Seventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2011-May-17 to 2011-May-22

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"Changing Socioeconomic Security in Brazilian Favelas: An Examination of the Effect of UPPs"
 Matthew, Lenore.

"Changing the Station: Tuning into 'Acts'"
 Myers, W. Benjamin. and Rowe, Desiree.

"Clean," "Green" and Sickening: Industrial Wind Turbines and Struggles over Medical Knowledge
 Wheatley, Elizabeth.

"Doing Research Right?": A place for self-reflection and self-critique in the field
 Joanou, Jamie.

"For I had much rather starve in England...": Performing the Story of Ellen Craft
 Pinney, Amy.

"Gender, Coping, and Felt Experiences of Rural Homelessness"
 Lorentzen, Jeanne., Hilton, Timothy. and DeJong, Cornell.

"I might be wrong": The perverse potential of poststructuralism
 Schmeichel, Mardi.

"Look at me...Look at me": Visual data and the creation of a phenomenon
 Altman, Julie.

"Other" Mothering: Voices from the Fringes
 Murray, Lee., Sangha, Jasjit. and Kearney, Kerri.

"Passing" and Silence: Avoiding Familial Judgement
 Purnell, David.

"Real" Emotions and Virtual Worlds: Intimacy in Second Life
 Pace, Tyler.

"Right to the [Active] City": Discourses of Public Recreation
 Bustad, Jacob.

"Street Prostitution as Social Acts: A Preliminary Report"
 Sisco, Jenna. and Lisnow, Amanda.

"Street Prostitution as Social Acts: A Preliminary Report"
 Lisnow, Amanda. and Sisco, Jenna.

"Us Versus the World": Mother-Daughter Co-Narratives of the Relational Experience of Anorexia
 Austin, Marne.

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A (Brown) Woman’s Work: Culture, Caregiver, and the Suppression of Grief to Survive
 Suarez, Cecilia.

A Box of Books
 Denzin, Norman.

A Buddhist contribution to an ethics for the language classroom
 Ellwood, Constance.

A Call for the Resurgence of Postmodernism: New Projects with No Designs
 St.Pierre, Elizabeth.

A Case Study of Teachers’ Responses to Students’ Challenging Behaviors: Concerns for Educational Equity and Social Justice
 Wheat, Kathy.

A Comparison of Data Management and Analysis Methods: An Autoethnography
 Weng, Suzie.

A Complicated Presence: Black Presence on the Canadian Plains
 McNeil, Barbara.

A Critical Examination of My Qualitative Research Efforts in Turkey
 Uzuner, Yildiz.

A Critical Situational Analysis of Peer Diversity Educators Facilitating Social Change
 Perez, Michelle. and Creek, SJ.

A Data triangulation study: How the Teacher Candidates successful to implementation of active learning?
 Atmaca, Sevilay., Can, Meral. and Kaptan, Fitnat.

A Double-Edge Sword: the Voice of Patients Regarding Defensive Medicine.
 Feder-Bubis, Paula.

A Duo-Ethnographic Conversation about Qualitative Inquiry, Advocacy, and Social Justice: Exploring Paths of Inquiry
 Goodwin, Sheilia. and Bazeley, Patricia.

A Gay Man’s Political Walk of Shame: Exploring Stigma, Disidentification, and Rite of Passage
 Paxton, Blake.

A Grounded Theory about Suicide Narratives on Internet Newsgroups: Construction and Media Contagion of Suicide
 Vélez Agosto, Nicole.

A Journey of Exploration: The Story of Second-Generation Indian-American Women’s’ Identity Development.
 Valiaveedu, Letha.

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Bahamian Junkanoo: A sensuous performance of cultural identity
 McDonald, Anika.

Balancing Two Worlds: Negotiating Gender Norms and Sexual Economy of Western Classical Music among Female Asian Musicians
 Koh, Chee-Kang.

Barriers and needs perceived by parents regarding the health care of children younger than 15 years diagnosed with cancer within Bucaramanga, Colombia 2002- 2009
 Amado, Angelica.

Becoming Narrative Research Collaborators
 Miller, Janet.

Becoming mother, becoming father: subjects, transformations and the transition to parenthood
 Schadler, Cornelia.

Becoming that 'Someone like Me'
 Forber-Pratt, Anjali.

Being Human – Being Scientist – Being Researcher. Subjectivity as Potential for Empirical Subject
 Küttel, Claudia.

Being and Becoming: Filipino-Korean Identities in Language Teaching
 Park, Aileen.

Being ‘Raced’ Black: Resuscitating Black Subjectivity through an Existential-Phenomenological and Discourse Analytic Approach.
 Seixas, Azizi.

Bernstein's codes in child protection social work: analysing discourse, power and relationships.
 Keddell, Emily.

Between 1 and 2 pm on the cul-de-sac near the park: The community of users of an unauthorized needle exchange in Central California
 Clarke, Kris.

Beyond Metaphors: Being a Responsible Witness
 Dutta, Urmitapa.

Beyond Pleasure and Pain: On the Virtues of Autoethnography
 Bochner, Art.

Beyond Representation: Collaborative Writing as Ethnographic Activism
 Campbell, Elizabeth.

Beyond classical newsroom ethnography: using ethnography to understand journalism in war scenarios
 Garcia-Mingo, Elisa.

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Cambiando el imaginario de academicos y estudiantes para romper la percepcion de imposibilidad de desarrollar tecnologia
 Carrasco, Selin.

Campo y trayectoria: nociones para estudiar la historia de la Universidad de Tucuman - Argentina
 Vanella, Liliana.

Can You Hear Me Now: Spoken Word as Transformative Research
 Muccular, Gary.

Caracterización del Programa recreativo Atención a personas con limitaciones que ofrece el IDRD en Bogotá
 cardozo, yency.

Características de las relaciones interinstitucionales entre las aseguradoras y prestadoras de servicios e salud, alrededor de la contratación de servicios. Medellín, 2009.
 Molina Marin, Gloria.

Care work films and major Filipino stars: Experiences and meanings facilitating their production and consumption
 Bantugan, Brian.

Carefully crafted qualitative methodologies for funded projects
 Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka.

Carol thinks about affirmation
 Isaac, Carol.

Carrying Faith: Objects, Stories, and Cultures
 Smith-Shank, Deborah. and Sharma, Manisha.

Case-Centered Sampling: A Successful Experience in an Ethnography with Old Order Amish Families
 Kueny, Angela.

Caster Semenya and the Production of Intersexuality in the American Media."
 baughman, linda. and Cavedo, Courtney.

Challenges to Creating and Organizing a Statewide Qualitative Study
 angeles, gustavo. and Swadener, Beth Blue.

Challenging Regimes of Truth: A Feminist Perspective on the Narrative Study of Lives
 Halldórsdóttir, Tanya.

Challenging an axiomatic acceptance of racism as stable: Re-examining the definition of racism to disrupt epistemological constructs of racial organization
 Beucher, Rebecca.

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Damaged Identities Narrative Repair: Investigating Emotional Cycles of Employees Undergoing Organisational Change
 Prakash, Anand.

Dancing from Rainbow to Rainbow: An Academic Journey
 Blinne, Kristen.

Dangerous Performances: Re-searching Social Justice through Performance and Critical Discourse
 Nieves, Dr. Yolanda.

Dare I Write about Oppression on Sacred Ground [emphasis mine]
 William-White, Lisa.

Data-driven Song Writing: Ay Maria, Como Siento Lo Que Te Paso
 Schikore, Melanie.

Deaf-Hearing family life: Narrative and counter-narrative
 West, Donna.

DeafCrit: An Emerging Theoretical Lens and Methodology
 Valente, Joseph.

Dealing with anger and fear differently: moving from bullying practices to mindfulness practices
 Davies, Bronwyn.

Dear Maxine: An Inquiry into Situated Philosophy through Epistolary Genre
 Lake, Robert.

Death, identity, and ambiguity among aging cancer patients: The dominance and problems of two discourses
 Hammond, Chad. and Teucher, Ulrich.

Deciphering Visual Culture Selected by Mothers of Asian-Mixed Heritage Adolescents: A Visual Ethnography Narrative
 Chang, Hung-Min.

Decision Maps and the Case Study in Health
 Campolina, Alessandro.

Decolonizing Early Childhood Research through Nomadic Practices
 Pacini-Ketchabaw, Veronica., Nxumalo, Fikile. and Rowan, Carol.

Decolonizing Inquiry
 Diversi, Marcelo. and Moreira, Claudio.

Decolonizing the Academy: Visions and Implementation, Politics and Pragmatics, A Performance/Roundtable part one
 Yomtoob, Desiree.

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EL PRINCIPIO DE LA ENTIDAD EN LOS NEGOCIOS INTERNACIONALES: análisis jurídico en el Código de Comercio Venezolano y el Código de Comercio Colombiano
 Obando, Laura. and Villasmil, Maria.

Echocardiography School: An autoethnography of a lost professor looking for the heart in teaching.
 Senese, Guy.

Ecoaesthetics at the Intersection of Social Justice and Transformative Education
 Finley, Susan.

Ecstatic Corona: Returning Home, Returning to Ethnograpy
 Clough, Patricia.

Ecstatic Corona: Returning Home, Returning to Ethnograpy
 Clough, Patricia. and Denzin, Norman.

Education for empowerment: A grounded theory example
 Birks, Melanie.

Education process and nurse support to patients undergoing cardiac surgery, Medellín, Colombia 2009
 Delgado, Soledad.

Educational Narratives of Homeless Youth: Inquiring into what would rather be forgotten
 Saldanha, Kennedy.

El Empleo Femenino y Precariedad laboral en la Industria Electrónica de la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara

El Habitus Religioso y las Identidades de Género
 García Ramirez, Nataly. and lucumí silva, alba.

El Modelado del Trabajo: Un Proceso Vital de la Gerencia de Capital Humano
 Villasmil, Maria. and Obando, Laura.

El Poder de Una Voz (The Power of a Voice): The Study of Latino Immigrant Narratives and the Potential for Social Change
 Gomes, Arminda.

El Trabajo Social en la Fenomenologìa de la Religiòn.

El Trabajo de Parentesco. Una estrategia de las familias con madres y padres migrantes
 zapata, adriana.

El acoso laboral desde la postura de los derechos humanos
 Guillen, Yelitza.

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Face to Face from Afar: Evaluating Skype Interviews
 Null, Michaela.

Face to Face from Afar: Evaluating Skype Interviews
 Null, Michaela.

Facebook vs. Orkut: The battle over middle aged users in Brazil.
 Nemer, David.

Factores asociados a la incidencia de la automedicacion en la poblacion universitaria
 Vega, Karen. and Vega, Edgar.

Factores individuales implicados en mujeres y hombres para su integracion a Grupos de Reeducacion para victimas y agresores de la violencia de pareja
 Duque, Marina., Castro, Laura., Lievano, Martha. and Shears, Margarita.

Factores que influyen para que los jovenes no usen preservativo condon en las relaciones sexuales
 vega, shirley. and florez, teresa.

Family Stories and the Process of Acculturation between Eastern Orthodox Christian Families-in-Law.
 Widmer, Anastasia.

Far from Home
 Norander, Stephanie.

Farewell to triangulation?
 Greene, Jennifer.

Fathers of Infants and Toddlers in the Attachment Relationship
 Keller, Terry.

Feeling the Heat: Toning Down Critical Discourses
 McNeil, Barbara.

Feeling the Research: The Pain and Intensity of Conducting Research on Your Personal Issues
 Nettleton, Jodi.

Feeling, Writing, Thinking
 Bondi, Liz.

Female Adolescents'Health Needs:A Qualitative Study
 shahhosseini, zohreh.

Feminist Phenomenology on the Experiences of Attempted Suicide of Young Korean Women
 Yi, Myungsun.

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Gathering Youth Voices: Creating the Youth Action Research Council
 Ross, Laurie.

Gathering around the text: Preliminary comparison of mental health and poetic discourses
 Teague, Rodney.

Gender and Sexuality on Glee: The Reactions of Chinese University Students
 Gangnon, Bradley. and Liu, Rachel.

Gender, Poverty and Social Exclusion: Women's Experiences
 Genis, Serife.

Gender, Values and Teachers in secondary school
 Parga, Lucila.

Gendered for What?: Reproduction of Peasant Workers’ Bodies in/through Their Dormitories
 Sun, Kang.

Geography Teachers' Field Trip Method Using Status
 OZTURK, Mustafa Kemal.

Gestalt Approaches in Modern German Psychology
 Fitzek, Herbert.

Ghost's Writing
 Mulholland, Valerie.

Giving the Power of Choice to the Students: Video-Diary Reflections in a Balanced Literacy Classroom
 Burge, Regina.

Globalizing memories: social movements in Latin America
 Cerda, Alejandro., Chapela, Consuelo. and Barroso, Ana Laura.

Gna-Giigadowin: Exploring Our Way of Life Through Anishinabe Song and Drum
 Pedri, Celeste.

Going Native: An Autoethnography of an Ethnographer. Robert McAndrews, Human Sciences and Research, Saybrook University
 McAndrews, Robert.

Going into Teaching in Elementary or Middle School after Another Career
 Brown, Ronda.

Graduate candidate teachers’ educational philosophy preferences
 Ünsal, Halük.

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Haci Bayram'da Dogal Bir Kadin Cemaati: A Spontaneous Women Community in Haci Bayram Veli Mosque: Spatial Sacred and Other
 Ercin, Nazlihan.

Hand picking of coffee, a hard and unfair task
 Moreno Cárdenas, Edilson.

Having Our Say in Higher Education: African American Women’s Stories in Science
 McPherson, Ezella.

Healer, Volunteer, Advocate, Tourist: A US Doctor Feels Her Limits in Tapachula
 Reihman, Kristin.

Healing Pathways: Art Therapy and American Indian Medicine
 Warson, Elizabeth.

Health and poverty: representations of poor and non poor women and health professionals about fertility and maternal health care
 Craveiro, Isabel.

Hearing and Deaf Siblings: Understanding their Everyday Lives
 Françozo, Maria. and Lourenço, Gisele.

Helping students to promote Critical Thinking at University through Mediated Learning Experiences. A case study.
 Carramolino, Beatriz., Fernández, Eduardo. and Rubia, Bartolomé.

Hermeneutica Fenomenologica e a Compreensao das Narrativas de Maes Substitutas sobre a Experiencia do Cuidado
 CAVALCANTE, CINTHIA. and Jorge, Maria Salete.

Hey, Coach I Graduated! The Triumph of a former Student-Athlete: Acting Critically with Facticities
 Meek, Geoffrey. and Spencer, Nancy.

High Stakes Tests: Sharing the Voices African American and Hispanic Elementary Girls
 Larke, Patricia., Li, Yeping., Fox, Brandon., Jimarez, Teresa., Webb-Hasan, Gwendolyn. and Zannou, Yetunde.

Historia de Trabajo Social en el Estado de Hidalgo, Mexico
 García, Raul.

Historias de vida: Entre la esperanza y la exclusión
 Uribe, Claudia.

Hitting the wall of the ivory tower in action research.
 Burns-Jager, Kathleen., Bozek, Katie. and Bak, Jennifer.

Holding it All Together: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Being a Black Female Educational Cultural Negotiator
 Warren-Grice, April.

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IC crítica mediante analizadores bourdeanos y de cuerpo-territorio. Violencia simbólica en publicidad oficial
 Chapela, Consuelo., Covarrubias, Esmeralda. and Cerda, Alejandro.

Identfying Pedagogical Characteristics Of Student Teachers Which Determine Their Teacher Thinking, Decision Making And Planning Processes

Identidad corporal de estudiantes de medicina: autoestima, obesidad, sobrepeso y trastornos alimentarios

Identidad corporal de estudiantes de medicina: autoestima, obesidad, sobrepeso y trastornos alimentarios

Identificacion de etica y valores de estudiantes de medicina

Identification of issues involved in recruiting under-represented minority business majors for undergraduate research experiences, a qualitative perspective
 Gonzalez, Elsa., Mathis, Carlton. and Datta, Sumana.

Identificação de sintomáticos respiratórios e a organização da Atenção Primária
 Duarte, Sebastiao., Lima, Diogo., Barreira, Gabriel. and Peres, Werley.

Identifiying opressive hidden assumptions in health promotion practice. A method of five-level reflection for Health Promoters

If Mothers Had a magic Stick: Low-income African American Mothers’ Recommendations to Improve Children’s Physical Health
 Sensoy Bahar, Ozge., Jarrett, Robin. and McPherson, Ezella.

Ignorance, Prejudice or Conscientious Objection: the medical residents' homeopathy rejection
 de Barros, Nelson. and Fiuza, Alessandra.

Illegally blind - Insider/ Outsider Dilemmas Regarding Researching Persons with Visual Impairment and Blindness
 Almog, Nitsan.

Illustrations and Reflections of a Photovoice Study through the Art Form of Collage
 Capous-Desyllas, Moshoula.

Imaginarios de femineidad y maternidad y su vinculación con las emociones que experimentan las científicas de universidades públicas estatales.
 Cerros, Elisa. and Ramos, María Elena.

Imaginário de idosos sobre a autonomia física.
 Bertani, Rodrigo. and Terruel, Suelen.

Immigration, Resiliency and Adaptation: An Autoethnographic Study of a Dominican-American Scholar
 Reynoso, Nelson.

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Jessica Benjamin, Baba and Malonga: An Analysis of Jazz and Intersubjectivity
 Wilson, Stephen.

Joy Notes
 Poulos, Christopher.

Juega dialoga y resuelve
 gomez, aitor.

Just Being Me… Does not fit in the Academy
 Menzies, Alisha.


Kei tua i te awe māpara
 Ritchie, Jenny., Rau, Cheryl., Skerrett, Mere., Colvin, Gina. and Duncan, Judith.

Knowing Me, Knowing You: Becoming Father, Becoming Son in the Fluid Play of Memory, Affect and Intuition
 Gale, Ken.

Korean early study abroad students’ identities and their rights to speak in English
 Choi, Hee Young. and Shin, Jacob Dongil.


La Colaboracion Interdisciplinaria en la Atencion al Paciente con Depresion: Una Experiencia de Investigacion-Participativa
 Calderon, Carlos., Mosquera, Isabel., Martinez, Javier., Perez, Manuela. and Mariñelarena, Eulali.

La Evaluacion de los Aprendizajes en los Modelos Pedagogicos. Caso Universidad de los Andes
 arias, sergio. and peñaloza, milvia.

La Identidad Analizada: el análisis de narrativas identitarias desde una perspectiva discursiva.
 Sisto, Vicente. and fardella, carla.

La Influencia de la religión y espiritualidad en las conductas de riesgo de la salud- uso de drogas, alcohol y sexualidad temprana- en niños/as y adolescentes
 Morales, Lourdes.

La Investigación cualitativa en el Observatorio Pacífico y Territorio

La Investigación-Acción y Trabajo Social en el Fenomeno Migratorio.
 Virginia, C alleja., MAR, SANDRA LUZ., Vicencio, Rosa María. and Sarmiento, Elizabeth.

La Red Vida y comunidad en Movimiento, en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia
 cardozo, yency., prieto, adriana., mena, beatriz., rodriguez, yuber. and camargo, diana.

La Subjetividad desde la Historia Oral o de Vida. Significado Educativo
 Talavera, Elda.

La autoetnografía. Una estrategia para formar docentes en investigadores.
 Escalante, Miguel., Suarez, Georgina. and Ramon, Pedro.

La escritura alfabética y el escribano; dispositivo de control y actor en la conquista de América
 Galvis Arias, Natalia.

La exclusion social de jovenes en situacion de pobreza en comunidades marginadas de Monterrey Nuevo Leon y su area metropolitana
 Castro, Laura., Lopez, Raul. and Garcia, Cirilo.

La experiencia de una tesis doctoral como un proceso de co-construccion: autoetnografia a dos voces
 Aguirre-Armendariz, Elizabeth. and Gil-Juarez, Adriana.

La experiencia religiosa y la construcción del bienestar en los adultos mayores
 Palacios, Felipe.

La institucionalizacion del acompañamiento en preescolar: sentidos y significación de los asesores
 Villarreal, Ana. and Navia, Cecilia.

La investigacion cualitativa como campo abierto a la transdisciplina.
 Ruiz-Velasco, Victor.

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Making sense of oral history inthe digital era: Using blogs, video , photogrpahy, and software for analysis and interpretation
 Janesick, Valerie. and Stevenson, Carolyn.

Managing what children eat: Examining African American mothers’ resilient food management strategies
 McPherson, Ezella., Jarrett, Robin., Sensoy Bahar, Ozge. and Robinson, Jessica.

Mapping the Intra-actional Becoming of Subjects and Truths in Cases of Bullying in School
 Hein, Nina.

Mapping the Racial Awareness of Undergraduate College Students Participating in an Off-Campus Urban-Studies Program
 Peterson, Shane.

Mary Richmond: Pioneer of Qualitative Research
 Ishibashi, Nora.

Mas alla de Medicos y Psiquiatras: Aproximacion Cualitativa a los Otros Profesionales en Salud Mental
 Calderon, Carlos., Retolaza, Ander., Payo, Janire., Bacigalupe, Amaia. and Zallo, Eskarne.

Material Convictions: Expanding the Rules of Engagement in Qualitative Research
 Clark/Keefe, Kelly.

Maternal Health Outcomes: Humanizing the Statistics
 Fabiyi, Camille.

Mechanisms of Selection in Claiming Narrative Identities: A model for interpreting narratives
 Spector-Mersel, Gabriela.

Memoria y movimientos sociales en el Mexico del siglo XXI
 Cerda, Alejandro., Barroso, Ana Laura. and Covarrubias, Esmeralda.

Memory and interviewing in narrative research
 Gemignani, Marco.

Men's Experiences with Miscarriage: Biology, Medicine, and Emotion
 Baglia, Jay.

Mentoring in Two Voices: An Ethnographic Fugue
 Adams, Cheryll. and Slaven, Emily.

Mentoring outside One’s Field: Turning the Negatives into Positives
 Slaven, Emily. and Adams, Cheryll.

Mestiza Me(rim): Adopting a Colored View of Change
 Kim, Mirim.

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Narrativas de niños en situaciones de violencia social

Narrative Analysis of Native English Teachers' Experiences in Korean Elementary Schools
 Pak, Soon-Yong.

Narrative As Empowerment: Empowering Participants via Their Own Choices of Storytelling
 Lin, Jen.

Narrative Inquiry as a Critical Methodology: Understanding the Experiences of Families of Children with Disabilities
 Polvere, Lauren. and Lalvani, Priya.

Narrative identities: constructing meaning fields trough youth transition

Narratives of Sport Pedagogies: The Poetic Representation of Life Beyond Dreams
 Keyes, Megan. and Gearity, Brian.

Necessary Dialogues and Performative Interventions
 Yeboah, Nikki.

Negotiating Boundaries within a Multi-Ethnic Interdisciplinary Research Team Committed to Social Justice
 Chupina, Ana., Curtis-Boles, Harriet. and Okubo, Yuki.

Negotiating Publish or Perish with Qualitative Research: Responding to methodological revision requests
 Adams, Heather.

Negotiating Sexuality and Masculinity in School Sport: A Storytelling Approach
 Carless, David.

Negotiating Third Spaces in a School-Community Partnership
 Timm, Chad.

New Beginnings, Old Specters: Nostalgias in the Early Childhood Classroom
 Bentley, Dana. and Pinedo-Burns, Heather.

New Borders to Cross: Rethinking Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research for Social Justice.
 Bloom, Leslie.

New Mothers in a New Land: A Qualitative Exploration of Life as a First-Time Mother According to Tamil-Speaking Immigrants and Refugees Living in Toronto
 Meiyappan, Soumia.

New Public Managment and Education in Chile. Transfoming Teacher's Identities under the Neoliberal Rule
 Sisto, Vicente. and fardella, carla.

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O Desafio da Humanização: Perplexidades e Perspectivas no Contexto de um Projeto de Intervenção com o Uso da Arte
 Oliveira, Walter., da Silva, Bárbara., Severiano, Priscila., Fernandes, Ana., Jibrin, Márcio., Silva, Juliana. and Deschamps, Marina.

O Trabalho Acadêmico do Professor do Curso de Medicina e suas Implicações
 da Silva, Mara.

O Uso da Ferramenta Fluxograma para a Construção do Cuidado em Saúde Mental
 Jorge, Maria Salete., Vasconcelos, Mardênia. and CAVALCANTE, CINTHIA.

Of Birthdays and Barns: Reflections on Memory in an Age of Technologies That Never Forget
 Wiltse, Heather.

Oh Henry!: Critical Pedagogy, (Physical) Cultural Studies, and Radical Advocacy in Qualitative Research
 King-White, Ryan.

Oh la la! This kitty is la petite! Humane education program based literacy project for at-risk children in the Pacific Northwest

Olhar de acadêmicos de enfermagem sobre sua formação profissional para gerência do cuidado
 Guedes dos Santos, José Luís., Klock, Patricia., Silveira, Suellyn. and Erdmann, Alacoque.

On Becoming an Academician
 Leisey, Monica.

On Being a Teacher in a Juvenile Corrections School: Listening to Her Experience
 Murphy, Kristin.

On Connections
 Pelias, Ron.

On the Clemente Plaza: Urban Space, Action Sport, and Participatory Research
 Vivoni, Francisco.

On the Shoulders of Florence Hollis
 Sands, Roberta.

On the ability to see rabbits: Stories involving a girl, her grandmothers and aging vision
 Halley, Jean.

On thin ice: Academic mobbing and strategies of resistance
 Zabrodska, Katerina.

On-Going Stories of African-American Survivors of Natural Disasters
 Walter-Sullivan, Earnestyne., Larke, Patricia., Collins, Donald. and Larke, Patricia.

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PETSAÚDE/SAÚDE DA FAMÍLIA como estratégia na formação de recursos humanos para atenção primária
 Duarte, Sebastiao. and Moraes, Felipe.

PROFESSIONAL NIGERIAN WOMEN IN DIASPORA: Challenges, experience, perspectives and expectations
 Anyanwu, Chinyere.

Palma Africana: reactivacion economica en el marco de la Ley de Justicia y Paz o violacion sistematica de derechos humanos?
 Osorio Alvarez, Astrid., Mesa Salinas, Maria. and Henao Bohorquez, Francisco.

Paradigm, Worldview, or Label: Critiquing Constructivism, Pragmatism, and Critical Realism in Action and Mixed Methods Research
 Christ, Thomas.

Paradigmatic Cross-training: Examining feedback interaction in a qualitiatve research group
 Fasching-Varner, Kenneth. and Mickelson, Kristine.

Parental Involvement: Immigrant Asian Mothers and their Children in American Schools
 chen, shujun.

Participatory Ethnographies and Edu-Etertainment
 Medina, Ana.

Participatory Research: A Socially Just Approach to Research with Youth
 Atkinson, Kristen.

Participatory dialectic: determining evidence through Big Conversations and the use of film
 Cook, Tina. and Atkin, Helen.

Path to Career Success: A Case of Chinese Women Faculty in the U.S.
 Xue, Mo.

Peak learning experiences: Phenomenological inquiry and themes
 Conklin, Thomas.

Pedagogies for a Very Merry Unlearning: Supporting Teacher Inquiry into Changing Practice
 Thomson, Patricia.

Pens Steeped in Blood: Negotiating Violent Student Fiction as Precursor to School Rampage
 Foy, Matthew.

Pensamiento Educativo Ambiental: Su De-venir con la actual crisis civilizatoria…
 Zapata-ortiz, Ligia. and ISAZA-CRUZ, CLAUDIA.

People Get Tired: African-Australian Cross-Cultural Dialogue and Ethno-Cinema
 Harris, Anne.

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Qualificação da equipe de enfermagem na atenção ao Pré-Natal
 Duarte, Sebastiao.

Qualitative Data Analysis after Coding
 St.Pierre, Elizabeth.

Qualitative Evidence in Systematic Evidence Reviews: An Inquiry
 Caracelli, Valerie.

Qualitative Filtering in Cibermetric Academic Studies: A case study of Arab Universities’ System
 Nuria, Lloret.

Qualitative Inquiry "in da' street" and social concern: Where, When and How?
 Afflitto, Frank.

Qualitative Inquiry as an open field to transdiscipline.
 Ruiz-Velasco, Victor.

Qualitative Inquiry, Biopolitical Agonism, and the ‘Ethnographic Self’
 Newman, Joshua.

Qualitative Meta-Synthesis: A Critical Introduction to the Method and Its Use in Professional Practice
 Drisko, James.

Qualitative Methodology and Learning from Professional Experience
 Popova, Margarita. and Popov, Lubomir.

Qualitative Methods in Educational Psychology: Methodological Aspects and Future Directions
 Madjar, Nir. and Sinai-Glazer, Hagit.

Qualitative Reporting and Methodologies: Pedagogy and Curriculum Development for a Civic Engagement Minor
 Lippert, Lance. and Hunt, Steve.

Qualitative Research as an Epistemological Tool for Democratic Therapeutics
 Oliveira, Walter.

Qualitative Research, Cartography and Health: Connections

Qualitative Research, Policy and Power: What about those Outside the Mainstream?
 Huggins, Richard.

Qualitative data collection and analysis: New considerations of researcher positionality in field research
 Kibera, Peris.

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 plazas, yuri. and quiroga, martha.

Race Talk Among Principals: A Study of School Leadership for Racial Equity in K-12 Education
 Allie, Angela.

Race and Mandated Outpatient Mental Health Treatment: Is this an overlooked issue?
 Mfoafo-M\'Carthy, Magnus.

Race as the Triggering Subject: Intersectionality, Poetry, and Critical Race Theory
 Hanley-Tejeda, David.

Raising Awareness of Structures of Poverty through Participatory Action Research
 Weber, Christina.

Raising the voice: The empowerment of oppressed and marginalized women of color through the qualitative research process
 Quiros, Laura. and Kyriakakis, Stavroula.

Re-Conceptualizing Breast Cancer and the "Survivor" Identity as an Social Justice Issue
 brett, chavisa.

Re-Storying Illness Identity: A Five Element Perspective
 Blinne, Kristen.

Re-Storying Illness: A Five Element Perspective
 Blinne, Kristen.

Re-Writing Histories
 Saucedo, Miguel., Hryhorczuk, Nicholas., Forber-Pratt, Anjali. and Jea, Gloria.

Re-examining Academic Expectations: Using Self-Study to Promote Academic Justice and Student Retention
 Fehr, Mary., Jacob, Stacy. and Valle, Fernando.

Re-searching Whiteness: New considerations in studying and researching whiteness
 Fasching-Varner, Kenneth.

Re-visioning Academic Spaces
 Wodda, Aimee.

Re/Claimed Book: Seeing Learning Disability
 Percy, McClain.

Reaching the Body: Reflective Practice in a Comparison of Medical Students and Acupuncture Students
 Emad, Mitra.

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Salt peanuts: Bebop and the (re)search for radical education praxis in African America
 Davis, Amira.

Saúde, Democracia e Direito
 Vial, Sandra.

Scenes of Accountability: Advancing the Case of Sexual Citizenship
 van Doorn, Niels.

School Me, Skool You: Lessons Learned From Reflections on the Body in Schooling
 Hill, Dominique.

Science, Mathematics and Classroom Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Perception toward Science and Mathematics Instruction
 Gök, Bilge. and Kıray, Ahmet.

Searching for Sacajawea: Mapping Myths, Meanings, & Disfigurations
 Pillow, Wanda.

Secrets of Mothering
 Murray, Lee.

Seeking Culturally Responsive Childcare From the Margins: Experiences of Latina Mothers in Arizona
 Rowlands, Timothy., Eversman, Kimberly., Peters, Lacey. and Swadener, Beth Blue.

Self Authoring and Cultural Performance: Blogged Suicide in Contemporary Urban China
 Chai, Xin.

Self-Sabotage: How Case Managers Understand Resistance to Housing Among Homeless Clients with Co-Occurring Disorders.
 Tiderington, Emmy.

Self-Transformation in the Shadow of Quantitative Research in Organizational Behavior: An Autoethnographic Account
 Sinha, Arvind.

Self-regulation scaffolding supported in ICT to raising math proficiency
 Sanabria, Luis.

Sense and Sense-Making: A Layered Account of Mixed-Methods and Meaning-Making Inquiry
 Henson, Donna.

Ser mixteco en una escuela en la ciudad
 Gallegos, Luz.

Serving two masters: Dual relationships in research settings
 Tullis, Jillian.

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Taiwanese social workers’ experiences of working with families of a member with mental illness: A constructivist approach
 Chen, Hsing-Jung.

Taking A/Part’: The 'quiet voices' of ethnographic work in arts evaluation
 Frankham, Jo. and Smears, Elizabeth.

Taking action against racism: A movement for all people
 York, Adam.

Tales of Immersion: Reflecting, Questioning, and Re-thinking
 Saldanha, Kennedy.

Talking Back to Power Through My Monstrous Wounds: Performing Transgender Rage Again
 Nordmarken, Sonny.

Talking Back to “Talking Back”: An analysis of incest discourse in Black America
 Circo, Elizabeth.

Talking about homelessness: How positive talk produces negative effects
 Schneider, Barbara. and Remillard, Chaseten.

Taming the Cacophony of Voices: The Necessity of Non-Partisan Research
 Saunders, Cynthia.

 Kelly, Brigit. and Markula, Pirkko.

Teach ‘Em to Fish: Political Empowerment for Social Justice
 Owens, Leah.

Teacher Views Regarding the Teaching of Cursive Handwriting

Teacher rights advocacy and teaching quality Assurance
 Katz, sara. and Frish, Yehiel.

Teachers Perception of Literacy Technology Use in the Elementary Classroom
 Ertem, Hakan. and Ertem, Ihsan.

Teachers’ Emotional Labor, Emotional Expression, and Emotional Control
 Roberts, Kary. and Nichols, Sharon.

Teachers’ as a decision maker: The use of bulletin board
 Jo, Ahyea. and Shin, Soim.

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Uma perspectiva fenomenológica da Pesquisa Qualitativa
 Handerson, Joseph.

Una aproximación narrativa a la construcción de las identidades transgénero en Colima, México
 Molina, Nancy., Martínez Guzmán, Antar. and Guzmán Cervantes, Oscar.

Una aproximación narrativa a la construcción de las identidades transgénero en México
 Martínez Guzmán, Antar.

Una autoetnografía sobre la dificultad para adquirir un sentido de pertenencia en una ciudad mexicana conservadora
 Benard, silvia.

Una meta alcanzada: una larga historia que contar
 Flores, Martina., Rios, Aelajnadro., Barragán, Laura. and Guzman, Rocio.

Una propuesta de integracion metodologica
 Soler Penades, Victor., Simo, Carles., Munoz, David., Hernandez, Andrea. and Gomez, Emma.

Uncovering farmers' decision influences using Leximancer
 Kuehne, Geoff.

Under the Omnipotent Skirt: Gendered Meaning-Making in a Multicultural Ethnodrama Project
 Hirsiaho, Anu.

Understanding Experiences of Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse through Phenomenology and Deductive Qualitative Analysis
 Sharma, Alankaar.

Understanding Taiwanese-Vietnamese Transnational Marriage Families in Taiwan from Two Perspectives
 Chen, Eva Chian-Hui.

Understanding Teaching through Metaphors.
 Monetti, Elda.

Understanding and Broadening Post-secondary Participation and Educational Support for Students with Disability
 Kreider, Consuelo. and Bendixen, Roxanna.

Unvealing the Assemblage at the Cross-Taiwan Strait Region (Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong)
 Lee, I-Fang. and Tseng, Chao-Ling.

Urban Research and Writing Pedagogy: Emerging Scholar Identity through Discursive Practices
 Malloy, Jen.

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Validity: construct or paradox? The unique contributions of constructionist perspectives in qualitative studies
 Smithbell, Pamela.

Valores de Profesores de Trabajo Social presentes en su cotidianeidad.
 Martinez, Silvia.

Vampires Vs. Science Fiction: Novels as Research Sites for Conflicting Storylines Informing Adolescent Girls' Identities
 McMillan, Sally. and Price, Margaret.

Varition in Meaning of American Indian Identity in Self Reported Race Data
 Hack-Ritzo, Samantha., Larrison, Christopher. and Gone, Joseph.

Video Diary of a Wimpy Teacher: The Transformative Role of Reflective Practice in Reading Instruction
 Beard, Christina.

Viewing Positionality through the Lens of First-Time Qualitative Research Students
 Beverly, Monifa.

Violent/Bullying Encounters: Theoretical Perspectives
 Schott, Robin.

Visión Metodológica de la Historia de Vida en la Educación Matemática
 Talavera, Elda.

Visual Imagery and Assessment: Connecting the Known
 Hebert, Terri.

Visual Representations of Homelessness, Post-Colonial Contexts: A Comparison of Canadian and New Zealander Press
 Remillard, Chaseten., Schneider, Barbara., Chamberlain, Kerry. and Hodgetts, Darrin.

Visual Studies
 Stewart, Karen.

Visualising Dementia Activism:Using photo diaries with activists who have a cognitive disability
 Bartlett, Ruth.

Visualizing a “ new India” through the lens of You Tube
 Hocker, Stephen.

Vivencias de migrantes mexicanos (en México y en Estados Unidos) en torno a estados emocionales depresivos y el consumo de alcohol y drogas
 Torres López, Teresa., López, José Luis. and Rivera Ramírez, Berenice.

Vivir con hipertension arterial: la exclamación de las mujeres
 Garcia Reza, Cleotilde., Sosa Garacia, Betsy., Solano Solano, Gloria. and Medina Castro, Ma. Elizabeth.

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Walking Away: Examining a history of physical and emotional abuse with Relational Dialectics and Accidental Ethnography
 Berg, Suzanne.

Walking the Fine Line between Counseling and Research: The Art and Science of Generative Interviewing
 Hoskins, Marie. and White, Jennifer.

Walking with My Father
 Collins, Christopher.

Wandering stories: Sense of place in outdoor educators
 Schrader, Deb.

Want to change the world? Reflexively separate research from advocacy.
 Carter, Stacy.

Watching Westerns with Dad (or Lessons on Performing Manly)
 Alexander, Bryant.

We Can't Hide: A Father Insists on Educational Inclusion of Children with Disabilities
 Bartlett, Maggie.

We are learning to solve our Own Problems: Sweet Fruits of Participatory Action Research
 Maganda, Dainess.

Weaving Tales of Hope and Challenge: Exploring Diversity through Métissage
 Etmanski, Catherine.

Weaving in Public Spaces: Peruvian Indigenous Women in Social Entrepreneurship Ventures
 Leon, M. Paola.

Web 2.0 Applications and Knowledge Construction Marginalization

What Counts as Credible Evidence in Mixed Methods Research? Challenges and Strategies
 Hesse-Biber, Sharlene.

What Do Frontline Workers and Single Mothers on Welfare Talk about Independence?
 Cheng, Wan-Juo.

What Do I Believe? Did You Take the Pill or Not?
 Bagley, Jessica.

What Does a Transformative Lens Bring to Credible Evidence?
 Mertens, Donna.

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Young Mothers’ Pediatric Health-Seeking Experiences: From Marginalization to Agency
 Hebert-Beirne, Jennifer. and Kelley, Michele.
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