ICA's 67th Annual Conference 2017-May-24 to 2017-May-31

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"A Young Girl's Game": An Examination of Sideline Reporting in Televised Football Broadcasts
 Brisbane, Gayle.

"American Censorship": The Stop Online Piracy Act and a Fight for Digital Rights
 Losey, James.

"Anyone Free to Chat”?: Using Technological Features to Elicit Quality Support Online
 Youngvorst, Lucas. and High, Andrew.

"I Make the Decisions Here": Political Facebook Unfriending in the Personal Public Sphere
 John, Nicholas. and Gal, Noam.

"Kids Are There to Explore": Values and Strategies of Low-Income Parents Raising Digitally Connected Children
 Brough, Melissa.

"Mass Media are at War With Islam": Towards a Model of the Interplay Between Mainstream Media and Propaganda Influences in Extremist Radicalization Processes
 Neumann, Katharina., Baugut, Philip. and Karadas, Narin.

"My Selfies Pay My Rent": Intervening Roles in a Digital Broadcasting
 Hutchinson, Jonathon.

"Okay, We Get It. You Vape": An Analysis of Content, Context, and Sentiment Regarding E-Cigarettes on Twitter
 Martinez, Lourdes., Hughes, Sharon. and Buhi, Eric.

"Social Hypergraph Analysis": Towards an Operationalisation of Actor-Network Theory Using Hypergraphs
 Graham, Timothy., Ackland, Robert., Rizoiu, Marian-Andrei. and Swift, Ben.

"The Blessing and the Curse": Grassroots Mobilization via Social Media During the Refugee Crisis in Berlin
 Dumitrica, Delia. and Uhsemann, Kathrin.

"The Florals": Fans Over 50 in the Sherlock Fandom
 Petersen, Line.

"The Tablet is my Best Friend!": Practices and Perceptions of Young Children and Parents
 Dias, Patricia. and Brito, Rita.

"The Voice of the Program Versus the Voice of the Crowd': Organizational Identity in a Changing Media Environment
 Grossaug, Ranit.

"To Be Without a Home, like a Rolling Stone": Tensions and Negotiations in Collaborative Knowledge Production in Morocco and the Western Sahara
 Albu, Oana.

"Wealth-Tech" Collectives and Networked Financial Subjects in South Korea
 Kim, Bohyeong.

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A 25-Year Semantic Network and Bibliometric Analysis of the Sport Crisis Communication Literature
 Harker, Jennifer. and Saffer, Adam.

A Biopsychosocial Model for Understanding Media Internalization and Appearance Dissatisfaction Among Preadolescent Boys and Girls
 Rousseau, Ann.

A Booster for Better Adaptation? The Effect of SNS on Acculturation of North Korean Refugee Youths
 Kim, Khwan., Youn, Kibum. and Park, Hyun Soon.

A Call for Policy-Led Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Journalism
 Krumsvik, Arne.

A Case Study Using Syntax Dependencies to Find Differences Between News and Nonnews Tweets
 Lukito, Josephine. and Conathan, Devin.

A Comparative Examination on Haze-Related Content on Traditional Media and Social Media in China: Using the Extended Parallel Process Model and Network Agenda-Setting
 Chen, Liang., Zheng, Weijie. and Wang, Jing.

A Conditional Process Analysis of the Teacher Confirmation-Student Learning Relationship
 Goldman, Zachary., Claus, CJ. and Goodboy, Alan.

A Country is Known by the President it Keeps
 Khalitova, Liudmila. and Bliznyuk, Nikolay.

A Crisis Perception Exercise: The Influence of Employees on Situational Awareness and Analysis in a Precrisis Phase
 Snoeijers, Erik.

A Critique and Reconceptualization of Oetzel's Effective Intercultural Workgroup Communication Theory
 Kolodziej-Smith, Renata.

A Cross-Country Analysis of Consumer Online Badmouthing
 Weitzl, Wolfgang. and Einwiller, Sabine.

A Decade of Cyberhate: A Longitudinal Analysis of Anti-LGBTQ Groups and Their Websites
 Cooper, Cynthia.

A Development and Evaluation of Keywords to Automatically Categorize Research Methods for Research Synthesis
 Domahidi, Emese. and Guenther, Elisabeth.

A Feminist Analysis of Writings by Incarcerated Women and Their Advocates
 Ferguson, Tamanika.

A Framework for Understanding Dynamic Narrative Engagement: How Screenplay Structure Affects Audience Identification
 Tchernev, John.

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Backlash Effects in Online Discussions: Effects of Gender and Counterstereotypical Communication on Persuasiveness and Likeability
 Winkler, Julia., Halfmann, Annabell. and Freudenthaler, Rainer.

Barbarians at the Twitter Gate: A Social Network Analysis of #MuslimAwarenessMonth and #CanYouHearUsNow
 Shahin, Saif.

Bathroom Stalls as an Intervention Strategy to Reach College Students: Evaluation of a Stall Stories Health Communication Campaign
 Thomas, Brandon., Totzkay, Daniel., Ingalls, Jalyn., Silk, Kami., Hoffman, Alice., Viken, Greg., Phillipich, Erica. and Park, Sunyoung.

Battling for the Net: Big Data and Net Neutrality Activism
 Lopez, Rogelio. and Xu, Larry Zhiming.

Beating the Babylon System: Paratextual Apparatuses and Theorizing 1960s Jamaican Record Pressing
 Vilanova, John.

Becoming More Proactive Actors: Chinese Government’s Media Strategies in Popular Protest
 Zhang, Chao. and Chen, Shaowei.

Being Rational or Being Rude? On the Influence of Media Content, Discussion-Related, and Situational Factors on Incivility in Online Discussions
 Koehler, Christina. and Jost, Pablo.

Best of Both Worlds or Refusal to Comply?: The Rich Kids of Tehran on Instagram
 Partain, Laura.

Better Left Unsaid: Crime News and Presidential Blame
 Kalmoe, Nathan., Pingree, Raymond., Watson, Brian., Sui, Mingxiao., Darr, Joshua. and Searles, Kathleen.

Between Accommodating and Activating: Framing Policy Reforms in Response to Workforce Aging Across Europe
 Kroon, Anne. and van Selm, Martine.

Between Digital Spaces and Physical Places: Mobile Mediated Gay Cultures Between Urban and Semiurban India
 Das, Vishnupriya.

Between Exposure and Unpaid Work: How Freelance Journalists Manage Their Careers in the United States and France
 Christin, Angele.

Between Participation and Autonomy: Understanding Indian Citizen Journalists
 Paul, Subin.

Between Sealed Borders and Welcome Culture: Analyzing Mediated Public Diplomacy During the European Migrant Crisis
 Jungblut, Marc.

Between Threat and Control. Linking Situational Control and Human Distinctiveness Concerns to Virtual Agents' Uncanniness
 Stein, Jan-Philipp., Liebold, Benny. and Ohler, Peter.

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CAT, Backward and Forward: Renewing the Agenda
 Lievrouw, Leah.

CSR Advertising Effects and the Role of Expectancy
 Pfeuffer, Alexander. and Dong, Chuqing.

CSR and Public Relations in the Middle East: The Influence of Employee Diversity on CSR and Employee Engagement
 Dhanesh, Ganga. and Duthler, Gaelle.

Can Big and Broad Data Motivate New Network Theories & Methods?
 Contractor, Noshir.

Can Cyberbullying Victimization Induce Positive Mental Health and Well-Being Outcomes? An Investigation of Future Expectations
 Pabian, Sara.

Can Evolved Sexual Strategies be Observed in Online Dating Profiles?
 Robinson, Becky., Reid, Scott., Rushforth, Charlotte., Keblusek, Lauren., Hartsell, Ethan., Dragojevic, Marko. and Peinado, Susana.

Can Green be the New Black?The Relationships Between Fashion Media and Sustainable Fashion Buying Behavior Examined Through the Integrated Model of Behaviorial Prediction
 de Lenne, Orpha. and Vandenbosch, Laura.

Can I Stick to My Guns? Motivated Reasoning and Biased Processing of Balanced Political Information
 Brenes Peralta, Carlos., Wojcieszak, Magdalena. and Lelkes, Yphtach.

Can Inducing Incremental Theories of Social Competence and Friendships Help Reduce the Cycle of Loneliness?
 Taniguchi, Emiko.

Can Minipublics Improve Deliberation in the Public Sphere?
 Lafont, Cristina.

Can Power Change Consumers? Investigating Consumer Empowerment Through Social Media and Their Complaining Behavioral Intentions
 Xu, Hao. and Ball, Jennifer.

Can Second Life Make Health a First Priority? Examining Exercise Efficacy and Motivations in a Virtual Environment
 Lewallen, Jennifer. and Behm-Morawitz, Elizabeth.

Can You Recognize the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? Explaining Youth’s Contact With Extremist (Online) Messages and Their Ability to Recognize Them
 Nienierza, Angela., Reinemann, Carsten., Fawzi, Nayla., Riesmeyer, Claudia. and Neumann, Katharina.

Can the Syrian Speak? Examining the Global Mediation of Revolutionary Agency
 Al-Ghazzi, Omar.

Care Makes a Man Stronger: A Feminist Rhetorical Criticism of Advertisements From Dove Men + Care
 Walker, Tara.

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Data Centres in an Expanded Field: Greenland and the Production of Global Climate Data
 Ruiz, Rafico.

Data Mining a ‘Month of Madness’ on Twitter: Analyzing Grief Expression and Slacktivism in the Aftermath of the Orlando, Dallas, and Nice Tragedies
 Waters, Stephenson.

Data Studies: Adapting Lasswell’s Model for a Critical Approach to Big Data
 Herman, Bill.

Datafication, Institutionalization, or Both: The Many Paths of Data Journalism
 Anderson, C.W..

De-Whitening Queerness as Whiteness: A Queer Asian American Critique of Peter Le
 Eguchi, Shinsuke.

Deciphering Crypto-Discourse: Articulations of Internet Freedom in Relation to The State
 Hellegren, Isadora.

Decisions About Political Talk: Preferences and Response Times
 Morey, Alyssa., Votraw, Jamie., Hasan, Sayyida. and Romero, Stephen.

Decoding the Wuzhen Summit: China and Global Internet Governance in a Post-Snowden Cyberspace
 shen, hong.

Decolonizing Refugee Empowerment initiatives: Challenging Ableism, Neoliberalism, and the American Dream
 Dykstra-DeVette, Tiffany.

Decolonizing Transness in Sport Media: On Transgender Representations in Sports Illustrated: A Summary
 Matthews, Tammy.

Deep Mediatization, Digital Traces, and Self-Quantification: Contextualising "Pragmatic" and "Enthusiast" Self-Trackers
 Hepp, Andreas. and Gerhard, Ulrike.

Defining and Categorizing Prosocial Behaviors in Digital Games
 Lim, Ji Soo.

Definition and Antecedents of Social Presence: A Theoretical Review
 Oh, Soo Youn. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

Delivering Innovation to the Public Sector: Innovation Teams and the Promise of Reform
 Schrock, Andrew.

Democracy Under a Cloud: Origins and Relevance of John Dewey’s Democracy through Communication
 Rakow, Lana.

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E-Cigarette Marketing on Social Networking Sites: Effects on Attitudes, Behavioral Control, Self-Efficacy, and Brand Intentions
 Phua, Joe.

EU Interventions in Audiovisual Industries in the Global South
 Pearson, Benjamin.

Early Social Communication Milestones and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Using Social Media to Engage Families
 Delehanty, Abigail., Lee, Jaejin., Cortese, Juliann. and Woods, Juliann.

Ecologies of Dissent and Resistance: The Committee in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador (CISPES) and the Case for Networked Public Relationship Management
 Valencia, Ricardo. and Jones, Patrick.

Edgar Dale and Communications Demography in U.S. Audio and Visual Military Instruction During WWII, 1941-1945
 Shepperd, Josh.

Edgar Dale, The Department of Visual Instruction, and an Instruction of the Senses
 Gregory, Brian.

Edited, Transcribed, and Annotated Dialogue: Transforming Face to Face Discussion Into Online Deliberation
 Davies, Todd.

Editorial Surveillance and the Management of Visibility in Peer Production
 Pentzold, Christian.

Effective Debiasing Messages: Correction Over Counterarguing
 Polavin, Nick. and Garrett, R..

Effective Followership Characteristics: Self-Regulation and Intercultural Communication Competence
 Ray, Cassandra. and Violanti, Michelle.

Effectiveness of Message Targeting Strategies for Media-based Antistigma Interventions
 Röhm, Alexander., Hastall, Matthias. and Ritterfeld, Ute.

Effectiveness of Stages-of-Change Model on Declaration of Intent for Organ Donation: Action Research in Japan
 Yokota, Takahito., Uryuhara, Yoko. and Okada, Aya.

Effects of A Serious Game on Immigration Attitudes: Playing “Papers, Please” Decreases Positive Attitudes Toward Migrants
 Pena, Jorge., Khan, Subuhi., Hernandez Perez, Juan. and Cano Gomez, Pablo.

Effects of Alcohol Portrayal on Alcohol Expectancies and Attitude and the Influence of Viewer's Characteristics *Top Student Paper
 Mayrhofer, Mira. and Naderer, Brigitte.

Effects of Algorithmic Transparency on Perceptions of Automated News
 Graefe, Andreas., Haim, Mario. and Diakopoulos, Nicholas.

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Facebook News Captions as Outsourced Emotions: A Computational Analysis of Subjective Language of Newspapers on Facebook
 Opgenhaffen, Michael. and Welbers, Kasper.

Facebook Page Data Extraction for Nonprogrammers: Introducing the Netvizz and Facepager Tools
 Chan, Michael.

Facebook(istan), Iraqi Kurds, and the Taboo of Religion
 Salih, Mohammed.

Facebook, Whatsapp aur Hamara Narivaadi Sangharsh: The Role of Social Media Platforms in the Antirape and Sexual Harassment Activism by Rural Feminist Crusaders of India
 Guha, Pallavi.

Faces and Charts: User and Advertiser Visualisations of Social Media Audiences
 Van Couvering, Elizabeth.

Facing the Music: Using Disclosures to Activate Adolescents’ Persuasion Knowledge
 Cartwright, Robert., Opree, Suzanna. and van Reijmersdal, Eva.

Fact or Fiction? Investigating the Quality of Opinion Poll Coverage and its Antecedents
 Oleskog Tryggvason, Per. and Stromback, Jesper.

Factors Underlying HPV Vaccine Adoption: The Roles of Gender and Terminology
 Britt, Brian. and Britt, Rebecca.

Familiarity Breeds Less Contempt: The Effects of Familiarity in Reducing Stigma Attributed to News Stories
 Smith-Frigerio, Sarah. and Warner, Benjamin.

Family Communication Patterns and the Mediating Effects of Support and Resilience on Students’ Concerns About College
 Dorrance Hall, Elizabeth., Scharp, Kristina., Beaty, Loretta. and Sanders, Matthew.

Family Learning With Smartphones Could Feel and Sound Like This in National Parks
 Oppegaard, Brett.

Family Relationships: Implications of Smartphone Use Among Kenyan Adolescents
 Rajendran, John Britto.

Fanning the Blame: Media Accountability, Climate, and Crisis on the Australian 'Fire Continent'
 Chubb, Philip., Anderson, Deb. and Djerf-Pierre, Monika.

Fantasy Made Flesh: Does Pornography Consumption Shape Sexual Behavior?
 von Andrian-Werburg, Maximilian., Carolus, Astrid. and Schwab, Frank.

Faster, Farther, Further: A Communication History of Payment
 Swartz, Lana.

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GIFTS We Know About It, but Show Me: A Quick Check to Demonstrate to Students the Real Consequences of Plagiarism
 Hall, Robert.

GIFTS: Applying Narrative Approaches to Conflict Stories
 Scharp, Kristina., Dorrance Hall, Elizabeth. and Canfield, Clair.

GIFTS: Diffusion of Innovation
 Aguilar, Ana. and Treem, Jeffrey.

GIFTS: Exercising Persuasive Speaking Through Mock TEDxPublic Speaking
 Oostman, Kimberly.

GIFTS: Integrating Authentic Problem Solving Activity in an Interpersonal Health Communication Course
 Zhong, Lingzi. and Wang, Qian.

GIFTS: Teaching Media Technology and Convergence through Podcasting
 Leahy, Sean.

GIFTS: Teaching Public Speaking Using Personalized Guests
 Masiga Maleche, Hellen.

GIFTS: Teaching Thematic Analysis in Qualitative Methods
 Scharp, Kristina. and Sanders, Matthew.

GIFTS: Using Group Projects Critiquing Public Speakers in the Basic College Public Speaking Course
 Mason, Tracee.

GIFTS: Using a Survey-Embedded Online Experiment (and Cookies) to Teach Undergraduates About Experimental Design
 Comello, Maria Leonora (Nori).

Game History and the Local
 Swalwell, Melanie.

Gamification and the Compassionate Imagination
 Hong, Renyi.

Gamification as Motivator for Sustained Usage of a Speech Rehabilitation Tool
 Muehlhaus, Juliane., Frieg, Hendrike., Bilda, Kerstin. and Ritterfeld, Ute.

Gaming Behind the Iron Curtain: A Study of Russian Retrogaming Enthusiast Websites
 Goodfellow, Catherine.

Gaming-Value and Culture-Value: Understanding Preorder, Sales, and how People Purchase Video Games
 Luo, Yinyi. and Johnson, Mark.

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HPV Vaccine on Social Media (Sina Weibo) in China
 Qin, Yan. and Fu, Meng.

Hacking Digital Universalism - Technological Futures and Networked Time at the Periphery
 Chan, Anita.

Handling Negative Publicity: The Influence of Employing CSR Communication in Apology Statements
 Chung, Eun Ji (Angie). and Jiang, Hua.

Harrassment and Trolling Microsystems
 Aneez, Zeenab.

Hasty Discussion, Cross-Cutting Exposure, and Tolerance: A Comparative Study of South Korean and American Online Discussants
 Lee, Jiyoung.

Haters Gonna Dislike: Exploring the Thick Line Between Dislike and Hate
 Gray, Jonathan.

Haters Gonna Hate: Connecting Personality Traits and Usage Intensity to Dysfunctional Commenting in Facebook Discussions
 Koban, Kevin., Stein, Jan-Philipp. and Eckhardt, Valentin.

Hatewatching vs. Harassment: Interrogating the Boundaries of Antagonistic Behaviors in Online Contexts
 Miltner, Kate.

Hating Europe: Antifandom and Brexit Enthusiasm in the 2016 UK EU Referendum
 Sandvoss, Cornel.

Health Communication in Germany: An Academic Field Stepping out of its Niche
 Baumann, Eva., Rossmann, Constanze. and Hastall, Matthias.

Health Information Repertoires: A User-Centered Perspective on the Selection of Health Information Sources in the General Population
 Bachl, Marko. and Mangold, Frank.

Health Information Seeking Versus Avoiding: How do College Students Respond to Stress-Related Information?
 Shi, Weijia.

Heartrate as an Implicit Measure of Event Segmentation
 Meitz, Tino., Huff, Markus., Papenmeier, Frank., Ort, Alexander. and Fahr, Andreas.

Help, I Need Somebody! Help, Not Just Anybody! Determinants of the Helpfulness of Physician Reviews
 Possler, Daniel., Link, Elena. and Niemann-Lenz, Julia.

Hero or Villain? The Role of Audience Beliefs About Suspense for Their Suspense Experience
 Naab, Thorsten. and Sukalla, Freya.

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I Find Your Lack of Faith Intriguing: Nonfandom, Antifandom, and the Affective Economy of Disney’s Star Wars
 McCulloch, Richard.

I Think About You Day and Night: A Quantitative Analysis of Imagined Interactions in Online Dating
 Carpenter, G.W..

I Will Not Hate: Reactance Moderates the Effects of Hate Speech on Prejudice
 Frischlich, Lena. and Kießler, Antje.

Identifiers’ and Disidentifiers’ Reactions to Corporate Misconduct: The Role of Emotions as Mediators
 Ruppel, Christopher. and Einwiller, Sabine.

Identifying Communication Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Adherence Among Appalachian Kentuckians
 Bachman, Audrey., Cohen, Elisia., Collins, Tom., Hatcher, Jennifer., Crosby, Richard. and Vanderpool, Robin.

Identifying Flaws in a Short-Story Reduces Perceived Realism and Narrative Engagement
 Busselle, Rick., Cutietta, Nathan. and Simionides, Peter.

Identifying Popular and Unpopular Adolescents’ Binge-Drinking Beliefs in Interpersonal Communication About Alcohol
 Boers, Elroy.

Identifying Subtypes of Science-Related Attitudes: A Latent Class Analysis Approach
 Bender, Jens., Maier, Michaela., Rothmund, Tobias., Nauroth, Peter., Gollwitzer, Mario., Kienhues, Dorothe. and Bromme, Rainer.

Identity Crisis, Dresden, 2005
 Walther, Joseph.

Identity Negotiation Within the Family: How Transgender TV Characters Challenge Gendered Family Roles
 Hester, Rhonda. and Etheridge, Chris.

Identity Shift Effects of Self-Presentation and Confirmatory and Disconfirmatory Feedback on Self-Perceptions of Brand Identification
 Carr, Caleb. and Hayes, Rebecca.

Identity on Social Networks as a Cue: Identity, Followers, and Credibility
 Lin, Xialing. and Spence, Patric.

Im/materializing Cross-Border Mobility: A Study of Mainland China-Hong Kong Daigou (Personal Shopping Services)
 Xie, Zhuoxiao.

Image Interventions: Developing Methods for Analyzing Social Media Images Across Academia and Government
 Burns, Anne.

Imagistic Language in Contemporary Journalism: Trends in Media Ecology
 reno, denis. and Reno, Luciana.

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Jeremy Shtern
 Shtern, Jeremy.

Journalism Professors’ Information Seeking Behaviors About Online Tool Use for Teaching
 Hepworth, Katherine., Mensing, Donica. and Yun, Gi Woong.

Journalism as Labor: Why it Happens, and Why it Matters
 Yazbeck, Natacha.

Journalism, Public Knowledge and Social Progress
 Wasserman, Herman.

Journalism's Truth-Telling Problem: Theorizing Parrhesia for Journalism Studies
 Gilewicz, Nicholas.

Journalist-Source Relations and the Deliberative System: A Network Performance Approach to Investigating Journalism’s Contribution to Facilitating Public Deliberation in a Globalized World
 Lueck, Julia., Wessler, Hartmut., Maia, Rousiley. and Wozniak, Antal.

Journalists as Tastemakers: An Analysis of the Coverage of the TV Series Borgen in a British, Swedish, and Danish Newsbrand
 From, Unni.

Judging a Book by Its Cover: The Influence of Sponsorship and Technical Heuristics on Online Video Evaluation
 Hu, Xiaohan. and Yao, Mike.

Juggling Risk and Womanhood: How Imperatives of Health and Gender Shape the Experiences of Women With a Positive BRCA Mutation
 Ross, Amy., Scherr, Courtney., Dean, Marleah., Badal, Hannah. and Clements, Meredith.

Junyi Lv
 Lv, Junyi.

Just the Way I Am: The Effects of Personality Traits and Situational Factors on the Deliberativeness and Civility of User Comments on News Websites
 Beckert, Johannes., Ziegele, Marc. and Quiring, Oliver.

Justifications for Doubting News Sources
 Barnoy, Aviv.


Kim Kardashian is My New BFF: The Work/Play of Celebrity Gaming
 Chess, Shira.

Knowing About Girls: What We Can Learn From Social Media
 Hartley, John. and Hartley, Rhiannon.

Knowing is Not Loving: Media Effects on Knowledge About and Attitudes Toward the EU
 Marquart, Franziska., Goldberg, Andreas., Brosius, Anna. and De Vreese, Claes.

Knowing the City: Platformed Maps and Citizen Power
 Plantin, Jean-Christophe. and Powell, Alison.

Knowledge Brokering, the Implementation of Health Research, and a Networks Perspective
 Weber, Matthew. and Yanovitzky, Itzhak.

Knowledge From the Bottom Up: Enacting Transformations in Social Movements in Rural Communities in Mexico and Brazil
 Gonzalez, Jorge. and Peruzzo, Cicilia.

Knowledge Sharing in Long-Term Cross Boundary Collaboration: A Field Study of Urban Planning Process
 Woo, DaJung.

Knowledge, Ignorance, and (Un)certainty: Operationalization and Analysis of Knowledge, on the Example of Climate Change
 Taddicken, Monika., Reif, Anne. and Hoppe, Imke.

Knowledge-Structuring Practices: Using Semantic Network Analysis to Assess the Influence of Design Team Structure on Knowledge Emergence
 Kisselburgh, Lorraine., Chandrasegaran, Senthil. and Ramani, Karthik.

Kurdish Angelina Jolie or Kurdish Feminist? Competing Narratives and Geopolitical Agendas in the Middle East
 Yesil, Bilge.

Kurdish-Language Filmmaking at the Intersection of the National and Transnational
 Sengul, Ali.


Lack of Resources or Lack of Relevance? How and Why People Avoid News
 Toff, Benjamin. and Nielsen, Rasmus Kleis.

Language of the Eye: How Computer Vision is Remaking Social Media
 Etlinger, Susan.

Larger Lessons From a University’s Struggle With Sustainability: Meanings, Perceptions, and Diffusion
 Williams, Kelsay. and Thombre, Avinash.

Latin American Contributions to a Deeper Conversation on Communication Theories
 Fuentes-Navarro, Raul.

Latin American Film Industries: Industrial and “DIY” Approaches
 Falicov, Tamara.

Latin-American Communication Monitor
 Moreno, Angeles. and Molleda, Juan-Carlos.

Latina/o Adolescents’ Family-Undocumented-Status Disclosures Directed at Teachers: A Latent Transition Analysis
 Kam, Jennifer., Marcoulides, Katerina., Fazio, Keli. and Mendez Murillo, Roselia.

Latinas’ Level of Acculturation as a Moderator of Narrative Persuasion and Compliance With HPV Vaccination Messages
 Walter, Nathan., Murphy, Sheila., Frank, Lauren. and Baezconde-Garbanati, Lourdes.

Latinos Patrolling the Texas-Mexico Border: A Study of Dirty Work, Ethnicity, Race, and Identity
 Gonzalez, Ariadne.

Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Agreement Within Work Group Contexts: How and When Leader-Member Conversation Quality (LMCQ) Impacts Group Members’ Effectiveness
 Abu Bakar, Hassan.

League of Game Community and Company Governance
 Kou, Yubo.

Leaky Wars: Infostructures, Data Visualizations, and the Politics of Leakiness
 Thylstrup, Nanna. and Agostinho, Daniela.

Leaning in and Cracking Ceilings: How Female Media Workers Navigate Hollywood’s Gender Inequity
 Brannon Donoghue, Courtney.

Learning About Current Affairs: Traditional News, Infotainment, and New Media’s Impact on the Knowledge Gap
 Boukes, Mark. and Vliegenthart, Rens.

Learning From the News? Examining Motivational Predictors of News Exposure and News Knowledge in Adolescence
 Emde-Lachmund, Katharina. and Schluetz, Daniela.

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Magic Words or Talking Point? The Uses and Effects of “Radical Islam” and its Function as a Proxy Term for Terrorism
 Hoewe, Jennifer. and Bowe, Brian J..

Make a Wish: Does German Public Broadcasting Meet Normative Expectations and Audience Preferences in Regard to their Media Coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics?
 Dosenovic, Pero., Luenich, Marco., Starke, Christopher., Marcinkowski, Frank. and Flemming, Felix.

Make “Us” Great Again: Populism and Historical Futurisms
 Al-Ghazzi, Omar.

Making Do With a Free Government Phone: Ethnography as Policy Critique
 Marler, Will.

Making a Difference Through Persuasion: Designing Prosocial Community Campaigns
 Lagoe, Carolyn.

Making the LGBTQ Game Archive
 Shaw, Adrienne.

Making the Materiality of Media Tangible: Hacking and Repairing as Political Engagement
 Kubitschko, Sebastian. and Kannengiesser, Sigrid.

Manufacturing Stigma and Allure: Bio-Brand and the Racial Self
 Mukherjee, Roopali.

Mapping Contemporary and Future Theoretical Conversations About Media
 Scolari, Carlos.

Mapping ICT-Industry Influence in U.S. K-12 Public Education: A Social Network Analysis Approach
 Mustain, Paige.

Mapping Influence of Physiological Arousal on Cognitive Message Processing
 Ort, Alexander., Fahr, Andreas. and Frueh, Hannah.

Mapping Information Technology Aid Flows From China to African Countries: 2000-2012
 Wang, Rong., Bar, Francois. and Hong, Yu.

Mapping Media Spaces: “Smoothness,” “Striation,” and American Journalism From Postindustrial to Datafied Capitalism
 Fitzgerald, Andrew.

Marginality or Strategic Selection? Collaborative Crowdsourcing Through Team Building
 Wang, Rong.

Mark Yourself as Safe? Exploring the Utility of Facebook’s Safety Check Feature
 Shay, Ronen. and Zhang, Xiaochen.

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Namma Pride Namma Media: Media, Discourse and the LGBT community in Bengaluru, India
 Koushik, Kailash.

Nanny State vs. Helpful Reminder: Evaluation of Privacy Nudges as Policy Interventions From a U.S.-German Perspective
 Dogruel, Leyla. and Joeckel, Sven.

Narration as Shared History in Public Diplomacy: The Constitutive Rhetoric of Shinzo Abe’s Address to U.S. Congress
 Moscato, Derek.

Narrative-Like Discourse Structures in Mediated Therapeutic Interactions
 Dori-Hacohen, Gonen. and Shin, Hyunsook.

Narratives and Journalistic Divides: Discourses on Free Speech in the Western and Islamic News Media
 Khan, Muhammad Khalil., Wu, Fei., Akhtar, Nadeem. and Pratt, Cornelius.

Nation, Diaspora, and Infrastructure
 Hegde, Radha.

National Cinema Revisited: The Case of Recent Developments in Chinese Cinema
 Leung, Wing Fai.

Nationwide U.S. Multicity Coverage of Transgender Rights: A Community Structure Approach
 Buonauro, Brooke., Pollock, John., Phelan, Colleen., Hosonitz, Abigail., Salmon, Melanie., Kordomenos, Cleo. and Morgan, Melisssa.

Native Advertising and the New Meanings of News Content
 Carlson, Matt.

Native Advertising: The Corruption of Journalism
 Borchers, Nils.

Navigating the Grey Zone: Developers’ Views on Imitation and Inspiration in the Game Sector
 van Roessel, Lies. and Katzenbach, Christian.

Navigating the New Science Communication Landscape: Eye Movements Reveal How Citizens Evaluate Scientists as Sources
 McKnight, Jessica. and Coronel, Jason.

Negotiating Inferiority: The Professional Identity and Values of News Aggregators
 Coddington, Mark.

Negotiating Religious, Linguistic, and Ethnic Identities: Islamophobia and A Minority Shia Muslim Community in Postpartition Bengal
 Bardhan, Soumia.

Negotiating my Non/Immigrant Status Within the U.S. Academia: A Personal Tale
 Chuang, Andy Kai-chun.

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Obamacare and Political Polarization on Twitter: An Application of Machine Learning and Social Network Analysis
 Yang, JungHwan., Sangar, Arash., Duncan, Megan., Zhang, Yini., Kornfield, Rachel., Lukito, Josephine., Kim, Sunghak., Wu, Yin. and Cao, Dingxian.

Obama’s Startup and the Roots of Productive Failure
 Schulte, Stephanie.

Obfuscating the Black Box: Ways of Knowing Algorithmic Culture
 Bucher, Taina.

Obstructing the Cascade: Motivational System Coactivation Dampening Defensive Reactions to Fear and Disgust Appeals
 Sarge, Melanie. and Gong, Zijian.

Off the Wall: Uncovering Motivations to Resist or Reject Facebook
 Slot, Mijke. and Opree, Suzanna.

Oh Say Can You See the Scoreboard? A Free-Speech Analysis of Student-Athletes' Game-Day Political Protests
 Maye, Carmen.

Older Adults’ Information Seeking Behavior With Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Ads: Role of Health Literacy
 An, Soontae. and Muturi, Nancy.

Older Workers’ Stereotypes and Communication Research: A Review
 Kroon, Anne. and van Selm, Martine.

On Cultural Erasure and Labor
 Mukherjee, Roopali.

On Futures, and Epistemic Black Markets
 Hong, Sun-ha.

On Theorizing the Group in Journalism
 Zelizer, Barbie.

One Country – one Public Sphere? The Pillarization of Switzerland’s Language Regions in the Swiss Media
 Beier, Anne., Marouche, Valerie., Fehr, Ada. and Trebbe, Joachim.

One Meta-Media Event, Two Forms of Censorship: The Charlie Hebdo Affair in the United Kingdom and Turkey
 Eko, Lyombe. and Hellmueller, Lea.

Online Behavioral Advertising: A Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda
 Boerman, Sophie., Kruikemeier, Sanne. and Zuiderveen Borgesius, Frederik.

Online Comments Affecting Vaping Norms: The Role of Exposure Dosage, Quasistatistical Sense, and Negativity Bias
 Liu, Jiaying., Shi, Rui. and Hornik, Robert.

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PRECONFERENCE Organizational Communication Division Doctoral Consortium: Cultivating Local and Global Professional Identities
 Connaughton, Stacey.

Pairing Organizational and Individual Factors to Improve Employees’ Risk Readiness
 Ford, Jessica. and Stephens, Keri.

Parental Versus Peer Mediation in Relationship to Adolescent Girls’ Motives for Adventure-Fantasy Media Use
 Curganov, Marika. and Nikken, Peter.

Parents’ Reactions to Descriptions of Children’s Apps: Results From a Parent Survey Experiment
 Vaala, Sarah., Spiewak Toub, Tamara. and McClure, Elisabeth.

Partisan Code Words Affect Policy Opinions and Group Demographic Estimation
 Robinson, Becky. and Reid, Scott.

Partisanship, Interest, or Friends? Testing Competing Hypotheses of Political News Flows
 Thorson, Kjerstin., Vraga, Emily., Wells, Christopher. and Tham, Samuel.

Passive Social Interaction in Social Networking Sites
 Metzger, Miriam., Wilson, Christo. and Zhao, Ben.

Patrick Vonderau
 Vonderau, Patrick.

Patterns Behind Social Media Usage: Comprehending Facebook as a Set of Features to Separate its Functional Domains
 Leiner, Dominik., Kobilke, Lara., Rueß, Christina. and Brosius, Hans-Bernd.

Patterns of Theorizing African- Centered Research in the 21st Century
 Langmia, Kehbuma.

Paving the Way for Technical Privacy Support: A Qualitative Study on Users’ Intentions to Engage in Privacy Protection
 Schaewel, Johanna.

Paying With Data: How the Credit Card Became an Instrument of Consumer Surveillance
 Lauer, Josh.

Payphone Portraits and Urban Imagination
 Lingel, Jessa. and Cassidy, Kyle.

Perceived Closeness as a Moderator of Illusions of Knowledge From Internet Use
 Hamilton, Kristy. and Yao, Mike.

Perceived Emotional and Informational Support for Cancer: Patients’ Perspectives About Interpersonal versus Media Sources
 Rising, Camella., Bol, Nadine. and van Weert, Julia.

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Queer Mobility of Chinese Women: An Ethnographic Study of Mainland Chinese Queer Women in Australia
 Kam, Lucetta.

Queering Productivity Apps: Movements of Wandering, Novelty and Failure
 Murray, Sarah.

Queering the Web Crawler: Algorithms, Automation, and the Politics of Archives
 Sapnar Ankerson, Megan.

Questioning Europe in 4D: Digitization, Datafication, Discrimination, and Diversity
 Leurs, Koen. and Shepherd, Tamara.


Race and Ethnicity in US Media Industries: A Critical Perspective
 Mallapragada, Madhavi.

Race and Stereotypes in New Media: An Examination of How Internet News Frames Persons of Color
 Josey, Christopher. and Dixon, Travis.

Race and the City: The Visual Culture of Race and Gender in The Mindy Project and Master of None
 Nishime, LeiLani.

Race, Migration and Epistemologies of the Digital
 Mallapragada, Madhavi.

Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Exposure to and Self-Reported Impact of Tobacco Marketing and Promotions
 Moran, Meghan., Heley, Kathryn., Pierce, John., Niaura, Ray., Strong, David. and Abrams, David.

Racialized Users as Digital Vanguard
 Florini, Sarah.

Racializing PrEP
 Aslinger, Benjamin.

Racializing the New Crisis
 McIlwain, Charlton.

Radical Activist Group and Publics’ Supportive Behaviors on Social Media: The Role of Perceived Reputation of Networking With Stakeholders
 Kim, Jisu. and Park, Keonyoung.

Randomized Trial of an Advanced Sun Safety Intervention for Vacationers at 41 North American Resorts
 Andersen, Peter., Buller, David., Walkosz, Barbara., Scott, Michael., Beck, Larry., Liu, Xia., Abbott, Allison., Eye, Rachael. and Cutter, Gary.

Raymond Williams’ Materialist Method: Seeing Production and Analyzing the Conditions of Communicative Practice
 Nixon, Brice.

Re-Examining Visualized Femininity: Inheritance and Intensification of Gender Posing From Historical Painting to Contemporary Advertising
 Butkowski, Chelsea. and Tajima, Atsushi.

Re-creating Travel Experience: The Format Transfer of Korean Reality TV Sisters Over Flowers and Alternative Nation Branding in China
 Cheung, Ka Fai.

ReFashioning Black Queens: Production, Audience Reception, and Reclaiming the Black Fag
 Martin, Jr., Alfred.

Reaching-Out or Out-Reaching: Comparative Analysis of the Czech and Polish Parties’ Social Media Elections Strategies
 Stetka, Vaclav. and Surowiec, Pawel.

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SVOD Catalog Analysis and Global Media Research
 Lobato, Ramon.

Same Incident, Different Story? Investigating Negative Peer Interactions Online and Different Perceptions Among Early Adolescents
 Pabian, Sara., Erreygers, Sara., Vandebosch, Heidi. and Van Royen, Kathleen.

Same, Same? Ensuring Comparative Equivalence in the Semantic Analysis of Heterogeneous, Multilingual Corpora
 Baden, Christian.

Sampling Methods and Sample Populations in Mass Communication Studies: A 15-Year Census of Six Journals
 Erba, Joseph., Ternes, Brock., Bobkowski, Peter., Logan, Tara. and Liu, Yuchen.

Sangeet Kumar
 Kumar, Sangeet.

Sanitizing Language, Dehumanization, And Predatorization: Revealing and Understanding Islamic State’s World View And Self-Perception
 Frissen, Thomas. and d\'Haenens, Leen.

Save the Day and Lose Fans? Political Activism and Antifandom
 Chin, Bertha.

Saying the Unsayable in the Design Studio: Knowledge Conversion as a Form of Organizational Communication
 Dorland, AnneMarie.

Scenarios of the Future
 Riley, Patricia., Kim, Hyun Tae (Calvin)., Demetriades, Stefanie., Hagen, Christina., Wang, Grace Yuehan. and Guth, Kristen.

Science Imagery on Instagram: Fostering Public Engagement in Science
 Brown, Paige., Dahmen, Nicole. and Jones, Ember.

Scientific Evidence and Science Journalism: Analyzing the Representation of (Un)certainty in German Print and Online Media
 Guenther, Lars., Bischoff, Jenny., Löwe, Anna., Marzinkowski, Hanna. and Voigt, Marcus.

Screening the Third Dimension: A Phenomenological Approach
 Bekaert, Marc.

Searching About Safety: Exploring the Information Search Process in the Digital Safety Realm
 Shillair, Ruth.

Searching for Sheboygans: On the Future of Small-Market Newspapers
 Ali, Christopher., Radcliffe, Damian., Schmidt, Thomas. and Donald, Rosalind.

Seeing It Through the Eyes of the Victims: How Viewers’ Experiences of Eyewitness Videos in TV News Influence the Trustworthiness of the Reports
 Halfmann, Annabell., Dech, Helena., Riemann, Jana., Schlenker, Leonie. and Wessler, Hartmut.

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TAM3, Reasoned Action, and Technological Affordances: Choosing a Parsimonious Model for Understanding Technology Use
 Smith, Benjamin. and Woo, DaJung.

Tailored eHealth Interventions for Aging Patient Populations
 Nguyen, Minh Hao., Bol, Nadine., Bolle, Sifra., Linn, Annemiek., Schouten, Barbara. and van Weert, Julia.

Tainted Love: How Stigmatization of a Political Party in News Media Reduces its Electoral Support
 Van Spanje, Joost. and Azrout, Rachid.

Taking Community Engagement Into Journalism Education
 Clark, Lynn.

Taking by Storm: The Circulation of British Television Dramas in China

Taking on the Practice Lens in Culturalistic Studies of Communication and Media
 Pentzold, Christian.

Taking the Moral High Ground: Avoiding Accounts as a Practice for Being Uncompromisingly Principled
 Robles, Jessica. and Castor, Theresa.

Tales of the Timeline: Discourses of the Failures of Video Evidence
 Bock, Mary.

Talking About Censorship: Mapping Topic Clusters in the Chinese Twitter Sphere
 Mai, Bo., WU, SHIWEN., Xu, Weilai. and Sang, Yoonmo.

Talking About Talk: Collaboration and Coordination in Online Communities
 Maddock, Jim., Shaw, Aaron. and Gergle, Darren.

Talking, Shouting, or Listening? An Assessment of the Role of Social Media in South Africa’s Student Protests in 2016
 Wasserman, Herman. and Bosch, Tanja.

Targeting the Hegemonic Public-at-Large: How Counterpublics Erupting Online Align Their Efforts With Mainstream News Content
 Toepfl, Florian. and Piwoni, Eunike.

Teacher Social Support on Students’ Positive/Negative Emotions and Learning Engagement: A U.S.-Chinese Classroom Investigation
 Jia, Moyi., Al-Busaidi, Adil. and Kang, Dongjing.

Teaching Global Competence in a Digital Age: Twitter and Instagram as Potential Tools for the Internationalization of American Curriculum
 Arceneaux, Phillip.

Teaching Students to Use New Tools and Platforms to Enhance Rather Than Restrict Media Freedom and Diversity
 Russell, Adrienne.

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Ukrainian Nationalist Parties and Connective Action: Analysis of Electoral Campaigning and Social Media Sentiments
 Doroshenko, Larisa., Schneider, Tetyana. and Kofanov, Dmitrii.

Unblurring the Lines of Sexual Consent With a College Student-Driven Sexual Consent Education Intervention
 Ortiz, Rebecca. and Shafer, Autumn.

Uncertainty and Equivocation: Media Gatekeeping Teacher/Parents
 Zeoli, David.

Uncertainty and Opinion Divergence Framing in Climate Change News, 2009-2015
 Rice, Ronald., Gustafson, Abel., Hoffmann, Zane. and McGrath, Lauren.

Uncivil and Personal? Comparing Patterns of Incivility in Facebook Comments of News Outlets
 Su, Leona Yi-Fan., Xenos, Michael., Rose, Kathleen., Wirz, Christopher., Scheufele, Dietram. and Brossard, Dominique.

Under the Bridge: An In-Depth Examination of Online Trolling in a Gaming Context
 Cook, Christine., Schaafsma, Juliette. and Antheunis, Marjolijn.

Under-Cover: The Influence of Event- and Context-Traits on the Visibility of Armed Conflicts
 Zerback, Thomas. and Holzleitner, Johannes.

Undermatching, Information Seeking, and the Knowledge Gap: How Low-Income Students Get Behind and Stay Behind
 Leopold, Joy.

Undermining Social Inclusion: Media Representations, Inequality, and Polarization in Brazil
 Porto, Mauro.

Undermining an Imperial Power During the Cold War: Shortwave Broadcasting and the Collapse of the Portuguese Empire
 Ribeiro, Nelson.

Understanding Alliance Building From a Community Ecology Perspective: The Case of California’s Immigrant-Serving NGO Community
 Liu, Wenlin.

Understanding Citizenship, Understanding Social Media? Digital Media’s Effects on Understanding of Citizenship and Political Participation
 Ohme, Jakob. and Albaek, Erik.

Understanding Diversity/Difference Through Children’s Literature: A Service-Learning Endeavor in Intercultural Communication Classrooms
 Bardhan, Soumia.

Understanding How Chinese Consumers Engage in Electronic Word-of-Mouth Communication at Social Media: A Comparison Study Between Opinion Leaders and Nonopinion Leaders
 Wang, Yuan.

Understanding News Avoidance and Rare Use of News
 Schroder, Kim. and Blach-Ørsten, Mark.

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Value Cocreating Through Relationships: An Exploration of SNAP-Ed and the Base-of-the-Pyramid Service User
 Candello, Elizabeth.

Variation Matters: The Effectiveness of Platform Variation and Content Variation in Social Media Advertising as Mediated by Ad Intrusiveness
 Huang, Guanxiong.

Vax Populi: The Social [Media] (De)Construction of Public Health Policy
 Martinez, Lourdes., Spitzberg, Brian., Tsou, Ming-Hsiang., Issa, Elias. and Peddecord, Michael.

Vectors Into the Future of Mass-Interpersonal Communication Research: Big Data, Social Media, and Computational Social Science
 Cappella, Joseph.

Vertical Movement and Horizontal Movement: The Dynamics of Public Opinion as a New Paradigm
 Wang, Qun.

Video Games and Stereotype-to-Behavior Effects: Playing or Watching as a Black Avatar Decreases Intellectual Performance
 Hawkins, Ian., Gibson, Bryan., Lueke, Adam. and Bushman, Brad.

Video Games, Emotion, and Emotion Regulation: Bridging the Gap
 Hemenover, Scott. and Bowman, Nicholas.

Video Killed the Copy Editor? Comparing Multimodal Framing Effects in News Videos and Articles
 Powell, Tom., Boomgaarden, Hajo G.., De Swert, Knut. and De Vreese, Claes.

Virtual Knowledge Brokers Facilitate Knowledge Creation in Internal Social Media
 Leppala, Mia.

Virtual Reality Witness: Exploring Ethics, Presence, and Distance
 Nash, Kate.

Virtuality in the Human Environment
 Lehman-Wilzig, Sam.

Virtually “In the Heat of the Moment”: Insula Activation Distinguishes Men Who in Real Life Were Sexually Risky Versus Safe
 Smith, Benjamin., Xue, Feng., Droutman, Vitalya., Barkley-Levenson, Emily., Melrose, A., Bechara, Antoine., Miller, Lynn., Appleby, Paul. and Read, Stephen.

Visible Histories
 Mark, Lauren.

Visual Interventions Improve Commitment to Organizational Strategy in the West and in East Asia
 Bresciani, Sabrina. and Eppler, Martin.

Visual Metaphors and Shared Understanding in the Graphic Representations of the Abstract Concept of Knowledge
 Bowen, Tracey. and Evans, Max.

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Walking Beirut: Intervening in the Space-Time of a "Postwar" City
 Cory, Erin.

Watching ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ and its Relation to the Image of Those Working in Agriculture
 Westerik, Henk., Oudenampsen, Annemarie., Vergeer, Maurice. and Konig, Ruben.

Waterline: Giving Voice
 Kauffman, Bette.

Waving the Red Cloth: Mere Exposure to Media Coverage of a Contentious Issue Triggers Polarization
 Azrout, Rachid., Wojcieszak, Magdalena. and De Vreese, Claes.

Ways of Seeing Data: Towards a Critical Literacy for Data Visualisations as Research Objects and Research Devices
 Gray, Jonathan., Bounegru, Liliana. and Milan, Stefania.

We Are All Psychopaths: An Investigation Into Psychopathy and Video Games
 Fishlock, Joshua., Farrar, Kirstie. and PARK, SUJI.

We Are How We Post: Implications of Disclosure Publicness and Directedness in Social Perceptions on SNS
 LIU, Bingjie. and Kang, Jin.

We Eat With Our Eyes First: How External Eating, Image Brightness, and Food Cue Matter in Food Picture Processing
 Liu, Jiawei.

We Wear the (Emotional) Masks: A Critical Examination of Image Repair, Cam Newton’s Post-Super Bowl Response, and Celebrity Athlete Emotional Displays
 Bradley, Shauna. and Waymer, Damion.

Weaving the Social Fabric of Ethnic Diversity: An Application of the Contextual Theory of Interethnic Communication
 Kim, Young Yun.

Welcome Aboard: Transforming a Sink or Swim Onboarding Program to an Anchored Socialization Experience
 Salazar, Vanessa. and Dailey, Stephanie.

Western Shoshone Resistance to the Nevada National Security Site
 Johnson, Taylor.

We’re All on the Same Team: Whiteness and Gay Masculinities in American Crime
 Roskos, Joseph.

What Campaigns Talk About When They Talk About Data: Analytics-Based Campaigning in Down-Ballot Races
 Baldwin-Philippi, Jessica.

What Do We Know About Games for Health?: A Systematic Review
 Holtz, Bree., Murray, Katharine., Kaiser, Molly., Park, Taiwoo. and O\'Donnell, Casey.

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Xi Dada Loves Peng Mama: Digital Culture and the Return of Charismatic Authority in China
 Flew, Terry. and Yin, Liangen.


Yes to Bezique, No to Aqueduct: What Coverage of Sororities Reveals About Gender Formation in U.S. News Media
 Graber, Shane. and Whipple, Kelsey.

You Can Pick Your Friends, and You Can Pick Your Content...but Letting Your Friends Pick Your Content Can Improve Political Knowledge: Social Media, Newsfeed Diversity, and Gateway Effects
 Xenos, Michael. and Lee, Sangwon.

You Id10t! How Flaming Affects the Credibility of Online News
 Boehmer, Jan.

YouTube Creators: The Role of Play, Labor, and Creative Voice in Building a Digital Media Powerhouse
 El Marzouki, Mohamed.

YouTube Stars as Role Models for Teenagers: Display, Affirmation, and Negotiation of Adolescent Identities
 Mahrt, Merja. and Bock, Annekatrin.

YouTube for Good: A Content Analysis of Viral and Nonviral Inspiring YouTube Videos
 Dale, Katherine., Janicke, Sophie., Raney, Arthur., Andayani, Nadia., Baldwin, Joshua., Huebner, Alex., Rowlett, Jerrica., Taylor, Allie., Trejos, Stephanie., Wang, Cen. and Zhao, Danyang.

Young Adult's Language Mixing on Chinese Social Media: Convergence and Identity Changes through WeChat
 Sandel, Todd. and Qiu, Peimin.

Young Chinese Females’ Viewing of Sexually Explicit Video: Femininity, Sexuality, and the Politicized Experience
 Zhou, Yanmengqian.

Your Cheating Cognitions: Young Adults’ Responses to Television Messages About Romantic Relationships
 Alexopoulos, Cassandra. and Taylor, Laramie.

Youth Resilience to Internet Censorship in China: Circumvention Technology as the Path to Self-Actualized Citizenship
 Liao, Yuting.

You’ve (Both) Come a Long Way Baby-So Why Hasn’t Anything Changed? A Professor Examines Decades of Speaking out Against Sexual Assaults on Campus
 Smith, Heather.

Yu’ebao, a “Paypal” That Can Make Money for You: New Media, Performative Agency, and Financialization in China
 Wang, Jing.


Zero-Sum Democracy: The Structure of Participation in Smart City Convenings
 Lodato, Thomas.
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