ICA's 68th Annual Conference 2018-May-22 to 2018-May-31

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"Alt-Right" Women in the Mainstream, Feminists on the Fringe: Media Preoccupation with White Nationalist Women in the Wake of the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" Rally
 McLaughlin, Lisa.

"But How Are They Talked About?": A Novel Measure of Entity Framing in Online News
 Fisher, Jacob., Cornell, Devin., Hopp, Frederic. and Weber, Rene.

"Cloud Dreams or Real Jobs? Employment professionals in the town Google re-built"
 Mayer, Vicki.

"Dear Mother": The Mother Earth News and the Articulation of "Back to the Land" Values
 Brisini, Travis.

"Flattery Helps": Disarming Communication Between Diplomats and State Leaders
 Kampf, Zohar.

"Mona Lisa's Style": Exploring Digital Memes of Artwork
 Aharoni, Tali.

"Networked Disinformation: Professionalization in the Troll Armies of Duterte’s Philippines"
 Ong, Jonathan. and Cabanes, Jason Vincent.

"Not Lazy and Crazy". Conceptualizing the Voices of People With Thyroid Disease on Social Media
 Schossboeck, Judith.

"Packaging and Performing Need: The Cultural Economy of Go Fund Me"
 Ouellette, Laurie.

"Sustaining Voices: Disability, Listening, and Democracy"
 Goggin, Gerard.

"We Should Not Be Neutral in the International Sense": Hebrew Wikipedia between Impartiality and Nationalism
 Livio, Oren. and Leshnick, Anat.

#BeautyBeyondSize: The Effect of Plus-sized Instagram Models on Body Image and Engagement
 Shoenberger, Heather., Johnson, Erika. and Kim, Eunjin.

#BlackLivesMatter to #dogsatpollingstations (but not #CrookedHillary): Platform Politics and the Visual Affect of Twitter hashflags
 Highfield, Tim.

#Jews or #Spongebob? Semantic Erosion of the Term 'Jews' in an Online Visual Culture
 Ichau, Elke., Frissen, Thomas. and d\'Haenens, Leen.

#Vaping vs. #Smoking: A Content Analysis of e-Cigarette and Cigarette Portrayal on Instagram
 Lee, Ji Young. and Lim, Young-shin.

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A Constitutive and Communicational Approach to Alternative Universities: Studying the Embodiment of the Alternative
 Del Fa, Sophie.

A Content Analytic Study of Media Indexing in the Context of Transgender Rights (WORK IN PROGRESS)
 Loup, Anna. and Billard, Thomas.

A Contextual Theory of Public Diplomacy
 Pike, Steven.

A Contextualized Typology of Protests in the Internet Age: Organization-Initiated, Internet-Facilitated and Emotion-Activated Protests
 Lin, Zhongxuan.

A Continued Application of Confirmation Theory: Division-I Student-Athletes’ Responses to Coach Confirmation
 Cranmer, Gregory. and Mazer, Joseph.

A Contribution of Social Media Engagement on Social Capital and Civic Engagement
 Kang, Jin-Ae. and Woo, Chang Wan.

A Critical Analysis of Bot Detection Methodologies
 Gorwa, Robert., Kollanyi, Bence., Guilbeault, Douglas. and Howard, Philip.

A Critical Approach to Investigating Communication Practices of Marginalized Populations Using Longitudinal Field Experiments
 Read-Bullock, Glenna., Partain, Laura., Gonzales, Amy., Vaughn, Zachary., Semivolos, Antonina. and Anderson, Philip.

A Critical Feminist Study of Sex Trafficking and Sex Tourism in Costa Rica: How Civil Society Organisations Amplify or Misrepresent Voices of Sex Workers
 Lengel, Lara.

A Cultural History of Public Key Cryptography
 West, Sarah.

A Feminist or a “Goddessist”: Social Media and Struggles for Gender Equality in China
 Wallis, Cara.

A Friend Who Was Supposed to Lose: How Donald Trump Was Portrayed in the Russian Media
 Kazun, Anton. and Kazun, Anastasia.

A Gameful Change: How Gamification Can Be Used as a Communication Tool in Change Processes
 Monstad, Therese. and Burman, Sanna.

A Latin American Approach to Mediatization: Specificities and Contributions to a Global Discussion About How Media Are Shaping Contemporary Societies
 Scolari, Carlos. and Rodriguez-Amat, JOAN RAMON.

A Laughing Matter? How Humor in Alcohol Ads Influences Interpersonal Communication and Persuasion
 Hendriks, Hanneke. and Strick, Madelijn.

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Bad News? The Role of Emotions in Information Processing of News Stories
 Bruns, Sophie., Scherer, Helmut. and Niemann-Lenz, Julia.

Barriers, Shifts and Flows: Public Sphere and Structures of Communicative Spaces
 Rodriguez-Amat, JOAN RAMON. and Brantner, Cornelia.

Battling Discourse, Fighting for Interests: The State and the People Contestation in the Case of Environmental Exploration in Central Java
 Alfirdaus, Laila.

Be Careful What You Twitch For: Dispositional Inferences of Videogame Streamers Based on In-Game Behavior
 Pimentel, Daniel., Lee, Yu-Hao. and Kalyanaraman, Sriram.

Be Nice or Not? Understanding the Effects of Aggressive and Polite Communication Styles in Child Vaccination
 Yuan, Shupei., Besley, John. and Ma, Wenjuan.

Beauty and the Breasts: Postfeminist Sensibilities in Women’s Magazines and Mainstream Media
 Cabas-Mijares, Ayleen. and Jenkins, Joy.

Becoming a Bridge In/Through Critical Communication Scholarship: Voice and Intercultural Communication Pedagogy
 Yep, Gust.

Been Booked, Being Viewed: Effects of Cues on Travel Websites and Mediation Through Social Presence
 Lim, Young-shin. and Lee, Ji Young.

Behind the Mask: Consumer Engagement Tactics in Tourism in Facebook Groups
 Roth-Cohen, Osnat. and Lahav, Tamar.

Being Public, Being Vulnerable: Toward a Research Agenda for Studying Journalistic Risk and Online Harassment
 Lewis, Seth.

Beneath the Bitter Laughter: Youth Parodies, Structures of Feeling, and Cultural Citizenship in China
 Zou, Sheng.

Beneficial and Problematic Design Features of Input Solicitation from a Multi-Stakeholder Perspective
 Sahay, Surabhi.

Benefits and Risks of Personal Health Information Sharing Online: PatientsLikeMe Users’ Privacy Concerns and Self-Protection Strategies
 Liao, Yuting. and Vitak, Jessica.

Bespeaking Linguistic Imperialism: Imagining Chinese as a Global Language
 Yang, Fan.

Between Awkward Penguins and Gloating Pandas: A Cross-Linguistic Study of Meme Templates as Expressive Vocabularies
 Nissenbaum, Asaf. and Shifman, Limor.

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CEO Ghost Posting and Voice: Effects on Perceived Authentic Leadership, Organizational Transparency, and Employee-Organization Relationships
 Kelleher, Tom., Men, Linjuan Rita. and Thelen, Patrick.

Calculating the Consequences of Australian Copyright Exceptions: Measurable, Hidden and Incalculable Costs to Creators
 Aufderheide, Patricia., Pappalardo, Kylie., Suzor, Nicolas. and Stevens, Jessica.

Can Interactive Media Attenuate Psychological Reactance to Health Messages? A Study of the Role Played by User Commenting and Audience Metrics in Persuasion
 Li, Ruobing. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

Can Opioid Gatekeepers Demonstrate Patient-Centered Care?: A Concept Viability Assessment in Acute Care Settings
 Adams, Elizabeth., Cohen, Elisia., Darnell, Whittney. and Bernard, Andrew.

Can Social Robots do Social Science? Or, do Robots Dream of Human Subjects?
 Jones, Steven.

Can We Talk About Race? Exploring Online Comments About Four Race-Related Shootings in America
 Chen, Gina., Fadnis, Deepa. and Whipple, Kelsey.

Can We Use Document Samples for LDA Topic Modeling?
 Maier, Daniel., Niekler, Andreas. and Wiedemann, Gregor.

Can You Hear Me? The Role of Listening in Dialogic Engagement
 Lane, Anne. and Kent, Michael.

Can a Story Be Told From the Point of View of a Crowd?
 Rettberg, Jill.

Capture and “De-Capture” in Local News Ecosystems: Insights From Mexico
 Brambila, Julieta.

Capturing Hearts: Charm, Personal Magnetism and the Iranian Nuclear Deal in the American and Israeli Press
 Sonnevend, Julia. and Katz, Yuval.

Celebrity Endorsers of Veganism on Social Media: Influence on Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions Towards Veganism
 Jin, Seung-A., Phua, Joe. and Kim, Jihoon (Jay).

Challenges and Opportunities for Local and Regional Newspapers in Europe
 Jenkins, Joy.

Challenges of Paradigm Change: Comparing Journalism Cultures of Former Communist Bloc Countries in Central and Eastern Europe
 Lauk, Epp.

Challenging Authoritarianism: Revisiting Journalism Theory in New Democracies
 Wasserman, Herman.

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Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don’t: Effects of Muslim American Leaders’ Public Responses to Violent Extremism
 Lane, Daniel. and Saleem, Muniba.

Dangerous Precarity: Sexual Politics and Nativist Framings of Migrant Eligibilities
 Hegde, Radha.

Dangerous Voices: Losing the Battle for Dominance in a Cross-Cultural Rhetorical Arena
 Barkley, Katharina.

Dark Souls Like “Dark Souls”: Personality Characteristics and Preference for Violent Video Games
 Melzer, Andre. and Engelberg, Elisabeth.

Data Center Oversight: Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose
 Mayer, Vicki.

Data Literacy is the New Source Critique. How to Handle Mountains of Data for Communication History Research
 Koenen, Erik.

Datafied Living and the ‘Citizen Score’: Credit Scoring, Soft Power and the Redefinition of Trust
 Hearn, Alison.

Datasmiths and Data Forging: Ontology, Datafied Living, and Cyberinfrastructures
 Iliadis, Andrew.

Debating the Two-Child Policy in Social Media: The Changing Role of Women in Chinese Society
 Yuan, Elaine. and Wu, Qiwei.

Deception Detection Accuracy for Fake News Headlines on Social Media
 Luo, Mufan., Hancock, Jeff. and Markowitz, David.

Deceptive Voices: Truth, Deception and Propaganda and Journalism
 Robinson, Piers.

Decolonial Computing and the Global Politics of Social Media platforms
 Willems, Wendy.

Deepening the Divide? A Longitudinal Analysis of Fragmentation and Polarisation in the Networked Public Sphere on Climate Change in the UK
 Haeussler, Thomas.

Delete, Block, Unfriend: Do Internet Users Create Homogeneous Networks Online?
 Reisdorf, Bianca.

Dem Thrones: Enclaving and Cultural Resonance in Black Game of Thrones Fandoms
 Florini, Sarah.

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E-health and Industrial Medicine, a New Program for Communication Research
 Simon, Emmanuelle. and Piponnier, Anne.

Eat, Sleep, Binge, Repeat: Binge-Viewing and Associated Health Behaviors
 Eden, Allison., Hahn, Lindsay., Tucker, Robin., Ellithorpe, Morgan., Nikolai, Michelle. and Van den Bulck, Jan.

Echoslamming: How Incivility Interacts With Cyberbalkanization on the Social Media
 Chan, Chung-hong., Chow, Cassius Siu-lun. and Fu, KW.

Ecological Conflation of Digital Technology and Street Politics: Alternative Media in Hong Kong
 Wang, Yidong.

Economic Forecasts and Physiological Arousal in the Losses Domain
 Petropoulos Petalas, Diamantis., Hendriks Vettehen, Paul. and van Schie, Hein.

Economic Sociology, Materiality, and Seven Years of Scholarship on Web Metrics in Newsrooms
 Anderson, C.W..

Effect of Interactive Infographics on Online Newsreaders' Cognitive News Processing
 Kim, Narae., Pitluk, Adam., Sun, FuWei. and Thomas, Randi Leigh.

Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Narrative Exemplars on Lebanese Women
 Mady, Christy. and El-Khoury, Jessica.

Effects of Avatar Gender on Negotiation Strategy and Outcomes in an Immersive Virtual Environment
 Wu, Yutong., Chan, Carmen., Ding, Cordelia., McLeod, Poppy. and Williams, Michele.

Effects of Avatar's Humanness, Gestures, Spatial Presence on Interpersonal Trust and Attraction in Social VR
 Xu, Yi. and Liu, Tuo.

Effects of Avatars in Online Group Interactions: Self-Disclosure, Group Conformity and Social Support
 Wang, Jinping., Wei, Lewen. and Schmierbach, Michael.

Effects of Behavioral Inhibition/Approach Systems and Framing: Their Interaction With a Goal-Congruent Topic
 Seo, Kiwon. and Kim, Nam Young.

Effects of Chatbot Gender on SelfDisclosure, Liking, and Trust
 Roehrick, Katherine. and Hancock, Jeff.

Effects of Display Fidelity and Priming on Game Engagement and Aggression
 Tay, Swee Kiat., Wu, jiaxi., Di, Zhen., Xu, Fangxin. and Zheng, Mengdian.

Effects of Fact Checks on Partisan Beliefs and Perceptions of Bias
 Graves, Lucas., Gunther, Albert., Pelled, Ayellet., Su, Min-Hsin., Wang, Yidong. and Zhang, Yini.

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F is for Formative, K is for Kindness
 Kotler, Jennifer. and Wong, Courtney.

Face or Heel? The Cultural Politics of Arab Female Identity in the Squared Circle
 LaMay, Craig.

Facebook Contact: The Effect of an Outgroup Member’s Language Proficiency on Desire for Future Intergroup Contact
 Kim, Sara. and Harwood, Jake.

Facebook Page: A Collective Intelligence for a Working-Class Neighborhood Transition
 Masselot, Cyril.

Facebook is Swallowing Online Engagement and Video Distribution in TV Newsrooms
 Garcia-Perdomo, Victor.

Fact-Checking and Journalism Discourse: The Perceived Influence of Data-Driven Non-Profits in Africa (Top Student Paper)
 Cheruiyot, David., Ferrer Conill, Raul. and Baack, Stefan.

Factors Influencing Perception Toward Paid News and Intention to Purchase Paid News Service in the Mobile Environment
 Park, Namkee., Kim, Yeonshik. and Jang, Kyungeun.

Factors Influencing the Quality of Social Support Messages Produced Online: The Role of Responsibility for Distress and Others’ Support Attempts
 Rains, Steve., Tsetsi, Eric., Pavlich, Corey., Akers, Chelsie. and Appelbaum, Michael.

Factors of Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV+ Patients in Guangxi, China: A Health Communication Perspective
 Xiao, Zhiwen., Li, Xiaoming. and Qiao, Shan.

Fake News and Vote Choice. A Panel Survey on the Antecedents and Consequences of Fake News Believability in the German Parliamentary Elections.
 Zimmermann, Fabian. and Kohring, Matthias.

Fake News as Propaganda, Hoaxing, Hacking, Partisanship, and Activism in the New(s) Media Ecology
 Reilly, Ian.

Fake News is a Quantitative Category and Truthfulness has Nothing to do With it
 Simon Salazar, Harry.

Fake News, Echo Chambers and Filter Bubbles: Nudging the Vulnerable
 Dutton, William. and Fernandez, Laleah.

Falling Apart or Coming Together? How High-Risk Start-ups Manage Resiliency Through Communication and Change
 Guth, Kristen.

False Information—Real Problems? Online-Misinformation, Political Anger, Inefficiency, Trust and the Intention to Vote Populists
 Frischlich, Lena., Boberg, Svenja., Schatto-Eckrodt, Tim., Wintterlin, Florian. and Quandt, Thorsten.

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G.I.F.T.S.: Using Learning Outcomes in Communication (LOC) Portfolios in the Capstone Course to Showcase Student Voice in Educational Experience
 Berkos, Kristen.

GIFTS: A Small Teaching Approach to Help Undergraduates Connect Research Methods to Campaign Goals
 Francis, Diane. and Wilks, Sadie.

GIFTS: Learning Supportive Communication Through an Adaptation of the Board Game, Apples to Apples
 Scharp, Kristina., Seiter, John., Curran, Timothy. and Chandler, Megan.

GIFTS: Oppression, Advocacy, and Ethical Language in Informative and Persuasive Speeches
 Whitaker, Rebekah.

GIFTS: Team Contract: Teaching Communication Ethics in a Team Assignment
 Harrison, Millie.

GIFTS: Using Science Fiction Trailers to Teach Media Equation Theory
 Kahn, Adam.

Gaining a Critical Voice on Tumblr
 Tiidenberg, Katrin.

Game Design Elements and the Construction of Player-Avatar Relationships
 Chen, Vivian Hsueh Hua. and Ong, Jeremy.

Gender and Collaboration Networks in Online Worlds: Combining Empirical Analysis With Agent-Based Models
 Shen, Cuihua. and Huang, Wensen.

Gender and Invisible Labor in Social Media Work by Brooke Duffy
 Duffy, Brooke.

Gender and Media Studies: Approaches of the Last Three Decades
 Smirnova, Olga.

Gender and Nostalgia: Memories of the Radio Generation in Turkey
 Haydari, Nazan.

Gender-Inclusive Design: Stereotypes and Bias in Web Interfaces
 Metaxa-Kakavouli, Danaë., Wang, Kelly., Landay, James. and Hancock, Jeff.

Generating the Future: Co-Viewing in Kids’ Television Industries
 Johnson, Derek.

Generations of Voices: Parents’ Memorable Messages Concerning Interactions With Law Enforcement Officers
 Lancaster, Alexander., Ault, Michael., Cranmer, Gregory. and Haislett, Robin.

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Happy Now? Mapping the Contextual Effects of Social Media Use on Well-Being
 Bayer, Joseph.

Harassment Behaviors in Online Videogames: A Replication and Extension With a German Nationally Representative Sample
 Tang, Wai Yen., Reer, Felix. and Quandt, Thorsten.

Harnessing Collective Wisdom From Communication Patterns in Human Organizations
 Horvat, Agnes., Romero, Daniel. and Uzzi, Brian.

Harnessing the Potential of Data Visualization for Health Communication: The Combinatory Effects of Interactive Narrative and Data Visualization on User Perceptions and Attitudes Pertaining to Obesity
 Oh, Jeeyun., Lim, Ha Young., Copple, Jacob. and Chadraba, Emily.

Has Your Smartphone Replaced Your Brain? Construction and Validation of the Extended Mind Questionnaire (XMQ)
 Schaap, Gabi., Nijssen, Sari. and Verheijen, Geert.

Hash-Tagged Humor: #Vikasgonecrazy and the Participatory Culture of Critique on Indian Twitter
 Kumar, Sangeet.

Hashtag Battles: Select Expressions of Women’s Activism Online
 Wambua, Brenda.

He Said, She Said: How Gender Affects Credibility and Knowledge in Sports Reporting
 Jansen Brisbane, Gayle. and Ferrucci, Patrick.

Health Caring: A Qualitative Study of Patient-Provider Relationships in a Care Coordination Setting
 Cusanno, Brianna.

Health Misinformation and Corrective Message: Content and Contested Structural Features
 Zheng, Xia., WU, SHIWEN., Nie, Di. and Dong, Zhennan.

Health, Communication and the Public Sphere
 Romeyer, Hélène.

Healthy and Fashionable?: A Content Analysis of E-cigarette on Retail Website
 chen, yibei.

Heart of the Machine: Conceptualization, Operationalization, Evaluation, and Contextualization of Machine Personality
 Shi, Changqian., Shen, Tianyu. and xu, kun.

Heroic by Association? Game Designer and Game Character Morality
 Watts, Evan. and Banks, Jaime.

Heuristic Credibility Perceptions of Social Media Content: The Effect of Self-Confirmation and Social Endorsement
 Klawier, Tilman., Kremer, Tabea. and Rossmann, Constanze.

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I Believe in a Thing Called Bot: Perceptions of the Humanness of 'Chatbots'
 Westerman, David., Cross, Aaron. and Lindmark, Pete.

I Like Hermione – but I Love Emma Watson: Amicable and Romantic Parasocial Relationships Across Media-Contexts
 Liebers, Nicole., Anken, Nico. and Gaertner, Isabelle.

IN But OUT of Asia: Japan’s Complex Self at the Conjunction of Nationalism and Racism
 Matsushima, Aya.

ISIS, Oil and Tradition: The Impact of Capture Through Violence, Economic Crisis and Expansion of Extremist Ideology on Iraqi Kurdistan’s Journalists
 Relly, Jeannine. and Zanger, Margaret.

Iconic Appropriations, Digital Media, and Citizen Engagement
 Hariman, Robert. and Lucaites, John.

Identification of Communication Needs and Technology Acceptance of Older Migrant Cancer Patients for the Development of a Digital Oncology Tool
 Sungur, Hande., Schouten, Barbara., Yilmaz, Gizem., Muisenbergh, Maria. and van Weert, Julia.

Identifying Partisan Slant in News Articles and Twitter during the Ukraine-Russia Crisis
 Karamshuk, Dmytro., Lokot, Tetyana., Pryymak, Olexandr. and Sastry, Nishanth.

Identifying Visual Silences: Using Surveys and Interviews to Identify the Photographs News Photographers Don't Take
 Somerstein, Rachel.

Identifying the Cognitive Mechanism Behind Breaks in Presence using Measures of Attention
 Holl, Elisabeth., Huber, Kerstin., Liebold, Benny. and Pietschmann, Daniel.

Identifying the Root Content and Propagation Pattern of Fake News: Evolutionary Tree Analysis
 Jang, S., Geng, Tieming., Li, Jo-Yun (Queenie)., Xia, Ruofan., Chin-Tser, Huang., Kim, Hwalbin. and Tang, Jijun.

Ideology and Representation of Kenyan Women Aspirants in Campaign Posters: A Cultural Studies Approach
 Nyanoti, Joseph.

Ideology-Based Differences in Physiological Reactions to Media Messages
 Zheng, Xia. and Han, Jingjing.

If Your Girl Only Knew: The Effects of Infidelity-Themed Music on Cognitions Related to Infidelity
 Alexopoulos, Cassandra. and Taylor, Laramie.

Image Resilience: The Case of Sweden
 cassinger, cecilia.

Images From the Battlefields: How Al-Jazeera and BBC News Sites Visually Framed the Libyan Revolution
 Ireri, Kioko.

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 Nabi, Robin.

Joint Emplotment: How Interprofessional Teams Establish and Negotiate Perspectives in Acute Care
 Fox, Stephanie. and Brummans, Boris.

Joking About Relationship Violence: Stand-Up Comedy on Audience’s Attitudes and Motivational Processing
 Li, Jiayu.

Journalism Education for Democratization: Lessons from Norway’s Experiment in Ethiopia
 Workneh, Tewodros.

Journalism as Multichannel Communication: A Newsroom Survey on the Multiple Uses of Social Media
 Neuberger, Christoph., Nuernbergk, Christian. and Langenohl, Susanne.

Journalistic Homophily on Social Media: Exploring Journalists' Interactions With Each Other on Twitter
 Hanusch, Folker. and Noelleke, Daniel.

Journalistic Voice as a Gatekeeping Force
 Jenkins, Joy. and Vos, Tim.

Journalists and Political Power-Mediatization or Political Instrumentalization
 Nygren, Gunnar. and Niemikari, Risto.

Journalists and Refugees: The Practices and Challenges of Covering Stories of Crossings and Integration in Europe and the Americas
 Dell\'Orto, Giovanna. and Wetzstein, Irmgard.

Journalists and Their Political Sources in Poland: Describing the Interrelationship
 Nozewski, Jacek.

Journalists’ Debates on Education – The Case of the Volontariat in Germany, 1913-1933
 Meißner, Mike. and Venema, Niklas.

Judging the Ecological Impact of “Green” Consumption: Evidence of Quantity Insensitivity
 Kim, Byungdoo. and Schuldt, Jonathon.

Judging the Risk of Ridesharing: Communication Factors From Instagram Profiles That Influence Judgments of Trust
 McGlynn, Joseph., Zhou, Yang., Huang, Yan. and Han, Alexander.

Just One More Episode: Predictors of Procrastination With Television and Implications for Sleep Quality
 Exelmans, Liese., Meier, Adrian., Reinecke, Leonard. and Van den Bulck, Jan.

Just a Kiss? Rape Culture in Social Media Reenactment Photos
 Purcell, Holly.


Kaumātua Mana Motuhake: Communicating Kaumātua Voice and Vision in Developing a Health Intervention With Kaumātua
 Simpson, Mary., Greensill, Hineiti-Moana., Meha, Pare., Nock, Sophie., Harding, Truely., Shelford, Pita., Oetzel, John., Reddy, Rangimahora. and Hokowhitu, Brendan.

Killings of Journalists and the Cost for Free Speech
 Korbiel, Izabela. and Sarikakis, Katharine.

Kinship in the Streets: Rethinking the Women’s Marches as Embodied Spaces of Solidarity and Exclusion
 Dare, Alexa.

Knowing User Populations at Scale: From the Science of the State to Platform Governmentality
 Geiger, R.Stuart.

Knowledge About, Attitudes Toward, and Perceived Immorality of Genetically Modified Foods
 Hasell, Ariel. and Stroud, Natalie.

Knowledge Integration in Crowdsourcing for Innovation: The Temporal Effects of Different Types of Knowledge Contribution
 Sun, Yao. and Majchrzak, Ann.

Knowledge Production in the Age of Digital Archives: The Role of Human-Machine Communication in Constructions of the Past
 Ringel, Sharon. and Woodall, Angela.

Knowledge, Information, and Innovation (KIN) Group
 Porter, Amanda.


Latin American Fashion Films Festivals: Identity and Negotiations
 Diaz Soloaga, Paloma.

Layoff Survivors’ Workplace Communication Networks and Performance Across a Downsizing: A Mediated Longitudinal Analysis
 Susskind, Alex., Moore, Ozias. and Kacmar, K..

Leah Sprain
 Sprain, Leah.

Learning Beyond Language: An Ethnographic Study of Language Socialization in English Conversation Groups
 Brownlee, Kellie.

Learning From History: From the Suffragettes to Gandhi
 O’Brien, Michaela.

Learning From or Leaning on? The Impact of Children on Internet Use by Adults
 Galperin, Hernan.

Learning Through Embodied Experiences: Segmentation as a Tool to Support Recall in Immersive Virtual Environments
 Ahn, Sun Joo (Grace)., Nowak, Kristine. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

Learning Through Youth-Adult Partnership: A Case Study Exploring Youth Voice in Education
 Barringer, Alexandra.

Learning to Live Among Semi-Benevolent Information Monopolies
 Karpf, David.

Legacy as Capital: Examining Digital Journalism Startups in India
 Prasad, Revati.

Legal Implications of Sexual Assault and Rape in Virtual Reality: Considerations From Three States
 Mergerson, Christoph.

Legal and Illegal Listening: Considering Legal and Cultural Factors in Digital Music
 Dunham, Ian Paul.

Legitimating Science in Times of Social Change: How Should Science be Communicated to the Public?
 Seethaler, Josef. and Beaufort, Maren.

Let's do This: Gendered Voices and the Media in the 2017 New Zealand General Election
 Weaver, Celia.

Let’s Grab That Red Pocket: The Reinvention of an Ancient Chinese Tradition in Digital Times
 Xu, Yusi.

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Majority and Minority Influence in Web 2.0: Effects of Consistency between Aggregate User Representation and Review Messages and Argument Strength on Attitude Formation
 Dai, Yue., Van Der Heide, Brandon., Mason, Adam., Prchal, Benjamin. and Beyea, David.

Making Communication Theory Relevant to Policy: Institutional Theory and the Emergence of Medical Scribes
 Bryan, Ann. and Lammers, John.

Making Core Memory: Reimagining Communication-Technology History Through Design
 Shorey, Samantha. and Rosner, Daniela.

Making Death Fun: Pediatric Palliative Care and the Last Laugh
 Crane, Jonathan. and Davis, Christine.

Making Neoliberalism Visible in Media Discourse
 Maeseele, Pieter.

Making Peace or Holding a Grudge? The Role of Public Forgiveness in Crisis Communication
 Wu, Fang., Cui, Di. and Xu, Deya.

Making Sense of Credibility in Complex Information Environments: The Role of Message Sidedness, Information Source, and Thinking Styles
 Flanagin, Andrew., Winter, Stephan. and Metzger, Miriam.

Making Us Aware or Making Us Afraid? Modelling the Newsworthiness of Terrorist Attacks in the German News Media
 Hase, Valerie.

Making War and Peace With Emotion: Linking Presidential Speech, News Coverage, and Public Opinion in the Iraq and Iran Cases
 Seaton, Katherine. and Wu, Denis.

Making the Mundane: App Developers and the Promise of Everyday Software
 Morris, Jeremy. and Morris, Austin.

Mamfakinch: From Protest Slogan to Mediated Activism
 Iddins, Annemarie.

Managerial and Employee Conflict in Papua New Guinea: Application of the Culture-Based Social Ecological Conflict Model
 Tommy, Polang. and Oetzel, John.

Managing Organizational Hiddenness in Face of Rupture
 Workman, Hallie.

Managing Up and Fostering Humility in Internal Crisis Communication
 Fowler, Brooke., Liu, Brooke. and Herovic, Emina.

Managing Visibility: Platform Economics and Strategic Control
 Van Couvering, Elizabeth.

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NGOs and Their Representations of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Social Media. An Analysis of NGOs in Turkey and Belgium
 Smets, Kevin. and Bozdag, Cigdem.

Name Your Voice: Theory Paradigms, Democracy, and the History of Activism in Public Relations
 Weaver, Celia.

Narrative Perspectives on Organizational Identity Work as a Strategic Practice: A Story of Sales Practices in BestBank and the Process of Re-Authoring ‘Who We Are’
 Frandsen, Sanne.

Natalie Dollar
 Dollar, Natalie.

Navigating Difficult Terrain: Revealing the Hidden Experiences of U.S. Women Working in Political Technology, 2004-2016
 Kreiss, Daniel. and Roberts, Holly.

Navigating Health Care: Voices of International Students in the United States
 Otusanya, Ayodeji., Hyatt Hawkins, Katherine., Banjo-Johnson, Joel. and Nguyen, Phuong.

Navigating Relational Turbulence in the Wake of Weight Loss Transitions: A Support Marshaling Analysis
 Crowley, John., Burke, Tricia., Denes, Amanda., Allred, Ryan. and Carberry, Emmalene.

Needs vs. Values: Examining Constraints on Journalists' Security Behaviors
 Watkins, Elizabeth. and McGregor, Susan.

Negotiating Climate Change: A Frame Analysis of COP21 in British, American and Chinese News Media
 Pan, Yeheng. and Van Gorp, Baldwin.

Negotiating Organizational Responsibilities in Employer-Employee Encounters
 Asmuss, Birte. and Aggerholm, Helle.

Negotiating Perceptions of Role Expertise: Constructing Connections in Transactive Memory Systems
 Guth, Kristen.

Negotiating Religious and Relational Identity in Interfaith Marital Communication: An Interpretive Study
 Martinez, Laura., Ting-Toomey, Stella. and Dorjee, Tenzin.

Negotiating Sociomateriality and Commensurability: Human and Algorithmic Editorial Judgment at Social Media Platforms (Top Student Paper)
 Riedl, Martin.

Negotiating Transnational Cultural Flows: Media Professionals and the Politics of Flows on the Online Platform Crossing
 Lu, Wan-Jun.

Network Citizenship and Voice Diversity in Central And Eastern Europe: Conceptualizing Comparative Research
 Dobek-Ostrowska, Boguslawa.

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ODB vs. FATML: Intersectionality and Data-Driven Discrimination
 Gangadharan, Seeta.

Of Boss Fights and Minions: The Effects of Opponent Formidability on Player Competence, Guilt, and Affect in Violent Video Games
 Lee, Yu-Hao., Mclean, Dave. and Getz, Bruce.

Of Dog Kennels, Hard Drives, and Global Contaminations: Toward a Constitutional Logic of Big Data
 Cooper, Zane.

Of Lizards and Men: Alex Jones and Infowars in the Nexus Between Populism and Post-Global Media
 Van den Bulck, Hilde. and Hyzen, Aaron.

Of Monsters and Men? The Impact of Media Coverage About Pedophilia in Germany on the Acceptance of Preventive Therapy Programs and the Process of Treatment on Pedophile Nonoffenders
 Stelzmann, Daniela., von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Caroline. and Wagner, Jens.

Omran Daqneesh as a Digital Visual Icon: Survey Responses to the Boy in the Ambulance
 Parry, Katy.

On Debunking Misinformation: A Meta-Analytic Approach
 Walter, Nathan. and Murphy, Sheila.

On Downsurgency: Trump’s Necropopulist Fan Culture
 Bratich, Jack.

On Facebook and Twitter Revolution During the Syrian War: The Role of Citizens’ Voices in Setting the European Parliaments’ Agenda
 Berganza, Rosa., Herrero, Beatriz., Carratala, Adolfo., Gómez, Eva. and Tamboleo, Ruben.

On the Inadequacy of ‘Sport Media’ in Critical Media Studies
 Oates, Thomas.

On the Industry's Influence on Early Media Policies in Post-Socialist East Germany
 Troger, Mandy.

One Foot in Prison and One Foot Out: Government-Appointed Fixer/Minders in North Korea
 Seo, Soomin.

One Look, Multiple Voices: A Compromise-Based View of Integrated Communication
 Frattini, Nicola.

Online Ballot Stuffing: Influence of Self-boosting Manipulation on Rating Dynamics in Online Rating Systems
 Zhang, Lun., Wu, Ye., Wang, Sheng-Feng. and Lin, Zi-Zhan.

Online Communities as a Solution to the Left-Behind Children Problem? Evidence From a Counterfactual Analysis
 Bai, Yang. and LUQIU, LU WEI ROSE.

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PR and Journalists in the Local Sphere: A Comparative Study Between the Largest Basque and Bavarian Municipalities
 Iturregui, Leire. and Cantalapiedra, María José.

Pan-Africanism as a Laughing Matter: (Funny) Expressions of African Identity on Twitter
 Cheruiyot, David. and Uppal, Charu.

Paramount Cooperation: National Advertising Agencies and the Conspicuous Distribution of Feature Films in the United States
 Moore, Paul.

Parasocial Recreation. Parasocial Relationships With Liked and Disliked Media Personae as a Source for Physical and Social Well-Being
 Koban, Kevin., Thieme, Jessica. and Heins, Clara.

Parent Attitudes Towards Coding and Programming in Early Childhood
 Pila, Sarah.

Parental Mediation During the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election Campaign
 Nathanson, Amy. and Eveland, Jr., William.

Parental Mediation and Excessive Smartphone Use: Perceptions of Singaporean Young People and Their Parents
 Wu, Xuan., Loh, Tracy. and Lim, Sun Sun.

Parents’ Responses to Cyberbullying Effects: How Third-Person Perception Influences Support for Legislation and Parental Mediation Strategies
 Ho, Shirley., Lwin, May., Yee, Andrew. and Sng, Jeremy.

Participation in Online Firestorms. Adapting the Situational Theory of Problem Solving to the Online Sphere
 Gruber, Maria., Mayer, Christiane. and Einwiller, Sabine.

Partition of India: Women and the Public Sphere
 Agarwal, Sugandha.

Paths to Audience Success in Media Industries
 Verhoeven, Marcel., von Rimscha, M. Bjørn., Krebs, Isabelle. and Siegert, Gabriele.

Pathways to News Sharing: Frames, News Article Perceptions and the Likelihood of Sharing
 Su, Min-Hsin., Liu, Jiawei. and McLeod, Douglas.

Patriarchal Bargains in Online Communities: An Examination of Unwed Single Mothers in China
 Zhao, Xiaoman.

Patterns of Media Use and Multiplexity: Associations With Workplace Friendships and Work Performances
 LIU, Liping.

Paul Lazarsfeld: The ‘Duel Commitment’ and the Role of the Outsider in the Early Stages of Communication Research
 Petersen, Thomas.

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Qualitative Research With Child Development and Media Experts to Inform “Galli Galli Sim Sim” (India)
 Howard, Donna., Klein, Talia., Datar, Reva., Mehrotra, Deepti. and Borzekowski, Dina.

Queer Hmong Voices Streaming in Diaspora
 Lopez, Lori.

Queer Migrants and Social Media in Northwest Europe: 1965-Present
 Shield, Andrew.

Queering the Refugee: Discourse, Policy, and Deviant Sexuality in a Danish Migration Event
 Kristensen, Morten Stinus.


Race, Ethnicity, and Communications Policy: Centering Communities of Color and Rheir Concerns
 Moran, Rachel. and Bui, Matthew.

Race, Gender and Rationale: The Global Image in the Western Mind
 Pixley, Tara.

Racism in the Hybrid Media System: Analyzing the Finnish 'Immigration Debate'
 Titley, Gavan., Pantti, Mervi. and Nikunen, Kaarina.

Radio Communication for Forests Conservation in Tanzania: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Challenges
 Zacharia, Malima.

Rage Against the Rage Against the Sentiment Machine: A Critical Evaluation of Human and Machine Analysis of Polarizing Political Discourse on Twitter
 Shermak, Jeremy., Whipple, Kelsey., Willard, Lesley. and Murthy, Dhiraj.

Rapping News Anchors and Sex Positive Puppets: Theory and Practice of Youth Oriented Edutainment in Uganda
 Falzone, Paul.

Re-Wrapping and Re-Signifying Meaning: An Analysis of Turban Day
 Sabnis, Nandita.

Re-explicating Mobile Phone Use as a Sequential Process
 Peng, Winson., Zhu, Jonathan. and Chen, Hexin.

Re-imagining Social Media Activism: Understanding When New Technologies Silence Marginalized Voices in Social Justice Movements
 Harlow, Summer.

Reaching Parents At Risk For Child Maltreatment: An Interdisciplinary Experimental Investigation of PSA Type and Level of Self-Regulation
 Shoenberger, Heather., Skowron, Elizabeth. and Thorson, Esther.

Reactions to Zika Case Data: Effects of Data Visualization and Past Occurrence Information
 Zhang, Jueman (Mandy)., Wang, Yi. and Wanta, Wayne.

Reading a Bit About Everything or Everything About a Bit? Assessing Online News Use Through Combined Survey and Tracking Data
 Trilling, Damian., Moeller, Judith., van de Velde, Bob. and De Vreese, Claes.

Reading on Paper and Screen Among Senior Adults: Cognitive Map and Technophobia
 Hou, Jinghui (Jove)., Wu, Yijie., Harrell, Erin. and Ma, Xiao.

Ready for Czech-Out? Examining Anti-Immigration and Anti-European Discourses in Czech Online News Debates
 Stetka, Vaclav., Vochocova, Lenka., Rosenfeldová, Jana. and Mazak, Jaromir.

Reciprocating Positivity: Expressing Empathy in Positive Events
 Suwinyattichaiporn, Tara. and Guerrero, Laura.

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Safety Versus Risk Endorsing Peer Attitudes Influence Adolescent Risk Taking Through Distinct Neural Mechanisms
 Pei, Rui., Cascio, Christopher., Simons-Morton, Bruce. and Falk, Emily.

Saigon Nostalgia: A Communication Repertoire Approach to Trace Memories of a Lost Home(land)
 Sanko, Christina.

Saila Poutiainen
 Poutiainen, Saila.

Same Same but Different - Big Data and Second Screen in the UK
 Grossaug, Ranit.

Same but Different? A Cross-National Comparison of Public Perceptions of Nuclear Energy in Southeast Asia
 Ho, Shirley., Leong, Alisius., Looi, Jiemin. and Chuah, Soo Fei.

Sandvig v. Lynch and the Threat to Online Journalism and Research
 Bhandari, Esha.

Saskia Witteborn
 Witteborn, Saskia.

Satire on ‘Smog’: an Alternative Voice in Environmental Expressions and the Publicness Based on ‘Pleasure’
 Xu, Yingchun.

Say Twitter, Somebody: Race, Black Lives Matter, and Hypermediated Moments
 Butler, Anthea.

Scare Me With a Story: The Impact of Intensity and Narrative on Smokers Responses to Anti-Tobacco Videos
 Churchill, Ashley., Russell, Layne., Nguyen, Linh., Bolls, Paul. and Kiper, Avonte.

Scatterings of Whiteness: White South Africans in Tanzania and Zambia
 Steyn, Melissa.

 Ouwerkerk, Jaap.

Scientific Networks on Twitter: Analyzing the Social Media Use of Climate Scientists
 Walter, Stefanie., Lörcher, Ines. and Brueggemann, Michael.

Screening Protest: Comparing Mediations of Dissenting Voices Across Time, Space, and Genre
 Robertson, Alexa.

Second Screening for News: Effects of Presentation on Information Processing and Program Liking
 Schaap, Gabi., Kleemans, Mariska. and Van Cauwenberge, Anna.

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TV’s Female Detectives: Investigating the Representation of Women in the 2013-2014 Crime Drama Season
 Sowa, Lauren.

Take Action or Regret Later? The Effect of Anticipated Regret on Dating Violence Prevention Intentions
 Ahn, Jisoo. and Oh, Jeeyun.

Taking Climate Change Here and Now – Mitigating Ideological Polarization with Psychological Distance
 Chu, Haoran. and Yang, Janet.

Taking the Symbolic Seriously in Creative Labour Research
 Saha, Anamik.

Talking Politics 2.0: How Young People Construct Understandings of Public Affairs through Social Media Networks
 Van Cauwenberge, Anna.

Talking Politics via Images: Exploring the “2016 Chinese Internet Memes War” on Facebook
 Liang, Fan., Chen, Wei. and Cheng, Li.

Talking about Medical Disputes: News Framing of Who is Responsible for Causing and Fixing the Problem in Mainland China
 E, Qinyu.

Tangled Action Nets: Community Voices Collide Over Localized Climate Action
 Jahn, Jody. and Leslie, Kathryn.

Teaching Environmental Communication Across Disciplines
 Good, Jennifer.

Teaching Research Approaches in Information and Communication Sciences: The Experience of Developing a Textbook
 Seurrat, Aude.

Technical Skills or Interpersonal Skills: The Impact of Online Ratings on Patient Choice of a Primary Care Physician Versus a Specialist
 Li, Siyue. and Hubner, Austin.

Telecommunications as an Archetype of State-led Development: Examining the Merits and Limitations of the Ethiopian Model
 Workneh, Tewodros.

Television Attorney-Client Relationships: A Content Analysis of Fictional Programs About Trust in Seeking Legal Services
 Huang, Ke. and Mann, Supreet.

Temporal Comparisons Mediate the Effect of Listening to Nostalgic Music on Well-Being
 Bonus, James.

Tend-and-Befriend Theory: Towards Integration Into Research on Communication and Hormonal Stress Response
 Lonergan, Chelsea.

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U.S. Public Broadcasting Under Political Threat: Analysis of Independent Television Service’s Independent Documentaries, 2007-2016
 Borum Chattoo, Caty., Aufderheide, Patricia., Alexander, Michele. and Green, Chandler.

Ubiquitous Mobile Communication: Present and the Future
 Ling, Rich.

UnREAL Women under Surveillance: Love, Feminism, and Racism
 Dubrofsky, Rachel.

Understanding Publics’ Viral and Civic Engagement Towards Mental Health Campaigns: Health Consciousness, Anxiety, and the Situational Theory of Problem Solving (STOPS)
 Jiang, Hua. and Roh, Soojin.

Understanding Social Capital in a Networked Communication Age
 Kwon, K. Hazel.

Understanding a Networked Social-Mediated Crisis: Big Data Analysis and the Structure and Discourse in the #deleteuber Twitter Network
 Yang, Aimei.

Understanding and Diagnosing Antimicrobial Resistance on Social Media: A Yearlong Overview of Data and Analytics
 Andersen, Brittany., Hair, Lee., Groshek, Jacob., Krishna, Arunima. and Walker, Dylan.

Understanding the Effectiveness of mHealth Interventions: A Meta-analysis of Health Behavior Change Interventions Using Mobile Phones
 Yang, Qinghua. and Van Stee, Stephanie.

Understanding the Effects of Personalization as a Privacy Calculus: Analyzing Self-Disclosure Across Health, News, and Commerce Contexts
 Bol, Nadine., Dienlin, Tobias., Kruikemeier, Sanne., Sax, Marijn., Boerman, Sophie., Strycharz, Joanna., Helberger, Natali. and De Vreese, Claes.

Understanding the Symbolic Border: Challenges to Teaching Civic Advocacy Journalism
 Retis, Jessica.

Understanding the dynamics of (non)standardization in communication measurement and evaluation
 Buhmann, Alexander. and Zerfass, Ansgar.

Ungovernable Algorithms: Early Efforts to Regulate Consumer Credit Scoring
 Lauer, Josh.

United Feelings: The Mediating Role of Emotions in EU Political Advertising Effects
 Marquart, Franziska., Brosius, Anna. and De Vreese, Claes.

Unpacking the “Captured-liberal model” of media systems in Latin America: the case of Mexico
 Marquez Ramirez, Mireya. and Guerrero Martinez, Manuel.

Unspoken Rules: Using the Game of Mao (Mau) to Teach Sensemaking and Cultural Approaches to Communication
 Wang, Cynthia. and O\'Brien, Nina.

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Validating the Hornik & Woolf approach to Choosing Media Campaign Themes: Do Promising Beliefs Predict Behavior Change in a Longitudinal Study?
 Hornik, Robert., Volinsky, Allyson., Gibson, Laura., Mannis, Shane., Brennan, Emily., Lee, Stella. and Tan, Andy.

Vegan Voices: Communicating about Human-Animal Relationships and Negotiating Identity/ies
 Day, Ashleigh.

Venezuela’s lost voice: How the state is closing down on dissident technologies
 Lugo-Ocando, Jairo.

Verification in the Age of Post-Truth - A Mix Method Study (Top Student Paper)
 Barnoy, Aviv.

Video Games, Gender, and Spatial Ability: Assessing the Matthew Effect
 Lonergan, Chelsea. and Hegarty, Mary.

Video Gaming Effects on Activity within the Hippocampus to Promote Memory
 Prena, Kelsey., Cheng, Hu. and Newman, Sharlene.

Viewers’ Perceptions of Brazil after the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympics
 Schallhorn, Christiana.

Vini Vidi Voce: From the Page to the Stage
 Karasick, Adeena.

Violence in Phatic Culture: Theorizing “Inspired” Terror
 Szpunar, Piotr.

Virality of Swearing Utterance Online: The Case of Mainland-Hong Kong Controversial Issue on Weibo
 Song, Yunya. and Wu, Yi.

Virtual Engagement: A Theoretical Framework of Affordances, Networks, and Communication
 Chewning, Lisa.

Virtual Reality Field Trips Facilitate Learning about Climate Change
 Markowitz, David., Laha, Bireswar., Perone, Brian., Pea, Roy. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

Virtual Safe Zone: Teachers' Online Psychosocial Role in Social Network Sites during Times of War
 Rosenberg, Hananel., Ophir, Yaakov. and Asterhan, Christa.

Virtually Empathetic: The Shortcomings of Virtual Reality as a Platform for Positive Communication
 Sutko, Daniel.

Virtually Social: Understanding Social Interactions in Virtual Reality
 Won, Andrea.

See all 52 papers starting with V ->>


Wanna Drink and Have Fun? Know Your Safe Drinking Skills
 Lin, Carolyn., Christensen, John. and Borsai, Anne.

Want to Talk a-bot it?: The Human-to-Human Interaction Script and Robot Support Providers
 Beattie, Austin J.. and Richards, Riley.

Watching the Rich and Famous: The Cultivation Effect of Reality Television Shows and the Mediating Role of Parasocial Experiences
 Jahng, Mi.

Wave of Opportunity: Frame Networks of Political Challengers and News Media During a Food Scandal
 Waldherr, Annie. and Guo, Lei.

We Are Both Alike and Different: Humanitarian Organizations’ Dialogic Social Media Use
 Lai, Chih-Hui. and Fu, J. Sophia.

We Have No Concepts: Ontological Realism in the Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies Foundry
 Iliadis, Andrew.

We came unequal into this digital world, and unequal shall we go out of it? Digital media and participatory inequality in three European societies
 Theocharis, Yannis., van Deth, Jan., Obert, Peter. and Cisar, Ondrej.

What Affects Entrepreneurs' Social Support Needs?
 Wang, Grace Yuehan. and Williams, Dmitri.

What Do People Talk about When They Tweet about HPV? Semantic and Sentiment Analyses of HPV and Cervical Cancer-Related Tweets
 Sun, Qiusi. and Zhang, Jingwen.

What Does It Mean to be Meaningful in Communication Science Today? Digital Methods Beyond the Quali-Quantitative Threshold
 Compagno, Dario.

What Drives Positive User Perception and Evaluation of Recommendation Technology?: Creative Message Strategies for Recommendation Systems
 Lee, Jung-Ah.

What Factors Affect the Accessibility of Government Websites? An Empirical Analysis on U.S. County Government Online Portals
 Bai, Yang., Grzeslo, Jenna., Min, Bumgi. and Jayakar, Krishna.

What Happens When the Subaltern Speaks?: Worker’s Voice in Post-Socialist China
 Meng, Bingchun.

What Makes One Influential? – Examining the Network Structure and Central Users in a Twitter-Enabled Conference Backchannel
 Xie, Quan. and Luo, Tian.

What Predict Information Sharing during Social Crises—A Computational Linguistic Analysis of #MH370 Tweets
 Xu, Weiai Wayne. and Zhang, Congcong.

See all 81 papers starting with W ->>


You Don’t Know Me: Negative Self-Views Interact with Publicness and Feedback to Shape Interpersonal Impressions Online
 Kim, Yeweon. and Gonzales, Amy.

You Eat “Like a Girl”: A Content Analysis of Food Advertisements on Children’s Television
 Castonguay, Jessica.

You Have Been Tagged: Incanting Names and Incarnating Bodies on Social Media
 Frosh, Paul.

You Look Sincere: A Test of Physical Attractiveness, Transparency Efforts, and Spokesperson Expectation on Crisis Communication Effectiveness
 Lee, Hyunmin. and Hong, Celine.

You Mad?: An Experimental Test of the Anger Activism Model
 Skurka, Christofer.

You Need to Show That You Are Not a Robot
 Fortunati, Leopoldina.

Young Adult Daughters’ Memorable Messages about Work/Career and Family from their Parents
 Daniels, Rita. and Rittenour, Christine.

Youth, News and Civic Life in Portugal
 Brites, Maria José.
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