International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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U.S. Public Diplomacy’s Emerging Domestic Publics: The Other Half of Mutual Understanding
 Fitzpatrick, Kathy.

U.S. Rural Female Teens’ Understandings of Safety in Social Media Use
 Rickman, Aimee.

USA: Old and New Journalism in a Hybrid Environment
 Waisbord, Silvio. and Russell, Adrienne.

Ultimate Rebranding: The Active Commodification of Sport Subculture
 Cieslik-Miskimen, Caitlin.

Uncertainty Management and Information Seeking in Grindr
 Corriero, Elena., Tong, Stephanie., Van De Wiele, Chad., Lennemann, Benjamin. and Rochadiat, Annisa.

Understanding Factors Affecting Organizations’ Implementation of Dialogic Communication: An Exploratory Study
 Huang, Jin. and Yang, Aimei.

Understanding Fifty Shades of Grey’s Audiences
 Click, Melissa.

Understanding Narrative Persuasion: Exploring the Effects of Perceived Intended Audience and Outgroup Evaluation on Attitudes
 Dale, Katherine. and Appiah, Osei.

Understanding Online Journalists: Redefining Professional Roles in the Chinese Journalistic Field
 Xu, Yu.

Understanding Others' Goals Depends on the Efficiency and Timing of Goal Pursuit
 Palomares, Nicholas., Grasso, Katherine. and Li, Siyue.

Understanding Professional Identification: The Role of Interprofessional Communication in the Vocational Socialization of Physicians
 MacArthur, Brenda., Dailey, Stephanie. and Villagran, Melinda.

Understanding Publics’ Perception and Behaviors in Crisis Communication: Effects of Crisis News Framing and Publics’ Acquisition, Selection, and Transmission of Information in Crisis Situations
 Kim, Young.

Understanding the Decay of Public Attention: Predicting Progress of Opinion Formation With Latent Growth Curves (TOP PAPER)
 Geiss, Stefan.

Unequal Beginnings: Digital Inequalities Among Californian Youth
 Robinson, Laura.

Unequal Privacy Online: Investigating Antecedents of SNS Users’ Behaviors of Online Protecting and Searching for Private Information
 Liu, Qian. and Tu, Caixie.

United in Nostalgia? A Content Analysis of Personal and Historic Nostalgia in Flemish Magazine Advertisements
 Koeman, Joyce., Delaere, Karolien. and Sterkendries, Dorien.

University Social Responsibility: Organizational and Communication Challenges at Higher Educational Institutions in Puerto Rico
 Morales, Beatriz., Vadi-Fantauzzi, Juan. and Gomez, Lina.

Unpacking Visuals: Images Enhance but Do Not Direct Framing Effects
 Powell, Tom., Boomgaarden, Hajo G.., De Swert, Knut. and De Vreese, Claes.

Unraveling the Determinants of Cancer Patients’ Concern Expression
 Brandes, Kim., Linn, Annemiek., Smit, Edith. and van Weert, Julia.

Upcoming Media Between Hegemony and Resistance: From Possibilities for Social Movements to a Support of Established Power Relations
 Krotz, Friedrich.

Urban Policy, Press, and Place: City-Making in Florida’s Miami-Dade County
 Shumow, Moses. and Gutsche Jr, Robert.

Use and Perception of Mobile Phone Texting in Classrooms
 Xia, Yun.

Use of Communication Media for Work in Nonwork Hours, and Job Stress: Moderation by Involvement, Work Characteristics, and Substitutes for Leadership
 Rice, Ronald. and Sivunen, Anu.

Use of Social Media During Disaster Response: A Case Study of the American Red Cross
 Macie, Julianne. and Comello, Maria Leonora (Nori).

User Generated Content and Credibility Evaluation of Online Health Information: A Meta Analytic Study
 Ma, Tao.

User-Generated Opinion: How Reader Reactions and Source Reputation Influence the Effects of Online News
 Winter, Stephan., Kramer, Nicole. and Liang, Yuhua (Jake).

Using Amazon's Mechanical Turk to Collect Nontraditional Participant Samples
 Downing, Joe.

Using Communication Privacy Management Theory to Examine HIV Disclosure to Sexual Partners/Spouses Among PLHIV in Guangxi
 Xiao, Zhiwen., Li, Xiaoming., Qiao, Shan. and Zeng, Li.

Using Participatory Theater to Uncover the Narratives of Surrogacy in Gujarat, India: A Feminist Exploration
 Pant, Saumya.

Using Social Capital to Build Global Health Initiatives: Connecting Organizations and Citizen-Stakeholders Through Social Media
 Chewning, Lisa.

Using Social Media for Organizational Resilience: Alumni Relations Across the Life Span of Identification-Disruptive Events
 Wolfe, Anna.

Using Virtual Exemplars in Health Campaigns to Promote Health Behavior Change: Reducing Soft Drink Consumption
 Ahn, Sun Joo (Grace).

Using the Heuristic Systematic Model and Translated Scientific Messages to Assess Breast Cancer Risk Beliefs and Attitudes About Progesterone
 Hitt, Rose., Perrault, Evan., Smith, Sandi., Keating, David., Nazione, Samantha., Silk, Kami. and Russell, Jessica.

Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Design Messages Aimed at Increasing Compliance With a Tobacco-Free Policy
 Record, Rachael., Helme, Donald., Harrington, Nancy. and Savage, Matthew.

Utilization of CSR to Build Organizations’ Corporate Image in Asia: Need for an Integrative Approach
 Pang, Augustine., Lwin, May., Ng, Chrystal., Ong, Ying Kai., Chau, Shannon Rose. and Yeow, Kristle.

Utilizing Temporal Capital as a Conceptual Framework
 Wang, Cynthia.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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