Eighth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2012-May-16 to 2012-May-19

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"A Recipe for a Cake You May Never Bake": Experimenting with Alternative Dissertation Prospectus Models
 Blinne, Kristen.

"At times I felt like having to ask the supervisor to crawl with me.."
 Kotze, Elmarie.

"Audience Engagement: Playing and Subverting Relational Narratives in Westerns"
 Attending, Audience.

"Changing Socioeconomic Security in Brazilian Favelas: An Examination of the Effect of UPPs"
 Matthew, Lenore.

"Ciocce ca la penne ma non ca i sendeminde" (Jackass with the pen but not with my sentiments)
 Napoleone, Anna Rita.

"Coming Out" as a Non Religious Student: Words from Students in a Secular Society
 Jacob, Stacy.

"Depressed, Stressed, Losing the Plot?”: Doing Entitlement and Accountability in an Online Men's Mental Health Forum
 Gough, Brendan. and Marks, Kevin.

"Good guys, semi-good guys, and well, really bad guys . . . "
 Poulos, Christopher.

"How to be a Better Criminal", or What Inmates Learn in Prison
 Swain, Amy.

"I Just Wanna Leave"
 Hill, Dominique.

"I thought we were friends": Blood, kinship, and banal nationalist racism
 Montgomery, Ken.

"Intersectionality is Poems!": Race as the Triggering Subject
 Hanley-Tejeda, David.

"Memoria y Narrativa en la Huella de la Memoria y en los Procesos de Exterminio de Indígenas Americanos,"

"Morgan Freeman's Black Male Body as Unforgiven"
 Alexander, Bryant.

"Mother and Shane"
 Denzin, Norman.

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A Arte como Instrumento de Pesquisa e Intervenção: um Projeto para a Humanização em um hospital Psiquiátrico no Sul do Brasil
 Oliveira, Walter., da Silva, Bárbara., Cunha, Luciana., Koerich, Barbara., Feigel, Gabriel. and Barros, Renan.

A Bilingual Ethnographer as Bias or as Context?
 Cho, Hyonsuk.

A Biographic Narrative Study of Men's Stories of Female Abuse in Ireland
 Corbally, Melissa.

A Black Gurl's Tell' of Schooling: I AM HERE!
 Hill, Dominique.

A Case Study of a Mixed Methods Program Evaluation Engaged in Integrated Data Analysis
 Schiazza, Daniela., Kallemeyn, Leanne. and Ryan, Ann Marie.

A Comparative Evaluation of Sports Education in Cities of Europe
 Cerrahoglu, Necati.

A Content Analysis of Trauma and Stress among Older Adults in the Criminal Justice System
 Maschi, Tina.

A Creative Expression of Living and Leaving Abuse
 Gurel, Sherrie. and Murray, Lee.

A Critical Evaluation of Research on Literacy Instruction in Urban Schools of Turkey
 Dedeoglu, Hakan.

A Critical Examination of the Use of the N-Word in American Society
 Watson, Natalie., Johnson, Tiffany., Dodson, Milo. and Franz, Gentzy.

A Critical Literature Review of Case Studies of International Faculty and Women Faculty
 Xue, Mo.

A Critical Reflection on the Use of Translators/Interpreters in a Qualitative Cross-Language Research Project
 Berman, Rachel. and Tyyskä, Vappu.

A Critical Review of the Mandatory Reporting Protocol
 Tanner, Elayne.

A Dangerous Game for Pre-Service Teachers: Playing for Transformation Through Arts-Based Inquiry
 Killham, Jennifer. and Kohan, Mark.

A Deleuzian Becoming as Ontologically Generative in Qualitative Research
 Jackson, Alecia.

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Baby talk and Jazz as Erotic Study
 Samuel, Rocha.

Bad, good, and ugly: Rethinking the concept of ‘data’
 Galindo, Sebastian., Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka. and Gouldthorpe, Jessica.

Balancing act(s) in Baltimore with an (un)comfortable embodiment
 Mower, Ronald.

Beauty cultural patterns and aesthetic surgery.
 Ramos de Viesca, Mariablanca. and viesca, Carlos.

Becoming Disordered: Anthropological Approaches to Individual Experience and Psychiatric Discourse
 Walton, Thomas.

Becoming More Monstrous: Performing Transgender Feelings of Betweeness
 Nordmarken, Sonny.

Becoming Pedagogical through A/r/tography in Teacher Education
 Gouzouasis, Peter. and Irwin, Rita.

Becoming Pedagogical: Sustaining Hearts with Living Credos
 Irwin, Rita. and Leggo, Carl.

Becoming a Hermeneutic Scholar: Blending, Grafting and “Sneakling” my way toward Epistemic Enlightenment
 Earls Larrison, Tara.

Becoming a Virtual Teacher/Researcher in a Virtual Music Learning Environment
 White, Phyllis.

 Valente, Joseph.

Beforeplay: Family Drawings, Stories and Sexual Health Communication
 Chilcote, Autumn.

Being Political: The Neoliberal Agenda for School Reform in Newark, New Jersey
 White, Carolyne.

Being There: Exploring the Visual Arts with Young Children
 Thompson, Christine., Schulte, Christopher., Sunday, Kristine. and McClure, Marissa.

Benefits of Establishing a Writing Group
 Cortez, Rufina.

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CAMP4LIFE: The Lived Experience of the Healing Arts on Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) Teens
 Frazier, Michael.

CHAT(ting) Conceptually about Black School Leaders in Urban Environments

 Ozyurek, Rasim.

Can Photography Facilitate Graduate Students’ Engagement in Reflexivity?
 Carawan, Lena., Knight, Sharon. and Behm, Michael.

Can You Hear Me Now? Straight Talk from a Disability Summer Camp
 Feucht, Jon., Berger, Ronald. and Flad, Jennifer.

Canada Team
 Pacini-Ketchabaw, Veronica., Nxumalo, Fikile. and Rowan, Mary.

Canadian Examinations of Neoliberal Assemblages
 Pacini-Ketchabaw, Veronica., Nxumalo, Fikile. and Rowan, Mary.

Capacity Building 2.0: Implications for Capacity Building and Organizational Identity in Nonprofit Organizations
 Young, Jimmy.

Cardiac illness according to adults submitted to coronary artery bypass grafting
 Vila, Vanessa., Rossi, Lídia. and Costa, Maria Cristina.

Care Work Drama Films and Major Filipino Stars: Experiences and Meanings Facilitating their Production and Consumption
 Bantugan, Brian.

Care management: nurses’ actions in a hospital emergency service
 Guedes dos Santos, José Luís., Lima, Maria., Pestana, Aline. and Erdmann, Alacoque.

Caregiver Emotional Responses and Perceptions of Engagement in Child Welfare Investigations
 Schreiber, Jill.

Caregiver Emotional Responses and Perceptions of Engagement in Differential Response Cases
 Paceley, Megan.

Case Study Evaluation of Contributors to Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change in Suburban Cook County
 Gilmet, Kelsey., Asada, Yuka., Epplin, Wesley., Vasireddy, Vamsi., Redman, Sarah., Kapadia, Devangna. and Fagen, Michael.

Celebrating Life
 Patti, Adam.

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DIY Chapbook: Cultural Memory and Identity in Female Do-it-Yourself Creative Activities.
 Faulkner, Sandra.

Dancing Dissonance: Following Rhizomatic Paths towards Becoming Leading Subject
 Gilway, Jessica.

De-Researching Qualitative Inquiry: Illich, Derrida, and Modes of Social and Textual Liberation
 Cunningham, Joseph.

Deciphering neighborhood images: a multiple methods research cartography
 Schoepfer, Isabelle. and Paisiou, Sofia.

Deciphering the Quipu: Exploring cultural shift and transgenerational language loss meanings in Ecuador's Quichua communities
 Landry, Paul.

Decolonizing Globalization: Critical Analysis of “Da Vinci Furniture” False Advertising Case in China
 Zhang, Bin.

Decolonizing Inquiry: Subaltern Subjects life-Story Interviews as a Case Study
 Ron, Sigal.

Decolonizing Research in Post-Apartheid South Africa
 Ndimande, Bekisizwe.

Decolonizing research: Using a dialogic method(ology) for a sustainable future
 Barrett, Mary Jeanne.

Deconstructing ADHD: a Critical Analysis of Professional, Scholarly and Parental Narratives on Children Hyperactivity and Inattention
 Frigerio, Alessandra. and Montali, Lorenzo.

Deconstructing Adherence: Understanding Peruvian Perceptions of IFA Supplements to Promote Alternative Solutions for Maternal Anemia
 Shaw, Alina., Golding, Lenette. and Webb Girard, Aimee.

Deconstructing Colonial Legacies in a Mixed Methods Study: Indigenous Women, Social Justice and Sexual Violence
 Bubar, Roe.

Deconstructing Humpty Dumpty in the Academy: Culture of Mentorship Versus Culture of Caring
 Evans, Linda.

Deep Water Renewed: An Indigenous Exploration into the Self and Seven Grandfather Teachings Education Through Interactions with and Understandings of Anishinawbe Sacred Stories of Northwestern Ontario
 Farrell, Amy.

Defend THAT, Professor K: A Freirean Dialogue about Academics as Imposters on the Social Justice Stage. George A. Kamberelis, Mary D. Wehunt, Literacy Education, University of Wyoming.
 Wehunt, Mary. and Kamberelis, George.

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EPICURE – Steps towards Dialogue-based Evaluation of Qualitative Research
 Stige, Brynjulf.

East African Immigrant Females: Developmental Protective and Risk Factors in Adolescence
 Green, Emily.

Ec(centric) Performances of Dangerous Bodies
 Jones, Liz.

Echo School: A Lost Professor in Year 2 of Heart Scan Education
 Senese, Guy.

Ecoaesthetics: Activist Arts-Based Research and Environmental Advocacy
 Finley, Susan.

Economic 'Revelations' and Metaphors of the 'Meltdown': a deconstruction
 Stronach, Ian.

Editing Between the Lines: The Collaborative Writing Process of Two Scholars from Disparate Cultures
 Gilman, Deborah. and Chang, Yong-Sock.

Educación y Graffiti. Arte y Experiencia.
 Murga, Maria.

Education Policy Development, Interpretation, and Implementation: Texas Public School District Case Study
 Morin, Melissa.

Education is a small part of the life I have to live
 Anders, Allison.

Effectiveness of Turkish Science and Technology Education Program: Ideas from the Field
 Yalcinoglu, Pelin.

El Análisis de contenido como herramienta para re-significar la modelación en Educación Matemática
 Mesa, Yadira., Villa-Ochoa, Jhony. and Jaramillo, Carlos.

El Descubrimiento: At the Age of 58 I Read My First Book
 Marrun, Norma.

El Enfoque Netnográfico: Herramienta para Abordar Situaciones de Aprendizaje Virtual
 Llovera, Vilma.

El Ideal Estético en Medellín: percepciones desde algunas prácticas de estética corporal
 Gonzalez, Carlos., Aristizabal, Mauricio., Lopez, Claudia., Montoya, Gloria., Urrego, Angela. and Muñoz, Nora.

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Facebook's Interactions, and their Influences in Identity and Clinical Practices: An autoethnographic Study
 Butler, M..

Facilitating self-reflection: The integration of photovoice in graduate education
 Mulder, Cray., Smith Colton, Robin., Brewer, Josh., Tryc, Lindsay. and Anderson, Brittani.

Factores individuales implicados en mujeres y hombres para su integracion a Grupos de Reeducacion para victimas y agresores de la violencia de pareja
 Lievano, Martha., Shears, Margarita., Duque, Marina. and Castro, Karina.

Faculty Burnout: A Qualitative Case Study
 Thomas, Kimberly.

Faculty and student learning: Experiences with creating a qualitative quilt
 Shim, Minjung.

Faculty and student learning: Experiences with creating a qualitative quilt
 Cohen-Liebman, Marcia.

Faculty and student learning: Experiences with creating a qualitative quilt
 Chilton, Gioia.

Faculty and student learning: Experiences with creating a qualitative quilt
 Manders, Elizabeth.

Faculty and student learning: Experiences with creating a qualitative quilt
 Fisher, Kathleen. and Gerber, Nancy.

Falling into Grace, (In)complete Renderings: A Love Poem
 Kozlowski, Tanya.

Familiograma en las prácticas parentales con adolescentes
 rojas, rosa. and reyes, sandra.

Family Life Cycle Transition: A Phenomenological Study of the Family and Adolescent Transition to High School
 Clements, John.

Family, Football, and Fete: The Relational Negotiation of a Middle-Class White Male
 Bunds, Kyle.

Fathers and Fatherhood
 Gingrich-Philbrook, Craig.

Female Adolescent and Family Member Narratives of Recovery from Adolescent Depression: A Research Proposal
 Wilson, Leah.

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Gathering Around the Text: Poetic Imagination and Community Mental Health
 Teague, Rodney.

Gay Man Seeks Straight Man for Honest Conversation about Coming Out at Work: Dyadic Interpretation of Interview Data. Angelo Benozzo, University of Valle d’Aosta (Italy) and Huw Bell, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)
 Benozzo, Angelo. and Bell, Huw.

Gender Consciousness Through Study of an Iranian Grassroots Movement: An Autoethnography
 Badiee, Manijeh.

Gender Consciousness of Sexual Violence: An Autoethnography
 Baker, Cindy.

Gender, Technology, Power, and Sexuality: Jane Austin, Kara Walker, and Ryan Trecartin as Social Theorists
 Davidson, Judith.

Gendered (Mis)Representations of Poverty: Theoretical Explorations of Civic Engagement
 Zompetti, Joseph. and Hunt, Steve.

Getting Medical Practice Buy-In to the Patient-Centered Medical Home
 Miller-Day, Michelle., Bleser, William., Naughton, Dana., Cronholm, Peter. and Gabbay, Robert.

Getting into trouble and doing time: Performing in school suspension
 Evans, Kathy.

Girl Talk: Analyzing Our Experiences in Mathematics
 Ragland, Tamra.

Girls Online: Adolescence, Social Media, and the Gendered Body
 Rickman, Aimee.

Girls, Dolls, and Gender Disruptions
 Ivashkevich, Olga.

Global Health Initiatives and Health System in Angola – Results of a Qualitative Study
 Craveiro, Isabel. and Dussault, Gilles.

Globalization In Turkish Citizenship & Democracy Education Curriculum
 Kaymakci, Selahattin.

Good Research or Good Art? Why Not Both?
 Saldana, Johnny.

Grafting Hermeneutics and Phenomenology onto one Another in Intentionality
 Freeman, Melissa. and Vagle, Mark.

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Hacia una Pedagogía de la Investigación Cualitativa-El manejo de Estrategias y Análisis de Datos
 Montaño, Dolores. and Pulido, Saúl.

Haunted by ghosts: collaborating with absent others
 Pineau, Elyse.

Healing the Quantitative/Qualitative divide: Conceptualizing an epistemological continuum
 Cadaret, Michael. and Huffman, Kelly.

Health and Medical Needs of Individuals with Disabilities Impacted by Disaster
 Stough, Laura. and McAdams Ducy, Elizabeth.

Hearing Voices: Exploring Agency and Intention in Mathematics
 Braathe, Hans. and Solomon, Yvette.

Heart Transplantation, Gender Comparison of African American Lived Experiences:
 Lawson, Erma.

Heuristic Research as an Approach to Learning from Professional Experience
 Popov, Lubomir. and Popova, Margarita.

High School Girls’ Utilization of Visual Methods in Producing an ‘Offshoot’ of the Television Show If You Really Knew Me
 Fisette, Jennifer.

Higher Education for Sale: The Role of International Education Agencies in the International Education Market
 Kim, Sujung.

Hip Hop Spirituality
 Maston, Alexis.

Hispanic 6th grade girls' voices of their beliefs towards STEM careers
 Jimarez, Terry.

Historia de Trabajo Social en el Estado de Hidalgo, Mexico
 García, Raul.

Historias de vida: Entre la esperanza y la exclusión
 Uribe, Claudia.

History of Qualitative Research and Psychology
 Jovanovic, Gordana.

Homework as an Activity of Anxiety for First Generation Bilingual Korean American Mothers: A Qualitative Sequential Study

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I Am a Target
 Orr, Helen.

I am so unsure of my perception…
 Kwakye, Chamara.

Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and his Contribution to the Philosophy of Science and Medicine
 UZUN, Metehan.

Identidad corporal de estudiantes de medicina: autoestima, obesidad, sobrepeso y trastornos alimentarios

Identidad corporal de estudiantes de medicina: autoestima, obesidad, sobrepeso y trastornos alimentarios

Identificacion de etica y valores de estudiantes de medicina

Identity and the Un/homely Home: One Oral History from India’s Partition
 Chawla, Devika.

If You Don’t Like It, You Can Lump It - Performing the role of breast cancer patient
 Goetz, Kari.

If you ask: Troubling the narrative interview
 Langellier, Kristen.

If you have no vested interest in our communities, how can you fix our communities?
 Hayes, Cleveland. and Juarez, Brenda.

Illness experience research: theoretical and methodological framework
 Hennington, Elida., Artmann, Elizabeth., Sant\'Anna, Suze. and Fernandes, Nilo.

Images of Practice: Arts Teaching in Singapore Schools
 Lum, Chee Hoo.

Imaginarios y vida universitaria de cientificas: el caso de dos universidades publicas de Mexico
 Cerros, Elisa. and Ramos, María Elena.

Imagining Transformative Queer Femininity
 Stevens, Sarah.

Implementation of Competitive Activities: Multicultural Middle School Population in PE
 Bernstein, Eve. and Lysniak, Ulana.

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Jane Addams as a Resource for Developing a Reflexively Realist Social Science Practice
 Rosiek, Jerry. and Pratt, Scott.

Joining Forces: A Collaborative Study of Curricular Integration
 Miller, Beth Ann.

Juggling Temporalities: Queering Perceptions of Family
 Cosenza, Julie.

Just Tape it Up for Me, OK?: Masculinity(ies), Injury, and Emotionality
 Laurendeau, Jason.

JÓVENES Y EXCLUSIÓN SOCIAL Apuntes que desmitifican procesos Inclusión en los jóvenes-urbanos desplazados
 Diaz, Lourdes.


Keeping My Health Up: Health Concerns of Young Black Men Involved with the Criminal Justice System
 Wallace, Scyatta., Glasgow, Yonnette., Eliason, Rebecca., Ogando, Paola., Fullilove, Robert. and Community Team, The BEATS.

Kei tua i te awe māpara: Aotearoa New Zealand
 Ritchie, Jenny., Rau, Cheryl. and skerrett, Mary.

Knowing (Im)Perfection: A Poetic Rendering of the Unspoken Whole
 MacKenzie, Sarah.

Knowing in Being: Material Feminist Productions of Ontoepistemology
 Mazzei, Lisa.

Knowing: A Journey inside and outside the Box(es)
 Valentine, Keri., Gardner, Roberta., Gale, Jerry., Camou, Bernardo., Chang, YunJeong., Dousay, Tonia. and Wang, Feiye.

Knowledge and learning needs associated with cardiac nursing for revascularized hypertensive patients in rehabilitation
 Vila, Vanessa., Rossi, Lídia. and Mansano, Natállia.


La cultura somática de los maestros en la tensión escuela- adolescente. Un estudio en la ciudad de Rionegro - Colombia - 2009
 Alvarez-Zapata, Patricia. and Restrepo-Suaza, Angela.

La entrevista psicoanalitica como estrategia de investigación cualitativa
 Muñiz, Manuel., Arrambide, Guillermo. and Montoya Flores, Blanca.

La Configuracion del Campo Universitario en la Critica a las Politicas Publicas de Educacion Superior
 Calderon, Omer.

La Experiencia de Malestar Psicologico en Mujeres con Embarazo de Alto Riesgo
 Gomez, Eugenia.

La Historia de Juan: Identidad y Formación Docente de un Novel Profesor de Historia Chileno.
 Johnson, Daniel.

La Influencia de la religión y espiritualidad en las conductas de riesgo de la salud- uso de drogas, alcohol y sexualidad temprana- en niños/as y adolescentes
 Morales, Lourdes.

La Investigación cualitativa en el Observatorio Pacífico y Territorio

La Investigación-Acción y Trabajo Social en el Fenomeno Migratorio.
 Virginia, C alleja., MAR, SANDRA LUZ., Vicencio, Rosa María. and Sarmiento, Elizabeth.

La RIED Historia y aproximaciones teorico-metodologicas (Red de Investigadores sobre la Evaluacion de la Docencia)
 Carranza, Maria.

La Subjetividad desde la Historia Oral o de Vida. Significado Educativo
 Talavera, Elda.

La abducción: Metodología de investigación cualitativa
 Montoya, Juan.

La atención medica a los enfermos crónicos en el Seguro Popular. La mirada de los profesionales de la salud.
 Hernández-Ibarra, Luis., Mercado-Martínez, Francisco-Javier. and Tejada_Tayabas, Luz.

La autoetnografía. Una estrategia para formar docentes en investigadores.
 Escalante, Miguel., Suarez, Georgina. and Ramon, Pedro.

La cultura corporal de niños y niñas de una Institucion educativa de la ciudad de Medellin-Colombia 2010
 Bustamante-Castaño, shirley., Arteaga, Claudia., González, Valentín., Chaverra, Beatriz. and Gaviria, Didier.

La entrevista cualitativa como instrumento para analizar la practica del psicologo escolar
 LETICIA, ANCER ELIZONDO. and Muñiz, Manuel.

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ME AND THE BANDit`s - a participatory action research project
 Tuastad, Lars.

Maintaining a Writing Group
 Marrun, Norma.

Making Knowledge (Ac)count: Contextualizing Research in the Neo-liberal Knowledge Economy
 Rossiter, Kate. and Robertson, Ann.

Making Mathematics Teaching Visible: Using Activity Theory to Understand How MKT Develops
 Jacobson, Erik.

Making Meaning of Health and Healing in India
 Anderson Sathe, Laurie. and Geisler, Carol.

Making Sense of Culture: The Framing of Cross-Cultural Competence in the Department of Defense
 Jordan, Douglas.

Making Sense of Paranormal Experiences: A Phenomenological Study Pauline Waweru, University of West Georgia
 Waweru, Pauline.

Making Sense of Racialized Curricula
 Cann, Colette.

Making Spaces and Jumping Into the Gap: Third-Wave Pragmatist Aesthetics as Ethical Normatization
 Tiemann, Casey.

Making the circle bigger: Local Contextual Bible reading goes global
 Van der Walt, Charlene. and Barker, Kim.

Making the quals the foundation of mixed method: A Gramscian stance
 Peng, Ping-chuan.

Malaysia's Coming Out! Critical Cosmopolitans, Religious Politics and Democracy
 Muniandy, Parthiban.

Mami, Which Doll Looks Like Me?: Ethno(mothering) Embodied Re(Image)innings Against Latina E(race)sure
 Ocon, Carmen.

Manufacturing of Disability in Dogs: Where Social Construction, Science, Medicine, Politics, and Capitalism Intersect
 Baugh, Wonda.

Many Mentors, Few Professional Mentors: An African-American Academic Leader in a “White” College Campus
 Loyd-Paige, Michelle.

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Naming and Knowing: Postcolonial Perspectives and Pedagogical Possibilities in Indian Art Education
 Sharma, Manisha.

Narrating Feminine Performances: Working as Golf Course “Beer Girl”
 Whalen, Jennifer.

Narrating queer im/mobilities: respecting the meaningful, contested and agentic in the accounts of queer refugees
 jordan, sharalyn.

Narrativas de niños en situaciones de violencia social

Narrative Constructions of Self in Musical Engagement
 Nichols, Jeananne.

Narrative Dialogue and Teacher Leadership for Social Justice: Re-Storying to Understand
 Canter, Annie., Johnson, Daniel., Welsh, Hilarie. and Parsons, Marilyn.

Narrative Knowing: Millennial Nurses' Career Choice Experiences
 Price, Sheri.

Narrative Positioning: Agency in Talk
 Bayat, Abdullah.

Narrative therapy with unauthorized immigrants: Contrasting social constructions, anxiety, and epistemology of ignorance
 Gemignani, Marco.

Narrative, Narrative Practices and Narrative Inquiry
 Bamberg, Michael.

Narratives of Work in Changing Economic Times: A View from Entry-Level Job Training Programs
 Tsui, Emma.

Nation and Narrative in the Construction of Music Curriculum. Emilija Sakadolskis, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
 Sakadolskis, Emilija.

Native Language Maintenance Story of a Young Woman: “I don’t Need Speaking Kurdish”
 Gokalp, Ayfer.

Navigating Epistemology: Contrasting Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators in a “Mixed-Methods” Study
 Gutierrez, Robert. and Jones, Nev.

Navigating Foucault’s Genealogy: The Intersections of Postmodern Thought and Modern Historiography
 Bullock, Erika.

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Observatorio Pacifico y Territorio
 Florez Lopez, Jesus.

Occupy the Mic: The Trope of the Open Mic in the Occupy Movement
 Hassert, Joseph.

Of Belonging and Indebtedness: Narrative Negotiations of Identity in Postcolonial and Indigenous Contexts
 Biswas, Debleena.

Off-Campus Indigenous Alumni Perceptions of Support in E-Learning Post-Secondary Environments
 Montgomery, H..

Oh la la! This kitty is la petite! Humane education program based literacy project for at-risk children in the Pacific Northwest
 Warmouth, Jennie. and JEGATHEESAN, BRINDA.

Old Dogs and New Tricks: Music Teacher Change from the Inside Out
 Busch, Jonathan.

On a Bead and a Prayer: Exploring the Cultural Productions of African Womanhood in the Diaspora
 Dillard, Cynthia.

On merging subjectivities: Storying co-constructed autoethnography
 Brogden, Lace.

Once Upon a Time: An Autoethnographic Performance of Pathologies of Love Across the Life Course
 CooperFoster, Christina.

One Nation Under Barbie: Images of Beauty in a Second Grade Classroom
 Wahome, Samatha.

Opening a Humanitarian Space in Art Education: An Educational Action Research Initiative
 Yim, Kim-ping.

Orchestrating Interviews; Leading Analysis, Interpretation, and Performance
 Vanover, Charles.

Orchestrating Productive Discussion as Support for the Acquisition of Academic English in Science and ELA
 Hall, Ricci. and St. Louis, Dan.

Orchestrating the Evaluation of Ubiquitous Collaborative Learning Settings
 Jorrín-Abellán, Iván.

Organizational Hierarchies in Bulgarian Hospitals and Perceptions of Justice
 Todorova, Irina., Panayotova, Yulia., Alexandrova-Karamanova, Anna. and Dimitrova, Elitsa.

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Paradoxical Perspectives: Situating Preschool Teachers Opinions within the Discourse on Early Chidhood Education Reform
 Peters, Lacey.

Partecipants as epistemological resource
 Zucchermaglio, Cristina.

Participant Research and Health Promotion Programs at Schools
 Guimarães, Claudia Cristina., Miranda, Maria Luiza. and VELARDI, MARILIA.

Participatory Photo Mapping: A New Tool for Community-Engaged Action Research for Improved Health and Environmental Justice
 Gaulocher, Suzanne.

Participatory Tools for Data Collection
 Griebling, Susan., Vaughn, Lisa., Arndt, Angela., Dole, Debora., VanKuiken, Debra. and Taylor, Jennifer.

Participatory diagramming in social work research: Utilizing visual timelines to interpret the complexities of the lived multiracial experience
 Jackson, Kelly.

Partisanship and Bias Required for Validity: Critical Research as a Special Case
 Fennewald, Thomas.

Passion and Pitfalls in Phenomenological Research: Challenges in Teaching, Advising, and Application
 Bach, Lee. and Blau, Diane.

Pedagogical Implications of the Maya concept of Jun Winaq ( A complete being) in Decolonizing Education in Guatemala
 Jiménez Estrada, Vivian.

Pedagogies of Ethnography: Possibilities and Challenges of Teaching Research Practices in Education
 Botelho, Maria Jose. and Felis, Margaret.

Percepcion de los Trabajadores sociales de su intervencion profesional

Percepción materna y practicas de alimentacion. Un estudio cualitativo en Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Perception of problems in the professional performance of beginner and experienced teachers
 Guerrero Neaves, Sanjuanita., Collazo Garza, Mario. and Villasana Zapata, Violeta.

Perceptions of HIV Risk and Sexual Health Among Female Farmworkers
 Albarrán, Cynthia.

Perceptions of Mental Health Service Use by Paternal Figures and Other Male Caregivers
 Villalvazo, Cecilia., Henriquez, Silvia., Torres, Stephanie. and Polo, Antonio.

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Qualitative Analysis of Latina and Latino Immigrant Custodial Workers’ Routine Workplace Communication
 Alvarez, Wilfredo.

Qualitative Evaluation of the University of Illinois Teacher Education Redesign: Stage Two
 Insana, Lindsayanne. and Martin, Vance.

Qualitative Inquiry and Hermeneutics: A mandatory approach for Hospital Bioethical Research
 Consejo y Chapela, Carolina.

Qualitative Inquiry and Solution Focused Brief Therapy: Youth Offender Diversion Alternative (YODA)
 Whitehill, Kristin., Chigbu, Kingsley., Jordan, Catheleen. and Lehmann, Peter.

Qualitative Inquiry and Speech Language Pathology: A Humanizing Mix?
 Staley, Bea.

Qualitative Inquiry as a Global Endeavor in the Realm of Methods-Technology Dialogue
 Cisneros-Puebla, Cesar.

Qualitative Inquiry into Academic Collaborations: Evaluating the Process and Internal Dynamics of Academic Collaborations
 Flora, Bethany.

Qualitative Inquiry into Jazz Improvisers' Usage of the Rich Intermedial 'Storytelling' Metaphor
 Bjerstedt, Sven.

Qualitative Inquiry of the Factors that Affect Persistence of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Disciplines
 Metoyer, Tyra., Lincoln, Yvonna. and Nafukho, Frederick.

Qualitative Interviewing and the Integration of a Quantitative Instrument: An Example of a Qualitative Dominant Crossover Analysis
 Onwuegbuzie, Tony. and Frels, Rebecca.

Qualitative Possibilities; Embodiment, Poetry, Improvisation, Movement
 Yomtoob, Desiree.

Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Short-Term Global Problems, Long-Term Global Trends
 Torrance, Harry.

Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Short-Term Global Problems, Long-Term Global Trends
 Torrance, Harry.

Qualitative Research in Psychology since 2000: Editorial Reflections
 Gough, Brendan., Giles, David. and Packer, Martin.

Qualitative Research in a Glocalizing World
 Fielding, Nigel.

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 plazas, yuri. and quiroga, martha.

RIIED: Teaching evaluation network
 Conzuelo, Sandra.

Rac-ing Literacies: From Observation to Parti-c-I-pation
 McNeil, Barbara.

Race and mental illness: An outsider looks inside
 Hack-Ritzo, Samantha.

Racial Integration in Limpopo Public Schools of South Africa
 Mafumo, Thinavhudzulo.

Rap, trans/script, and reader's theatre: Understanding collaborative meaning making in English/Language Arts classrooms
 Anglin, Joanna.

Re-Entry Shock: Returning from Travel Abroad Experiences
 Gilmore, Miranda.

Re-visiting aesthetics in arts education research
 Espeland, magne. and Holdhus, Kari.

Ready? Begin: the language of high-stakes reading assessments
 Moran, Renee.

Realizations, Reflexivity, and Researcher Privilege: An Autoethnography
 Anderson, Ashlee.

Reblaxploitation of the modern day superhero
 Johnson, Gary.

Reclaiming the Public: Life Histories of Urban Art Teachers in a Time of New Commonalities
 Trafí-Prats, Laura. and Woywod, Christine.

Reconciling the Relational Echoes of Addiction: Letting Go
 Berry, Keith.

Reconocimiento y formación ciudadana en la escuela
 Rengifo Rengifo, Tobias.

 Bondi, Liz.

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SUUBI: A Qualitative Analysis of Outcomes for an Asset Building Intervention in Rakai, Uganda
 Holland, Sarah.

Scholarly Innovation for Difficult Times
 Johnson, John.

Scholarly Innovation for Difficult Times
 Johnson, John.

School From the Child’s Eyes: Narrative Construction as Reflective Practice
 Blair, Deborah.

School Leadership for Literacy and Social Justice
 McNeil, Barbara.

School-Wide Improvement in Building a Culture of Reasoning Talk
 Padilla, Patty. and Welch, Margaret.

Schooling Girls in a Rural Community: An Examination of Female Science Identity and Career Choices
 Fowler, Melisa (Lisa).

Second order Pedagogy as an Example of Second order Cybernetics
 Reinertsen, Anne.

Seeing Experiences of Interdisciplinarity through Student Artwork
 Costantino, Tracie., Kellam, Nadia., Guyotte, Kelly. and Walther, Joachim.

Seeing differently and creating new practices. A collaborative research
 Gorli, Mara.

Selection of Point-of-View, Character Portrayal an Visual Modes of Representations in Duoethnographies
 Norris, Joe.

Self-Advocacy Among Students Labeled Emotionally Behaviorally Disordered: Six Cases of Complicated Reintegration.
 Rinkel, Michaela.

Self-Transformation in the Shadow of Social Transition: An Autoethnographic Account
 Sinha, Arvind.

Self-regulation scaffolding supported in ICT to raising math proficiency
 Sanabria, Luis.

Semiotic and Ecological Model of Interpretation of Diagnostic Drawings
 Kazmierczak, Elzbieta.

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Tactical Negotiations between the Literacy Researcher and Participants within Dominant Ideologies of Literacy and Research
 Hunt, Carolyn., Handsfield, Lara. and Crumpler, Thomas.

Taiwanese Athletes’ Experience of Good Coaching
 Chiu, Shih-Han., Kao, Li-chuan. and Lin, Jung-Charng.

 Wyatt, Jonathan.

 Weems, Dr. Mary.

Teach Us Too: Understanding the Social Nature of Faculty Professional Development Needs
 Gouldthorpe, Jessica., Roberts, T. Grady., Raulerson, Becky. and Estepp, Christopher.

Teacher Identity: A Study of My Evolving Identification in the Mathematics Community
 Mintos, Alexia.

Teacher Research in the Era of the Common Core: Can the Whole be Greater than the Sum of the Parts?
 Michaels, Sarah. and Janks, Hilary.

Teacher education candidates helping students in South Africa
 Martin, Vance.

Teacher's Sense of Self-Efficacy During Mathematics Professional Development
 Cozza, Barbara.

Teachers Teaching Teachers: Korean Teachers' Experience of Helping African Teachers
 Jeong, Boram.

Teachers’ Conception and Beliefs about Their Enactment of Genre-Specific Reading Comprehension Instruction
 Thoermer, Andrea. and Park, Yujeong.

Teachers’ Perceptions of Bilingualism and Biculturalism: The Case of Brazilian Borderlands
 Dias, Rejane.

Teacher’s Identities and the Idea of Inclusive Education
 Lacy, Lisa.

Teaching Ethnography to Undergraduates: Autoethnography, Disability, and Sport
 Vitosky, Caitlin.

Teaching Medicine: reflection about pedagogical practices on Clinics at the Primary Health Services

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Un estudio etnografico de una organización china implantada en México
 Reyes, Sandra. and Rojas, Rosa.

Un-Loathing the Research Paper: Autoethnography in the Undergraduate Classroom
 giorgio, grace.

Un/Convention(al)Refugees: Contextualizing the accounts of refugees facing homophobic and transphobic persecution
 jordan, sharalyn.

Una aproximación narrativa a la construcción de las identidades transgénero en Colima, México
 Molina, Nancy., Martínez Guzmán, Antar. and Guzmán Cervantes, Oscar.

Una meta alcanzada: una larga historia que contar
 Flores, Martina., Rios, Aelajnadro., Barragán, Laura. and Guzman, Rocio.

Una propuesta de integracion metodologica
 Soler Penades, Victor., Simo, Carles., Munoz, David., Hernandez, Andrea. and Gomez, Emma.

Unbending Discipline and Lived Bodily Experience
 Valkeemäki, Anita.

Understanding Bruneian Women's Experiences with Obesity from the Lens of Gender, Culture, and Race
 Bustamante Gavino, Maria Irma.

Understanding End-of-Life Care for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
 Moro, Teresa., Savage, Teresa., Boyden, Jackelyn., Brown, Allison. and Kavanaugh, Karen.

Understanding International Graduate Students’ Experiences Engaging in Higher Education at a Midwestern American University
 Isaacs, Karen.

Understanding Mindfulness
 Li, Peiwei.

Understanding My Emerging Community Scholar Within: Power, Knowledge Creation, and Tentative First Steps toward Academia
 Schoeneman, Andrew.

Understanding Participation in Gay Rodeos Using Photo-elicitation Method
 Capous-Desyllas, Moshoula.

Understanding and Supporting International Doctoral Students’ Academic Development
 Zhao, Juanjuan. and Li, Xiaohe.

Understanding the Lived Experience of Developing an Eating Disorder for Mid-life Women: A Research Proposal
 Palandra, Ashley.

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Valores de Profesores de Trabajo Social presentes en su cotidianeidad.
 Martinez, Silvia.

Value Added by Mixed Methods Research: A Multiphase Mixed Methods Design
 Haines, Courtney.

Vampires, Wizards and Superheroes: An Autoethnography
 Walster, Dian.

Victim, Survivor, or Both? The Use of Corpus Linguistics in Critical Discourse Analysis
 Thaller, Jonel.

Violence, gender and the university
 Parga, Lucila.

Violencia y noviazgo en universitarias de la sociedad tapatia contemporanea
 Arroyo Ramos, Hilda.

Visit the Museum on Main: Reading Small Town Museums as Curriculum Project: An illustrated essay representing a postcolonial reading of two small museums
 Mulholland, Valerie.

Visión Metodológica de la Historia de Vida en la Educación Matemática
 Talavera, Elda.

Visual Methods and Urban Redevelopment: Multi-Sighted Research in Elephant and Castle
 Koslov, Elizabeth.

Visual Methods: Verifying Material: “One picture is worth 1000 words”
 Jo, Ahyea.

Visual Narratives about a New Campus Life
 Kao, Li-chuan., Chen, Yu-ting. and Chen, Bo-I.

Visualizing Divided, yet Interconnected Childhoods:Visual Methodologies in Working with Children
 Lin, Huei-Hsuan.

Vivencias de migrantes mexicanos (en México y en Estados Unidos) en torno a estados emocionales depresivos y el consumo de alcohol y drogas
 Torres López, Teresa., López, José Luis. and Rivera Ramírez, Berenice.

Vivir con hipertension arterial: la exclamación de las mujeres
 Garcia Reza, Cleotilde., Sosa Garacia, Betsy., Solano Solano, Gloria. and Medina Castro, Ma. Elizabeth.


Wait, so surveys really aren’t qualitative? : Teaching Qualitative Research in a Nontraditional Quantitative Environment
 Cutts, Qiana.

Waiting for Daybreak: A Survivor's Account of Theft and Recovery
 Swain, Amy.

Walking with Words: A Methodological Journey
 Blinne, Kristen.

Wave Makers (1910-2010): Interglobal Art Exhibit, Videoconference, and Timeline Redesign
 KAN, Koon Hwee.

Welcoming Remarks: Urban Education and Qualitative Research in Turkey

Whanaungatanga : Culturally-Centred Success. Meri Marshall, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.
 Marshall, Mary (Meri).

What Do Colleges Owe LGBT Students?
 Gangnon, Bradley.

What Do Colleges Owe LGBT Students?
 Gangnon, Bradley.

What Do Gay Men and Constructivists Have in Common?: Negotiating Paradigmatic “Choice” through a Queer Lens
 Phillips, Glenn.

What Makes a Writing Group Successful
 Warren-Grice, April.

What Remains? Social Work Case Files and Downsizing “The Homestead”
 Staller, Karen.

What characterize the musical expressions created by musicians and children in creative partnerships in schools?
 Eidsaa, Randi Margrethe.

What happened to the Whole Child in Kindergarten: Outcomes replacing Persons?
 Lewis, Patrick.

What is Accomplished by Performances of Backlash and Resentment?
 Schick, Carol.

What is the Best Design Approach to Avoid Difficulties in Interdisciplinary Research?
 Koh, HyunSeung.

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Y Usted, que Haria? Metodologia de Contingencia y el Investigador Involucrado.
 Chapela, Consuelo. and Covarrubias, Esmeralda.

Yea, I Write Poetry. What’s Your Point? Gender, Identity, and Performance.
 Scott, Chad.

Young Children’s Role-Playing for Enhancing Personal Intelligences based on Multiple Intelligences Theory
 Wee, Su-Jeong.

Young, Gifted, International, & Black: A Re-examination of Study Abroad's Role in Building Cultural Compentency
 Rogers, Juhanna.

Youth Empowerment in the Rural South: A Phenomenological Study of Youth Empowerment
 Adams, Megan.

Youth Graffiti Experience and School Authority
 Murga, Maria.


Zora's Daughters: Quilting Toward Power, Possibility, and Community
 Alexander Craft, Renee., McNeal, Meida., Mwangola, Mshaï. and Zabriskie, Queen Meccasia.
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