental Analysis of the Dynamics of News Selection in High-Choice Media Environments
 Panek, Elliot.

High-Risk Gameplay: Effects on Arousal, Presence, Attraction, and Altruism
 Aviles, Jose.

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I Got Spoiled: The Effects of Spoilers and Character Morality on Narrative Engagement and Enjoyment
 Ferchaud, Arienne.

I Just Called to Say it's Private: Privacy in the Context of Mobile Phone Conversations
 Pagel, Bianka., Wemper, Silvie-Kristin., Schmitt, Eva. and Klein, Marielle.

I Shake My Head But They Will Nod: On the Relevance of Persuasion Knowledge and Reactance for Third-Person Perceptions
 Scherr, Sebastian. and Mueller, Philipp.

I-Nakba and the Right to Memory: Remembering the Unremembered Through New Media
 Tirosh, Noam. and Schejter, Amit.

ICT4D, Gender Divides, and Education: The Case of OLPC in Ghana
 Steeves, Leslie.

ICTs in the Third Age of Life Between Past and Future
 Colombo, Fausto., Aroldi, Piermarco. and Carlo, Simone.

ISIS and the limits of “Islamic Terrorism”
 Semati, Mehdi.

ISIS: When Unfamiliar Horror Takes on Familiar Visual Form
 Zelizer, Barbie.

ISIS’s New Media Narrative is Oddly Historical: Appropriating the Sykes-Picot Agreement to Claim Legitimacy
 Youmans, William.

Iconic Images of the Death, LIFE and the Cosmos: The Construction of Mass-Mediated Epiphany
 Bock, Mary.

Ideal and Factual Professional Roles in German Journalism
 Donsbach, Wolfgang., Schielicke, Anna-Maria. and Mothes, Cornelia.

Identification With Characters and Cognitive Processes in Entertainment-Education Interventions Through Audiovisual Fiction
 Igartua, Juan Jose. and Vega, Jair.

Identifying Substantive Policy Misperceptions in the American Public
 Thorson, Emily. and Haberern, Emma.

Identifying the Good and the Bad: The Virtual Body’s Impact on Cognition
 Bailey, Jakki., Bailenson, Jeremy. and Casasanto, Daniel.

Identity Construction Across the Lifespan: Realizing the Right to Memory in Communication Law and Policy
 Schejter, Amit. and Tirosh, Noam.

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Jimmy Carter and the Emerging National “Malaise”: Letters to the Editor in America’s Political System
 Roessner, Lori. and Cameron, Jaclyn.

Journalism Audiences and Emotion
 Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin.

Journalism Education and the Profession: Socialization, Traditions, and Change
 Nygren, Gunnar.

Journalism and Embodied Vulnerability: Toward a Reparative Reading of Reportorial Practice
 Durham, Meenakshi.

Journalism and Mass Communication Education in the United States: Past, Present, and Future
 Weaver, David. and Willnat, Lars.

Journalism and the Role of Venture Capital: Navigating the New, News Media Landscape
 Kosterich, Allie. and Weber, Matthew.

Journalistic Role Performance in the 21st Century: Linking Normative Stances of Journalists to Sourcing Routines and Organizational News Coverage
 Hellmueller, Lea.

Journalistic Self-Censorship in Postconflict Societies
 Jungblut, Marc. and Hoxha, Abit.

Journalistic Views on Gender and Ethnic Diversity in News Coverage: An Interview Study
 Vandenberghe, Hanne., d\'Haenens, Leen. and Van Gorp, Baldwin.

Journalists and the IPCC: Professional Evaluations
 Nossek, Hillel.

Journalists in Cognitive Dissonance: When Liberal Journalists Work for Conservative Media (or Vice Versa)
 Fang, Kecheng.

Journalists’ Professional Identity: A Resource to Cope With Uncertainty?
 Grubenmann, Stephanie.

Jubblies, Mammaries, and Boobs: Narratives of Breast Physics in Video Games
 Rogers, Ryan. and Liebler, Carol.


Kawaii Japan: Defining JRPGs Through the Cultural Media Mix
 Schules, Douglas.

Knowledge Production Gap in the Age of Social Media: Weibo, Knowledge Production and Public Participation
 Zhao, Lu.


Language Fluency and Authentic Identity
 Salcedo, Joel.

Language is a Do Community: The Use of Language in Social Media Among the South Asian Diaspora in the US
 Hossain, Mohammad. and Veenstra, Aaron.

Language, Ideology, and Performativity: Codeswitching in Chinese Popular Music Lyrics (Top Student Paper)
 Huang, Luling.

Language- and Literacy-Focused Apps for Young Children: A Market Scan and Content Analysis
 Vaala, Sarah., Ly, Anna., Nong, Alan., Sajwani, Sadaf. and Swirbul, Mackenzie.

Latin America and Community Communication: Communication Policies and Social Change
 Paulino, Fernando.

Laughing at Him or Laughing with Him? Framing Psy's "Gangnam Style"
 Jung, Hyeri.

Leaders and Symbols: Constructing Political Images of Presidents in the United States and Russia
 Karaliova, Tatsiana.

Leadership and Public Relations in Two Emerging Markets: A Comparative Study of Communication Management in Latvia and Russia
 Petersone, Baiba. and Erzikova, Elina.

Leading Inter-Organizational Health Collaborations: The Importance of Leader-Leader Relationships
 Williams, Elizabeth.

Leading Tweets? Online Leadership on Twitter
 Park, Chang Sup.

Leading With the Head: How NBC’s Football Night America Framed Football’s Concussion Crisis
 Mirer, Michael. and Mederson, Mark.

Learning From the “Blue Monster”: Children’s Reality Judgments and Transfer From TV to Real Life
 Bonus, James. and Mares, Marie-Louise.

Led it on Reddit: An Exploratory Study Examining Factors of Opinion Leadership on Reddit
 Yoo, Joseph., Kilgo, Danielle., Johnson, Thomas., Suran, Melissa., Sinta, Vinicio., Wasike, Ben., Jung, Hyeri. and Lu, Shuning.

Legitimacy and Trust as Intangible Assets of the Public Sector: Challenges for Government Public Relations in Times of Economic Crisis
 Canel, Maria Jose.

Legitimation Strategies in Journalism and Public Storytelling About Racial Disparities
 Robinson, Sue.

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MCNs and the Globalization of Chinese Content Regulations
 Kokas, Aynne.

MCNs and the Long Distribution Revolution
 Lobato, Ramon.

MCNs and the New Television Ecology: A ‘Middle Range’ Approach
 Cunningham, Stuart.

MCNs, Local Talent, and the Transformation of YouTube
 Vonderau, Patrick.

Mahimahi Musubi: Cosmopolitanizing Strategies in Hawaiian Regional Cuisine
 Burroughs, Benjamin.

Mainstream Media’s Coverage of the Gezi Protests and Protesters Perception of Mainstream Media
 Oz, Mustafa.

Maintaining Frame Coherence Between Uncertain Information and Changing Agendas: The Evolving Framing of the Syrian Chemical Attacks in the U.S., British, and Russian News
 Baden, Christian. and Stalpouskaya, Katsiaryna.

Make it Interactive and They Will Come: Correlating Interactivity in Antidrug Websites With Site Traffic
 Oh, Jeeyun. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

Making Sense of Bystander Intervention: Student Explanations of Other's Risk and Responsibility
 White, Cindy. and Malkowski, Jennifer.

Making a Normal Hyperproductive Ethos: The Gendered Labour of Making and Using Fitbits, Nike Bands, and Jawbone Ups
 Gardner, Paula.

Making the Case for Studying “Public Speaking” as a Culturally Situated Ideal for Public Expression
 Boromisza-Habashi, David.

Managing Conflict of Interest: Shifting Between Political PR and Journalism
 Fisher, Caroline.

Managing Conflicts Through Social Dramas in Unsettled Times and Media’s Construction of Injustice
 Liang, Limin.

Managing Growing Pains: Shedding the Regulation-by-Default Mentality
 Soon, Carol. and Tan, Tarn How.

Managing Secrecy
 Birchall, Clare.

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Narrating Rape as India’s Ruptured Modernity
 Hegde, Radha.

Narrative Influence From Donor to Recipient NGOs: The Case of the Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program
 Santana, Luis E.. and Foot, Kirsten.

Narrative, Autobiographical Memory, and Emotion: Intersections of Memory, Emotion, and Meaning as Constructed via Modality
 Brehe, Stephanie. and Jamison-Koenig, Edgar.

Narratives of Good and Evil: Framing Social Media Use in the Arab World in 2011 and 2014
 Al-Ghazzi, Omar.

Narratives of Stress in Health Meanings of African Americans in Lake County, Indiana
 Dutta, Mohan., Kumar, Rati., Anaele, Agaptus., Sastry, Shaunak., Dillard, Sydney., Dutta, Uttaran., Jones, Christina., Spinetta, Christine. and Collins, William.

National Politics Transcend Country Boundaries: A Theoretical Discussion of the Lack of Communication of the Venezuelan Government With the Country’s Diaspora in Miami
 Molleda, Juan-Carlos.

Nature Documentaries, Connectedness to Nature, and Proenvironmental Behavior
 Arendt, Florian. and Matthes, Jorg.

Navigating Complex Organizational Ecologies: Performing Improvisation in Search and Rescue Practices Instead of Risking it All
 Spradley, R. Tyler.

Navigating Contested Terrain: Accounting for Sensemaking Practices Using Societal, Macro, and Micro Discourses of Work-Life Balance
 Cruz, Disraelly.

Negative News on Twitter, Emotions, Recall, and Political Mobilization
 Park, Chang Sup.

Negativity Bias and Driver Identification Predict Risky Driving Intentions When Mortality is Implicitly Salient
 Ralston, Rachel. and Rhodes, Nancy.

Negotiating Change: Communicative Performances at a City Magazine
 Jenkins, Joy. and Wolfgang, David.

Negotiating Conflict Across Deep Divisions in Face-to-Face Group Discussions: An Examination of Deliberative Transformative Moments
 Maia, Rousiley., Cal, Danila., Sampaio, Rafael., Teixeira, Renato., Rossini, Patrícia. and Oliveira, Vanessa.
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Negotiations of Internal Legitmacy in the Wake of an External Legitimacy Crisis
 Frandsen, Sanne.

Neither Radical, nor Acquiescent, but Still a Threat to Democracy: Duke Ellington, Irving Mills and the Mediated Boundaries of Racialized Heteronationalism
 Peake, Bryce.

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Objective Reporting and Journalistic Styles in the Polarized Pluralist Media Model. The Case of the Spanish and Greek Press
 Humanes, Maria., Roses, Sergio., Veglis, Andreas., PANAGIOTOU, NIKOS. and Skamnakis, Antonios.

Objectives and Peer Pressure in a Driving Video Game Influence Real-Life Driving Norms, Attitudes, and Behavioral Intentions
 Ellithorpe, Morgan. and Rhodes, Nancy.

Observing Parent-Child Purchase-Related Interactions in a Retail Environment: Replication and Extension
 Krcmar, Marina., Lapierre, Matthew., Hoxie, Adam. and Colvett, Jackson.

Occupy the Galaxy: Social Movement Theory in a Virtual World
 Clark, Joshua.

Old Media, New Media: Old Irony, New Irony?
 Greene, Viveca.

Old Technologies, New Technologies, a New “Old Generation”
 Colombo, Fausto.

Old Theory, New Possibilities: Theory of Planned Behavior Changing How We Predict Student Communication
 Burns, Michael., Houser, Marian. and LeBlanc Farris, Kristen.

Older Adults and Electronic Communication: Preferences and Patterns in Close Relationships
 Yuan, Shupei., Hussain, Syed., Hales, Kayla. and Cotten, Shelia.

Older and Wiser? Privacy Concern and Protection of Facebook Users in the Life Stages of Adulthood
 Van den Broeck, Evert., Poels, Karolien. and Walrave, Michel.

On Citizenship Management: The Curious Lives of the “Included-Outs”
 Erni, John.

On Queers and Animals: An Eco-Critical Analysis of Ambivalent Discourses in the Nonhuman Animal Rights Movement
 Dionne, Terrell.

On Theory in Communication and Journalism
 Martinez, Monica.

On the Reception and Influences of Persuasive Games
 Jacobs, Ruud.

OnCities: Documenting Community Challenges in Global Culture Through Connective Technologies
 Mihailidis, Paul.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Stigmatization and the Emergence of Organizational Paranoia
 Frandsen, Sanne. and Morsing, Mette.

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Parallel Priming: Rap News and the Salience of Political Corruption in Uganda
 Shaker, Lee. and Falzone, Paul.

Parasocial Relationships as Meaningful Relationships: An Exploratory Study of PSRs’ Relationship With Companionship and Emotional Support
 Sanders, Meghan.

Parent-Adolescent Communication About Sex in Chinese Families
 Wang, Ningxin.

Parent-Child Communicative Practices Regarding Depression Among Chinese International Students
 Jin, Lan. and Acharya, Lalatendu.

Parental Monitoring and Youths’ Online Risky Behaviors: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Effects
 Chen, Vivian Hsueh Hua. and CHNG, Shiao En Grace.

Parental Response to Child’s Incongruence: Verbal Versus Nonverbal Primacy in Parent-Child Interactions
 Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira.

Participant or Zombie? Expanding Jenkins’ Participatory Politics Framework With Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)
 Clark, Lynn.

Participatory Journalism and Transformative Events: Covering the Same-Sex Marriage Debate on Twitter
 Revers, Matthias.

Participatory Journalism in an Authoritarian Space: How Chinese Media Use Opinion Polls Online and Offline
 Song, Yunya., Lu, Yin., Chang, Tsan-Kuo. and Huang, Yu.

Partisan Blame for the Partial Shutdown: A Big Data Analysis of Themes on Twitter During the 2013 United States Federal Government Partial Shutdown
 Runge, Kristin., Spartz, James., Xenos, Michael., Scheufele, Dietram. and Brossard, Dominique.

Partisan News and Political Participation: Exploring Mediated Relationships
 Wojcieszak, Magdalena., Bimber, Bruce., Feldman, Lauren. and Stroud, Natalie.

Partnership Networks for Public Diplomacy: Power Differential and Resource Transaction in the 100,000 Strong Network
 Wu, Di.

Party Favors: How Helping a Partisan Opponent Impacts Attitudes Toward the In-Group
 Blascovich, Gregory. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

Passing the Buck: Millennial Social Identity Expansion and Communication With Conscious Corporations
 Shalizi, Shabnam.

Passion and Nostalgia in Generational Media Experiences
 Bolin, Goran.

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Qualitative Big Data Research? Integrating Natural Language Processing With Textual Analysis
 Shahin, Saif.

Qualitative Study of Mobile Phone Use in Business: A Case in a Multinational Company’s China Branch
 Xia, Yun. and Mao, Yuping.

Quality Press and Voter Turnout: Evidence for Causal Effects and Its Underlying Mechanisms
 Arendt, Florian. and Brantner, Cornelia.

Quality Still Scores High With Sports Journalists Despite Doing More With Less
 Reinardy, Scott.

Quality of State Cessation Websites for Pregnant Women Smokers and State-Level Tobacco Indicators
 Borsai, Anne. and Snyder, Leslie.

Quantitative Analysis of Large Amounts of Journalistic Texts Using Topic Modeling
 Jacobi, Carina. and Welbers, Kasper.

Questionable Research Practices in Experimental Communication Research: A Systematic Analysis From 1980 to 2013 (TOP PAPER)
 Matthes, Jorg., Marquart, Franziska., Naderer, Brigitte., Arendt, Florian., Schmuck, Desiree. and Adam, Karoline.


RIFTS: (Anonymous) Self-Disclosure, and the Trouble With Secrets in the Interpersonal Communication Classroom
 Basquiat, Cameron.

RIFTS: Automating the Age Old Question: Is it Scholarly?
 Prahl, Andrew.

RIFTS: Constructivism Gone Bad: Communicating Negative Performance Feedback
 Downing, Joe.

RIFTS: Storytelling is Fun and Easy, Right? Nope. Digital Storytelling for Online Adult Learners
 Artz, Patrick.

RIFTS: The Answer Lies Not in the Garden
 Eisenstadt, Michael.

Racial Framing and Racial Appeals in the 2012 Presidential Election
 Gross, Kimberly., Entman, Robert., Bell, Carole. and Rojecki, Andrew.

Racial Representation in Media About Intimate Partner Violence
 Onyeador, Ivuoma. and Dixon, Travis.

Radical Media as Street Art: Graffiti in Postrevolution Egypt
 Bakry, Amal.

Radio Listening Groups in the USA: ‘Haphazard' Development and Comparative Perspectives
 Goodman, David.

Radio Movements: Translating Low-Power Radio Activism
 Dunbar-Hester, Christina.

Raising the Standing of Evaluation in Dialogic Research: The Influences of Budget and Evaluation Style on Dialogue Implementation
 Huang, Jin.

Ranking Digital Rights: Human Rights, the Internet, and the Fifth Estate
 Marechal, Nathalie.

Rape, Mediated Geospace, and the Possibility of Transnational Feminist Praxis
 Durham, Meenakshi.

Re-Collecting Iconic Photographs
 Becker, Karin.

Re-Facing the Other: Face Transplants and a New Ethics of Relationality
 Pearl, Sharrona.

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Same but Different: Social Media Affordances for Blackmail
 Pearce, Katy.

Satellite Radio, Blog Radio, and the Aesthetics of Podcasting
 Fauteux, Brian.

Satellite, Drones, and Mobile Phones: Surveillance and Counterterrorism in Africa
 Parks, Lisa.

Satire and the Time of Elections in Digital India
 Punathambekar, Aswin.

Satire as Counter-Discourse: Dissent, Cultural Citizenship, and Youth Culture in Morocco
 El Marzouki, Mohamed.

Satirical Cultures and the Media Publics in Iran
 Rahimi, Babak.

Saw it on Facebook, Drank it at the Bar! Effects of Exposure to Facebook Alcohol Ads on Alcohol Consumption
 Alhabash, Saleem., McAlister, Anna., Kim, Wonkyung., Lou, Chen., Cunningham, Carie., Quilliam, Elizabeth. and Richards, Jef.

Scaling Up Chinawood: Digital Distribution and the Rise of Sino-US Film Co-Productions
 Kokas, Aynne.

Scandal 2.0: How Valenced Reader Comments Affect Recipients’ Perception of Scandalized Individuals and the Journalistic Quality of Online News
 von Sikorski, Christian. and Hänelt, Maria.

Scholar-in-Training, Leader-in-Training: The Rutgers University Predoctoral Leadership Development Institute
 Sahay, Surabhi., Dwyer, Maria., Gigliotti, Ralph., Goldthwaite, Christine. and Agnew, Brian.

Science and Narrative: Practical or Problematic?
 Zamora, Aaron.

Science in the Eye of the Beholder: Selective Reading and Impacts of Online Science Information
 Knobloch-Westerwick, Silvia., Johnson, Benjamin., Silver, Nathan. and Westerwick, Axel.

Scientific Communication: Challenges for Local Media in the Digital Age
 Feliú Mójer, Mónica.

Second-Level Agenda Building and Mediated Public Diplomacy: Examining China’s Use of the Xinhua News Agency in Promoting President Xi
 Cheng, Zhuqing., Golan, Guy. and Kiousis, Spiro.

Seducing Society: An Embodied Motivated Cognition Study in the Motivated Processing of Sexually Objectifying Content
 Schillinger, Dawn.

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Tailoring By “Cloning”: A User-Based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Recommend Effective Antismoking PSAs
 Yang, Sijia., Oh, Poong., Kim, Hyun Suk., Kim, Minji. and Cappella, Joseph.

Take Action Now: Framing Action Requests in Climate Change Advocacy Email Communications
 Hestres, Luis.

Talk Like a Man, Walk Like a Woman: An Advanced Political Communication Framework for Female Politicians
 Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira. and Bdolach, Liron.

Talk Like a Man, Walk Like a Woman: An Advanced Political Communication Framework for Female Politicians
 Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira. and Bdolach, Liron.

Talking With Different Others: Roles of Superordinate Citizen Identity in Cross-Cutting Discussions
 Kyoung, Kyurim.

Tapping in: Understanding How Hispanic-Latino Immigrant Families Engage and Learn With Broadcast and Digital Media
 Levinson, Amber.

Targeting Political Public Relations in a Post-Citizens United Democracy: Examining the Impact of Target Corporation’s Political Campaign Donations on LGBT Relationships
 LaMarre, Heather.

Teaching Argumentation: The Effect of an Interpersonal Familiarity Intervention on Argumentation in Online Discussions
 Kline, Susan. and Oaks, D\'arcy.

Team Communication Unpacked: The Role of Endogenous Communication Processes On Team Decision-Making Outcomes
 Foucault Welles, Brooke. and Riedl, Christoph.

Teasing Apart Crucial Aspects of Mediated and Nonmediated Interactions: The Effect of Visibility and Physical Copresence on Interpersonal Attraction
 Croes, Emmelyn., Antheunis, Marjolijn., Schouten, Alexander. and Krahmer, Emiel.

Techniques, Forces, and Fractals: A Poststructural CCO Framework
 Mease, Jennifer.

Technofeminist Action Research: Bridging the Gap Between Media Rhetorics and Women Lived Realities
 Blair, Kristine.

Technological Transformations in Collective Action in Aotearoa New Zealand
 Ganesh, Shiv.

Technologies of Micro-Enterprise for Women: The Limits of Neoliberal Development
 Wilkins, Karin.

Technologies of Visibility: Digital Mediations of Bisexuality Online
 Madison, Nora.

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U.S. Public Diplomacy’s Emerging Domestic Publics: The Other Half of Mutual Understanding
 Fitzpatrick, Kathy.

U.S. Rural Female Teens’ Understandings of Safety in Social Media Use
 Rickman, Aimee.

USA: Old and New Journalism in a Hybrid Environment
 Waisbord, Silvio. and Russell, Adrienne.

Ultimate Rebranding: The Active Commodification of Sport Subculture
 Cieslik-Miskimen, Caitlin.

Uncertainty Management and Information Seeking in Grindr
 Corriero, Elena., Tong, Stephanie., Van De Wiele, Chad., Lennemann, Benjamin. and Rochadiat, Annisa.

Understanding Factors Affecting Organizations’ Implementation of Dialogic Communication: An Exploratory Study
 Huang, Jin. and Yang, Aimei.

Understanding Fifty Shades of Grey’s Audiences
 Click, Melissa.

Understanding Narrative Persuasion: Exploring the Effects of Perceived Intended Audience and Outgroup Evaluation on Attitudes
 Dale, Katherine. and Appiah, Osei.

Understanding Online Journalists: Redefining Professional Roles in the Chinese Journalistic Field
 Xu, Yu.

Understanding Others' Goals Depends on the Efficiency and Timing of Goal Pursuit
 Palomares, Nicholas., Grasso, Katherine. and Li, Siyue.

Understanding Professional Identification: The Role of Interprofessional Communication in the Vocational Socialization of Physicians
 MacArthur, Brenda., Dailey, Stephanie. and Villagran, Melinda.

Understanding Publics’ Perception and Behaviors in Crisis Communication: Effects of Crisis News Framing and Publics’ Acquisition, Selection, and Transmission of Information in Crisis Situations
 Kim, Young.

Understanding the Decay of Public Attention: Predicting Progress of Opinion Formation With Latent Growth Curves (TOP PAPER)
 Geiss, Stefan.

Unequal Beginnings: Digital Inequalities Among Californian Youth
 Robinson, Laura.

Unequal Privacy Online: Investigating Antecedents of SNS Users’ Behaviors of Online Protecting and Searching for Private Information
 Liu, Qian. and Tu, Caixie.

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Validating Massively Open Online Social Experiments With Volunteer Science
 Radford, Jason., Keegan, Brian., Ognyanova, Katherine., Foucault Welles, Brooke., Hoye, Jefferson., Karbeyaz, Ceyhun., Meleis, Waleed. and Lazer, David.

Validating Modality Switching Effects via Trained Coder Ratings of Relational Messages
 Ramirez, Jr., Artemio. and Sumner, Erin.

Validating a Standardized Procedure for Effectiveness Assessment: Learning English Vocabulary Through Gameplay
 All, Anissa., Nunez Castellar, Elena., Meeschaert, Dries. and Van Looy, Jan.

Value Threat Can Make Pacifists Oppose Violent Video Games
 Rothmund, Tobias., Bender, Jens., Nauroth, Peter. and Gollwitzer, Mario.

Ventriloqual Career Designs: Explicating the “Pushing Hands (推手)” of Women’s Entrepreneuring in China
 Long, Ziyu.

Vernacular and Opaque Queer and Trans* Human-Machine Configurations
 Renninger, Bryce.

Vicarious and Source Credibility: A Cross-Cultural Explanation
 Dilbeck, Keith.

Video Game Addiction: What Can We Learn From a Media Neuroscience Perspective?
 Craighead, Britney., Huskey, Richard. and Weber, Rene.

Video Game Genres and Types of Engagement: A Multiple Self-Report Engagement Approach for Assessing Differences Between Games
 Shaw, Adrienne., Kenski, Kate., Filer, Christine. and Bradshaw, Seth.

Video Games and Positive Health Behaviors: Testing the Effectiveness of Wii Physical Activity Games on Children’s Enjoyment and Exertion
 Bie, Bijie., Zhang, Xueying., Conlin, Lindsey., McLemore, Dylan., Bissell, Kimberly. and Parrott, Scott.

Video Rants: Anatomy of a Genre
 Lange, Patricia.

Viewers Enjoy Being Overwhelmed by TV: Exploring the Relationship Between Cognitive Overload and Enjoyment During Television Viewing
 Park, Byungho., Yang, Haesung., Lim, Choah., Jang, Jun Woo., Kang, Sinyoung. and Lim, Tae Hwan.

Viewing Political Documentary and Engaging in Focus Group Discussion as Acts of Political Engagement
 Pitts, Margaret., Kenski, Kate., Smith, Stephanie. and Pavlich, Corey.

Viral Information: How Distortion About Ebola Can Impact Processing and Beliefs on Twitter
 Hong, Seoyeon., Johnson, Erika., Clayton, Russell. and Shoenberger, Heather.

Virtual Empathy at Scale
 Bailenson, Jeremy.

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WP:THREATENING2MEN: Misogynist Infopolitics and the Hegemony of the Asshole Consensus on English Wikipedia
 Peake, Bryce.

Waging Battle Against Wage Inequity Through the Reframing of Social and Personal Narratives of Work and Worth
 Chanel-Faiteau, Chardline.

Wait, Can I Laugh at This? Group Viewing and Racial Humor Messages
 Banjo, Omotayo., Wang, Zheng., Appiah, Osei., Walther, Whitney. and Brown, Christopher.

Wallowing in Media-Past: Personal and Collective Triggers of Media-Induced Nostalgia
 Wulf, Tim., Rieger, Diana., Frischlich, Lena., Rutkowski, Olivia. and Bente, Gary.

War on Women: Interlocking Conflicts Within the Vagina Monologues in China
 Huang, Yalan.

Watchdog or Lapdog? Framing of the Flemish Government’s PSB Policies by Public and Commercial Broadcasters
 Van den Bulck, Hilde.

Watching the Middle Kingdom: American Reactions to CCTV America
 Metzgar, Emily.

We All Have Access to Social Media, But Don’t Use Them in the Same Way: Linking Psychological Attributes, Gratifications and Social Media Use to Social Capital of Net-Generation in China
 Zheng, Pei.

We Are One Kenya: Representing the Nation and De-ethnicizing Kenyan Identity
 Tully, Melissa. and Tuwei, David.

We Are What We Measure: A Bayesian Concept to Combine Information on News-Show-Level Bias and Individual-Level Preferences Into a Latent Trait Measure of Ideological News Preferences
 Konitzer, Tobias.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges: The Impact of Reward Features and Feeling Rewarded In Educational Games
 McKernan, Brian., Martey, Rosa., Stromer-Galley, Jennifer., Kenski, Kate., Clegg, Ben., Folkestad, James., Rhodes, Matthew., Shaw, Adrienne., Saulnier, Tobi. and Strzalkowski, Tomek.

Web Historian: Enabling the Collection of Self-Reported and Behavioral Data on the Web
 Menchen-Trevino, Ericka.

Web TV is Local: Expanding Value Outside Hollywood Through Indie Production
 Christian, Aymar.

Web Tracking With Chinese Characteristics
 Libert, Tim. and Mai, Bo.

Webnovelas in Mexican Television: Still an Ambiguous Option to Audiences
 Orozco-Gomez, Guillermo.

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You Are a Political Junkie and Felon Who Loves the Sound of Blenders:
 Machine Learning Taste Publics
 Sandvig, Christian.

You Can Trust Me With Your Data! Service Cues Facilitating Self-Disclosure on Social Networking Sites
 Hoffmann, Christian., Aeschlimann, Lea. and Meckel, Miriam.

You Could Have Just Asked: Influences on the Perception of Violent Game Play Motivations
 Kneer, Julia.

You Get What You Pay For: Educational Quality of Free and Paid Children’s Apps
 Hurwitz, Lisa., Lauricella, Alexis. and Wartella, Ellen.

YouTube and Schizophrenia
 Gotkin, Kevin.

Young Adolescents on Facebook: Peer Sexual Norms and Knowledge About Sex
 Charmaraman, Linda., Notsu, Haruka. and Richer, Amanda.

Your Fave Could Never: The Political Economy of Algorithmic Popularity
 Marwick, Alice.

Youth Appeal in Televised Alcohol Advertisements: Development of the Primarily Youthful Content Appeal (PYCA) Index
 Padon, Alisa., Rimal, Rajiv., Siegel, Michael. and Jernigan, David.

Youth and Social Media: Resistance to Narratives That Construct LGBTQ Identity and Mental Health Stigma
 Ciszek, Erica.

Youth-led Approaches to Reduction of Stigma Concerning Mental Illness and Mental Health Needs
 Bruhn, Christina.


Zero Likes: Virtual Thumbs Down for Belongingness and Self-Esteem
 Heling, Leonie., Reich, Sabine. and Vorderer, Peter.
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