ICA's 66th Annual Conference 2016-Jun-07 to 2016-Jun-16

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"Beyond Pseudonymity": The Sociotechnical Structure of Online Military Forums
 Maltby, Sarah. and Thornham, Helen.

"Broken Windows" in the Ferguson Era: Original Theory and Contemporary Discourse
 Maris, Elena.

"Communication" as a Deeply Contestable Concept
 Bergman, Mats.

"Did We Get It Right?": Navigating Emergent Tensions in Assessing the Impact of Engaged Organizational Communication Scholarship
 Connaughton, Stacey., Linabary, Jasmine., Yakova, Liliya., Krishna, Arunima., Kuang, Kai., Stumberger, Neva., Pauly, Jessica. and Anaele, Agaptus.

"Fake" Accounts, Real Activism: Political Faking and User-Generated Satire as Activist Intervention
 Ferrari, Elisabetta.

"Fortress Europe," FRONTEX, and Readmission Agreement With Turkey
 Mehrabov, Ilkin.

"I Am Not a Gamer": An Empirical Study on Women as Self-Identified Digital Gamers
 Vermeulen, Lotte., Van Looy, Jan. and Van Bauwel, Sofie.

"I Support Cancer Awareness": The Effects of Public Commitment on Intentions to Support Health Causes on Facebook
 Chen, Simin Michelle. and Zhu, Xuan.

"I'd Never Watch That!" British Audiences Interpreting "Offensive" Television
 Das, Ranjana.

"If You Experience Noise, You Haven't Planned Your Work Well": Individualization and Regulation Within a Flexible Work Design
 ter Hoeven, Claartje. and van Gemert, Eva.

"Killed out of Love”: Domestic Violence Coverage in Hong Kong
 Hernandez, Miriam.

"Mom’s Voice” and Other Voices: Civil-Military Relations as a Media Ritual
 Meyers, Oren.

"Our Audience is a Machine": Structured Stories and the Computation of Journalistic Context
 Anderson, C.W..

"Out of the Dome": An Exploratory Study of Female's Perception of Environmental Health Risk
 MA, Yanni., Du, Ying Roselyn. and Huang, Lei Vincent.

"Please Send us Your Money": The BBC’s Evolving Relationship With Charitable Causes and Fundraising
 Franks, Suzanne.

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A "Two-Level Social Capital Analysis" of the Role of Online Communication in Civic Activism: Lessons From the Role of Facebook in the Sunflower Movement
 Tsatsou, Panayiota. and Zhao, Yupei.

A Case Study in Newsgame Creation: Why Game Designers and Journalists are Still Learning to Work Together
 Grace, Lindsay.

A Case for the Female Leader Apology
 Zanin, Alaina. and Hoelscher, Carrisa.

A Case of Constraints: Implications of Industrial Norms and Practices for Linguistic Adaptation
 Bernabo, Laurena.

A Comparative Analysis of Business News Coverage of Corporate Social Responsibility in the United States and the United Kingdom From 2005 to 2014
 Lee, Tae Ho. and Riffe, Daniel.

A Comparison of Disease Burden and News Coverage of Cancer in China
 Wang, Jie., Fu, Hua. and Crawford, Paul.

A Conditional Model of Political Discussion: Anger, Informal Political Talk, and the Perceived Opinion Climate
 Hopmann, David Nicolas. and Valenzuela, Sebastian.

A Connected Lives Perspective on How Independent Artists Leverage Social Media to Create Intimacy With Buyers
 Klawitter, Erin.

A Critical Look at Meta-Analytic Evidence for the Cognitive Approach to Lie Detection: A Reexamination of Vrij, Fisher, & Blank (2015)
 Levine, Timothy.

A Critical Media Industry Analysis of John Oliver and the Regulation of Net Neutrality
 Sebastian, Melinda. and Novak, Alison.

A Cross-Cultural Analysis in Predicting App Preferences: Implications of Cultural Values and Maslow’s Human Needs
 Su, Chris Chao. and Ren, Yuchen.

A Cross-Culture Study of Impact of Mobile Phone Use on Loneliness Among Older Adults
 Liu, Xun., Hilpert, Fred., Doraz, Walter. and Shi, Lipin.

A Cross-National Comparison in the Relationship Between Habitual Media Use and the Perception of "Healthy" and "Frail" Thin Ideals Across US and Korean College Students
 Kim, Kyungbo.

A Culture-Centered Campaign With Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) in Singapore
 Dutta, Mohan., Pandi, Asha. and Kaur-Gill, Satveer.

A Decision Support Tool for Producing and Assessing Visual Representations for Scientific Discovery and Communication
 Pauwels, Luc.

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BRICS News-Making as Uncharted Waters for Euro-Atlantic Audiences
 Lemoine, Dominique.

Babbling about the Future of Journalism
 Steensen, Steen. and Ahva, Laura.

Back to the Future or the Importance of Documenting the (Her)stories of FSD
 Carter, Cynthia.

Back to the Future: Implicit Attitudes as Expressions of Directional Behavioral Response
 Wu, Yijie., Almond, Anthony. and Lang, Annie.

Back to the city: confronting the next generation of media studies
 Krajina, Zlatan.

Balancing Privacy Concerns and Impression Management Strategies on Social Media Platforms
 Vitak, Jessica.

Balancing Surveillance and Internet Freedoms: Brazil and Snowden's legacy 3 years on
 Moura Medeiros, Debora.

Balancing plausible lies and false truth: Perception and evaluation of the local and global news coverage of conflicts in Burundi and the DRC
 Fiedler, Anke. and Frere, Marie-Soleil.

Bandwagon for Them and Underdog for Me? Examining Third-Person Perceptions of Pre-Election Polls
 Chia, Stella.

Bandwagon or Free Ride: The Effect of Social Media Normative Cues on Self-Efficacy, Perceived Likelihood of Success, and Intentions to Participate in a Collective Action
 Lee, Yu-Hao. and Littles, Carlin.

Beget the Error? A Quasiexperimental Study of Corrections at Five Newspapers Before and After Outsourcing of All Copy Editing
 Martin, Justin. and Martins, Ralph.

Behavioral Adaptation and Idealization Processes in Long-Distance Dating Relationships: Evidence From Self-Reported and Linguistic Data
 Jiang, L.Crystal.

Being Green Is Being Luxurious: How Green Appeals Add Luxury to Utilitarian Products
 Meijers, Marijn. and Verlegh, Peeter.

Being Honest in Crisis Communication: The Interplay Between Stealing Thunder, Persuasive Intent, and Brand Attachment

Being There? What's Left of Journalistic Legwork in the Digital Environment
 Godler, Yigal. and Reich, Zvi.

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CSR Communication in the Business-to-Business Context: An Exploratory Study
 Gosselt, Jordy., Janssen, Suzanne. and Bemelman, Benthe.

CSR Communications and Stakeholder Perceptions: A Content Analysis of User Comments on YouTube
 Song, Baobao. and Wen, Jing (Taylor).

CSR Narratives by Global Fashion Brands in Social Media after Rana Plaza Collapse in Bangladesh
 Chaidaroon, Suwichit., Mak, Angela. and Sharif, Rizwan.

CSR as ‘Bread’ or ‘Perfume’? A Critical Analysis of CSR Perceptions Between Local Companies and MNCs in Vietnam
 Duong, Hue. and Sison, Marianne.

Calling In Instead of Calling Out: Intergenerational Feminist Praxis in Digital Games Scholarship and Activism
 Harvey, Alison. and Fisher, Stephanie.

Can Corporate Social Media Open TV?: Independent Platform Development as Method in Critical Data Studies
 Christian, Aymar.

Can Emotion Regulation Serve as a Tool in Combatting Cyberbullying?
 den Hamer, Anouk. and Konijn, Elly.

Can Facebook Facilitate Public Engagement With Science? The Moderating Role of Information Literacy and Discussion
 CHIU, YI-TSEN., Wu, Cheng-ying. and Shih, Tsung-Jen.

Can Insecurely Attached Dating Couples Get Compensated on Social Network Sites? —The Effect of Surveillance
 Wang, Kexin., Zhang, Zheng., Zhou, Yixin., Song, Yangyi. and Zhou, Mingjie.

Can Media Help Women Be Better at Math? Stereotype Threat, Selective Exposure, Media Effects & Math Performance
 Luong, Kate. and Knobloch-Westerwick, Silvia.

Can Online Social Network Foster Young Adults’ Civic Engagement?
 Chen, Jinyun.

Can Video Games Make You Sexist?
 Aranzaes, Hugo.

Can You See? An Eye-Tracking Approach to Examine the Effectiveness of Native Advertisements on Social Networking Sites
 Jeong, Yongick., Porter, Lance., Windels, Kasey., Wang, Rui., Jung, A-Reum. and Heo, Jun.

Can the Spiral of Silence predict social media-offline collective action? The role of different opinion climate indicators and cognitive effort in the process
 Nekmat, Elmie.

Cancer Screening Message Framing in the Social Media Environment: A Closer Look at the Role of Fear
 Lee-Won, Roselyn. and Na, Kilhoe.

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DIY Feminism: Making the Personal Political - A Work-in-Progress
 Clark, Rosemary.

Damaged Women, Godlike Men: Rape Mythologies in News Coverage of Bill Cosby and Inder Kumar
 Blumell, Lindsey. and Sternadori, Miglena.

Data Capitalism: Redefining the Logics of Surveillance and Privacy
 West, Sarah.

Data Citizenships: Platforms, Protocols, and Possibilities
 Powell, Alison.

Data Visualization and Critical Digital Methods
 Burgess, Jean.

Data Visualization as Problem-Posing
 Wilken, Rowan.

Data Visualization’s Unequal Terrain
 Feigenbaum, Anna.

Dating Couples Congruence in Attachment and Relationship Quality: The Mediating Role of Communication Patterns
 Wang, Kexin., Zhang, Zheng., Song, Yangyi. and Zhou, Mingjie.

De-Constructing Monoculturalism on the German Screen: A Critical Cultural Reading of On the Other Side
 Khrebtan-Hoerhager, Julia.

Dealing With Media Distractions: An Observational Study on Computer-Based Multitasking Among Children and Adults
 Baumgartner, Susanne., Sumter, Sindy. and van der Schuur, Winneke.

Dealing with digital intermediaries: a comparative analysis of news organizations’ different responses to the rise of search and social media
 Nielsen, Rasmus Kleis. and Ganter, Sarah.

Death From Above: An Analysis of the Central Command YouTube Page
 Morley, Matthew.

Decentralization and the Underground Press in 1960s America
 Pace, Jonathan.

Decoding Xiao Hong in The Golden Era (2014): A Reception Analysis of Chinese Women Audience Members’ Film-Viewing Experiences
 Chen, Li.

Defending the Family and Faith: The Proclamation on the Family, Plausibility Structures, and Mormon Identity
 Scott, David. and Petersen, Boyd.

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E-Cigs and the “Wild West” of Advertising: Reaching Youth via Social Media and PSI
 Johnson, Erika.

E-Indigenous: Towards a Theory of Modern Communication Practices With Māori
 Elers, Steven. and Elers, Phoebe.

EU Platform Regulation and its Impact on the Media and Communication Industry
 Hoelck, Katharina. and Ballon, Pieter.

EU attitudes in times of the economic crisis. News media’s potential to shape public opinion about EU performance
 De Vreese, Claes.

Early Japanese Television Discourse in Kinema Junpō 1953 – 1958
 Nakayama, Yuki.

Easily Connected but Difficult to Get Close: Intercultural Friendship on Social Media Among Taiwanese Sojourners in the United States
 Shiau, Hong-Chi.

Ebola Coverage and Representations of Africa: An Analysis of Hegemonic and Counter-Hegemonic Narratives on Twitter
 Kwami, Janet.

Ebola, the CIA, and media trust. Exploring the determinants of belief in a conspiracy theory
 Reinemann, Carsten.

Eco-activism Stories: the Case of Lego
 Miller, Toby.

Ecomasculinity and Ethics of Daring: Bollywood Through an Ecocritical Lens
 Chattopadhyay, Saayan. and Pandit, Sushmita.

Economic Messages Alter the Brain’s Response to Error Prediction and Consequent Behavioral Decisions
 Petropoulos Petalas, Diamantis., HendriksVettehen, Paul. and van Schie, Hein.

Economic News for the Public Interest or Promotion of Commercial Interests? Changes in Economic News Over the Past 20 Years in South Korea
 Lee, Nayeon. and Baek, Kanghui.

Economically Disadvantaged but Academically Focused: The Low-Income Chinese Immigrant Families’ Acculturation, Parental Involvement, and Parental Mediation
 Yang, Melissa.

Educational Systems, Digital Learning & Literacy, and Inverted Funnel Paradigm: A Capabilities Approach to Understanding Gains
 Shaikh, Sonia Jawaid.

Effect of CSR Communication on the Core-Stigmatized Business
 Wang, Lili., Xue, Ke., Yu, Mingyang. and Yu, Xueer.

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Fabricated African Bodies, Commodification of Romance, and Cyber Fraud within Global Circuits
 Tettey, Wisdom.

Facebook Brand Communities: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study on U.S. College Students’ Motivations for Participation
 Xie, Quan. and Cheng, Hong.

Facebook Use and its Role in Access to Social Benefits Among Older Adults
 Yu, Rebecca., Ellison, Nicole. and Lampe, Cliff.

Faces of Euroskepticism in the mass media – A seven country analysis of mass media communication in the run-up to the EP elections 2014
 Adam, Silke., Eugster, Beatrice., Antl-Wittenberg, Eva. and Kritzinger, Sylvia.

Facilitating Communication With Power? Text Messaging Gratifications Among College Students in the US and Japan
 Ishii, Kumi., Rife, Tyler. and Kagawa, Naomi.

Factors Associated With Intentions to Negotiate Sexual Consent: Media Effects and Integrative Model
 Hust, Stacey. and Li, Jiayu.

Factors That Influence Crisis Perception From an Internal Stakeholder’s Point of View
 Snoeijers, Erik.

Factors That Influence Evaluation of Support Messages for Everyday Racial Discrimination: The Effect of Source Ethnicity, Interethnic Friendships, and Scenario Severity
 Manohar, Uttara. and Kline, Susan.

Factors That Lead to a Second-Level Digital Divide of Children and Adolescents With Down Syndrome
 Zaynel, Nadja.

Factors That Shape Cognitive and Behavioral Coping Among Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes: Features of Illness Versus Features of Romantic Relationships
 Leustek, John. and Theiss, Jennifer.

Fail Fast: The Value of Studying Unsuccessful Technology Companies
 Draper, Nora.

Family Communication Patterns and Emerging Adult Consumer Outcomes: Revisiting the Consumer Socialization Model
 Thorson, Allison. and Horstman, Haley.

Fan Engagement on Facebook: Cognitive/Emotional Intensity and Intention-Sharing as Predictors of Ticket Purchase Behavior
 Ballings, Michel., Ksiazek, Thomas., Meire, Matthijs., Malthouse, Edward. and Van den Poel, Dirk.

Fans Just Wanna Have Fun: A Sociology of Sport Approach to eSports in Semipublic Spaces
 Newbury, Elizabeth.

Fast Media and Slow Media on Climate Change
 Christensen, Miyase.

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G.I.F.T.S. Submission: Make a Hollywood Movie in 15 minutes
 Taussig, Doron.

GIFT: Learning to Respond to Critiques of Communication Campaigns: A "Speed Dating" Approach
 Comello, Maria Leonora (Nori).

GIFT: Making Assessment Fun for Students and Building Group Cohesion
 Violanti, Michelle. and Garland, Michelle.

GIFTS - Global Rebranding: The Pragmatics of International Persuasion
 Allen, Robert. and Kwong, Jillian.

GIFTS for Traveling Abroad: The International Travel Fair
 Desrayaud, Nathalie.

GIFTS: Embracing Vanishing Content Through the use of SnapChat in the Classroom
 Mahoney, L. Meghan.

GIFTS: Tell a Story and Pass it On: Examining Listening as a Five-Stage Process
 Guan, Mengfei. and Zhu, Yaguang.

GIFTS: Developing Collaborative Projects
 Strekalova, Yulia.

GIFTS: Student Participation in Sponsored Applied Research Projects
 Strekalova, Yulia., Kelleher, Tom., Norberg, Robert. and Treise, Debbie.

GIFTS: Teaching Crisis Preparedness with the Anticipatory Model of Crisis Management (AMCM)
 Olaniran, Bolanle.

GIFTS: Teaching Identity With Selfies in an Interpersonal Communication or Social Media Class
 Kienzle, Jennifer.

GIFTS: Teaching Journalism Using Technology and Social Media
 Tan, Ee Lyn.

GIFTS: The Power to Navigate the Internet Safely: A Hands-on Approach to Learn About Online Safety Using Protection Motivation Theory
 Cunningham, Carie., Jiang, Mengtian., Day, Tom., Alhabash, Saleem., Cotten, Shelia., Rifon, Nora., Larose, Robert., Diane, Kabine. and Gorbachenko, Alex.

GIFTS: “Dented Helmet vs. Spambot": Gamifing Impromptu Speech for ESL/ESF Students
 Girardelli, Davide. and Barroero, Patrizia.

Gag orders: Portuguese Neutrality and the Holocaust in the Aftermath of WWII
 Capeloa Gil, Isabel.

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Harnessing the Internet for Sustainable Economic Recovery: China’s New Communication Agenda and Its Trials
 Hong, Yu.

Hashtag This! Tagging and Searching Motives
 Lee, Eunji., Sung, Yongjun., Moon, Jang Ho. and Choi, Tae Rang.

Having a Soul or Choosing a Face? Nation Branding, Identity, and Cosmopolitan Imagination
 Stahlberg, Per. and Bolin, Goran.

Heads of Parliament: How Perceptions of Politicians Moderate Political Agenda Setting
 Zoizner, Alon., Fogel-Dror, Yair. and Sheafer, Tamir.

Health Literacy and the Internet: An Exploratory Study With Implications for Theory and Practice
 Jiang, Shaohai. and Beaudoin, Christopher.

Health, Communication, and the Digital: Untangling Digital Communication in Contemporary Health-Related Practices
 Vicari, Stefania.

Health, development and the ili: Fieldwork, reflexivity and negotiations of/with power
 Zapata, Dazzelyn.

Healthcare Workers Sharing Knowledge Online: Motivations and Consequences of Participating in Virtual Communities of Practice
 Batenburg, Anika.

Healthy Food Identification: Food Cues, Health Claims, and Health Halos
 Muldrow, Adrienne. and Bailey, Rachel.

Heavy Childhood TV Use Persists Into Adulthood and is Associated With Increased BMI
 York, Chance.

Heed Not the Cynics and the Uber Interested: Effects of Competitive Framing on Support for Government Policy
 Loh, Tracy. and Dhanesh, Ganga.

Helping the Homeless: Empathy, Race, and Support for Homelessness in America
 Gross, Kimberly., Wronski, Julie. and Entman, Robert.

Here and There, Then and Now: How “Departure Dates” Influence Climate Change Engagement
 Rickard, Laura., Schuldt, Jonathon. and Yang, Zheng.

Hidden In Plain Sight: The Role of European Teletext In the Development Of the Web
 Van den Bulck, Hilde. and Moe, Hallvard.

Hispanic Families: Parenting Support and Social Networking Sites
 Lauricella, Alexis. and Blackwell, Courtney.

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I Don’t Care About Politics, I Just Like That Guy!
 Weinmann, Carina., Roth, Franziska., Schneider, Frank., Krämer, Tanja., Hopp, Frederic., Bindl, Melanie. and Vorderer, Peter.

I Hate it, but I Can’t Stop: Addictive Tendencies as a Mediator for Negative Game Experience in a Mobile Trivia Game
 Koban, Kevin. and Ohler, Peter.

I Read Your Updates, I Read You: Spontaneous Trait Inferences on Social Media
 Levordashka, Ana. and Lin, Ruoyun.

I Saw You in the News: Mediated Contact With Outgroups Can Improve Outgroup Attitudes Above and Beyond Direct Contact
 Wojcieszak, Magdalena. and Azrout, Rachid.

I Shield Myself From Thee: Selective Avoidance on Social Media During the 2014 “Umbrella Movement” in Hong Kong
 Zhu, Qinfeng., Skoric, Marko. and Shen, Fei.

I Should Say No but It Looks so Delicious: Cognitive Dissonance Experienced Through Evaluation of Nongay Friendly Food Brands
 Wu, Yijie. and Lee, Jaejin.

I Will Follow My Heart: Examining the Role of Beliefs on Cancer-Information-Seeking Behaviors
 Yang, Fan.

I am in China, but I am OK with Marrying an American in the Future: Globalization-Based Acculturation and Chinese’ Attitude Towards Intercultural Marriage
 Hu, Qingqing., Pan, Peng., Chen, Xiaochun., Liu, Xiaoqin. and Yang, Ting.

I, Robot. You, Journalist. Who is the Author?
 Montal, Tal. and Reich, Zvi.

ICT adoption by Brazilian Social Scientists: The impact of e-Research in emerging economies
 Arcila Calderón, Carlos. and Paulino, Fernando.

ICTs, Messages, and Pressures From Others Matter in Everyday Life: Using a Q Methodology to Conceptualize Communication Overload
 Stephens, Keri., Mandhana, Dron., Kim, Jihye., Li, Xiaoqian., Glowacki, Elizabeth. and Cruz, Ignacio.

Ideal PR Practitioner in China: Exploring Professionalism, Guanxi, and Antecedents Through PR Recruitment Advertisement
 He, Qijun.

Idealized Female Beauty, Social Comparisons, and Awareness Intervention Material: Evidence for Preventive Effects in Young Women
 Arendt, Florian., Peter, Christina. and Beck, Julia.

Ideas for a Sociology of Communication and Difference
 Waisbord, Silvio.

Identifying Factors Influencing User Incivility in Polarized Online Debates
 Freudenthaler, Rainer. and Wessler, Hartmut.

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Jack of All Trades In The Era Of Media: Multitasking and Attentional Influences on Advertising Effectiveness
 Zheng, Anlan. and Duff, Brittany.

Japan Times’ Imagined Communities: Symbolic Boundaries with African Americans, 1998–2013
 Thornton, Michael.

Japanese Identity (nihonjinron) and Depictions of Racial Foreigners: Blacks in Asahi Shimbun, 2001-2010
 Tajima, Atsushi.

Japanese Male-Queer Femininity: An Autoethnographic Reflection on Matsuko Deluxe as an Onē-Kei Talent
 Eguchi, Shinsuke.

Japan’s “Otherness” in Chinese Political Discourses: Communicating National Identities in the Global-Local Dialectic
 Zhang, Bin.

Je Suis Charlie? The Framing of Ingroup Transgression and the Attribution of Responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo Attack
 Walter, Nathan., Demetriades, Stefanie., Kelly, Ruthie. and Gillig, Traci.

Jewish Identity in the Diaspora: A Study of Diasporic Jews in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)
 Teitleman, Alan.

Job Autonomy: How Kenyan Newspeople Perceive Their Journalistic Latitude
 Ireri, Kioko.

Journalism Beyond Democracy: A New Look Into Journalistic Roles in Civic and Everyday Life
 Hanitzsch, Thomas. and Vos, Tim.

Journalism Culture and its Impact on the Contextualization of Reality: A Qualitative Narrative and Framing Analysis of the Political Foreign News in German and British Newspapers
 Jungblut, Marc. and Ohliger, Ursula.

Journalism Professors in the German Democratic Republic (GDR): A Collective Biography
 Meyen, Michael. and Wiedemann, Thomas.

Journalism as Multichannel Communication: A Study on the Use of Social Media in German Newsrooms
 Neuberger, Christoph., Langenohl, Susanne. and Nuernbergk, Christian.

Journalism as Power: James Baldwin, Presidents, Protest, and Social Change
 Forde, Kathy.

Journalism for Children: From Kids to Pirates and Princesses?
 Orgeret, Kristin.

Journalism's Fortune Tellers: Constructing the Future of News
 Lowrey, Wilson. and Shan, Zhou.

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K-pop Dance Trackers and Cover Dancers: Social Media, Global Cosmopolitanism and Local Spatialization
 Liew, Kai Khiun.

KITT, Please Stop Distracting Me: Examining the Effects of Communication in Cars and Social Presence on Safe Driving
 Ratan, Rabindra., Verberne, Frank., Sah, Young June., Miller, David., Semmens, Rob. and Renius, Will.

Kawaii Killers and Femme Fatales: How Japanese and U.S. Video Game Firms Communicate the Power of Female Characters
 Tompkins, Jessica., Lynch, Teresa., van Driel, Irene. and Fritz, Niki.

Keeping Up Online Appearances: How Self-Disclosure on Facebook Affects Perceived Reputation and Likability Among Colleagues
 Batenburg, Anika. and Bartels, Jos.

Knowing About Latin America in China: Information Sources, Media Portrayals, and Gratifications
 Zhu, Yicheng. and Chen, Zhao.

Knowledge Empowered: Social Media and Scientists’ Public Engagement in China’s Environmental Movement
 Ni, Xiaole. and Sonnenfeld, David.

Knowledge Gap Hypothesis and the Internet in Indonesia: The Influence of SES, Skills & English Proficiency
 Andayani, Nadia.

Knowledge System Coherence as a Moderator of Organizational Change and Learning
 Johnston, Kim. and Everett, James.

Kyrgyz press and influence of Russian media
 turdubaeva, elira. and Lehtisaari, Katja.


LMFAO! Humor as a Response to Fear: Decomposing Fear Control Within the Extended Parallel Process Model
 Abril, Eulalia., Szczypka, Glen. and Emery, Sherry.

LMS for Media Literacy Education
 Grafe, Silke.

Landscaping the Internet: Comparing US, South African and European policy approaches to protecting children online
 O\'Neill, Brian., Burton, Patrick., Staksrud, Elisabeth. and Bulger, Monica.

Language is Voiced: Unpacking the Meanings and Interpretations of Chinese Indonesian Language Discourse
 Sandel, Todd.

Language of Uncertainty: The Expression of Decisional Conflict Related to Skin Cancer Prevention Recommendations
 Strekalova, Yulia. and James, Vaughan.

Language, power and ideology in conflict: Perceptions, feelings and narratives of Palestinians in East Jerusalem learning the language of the Jewish Israeli dominant group
 Gerassi-Tishby, Clila. and Maoz, Ifat.

Laughing About Politics – Source of Information or Reason for Declining Trust?
 Roessler, Patrick., Ratzmann, Katharina., Schielke, Mira. and Hofer, Maimilian.

Launching their (Cyber)Revolutions: Muslim Women, "Cyberfeminism," and Socio-Political Transformation
 Khamis, Sahar.

Lawn Bowling Together?: Race, Place, and Community Storytelling in a Californian Ethnoburbia
 Wenzel, Andrea., Chen, Nien-Tsu. and Zhang, Chi.

Layers of Myth and Magic: The “Artist Class” in Brazilian Technology and Myths of Use-Neutrality
 Choi, Beatrice.

Leaders and Followers: A Longitudinal Study of Strategic Political Communication and Interparty Relations in Election Campaigning
 Falasca, Kajsa. and Grandien, Christina.

Leading the Second Wave Into the Third Wave: Women Journalists and Discursive Continuity of Feminism
 Volz, Yong. and Finneman, Teri.

Learning About Sexual Health Online and In-School in Early Adolescence: Gender and Racial-Ethnic Differences
 Hurwitz, Lisa. and Beaudoin-Ryan, Leanne.

Learning About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Through Computerized Simulations: The Case of Global Conflicts
 Kampf, Ronit. and Stolero, Nathan.

Learning From Group Projects: The Role of Instructor Immediacy, Academic Self-Efficacy, and Flow
 Liao, Hsiang-Ann.

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MTV Reality Shows and Adolescents’ Intentions Towards Smoking and Alcohol Use: BIS/BAS and Social Norms
 Vangeel, Jolien., Rhodes, Nancy., Beullens, Kathleen., Goossens, Lien., Vervoort, Leentje., De Cock, Nathalie., Van Lippevelde, Wendy. and Eggermont, Steven.

Magical Thinking About Media Literacy Interventions
 Potter, W. James. and Thai, Chan.

Mainstream News Media's Incorporation of ISIS Imagery: Questions of Graphicness and Authenticity
 Mast, Jelle.

Making Blackness and the Foreign Serve China
 Frazier, Robeson.

Making Brands Symbolic: How Self-Construal Affects Brand Endorsements on Social Media
 Bernritter, Stefan., Loermans, Annemijn., Verlegh, Peeter. and Smit, Edith.

Making History Together: Derogatory Online Comments on Chinese Mythic Plays as Echoes of Hegemonic Discourse
 Wu, Shangwei. and Bergman, Tabe.

Making New Online Contacts That Help You Get a Job in the Internet Age: An Emerging Source of Inequality
 Matzat, Uwe. and van Ingen, Erik.

Making Older Art Interactive: Modality Alters Perception
 Biocca, Frank. and Kum, Hye Jin.

Making Policy or Making Controversy? Scholars, Press Freedom, and Press Regulation in the UK
 Barnett, Steven.

Making Sense of Competence Frameworks in Public Relations and Communication Management: Gaps in Knowledge
 Pieczka, Magda. and Powell, Mandy.

Making Sense of Working Role Transitions for Family
 Perna, Brian.

Making Things as “Social” Media
 Forlano, Laura.

Making a List, Aggregating it at Least Twice: The Work of Online Music Critics
 Pearson, Benjamin.

Making a Name on Social Media: How Advertising With a Human Name Affects Product Attitudes in the Context of Electronic Word of Mouth
 Willemsen, Lotte., Muntinga, Daniel. and Van den Akker, Marjo.

Making a “Comeback”: Teasing the Audience as a Conventional K-pop Industry Practice
 Taylor, Matt. and Lee, Hye Jin.

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NGO Publicity and Parallel Path Dependencies: Explaining the Persistence of Media-Centered Publicity Strategies
 Powers, Matthew.

NGO, CSR, and Corporate Engagement: Perspectives From Vietnam
 Sison, Marianne. and Duong, Hue.

Name On! Identity and Naming Practices in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
 Jenson, Jennifer., Bergstrom, Kelly. and de Castell, Suzanne.

Narrative Experience, Explicated: A Synthesis of Narrative Transportation and Character Identification Literature
 Yee, Andrew., Lwin, May. and Salmon, Charles.

Narrative Persuasion: The What, Why, and How of Narrative Advertising
 Kim, Eunjin. and Thorson, Esther.

Narrative as a Moral Trainer: Building Moral Character Through Stories
 Maleckar, Barbara. and Bilandzic, Helena.

Narrative insights into prevention behavior: The effect of experience-focussed narratives, outcomes frames and discrete emotions on preventive intentions
 Kalch, Anja. and Bilandzic, Helena.

Narrative methods in research and interventions on cyberbullying
 Vandebosch, Heidi.

Narratives of a ’Neutral Past’ in a Post-colonial Ireland : Challenges during and since WWII
 Preston, Paschal.

Narrator Point of View and Persuasion in Health Narratives: The Role of Protagonist-Reader Similarity, Identification, and Self-Referencing
 Chen, Meng., Bell, Robert. and Taylor, Laramie.

National Narratives Within a Global Media Framing?
 Lueck, Julia., Wessler, Hartmut. and Wozniak, Antal.

Native Advertising in Digital Journalism: An Explorative Study of the Blurring Boundaries Between Editorial and Commercial Content
 Ferrer Conill, Raul.

Navigating Structure Paradoxes in Entrepreneurial Careers: A Ventriloqual Analysis of Women Business Owners’ Experiences in China, Denmark, and the United States
 Long, Ziyu.

Negative Advertising Effects on Presidential Support Rates: A Hierarchical Linear Modeling and Serial Dependency Study
 Ma, Tao., Atkin, David., Snyder, Leslie. and VanLear, C..

Negative Influence of Exposure to Health Information in Mass Media on Patients’ Beliefs and Medication Regimen Adherence
 Im, Heewon. and Huh, Jisu.

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Objective and Perceived Similarity in Persuasion: Smoker-Audience Similarity in Antismoking Campaigns
 Kim, Minji., Lau, Becky. and Falk, Emily.

Obstacles for Knowledge Sharing in a Multinational Organization
 Shi, Wei. and Kristensen, Teis.

Offline Advantages Online? Contrasting Activities of Swiss Politicians and Parties on Different Social Media Platforms
 Keller, Tobias. and Kleinen-von Koenigsloew, Katharina.

Offline Political Engagement Leads to Online Political Voice Among Kyrgyzstan Bloggers
 Kurambayev, Bahtiyar. and Chen, Gina.

Old Concept With New Power: Why Digital and Unconventional Activities Can be Political Participation
 Ohme, Jakob., Albaek, Erik. and De Vreese, Claes.

Older Adults' Social Connectedness Through Digital Gaming
 Lee, Yu-Hao.

On Ilbe Storehouse: Who Needs a Subculture?
 Lee, Hojeong. and Jeong, Jaehyeon.

On Media Populism: Exploring the Relationship Between Media Preferences and Citizens’ Populist Attitudes
 Hameleers, Michael. and Bos, Linda.

On the Bubble: An Internet-Scale Investigation of Location-Based Algorithmic Filtering to Political Content
 Weiss, Rebecca. and Berret, Charles.

On the Social Construction of Democracy: Modal Rhetoric in Postreunification Editorials by Former East vs. West German Journalists
 Roberts, Carl., Zuell, Cornelia. and Popping, Roel.

One in Three: Internet Governance and Children’s Rights
 Livingstone, Sonia., Carr, John. and Byrne, Jasmina.

Online Boundary Work in Stigmatized Communities
 Yeshua-Katz, Daphna.

Online Communication Repertoires of International NGOs: An Analysis of Organizational Characteristics and Online Activities
 Nitschke, Paula. and Donges, Patrick.

Online Data Collection Ethical Considerations: Negotiating Dialectic Tensions
 Hoops, Joshua. and Mejia, Robert.

Online Deliberation in China: Who Voices Opinions in Chinese Cyberspace?
 Luo, Ting. and Stockmann, Daniela.

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Pace of Life in Cities and the Emergence of Town Tweeters
 Murthy, Dhiraj., Varshney, Lav. and Gross, Alexander.

Pain Tolerance Increased by Presence in Distant Virtual Environment
 Won, Andrea. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

Paradoxes of Soft Power in a Post-Globalization Era
 Flew, Terry.

Paramilitary Police
 Oliver, Joseph.

Parent Engagement and New Media Communication Technologies in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
 Golob, Brandon.

Parental Sexual Beliefs and Experiences: Privacy Management in Multiadic Family Interviews About Purity Pledges
 Manning, Jimmie.

Parents and TV as Socializers of 6- to 19-Year-Olds' Expressions of Emotion: Representative Data From Germany
 Scherr, Sebastian., Mares, Marie-Louise., Bartsch, Anne. and Goetz, Maya.

Parents, Tweens, and Technology: Negotiating Privacy Rules and Boundaries
 Vitak, Jessica.

Participatory Action Research with Grassroots Media Activists: Challenging Power through Alternative Journalism Practices
 Jeppesen, Sandra.

Partisan Code Words Affect Policy Opinions and Group Demographic Estimation
 Robinson, Becky. and Reid, Scott.

Partisan Media and Their Climate Change Agenda-Setting Effects on Partisan Publics: Testing the Compelling Arguments Concept in the Age of Polarization
 Vu, Hong.

Path-Dependency in the Evolution of Eastern European Public Service Media
 Glowacki, Michal. and gross, nicholas.

Paths of Influence Between a Hyperlocal News Website and Civic Engagement in a Multiethnic Community
 Liu, Wenlin., Chen, Nien-Tsu., Ognyanova, Katherine., Ball-Rokeach, Sandra. and Parks, Michael.

Pathway Linking Internet Health Information Seeking to Better Health: A Moderated Mediation Study
 Jiang, Shaohai.

Pathway Linking Patient-Centered Communication to Emotional Well-Being: Taking Into Account Patient Satisfaction and Emotion Management
 Jiang, Shaohai.

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Quality TV and Social Distinction: An Experiment on How Quality TV Series Distinguish Their Users
 Schluetz, Daniela., Scherer, Helmut., Emde, Katharina. and Wedemeyer, Jonas.

Quantity and Quality of Support for Digital Engagement
 Deursen, Alexander. and Helsper, Ellen.

Quantity and Valence: How Social Network Sites Affect College Students’ Drinking Norms
 Rui, Jian.

Queer Yet Straight? The Complexities of (Re-)Negotiation Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner’s Fan Base
 Van den Bulck, Hilde.

Queerly Ordinary: Transgender Audiences, Media Culture, and The Negotiation of Boundaries and Binaries
 Cavalcante, Andre.

Questioning Premiers in China: Examining Journalists’ Aggressiveness at Chinese Premiers’ Press Conferences (1993-2015)
 WU, FENG., Cheng, Yang. and ZHAO, HONG.

Questioning the Ethno-Cultural Mediated Attraction of (Dis)likable Characters: What do Audiences Find Charming?
 Mora, Adolfo. and Huang, Gejun.


R as a (free) toolkit for Semantic Network Analysis and Corpus Analysis
 Welbers, Kasper. and van Atteveldt, Wouter.

Race is Not a Card: Student Images and Words Educating and Mobilizing Against Everyday Racism
 Lee, Diana.

Ranking Versus Reputation: Perception and Effects of Search Results’ Credibility
 Haas, Alexander. and Unkel, Julian.

Rapping about Rape: Towards a Feminist Perspective on Satire
 Day, Amber. and Greene, Viveca.

Rapport Building of a Korean-Immigrant Owned Beauty Supply Store in Black Community
 Cho, Sarah.

Rate the Rating: An Empirical Analysis of Factors that Influence the Perception of Review Helpfulness
 Kim, Su Jung.

Rating the News: How Expert and Lay Opinion Influence Source Credibility
 Wolfgang, David. and Tham, Samuel.

Readers' Perception of Computer-Written News: Credibility, Expertise, and Readability
 Graefe, Andreas., Haim, Mario., Haarmann, Bastian. and Brosius, Hans-Bernd.

Reading News About Successful Versus Unsuccessful Students: Effects on Students’ Well-Being and Learning Motivation
 Hastall, Matthias., Materna, Denise. and Ritterfeld, Ute.

Reading Rewritten: Ambiguously Gendered Characters and American Anime and Manga Fandom
 Brienza, Casey.

Reading and Tracking: The Dynamics and Implications of a Digitized Reading Culture
 Albrechtslund, Anne-Mette. and Albrechtslund, Anders.

Reading the other side: How user-generated comments influence perceptions of public opinion
 Neubaum, German. and Camur, Fatma.

Real to Me: Individual Differences Interact With Virtual Engagement to Change Real-World Behavior
 Talevich, PhD, Jennifer., Christensen, John., Godoy, Carlos., Read, Stephen., Miller, Lynn. and Appleby, Paul Robert.

Real-World Data Help Contextualize Content Analysis Findings on Newspaper Editorial Characteristics About Tobacco Control
 Stanfield, Kellie. and Rodgers, Shelly.

Reality Check: The Performance Gap Between U.S. Newspapers’ Print and Online Products, 2007–2015
 Chyi, Hsiang. and Tenenboim, Ori.

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SOLVE-ing (Some of) Stigma's Enigmas Using Neuroscience and Games: Reducing HIV-Risk for MSM
 Miller, Lynn., Christensen, John., Smith, Benjamin., Appleby, Paul Robert., Marsella, Stacy., Xue, Feng., Bechara, Antoine., Lu, Zhong-Lin., Droutman, Vitalya., Corsbie-Massay, Charisse., Barkley-Levenson, Emily., Godoy, Carlos. and Read, Stephen.

Sabermetrics Over Time: Persuasion and Symbolic Convergence Across a Diffusion of Innovations
 Stoltz, Nathaniel. and Hazen, Michael.

Safety in Numbers: Online Community Sizes in Response to Digital Human Predation
 Poor, Nathaniel.

Same Same but Different: Testing the Invariance of Measurements of Entertainment Experiences Across Media Formats
 Weinmann, Carina., Roth, Franziska., Schneider, Frank., Bindl, Melanie. and Vorderer, Peter.

Same Story, Different War: Framing The Monomythic Memory of the Iraq War in American Sniper
 Sari, Miles.

Same same, but different? A comparison of the issue agenda of satirical and traditional news
 Emde, Katharina. and Scherer, Helmut.

Satire 2.0: Exploring the institutionalization of political satire in a post-Stewart/Colbert television landscape
 Baym, Geoffrey.

Satire's Production Cultures
 Marx, Nick.

Scalar Politics and the Question of Fit in a Mediatized World: Towards a Critical Geopolitics of Arctic Governance
 Christensen, Miyase. and Nilsson, Annika.

Scale, Time, and Activity Patterns: Advanced Methods for the Analysis of Online Networks
 Gonzalez-Bailon, Sandra.

Scaling Ethnography: Studying Cases with Machine Learning and Interviews on reddit.com
 Leavitt, Alex.

Scandals Online: The Effects of Valenced Reader Comments on Recipients’ Demand for Punishment and Their Understanding of Personalized Scandals
 von Sikorski, Christian.

Scared of the Dark: Examining Aversive Activation During a Virtual Navigation Task
 Lee, Joomi. and Lang, Annie.

Scenarios: the Power of the Future
 Hagen, Christina.

School Involvement and Participation by Gay and Lesbian Parented Families
 Heisterkamp, Brian.

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TEPCO's Image Repair Strategies and the News Reports on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
 Oshita, Tsuyoshi.

Tablet Versus Paper Newspapers: Different Reading Styles? Different Learning?
 Neijens, Peter. and Voorveld, Hilde.

Taking Another Look at Meaning Structures Along the Horizontal and Vertical Axes in Multimodal Compositions
 Mitchell, Marilyn.

Taking Care, Bringing Life: A Poststructuralist Feminist Analysis of Knowledge and Power Discourses of Maternal Health in an Urban Basti in India
 Agarwal, Vinita.

Taking the Power Back: Does Interactivity Enhances Attitudes and Memory of Mediated Political Communication?
 Furey, Lauren. and Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

Talking About Communication: An Exploration of the Communication Networks of Men With Prostate Cancer
 Brown, Dorothy., Miller, Steven. and Oetzel, John.

Talking About Marijuana: News Framing of Marijuana Legalization Stories in the United States
 Kim, Hwalbin.

Tandem Play: Theorizing Sociality in Single-Player Gameplay
 Consalvo, Mia., Begy, Jason., Ganzon, Sarah. and Scully-Blaker, Rainforest.

Tapping Into The Diversity of Information Seeking on Social Media for Personnel Selection
 de Ferrerre, Evelien. and Courtois, Cedric.

Targeted Killing and Pattern-of-Life Analysis. Changing approaches to “the mass” in Contemporary Warfare
 Franz, Nina.

Targeting Physical Inactivity: Effects of Three Consequence Frames on Subgroups’ Health-Related Perceptions and Behavioral Intentions
 Wagner, Anna. and Sukalla, Freya.

Teacher Caring in the College Classroom: Relationships With Immediacy, Clarity, and Self-Disclosure
 Teven, Jason., Niess, Lucy. and Kelley, Heather.

Teaching Change by Changing Teaching: Introducing Participatory Methods of Teaching in Graduate and Undergraduate Seminars
 Kallman, Davi. and Hewa, Joseph.

Teaching to/about Work in the Communication Industries
 Mirrlees, Tanner.

Team Project Managers’ Communication Competencies in Interorganizational Relationships
 Mandhana, Dron. and Miller, Vernon.

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U.S. Political Party Adaptation to Technology-Intensive Campaigning: A Network Analysis of Organizational Affiliation
 Kreiss, Daniel., Saffer, Adam. and Hedding, Kylah.

UGC in Brand-Related SNS Groups: Evidence From a Cross-Cultural Study of a Facebook Group and a Renren Group
 Lu, Xinyu.

UNESCO and Universal Access to Cyberspace: Analysing the Role of Power and Ideas in the Emergence of International Policy Discourse
 Pohle, Julia.

Uber and labour issues: challenges and continuity in virtual work
 Leung, Wing Fai.

Unambiguous Burstiness: Towards Explaining the Dynamics of Digital News Flows From Opportunity Structures, News Factors, and Topics
 Buhl, Florian., Guenther, Elisabeth. and Quandt, Thorsten.

Uncertainty Issues, Management, and Transformation in Adult Children’s Stories of Their Estrangement With Their Parents
 Scharp, Kristina. and McLaren, Rachel.

Under Surveillance: Examining Facebook's Spiral of Silence Effects in the Wake of NSA Internet Monitoring
 Stoycheff, Elizabeth.

Understanding Age Segmentation in Persuasion: The Interplay of Material and Experiential Purchases and Ordinary and Extraordinary Frames
 Wen, Jing (Taylor)., Dodoo, Naa Amponsah., Wu, Linwan., JU, ILYOUNG., Chung, Jieun. and Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

Understanding Asian Media Systems: How Has the Press Enhanced or Hindered Digitally Mediated Political Activism?
 Lee, Shin Haeng.

Understanding Believability of Entertainment vs. Science Satirical News Online in Context of Level of Satire and Source Reputability
 Garud, Nisha.

Understanding Collaborative Knowledge Production Online: A Collective Action Perspective
 Yan, Bei.

Understanding Culture on the Effectiveness of Restaurant Servers’ Check-Back Style
 Lee, Hye Eun.

Understanding Emotional Bond Between the Creator and the Avatar: Change in Behavioral Intentions to Engage in Alcohol-Related Traffic Risk Behaviors
 Kim, Hokyung., Kim, Sei-Hill., Davis, Keith., Kwon, Ki-Seok. and Park, Jeong-Min.

Understanding Globalization From the TEA Party Movement’s Perspective
 Cao, Hao.

Understanding Health Slacktivism: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach to Health “Slacktivists” on Social Media
 Hu, Chihwei.

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Validating the Digital Games Motivation Scale for Comparative Research Between Countries and Sexes
 de Grove, Frederik., Breuer, Johannes., Chen, Vivian Hsueh Hua., Quandt, Thorsten., Ratan, Rabindra. and Van Looy, Jan.

Validation of an Italian Version of the eHealth Literacy Scale Using Item Response Theory.
 Diviani, Nicola., Dima, Alexandra. and Schulz, Peter.

Value of Evaluation: A Study of Cancer Patients’ and Caregivers’ Evaluation of Health Information Sources
 Namkoong, Kang., Moon, Tae Joon., Kim, Sojung., Chih, Ming-yuan. and Shah, Dhavan.

Value, Culture, and Gender Differences in Nordic Newspaper Editors and Their Decisions
 Sylvie, George., Lee, Angela., Lewis, Seth. and Fadnis, Deepa.

Vapor and Mirrors: A Qualitative Framing Analysis of E-Cigarette Reporting in High-Circulation U.S. Newspapers
 James, Vaughan. and Simpson, Paul.

Variation in Player-Avatar Relationships: Towards a Genre-Independent Typology
 Possler, Daniel., Klimmt, Christoph., Carnol, Natascha., Weber, Ina. and Raney, Arthur.

Variation in Probe Tone Frequency Affects Secondary Task Reaction Time
 Jamison-Koenig, Edgar. and Sites, Joshua.

Verbal Versus Nonverbal Primacy: Children’s Response to Incongruent Parental Communication
 Grebelsky-Lichtman, Tsfira.

Verified: Twitter, identity management, and the ’quantified self’
 Hearn, Alison.

Videotex and teletext in France: From Innovative Social Media to Objects of Technological and Cultural Memory.
 Eko, Lyombe.

Viewer Responses to YouTube Product Reviews: The Role of Sponsorship Disclosure and Viewers’ Expectancy
 Pfeuffer, Alexander., Lu, Xinyu. and Zhang, Yiran.

Viewing Power and Organisational Transparency in Eldercare Through Foucault’s Heterotopic Mirror
 Sayers, Janet. and Brunton, Margaret.

Viral News and the 2015 Election: Comparing Offline Expectations and Online Realities
 Vellis, Evan.

Virtual Ties, Perceptible Reciprocity, and Real-Life Gratifications in Online Community Networks: QQ User Groups in China
 Tai, Zixue. and Liu, Xiaolong.

Virtual Work as Feminised Work
 Webster, Juliet.

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Waiting for Recreation? The Impact of Smartphone Usage on Recovery Experiences and Cognitive Performance
 Rieger, Diana., Hefner, Dorothee. and Frischlich, Lena.

Wanting to See People Like Me? Racial and Gender Diversity in Popular Adolescent Television
 Ellithorpe, Morgan. and Bleakley, Amy.

Warm but Incompetent? The Processing and Consequences of Mixed Media Stereotypes of Older Workers
 Kroon, Anne., van Selm, Martine., ter Hoeven, Claartje. and Vliegenthart, Rens.

Watch, Rinse, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: Discussing The GIF Economy
 Miltner, Kate.

Watching Olympic Games With Three Different Media: An Application of Niche Theory
 Kim, Kihan., Cheong, Yunjae. and Kim, Hyuksoo.

We Know How to Communicate With Power; We Just Don't Do It. Nonrepresentational Theory Can Help
 Parks, Perry.

We Live in an Imagined Community: Cross-Level Interaction Effects of Neighborhood Disadvantages With SNS Uses, ICSN, and Community Engagement
 Shin, Eui-Kyung., Cho, Ahra., Park, Ji-Min. and Kim, Yong-Chan.

WeChat as a Semipublic Alternative Sphere: Exploring the Use of WeChat Among Chinese Older Adults
 Guo, Lei.

Wearable Cameras and the Changing Meaning of Images in a Digital Landscape
 favero, paolo.

Webcast Football Talk and the Performance of ‘Super-Liveliness’
 Eriksson, Göran.

Website Bans and the Expanding VPN Market in Turkey
 Bozdag, Cigdem.

Website Model Pictures and Online Persuasive Messages Affect The Linguistic Content of Weight-Related Support Messages
 Pena, Jorge. and Pan, Wenjing.

Weibo, WeChat, and the Chinese Culture of Connectivity
 Fang, Kecheng.

We’re Working Well Together: Common Ground Construction in a Collaborative Task
 Horton, Brian. and Kline, Susan.

What Affects Hispanic Consumers to Adopt Mobile Social Media in the US?
 Yang, Kenneth. and Kang, Yowei.

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Yaoi Manga Fandom and Queer Fantasy Spaces
 Turner, Simon.

Yik Yak and the Site Specificity of Anonymity
 Frith, Jordan.

You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours: A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Pregiving Messages
 Shaw, Allison., Dolan, Emily., DeAngelis, Briana. and Goei, Ryan.

You Write What You Eat: Linguistic Style, Ratings, and Locale of Yelp Reviews
 Margolin, Drew. and Markowitz, David.

Young Social Media Users’ Legal Consciousness About Privacy
 Sarikakis, Katharine. and Winter, Lisa.

Young Women’s Cognition of Commercial Digital Signage in Shopping Malls: A Situated Action Approach
 Pham, Becky. and Zhang, Weiyu.

Youth Receptivity to FDA’s "The Real Cost" Tobacco Prevention Campaign: Evidence From Message Pretesting
 Zhao, Xiaoquan., Alexander, Tesfa., Hoffman, Leah., Jones, Chaunetta., Berger, Amanda., Walker, Matthew. and Talbert, Emily.


Zimuzu, Volunteerism, and Media Industry in China
 Davis, Darrell. and Yeh, Emilie.
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