International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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D) All of the Above: Reinvigorating Masspersonal Communication Within the Discipline
 Carr, Caleb. and Hayes, Rebecca.

Dancing with Shackles: China’s Public Diplomacy in the Digital Sphere
 Wu, Di.

Dark Triad Personality Traits and Adolescent Cyber-Aggression
 Pabian, Sara., De Backer, Charlotte. and Vandebosch, Heidi.

Dealing With Measurement Error in Content Analysis Data Using Simulation-Extrapolation
 Scharkow, Michael. and Bachl, Marko.

Dealing With Offline Friendship Online: Examining Influencing Factors of Interactive Uncertainty Reduction Strategies
 SUN, Yao.

Death Invoking Differences: Mortality Salience Effects on Linguistic Intergroup Bias
 Kazerooni, Franccesca. and McLeod, Poppy.

Death Magnetic: Heavy Metal as Cultural Worldview Defense Against the Fear of Dying
 Kneer, Julia.

Debating (“Alternative”) Gender Identities: The Online Discourse Triggered by the 2014 Life Ball Advertising Posters
 Wetzstein, Irmgard. and Huber, Brigitte.

Debating Cultures: Teaching Debate in an International Context
 Nuciforo, Elena. and Lakin, Travis.

Deceptive Audience Costs: Priming Costs and Hawkishness in the Russia-Crimea Conflict
 Stoycheff, Elizabeth. and Nisbet, Erik.

Decisions, Decisions: Choices and Givens in Watching Television, From Malawi to Madison
 Gray, Jonathan.

Decorum and Discomfort in Digital Media Use
 Johansson, Bengt.

Defining Digital Markets
 Holt, Jennifer.

Defining Discourse: The Telecommunications Act, Comment Policies, and the Public Sphere on Top U.S. Newspaper Websites
 Simpson, Edgar.

Defining Entertainment: The Value of Industry Perspectives
 Collis, Christy. and Harrington, Stephen.

Defining ‘TV-Like’ Content: The Socioeconomic and Cultural Politics of Regulating Digital Content in the UK
 Girginova, Katerina.

Defying the Defensiveless Nature of Working Women
 O\'Brien, Elizabeth.

Delay of Game: A Content Analysis of Coverage of Black Male Athletes by Magazines and News Websites 2002-2012
 Frisby, Cynthia.

Deliberative Democracy and Entertainment: Bridging Two Separate Theoretical Traditions
 Weinmann, Carina. and Vorderer, Peter.

Delineating Responsibility, Decisions, and Compromises: A Frame Analysis of QSR’s Online Communication About Nutrition
 Ban, Zhuo. and Sastry, Shaunak.

Delivery of Health and Wellness via Digital Interactive Television (iDTV): The Relevance of Health Literacy
 Damásio, Manuel., Quico, Célia., Verissimo, Iolanda. and Henriques, Sara.

Demonstrating Honor Online: The Affordances of Social Media for Surveillance and Impression Management in an Honor Culture
 Pearce, Katy. and Vitak, Jessica.

Demonstrating and Articulating Expertise: Hackers Acting About Media Technologies and Infrastructures
 Kubitschko, Sebastian.

Depicting Social Television on Instagram: Visual Social Media, Participation, and Audience Experiences of #sbseurovision
 Highfield, Tim.

Depression Stigmas Through the Lens of News in Two Cultures: A Suggestion for Theoretical Approaches
 Kim, Hyang-Sook., Chung, Mun-Young. and Gear, Emily.

Designing Complex Health Systems
 Aakhus, Mark. and Harrison, Tyler.

Designing Digital Health Information Tools for Older Adult Patients: Promising Health Communication Strategies
 Kreps, Gary.

Developing Communication Strategies for Mitigating Actions Against Global Warming: Linking Framing and a Dual Processing Model
 Shih, Tsung-Jen.

Developing Community Partnerships to Foster Intergenerational Communication
 Stone, Anne.

Developing Global Culture: The Emergence of E.U. Aid to Audiovisual Industries Abroad
 Pearson, Benjamin.

Development and Persuasion Understanding: Predicting Knowledge of Persuasion/Selling Intent from Children’s Theory of Mind
 Lapierre, Matthew.

Device, Platform or Activity? Measurement Challenges in Surveys of Adolescents and Their Networked and Mobile Technology Use
 Lenhart, Amanda.

Dialect Crossing: Quoting Cultural Others
 Robles, Jessica.

Dialogic Exclusion of Low-Income Citizens from Poverty Discourse
 Young, Lori.

Dialogic and Postmodern Studies of Public Relations
 Holtzhausen, Derina.

Difference with Repetition: The Structure of Dissent on the Indian Web
 Kumar, Sangeet.

Different Experiences of Watching Mediated Sports in Theaters vs. Home
 Kim, Kihan., Cheong, Yunjae. and Kim, Hyuksoo.

Different News Platforms, Different Media Logics?
 van Hoof, Anita.

Digital Curation and Young People’s Engagement in Daily Life Online
 Mihailidis, Paul.

Digital Diplomacy From Delhi: Implementation, Misconceptions, and Expectations
 Mazumdar, Theo.

Digital Divide and Individuals' Online Interaction With Government
 Velasquez, Alcides.

Digital Divides in the United Kingdom: Separating Issues of Life Stage, Class, Access, and Use
 Yates, Simeon., Kirby, John. and Lockley, Eleanor.

Digital Games, African Development, and Gender Equality: A Comparative Analysis of “Family Values” and “Moraba”
 Fisher, Irma.

Digital Inclusion in Rural Areas: A Qualitative Exploration of Challenges Faced by People From Isolated Communities
 Correa, Teresa. and pavez, maria.

Digital Journalism, Neoliberal Journalism?
 Awad, Isabel.

Digital Manipulation in Advertising: Effects of Photo Retouching Disclosures on Consumer Responses
 van Noort, Guda. and van Reijmersdal, Eva.

Digital Media Use and Participation Leadership in Social Protests: The Case of Tiananmen Commemoration in Hong Kong
 Lee, Francis L. F.. and Chan, Joseph.

Digital Media and the Diversification of Professionalism: A U.S.-German Comparison of Journalism Cultures
 Revers, Matthias.

Digital Networks and Narratives: Mapping the IPCC AR5 flows
 Yagodin, Dmitry. and Tegelberg, Matt.

Digital Piracy and the Fragmentation Question
 Lobato, Ramon.

Digital Rebellion: The Cultural Logic of Contemporary Social Movements
 Wolfson, Todd.

Digital Retail Politics: Interpersonal Messaging via Social Media
 Baldwin-Philippi, Jessica.

Digital Seasons: How Time of Year May Affect Video Game Playtime
 Palomba, Anthony. and Shay, Ronen.

Digital Skills and Social Media: How Skills Relate to Frequency and Types of Facebook Use Among “Digital Natives”
 Correa, Teresa.

Digital Stress Over the Life Span: The Effects of Communication Load and Internet Multitasking on Perceived Stress and Psychological Health Impairments in a German Probability Sample
 Reinecke, Leonard., Aufenanger, Stefan., Beutel, Manfred., Dreier, Michael., Quiring, Oliver., Stark, Birgit., Woelfling, Klaus. and Mueller, Kai.

Digitizing the Games
 Girginova, Katerina.

Dimensions of Journalism Education
 Donsbach, Wolfgang.

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising, Information Seeking, and Medication Consumption
 Moon, Tae Joon., Kornfield, Rachel. and Di, Zhen.

Directions for Future Research in Global Communication
 Servaes, Jan.

Dis(embodying) Job Search Communication: Critical, Qualitative Analysis of Social Class Materiality, and Discourse During Unemployment
 Gist, Angela.

Discourse and the Study of Organizational Paradoxes, Contradictions, and Dialectics
 Fairhurst, Gail.

Discourse on the Website of a Slovak Radical Right-Wing Party, LSNS: Euroscepticism or Not?
 Lukacovic, Marta.

Discourses of an Organizational Tragedy: Emotion, Sensemaking, and Learning After the Yarnell Hill Fire
 Williams, Elizabeth. and Ishak, Andrew.

Discrimination and Inequity: Big Data Problems
 Gangadharan, Seeta.

Discursive Effects of Neoliberal Governmentality: The Subjective Performance of Gendered Labor in the Workplace
 Rossman, Leslie.

Discursively Constructing and Managing Failure: A Case Study of a Committee Tasked With Organizational Change of Educational Space and Technology
 Spradley, R. Tyler. and Spradley, Elizabeth.

Discursively Positioning Environmental Sustainability as Competitive Driver in Emerging Markets
 Mitra, Rahul.

Disentangling Location Based Mobile Advertising: The Effects of Location Congruence and Medium on Buying Behavior
 Bernritter, Stefan., Ketelaar, Paul., van Woudenberg, Thabo J.., Vantriet, Jonathan., Huhn, Arief. and Janssen, Loes.

Dispositional Agreeableness Predicts Ostracizing Others at Work
 Wang, Bingqing. and Wittenbaum, Gwen.

Dispositional and Situational Emotion Regulation in Younger and Older Adults during a Stressful Film Scene
 Hofer, Matthias. and Allemand, Mathias.

Dispute Over Communal Antenna Service: Television Policy in Macao
 Wu, Mei. and Hua, Yang.

Disseminating Innovations Into Organizations: The Case of Fatal Vision Impairment Simulation Goggles
 Aguilar, Michael.

Dissolving Innovation in Meltwater: An Attack on Online Search
 Herman, Bill.

Distorting Puerto Rican Cultural Hybridity on U.S. Television: A Critical Analysis of the Portrayal of Puerto Rican Ethnicity on Lifetime TV’s Devious Maids
 Camacho, Melissa.

Divided Moral Exemplars: Moral Intuition Salience and Attitudes Toward Controversial Issues
 Grizzard, Matthew., Yang, Zheng. and Lewis, Robert.

Do As I Say: Efficacy of an Intervention to Promote Sexual Assertiveness
 Mercer Kollar, Laura., Davis, Teaniese., Monahan, Jennifer., Samp, Jennifer., Coles, Valerie., Bradley, Erin., Sales, Jessica., Rose, Eve. and DiClemente, Ralph.

Do Children on the Autism Spectrum Learn Emotion Recognition From Media Content? A Survey of Parents
 Ryan, Erin.

Do Difference Scores Make a Difference on the Third-Person Effect?
 Feng, Guangchao.

Do Elections Help Reduce the Knowledge Gap? Evidence From the 2011 Presidential Campaign in Argentina
 Mitchelstein, Maria.

Do Gestures Matter? The Implications of Using Touchscreen Devices in Mathematics Instruction
 McEwen, Rhonda. and Dubé, Adam.

Do Media Really Make Us Silent?: Exploring the Fear of Isolation and Situational Variables as Mediators in the Digital Media Environment
 Miller, Andrea., Chon, Myoung-Gi. and Kim, Young.

Do Moral Concerns Predict Moral Memory After Playing Violent Video Games?
 Melzer, Andre.

Do Psychophysiological Responses to Gay Imagery in Advertising Predict Consumer Behavior Better Than Self-Reported Responses?
 Read, Glenna., van Driel, Irene., Jeon, Yongwoog. and Potter, Robert.

Do We Trust the Crowd? Effects of Crowdsourcing on Perceived Credibility of Online Health Information
 Huang, Yan. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

Do We Tweet Differently From Our Mobile Devices? A Study of Tweet Styles on Mobile and Web-Based Platforms
 Murthy, Dhiraj., Gross, Alexander., Bowman, Sawyer. and mcgarry, marisa.

Do You Say it Best, When You Say Nothing at All? Analyzing the Paradoxical Effects of Strong and Weak Arguments
 Koch, Thomas. and Obermaier, Magdalena.

Do the Media Set the Parliamentary Agenda? A Comparative Study in Seven Countries
 Vliegenthart, Rens., Walgrave, Stefaan., Chaqués Bonafont, Laura., Mortensen, Peter., Sciarini, Pascal., Tresch, Anke., Bevan, Shaun., jennings, will. and Baumgartner, Frank.

Does Being Aggressive Work? Examining the Impact of Aggressive Communication in the Context of Nuclear Energy
 Besley, John., Yuan, Shupei., Zahry, Nagwan. and Oshita, Tsuyoshi.

Does Community Matter? ICANN and Global Recognition of Queer Communities
 Gudelunas, David.

Does Education Cause Civic Engagement? A Cross-National Test of the Engagement Effect Using Unfortunate Events and Accidents of History
 Althaus, Scott. and Zhang, Wenshuo.

Does Media Literacy Make the Difference Between Young People’s Harmless and Harmful Smartphone Use?
 Sowka, Alexandra., Hefner, Dorothee. and Klimmt, Christoph.

Does Media Multitasking Make Food Taste Bland?
 Wang, Zheng., Woods, Kelsey., Xu, Shan. and Cooper, Cody.

Does Offline and Online Peer Victimization Make Young People Sick? Psychosomatic Complaints, Peer Victimization, and the Moderating Role of Social Support
 Sumter, Sindy. and Baumgartner, Susanne.

Does Personality Predict Information Seeking About Drugs? Using the Big 5 to Profile Personality Traits of College Students Who Actively Seek Information About Marijuana
 Ahn, Jisoo., Cheng, Ying., Lewis, Nehama. and Martinez, Lourdes.

Does Reactance Arise to a Counterattitudinal Message: Reexamining Social Judgment Theory Adopting Intertwined Model of Psychological Reactance
 Kim, Sang-Yeon., Allen, Mike., Olson, Michele. and Stoll, Arrington.

Does Stealing Thunder Work? A Content Analysis of Crisis Communication Strategies and Public Responses of Stealing Thunder and Nonstealing Thunder Cases in Western and Non-Western Cultures
 Zhou, Lijie. and Shin, Jae-Hwa.

Does a Virtual Like Cause Actual Liking? How Following a Brand’s Facebook Updates Enhances Brand Evaluations and Purchase Intentions
 Beukeboom, Camiel., Kerkhof, Peter. and de Vries, Metten.

Does the National Context Matter? Towards a Framework for Analyzing International Differences in Content Diversity
 Reinemann, Carsten., Zerback, Thomas. and Van Aelst, Peter.

Don't Put Me in "Quotes": Examining Communication Episodes of Health-Related Stigma
 Archiopoli, Ashley.

Donning the Fancy Pants of Freedom and Stripping Bare the Multiple Disguises of (Neo) Liberalism in the Digital Age
 Fenton, Natalie.

Dramaturgical Capital: A Study of “Sze-ying”, Private Photo-Shooting of Amateur Teenage Models in Hong Kong
 Cheung, Ka Fai.

Drivers of Crowdsourced Journalism: Impact, Social Change, and Peer Learning
 Aitamurto, Tanja.

Dual Processing of Information in Social Media: Interaction Effects of Outcome Involvement With Argument Quality and the Group Identity Heuristicc
 Kim, Wonkyung., Lou, Chen., Peng, Wei. and Tang, Lu.

Dude, That Was Deep: Reflection Enhances the Tragic Film Experience for Hedonists
 Khoo, Guan-Soon.

Dynamics of Digital Inclusion and Disadvantage in Remote Australia
 Rennie, Ellie. and Thomas, Julian.

Dynamics of Persuasion in Response to Organ Donation Messages
 Westcott-Baker, Amber., Moore, Josie. and Speer, Rebecca.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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