International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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CSR-Communication Between Voluntariness and Obligation: A Qualitative Analysis of the Energy Sector in Germany
 Belentschikow, Valentin.

CSR/Sustainability and the Insider-Activist Public Relations Role
 Pompper, Donnalyn.

Calling Dr. Jekyll, Not Mr. Hyde: Effects of Bridging Strategy on Relational Outcomes, Perceptions, and Supportive Communication Behaviors by Staunch and Hostile Publics
 Kim, Soojin., Krishna, Arunima. and Kim, Jeong-Nam.

Calling it Wrong: Partisan Media Effects on Electoral Expectations and Institutional Trust
 Daniller, Andrew., Silver, Laura. and Moehler, Devra.

Cameras in the Home: Ethical Considerations When Using Digital Recordng Devices for Media Research
 Brechman, Jean., Robinson, Jennifer., Wooley, Brooke., Bellman, Steven. and Varan, Duane.

Can I Live? Stereotypes and the Intersectional Identities of Black Gay Men
 Davis, Catasha., Coppini, David. and Hull, Shawnika.

Can Incongruent Combinations of Media Frames and Emotional Trajectories Elicit Coactivation in the Motivational Systems?
 Loof, Travis. and Keene, Justin.

Can You Really Teach THAT With a Game? A Case Study With Experimental Results
 Watt, James., Hamilton, Mark., Nowak, Kristine. and Christensen, John.

Can an Algorithm be Unethical?
 Sandvig, Christian., Hamilton, Kevin., Karahalios, Karrie. and Langbort, Cedric.

Candidate Set Selection and its Correlates: Philippine Senatorial Elections
 David, Clarissa. and Legara, Erika.

Caribbean Multiracial Ethnic Identity and Social Networking Sites
 Maragh, Raven. and Corsbie-Massay, Charisse.

Cascading Homophily: Partisan Websites Audience and Polarization Processes.
 Dvir-Gvirsman, Shira.

Celebrity Endorsement in Anti-Drunk-Driving Campaigns: Reaching Risk Groups by Risk-Taking Advocates?
 Baumann, Eva., Geber, Sarah. and Klimmt, Christoph.

Celebrity Influence and Identification: A Test of the Angelina Effect
 Hurley, Ryan. and Kosenko, Kama.

Challenges and Opportunities for Puerto Rican Nonprofit Organizations
 Soto-Velez, Ivette.

Challenges and Opportunities of Developing an Online Public Goods Game Experiment
 Pilny, Andrew. and Poole, Marshall.

Changing Class Formations and Changing Television Viewing: The New Middle Class, Television, and Pay Television in Brazil and Mexico, 2003-2013
 Straubhaar, Joseph., Higgins Joyce, Vanessa., Sinta, Vinicio., McConnell, Christopher. and Spence, Jeremiah.

Changing Content Offerings in Children’s TV Programs and Their Potential Effects on the Self-Identity and National-Identity of Puerto Rican Children
 Delgado Madlonado, Jorge.

Changing Inequalities in Online Engagement
 Deursen, Alexander. and Van Dijk, Jan.

Changing Perspective: Balancing Drone Journalism Rights and Rights to Privacy
 Barclay, Courtney. and Wesner, Kearston.

Changing Perspectives? Public Opinion, Perceptions of Discrimination, and Feelings Toward the Family
 Becker, Amy. and Todd, Maureen.

Changing Scales: Diasporic Streaming and Local Video Stores
 Elkins, Evan.

Changing TV-Consumption, Changing Political Interest?
 Elvestad, Eiri., Blekesaune, Arild. and Aalberg, Toril.

Changing of the Guard: Has the Gatekeeping Role of Newspapers Changed in the Digital Age?
 Welbers, Kasper.

Changing of the Guard?
 Cunningham, Stuart.

Channel Surfing: The Ties Between Twitter, Traditional Media, Parasocial Relationships, and Self-Perceived Knowledge on Current Events
 Bien-Aime, Steve. and Yang, Fan.

Characteristics of Social Capital in Relation to Stigma Toward Suicide in Korea
 LEE, HANNAH. and An, Soontae.

Charisma Consumption: Internet Animal Celebrities as Identity and Commodity
 Forelle, Michelle.

Charles Peirce and the Symbolism of Argument
 Crick, Nathan.

Charles Siepmann’s Forgotten Legacy for Communication Research and Educational Broadcasting
 Pickard, Victor.

Chewing the Fat: How Formerly Overweight and Obese Individuals Negotiate Disclosure of Their Weight Loss
 Romo, Lynsey., Davis, Christine., Foulke, Meredith., Gilroy, Haley. and Hoffman, Melissa.

Child Murders: Media Coverage of a Global Practice
 Barnett, Barbara.

Children Talking Television: The Salience and Functions of Media Content in Child Peer Interactions
 Kampf, Zohar. and Hamo, Michal.

Children and Advertising on Social Network Games: A Structural Equation Model of Parental Media Mediation, Advertising Literacy, and Pester Intent
 Vanwesenbeeck, Ini., Walrave, Michel. and Ponnet, Koen.

Children as Players on an Adult Stage: Representation of Boys and Girls on Israeli Prime Time Reality Television Programmes
 Liran Alper, Dalia. and geffen, shelly.

Children’s Media Use and Sociocognitive Development: A Matter of Social Disparities?
 Camerini, Anne-Linda., Jeannet, Anne-Marie. and Schulz, Peter.

Children’s Temperament, Maternal Mental Distress, and Mothers’ Motivations to Use Television With Their Children
 Beyens, Ine.

Chile and the Right Not to Be Forgotten
 Carter, Edward. and Connell, Karen.

Chileans Media Practices and Media Pluralism From the Bottom-Up
 Arriagada, Arturo., Correa, Teresa. and Scherman, Andres.

China and Russia: Legitimation of New Kinds of Internet Governance
 Yagodin, Dmitry. and Wang, Haiyan.

Choosing Civility: Understanding News Selection Patterns
 Muddiman, Ashley., Hellrung, Alexandria. and Matson, Jamie.

Citizen Photojournalism and the Changing Processes and Practices of Icon-Formation
 Anden-Papadopoulos, Kari.

Citizen Sources in the News: Above and Beyond the Vox Pop?
 Kleemans, Mariska., Schaap, Gabi. and Hermans, Liesbeth.

Citizenship and Power: Containment of Critical Voices in the Public Sphere
 Uldam, Julie. and Krause Hansen, Hans.

Citizens’ Apathy and Disinterest in Political Issues: The Presence of Conflict and Negativity in Political News in Spain Compared to 15 Countries
 Berganza, Rosa., De Miguel, Roberto. and Herrero, Beatriz.

Civil Discussions or Partisan Rants?: Comment Interactivity on Online News Websites
 Heatherly, Kyle.

Civil Interactivity: Discouraging Hostility in User Comments on News Websites
 Ksiazek, Thomas.

Civility Norms in Public Discourse: An Explication
 Wolfgang, David.

Claim and Value: Sixty Years of Rhetorical, Critical, and Empirical Research
 Middleton, Michael. and Anderson, James.

Clearing the Smoke: Understanding Communication Satisfaction in Fire Departments
 Young, Laura.

Clickhole: Parody’s Infinite Regress
 Day, Amber.

Climate Change and Technology: Examining Opinion Formation and Risk Perceptions of Geoengineering
 Cummings, Christopher.

ClimateScapes: Imaginative Geographies of Bangladesh
 Kepes, Gyuri.

Cloud, Informality, and Global Copyright Governance
 Wang, Shujen.

Cognitive Bridging: Tests of the Induced and Integrated Processes
 Katz, Sherri Jean. and Byrne, Sahara.

Cognitive Mediators of the Relationship Between Peruvian Children’s TV Exposure and Unhealthy Food Habits Within the Reasoned Action Approach
 Busse, Peter.

Cognitive Pathway to Narrative Persuasion: A Serial Multiple Mediation Model
 Hong, Yangsun. and Hull, Shawnika.

Cognitive and Affective Predictors of Controlled-Drinking Intentions Among College Students
 Lin, Carolyn. and Roy, Deya.

Cognitive, Attraction, Attachment, and Love Type Differences Among Friends With Benefits
 Honeycutt, James., Shimek, Cassie. and White, Richard.

Collaborative Communication in Teacher Training: Using Instructional Technologies in Peruvian Schools
 Ale, Komathi., Olivera, Paz. and Chib, Arul.

Collective Action Frames in a Nonprofit Organization’s Strategic Communication
 Smith, Rebecca. and Brehm, Alexander.

Collective Remembering of Organizations: Coconstruction of Organizational Pasts in Wikipedia
 Etter, Michael.

Colombian-Web: Dreaming a New Entertainment
 Rincon, Omar.

Color and Crime: Race and Local Television News in a Majority-Minority City
 Grimm, Joshua. and Saha, Paromita.

Combining Interpersonal and Mediated Health Information: What Makes Health Information Effective For Older Adult Patients?
 van Weert, Julia., Bol, Nadine. and Bolle, Sifra.

Comment Counts, News Factors, and Interest in Politics as Factors of Users’ News Selection on News Websites
 Engelmann, Ines. and Wendelin, Manuel.

Comments on Climate: Does Reader Response Disrupt the Reception of Environmental Journalism Stories?
 Hinnant, Amanda., Subramanian, Roma. and Young, Rachel.

Commodification of Television Formats
 Choi, Joonseok.

Communicating Human Rights to Brazil Under the Military: The Transformation of Relations With a Developing Power
 Straubhaar, Joseph.

Communicating Leadership Online: Examining Three Facets of Leadership in Two Virtual Worlds
 Stromer-Galley, Jennifer., Martey, Rosa., Banks, Jaime., Wu, Jingsi. and Lovaas, Steven.

Communicating Social Support in Computer-Mediated Contexts Among Individuals Coping With Illness: A Meta-Analytic Review of Content Analyses Examining Support Messages Shared Online
 Rains, Steve., Wright, Kevin. and Peterson, Emily.

Communicating Through Family Members: Patients’ Experiences With Informal Interpreting in General Practice
 Zendedel, Rena., Schouten, Barbara., van Weert, Julia. and van den Putte, Bas.

Communicating on Twitter During a Disaster: An Analysis of Tweets During Typhoon Haiyan
 Takahashi, Bruno., Tandoc, Edson. and Carmichael, Christine.

Communication Across the Business Life Span of Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs: Strategic Use of Communication Channels to Survive
 Haseki, Muge.

Communication Frequency and Stress Carry-Over Among Family Members: Implications for Physical Health and Emotional Well-Being
 Gallegos, Monica., Arroyo, Analisa. and Segrin, Chris.

Communication Style as an Antecedent to Reactance, Self-Efficacy, and Restoration of Freedom
 Smith, Sandi., Cornacchione, Jennifer., Morash, Merry., Kashy, Deborah. and Cobbina, Jennifer.

Communication and Coping: Effects of Hope and Rumination Messages on Heart Rate and Anxiety
 Chadwick, Amy., Zoccola, Peggy., Rabideau, Erin. and Figueroa, Wilson.

Communication and Power in the Job Interview: Using a Ventriloqual Approach to Analyze Moral Accounts
 Hudson, Nancie.

Communication for Social Change and Participatory Video as Tools to Empower Youth and Foster Social Change in Southern Ecuador
 Gonzalez Herrera, Jessica.

Communication in Chronic Illness Decision-Making
 Palmer-Wackerly, Angela.

Communication in Leadership Through Social Activism of Alzheimer's Awareness and Memory Screenings
 Price, Katey.

Communication in Times of Crisis: The Stakeholder-Organization Relationship Under Pressure
 van der Meer, Toni., Verhoeven, Piet., Beentjes, Johannes. and Vliegenthart, Rens.

Communication, Childhood, and Gender: Girls Around the World Interpret Non-Western Disney Princesses
 Nastasia, Sorin., Nastasia, Diana. and Uppal, Charu.

Communicative Predictors of Alcohol-Related Sexual Victimization
 Villagran, Melinda., MacArthur, Brenda., Horan, Sean. and Schepis, Ty.

Communicative Space and Atmospheric Policing
 Feigenbaum, Anna.

Communicator Matching Effects in Persuasion: Susceptibility to Persuasive Appeals from Emotional and Rational Communicators and the Moderating Role of Attitude Meta-Bases
 Schemer, Christian. and Ryffel, Fabian.

Community Media As Sites of Resistance to GM Technologies
 Thaker, Jagadish. and Dutta, Mohan.

Community Radio Help Us to Tell Our Stories, But to Whom?
 Guo, Lei.

Comparative Analysis of Visualizing Natural Disasters: Picturing Images of Floods in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Versus Pakistan
 Ali, Sadaf. and Fahmy, Shahira.

Comparing Cross Cultural or International Social Media and Television Use by University Students in the US and Brazil
 Straubhaar, Joseph., Li, Xiaoqian., Mora, Adolfo., Huang, Gejun. and Angeluci, Alan.

Comparing Different Species: Journalism Education in the US and Romania
 Gross, Peter.

Comparing From a (Social) Distance: Applying Social Comparison Theory to the Effects of Social Media Use
 Ash, Erin. and Frampton, Jessica.

Comparing Implicit Frames Across Domains
 Boumans, Jelle.

Comparing Two Models of Parent Mediation of Adolescent Social Media Use
 Krcmar, Marina. and Cingel, Drew.

Compassion Fatigue and Audience Global Crises: Integrating Network and Content Analysis in the Examination ‘Ebola Crisis’ Tweeting
 Park, SangHee., Labbe, Brett. and Joa, Claire.

Competing Meanings in Environmental Discourses: A Text Analysis of the Binational Environmental Agenda Between Ecuador and Colombia
 Castro-Sotomayor, Jose.

Complications and Confused Co-Owners: Disclosure Conundrums for Adult Children Who are Estranged From Their Parents
 Scharp, Kristina.

Computerworld and the Historical Transformation of Chinese Information Politics
 Wang, Hongzhe.

Conceptualizing Techno-Social Generations for Communication Research
 Yang, Guobin.

Condemning and Legitimizing ISIS: Turkey's Pro-Government, Islamist Media and the Ambiguities of Neo-Ottomanism
 Yesil, Bilge.

Conditional Process Analysis With Multicategorical Independent Variables and Multicategorical Moderator Variables
 Lull, Robert.

Conflict Transformation Through Dialogue: Nationality and Gender, Intergroup Perceptions and Change in Dialogue Encounters Between Israelis and Palestinians
 Ron, Yiftach. and Maoz, Ifat.

Conflict or Compatibility: Perceptions of Bias and Influence in News Coverage About Science and Religion
 Perryman, Mallory. and Gunther, Albert.

Confluences: Global Information Flow Debates, Development Communication Perspectives, and Communication Theory
 Ofori-Parku, S. Senyo.

Confronting a Mother’s Ambition: Tales From the Field
 Hasan, Fadia.

Connecting Political Communication With Urban Politics: A Bourdieusian Framework
 Shin, Yongjun.

Connecting the Comedy Dots: Interview Content, Elaborative Processing, and Political Satire Programming
 Becker, Amy. and Goldberg, Andrew.

Consensual Entertainment? An Examination of BDSM Culture and Fifty Shades of Grey Portrayals
 Tripodi, Francesca.

Considering Cell Phone Use in Macau and Finland
 Poutiainen, Saila. and Sandel, Todd.

Constituting Organizational Rhetoric
 Selzer King, Abigail. and Buzzanell, Patrice.

Constitutive Approaches to the Study of Organizational Paradoxes, Contradictions, and Dialectics
 Brummans, Boris.

Construal-Level Theory and Intuitive Morality: How Processing States Shape Moral Judgments of Media Content
 Lester, Nicholas. and Weber, Rene.

Constructing Common Ground for Cross-Cultural Communication: An Interactive-Metaphorical Approach
 Xiao, Xiaosui.

Constructing Migrant Workers in Taiwan: A Critical Discourse Analysis
 Cheng, Hsin-I.

Constructing Organizational Legitimacy Despite Core-Stigma: Discursive Practices of Nevada's Legal Brothels
 Wolfe, Anna. and Blithe, Sarah.

Constructing a Discourse About the Internet on the Internet: The Debate on ACTA and Copyright
 Kramer, Benjamin. and Wallner, Cornelia.

Constructing the Berlin Wall on Television News, 1989-2009
 Somerstein, Rachel.

Constructing the Chinese Self Through the African Other: Media Representations of Africans in Guangzhou
 Yang, Yue.

Constructing the Taste of a New Generation: Branding and/as the Making of Audiences
 Gray, Jonathan.

Constructing the Unimpeachable Ethos: Lance Armstrong’s Vow of Silence
 Archer, Harry.

Constructive or Repressive? Journalists’ Reactions to the Presumed Political Influences of Online Media
 Bernhard, Uli., Dohle, Marco. and Vowe, Gerhard.

Consumers of Debt: Digital Subaltern 2.0 Through ICT4D 2.0
 Gajjala, Radhika.

Consumers’ Responses to Company Involvement on Brand Community: What Causes Consumers to Raise Their Defenses?
 McLaughlin, Caitlin.

Consuming Loss: Alzheimer’s and the Marketing of Elder Personhood
 Selberg, Scott.

Consumption in the City: The Turn to Interiority in Contemporary Postfeminist Television
 Dejmanee, Tisha.

Content (Re)creation in Chinese TV: Inter-Asia TV Format Adaptation
 Fung, Anthony. and Cheung, Carlos.

Content Analysis Methods Across New Media Platforms
 Hurwitz, Lisa., Alvarez, Aubry., Kirkorian, Heather., Rousse, Thomas., Morales, Eric., Lauricella, Alexis. and Wartella, Ellen.

Content Diversity in Online News: Comparing Different Types of Ownership
 Esser, Frank. and Humprecht, Edda.

Content Structural Features and Diffusion Online: A Health-Related Case Study
 Sanders-Jackson, Ashley., Zhao, Qiannan., Margolin, Drew., Bigman, Cabral. and Lin, Yu-Ru.

Content and Context in Crowdsourcing Design: Exploring the Role of Communication on Contest Performance
 Guth, Kristen. and Brabham, Daren.

Contesting Empire: Media and Culture in Puerto Rico
 Diaz-Hernandez, Anilyn.

Contesting “Equity” in a Public Sphere: The Negotiation of Collective Identity Where Racial Disparities Prevail
 Robinson, Sue. and Asen, Robert.

Contextual Factors and Issue Difference Influencing Willingness to Express Minority Views on Internet and Offline
 Li, Xigen.

Contextualizing Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Digital Spaces: Digital Translation Tools and Culturally-Localized Information Design
 Gonzales, Laura.

Continued Willingness to Purchase After Learning an Advertisement is False
 Green, Melanie. and Donahue, John.

Contributions of Screen Media to Self-Sexualization among Undergraduate Women and Men
 Ward, Lucretia., Seabrook, Rita., Manago, Adriana. and Reed, Lauren.

Convenient or Empowering: Trends of Internet Usage Among Women in the UAE
 Allagui, Ilhem.

Conventional and Dialogical Uses of Social Media in the Newsroom: How Journalists Use Facebook and Twitter, and Why
 Tandoc, Edson.

Conversations About the Transition to Coresidence, Commitment, and Plans to Marry Among Nonengaged Cohabitors
 Priem, Jennifer., Steuber, Keli. and Moody, Hannah.

Cool Story, Bro?: Relevance, Timeliness, and the Problem of “Lame Memes”
 Phillips, Whitney.

Coordination and Media Use in Virtual Teams
 Walker, Robyn.

Coping Strategies and Feelings Towards Being Permanently Online and Permanently Connected in Germany
 Kroemer, Nicola., Schneider, Frank., Reich, Sabine. and Vorderer, Peter.

Cord Cutting and Fantasies of Unlimited Choice
 Tryon, Chuck.

Corporate Risk Policing: On the Surveillance Practices of Extractive Multinationals to Corporate Resistance
 Krause Hansen, Hans. and Uldam, Julie.

Cosmopolitan Memory and Global Media Disasters
 Kyriakidou, Maria.

Cosmopolitanism: A Perspective From the South
 Papastergiadis, Nikos.

Cosmopolitanizing Cosmopolitanism: Toward an Inclusive Theoretical Framework of Cosmopolitanism
 Tanweer, Anissa.

Counteracting for the Indirect Influence: The Responses of Chinese Single Women to Prejudicial Media Portrayals
 Jiang, L.Crystal. and Gong, Wanqi.

Counterintensive Mothering: Exploring Transgressive Portrayals and Transcendence on Mad Men
 D\'Enbeau, Suzanne. and Buzzanell, Patrice.

Couple Identity Gaps and the Management of Stress and Conflict in Romantic Relationships
 Merrill, Anne. and Afifi, Tamara.

Coverage of Holiday Philanthropy: Media and Social Responsibility
 Horowitz-Rozen, Shani. and Gilboa, Eytan.

Covering Pyongyang and Tehran From London: Networked Journalism of Two Virtual Foreign Bureaus
 Seo, Soomin.

Crafted Networks: How Sharing on Social Media Relates to Audience Engagement for Independent Artists
 Klawitter, Erin.

Crafting a Community: Staff Members’ Conceptions of Audience at a City Magazine (Top Student Paper)
 Wolfgang, David. and Jenkins, Joy.

Creating Retail: Amazon Studios and the Open Submission Production of Children’s Television
 Johnson, Derek.

Creating Shared Meaning in the Older Adult Patient and Provider Relationship: A Health Literacy Approach
 Sparks, Lisa.

Creating a Healthier Citizenry: An Efficacy Study of Antismoking Public Service Announcements
 Johnson, Nia.

Creating an E-Book With Migrant Teens for Migrant Pre-Teens: Exploring a YPAR (Youth Participatory Action Research) Digital Media Effort
 Schofield Clark, Lynn.

Creating the Kodaker: Hand Cameras, Snapshots, and the Popularization of Amateur Photography, 1880 to 1914
 Rudd, Annie.

Creating the Social-Critical Telenovela in Brazil: How Television Drama by Left-Wing Writers Came to Dominate the National Agenda Under Military Dictatorship in Brazil
 Straubhaar, Joseph. and Pait, Heloisa.

Creative Labor and Digitally Networked Resistance: Notes From the Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong
 Qiu, Linchuan.

Credibility Heuristics, Pre-Existing Attitudes, and Reactions to Messages on Ideological Websites
 Ault, Michael., Ness, Alisha., Taylor, William., Johnson, D., Connelly, Shane., Jensen, Matthew. and Dunbar, Norah.

Credibility at a Glance: Understanding the Prominent Cues of the Helpfulness of Reviews on Amazon
 Rhee, Eun Soo. and Jung, Wan Seop.

Crimea River: Memes as Genre and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
 Wiggins, Bradley.

Crimes Against the Body: An Embodied Cognition Study of How Platform Affects Responses to Crime News
 Zhu, Di. and Bolls, Paul.

Critical Pedagogy, Cultural Diversity, and Collaboration in the Graduate Classroom
 Jeffries, Tammy.

Critical Theories in Public Relations
 Pieczka, Magda.

Criticising Surveillance and Surveillance Critique: Why Privacy and Humanism are Necessary but Insufficient
 Hong, Sun ha.

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Intercultural Communication Competence
 Barker, Gina.

Cross-Cutting Concerns: The Varying Effects of Partisan Cues in the Context of Social Networks
 Smith, Benjamin.

Cross-European Patterns and National Variations of Media Use
 Helles, Rasmus., Ørmen, Jacob., Radil, Casper. and Jensen, Klaus.

Cross-National Comparison of Behavior and Norms Regarding Permanent Online Usage: Differences Between Germany, the US, and the Netherlands
 Hahn, Lindsay., Kashian, Nicole., Cheng, Ying. and Tamborini, Ron.

Crowdfunding and Independent Filmmaking in Puerto Rico: A Case Study
 Mejías Avilés, Janice.

Cultivating the Opinionated: The Need to Evaluate Moderates Crime Drama Cultivation
 Coenen, Lennert. and Van den Bulck, Jan.

Cultural Differences in Perception of Family Obligation and Request Compliance in China and the US
 Liu, Rain Wuyu. and Bresnahan, Mary.

Cultural Policies and Politics in Puerto Rico’s Entertainment Industry
 Diaz-Hernandez, Anilyn.

Cultural and Global Perspectives in International Public Relations: Stakeholder Management in the Sino Chilean Case Study
 Labarca, Claudia. and Rojas Hernández, Rodrigo.

Cultural and Sociopsychological Fuzzy Causes of Digital Campaigns: Factors That Better Explain Countries’ Digital Activism
 Santana, Luis E..

Culture and Wellbeing: Mental Constructions From the Margins
 Jamil, Raihan.

Cultures of Safety: Media Framing of Hospital Cultures of Safety in the 2014 Ground Zero Ebola Patient in the US
 Spradley, Elizabeth. and Spradley, R. Tyler.

Curbing the Effects of Cyberbullying: How Celebrity Gender and Attractiveness Affect Evaluations and Behavioral Intentions of Anticyberbullying Facebook Posts
 Alhabash, Saleem., Smischney, Tegan., Smreker, Karen., Young, Rachel. and Holt, Thomas.

Cute Kids or Unhinged Teens? Framing Celebrities’ Coming of Age by Media and Audiences
 Van den Bulck, Hilde., Bels, Annebeth. and Claessens, Nathalie.
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