International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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Tailoring By “Cloning”: A User-Based Collaborative Filtering Approach to Recommend Effective Antismoking PSAs
 Yang, Sijia., Oh, Poong., Kim, Hyun Suk., Kim, Minji. and Cappella, Joseph.

Take Action Now: Framing Action Requests in Climate Change Advocacy Email Communications
 Hestres, Luis.

Talk Like a Man, Walk Like a Woman: An Advanced Political Communication Framework for Female Politicians
 Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira. and Bdolach, Liron.

Talk Like a Man, Walk Like a Woman: An Advanced Political Communication Framework for Female Politicians
 Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira. and Bdolach, Liron.

Talking With Different Others: Roles of Superordinate Citizen Identity in Cross-Cutting Discussions
 Kyoung, Kyurim.

Tapping in: Understanding How Hispanic-Latino Immigrant Families Engage and Learn With Broadcast and Digital Media
 Levinson, Amber.

Targeting Political Public Relations in a Post-Citizens United Democracy: Examining the Impact of Target Corporation’s Political Campaign Donations on LGBT Relationships
 LaMarre, Heather.

Teaching Argumentation: The Effect of an Interpersonal Familiarity Intervention on Argumentation in Online Discussions
 Kline, Susan. and Oaks, D\'arcy.

Team Communication Unpacked: The Role of Endogenous Communication Processes On Team Decision-Making Outcomes
 Foucault Welles, Brooke. and Riedl, Christoph.

Teasing Apart Crucial Aspects of Mediated and Nonmediated Interactions: The Effect of Visibility and Physical Copresence on Interpersonal Attraction
 Croes, Emmelyn., Antheunis, Marjolijn., Schouten, Alexander. and Krahmer, Emiel.

Techniques, Forces, and Fractals: A Poststructural CCO Framework
 Mease, Jennifer.

Technofeminist Action Research: Bridging the Gap Between Media Rhetorics and Women Lived Realities
 Blair, Kristine.

Technological Transformations in Collective Action in Aotearoa New Zealand
 Ganesh, Shiv.

Technologies of Micro-Enterprise for Women: The Limits of Neoliberal Development
 Wilkins, Karin.

Technologies of Visibility: Digital Mediations of Bisexuality Online
 Madison, Nora.

Technologized Gender Becoming: An American Girl (Doll) Story
 Rybas, Sergey.

Televised Documentary-Testimonies as Strategic Propaganda: A Case Study on Four ‘Comfort Women’ Documentary-Series of STV
 XU, Yaping.

Television Exposure and Neuropsychological Function among Infants: The Role of Maternal Employment
 Nathanson, Amy. and Fries, Patrick.

Television in Revolutionary Times: South Asian Perspectives
 Punathambekar, Aswin.

Tell Me A Story: Notable Narratives in Wangari Maathai's Rhetoric
 Anderson, Versha.

Telling Global Public Health Stories: Narrative Message Design for Issues Management
 Barbour, Joshua., Doshi, Marissa. and Hernandez, Leandra.

Temporal Affordances in the News
 Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Keren. and Neiger, Motti.

Temporal Framing Effects Differ for Narrative vs. Nonnarrative Messages: The Case of Promoting HPV Vaccination
 Kim, Jarim. and Nan, Xiaoli.

Temporal Trash? The Politics of the “Garbage Dump of History” Trope in Arab Media
 Al-Ghazzi, Omar.

Tenemos Que Salir Adelante: An Examination of Mexican Immigrant Domestic Workers’ Cccupational Identity on the Texas-Mexico Border
 Gonzalez, Ariadne.

Testimonials in Prevention Campaigning
 Kalch, Anja. and Meitz, Tino.

Testimonies of Race-Based Suffering: Individual Differences in Openness to the Other
 Cargile, Aaron.

Testing Effects of Wishful Thinking and Similarity on Identification and Narrative Persuasion
 Lee, Tae Kyoung., Shapiro, Michael. and Zhou, Shuo.

Testing Measurement Equivalence of Eudaimonic and Hedonic Entertainment Motivations in a Cross-Cultural Comparison
 Odag, Ozen., Hofer, Matthias., Schneider, Frank., Bartsch, Anne. and Knop, Katharina.

Testing the Identifiable Victim Effect With Animal Victims in Antilittering Messages
 Perrault, Evan., Silk, Kami., Sheff, Sarah., Ahn, Jisoo., Hoffman, Alice. and Cox, Jeffrey.

Texting and Relationship: Examining Discourse Strategies in Negotiating and Sustaining Relationships Using Mobile Phone
 Chiluwa, Innocent.

Textual Framing of the Trayvon Martin Shooting: Institutional Isomorphism and the Community Structure Approach
 McLemore, Dylan.

That’s so OCD: The Effects of Disease Trivialization via Social Media on User Perceptions and Impression Formation
 Pavelko, Rachelle.

The (Im)materiality of Communication: Organizing and the Dialectics of Communicative Capitalism
 Mumby, Dennis.

The (Unexpected) Benefits of Online Dating Sites to Older Men
 Schorr, Chen. and Nimrod, Galit.

The (not so) Guilty Mouse Potato: How Appraisal of Online Procrastination Changes the Recovery Outcome After Online Media Use
 Meier, Adrian., Reinecke, Leonard. and Meltzer, Christine.

The 12th Man: Fan Noise in the Contemporary National Football League
 Vogan, Travis. and Hagood, Mack.

The 4Cs: China, Capital, Censorship, and Cybersecurity
 Kokas, Aynne.

The Aesthetics of the Selfie: Gestural Inscription, Photography Theory and Digital Sociability (Top Paper in Popular Communication)
 Frosh, Paul.

The Age of Fans: Value, Judgment, and Generations in Convergence Culture
 Sandvoss, Cornel.

The Aggregation of Time in Agenda Setting Research
 Kohler, Sarah.

The American Medicine Chest Challenge: Evaluation of a Drug Take-Back and Disposal Campaign
 Yanovitzky, Itzhak.

The Antagonistic Solution: Police Networks, Ferguson, and Social Media War
 Bratich, Jack.

The Appropriation and (Re)Invention of ‘Soft Power’ in China: A Discourse Analysis
 Hu, Zhengrong. and Zhang, Lei.

The Arc of Sports Fanship
 Gantz, Walter. and Lewis, Nicky.

The Art of Satirical Deterritorialization: Shifting Cartoons from Real Space to Cyberspace in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Eko, Lyombe.

The Association Between E-Cigarette Information Scanning and Cognitions Among Youth and Young Adults: Does Current Tobacco Use Matter?
 Lochbuehler, Kirsten., Liu, Jiaying., Gibson, Laura. and Hornik, Robert.

The Big Society on the Small Screen: Neoliberalism and the Local Digital Television Programme Service
 Ali, Christopher.

The Bigger Picture of Big Data? Understanding the Organizational Communication of Big Data
 Lekakis, Eleftheria. and Vlavo, Fidele.

The Birth of a Terrifying State: ISIS and the Technologies of Shock and Awe
 Khiabany, Gholam.

The Blurred Boundaries of Knowledge: Organizational Learning in the Emergent Environment of Social Media
 Ford, Jacob. and Dailey, Stephanie.

The Bottom-Up Technology Transmission From Children to Parents: How Gender Challenges Traditional Socialization Patterns
 Correa, Teresa.

The Business of Digital Death: The Commercial and Moral Economies of Online Afterlife Services
 Arnold, Michael., Gibbs, Martin., Kohn, Tamara., Meese, James. and Nansen, Bjorn.

The Case for "Liberation Journalism:" Evidence From Russia That the Fourth Estate is Critical to Democracy in the Internet Age
 Oates, Sarah.

The Cathedral Hosts a Bazaar: Free Culture and the Digital Evangelical
 Laughlin, Corrina.

The Challenges of Traditional Structures of Power by Virality of Memes
 Nahon, Karine.

The Chancellor Effect: Merkel’s Perceived Personality and Israelis’ Attitude Toward Germany
 Balmas, Meital.

The Client-Agency Relation: The Account Director’s Perspective in Puerto Rico Advertising Agencies
 Rosario Albert, Enrique.

The Cold War Comes to Ayatimbo: Cuban Exiles and Voice of America in Latin America in the Early 1960s
 Rivero, Yeidy.

The Color of Nonmonogamy: Polyamory and Whiteness
 Pascar, Lital.

The Coming-Out Process of Gay and Lesbian Individuals From Islamic Malaysia: Their Motivations, Strategies, and Struggles
 Cheah, Wai Hsien.

The Communicative Constitution of Collective Action
 Kavada, Anastasia.

The Comparative Efficacy of Guilt and Fear Appeals to Influence HPV Vaccination Intentions
 Carcioppolo, Nick., Li, Cong., Chudnovskaya, Elena., Kharsa, Rebecca., Stephan, Tyler. and Nickel, Kelly.

The Concept of Media Freedom and the Training of Future Journalists Across Africa
 Kalyango, Jr., Yusuf.

The Confusion About and the Use of URLs in China and the US
 Epstein, Dmitry.

The Consequences of Media Multitasking for Youth: A Research Synthesis
 van der Schuur, Winneke., Baumgartner, Susanne., Sumter, Sindy. and Valkenburg, Patti.

The Construction of Situation Models for Comprehension of TV Dramas
 Alade, Fashina. and Anderegg, Courtney.

The Construction of U.S. Presidential Photographs in China’s Xinhua News Agency Since 1972
 Zhou, Xiaoye. and Chen, Li.

The Content Analysis of Song Sequences in Bollywood Cinema
 Schaefer, David. and Karan, Kavita.

The Conversations About Cancer (CAC) Project – Phase II: National Findings From a Randomized Control Trial
 Beach, Wayne., Dozier, David., Buller, Mary., Gutzmer, Kyle., Fluharty, Lyndsay., Meyers, Valerie. and Buller, David.

The Cost of Creepiness: How Online Behavioral Advertising Affects Consumer Purchase Intention
 Barnard, Lisa., Comello, Maria Leonora (Nori). and Edwards, Jeffrey.

The Couple Who Facebooks Together, Stays Together: Effects of Facebook Self-Presentation on Relationship Commitment and Longevity Among College-Aged Dating Couples
 Toma, Catalina. and Choi, Mina.

The Creation of Information Goods in Online Knowledge-Sharing Communities
 Bighash, Leila., Oh, Poong., Fulk, Janet. and Monge, Peter.

The Design and Organization of a Shared "Live" Multiscreen Sports Event on Web Television
 Kroon, Asa.

The Dialectic of Creative Identity Work: Ethnography of a Hong Kong Advertising Agency
 Chan, Lik Sam.

The Difference Between Knowledge and Action. A Qualitative Media Literacy Typology
 Riesmeyer, Claudia., Pfaff-Ruediger, Senta. and Kuempel, Anna.

The Digital Journalism Literature and Normative Democratic Theory
 Kreiss, Daniel. and Brennen, Jonathan.

The Digital Natives of the Millennial Generation: Stereotype and Reality
 Hart-Brinson, Peter.

The Digital Popular and the New Political in India
 Punathambekar, Aswin.

The Digital Prism: Transparency and Visibility in the Age of Total Information
 Flyverbom, Mikkel.

The Discrete Posts of the Bourgeoisie: Legitimacy of Self-Presentational Information on Social Network Sites
 von Pape, Thilo. and Steffens, Theresa.

The Discursive Paradox of the Female Leader
 Van Gilder, Bobbi.

The Distribution and Economics of Post-Network U.S. Television
 Lotz, Amanda.

The Diversity Gap: Value-Trait Consistency in News Exposure and Democratic Citizenship
 Kim, Dam Hee. and Pasek, Joshua.

The Dodo Bird and the Nonhuman Personae: Toward an Expanded Universe of Rhetorical Personae
 Dionne, Terrell.

The Educational Value of Entertainment: Public and Private Adolescents’ Lives
 Lacasa, Pilar. and Cortes, Sara.

The Effect of Chinese People Watching Korean Dramas and Recognition of TV World as Reality on the Corporate and National Reputation of South Korea
 Cha, Heewon. and Ham, Yoosun.

The Effect of Issues and Favorability in the News on Electoral Volatility: The Underlying Mechanisms
 Geers, Sabine., Bos, Linda. and De Vreese, Claes.

The Effect of Moral Clarity Versus Ambiguity in Entertainment Media on Cooperation in an Economic Game
 Lewis, Robert., Grizzard, Matthew., Mangus, J. Michael., Rashidian, Peyman. and Weber, Rene.

The Effect of Narrative on Beliefs, Attitudes, Intentions, and Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
 Braddock, Kurt. and Dillard, James.

The Effect of Playing With Video Game Avatars on Self-Objectification in Adolescent Boys and Girls
 Vandenbosch, Laura., Driesmans, Karolien., Trekels, Jolien. and Eggermont, Steven.

The Effect of Socially Oriented Internet Use on Subjective Well-Being: The Moderating Role of Social Support
 Pena-y-Lillo, Macarena., Wang, Ningxin. and Lee, Chul-joo.

The Effectiveness of Active Videogames on BMI Among Young People: A Meta-Analysis
 Vantriet, Jonathan., Alblas, Eva., Crutzen, Rik. and Lu, Amy Shirong.

The Effectiveness of a Social Network-Implemented Intervention to Promote Water Consumption: A Cluster-Randomized Control Trial
 Smit, Crystal., de Leeuw, Rebecca., Burk, William. and Buijzen, Moniek.

The Effects Of Media Frames and Emotional Trajectories On Emotional Reactions and Cognitive Processing
 Loof, Travis., Berke, Collin., Davidson, Austin., Adams, Robyn., Greenlee, Brennan., Nguyen, Linh. and Keene, Justin.

The Effects of Camera Angle, Arousing Content, and Fanship on the Processing of Sports Messages
 Berke, Collin., Keene, Justin. and Nutting, Brandon.

The Effects of Counterattitudinal Narrative Versus Numerical Evidence on Message Acceptance and Attitude Change Toward Out-Groups
 Wojcieszak, Magdalena. and Kim, Nuri.

The Effects of Credibility Cues on the Selection of Search Engine Results
 Unkel, Julian. and Haas, Alexander.

The Effects of Media Multitasking on Emotion and Content Choice Over a Week of Laptop Use
 Yeykelis, Leo., Cummings, James. and Reeves, Byron.

The Effects of Media Selection and Issue Controversy on Audience Media Experiences, Information-Seeking Behavior, and Consent Toward Social Issues
 Ju, Hyejung. and Kim, Hyang-Sook.

The Effects of Narrative Versus Nonnarrative Information in School Health Education for Low-Educated Adolescents
 Zebregs, Simon., van den Putte, Bas., de Graaf, Anneke., Lammers, Jeroen. and Neijens, Peter.

The Effects of News About Depression: The Role of Narrative Format and Controllability Attributions
 Kim, Ji Won., Chock, Tamara., Chung, Myojung. and Roh, Soojin.

The Effects of Relationship Tie on Perceived Credibility of Location Check-In Information on Facebook
 Kim, Hyang-Sook. and Chung, Mun-Young.

The Effects of Situational and Chronic Multitasking on Emotion Recognition
 Oh, Soo Youn.

The Effects of Textual Consequences and Instructions on Alcohol Warning Labels.
 Gosselt, Jordy., Noordink, Steffi. and Van Hoof, Joris.

The Effects of Twitter Users’ Weight Status and Gender on Attitudes and Viral Behavior Intentions toward Obesity-Related News Coverage
 Almutairi, Nasser., Alhabash, Saleem., Hellmueller, Lea. and Willis, Erin.

The Egyptian Sisters Club: Negotiating Community and Identity in a Time of Conflict
 Elsayed, Yomma. and Wenzel, Andrea.

The Emergence of a Resistant Discourse: The Case of Ultra-Orthodox Media in Israel
 Wasserman, Varda. and Gabel, Ines.

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Comparing South Florida Spanish-Language and Cuban Media Coverage of Sea Level Rise
 Vigón, Mercedes., Pinto, Juliet., Takahashi, Bruno. and Chavez, Manuel.

The Empire’s Liberal Clothes: Obama’s Multicultural War on Terror
 Kumar, Deepa.

The Ethics of Ambiguity in a Culture of Connectivity?
 Bengtsson, Stina.

The Ethics of Engagement: Considering Digital Ethics and Intersectionality in a Community Engaged Digital Media Project
 Clark, Lynn.

The Ethics of Routine Visual News Framing
 Griffin, Michael.

The Ethnolinguistic Identity Theory in Chiapas (Mexico)
 Viladot Presas, Ma. Angels., Giles, Howard. and Gasiorek, Jessica.

The Evolution of Multiplex Interorganizational Networks and Collaboration in a Community-Based Health Coalition
 Liu, Wenlin., Beacom, Amanda., Frank, Lauren., Nomachi, Jonathan., Vasquez, Sonya. and Galloway-Gilliam, Lark.

The Examination of Ego Factors in Facebook Stalking
 Furbee, Brittany., Ahn, Hongmin. and LEE, SANG.

The Exploitative Youth Labour at Newspaper and Magazine Internships in Canada
 Salamon, Errol.

The Expressive Dimensions of Folk Performing Arts: A Gebserian Approach to Kagura
 Sakurai, Takuya. and Nishiguchi, Masahiro.

The Faster the Response, the Stronger the Bond? Dimensions of Relational Closeness and Texting Response Time
 Jamieson, Jack., Boase, Jeffrey. and Kobayashi, Tetsuro.

The Federal Radio Education Committee and the Legacy of the Communications Act of 1934 for Educational Policy
 Shepperd, Josh.

The Flow of Digital Labor
 Bucher, Eliane. and Fieseler, Christian.

The Forty Year Black Female Review: From Get Christie Love to Olivia Pope
 Murray, Creshema.

The Framing Effects of User-Generated Comments on Online News Stories
 Tyrawski, Jennifer. and Wang, Zheng.

The Girl Effect?: Explorations of Women’s Empowerment in the 21st Century
 Behrmann, Erika.

The Global Alliance on Media and Gender and Communication Governance and Policy: A Window to Open
 Vega Montiel, Medley Aimee.

The Global Outlier: American Exceptionalism and the Social Democratic Challenge
 Pickard, Victor.

The Hard Edges of Soft Power: The Case of the Dalai Lama’s South African Visa
 Wasserman, Herman.

The Headless and Feckless in Obesity Messages
 Jeon, Yongwoog., Kim, Minchul. and Potter, Robert.

The Historical Development of the Danish Web
 Brugger, Niels.

The Hydra Organization: The Role of Leadership Talk in the Constitution of Organization
 Albu, Oana.

The Hyperlinked Identities of LGBTQ Websites: Towards a Qualitative Hyperlink Analysis
 Szulc, Lukasz.

The I-O-F Sequence and Talking Invitationally in the Classroom I
 Muller, Heidi.

The Illiberal Foundations of Economic Liberalism
 Calabrese, Andrew.

The Impact of Age and Family Communication Pattern on Adult Child-Parent Conflict
 Matig, Jacob. and Yungbluth, Stephen.

The Impact of Attachment on Enjoyment of Parasocial Relationships
 Rosaen, Sarah. and Dibble, Jayson.

The Impact of Cultural Biases and Self-Construals on Risk Perception
 Kim, Yungwook. and Lim, HyunJi.

The Impact of Enhancing Local Political Election News on Political Knowledge and Participation
 Swafford, Scott., Christensen, Mikkel. and Thorson, Esther.

The Impact of Maternal and Paternal Communication Dominance on Offspring’s Negative Self-Talk, Depression, and Suicidality
 Miller-Day, Michelle., Dorros, Sam. and Day, L. Edward.

The Impact of Neonatal Nursery Design on Nurse-Parent Communication
 Jones, Liz. and Peters, Kathryn.

The Impact of Self-Affirmation on Defensive Processing of Health Messages: A Meta-Analysis
 He, Xiaofei. and Yzer, Marco.

The Impact of Users’ Political Tendencies on Selective Exposure and Political Polarization on Web Portals: Analysis Comparing Naver’s and Daum’s Comments
 Min, Bumgi. and Kim, Jinsook.

The Impact of the Sisimpur Hygiene Media Intervention Among Children From Bangladesh’s Tea Estates
 Borzekowski, Dina.

The Impacts of Banner Format and Animation Speed on Banner Effectiveness: Evidence From Eye Movements
 Li, Kang., Huang, Guanxiong. and Bente, Gary.

The Implication of Technology in Mediatization and Mediation Approaches to Religious Studies
 Carneiro, Larissa.

The Importance of Altruistic Versus Egoistic Motivations: A Content Analysis of Conflicted Motivations in Children’s Television Programming
 Tamborini, Ron., Hahn, Lindsay., Prabhu, Sujay., Klebig, Brian., Grall, Clare. and Pei, Di.

The Incredibly Expensive Business of War Coverage
 Gürsel, Zeynep.

The Indirect Effect of Nonnarrative Message Engagement (NNME) on Attitudes Through Reactance and Counterarguing
 Cohen, Jonathan. and Lewis, Nehama.

The Influence of Closeness on Cultivation Effects
 Meltzer, Christine. and Schnauber, Anna.

The Influence of Contextual, Relational, and Personal Factors on the Costs of Seeking Supportive Communication
 High, Andrew. and Scharp, Kristina.

The Influence of Facial Attractiveness, Bodily Attractiveness, and Nonverbal Attractiveness on Person Perception and Employment Suitability
 Sobieraj, Sabrina. and Gabriel, Meike.

The Influence of Instructor-Student Rapport on Instructors’ Professional and Organizational Outcomes
 Beck, Annie., Frisby, Brandi., Bachman, Audrey., Byars, Cynthia., Lamberth, Cynthia. and Thompson, Jason.

The Influence of Moderators' Personality on Radio Listeners' Flow Experience and the Mediating Role of Parasocial Interactions
 Spangardt, Benedikt. and Schramm, Holger.

The Influence of Narrative and Numerical Messages on Integration-Relevant Attitudes among Muslim Immigrant Minorities
 Wojcieszak, Magdalena., Azrout, Rachid., Boomgaarden, Hajo G.., Alencar, Amanda. and Sheets, Penelope.

The Influence of Narrative on Third-Person Perception
 Rosenthal, Sonny., Dahlstrom, Michael. and Zhu, Xiaowen.

The Influence of Partisan Versus Nonpartisan Media Contexts on Evaluations and Effectiveness of a Media Literacy Advertisement
 Tully, Melissa. and Vraga, Emily.

The Influence of Social Norms on College Drinking: Considering the Role of Regulatory Mode
 Yang, Bo. and Nan, Xiaoli.

The Influence of Sociopolitical and Sociocultural Context on Hyperlinks
 Fu, Jiawei. and Shumate, Michelle.

The Influence of Trust and Physician Communication on HPV Vaccine Perceptions
 Chen, Nien-Tsu.

The Influence of User-Generated Comments on Public Opinion Formation in Online Media: The Case of Genetically Modified Foods
 Lee, Seungae. and Atkinson, Lucy.

The Influence of a Sexual Media Diet on College Freshmen’s Endorsement of the Hookup Culture, Hookup Behaviors, and Sexual Risk-Taking
 Peters, Sara. and Stevens Aubrey, Jennifer.

The Influences of Host and Ethnic Internet Use on Sociocultural and Psychological Adaptation among Chinese International Students in the United States: Communication Anxiety and Uncertainty Reduction as Mediators
 Hsu, Chia-Fang (Sandy). and Chen, Jun.

The Informal Media Economy
 Lobato, Ramon.

The Intermediate Time of News Consumption
 Keightley, Emily.

The Internal Communication Role of the Chief Executive Officer: Communication Channels, Style, and Effectiveness
 Men, Linjuan Rita.

The Internet Gaming Disorder Scale
 Lemmens, Jeroen. and Valkenburg, Patti.

The Interplay of Argument Strength, Narrativity, Working Memory Capacity, and Transportation in Narrative Persuasion
 Schreiner, Constanze., Appel, Markus., Richter, Tobias. and Isberner, Maj-Britt.

The Interrelation Between Implicit Frames in Press Releases of German Banks and German Financial Media
 Strauss, Nadine. and Vliegenthart, Rens.

The Invisibilization of Colombian Disabled: A Semiotic Analysis of Colombia’s Revista Semana
 Wendorf, Jessica.

The Janus-Faced Role of Images in Digital Photography
 Lehmuskallio, Asko.

The Journalism-Audience Relationship as a “Communicative Figuration”
 Loosen, Wiebke.

The Knowledge Gap Hypothesis: Climate Change as an Impersonal Risk
 Yang, Xiaodong. and Ho, Shirley.

The Land Bank as a Technique of Surveillance: Towards a New Theory of the Legibility of Space to Capital
 LaDue, Emily.

The Landscape of Information Diffusion on Sina Weibo: Investigating the Rich-Club Effect
 Wang, Cheng-Jun., Chen, Hexin. and Zhang, Xinzhi.

The Life Cycle of Fandoms: Fans’ Expression of Loss and Grief
 Bielby, Denise. and Harrington, C. Lee.

The Life Span of Iconic War and Conflict Photography
 Chouliaraki, Lilie.

The Lifespan and Future of United States Presidential Campaigns and the Internet
 McMahan, David.

The Limits of Watchdog Journalism: A Case Study of the Representation of Power
 Varma, Anita.

The Locus of Control in Networked Communications: Implications for Collective Action
 Losey, James.

The Logics and Limits of (Russia’s) Soft Power
 Budnitskiy, Stanislav. and Aronczyk, Melissa.

The Longitudinal Relationship Between Media Violence and Empathy: Was it Sympathy All Along?
 Vossen, Helen., Piotrowski, Jessica. and Valkenburg, Patti.

The Malleability of Social Value With (non)Native Spanish Speakers in Spaces of Whiteness: A Critical Approach
 Avalos, Rebecca.

The Many Faces of a Local Newspaper: A Case Study in Folk Theories of Journalism
 Nielsen, Rasmus Kleis.

The Measurement of Media Literacy: Development and Testing of an Empirical Test Instrument
 Sowka, Alexandra., Klimmt, Christoph., Hefner, Dorothee. and Possler, Daniel.

The Mediated Amplification of a Crisis: Communicating A/H1N1 in European Press Releases and Press Coverage
 Rossmann, Constanze., Meyer, Lisa. and Schulz, Peter.

The Mediated Practice of Soft Power: The Limits of US Counter-Messaging Campaigns against the Islamic State and Russia
 Hayden, Craig.

The Mediating Effect of Dyadic Communication Style Agreement on the Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Group-Level Organizational Citizenship Behavior
 Abu Bakar, Hassan. and McCann, Robert.

The Mediatization of Second-Order Elections and Party Launches: UK Television News Reporting of the 2014 EU Campaign
 Cushion, Stephen. and Thomas, Richard.

The Media’s Role in Lawmaking: A Case Study Analysis
 Melenhorst, Lotte.

The Memetic Internet
 Milner, Ryan.

The Mobile Phone and Professional Sports: Fans’ Use of Online Content for Loyalty
 Kang, Seok.

The Mobilizing Effect of the Internet: Evidence From the 2008 Candlelight Protest in Korea
 Kim, Jin Woo. and Park, Yun Joung.

The Moderating Effects of LGBTQ Television Narratives on Rehearsal Imagined Interactions and LGBTQ Identity Disclosure
 Waggoner, Erin.

The Moody Blues: An Examination of Affective State and Coping Tendency on Music Choices
 Stevens, Elise. and Dillman Carpentier, Francesca.

The Narrative of Fear: Media Narratives in the Nortrhwestern Mexico Border Region
 Figueroa, Laura., Ramírez, Marcos. and Soto, Adolfo.

The Nature and Impact of Gendered Patterns of Peer Sexual Communications Among Emerging Adults
 Trinh, Sarah. and Ward, Lucretia.

The Negative Effect of Flaming on Learning From Political News
 Boehmer, Jan.

The Network of the Olympics”: ABC Sports and the Industrial Uses of Technological Innovation During the Broadcast Era
 Vogan, Travis.

The Networked Narratives of Ebola: Communicating the Meaning of Epidemics on Social Media
 Sastry, Shaunak. and Lovari, Alessandro.

The Networked Practice of Online Political Satire in China: Between Ritual and Resistance
 Yang, Guobin. and Jiang, Min.

The New Women’s Movement: Burnout, Workload Driving Females From U.S. Newspaper Newsrooms
 Reinardy, Scott.

The News Environment and the Diversifying Public Agenda, 1975-2013
 Edy, Jill. and Meirick, Patrick.

The Nexus of Non-Use and the Digital Divide Across the Life Span in the United States: Problematizing Current Conceptualizations in Research, Policy, and Practice
 Kretchmer, Susan.

The Nonlinear Design Trajectories of Cyberinfrastructure: How Organizational Factors Play Out in the Development and Diffusion of Big Data Software for e-Science
 Kee, Kerk.

The Nonverbal Bully: Effects of Shouting and Conversational Distance on Perceptions of Bullying Intensity
 Pavlich, Corey., Rains, Steve. and Segrin, Chris.

The Normative Role of Public Opinion in the Republican Experience of Renaissance Venice
 Kittler, Juraj.

The Number and Genres of Radio Stations, and How These Have Changed Over the Last Decade, Especially in Terms of Ownership
 Markin, Karen.

The One Thing News Might Just Do for Democracy
 Nielsen, Rasmus Kleis.

The Operational Aesthetics of Sport’s ‘Mega Events’
 Stauff, Markus.

The Opportunities of Creative Apps in Middle Childhood
 Piotrowski, Jessica. and Meester, Laurian.

The Organizational Culture of Asian Broadcasting
 McDaniel, Drew. and Magpanthong, Chalisa.

The Paranoid Style in American Political Communication: “Antiestablishment” Discourse and Contemporary GOP Spin
 Serazio, Michael.

The People Dissent, or the People’s Consent?
 Zhang, Guoliang., Bowman, Nicholas. and Shao, Guosong.

The Political Agenda-Setting Effect of Media Storms: A Story-Level Analysis
 Hardy, Anne. and Sevenans, Julie.

The Political Punctum: Resonance, Standpoint Theory, and the #YesAllWomen Meme
 Milner, Ryan. and Phillips, Whitney.

The Power of a Protest Icon: How Anger, Solidarity, and Subjugation Converged in “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” in Ferguson, Missouri
 Duffy, Margaret., Page, Janis., Frisby, Cynthia., Perreault, Gregory. and Best, Brad.

The Power(s) and Audience(s) of Photojournalistic Icons
 Perlmutter, David.

The Problem of Socio-Technical Generations and Civil Society in Transition
 Friedland, Lewis.

The Process of Family Member Marginalization
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The Production of Difference and Commensurability Between Regimes of Value in Open Source Cultural Production
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The Professional Roles of Social Media Communicators: A Scale
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The Promise and Pitfalls of Personalization in Narratives to Promote Social Change
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The Public Tragedy: Clarifying and Defining a Public Relations Challenge
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The Realization of a Networked Public Sphere in an End-to-End Architecture of the Internet
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The Rediscovery of Ideology Once More: A Tribute to Stuart Hall
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The Regulatory Issues of Over the Top Video Services in Taiwan
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The Relationship Between Knowledge, Tobacco Use, and Support for Vape-Free Policies: A Motivated Reasoning Perspective
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The Relationship Between Media Multitasking and Academic Achievement
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The Relationship Between Religiosity, Media Use, and Perceived Credibility
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The Relationship Between Social Network Site Use and Adolescent Identity Development
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The Relationships Between Innovativeness and Adoption of Energy-Saving Behavior
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The Relationships Between Student Behavior Alteration Techniques and Student Motives to Communicate
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The Relationships That Matter: Social Network Site Use and Social Well-Being Among Older Adults in the United States
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The Relative Nature of Playing, Selecting and Experiencing Games
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The Representations of the Minority Group in the Traditional Print Media of Singapore: A Comparative Content Analysis
 Subasaran, Nathanael., Tan, Esther Geraldine Tan., Pham, Thi Ngoc Bich Pham., Tong, Shanwei Sabrina Tong. and Lin, Julian.

The Right Faces for Right-Wing and Left-Wing Attitudes
 Talor, Nurit., Bivas, Liat., Mosseri, Yael. and Waismel-Manor, Israel.

The Right to be Forgotten as the Right to Evolve: Reexamining Melvin v. Reid
 McNealy, Jasmine.

The Rise of the "Brand": Change and Continuity in Transnational Television
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The Role of Cognitive Heuristics in Credibility Assessment Online
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The Role of Cognitive Heuristics in Online Truth judgments: A Construal Level Approach
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The Role of Credibility Assessment in Exposure to Political Information on the Internet
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The Role of Electronic Word of Mouth in Predicting Bollywood’s Overseas Box Office Performance
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The Role of Emotion in Inoculating Against Conspiracy Theory Media
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The Role of Issue Ownership in Flemish Television News Coverage
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The Role of Justice Perceptions in Influencing Victim-Offender Conference Participation
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The Role of Media Exposure and Perceived Realism in Adolescents’ Endorsement of Dysfunctional Relationship Beliefs
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The Role of Networked Video Game Play in American Boys' Friendships
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The Role of Perceived Peer Norms in the Relationship Between Media Violence Exposure and Aggression
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The Role of Self-Affirmation and User Status in Readers’ Response to Identity-Threatening News
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The Role of Self-Construal and Public Self-Consciousness in Positive Self-Presentation on Facebook
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The Role of Social Media in Transforming Public Relations Profession: Impact on Public Relations Work, Work-Life Conflict, and Public Relations Leadership
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The Role of Source Identification and Credibility in the Social Media Impact Hypothesis
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The Role of Tensions in the Empowering Communication
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The Role of Twitter and Parasocial Interaction in College Students’ Sport Media Consumption
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The Role of World News on the National Identity and Political Change of Puerto Rico
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The Second Digital Revolution: U.S. Newspapers’ Design for the Mobile Web
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The Selfie Study: Archetypes and Motivations in Modern Self-Photography
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The Significance of Parent Healthy Eating Guidance in Preschoolers' Developing Healthy Meal Schemas
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The Social Agenda of the Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Puerto Rico: Universal Access and the Information Society
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The Social and Political Context and Impact of the Digital Divide in Africa
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The Split Female: How Chinese Sports Media Visualize the Female in Microblog Updates
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The Stereotypical Cues to Deception Used by Lay Persons
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The Stock Selfie: Vernacular Photographs, Commercial Performances and Approximate Lives
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The Structure and Evolution of the International Human Right Regime Network: A Cross-National and Longitudinal Study
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The Subnational Media Approach: The Case of Mexican Provinces
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The Third-Person Effect Over Time: Support for Censorship in a Highly Regulated Media Environment (TOP PAPER)
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The Third-Person Effect of Online Cosmetic Surgery Advertising: Testing the Behavioral Hypotheses in the Age of Social Media
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The Third-Person Effect of Online Weight-Loss Product Advertising: The Impact of Social Norms and Perceived Deception
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The Ties That Bind the Diaspora to Turkey and Europe During the Gezi Protests
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The Times of News Websites
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The Tragedy of Oil: Bill McKibben’s Reframing of the Fossil Fuel Industry
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The Transformative World of Fan Fiction: When an Author’s Ownership Collides With Fair Use?
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The Triadic I-O-F Particiaption Structure and Discursive Construction of Open-Access Classroom Discussion I
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The Trouble With “Screen Time”: Disability and the Social Construction of Children’s Mediated Bodies
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The Use of Hypervideo in E-Health Applications: The Impact on Usability, Utilization, and Competence
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The Use of Legal Enforcement as a Normative Element to Prevent Texting While Driving
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The Value of UK Hyperlocal Community News: Findings From a multi-method study
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The Visual Motif Matters! Motifs, Meanings and Contexts in the Life Span of Iconic Press Photographs
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The Weibo Mediated Presence of Bodies: “Walking Marriage” or “Casual Sex”
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The West and the Rest: The Importance of Mediatization Research for Understanding Latin American Politics
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The Wisdom of Crowds: Transforming the Peer-Review Process
 Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

The Women's Olympics? A Gender Analysis of NBC's Coverage of the 2012 London Summer Games
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The World Outside and a Debate Inside Our Heads: Duped by Carey or Lippmann?
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The ‘Post-Traumatic’ Self-Identity for Iraqi Jews, and Palestinians in Israel: A Comparative-Linguistic Study
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The “Great Uncle of Dissemination”: Wilbur Schramm and Communication Study in China
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The “Safety Valve” Effect: Grassroots Criticism, Perceived Freedom of Expression, and Citizen Satisfaction in China
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The “Single V” Campaign: The Struggle for Nationhood, Citizenship, and Global War in Claudia Jones’ Weekly Review Editorials, 1938-1943
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The “Surprised Loser” in U.S. Presidential Elections (1952-2012)
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Theoretical Frameworks for Analyzing the Media System of Puerto Rico
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Theoretical and Conceptual Challenges in the Digital Era
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Theorizing Alternative Media: From Content and Structure to Ideology and Power
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Theorizing Sustainability as a Communicative Tool: Communicating Identity in Organizations
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Theory and Practice in Doctoral Leadership Training
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Theory or Approach? Clarifying the Disciplinary Lineages of Affordances
 Schrock, Andrew.

Think Big: Appeals to Transcendence in Wangari Maathai's Rhetoric
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Thinking the Symbolic, Feeling the Metaphysical
 Lyne, John.

Third-Person Effect on Contentious News in a Cross-Border Setting
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Thomas Builds a Theory: Crafting a Theoretical Framework for an Investigation of Thomas the Tank Engine and Emotion-Recognition Capability of Children on the Autism Spectrum
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Three Studies in the Philosophy of Logic
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Through the Looking Glass: The Impact of Google Glass on Perceptions of Face-to-Face Interaction
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Ticking the Box and Closing the Loop: Can Dialogue Be Mandated?
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Time Flies and Students are Productive When Attention is Combined With Multitasking Distraction
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Time to Indulge in Feeling. The Influence of Narrative Pace on Empathy, Perceived Social Distance, and Intentions to Help Stigmatized Groups
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Time, Mediation and Institutional Power in the Making of Iconic Images
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Times Are a Changin’: How a Merger Affects Construction of News Processes
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To Communicate or Not to Communicate: Factors Predicting Passengers’ Intentions to Ask a Driver to Stop Text Messaging While Driving
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To Control or Not to Control – That is the Question: The Influence of Time Spent With Mobile Phones and Perceived Control Over Usage on Well-Being
 Hefner, Dorothee., Sowka, Alexandra. and Possler, Daniel.

To Err is Human? How to Establish a Human Voice in Organizational Responses to Online Criticism
 Willemsen, Lotte.

To Tweet or ‘Subtweet’?: Impacts of Social Networking Post Valence and Directness on Interpersonal Impressions
 Edwards, Autumn., Gentile, CJ. and Edwards, Chad.

To the Victor Go the Tweets: BIRGing, CORFing, and Twitter Activity Following a Political Referendum
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Toddlers’ Learning From Interactive vs. Non-Interactive Mediated Experiences Using Touchscreens
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Toddlers’ Learning From Video: The Role of Cognitive-Control Skills
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Toward Normalization of Libel Laws: The U.K. Defamation Act 2013
 Watson, Roxanne., Roldan, Roberto. and Faza, Andres.

Toward a Field of “Distribution Studies:” Considering the Role of Media Distribution in Society and Scholarship
 Braun, Joshua.

Toward a Historical Understanding of the Media Event
 Ytreberg, Espen.

Toward a Model of Government-Public Relationship With Digital Publics in Crisis
 Chon, Myoung-Gi.

Toward a Multidimensional Understanding of Adolescent Romantic Parasocial Attachments to Media Figures
 Erickson, Sarah.

Toward a Theory of Resilience and Relational Load (TRL)
 Afifi, Tamara., Merrill, Anne. and Davis, Sharde.

Toward a ‘Developed’ Media: The Values and Priorities of Media Development Projects in South Sudan
 Cooper, Valerie.

Toward an Implicit Cognition Account of Attribute Agenda Setting
 Arendt, Florian. and Brantner, Cornelia.

Toward the Conceptualization of the Engagement Process in Public Relations: Evidence From Six Nations
 Yang, Aimei., Sommerfeldt, Erich. and Taylor, Maureen.

Towards a New Research Paradigm for Presence: A Pilot Study of Deriving the State of Presence From a Wide Range of Continuous Data
 Liebold, Benny., Brill, Michael., Pietschmann, Daniel., Schwab, Frank. and Ohler, Peter.

Towards an Integrated and Differential Approach to the Relationships Between Loneliness, Different Types of Facebook Use, and Adolescents’ Depressed Mood
 Frison, Eline.

Tracing Protest Motivations: Studying the Link Between Media Coverage and Frames of Protest Participants
 Ketelaars, Pauline.

Trademarks, Trends, and Traditions: Shifting Advertising Practices on Univisión
 Moran, Kristin.

Training Through the Learning Curve: Sociality, Retention, and Mentorship-Driven Team Formation in a Massively Multiplayer Online Game
 Clark, Joshua. and Leavitt, Alex.

Training for the Unthinkable: Examining Message Characteristics on Motivations to Engage in an Active Shooter Response Video
 Ford, Jessica. and Frei, Seth.

Trait Motivation Activation as a Predictor of Neural Activity During Emotional Image Processing on a Large-Screen TV
 Almond, Anthony., Mayell, Sharon. and Potter, Robert.

Transforming Teacher Practice Through Online Exchange- How Cultural Discourse Analysis Can Illuminate Meaning at the Intersection of Learning and Technology
 Bouwmeester, Maaike.

Transgressing Trans Issues: Why Glee's Kurt Hummel is its True Transgendered Character
 Bernabo, Laurena.

Translating Geek Speak: A Communication-Constituting-Organization Exploration Into the Communication Challenges of Small Software Development Firms
 Sheffer, Bridget.

Transnational Vectors and Intellectual History: A History of Non-U.S. Students in U.S. Communication Graduate Programs
 Park, David.

Transparency of Audience Behavior and Co-Orientation in the News Selections of Internet Users
 Wendelin, Manuel., Engelmann, Ines. and Jandura, Olaf.

Transportation, Involvement, and Presence in Virtual Reality
 van Woudenberg, Thabo J..

Transportation, Narrative Engagement, and Identification: An Examination of the Processing of Written and Visual Media
 Berke, Collin. and Nutting, Brandon.

Trending Topics: Social Media’s Roles in Supply and Demand, Criticism, and Engagement With Black Women on Television
 Harris, Felicia.

Trophy Shots and their Framing: An Ethical Dilemma
 Mueller, Marion.

Tu Mañana, A Glocal Television Program
 Velázquez Carrasquillo, Glorimar.

Turning Murders Into Public Executions, ‘Beheading Videos’ as Alternative Media
 Khalil, Joe.

Tween and Teen Health Information-Seeking in the Age of Digital Media
 Zupancic, Heather.

Tweeting Supertyphoon Yolanda: Evolving Functions of Twitter During and After a Disaster Event
 David, Clarissa., Legara, Erika. and Ong, Jonathan.

Tweeting and Trivializing: How the Trivialization of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder via Social Media Impacts User Perceptions, Emotions, and Behaviors
 Pavelko, Rachelle. and Myrick, Jessica.

Twigging Enjoyment of Violence: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Mediated Violence on Enjoyment (TOP PAPER)
 Rasul, Azmat.

Twitter, Asian American Media Activism, and Cultural Citizenship
 Lopez, Lori.

Twitter, Twitter on my Screen What Opinion Can be Seen?
 Kyewski, Elias.

Twitter’s Functions in Disaster Relief and Recovery
 David, Clarissa., Legara, Erika. and Ong, Jonathan.

Two Bites of the Cherry: Incidental Inflation of Significant Findings in Media Research and How New Structures in Manuscript Preparation and Review can Prevent It
 Ivory, James.
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