International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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A Bad Habit for Your Health? An Exploration of Psychological Factors for Binge Watching Behavior
 Sung, Yoon Hi., Kang, Eun Yeon. and Lee, Wei-Na.

A Big Threat or The Bigger Picture: Face, Commitment, Trust, and Behavior in Not-for-Profit Collaboratives
 Sen, Mrittika.

A Breach of Consensus: Outlining a Comparative Study on the Snowden/NSA Case
 Heikkila, Heikki. and Kunelius, Risto.

A Closer Look at the Relationship Between Institutions, Political Participation, and Interpersonal Political Discussions
 Shulman, Hillary. and Chod, Suzanne.

A Communication-Based Model of Acculturation Experiences and Mental Health of Immigrants: Stories From Indian Immigrants
 Ni, Lan., Wang, Qi. and Gogate, Anushree.

A Comparative Analysis of Freedom of Information and Open Government Data Online
 Martin, Jason.

A Comparative Analysis of Net Neutrality
 Shin, Dong-Hee., Kim, Guri. and Gu, Ji-Hyang.

A Comparative Analysis of the Intercultural Influence of American Media on Romanian Adolescents During the Ceauscescu (1978) and Post-Ceaucescu (2014) Eras
 Jorgensen, Rebekah.

A Conditional Process Model to Examine the Association Between Risky Driving Television and Joyriding Intentions
 Beullens, Kathleen. and Coenen, Lennert.

A Consumer Socialization Perspective on Prosocial Attitudes and Behaviors: The Importance of Interpersonal Influence
 Craig, Clay.

A Creator Matters and So Does a Sharer (But for Different Reasons)
 Kim, Soela. and Shen, Lijiang.

A Cross-Cultural Look at Communication Style
 Baldwin, John.

A Cultural Approach to James W. Carey: 
To Europe and Back With Geertz and Dewey
 Pooley, Jefferson.

A Developing Chasm: Structural Violence and the Media in Postgenocide Rwanda
 Cruikshank, Sally Ann.

A Factorial Survey Experiment With Political Journalists to Explain the Newsworthiness of MPs
 Vos, Debby.

A Formative Study About Habitual Cell Phone Use Threatening Pedestrian Safety Based on Theory of Planned Behavior
 Koh, Hyeseung.

A Laboratory Investigation on Predictors and Consequences of Experiencing Social Closeness During the Usage of Social Networking Sites
 Neubaum, German. and Kramer, Nicole.

A Longitudinal Examination of the Effects of Self Perceived Leader-Member Dyadic Communication Differentiation and Perceived Group Member Performance: Do Ethnicity Make a Difference?
 Abu Bakar, Hassan. and McCann, Robert.

A Longitudinal Investigation of Technological Affordances for Humanitarian Organizing
 Lai, Chih-Hui., Ye, Xinyue., She, Bing. and Tao, Chen-Chao.

A Longitudinal Study Of Children’s Obesity, Television Exposure, Parental Rules About TV, and Physical Activity
 Snyder, Leslie. and Ma, Tao.

A Matter of Perspective? How Self-Distancing and Perspective-Taking Influence First- and Third-Person Perceptions
 Mueller, Philipp. and Scherr, Sebastian.

A Merry Band of Thieves: Media-Induced Complicity With Antiheroes
 Oliver, Mary., Shade, Drew., Ferchaud, Arienne., Bailey, Erica., Yang, Chun., Bilandzic, Helena. and Cohen, Jonathan.

A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Interpersonal Communication on Health Outcomes in the Context of Mass Media Campaigns
 Jeong, Michelle. and Bae, EunGyuhl.

A Method for Describing The Evolution of New Media Ecological Systems
 Dougherty, Meghan.

A Mixed-Mode View of the Evolutionary Dynamics of Humanitarian Organizing Networks: Integration of Bona Fide Networks, Media Multiplexity, and Affordances
 Lai, Chih-Hui., Ye, Xinyue. and She, Bing.

A Model of Collective Action in Digital Media Networks: Cultural and Sociopsychological Origins of Civic Digital Campaigns
 Santana, Luis E..

A Multidimensional Model of Sport Dramaturgy
 Dumitriu, Diana.

A Multimodal View of Voluntary Group Participation and Community Involvement
 Lai, Chih-Hui. and Chen, Wenhong.

A Mysterious Lack of Geopolitical Struggle: Transportation Logistics and the Geopolitics of Information in South America
 Reilly, Katherine.

A New Conditionality? The Convergence of Aid, Branding, and Soft Power
 Pamment, James.

A New Scale for Confirmation Bias
 Miller, Claude., Lane, Brianna., Dunbar, Norah., Jensen, Matthew., Burgoon, Judee. and Bessarabova, Elena.

A Participatory Approach to Understanding Game Cheating
 Chen, Vivian Hsueh Hua. and Ong, Jeremy.

A Peircean Analysis of Apple’s Logo: From the Beginning to its Current Version
 Matusitz, Jonathan. and Cowin, Erica.

A Phenomenological Study of User Attitudes, Apprehensions, and Experiences in Reporting News Stories Using Traditional and New Technology
 Auger, Giselle., Tanes-Ehle, Zeynep. and Gee, Charlie.

A Prophet Not in His (or Her) Own Land: The Effect of Distance Traversed on Social Influence
 Fink, Edward., Cai, Deborah. and Sipek, Sanja.

A Proposed Technology Implementation Scheme for Virtual Research Environments
 Ahmed, Iftekhar. and Poole, Marshall.

A Public Right to Hear and the Networked Press
 Ananny, Mike.

A Real "Cone of Silence": Smartphones, Portability, and Psychological Privacy
 Eanes, Ryan.

A Replay Analysis Methodology for Small-Group Communication Research: Unique Characteristics, Potential Benefits, and Application Guide
 Alexander, Elitsa., Eppler, Martin. and Bresciani, Sabrina.

A Rubric for Transcultural Visual Media Production
 Schaevitz, Rachel.

A Space for Women: Online Commenting Forums as Indicators of Civility and Feminist Community-Building
 Jenkins, Joy. and Wolfgang, David.

A Theoretical Account for Mature Adults Reluctance to Register as Organ Donors
 Quick, Brian., Reynolds-Tylus, Tobias., Anker, Ashley. and Feeley, Thomas.

A Theoretical Framework of CSR Communication Practices Through Internet
 Gomez, Lina. and Vargas-Preciado, Lucely.

A Theoretical Investigation of Predictors of African-American, Caucasian, and Latinos Intentions to Register as Organ Donors
 Reynolds-Tylus, Tobias. and Quick, Brian.

A Time Well Wasted? Online Procrastination in Times of Unemployment
 Mueller, Severina., Fieseler, Christian., Suphan, Anne. and Meckel, Miriam.

A2K Across the Life Span
 Logan, Lucas.

About the Data: Privacy Asymmetry and Marketing Across the Lifespan
 Crain, Matthew.

Abstract Message Construal: A Situated Cognition Approach
 Reich, Sabine.

Abu Ghraib Photography and 'Torture Porn' Cinema: Exploring the Visual Relationship and Influence
 Rico, Andrew.

Academic Associations as Structuring Structures: The Case of Communication Studies in Latin America
 Fuentes-Navarro, Raul.

Academic Entitlement in Student Course Evaluation: Nonverbal Immediacy and Instructor Credibility as Mediators
 Zhu, Lin. and Anagondahalli, Deepa.

Academic Leadership Development Within the Association of American Universities (AAU): A Communicative Approach
 Gigliotti, Ralph.

Access to Flexible Work Options As a Source of Feelings of Respect and Leader Endorsement
 Koivisto, Satu. and Rice, Ronald.

Acculturation as a Predictor of Employment: An Australian Study of Refugee Communities
 Khawaja, Nigar., Hebbani, Aparna., Gallois, Cindy. and Mackinnon, Mairead.

Achieving Synchrony: A Foundational Dimension of Intercultural Communication Competence
 Kim, Young Yun.

Active Aging and Internet Use Among Dutch Older Adults
 Aartsen, Marja. and Loos, Eugène.

Activism and Digital Surveillance: Developing an Agenda for Scholarship
 Ganesh, Shiv.

Actor Diversity and Viewpoint Diversity: Two of a Kind? A Four Country Study on the Diversity of News on Immigration
 Masini, Andrea., Mazzoni, Marco., Coen, Sharon., Mancini, Paolo. and Van Aelst, Peter.

Actor Diversity and Viewpoint Diversity: Two of a Kind? A Study on the Content Diversity of News About Immigration in Flanders
 Masini, Andrea. and Van Aelst, Peter.

Adapting the Cognitive Mediation Model to Facebook: Examining the Impact of Surveillance Gratification and Affiliation Motivation on Structural Political Knowledge of Facebook Users in India
 Dasgupta, Priyanka.

Adjusting the Kaleidoscope: The Net, the Public, the Media
 Strover, Sharon., Gustafson, Karen. and Schrubbe, Alexis.

Adolescent Computer and Internet Use: Associations With Parental Monitoring, Mediating, and Modeling Behaviors
 Vaala, Sarah. and Bleakley, Amy.

Adolescents’ Differential Susceptibility to the Influence of Soap Opera Viewing on Alcohol Attitudes
 Vangeel, Jolien., Beullens, Kathleen., Goossens, Lien., Vervoort, Leentje., Van Lippevelde, Wendy., De Cock, Nathalie. and Eggermont, Steven.

Adolescents’ Emotion Regulation Strategies as Predictors of Music Importance and of Music as an Expression of Identity: The Moderating Role of Gender
 Dickmeis, Anne. and Roe, Keith.

Adolescents’ Sexual Self-Concept Explains the Association Between Their Sexy Online Self-Presentation and Sexual Preocccupancy
 van Oosten, Johanna. and Peter, Jochen.

Adult Players, Toys, and Creative Material Culture
 Heljakka, Katriina.

Advancing Media Scholarship in the Big Data Era
 Montgomery, Kathryn.

Advancing the Communication Model of Sojourner Reentry Adjustment
 Pitts, Margaret.

Advergame Alert! Effects Disclosure of Advergames and Mood on Persuasion Knowledge and Persuasion
 van Reijmersdal, Eva., Lammers, Nienke., Rozendaal, Esther. and Buijzen, Moniek.

Affectionate Men
 Henderson, Lisa.

African American Females Communicative Workplace Experiences With Organizational Success
 Murray, Creshema.

African Communication Study From the Dawn of Independence to Globalization
 Skjerdal, Terje.

Age Differences in Recall and Liking of Arousing Television Commercials
 van der Goot, Margot., van Reijmersdal, Eva. and Kleemans, Mariska.

Age or Education? Sage or Expert? Teaching Credibility as a Culture Specific Public Speaking Component
 Bilge, Nurhayat.

Agenda Cueing Effects of News and Social Media
 Stoycheff, Elizabeth., Pingree, Raymond., Sui, Mingxiao. and Peifer, Jason.

Agenda-Setting Effects Related International Political Leadership Coverage on U.S. Media Coverage and Their Presidential Approval

Agenda-Setting on the Online News Network: Identifying Structural Mechanisms That Influence Public Opinion
 Majo-Vazquez, Silvia.

Agent-Based Presence
 Jeong, David.

Algorithms, Attributions, and Decision-Making: The Effects of System Design Features on Mate Selection in Online Dating
 Tong, Stephanie., Hancock, Jeff., Slatcher, Richard., Corriero, Elena., Walther, Joseph., Lennemann, Benjamin., Rochadiat, Annisa. and Tadi, Prathyusha.

Alignment Within Troubles Talk
 Cannava, Kaitlin.

All Together Now: The Many Facets of Digital Distribution Infrastructures
 Braun, Joshua.

All the Kids Are Doing It: Second Screening as Convergence in Brazil and the US
 McGregor, Shannon., Mourao, Rachel., Neto, Ivo., Straubhaar, Joseph. and Angeluci, Alan.

Alternative Organizing and (In)visibility: Tensions in a Shadowed Voluntary Organization
 Jensen, Peter. and Meisenbach, Rebecca.

Ambient Awareness: Interpersonal Knowledge in Online Social Networks
 Levordashka, Ana., Lin, Ruoyun. and Utz, Sonja.

An Adapted Structurational Framework of Network Emergence
 Pilny, Andrew., Dinh, Ly., Bryan, Ann. and Proulx, Jeffrey.

An Affective Turn for Public Relations
 Kennedy, Amanda.

An Alternative Interpretation of the Zhang and Oetzel Chinese Teacher Immediacy Measure
 Kelly, Stephanie. and Denton, Zachary.

An Analysis of Out-of Class Communication: Student Motivation, Perceived Teacher Approachability, Conversation Frequency, and Duration in Relation to College Course Format
 Brooks, Catherine. and Young, Stacy.

An Analysis of Temporal Message Content in Motivational Messages About Medication Adherence
 Villagran, Melinda., Kreps, Gary., Zhao, Xiaoquan., McHorney, Colleen. and MacArthur, Brenda.

An Apple a Day Keeps the News Away? Examining the Commercialization of Technology News
 Chyi, Hsiang. and Lee, Angela.

An Empirical Test of the Academic Dependency Theory: Using the Field of Communication as an Example
 Wang, Zhenzhen.

An Evolutionary Theory of Diagnostic Text Development
 Proulx, Jeffrey.

An Examination of Consumer-Company Identification as a Key Predictor of Consumer Responses in Corporate Crisis
 Zhang, Xiaochen. and Kim, Sora.

An Examination of Influence From Self-Esteem and Media Stereotype on American Students' Discrimination and Aggression Toward Asian International Students
 Zhou, Chun.

An Examination of the But-You-Are-Free (BYAF) Technique Effectiveness
 Shaw, Allison., Mukherjee, Tanuka., Messerschmidt, Erik., Dolan, Emily. and Anderson, Kenton.

An Examination of the Moderating Role of Group-Identification in the Peer Norm-Mediated Media Influence
 Yang, Bo. and Zhao, Xinyan.

An Experiment Examining the Influence of Computer-Mediated Communication on the Outcomes of Supportive Interaction
 Rains, Steve., Brunner, Steven., Akers, Chelsie., Pavlich, Corey. and Goktas, Selin.

An Experimental Study of a Dance Video Game on Racial Attitudes of African Americans
 Slaker, Janine. and Ratan, Rabindra.

An Exploratory Investigation of the Links Between Colleges Students’ Social Networking Site Use and Problem Drinking
 Thompson, Charee. and Romo, Lynsey.

An Exploratory Study of Online Political Communication in Puerto Rico: The Case of the 2012 General Elections
 Hestres, Luis.

An Interpretive Approach to Public Relations
 Fredriksson, Magnus.

Analyzing Messages for Their Effectiveness: Content and Executional Features on Smoking Cessation Advertisements
 Kim, Minji., Baek, Young Min., Yang, Sijia., Kim, Hyun Suk. and Cappella, Joseph.

Analyzing an Insult in a Women’s Bible Study: The Embeddedness of Frames in Group Interaction
 Hudson, Nancie.

Analyzing the Gap Between Ideals and Practice in Journalism Crossnationally: A Comparative Study of Chile, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador
 Mellado, Claudia., Amado, Adriana., Marquez, Mireya., Mick, Jacques., Saladrigas, Hilda., Olivera, Dasniel. and Oller Alonso, Martin.

Anchoring and Representativeness Bias Mitigation Through a Digital Game: Effectiveness and Delivery Format
 Lee, Yu-Hao., Dunbar, Norah., Miller, Claude., Lane, Brianna., Jensen, Matthew., Bessarabova, Elena., Burgoon, Judee., Adame, Bradley., Valacich, Joseph., Arterburn, Elissa., Bostwick, Eryn., Piercy, Cameron., King, Shawn., Elizondo, Francisco. and Wilson, Scott.

Anger, Goals, and Compliance-Gaining: An Exploration of the Rebuff Phenomenon
 Cruz, Shannon.

Anger, Mood Management, and Attraction to Violent Video Games
 Whitaker, Jodi.

Anniversary Coverage of Tiananmen and the Berlin Wall in UK and U.S. Press, 1990-2013
 Song, Yunya. and Lee, Chin-Chuan.

Anonymity and Interaction in an Online Breast Cancer Social Support Group
 Kang, Kyunwon.

Another Leap Forward? A Critical Analysis of China's National Broadband Plan
 Liu, Chun.

Another Look at Event Time Analysis of Sequential Interaction Data: Traditional Approaches vs. Multilevel Modelling
 VanLear, C.., Al Abri, Amna. and Wang, Yi.

Another Note on Presence Terminology: A General Model of Experiencing Virtual Environments
 Liebold, Benny., Pietschmann, Daniel. and Ohler, Peter.

Answering the Mobile Summons: Managing Multiple Communicative Activities Across Copresent and Mediated Modalities
 DiDomenico, Stephen., Raclaw, Joshua. and Robles, Jessica.

Antecedents and Consequences of Social Media Consumer Engagement
 Um, Nam-Hyun., Kim, Sojung. and Kim, Jong Min.

Antecedents and Outcomes of Online Serendipity: Contextual Differences Between Online Services
 Lutz, Christoph., Hoffmann, Christian. and Meckel, Miriam.

Antecedents of Adolescents’ Use of Different Types of Sexually Explicit Internet Material: A Longitudinal Study
 Vandenbosch, Laura., Peter, Jochen. and van Oosten, Johanna.

Antecedents of Group Member Performance: An Examination of Leader-Member Dyadic Interaction Agreement and Servant Leadership
 Abu Bakar, Hassan. and McCann, Robert.

Antecedents of the Initiation of Accessing Sexual Explicit Internet Material: A Longitudinal Study
 Vandenbosch, Laura. and van Oosten, Johanna.

Anti-Corruption Hero? The Transformation of Chinese Femininity on Sina Weibo
 Wu, Yin.

Anti-Gravity Selfies: Presentations of Hotness, Fitness and Style by Women Over 40 and 50 on Instagram and Tumblr
 Tiidenberg, Katrin.

Anytime Anyplace Identities and Relationships: Teenagers’ Social Media Use via Mobile Devices
 Vanden Abeele, Mariek.

Apologia and Rape: How the U.S. Military Framed Two Cases of Sexual Assault
 Hoffmann, Nadine. and Barnett, Barbara.

App-Based STEM Learning for Children: Examining the Social Dimension of Learning for Problem-Based Educational Apps
 Ibrahim, Ahmed. and Richert, Rebekah.

Appearance and Ability: The Impact of Different Types of Avatar Customization
 Rogers, Ryan.

Appearance-Related Communication and Body Image Outcomes: Fat Talk and Old Talk Among Mothers and Daughters
 Arroyo, Analisa. and Andersen, Kristin.

Application of Information Introduced and Physiological Measures to Dynamic Information Processing of Television Messages and Enjoyment
 Park, Byungho. and Bailey, Rachel.

Applying Game Theory and Signal Detection Theory to Conflict Escalation: A Case Study of a Police Investigator Viewing a Domestic Argument
 Honeycutt, James. and Eldredge, Judson.

Are All Forms of Insistence Equally Effective?: Sexual Assertiveness, Aggression, and Biological Sexual Risk Markers
 Coles, Valerie., Monahan, Jennifer., Bradley, Erin., Mercer Kollar, Laura., Samp, Jennifer., Davis, Teaniese., Comer, Sarah., Sales, Jessica., Rose, Eve. and DiClemente, Ralph.

Are Connective Action's Strengths Also Its Weaknesses?
 Tufekci, Zeynep.

Are Foreign Publics Interested in News About China? Analysis of a Cross-National Survey
 Lee, Francis L. F.., Wang, Haiyan. and Zhang, Fan.

Are Habits Cognitive Processes? Examining the Distinct Antecedents of Habits and Its Influence on the Outcomes of a Phishing Attack
 Vishwanath, Arun.

Are Newspapers’ News Stories Becoming More Alike? A Study of Media Content Diversity in Flanders
 Beckers, Kathleen., Masini, Andrea., Sevenans, Julie., van der Burg, Miriam. and De Smedt, Julie.

Are Politicians Politically Engaged? Examining the Political Engagement 2.0 of Electoral Candidates Through Facebook
 Muniz, Carlos.

Are Victims to Blame? Young People’s Perspectives on Online Risk Taking
 Farrugia, Lorleen. and Jorge, Ana.

Are We More Impulsive on Smartphones? A Comparison of Impulse Buying on Smartphones and Laptops
 Li, Ruobing., Wang, Ruoxu., Chen, Tsai-Wei., Law, Yuen Lam. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

Are Weak Ties Weak? Lung, Prostate, and Ovarian Cancer Survivors' Online Social Networking
 Leung, Wan Chi.

Are You Addicted to Candy Crush Saga? An Exploratory Study Linking Psychological Factors to Mobile Social Game Addiction
 CHEN, Cheng. and Leung, Louis.

Are You From Here? Communication Between Undocumented Latino/as and Anglo-Americans
 Rodriguez, Jeanette.

Arguing to Display Identity
 Hample, Dale. and Irions, Amanda.

Argumentative Communication in Cooperative Learning Groups: Member’s Use of Evidence and Nonevidence
 LeFebvre, Leah., Yilmaz, Gamze. and LeFebvre, Luke.

Aspirations and Contestations: ICT and New Subjectivities Among Subaltern Youth
 Sarkar, Sreela.

Aspirations and Non-Use: Outcomes of Communication Technology Engagements
 Robinson, Laura.

Assessing Creativity Through its Degree of Objectivity: A Communicative Approach to Creativity
 Martine, Thomas., Bartels, Gerald. and Cooren, Francois.

Assessing Individuals' Ability to Project Social Presence: Validating Self-Rated Behaviors That Lead to Social Presence
 Christen, Scott. and Violanti, Michelle.

Assessing Journalistic Role Performance in 31 Countries: Comparative Design and Methodological Challenges
 Mellado, Claudia. and Hellmueller, Lea.

Assessing the Effects of Human Trafficking Prevention Campaign and Its Determinants Through a Multi-Level Model
 Thainiyom, Prawit., Riley, Patricia., Murphy, Sheila. and Latonero, Mark.

Assessing the Longitudinal Relationship Between Peruvian Children’s TV Exposure and Unhealthy Food Consumption
 Busse, Peter., Piotrowski, Jessica. and Díaz, Ramón.

At All Costs, But Stay Within the Budget: The Issue of Paradox Messages in Fire Departments
 Young, Laura.

At the Symbol’s Edge: Networks, Actants, and Socialized Material
 Reyes, G. Mitchell.

Attachment Issues: The Ideological Divide in Research on Violent Digital Games and Aggression
 Elson, Malte., Ivory, James. and Vogelgesang, Jens.

Attachment, Conflict Styles, and Relational Satisfaction of Long Distance Romantic Couples
 Bassick, Megan., Wilson Mumpower, Stacie. and Lee, Sun Kyong.

Attempts to Determine the Mediating Mechanisms for the Legitimization of Paltry Favors
 Shaw, Allison., Weiss, Julia., Dolan, Emily. and Messerschmidt, Erik.

Attention to Social, News, and Political Content: Using Eye-Tracking to Determine Who Sees What on Facebook
 Vraga, Emily., Bode, Leticia. and Troller-Renfree, Sonya.

Attention, Sources, and Frames: How Journalism in 20 Countries Mediated IPCC AR5
 Kunelius, Risto.

Attentional Capacity and Flow Experiences: Examining the Attentional Component of Synchronization Theory
 Weber, Rene., Huskey, Richard. and Terrazas, Magnum.

Audience Frames of Poverty
 Yowell, Curt.

Audiovisual Infotainment in European News: A Comparative Content Analysis of Dutch, Spanish, and Irish Television News Programs
 Alencar, Amanda. and Kruikemeier, Sanne.

Authority, Precedence, and Sensemaking: Power on Health Care Teams
 Fox, Stephanie.

Autism and Digital Media
 Pinchevski, Amit. and Peters, John.

Autobiographical Memories Cued Within the Narrative: Toward Predicting Who, When, and Why?
 Collier, James.

Automated Visual Coding of Politicians in the Mass Media: Correlating Large-Scale Image Analysis With Public Opinion Polls
 Joo, Jungseock. and Steen, Francis.

Autonomy From the Inside: Journalists’ Perceptions of Workplace Autonomy in Five European Countries
 Ornebring, Henrik., Lindell, Johan., Clerwall, Christer. and Karlsson, Michael.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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