International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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RIFTS: (Anonymous) Self-Disclosure, and the Trouble With Secrets in the Interpersonal Communication Classroom
 Basquiat, Cameron.

RIFTS: Automating the Age Old Question: Is it Scholarly?
 Prahl, Andrew.

RIFTS: Constructivism Gone Bad: Communicating Negative Performance Feedback
 Downing, Joe.

RIFTS: Storytelling is Fun and Easy, Right? Nope. Digital Storytelling for Online Adult Learners
 Artz, Patrick.

RIFTS: The Answer Lies Not in the Garden
 Eisenstadt, Michael.

Racial Framing and Racial Appeals in the 2012 Presidential Election
 Gross, Kimberly., Entman, Robert., Bell, Carole. and Rojecki, Andrew.

Racial Representation in Media About Intimate Partner Violence
 Onyeador, Ivuoma. and Dixon, Travis.

Radical Media as Street Art: Graffiti in Postrevolution Egypt
 Bakry, Amal.

Radio Listening Groups in the USA: ‘Haphazard' Development and Comparative Perspectives
 Goodman, David.

Radio Movements: Translating Low-Power Radio Activism
 Dunbar-Hester, Christina.

Raising the Standing of Evaluation in Dialogic Research: The Influences of Budget and Evaluation Style on Dialogue Implementation
 Huang, Jin.

Ranking Digital Rights: Human Rights, the Internet, and the Fifth Estate
 Marechal, Nathalie.

Rape, Mediated Geospace, and the Possibility of Transnational Feminist Praxis
 Durham, Meenakshi.

Re-Collecting Iconic Photographs
 Becker, Karin.

Re-Facing the Other: Face Transplants and a New Ethics of Relationality
 Pearl, Sharrona.

Reacquiring the Other Women’s Time: Toward a Transnational Feminist Analysis of Mehta’s Water, Neshat’s Women Without Men, and Labaki’s Where Do We Go Now?
 Asim, Amina.

Reading Benghazi Through the Surveillance Lens: Rupture, Surveillance, and National Security
 Oliver, Samantha.

Reading ‘Fanfac’: Doctor Who Fans’ Discourses of Fan-cultural Generationality, “Lapsed Fandom”, and the Life Course
 Hills, Matt.

Real-World Persuasion From Virtual-World Health Campaigns: Initial Tests Using Entertainment Videogames to Lower DUI Willingness
 Burrows, Christopher. and Blanton, Hart.

Reception Studies: From Contemplative Audiences to Active Producers
 Gomez, Nancy.

Reciprocation and Participation: The Role of Reciprocity in Participatory Journalism
 Coddington, Mark., Holton, Avery. and Lewis, Seth.

Recognition Gaps in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The People-State and Self-Other Axes
 Friedman, Elie.

Recommendations for the Role of Communication Research in One Health Issues
 Lapinski, Maria. and Funk, Julie.

Reconsidering Coordination and Information Dissemination Challenges in Integrated Project Teams: A Team-level Perspective
 Mandhana, Dron. and Schneider, Claire.

Reducing Resistance to a Loss-Framed Narrative Message About Binge Drinking
 Zhou, Shuo. and Shapiro, Michael.

Reducing the Negative Effects of Cultivation: Evaluation of a Digital Media Intervention for HIV/AIDS Stigma
 White, Amanda., Christensen, John. and Vanco, Bryan.

Reflecting or Refracting Political Reality? An Empirical Analysis of Slant in American Political News, 1958-2009
 Stonbely, Sarah.

Regenerating Journalism: Exploring the "Alternativeness" and "Digital-ness" of Online-Native Media in Latin America
 Harlow, Summer. and Salaverria, Ramon.

Regimes of Time: Media Practices of the Dispossessed
 Kaun, Anne.

Reinforcing Spirals in Online and Traditional News Consumption. Testing Key Assumptions of Virtuous Circle Theory
 Kruikemeier, Sanne. and Shehata, Adam.

Relational Rhetoric: A Sociocultural Approach to Rhetorical Performances in Asian Societies
 Xiong, Bingjuan.

Relationship Characteristics That Predict Communication About Weight Loss and Efficacy to Achieve Weight Loss Goals
 Theiss, Jennifer., Carpenter, Amanda. and Cox, Joy.

Relationship Support and Perceived Usefulness of Social Network Sites in Long-Distance Romantic Relationships
 Billedo, Cherrie Joy., Kerkhof, Peter. and Finkenauer, Catrin.

Relationship of Satirical News Viewing and Online News-Sharing Behavior to Political Efficacy Among College Students
 Jeong, Minseon., Austin, Erica., Borah, Porismita. and Pinkleton, Bruce.

Reliability and Accuracy With Lotus
 Fretwurst, Benjamin.

Religious Authority in the Media Age
 Hoover, Stewart.

Religious Pluralistic Language in a Computer-Mediated Context: Effects of Intergroup Salience and Religious Orientation
 Kienzle, Jennifer., Wertley, Chad., Soliz, Jordan., Coatney, Hannah. and Ledbetter, Geoffrey.

Remember, Remember the 11th September: Neoliberal Mnemonicide of the Chilean “9/11”
 Eisenstadt, Michael.

Remembering Public Events: Exploring Agenda-Setting Effect on Collective Memory Among Young People in China
 Lu, Shuning. and Zhou, Baohua.

Research Ethics in the Digital Age. Queries, Challenges, Solutions
 Doeveling, Katrin. and Sommer, Denise.

Researching the Unevenness of Emerging Transnational Public Spheres
 Luthra, Rashmi.

Respectability Politics, Self-Help, and Colorism in Essence Magazine
 Corbin, Nicola.

Restructuring the Oral Memories of the Bereaved Through Narrative and Perspective Taking
 Collier, James.

Retention of Participants in Online Collective Intelligence Tests Involving a Panel Design
 Kim, Young Ji., Engel, David., Aggarwal, Ishani., Williams Woolley, Anita. and Malone, Thomas.

Rethinking Balance and Impartiality in Journalism? A Case Study How the BBC Attempted and Failed to Change the Paradigm
 Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin., Berry, Mike., Garcia-Blanco, Inaki., Bennett, Lucy. and Cable, Jonathan.

Revising the Proteus Effect: The Effect of an Avatar’s Body Size
 Kim, Youjeong.

Revisiting Autopoiesis: Studying the Constitutive Dynamic of Organization as a System of Narratives
 Vasquez, Consuelo. and Dittus, Ruben.

Revisiting Press-State Relations in the Digital Age: Partisan Coalitions on Twitter
 Toff, Benjamin., Kim, Young Mie. and Lassen, David.

Revisiting an Assumption of Video Game Research
 Novotny, Eric., Grizzard, Matthew., Ngoh, Zed., Plante, Alexandra., Weiss, Julia. and Huang, Jialing.

Revisiting the International TA Problem: Acknowledging Intergroup Biases and Testing the Effectiveness of Perspective-Taking in Reducing Biases
 Manohar, Uttara. and Appiah, Osei.

Revisiting the Spiral of Silence: How Majority and Minority Groups Differ in Voicing Their Opinions in the Prodemocracy Movement in Hong Kong
 Lin, Wan-Ying. and CAO, Bolin.

Rewriting Frozen's Feminist Fantasy? Toys, Books, and Soundtracks as Key Para/Texts
 Frank, Kathryn. and Lotz, Amanda.

Risk Amplification From an Intercultural Perspective
 Xu, Sifan.

Risk, Crisis and Social Media: A Metastudy of Six Years’ Research
 Rasmussen, Joel. and Ihlen, Oyvind.

Role of Narrative Perspective and Modality in the Persuasiveness of Public Service Advertisements Promoting HPV Vaccination
 Nan, Xiaoli., Futerfas, Michelle. and Ma, Zexin.

Role of Narrative Persuasion in Reducing Stigma and Promoting Acceptance of Mental Illness
 Ma, Zexin. and Nan, Xiaoli.

Role of Technological Affordances in Triggering Heuristics and Challenges in Estimating Their Influence
 Sundar, S. Shyam.

Romantic Jealousy 2.0: Facebook Jealousy as a Three-Component Conceptualization
 Timmermans, Elisabeth. and McNallie, Jenna.

Romantic Partner Monitoring After Breakups: Attachment, Dependence, Distress, and Postdissolution Surveillance on Social Networking Sites
 Fox, Jesse. and Tokunaga, Robert.

Ropes & Recipes: The Role of Socialization and Structuration on Expressions of Gratitude
 Massey, Zach.

Rule of (What) Law? Transformation of Digital Content Regulation in China
 Han, Dong.

Russian Digital Diplomacy: Origins and Practice
 Osipova, Yelena. and Shakirov, Oleg.

Russian Media in Global Market: The Case of RT
 Vartanova, Elena.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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