International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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GIFTS/RIFTS: Preparing Students for the World Beyond College
 Violanti, Michelle.

GIFTS: Audience Analysis Hot Potato
 Eisenstadt, Michael.

GIFTS: Did You Just See That? Using Critical Pedagogy and Observation to Teach About Gender
 Ruiz-Mesa, Kristina.

GIFTS: Improving Interviewing Skills With “Choose Your Own Adventure” Probing
 Arendt, Colleen.

GIFTS: Service-Learning as a Tool for Practice-Oriented Media Relations Course
 Endaltseva, Alexandra.

GIFTS: Teaching Diversity: Write an EMail
 Corsbie-Massay, Charisse.

GIFTS: Teaching Gratitude and Building Academic Confidence Through Peer Nonverbal Communication
 Ruiz-Mesa, Kristina.

GIFTS: Teaching Theory of Reasoned Action and Theory of Planned Behavior Using Health Campaigns in Action
 Friley, Lorin.

GIFTS: Test/Retest: A Two-Stage Exam for Deep Analysis in the Social Sciences and Humanities
 Gilbert, Anne.

GIFTS: The Basics of Public Speaking: Building a Speech, One Brick and One Point at a Time
 Loof, Travis.

GIFTS: Using Your Privilege to Teach About Privilege
 Brenneman, Luke.

GIFTS: Using a Human Likert Scale to Facilitate Discussions about Identity Formation in the Basic Interpersonal Communication Course
 Spradley, Elizabeth.

Games for Learning
 Sherry, John.

Gatekeeping, Gatekeeping Forces, and Microdocumentary
 Michael, Nick. and Vos, Tim.

Gauging Public Opinion in the Age of Social Media
 Skoric, Marko., Liu, Jing. and Lampe, Cliff.

Gender Differences in Using the Mobile Gaming App QuizClash: Motivations, Performance, Strategy, and Success Anticipation
 Eimler, Sabrina. and Wörmer, Martin.

Gender Gap Through Media Lens: Visual Portrayal of Women Candidates by Indian Newspapers in Facebook
 Guha, Pallavi.

Gender and E-Health: Communicating and Implementing HIV/AIDS Policies in Kenya
 Muturi, Nancy.

Gender as Moderator of the Relationship Between Performance and Enjoyment of a First-Person-Shooter Video Game
 Hopp, Tobias.

Gendered Political Discussion and Intersectional Construction of Women’s Political Discussion Networks
 Hong, Yangsun.

Gendered Self-Concept: What Does It Reveal About People’s Preference for Violent Video Games?
 Engelberg, Elisabeth. and Melzer, Andre.

Gendering Human Rights: Threat and Gender Perceptions as Redictors of Attitudes Towards Violating Human Rights in Asymmetric Conflict
 David, Yossi. and Maoz, Ifat.

Genealogies of News Ecosystems
 Anderson, C.W..

Generational Perceptions of Being Private in a Mediatized World
 Einspaenner-Pflock, Jessica.

Genuine or Phony? A Q-Sort Study of the Perceived Authenticity of Self-Photographs and Selfies
 Lobinger, Katharina. and Brantner, Cornelia.

Geo-Ethnic Tailoring of Health Coverage in American Newspaper for Russian-Speaking Immigrants
 Medvedeva, Yulia.

Georgian Journalism Educators: Implementing Innovations
 Keshelashvili, Ana.

Germany Must Be Defended: The Biopolitics of Integration in the Sarrazin Debate
 Zambon, Kate.

Getting (Dis)organized : The Ordinariness of Extreme in a South Sudanese Refugee Camp
 Matte, Frederik.

Getting Attention, Fostering Engagement: A Case Study on Corporate Brands
 Dias, Patricia.

Getting Lost in Translation
 Schulz, David.

Getting to Know Others One Episode at a Time: The Influence of Aspergers on Character Attributions (Top Poster in Popular Communication)
 Rourke, Brenda. and McGloin, Rory.

Ghost Light or Light House? Investigating Poll Reporting, Subjective Assessments, and Media Bias in Public Opinion Coverage in an Election Context
 Nienierza, Angela., Reinemann, Carsten. and Zerback, Thomas.

Gift in Our Life: How Gift-Giving Culture Affects Media Relations in Vietnam
 Nguyen, Tham. and Tsetsura, Katerina.

Girl Playing <3: Video Game Live Streaming and the Perception of Female Online Gamers
 Uszkoreit, Lena.

Global Coverage of Climate Change Stories About Small Island Developing States: A Worldwide Comparison From 1979 to 2012
 John, Kristina., Wessler, Hartmut. and Althaus, Scott.

Global Freedom on the Net? Policing the Internet in Egypt and the Arab World
 Abdulla, Rasha.

Global Symbols in Outdoor Advertisements: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo
 Morris, Pamela.

Globalization Research in New Dimensions of Public Interdependence
 Volkmer, Ingrid.

Glocalization and Networked Individualism: Mixed Findings From a Low-Income Neighborhood Text Intervention on Health and Cohesion
 Gonzales, Amy.

Go Digital and Go Global: China’s Strategies Towards Global Internet Governance
 Hong, Yu.

Going With the Flow: Critically Engaging Fashion, Media, and Affect
 Wissinger, Elizabeth.

Good Inside, Showed on the Outside? When Internal Communication Tools Turn Collaborators Into Lifelong Ambassadors.
 Allard-Huver, Francois.

Good News! How Reading Valenced News Articles Influences Positive Distinctiveness and Learning From News
 Dienlin, Tobias., Trepte, Sabine. and Schmitt, Josephine.

Governing Informal Media
 Thomas, Julian.

Government-Diaspora Relations: The Cases of Mexico, El Salvador, and Costa Rica
 Bravo, Vanessa.

Grain Elevators, Postmodernism, and Becoming-Symbolic
 Tell, Dave.

Great Minds Think Alike: Proposed Model of Schema Resonance for Customer-Organization Information Inquiry e-Service Communication
 Song, Xu.

Grindr Casual Hook-Ups as Interactional Achievements (Top Paper)
 Licoppe, Christian., Rivière, Carole. and Morel, Julien.

Gritty or Glamorous? A Content Analysis of Teen Parenthood in Teen Mom Reality Programming
 Martins, Nicole., Malacane, Mona., Lewis, Nicky. and Kraus, Ashley.

Grounding the Study of Interactive Media in Open Science Instead of Hopes and Fears
 Przybylski, Andrew.

Guilt, Fear, and Optimism as Mediators of Framing Effects in Climate Change Communication
 Bilandzic, Helena., Kalch, Anja. and Soentgen, Jens.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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