International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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Eating Their Young: Understanding Nurses’ Intergenerational Communicative Experiences in the Workplace
 Anderson, Lindsey. and Morgan, Melanie.

Eating Together, Separately: Intergroup Communication and Food in a Multiethnic Community
 Wenzel, Andrea.

Ecological Views of Big Data: Perspectives and Issues
 Shin, Dong-Hee., Yoon, Hongseok., Jaeyeol, Jung. and Park, Seyoung.

Economic and Other Welfare in Media Merger Control: Analysis Of National Competition Authorities’ Reviews
 van der Burg, Miriam. and Van den Bulck, Hilde.

Effect of Interactive Advertising on Large Display
 Lee, Daeun., Biocca, Frank. and Jung, Soyoung.

Effect of Professionals’ Religious Disclosures on Social and Task Attraction
 Carr, Caleb.

Effective Experiences: A Social Cognitive Analysis of the ICT Development of Youth
 Huang, Kuo-Ting., Ball, Christopher., Cotten, Shelia., Rikard, R.V.. and O\'Neal Coleman, LaToya.

Effective Instructional Risk Communication in the Time of Ebola
 George, Amiso., Sellnow-Richmond, Deborah. and Sellnow, Deanna.

Effectiveness of Online Health Information Tools for Older Patients: A Systematic Review
 Bolle, Sifra., van Weert, Julia., Daams, Joost., Loos, Eugène., de Haes, Hanneke. and Smets, Ellen.

Effects Of East Los High, An Entertainment-Education Web Series, On Sexual Decision-Making Of Young Latino/A Couples
 Sachdev, Anu. and Singhal, Arvind.

Effects of Ad-Profile and Ad-Content Congruence on Attitude Toward the Ad and Brand
 Ling, Debby., Lee, Debbie., Lai, Aloysius., Yeo, Xinzi. and Jung, Younbo.

Effects of Advertiser Pressure on Coverage: How Germany’s Leading Political Magazines Synchronize News and Ads
 Hagen, Lutz., In der Au, Anne-Marie. and Flämig, Anne.

Effects of Crisis Response Strategies on Publics’ Postcrisis Attitude Based on Individuals’ Prior Attitudes: Applying Social Judgment Theory to Crisis Communication Management
 Zhang, Xiaochen. and Lee, Moon.

Effects of Environmental Brand Attributes and Nature Imagery in Green Advertising on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention
 Schmuck, Desiree., Matthes, Jorg., Naderer, Brigitte. and Beaufort, Maren.

Effects of Exposure to Reframed Involving Visual Displacement of Pro-Tobacco YouTube Videos
 Winneg, Kenneth. and Jamieson, Kathleen.

Effects of Gendered Linguistic Style in Twitter: Do Older Stereotypical Attributions Persist in Social Media?
 Alvidrez, Salvador., Franco, Oziel. and Muniz, Carlos.

Effects of Group Response on Continued Newcomer Participation in Online Groups
 Yan, Bei. and Jian, Lian.

Effects of Hope, Fear, and Guilt Appeals on Climate Change Engagement
 Chadwick, Amy.

Effects of Individual Video Game Protagonist Sex on Identification and Purchase Intention
 Dickinson, Ted., Hanus, Michael. and Lee-Won, Roselyn.

Effects of Narrative Antismoking PSAs on Forewarning-Induced Resistance to Persuasion
 Azman, Bidin., Bae, EunGyuhl., Lee, Doohwang. and Bae, Hyuhn-Suhck.

Effects of Product Types on Online Consumer Reviews: The Case of
 Jia, Han. and Shin, Sumin.

Effects of Similarity and Framing on Narrative Environmental Risk Communication
 Kirby-Straker, Rowie., Turner, Monique. and Hample, Dale.

Effects of Symbolic Packaging Cues: A Goal Perspective
 Ooijen, Iris.

Effects of Traditional and New Media on Sex Bias: An Examination in East Asia and Nordic Countries
 LIU, Bingjie.

Effects of Twitted Commercial Messages on Twitter Users’ Retweet and Purchase Intention
 Rony, Md. Nazmul., Yoon, Doyle. and Ahmed, Rahnuma.

Effects of Viewing Relational Aggression in the Media on Aggressive Behavior in Adolescents: A Three-Year Longitudinal Study
 Coyne, Sarah.

Effects of Visual and Verbal Arguments in Advertisements on Audience Cognitive Responses
 Zhou, Shuhua., Zhang, Cui. and Kim, Yeojin.

Eighteen Textual Features in Comedy Videos Produced in Puerto Rico for Dissemination in YouTube
 Betancourt Caballero, Diana.

Electronic Cigarette Advertising in Social Media: Influence of Celebrity Endorsers, Identification, and Source Credibility
 Phua, Joe., Jin, Seung-A. and Hahm, Jung Min.

Elite Communication and Legitimization of Violence During Intergroup Conflicts
 Shaikh, Sonia. and McCornack, Steven.

Embarrassed by Friends on Facebook: Effects of and Responses to Face-Threatening Information Shared by Others
 Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne., Birnholtz, Jeremy. and Hancock, Jeff.

Embodiment of Beauty: Chinese Migrant Female Workers in the Making of Body
 Liao, Sara X. T..

Emerging Adults’ Response to Parental Advice About Physical Activity, Exercise, and Sports
 Guntzviller, Lisa., Bush, Chelsea., Dorsch, Travis. and Osai, Keith.

Emotional Duplex in the National (De-)Branding of China
 Chan, Lik Sam.

Emotions on Facebook: What Narcissism and Empathy Tell Us About Online Sharing Behaviors
 Beard, Elizabeth., Cascio, Christopher., Konrath, Sara., Bayer, Joseph. and Falk, Emily.

Empathic Communication Between Physician Assistant Students and Patients: Perceptual Differences and Genetic Antecedents
 Floyd, Kory., Generous, Mark., Clark, Lou., Simon, Albert. and McLeod, Ian.

Empathy and Emotion as Mediators of Message Effects on Health Public Policy Support
 Abo, Melissa., Slater, Michael. and Goodall, Catherine.

Empire and Broadcasting in the Interwar Years:Towards a Consideration of Public Broadcasting in the British Dominions
 Teer-Tomaselli, Ruth.

Empirical Support for the Media Participation Hypothesis: Longitudinal Trends Across Presidential Elections
 Bucy, Erik. and Groshek, Jacob.

Employees’ Reactions to Inquiries of Outsiders in the Event of Negative Media Coverage
 Einwiller, Sabine. and Korn, Christine.

Employing Intimate Ethnography, Performance, and Dialogue to “Craft a Reckoning of the Past for Lessons About the Future”
 Correa, Ellen.

Empowered Sexual Objects? The Priming Influence of Self-Sexualization on Thoughts and Beliefs Related to Gender, Sex, and Power
 Stevens Aubrey, Jennifer., Gamble, Hilary. and Hahn, Rachel.

Enabling Protection Motivation in Heuristic-Systematic Defense Against Email Phishing
 Xu, Weiai., Ngoh, Zed. and Vishwanath, Arun.

Enacting Contradictions and Paradoxes in Response to Organizational Dilemmas
 Poole, Marshall.

Enacting Gender in Public Relations Undergraduate Education
 Brown, Kathleen.

Enacting Social Control to Encourage Healthier Partner Diet and Exercise Behavior: Motives, Constraints, and Topic Avoidance
 Burke, Tricia.

Enactive and Vicarious Learning Through Exergame Avatars: Investigating Their Effects in an Exergame Motivation Model
 Li, Benjamin., Lwin, May. and Jung, Younbo.

End of Secrecy? Journalism, Whistleblowing and the Security State
 Schlosberg, Justin.

End of Story: Accountability Spectacle as "Closure" in National Security News
 Schlosberg, Justin.

Ending Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists
 Tumber, Howard.

Engagement as Entanglement: Processes of Becoming on Headph0ne Phet1sh
 Scott, Travers.

Engaging Foreign Publics via Diaspora Media: An Emerging Frontier in International Public Relations
 Golan, Guy.

Engaging Host Publics: U.S. Government Communication With Latino Diaspora Groups
 De Moya, Maria.

Engines and Hinges: The Latin America Indie Producers’ Role in the Network Cities of System of Telenovela Production
 Pinon, Juan.

Enhancing Vitality: Physiological Evidence for the Recovery Potential of Entertaining Movies
 Rieger, Diana., Kneer, Julia., Frischlich, Lena., Wulf, Tim., Rutkowski, Olivia. and Bente, Gary.

Enjoyment in LIMBO: Repurposing the Enthymeme for Pleasure in Video Games
 Anderson, Sky.

Enterprise Social Media as a Multifunction Public Good: The Role of Perceived Critical Mass in Motivating Differential Use
 Honcoop, Marjolijn., Treem, Jeffrey. and van den Hooff, Bart.

Enterprising Women, Enterprising States, and Efforts to Overcome the Gendered Digital Divide in India
 McLaughlin, Lisa.

Entrapment of Egocentrism: Perceptions of Bias, Expectancies, and Deliberation Preparation
 Yan, Wenjie.

Epistemic Communities and FCC Policy: Case Study of African-American and Feminist Activism
 Haddad, Aitza. and Byerly, Carolyn.

Equality of Participation in Online Versus Face to Face Deliberation: A Transcript and Experience Survey Analysis
 Showers, Eric., Tindall, Nathan. and Davies, Todd.

Escaping the Brown Shadows: Right-Wing Propaganda Motivates Dissociation From One's National Ingroup and Turning Towards Alternative Identities
 Frischlich, Lena., Rieger, Diana. and Bente, Gary.

Espoused Moral Muteness: Organizational Values Enabling and Constraining Advertising Ethics
 Schauster, Erin.

Establishing a Journalistic New Glocal Brand: Metro Puerto Rico
 Mora Pérez, Némesis.

Ethical Challenges in Studying Visual Media Frames and Processes of Visual Framing
 Geise, Stephanie., Bock, Mary. and Lobinger, Katharina.

Ethical Challenges of a False-Positive Communication Science: Three Daring Suggestions
 Weber, Rene.

Ethical Considerations of Visual Health Communication Strategies and Their Effects
 Geise, Stephanie. and Baumann, Eva.

Ethical Implications of Visual Framing in Mediated Health Communication From a Reception Perspective
 Grimm, Michael.

Ethical Issues in North/South Strategic Communication for Social Change
 Chadwick, Amy.

Ethical Orientations and Judgments of Chinese Press Journalists in Times of Change
 Lee, Francis L. F.., Cui, Di. and Zhang, Zhian.

Ethical Standards for Online Data
 Friemel, Thomas. and Kubitschko, Sebastian.

Ethical Standards of Covert Observations
 Geise, Stephanie. and Podschuweit, Nicole.

Eudaimonic Experiences as Predictors of Audience Interest in the Paralympics and Destigmatization of Persons With Disabilities
 Bartsch, Anne., Nitsch, Cordula., Scherr, Sebastian. and Oliver, Mary.

Evaluating Subjective Well-Being in the Network Society
 Koo, Nahoi.

Evaluation of Business Network Profiles: Gender and Career Level
 Eimler, Sabrina.

Examining Audience Cultivation and Relationship-Building as a Function of Media Richness
 Appelman, Alyssa., Waters, Richard. and Bortree, Denise.

Examining International News Flow: A Comparative Study of American and Chinese Newspaper Coverage of Beijing’s Air Pollution
 Duan, Ran.

Examining News Media and Corporate Framing of CSR and Sustainable Development in India
 Jain, Rajul. and De Moya, Maria.

Examining Organizational Support Networks: Homophily in a Korean Immigrant Church
 Lee, Sun Kyong., Kim, Heewon. and Piercy, Cameron.

Examining the Impact of Valenced Messages and Normative Expertise in Emotional Education Safe Sex Interventions
 Picklesimer, Sara.

Examining the Peer Educator: Emotional Contagion Within Peer Health Education
 Youngvorst, Lucas.

Examining the Roles of Efficacy, Threat, and Media Trust: The Case of Haze Pollution in Singapore
 Lin, Trisha T. C.. and Bautista, John Robert.

Examining the Utilization of Social Media by Nongovernmental Organizations for Dialogic Communication: A Study of Chinese NGOs’ Weibo Use
 Lu, Xinyu. and Yang, Sung-Un.

Examining the World’s Game in the United States: Impact of Nationalized Qualities on Fan Identification and Consumption of the 2014 FIFA World Cup
 Devlin, Michael. and Billings, Andrew.

Exergames and the Social Construction of Motherhood in the US
 Raz, Julia.

Expansion and Consolidation of the Consumer Society in Chilean Retail Advertisements at the 90’s: A Visual Analysis Approach
 Gomez-Lorenzini, Paulina., Labarca, Claudia., Vergara, Enrique., Matus Lobos, Pablo. and Porath, William.

Experience of Abuse and its Association With Self-Reported and Coded Indicators of Sexual Health Commination Ability
 Sales, Jessica., Monahan, Jennifer., Samp, Jennifer., Mercer Kollar, Laura., Davis, Teaniese., Coles, Valerie., Bradley, Erin., Rose, Eve. and DiClemente, Ralph.

Experiencing Cultural Contact at Work: An Exploration of Immigrant Working Identity in Finland
 Välipakka, Hannele., Zeng, Cheng., Lahti, Malgorzata. and Croucher, Stephen.

Experiment Investigating Preexisting Beliefs and Reasons to Watch Romantic Comedies on Beliefs, Mood, and Enjoyment
 Hefner, Veronica.

Expertise Perception and Communication Accommodation in Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Groups
 Liao, Wang., Bazarova, Natalya. and Yuan, Y. Connie.

Expertise or Involvement: How Does Fandom Effect Information Processing of Sports Entertainment?
 Meitz, Tino., Huff, Markus., Wilhelm, Claudia., Oeberst, Aileen., Papenmeier, Frank., Maurer, Annika. and Schwan, Stephan.

Explaining Adolescents’ Game Use and Game Engagement Levels: The Role of BIS and BAS
 Vangeel, Jolien., Beullens, Kathleen., De Cock, Nathalie., Van Lippevelde, Wendy., Goossens, Lien. and Vervoort, Leentje.

Explaining SERP Evaluations: The Influence of Brand Equity on the Quality Perception of Search Engine Results
 Schaefer, Svenja., Magin, Melanie. and Stark, Birgit.

Explaining Shifts in Party Preferences With the News, Debates, Vote Advice Applications, and Issue Ownership
 Kleinnijenhuis, Jan., van Hoof, Anita. and van Atteveldt, Wouter.

Explaining the Relationship Between Reality Television and UV Exposure: The Role of Sun Tan Ideals
 Trekels, Jolien.

Explicating the Process of Risk Amplification and Attenuation: The Role of Perceived Consequence, Uncertainty, Fairness, and Efficacy
 Kuang, Kai. and Cho, Hyunyi.

Exploration of Factors Leading to Successful Mediation: A Regression Analysis of Reality TV Mediation Show Episodes in China
 Zhang, Yafei. and Chen, Li.

Exploration of the Interplay Between Drinking Motives and Social Norms Among Korean College Students
 Choi, Jounghwa., Park, Dong-Jin. and Noh, Ghee-Young.

Exploring Message Targeting at Home and Abroad: Political or Media Considerations?
 Friedman, Elie., Kampf, Zohar. and Balmas, Meital.

Exploring News Content Complexity Using Network Analysis
 Jacobi, Carina., Eberl, Jakob-Moritz., Schlögl, Stephan. and Kleinen-von Knigslw, Katharina.

Exploring Reciprocity and Health Messages in the Social Network Context
 Lee, Songyi. and Han, Jeong Yeob.

Exploring and Explicating the Myths of a Multifaceted China: Comparing China’s National Image Through the Lens of Self-Presentation and Mainstream Western Magazine Covers
 xu, kun. and Sheng, Yingyan.

Exploring the Links Between Commercial Television and Preschool Children’s Developing Brand Knowledge and Material Values
 Watkins, Leah.

Exploring the Meta-Theoretical Traditions of Research on Organizational Contradictions, Paradoxes, and Tensions
 Putnam, Linda. and Banghart, Scott.

Exploring the Nature and Outcomes of Adoption Entrance Narratives Told in Open Adoptive Families
 Hays, Alexie., Horstman, Haley., Colaner, Colleen. and Nelson, Leslie.

Exploring the Relationship Between the Order of an Organization’s Crisis Responses and Stakeholders’ Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards That Organization: A Situational Crisis Communication Theory Study
 DeGategno, Karen., Erba, Joseph. and Ndolo, Rosemary.

Exploring the Relationships Between Different Types of Facebook Use, Perceived Online Social Support and Adolescents’ Depressed Mood
 Frison, Eline. and Eggermont, Steven.

Expressions of Mental Health Stigma in Chinese Social Media: Implications for Intervention
 Liu, Yu. and Wang, Weirui.

Extending Bounded Generalized Reciprocity: An Explanation of the Social Benefits of Cooperative Video Game Play
 Velez, John.

Extending the Life and Reach of Communication: Information Sharing, Resonance, and Aware Publics in the Digital Age
 Kehrberg, Amanda.

Extinction, Genealogy, and Institutionalization: Challenging Normative Values in Popular Endangered Language Discourse
 Parks, Elizabeth. and Nishime, LeiLani.

Extolling and Extending Dialogue: Proposing New Directions for Research on Corporations’ Use of Social Media
 Ihlen, Oyvind. and Levenshus, Abbey.

Extreme Right Parties in the EU and Media Populism: Comparative Analysis During European Parliament Elections
 Doroshenko, Larisa.

Eye Movement Patterns in Response to Antibinge Drinking Messages
 Yzer, Marco., Han, Jiyoung. and Choi, Kelvin.

Eye-Catching?! Using Eye Tracking to Examine the Effect of Health Literacy on the Attention-Recall Relationship
 Meppelink, Corine. and Bol, Nadine.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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