International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27

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Validating Massively Open Online Social Experiments With Volunteer Science
 Radford, Jason., Keegan, Brian., Ognyanova, Katherine., Foucault Welles, Brooke., Hoye, Jefferson., Karbeyaz, Ceyhun., Meleis, Waleed. and Lazer, David.

Validating Modality Switching Effects via Trained Coder Ratings of Relational Messages
 Ramirez, Jr., Artemio. and Sumner, Erin.

Validating a Standardized Procedure for Effectiveness Assessment: Learning English Vocabulary Through Gameplay
 All, Anissa., Nunez Castellar, Elena., Meeschaert, Dries. and Van Looy, Jan.

Value Threat Can Make Pacifists Oppose Violent Video Games
 Rothmund, Tobias., Bender, Jens., Nauroth, Peter. and Gollwitzer, Mario.

Ventriloqual Career Designs: Explicating the “Pushing Hands (推手)” of Women’s Entrepreneuring in China
 Long, Ziyu.

Vernacular and Opaque Queer and Trans* Human-Machine Configurations
 Renninger, Bryce.

Vicarious and Source Credibility: A Cross-Cultural Explanation
 Dilbeck, Keith.

Video Game Addiction: What Can We Learn From a Media Neuroscience Perspective?
 Craighead, Britney., Huskey, Richard. and Weber, Rene.

Video Game Genres and Types of Engagement: A Multiple Self-Report Engagement Approach for Assessing Differences Between Games
 Shaw, Adrienne., Kenski, Kate., Filer, Christine. and Bradshaw, Seth.

Video Games and Positive Health Behaviors: Testing the Effectiveness of Wii Physical Activity Games on Children’s Enjoyment and Exertion
 Bie, Bijie., Zhang, Xueying., Conlin, Lindsey., McLemore, Dylan., Bissell, Kimberly. and Parrott, Scott.

Video Rants: Anatomy of a Genre
 Lange, Patricia.

Viewers Enjoy Being Overwhelmed by TV: Exploring the Relationship Between Cognitive Overload and Enjoyment During Television Viewing
 Park, Byungho., Yang, Haesung., Lim, Choah., Jang, Jun Woo., Kang, Sinyoung. and Lim, Tae Hwan.

Viewing Political Documentary and Engaging in Focus Group Discussion as Acts of Political Engagement
 Pitts, Margaret., Kenski, Kate., Smith, Stephanie. and Pavlich, Corey.

Viral Information: How Distortion About Ebola Can Impact Processing and Beliefs on Twitter
 Hong, Seoyeon., Johnson, Erika., Clayton, Russell. and Shoenberger, Heather.

Virtual Empathy at Scale
 Bailenson, Jeremy.

Visceral or Discretional? Measuring Journalistic Judgments and Their Associations With Actual News Practices
 Reich, Zvi. and Godler, Yigal.

Visual Attention to Anti-Drunk-Driving PSAs With Different Emotionality: Explicating How Messages’ Emotionality Affects “Seeing” and “Believing”
 Lou, Chen.

Visual Frames of Obamacare: The Evolving Roles of Political Cartoons and Memes in Engaging Public Discourse
 Page, Marguerite. and Page, Janis.

Visual Metaphor in Advertising: A Modified Typology of Visual Structure and Support from Consumer Elaboration
 Huang, Ying.

Visual Motifs in Islamist Terrorism: Applying Conceptual Metaphor Theory
 Matusitz, Jonathan.

Visual Semiotics of Neotenic Logotypes
 Cho, Sookyung., Gonzalez, Richard. and Yoon, Carolyn.

Visualizing Scientific Data for Lay Audiences: Effects of Graphical Characteristics on Comprehension and Confidence in Data Quality
 Li, Nan., Brossard, Dominique., Scheufele, Dietram., Su, Leona Yi-Fan., Wilson, Paul. and Scopatz, Anthony.

Visualizing the Invisible: What the Absence of Data on Police Killings Reveals
 Gates, Kelly.

Visuals and Mass-Mediated Peace: Analysis of War and Peace Journalism Frames of the Boko Haram Crisis Coverage in Nigeria
 Akinro, Ngozi.

Vocational Anticipatory Socialization Sources, Messages, and Career Choice
 Powers, Samantha.
International Communication Association 65th Annual Conference 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-27
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