International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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Narrating Rape as India’s Ruptured Modernity
 Hegde, Radha.

Narrative Influence From Donor to Recipient NGOs: The Case of the Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program
 Santana, Luis E.. and Foot, Kirsten.

Narrative, Autobiographical Memory, and Emotion: Intersections of Memory, Emotion, and Meaning as Constructed via Modality
 Brehe, Stephanie. and Jamison-Koenig, Edgar.

Narratives of Good and Evil: Framing Social Media Use in the Arab World in 2011 and 2014
 Al-Ghazzi, Omar.

Narratives of Stress in Health Meanings of African Americans in Lake County, Indiana
 Dutta, Mohan., Kumar, Rati., Anaele, Agaptus., Sastry, Shaunak., Dillard, Sydney., Dutta, Uttaran., Jones, Christina., Spinetta, Christine. and Collins, William.

National Politics Transcend Country Boundaries: A Theoretical Discussion of the Lack of Communication of the Venezuelan Government With the Country’s Diaspora in Miami
 Molleda, Juan-Carlos.

Nature Documentaries, Connectedness to Nature, and Proenvironmental Behavior
 Arendt, Florian. and Matthes, Jorg.

Navigating Complex Organizational Ecologies: Performing Improvisation in Search and Rescue Practices Instead of Risking it All
 Spradley, R. Tyler.

Navigating Contested Terrain: Accounting for Sensemaking Practices Using Societal, Macro, and Micro Discourses of Work-Life Balance
 Cruz, Disraelly.

Negative News on Twitter, Emotions, Recall, and Political Mobilization
 Park, Chang Sup.

Negativity Bias and Driver Identification Predict Risky Driving Intentions When Mortality is Implicitly Salient
 Ralston, Rachel. and Rhodes, Nancy.

Negotiating Change: Communicative Performances at a City Magazine
 Jenkins, Joy. and Wolfgang, David.

Negotiating Conflict Across Deep Divisions in Face-to-Face Group Discussions: An Examination of Deliberative Transformative Moments
 Maia, Rousiley., Cal, Danila., Sampaio, Rafael., Teixeira, Renato., Rossini, Patrícia. and Oliveira, Vanessa.
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Negotiations of Internal Legitmacy in the Wake of an External Legitimacy Crisis
 Frandsen, Sanne.

Neither Radical, nor Acquiescent, but Still a Threat to Democracy: Duke Ellington, Irving Mills and the Mediated Boundaries of Racialized Heteronationalism
 Peake, Bryce.

Neoliberalism and Cultural Discourse: What is Missing in Neo-Liberalization in China?
 Yang, Yunkang.

Network Awareness and Understanding of Other-Based Reciprocity: Examination of Perceived Inequity Online
 Covert, Jessica., Rui, Jian. and Stefanone, Michael.

Network Media Logic
 Svensson, Jakob. and Klinger, Ulrike.

Networked Forms of Organizing, Disaster, and Public Health
 Doerfel, Marya.

Networked Populisms: The Rise of the Net Parties and the Case of the M5S
 Deseriis, Marco.

Networked Radio: The Role of Social Media Interactivity in Radio Broadcasts in Ghana
 Avle, Seyram.

Networking Peripheries: Technological Futures, Informatic Contests and the Myth of Digital Universalism
 Chan, Anita.

Networks of Protest, Protests on Networks: Metaanalysis of the Relationship Between Social Media and Protests
 dos Santos, Marcelo.

Neural Correlates of Self-Affirmation
 Cascio, Christopher., O\'Donnell, Matthew., Tinney, Frank., Strecher, Victor., Lieberman, Matthew., Taylor, Shelley. and Falk, Emily.

Neural Mechanisms of Successful Message Propagation in Speaker-Listener Communication
 Shumaker, Kristin., O\'Donnell, Matthew., Lin, Lynda., Falk, Emily. and Gregor, Nicolette.

New Elders, Old Divides: ICT, Inequalities and Well Being Amongst Italian Silver Users
 Aroldi, Piermarco. and Carlo, Simone.

New Media for a New Afghanistan: Training the Post-Invasion Creative Class
 Sienkiewicz, Matt.

New Media, New Inequalities? A Cultural Capital Approach to Digital Inequality in Romania
 Popescu, Mihaela., Stoica, Catalin. and Cveticanin, Predrag.

New Media, New Phenomena: An Analysis of Online Commenters’ Perceptions of Media and Commenter Performance
 Wolfgang, David. and Coman, Ioana.

New Models and Strategies for Digital Journalism in Puerto Rico
 Coss Pontón, Luis.

New Times for Chinese Newspapers? A Case Study of Beijing News’s Investigative Reporting in the New Media Age
 Li, Ke. and Sparks, Colin.

News Alerts, Apps, Websites, and Social Media: The Differential Effects of Modes on Attitude Changes
 Möller, Judith. and Trilling, Damian.

News Coverage of Conflict Involving Government and Factors Affecting its Frequency
 Boehmer, Jan., Carpenter, Serena. and Fico, Fred.

News Coverage of Different Political Scandals: Effects on Political Support
 Miettinen, Tea., Kruikemeier, Sanne. and Bos, Linda.

News Coverage of Rape as a Site for Global Contests of Power
 Luthra, Rashmi.

News Media and Personal Economic Expectations
 Kalogeropoulos, Antonis.

News Media, Violence, and Asymmetrical Information: A Study of Mexico-U.S. Border Journalists’ Use of State and Federal Access to Information Laws in a Time of Conflict
 Relly, Jeannine. and Gonzalez de Bustamante, Celeste.

News Narratives on Poverty: Role of Narrative Engagement on Attitude and Behavior in Narrative Persuasion
 Tamul, Daniel.

News Priming and the Changing Economy: How Economic News Influences Governmental Evaluations
 Kalogeropoulos, Antonis., Albaek, Erik. and van Dalen, Arjen.

News Selection Criteria in the Digital Age: Professional Norms Versus Real-Time Audience Metrics
 Welbers, Kasper., van Atteveldt, Wouter., Kleinnijenhuis, Jan., Ruigrok, Nel. and Schaper, Joep.

News Without Journalism: Changing Definitions of Professional News Production in American Online News Sites
 Ryfe, David.

News and Economic Voting During the Long Recession: How Associative Framing Affects Attribution of Responsibility and Government Support
 van Dalen, Arjen.

News-Based Public Connection in Finland: Will the Relationship Last?
 Ahva, Laura. and Heikkila, Heikki.

Newspaper Coverage of Female Genital Mutilation: Spheres of Consensus and Voices of Contention
 Gayle, Lynne.

Newspaper Portrayals of Celebrity Suicide: Examining Coverage of Robin Williams
 McLemore, Dylan., Bie, Bijie., Conlin, Lindsey., Bissell, Kimberly. and Parrott, Scott.

Newsroom Moves and the Newspaper Crisis Evaluated: Space, Place, and Cultural Meaning
 Usher, Nikki.

Newsroom Spaces and Cultural Identity in Metropolitan Newsrooms
 Usher, Nikki.

No Fats, No Femmes, No Privacy? Interplatform Data Flows and the Douchebags of Grindr
 Roth, Yoel.

No Service With a Smile or a Sigh: Reframing Service Learning in Technofeminist Terms
 Mayer, Vicki.

Nocturnal Geosemiotics of Forced Migration: The Gentrification of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District
 Shumow, Moses. and Gutsche Jr, Robert.

Norm Accessibility Reduces Reactance and Drinking and Driving Intentions
 Schunn, Morgan. and Rhodes, Nancy.

Normative Ideals vs. Actual Daily Practices: A Reality-Check on Audience Participation and Social Media in Spanish Online News Websites
 Domingo, David., Palomo, Bella. and Masip, Pere.

Normative Studies and Social Capital: The Fix-It Approach to Public Relations
 Luoma-aho, Vilma.

Norms and Teen Reactance to Antismoking PSAs
 Rhodes, Nancy., Ralston, Rachel. and Bigsby, Elisabeth.

Notes From the Field: Living With Colonialism and Environmental Injustice in Puerto Rico
 de Onis, Kathleen.

Now That the Smoke has Cleared: Examining the Visual and Headline Valence Framing of Marijuana Preceding and Following Legalization in Colorado
 Mortensen, Tara., Yang, Aimei., Mortensen, Chad. and Wan, Anan.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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