International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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Harmonizing Freedom and Protection: Adolescents’ Voices on Automatic Monitoring of Social Networking Sites
 Van Royen, Kathleen. and Poels, Karolien.

Has Nationalism Weakened?: Korean Online Discussions about Sporting Nationalism and Citizenship in the 2014 Winter Olympics
 Kim, Jinsook.

Hasbara 2.0: New media and the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict
 Aouragh, Miriyam.

Hashtagging Health: Exploring Black Women’s Use of Social Media to Promote Health in Online Communities
 Harris, Felicia.

Have You Found What You're Looking For? On the Experience of Music Tourism
 Bolderman, Leonieke. and Reijnders, Stijn.

Health Misinformation on Social Media: The Case of Vaccine Safety on Pinterest
 Guidry, Jeanine. and Messner, Marcus.

Health Promotion Through Serious Games: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Health Serious Games on Self-Efficacy, Enjoyment and Behavioral Intention
 Li, Benjamin. and Lwin, May.

Health as Submission and Social Responsibilities: Embodied Experiences of Javanese Women With Type II Diabetes
 Pitaloka, Dyah. and Hsieh, Elaine.

Hegemony and Resistance as Dialectic: Co-Option and its Limits
 Sinclair, John.

Hegemony or Resistance? On the Ambiguous Power of Communication
 Lussier, Martin.

Help Toucan Sam Bring His Fruity Treasures to Safety!: Food Marketing to Children Online
 Hurwitz, Lisa., Morales, Eric. and Alvarez, Aubry.

Heuristics of the Algorithm: Big Data, User Interpretation and Institutional Translation
 Bolin, Goran. and Andersson Schwarz, Jonas.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Communicative Mechanisms of Opaque Transparency
 Stohl, Cynthia. and Stohl, Michael.

High-Choice Revisited: An Experimental Analysis of the Dynamics of News Selection in High-Choice Media Environments
 Panek, Elliot.

High-Risk Gameplay: Effects on Arousal, Presence, Attraction, and Altruism
 Aviles, Jose.

Hiring and Placement Mechanisms in Communication (2007-2014)
 Mai, Bo., Gonzalez-Bailon, Sandra. and Liu, Jiaying.

Hoardings in Order
 Hogan, M.

Homophobic Slur or Cultural Misunderstanding? Discourse Around #FIFAPUTOS
 Rodriguez, Nathian.

Hook-Up Apps and the Ethics of Disconnection
 Light, Ben.

Hostile Media Perceptions as a Driver of Discursive Actions in the Context of Global Climate Change
 Hart, Philip. and Feldman, Lauren.

How "Social" is Social TV? The Influence of Social Motives and Expected Outcomes on the Usage of Social TV Applications
 Kramer, Nicole., Winter, Stephan., Benninghoff, Brenda. and Gallus, Christine.

How Adolescents Advance Intellectual Curiosity, Collaboration, and Civic Engagement By Learning to Create Broadcast News
 Hobbs, Renee. and Donnelly, Katie.

How Anxiety and Enthusiasm Help Fuel the Bandwagon Effect
 Stolwijk, Sjoerd., Schuck, Andreas. and De Vreese, Claes.

How Can Intellectuals be Organic to the Workers in Virtual China?
 Wu, Changchang.

How Can Twitter Data and Viewing Rates Enrich One Another? A Conceptual and Empirical Comparison Between Television Viewing Rates and Twitter Data for TV Audience Research
 Dheer, Evelien., Godin, Fréderic., Evens, Tom., De Neve, Wesley., Verdegem, Pieter. and Van de Walle, Rik.

How Consumers' Self-Construal Affects Their Intention to Endorse Brands on Social Media
 Bernritter, Stefan., Loermans, Annemijn., Verlegh, Peeter. and Smit, Edith.

How Do ADHD-Related Behaviors Predict Children’s Use of and Responses to Television?
 Nikkelen, Sanne. and Vossen, Helen.

How Do Computer-Mediated Channels Negatively Impact Existing Interpersonal Relationships?
 Johnson, Amy., Bostwick, Eryn. and Anderson, Chris.

How Do Newsrooms Change? Hierarchy, Status, and the Ascendency of Financial Reporting at the Reuters Newswire
 Bunce, Mel.

How Does Increased Interest in News Impact People’s News Repertoires? Evidence From the 2014 General Elections in India
 Taneja, Harsh.

How Does the News Affect Me? Understanding Third-Person Effect by Different Framing in Crisis Communication
 Miller, Andrea., Kim, Young. and Chon, Myoung-Gi.

How Far Are You Willing to Share Your Personal Information?
 Kim, Yeuseung.

How Immersive is Enough? A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Immersive Technology on User Presence
 Cummings, James. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

How Implicit Negative Affect Mediates News Framing Effects on Individual Risk Perceptions and Behavioral Intentions
 Schuck, Andreas. and Otto, Lukas.

How Internet Censorship Contributes to Digital Inequality: Understanding the Digital Divide in China
 Yang, Qinghua.

How Long Do News Framing Effects Last? A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies
 Lecheler, Sophie. and De Vreese, Claes.

How Memes Can Destroy Iconicity: The Digital Recycling of Iconic Photographs
 Boudana, Sandrine., Frosh, Paul. and Cohen, Akiba.

How Mobile Device Screen Size Affects People's Attention to Advertisements While Reading
 Ren, Yilin., zhou, Peiyun. and Ren, Yilin.

How Movies Shape Attitudes Towards Individuals with Schizophrenia: Examining Relationships Between Entertainment Experience and Stigmatization
 Roehm, Alexander., Hastall, Matthias. and Ritterfeld, Ute.

How Online Product Presentations Shape Online Impulse Buying: The Role of Local Presence
 Vonkeman, Charlotte., Verhagen, Tibert., Feldberg, Frans. and Van Dolen, Willemijn.

How Online Profile Pictures Affect Recruiters’ Perceptions of Job Candidates
 Schouten, Alexander., Antheunis, Marjolijn., Vanden Abeele, Mariek. and Van Lith, Charlotte.

How Personalized Prosocial Messages Can Promote Empathy, Attitude Change, and Helping Intentions Toward Stigmatized Social Groups
 Kloss, Andrea., Bartsch, Anne. and Kretzschmar, Sonja.

How Politicization of Communications Policy and Regulation Impact the Media Service Development of Hong Kong in the Wake of Occupy Central Movement?
 Leung, Grace. and Wu, Richard.

How Pre-Existing Attitudes, Motivations, Message Processing and Media Frames Influence Beliefs About a Racially Charged Issue
 Holt, Lanier., Ellithorpe, Morgan. and Ralston, Rachel.

How Public Relations Practitioners Who Also Are Activists Use Social Media for Their Activism
 Sen, Soumitro.

How Safe are Safe Harbors? The Difficulties of Self-Regulatory Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Programs
 Golob, Brandon.

How Skilled Are Internet Users When it Comes to Online Privacy and Data Protection? Development and Validation of the Online Privacy Literacy Scale (OPLIS)
 Masur, Philipp., Teutsch, Doris. and Trepte, Sabine.

How Social Media is Changing Crisis Communication Strategies: Evidence From the Updated Literature
 Cheng, Yang.

How Stereotypes Become Shared Knowledge: Biased Language Use in Communication About Stereotyped Individuals.
 Beukeboom, Camiel. and Burgers, Christian.

How Thinking About Media Can Support Democracy: Media Self-Efficacy and Internal Political Efficacy as Processes Underlying Young Adults’ Political Participation
 Schmitt, Josephine.

How You Are Motivated to Talk Matters: A Moderated-Mediation Model of Political Discussion
 Chen, Hsuan-Ting., Saldana, Magdalena. and Gil de Zuniga, Homero.

How You Talk About Climate Change Matters: A Communication Network Perspective on Skepticism and Belief Strength
 Leombruni, Lisa.

How Youths’ Influence on Their Parents’ Technology Adoption is Related to Digital Inclusion in Chile
 Correa, Teresa.

How the Hashtag Revolutionizes the Way We Collectively Contend
 Borja, Eric.

How to Become a Race Driver at Home: The Effects of Authentic Input Devices and Simulation Accuracy on Motor Skill Learning and Real World Transfer
 Liebold, Benny., Koban, Kevin. and Ohler, Peter.

How to Find an Alternative? A Typology of Cancer Patients’ Information Behavior Regarding CAM
 Grimm, Michael. and Wahl, Stefanie.

Humanizing Patient-Centered Health Information Systems: Using Critical Incidents Data to Increase Engagement and Promote Healthy Behaviors
 Alpert, Jordan., Kreps, Gary., Wright, Kevin. and Desens, Linda.

Hybridizing "The Holy Space": The Cultures of Unity and Dissent in the Cuban Media
 Hannah, Mark.

Hyperliminal Rituals: Reality TV, Place, and the Amazing Race
 McNutt, Myles.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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