Ninth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2013-May-15 to 2013-May-19

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"Ain't No Pity Party Here!: Narratives of African American Women's Socialization into the SBW"
 Sharp-Grier, Martina.

"Allowing Mute Evidence(s) to Be Heard: The Contribution of Situtional Analysis in the Public Health Domain"
 Gagnon, Marylou. and Jacob, Jean.

"Introducing Situational Analysis"
 Clarke, Adele.

"Learning is like a trap" : Using Photovoice to gather student perspectives on schooling and learning
 DiCicco, Michael. and McHatton, Patricia.

"Mapping Maps: Situating Oncology Asset Maps in the Representational Process"
 French, Martin. and Miller, Fiona.

"Phantasms and Mournings of Black Dredlocks"
 Alexander, Bryant Keith.

"Pink" elderly care
 Leyerzapf, Hannah., Visse, Merel. and Abma, Tineke.

"Race" Day at Preakness: Politics and the Respatialization of Northern Baltimore
 DiDonato, Mark.

"Science" Ekwa Inniw-Nisitootumowin: Using a Two-Eyed Seeing Methodological Approach to Aboriginal Youth´s Risky Health Behaviors
 Ribeiro, Nuno.

"Situational Analysis as an Avenue for Critical Qualitative Research"
 Perez, Michelle. and Cannella, Gaile.

"Tell Me More About That": Meaningful Cohort Relationships in Ph.D. Programs
 Howard, Martha., Al Sager, Abdellatif., Baggett, Amy., Cochrane, Sharon., Majors, Twanelle., Norris, Lisa., Smith, Erin. and Spears, Amber.

"The Word Theory is Kind of Scary for Me": Student Narratives of Coming Theoretically Home for Dissertation Research
 deMarrais, Kathleen. and Moret, Lauren.

"There's Nothing Wrong with Us": Communicating Genetic Risk to Family
 Ball, Janella.

"To Join the Black Parade..."? Spectacle Pedagogy, Embodied Research Acts, and (Un)Troubled(?) Relationships
 Giardina, Michael.

"Watch What Yuh Sayin' ": The Power of Language
 Popova, Dyanis.

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A Case Study of Five Principal Leadership Styles Serving Mexican American Students in South Texas
 Larke, Patricia. and Rios, Sylvia.

A Case Study of Art and Design Education and its Practical Application in Canakkale City
 Kelkit, Abdullah.

A Comparative Analysis of Social Networking Sites Facebook and Renren: Understanding the Intersection of the Global and the Local
 Zhang, Bin.

A Composing Assemblage: An Important Analytic Practice
 Murphy Augustine, Sharon. and Sanford, Amy.

A Conceptual Model for Designing Qualitative Evaluations of Education Outreach Programs
 Southerland, Wallace. and Cruz-Santiago, Michelle.

A Critical Exploration of The Boondocks for Art Education: A Philosophical Interpretation of Black Visual Culture Through the Critical Lens of Double Consciousness
 Grant, Alphonso.

A Critical Perspective of Current Research in Kinesiology: Who is the Perfect Body for?
 Clarke, Caitlin.

A Discourse Analysis of Medical Education and its Philosophy in the Ottoman Empire
 Uzun, Metehan.

A Duo-Duoethnography of Teacher Educators
 Brown, Hilary. and Barrett, Joe.

A Feminist (Un)Methodical Approach: The Sweetness of Surrender
 Mercado Thornton, Rebecca.

A Grounded Theory about Suicide Narratives on Internet Newsgroups: Construction and Media Contagion of Suicide
 Vélez-Agosto, Nicole.

A History Forgotten: The Contributions of African-American Women to the Profession of Social Work
 Coles, D. Crystal. and O\'Connor, Mary.

A Limb Was Torn from My Body When Father Left: Fathering in Transnational Mayan Families
 Hershberg, Rachel. and Lykes, M. Brinton.

A Man and his Mic: Taking Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle to Teacher’s College
 Lindo, Laura.

A Marxist methodology for critical collaborative qualitative inquiry
 Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka.

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Bacon for Dinner: An UNconference Performance: The Biography of a Painting
 Grube, Vicky. and Clark-Keefe, Kelly.

Be(com)ing Academics: Collaborative writing as a way of materializing the social construction of knowledge
 Guttorm, Hanna. and Löytönen, Teija.

Becoming Nomad: Using Deleuze to (Re)Think the Qualitative Research Process
 Sonenberg, Jenn.

Becoming Teachers: How Autobiographies, Teacher Education Programs, and Real World Contexts Influence Pre-Service Teachers’ Identities.
 Hayes, Sharon. and Stellato, Michelle.

Becoming-Exiles in Shifting Borderlands
 Hermann-Wilmarth, Jill. and Holbrook, Teri.

Becoming-professional? Engaging the post-human to inquire into notions of identity and practice.
 Gale, Ken., Turner, Becky. and McKenzie, Liz.

Behind the Guy Fawkes Mask: Examining Anonymous and #OpIsrael
 Yamaguchi, Precious., Barzana, Demi., Keschl, Morgan., Baylor, Kayla., Morgandale, Rachel., Iwata, Ayako., Miller, Bryanna. and Schoenberger, Alyssa.

Being Between
 Gambs, Deborah.

Being an African American Professional Woman in Northern Virginia During Two Volatile Political Time Periods
 Swayze, Susan.

Best of Intentions: Pre-Service Teacher Field Experience Assignment Backfires
 Gordon, Tedi.

Between subjective experience of power and location within power fields of gender and ethno-nationality: Power experiences of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel
 Ben David, Yael.

Beyond (Yet Related to) Schooling: Interrogating Deficit Constructions of Government-Funded Healthcare Recipients
 Isbell, Janet., Zagumny, Lisa., Baker, Julie. and Camuti, Alice.

Beyond Breathing Places
 Millard, Michelle.

Beyond Scholarship to Social Action: Stepping Away from the Podium and into the Penitentiary
 Hernandez, Kathy-Ann.

Beyond Urban Decay: Informal Infrastructure and Everyday Urbanism in San Juan, Puerto Rico
 Vivoni, Francisco.

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Campus Sustainability: An Action Research Study
 Ondjaa, Bertin.

Caregivers’ Problematic Interactions with Professionals: Do Starbuck’s Employees Have More Emotional Intelligence than Healthcare Providers?
 Larson, Elizabeth.

Caring for Yourself While Living with a Chronic Illness
 Devia, Marlenne. and Adams, Heather.

Case Notes to the Crazy House: Social Work Documentation of Older Adults: Transitions to Eloise Poor House and Asylum in Detroit, 1929-1949
 Tucker, Jennifer.

Caught Without an Umbrella: Rethinking Faculty Reward Systems
 Hensley, Brandon.

Challenges for Qualitative Research: contributions from the Brazilian Collective Health Field
 Bosi, Maria Lucia.

Challenges for the discussion of complex institutional mission: the case of an institute for health research
 Artmann, Elizabeth., Andrade, Maria Angélica., Uribe-Rivera, Francisco. and HENNINGTON, ELIDA.

Challenges in Performance-Based Research Creation with Vulnerable Youth
 Conrad, Diane.

Challenges of Qualitative Health Research
 Barbosa, Elizabeth.

Challenging Institutional Ableism in Higher Education. Earllene K. Roberts, University of British Columbia
 Roberts, Earllene.

Challenging the Neoliberal Climate in Academia from Mentoring Perspectives: Critical Reflections from Our Future Selves
 Pasque, Penny. and Perez, Michelle.

Chameleons or Leopards Without Spots? A Dialogic Inquiry into Working with an Academic and Non-academic Identity
 De Munck, Katrien. and Sakellariadis, Artemi.

Change and Continuity in Life Stories about Advanced Dementia Disease
 Kuosa, Kirsti., Elstad, Ingunn. and Normann, Hans Ketil.

Changes in Family Ties and Educational Goals: Korean Parents and Young Children in Transnational Contexts
 Park, Soyeon.

Character or Competitiveness? Studying the Concerns over Children's Education among Taiwanese Businesspeople in China
 Lai, Hueiyi. and Keng, Shu.

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DIY Chapbook: Cultural Memory and Identity in Mothering
 Faulkner, Sandra.

Daddy Boot Camp: Articulating Discourses of Militarism, Managerialism, and Consumerism
 Zingsheim, Jason., Murphy, Alexandra. and Trethewey, Angela.

Damming the Amazon: The March of Manifest Destiny
 Diversi, Marcelo.

Dance and Scholarship: Discursive Positioning and Performative Repertoires
 Migdalek, Jack.

Dancing Along the Qualitative/Quantitative Divide: Can Horizons of Difference Be Breached?
 Paxton, Blake.

Dancing with Descartes: Geertz, Foucault and the Ethnographic Interview
 Carspecken, Lucinda.

Dangerous Minds: Reinforcing Misconceptions about Teaching Inner-City Youths
 Hyde, Lisa.

Data Playgroud: Culture's Fictions and the Homosexual - Fucking with Qualitative Psychology
 Carey, Neil.

Data Playground: Exploring Visual Representation of Data
 Crehan, Brett. and Adams, Heather.

Data as Agentic: Material Feminist Productions of Voice
 Mazzei, Lisa.

Dating not Testing: Learning Through Conversation
 Gangnon, Bradley. and Milbourne, Constance.

Dealing with Children Sexual Abuse in Sport in the Media: The Case of Torres-Baena
 Martin, Montserrat.

Decades of Writing
 Richardson, Laurel.

Decentering to Center: Writing Outside of the Margins
 De La Garza, Antonio.

Decision Making in Public Health Policies and Programs within the Context of the Colombian Health System
 Molina, Gloria.

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ESL Students and Issues of Language and Cultural Barriers in the Classroom
 Zakeri, Bita.

Eagle QuaRC: Faculty Reflections on the Creation of a Campus-Wide Qualitative Research Community
 Brkich, Chris. and Lake, Robert.

Early Childhood Teachers' Experience with Coaching: Implications for Child Care Quality Improvement
 Park, Soyeon.

Ebonics in the Classroom: Teaching Standard English to Non-Standard English Speakers
 Salles, Ruth.

Eco-Flânerie: The Urban Stroll into Ecology Science Education
 Pang, Jessica.

Ecoaesthetics: Stories of Collective, Creative, and Liberatory Experiences in the Lives of Everyday People in Urban Spaces
 Finley, Susan.

Educate Me, Too, for STEM: Voices of Elementary Latino and African American Girls School Experiences
 Larke, Patricia., Webb-Hasan, Gwendolyn. and Jimarez, Terry.

El Acoso Psicológico Laboral desde la mirada de un Perpetrador: Un Estudio de Caso
 Acosta Fernández, Martín., Torres López, Teresa., Parra Osorio, Liliana., Aguilera Velasco, María. and Pozos Radillo, Blanca.

El Secuestro de la Academia y los Medios de Comunicación Contra-Hegemónicos
 Jimenez, Victor.

El Software Atlas.ti como Herramienta en el Análisis de Datos Cualitativos Inductivos
 Palomo Nieto, Miriam. and Ruiz Perez, Luis.

El impacto de la publicidad en el consumo de cerveza entre jóvenes mexicanos
 Sola, Jose., Mendivil, Jose. and Hernandez, Jose.

El juego de las identidades en la Cultura Digital de los estudiantes universitarios de Morelos, México.
 Santamaria, Diana. and Yuren, Teresa.

El método biográfico-narrativo aplicado en procesos de orientación profesional de mujeres adultas
 Suarez-Ortega, Magdalena.

El papel de los comunicadores en la narrativa del nuevo cine mexicano (1989-2000)
 Grijalva Verdugo, Abel-Antonio. and Izaguirre Fierro, Rosario-Olivia.

El papel de los medios en la crisis de la gripe aviar
 Armengol, Leticia., Caboara, Mario. and Casillas, Nestor.

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Facing Self-Demons: Reflection on Understanding Position of Self with respect to Whiteness
 Zakeri, Bita.

Fairytales, Folktales, and Myths: A Postcolonial Content Analysis of Multicultural Children’s Picture Books, Kelly Medellin, Midwestern State Univeristy and Univeristy of North Texas
 Medellin, Kelly.

Family Stories: Constructing Shared Perspectives
 Whalen, Jennifer. and Riggs, Nicholas.

Fast and furious methodologies: a training dilemma?
 Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka.

Fat (Em)bodied Burlesque: A Site for Performance Activism
 Olzman, Miranda.

Feedback and Me: Noise or Communication
 Walster, Dian.

Feeling Data: Inquiry, Reality, and Purpose in Scientific and Narrative Medicine
 Vannatta, Seth.

Feelings From Home: A Case Study within a Case Study of Intercultural Transference and Countertransference
 Byers, David.

Fictive Reality: Troubling Our Notions of Truth and Data in Iambic Pentameter
 Brkich, Chris. and Barko, Tim.

Fighting Economics: A Counter Conception of the Exploitative Institution of the UFC
 Armstrong, Michael.

Fighting againts a new hate crime in Football: Islamophobia
 Cerrahoglu, Necati.

Figuring Digital Readership: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Emerging Trends in Academic Publishing
 Kenner, Alison.

Figuring Digital Readership: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Emerging Trends in Academic Publishing
 Kenner, Alison.

Flâneur/euse Research: The Methodological Possibilities and Applications of Flânerie in New Urban Spaces
 Di Placito, Maria Lucia. and Birioukov, Anton.

Following Bud: Blogging at the end of life
 Riggs, Nicholas.

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Gang Related: Qualitative Inquiry with Rival Gang Members
 Davis, Corrie.

Gender inclusiveness in integrated services: a responsive evaluation
 Visse, Merel., Widdershoven, Guy. and Abma, Tineke.

Genealogy, Poststructuralism, and Qualitative Inquiry
 Johnson, Mark.

Generating Evidence Qualitatively: The Potential of Community-Based Participatory Research
 Mayan, Maria. and Daum, Christine.

Gerenciando o cuidado de enfermagem em unidades de pronto-atendimento de Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
 Santos, José Luís., Oliveira, Roberta., Cassettari, Sonia., Klock, Patrícia. and Erdmann, Alacoque.

Gerência do cuidado de enfermagem ao adolescente que vive com HIV/aids por transmissão vertical, da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil
 koerich, cintia. and Erdmann, Alacoque.

Gerência do cuidado de enfermagem ao adolescente que vive com HIV/aids por transmissão vertical, da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil
 koerich, cintia. and Erdmann, Alacoque.

Gestão do cuidado à mulher em situação de violência conjugal
 Gomes, Nadirlene., Erdmann, Alacoque. and Santos, José Luís.

Getting Lost in the Scramble for Accountability: Getting Back on Course via Uncharted Routes
 Hoyt, Kristin.

Getting Paid, Doing Good? (Confessions of a Research Consultant )
 Greiner, Karen.

Getting to Know a Superintendent: A Qualitative Study
 Nino, Juan.

Ghost Stories
 Tamas, Sophie.

Ghosts, Traces, Sediments and Accomplices in Psychotherapeutic Dialogue
 Speedy, Jane.

Giving Children the Tools to Participate: A Case for the Intercultural Bilingual Classroom in Peru
 Linares, Rebecca.

Global Cities, Universal Statesmanship, and the State: Peace and Prosperity in a Globalized Political Network
 Comstock, Michael.

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HACIENDO PRAXIS DESDE LA ESCUELA: ¿Cual es el papel de la investigacion accion participante en los escenarios de formacion de maestros con enfasis en humanidades?

HIV/AIDS among Women and Neocolonialism: the case of Healthcare systems in Cameroon Central Africa
 Alomepe, Jacqueline.

HIV/AIDS: Examining Latino Women's Narratives
 Y. Espinoza, Sandra.

Haerenga o kaupapa Māori: An autoethnography exploring the translational use of kaupapa Māori theory
 Wikaire, Renee.

Handovers of Care in the Operating Theatre: The Role of Communications between Nurse Anesthetists
 Testa, Denise.

Happily Ever After
 Purnell, David.

Has Qualitative Research Lost Its Magic, or What’s in a Tradition, Anyway?
 Dawidowicz, Paula.

He Never Said Anything: A Critical Poetic Response to Suicide among LGBT Youth
 Phillips, Glenn.

Health, Harassment, and Healing: Theorizing an Interpersonal Panopticon
 Manning, Jimmie.

Healthcare Professionals’ Discourses Regarding the HPV Vaccine and Parental Responsibility: Perspectives from Eastern Europe
 Todorova, Irina., Dimitrova, Elitsa., Panayotova, Yulia. and Alexandrova-Karamanova, Anna.

Healthy/ Ill, Visible/Invisible, and Supporter/Supported: Co-Constructing the Both And of Mentoring
 Denker, Katherine. and Summers, Morgan.

Hearing Embodied Narrative: Use of the Listening Guide with LGBTQ Young People Previously Incarcerated in Girls Detention Facilities
 Mountz, Sarah.

Hearing stories of young, successful and professional moms: What’s the problem??
 Murray, Lee.

Heat, Breath, Fuel: Three Erotic Poems
 Hanley-Tejeda, David.

Hermeneutics and narrative of education
 Izaguirre Fierro, Rosario-Olivia. and Grijalva Verdugo, Abel-Antonio.

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I Like It, I’m Just Not Sure What It Means
 Adams, Heather.

I Put A Spell On You
 Dorsey, Charlie.

I am (not) woman, hear me roar: Tension-filled femininities in women's discussions of risk
 Frazier, Kathryn., Nicholson, Margaret. and Falmagne, Rachel.

IKEA Gay Family Travels to Italy
 Benozzo, Angelo.

Identifying Areas of Confidence and Concern for Early Childhood Practicum Students’ Professional Growth and Development
 Wee, Su-Jeong.

Identity Dynamics, Virtuality and Stigmatization
 Nanda, Satyajeet.

If Older Women are not Attending Cardiac Rehabilitation, Then What are They Doing? A Mixed Methods Approach to Explore the Physical Activity and Health Promotion Practices, Preferences and Priorities of Older Women with Heart Disease
 Rolfe, Danielle., Yoshida, Karen. and Thomas, Scott.

If celebrity coaches did not exist – would the profession have to invent them?
 doherty, daniel.

Illinois Arteries: Place-based Learning in Fiction
 Jones, Kristin.

Images of Turks in German Elementary School Textbooks
 Dedeoglu, Hakan. and Alici, Mustafa.

Immersion experience: A firsthand look at learning qualitative research through grant research
 Bumbaco, Amy.

Impacting Change: Microaggressions at Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs)
 King-Taylor, Tanisha. and Freeman, Mara.

Implicacion como impronta ineludible del investigador y sus espacios en los diseños de IC
 Chapela, Consuelo.

Implicación y otredad
 de Keijzer, Benno.

Implications of digital technologies in visitors’ interpretation processes at museum and heritage sites
 Riedler, Martina.

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Journeying to the Other Side: An Autoethnography of Crossing Boundaries
 Smith, Anne-Marie.

Joyful Digression in Post-Intentional Phenomenology
 Hofsess, Brooke. and Thiel, Jaye.


Katia's Demo submission
 Curbelo-DelValle, Katia.

Kei Tua i te Awe Māpara: The Impacts of Neoliberalism within Early Childhood Education
 Ritchie, Jenny. and Rau, Cheryl.

Knowing Through the Body: An Embodied Approach to Arts-Based Research
 Linds, Warren. and Linds, Warren.

Knowing through Designing: Moving from Professional Ideology to Epistemology
 Popov, Lubomir. and Goza, Franklin.

Knowledge and Relationship: Practice as a Form of Research
 Ishibashi, Nora.

Knowledges and practices in inter-professional relations in healthcare: Disciplinary strategies of power and the right to Health Care
 Bonet, Margalida., Bonet, Rosa., Bover, Andreu., Lluch, Sebastià., Llobera, Joana Mª., Gomila, Carlos. and Nicolau, Jaime.


LGBTQ Homeless Youth: Their Stories, My Story
 Winkelstein, Julie.

La Comida como Amor. Relaciones entre Padres y Niños con Sobrepeso y Obesidad
 Meza Peña, Cecilia. and Pompa Guajardo, Edith.

La Defensa de una Tesis Autoetnografica: Espacio Complejo de un Proceso de Co-Construccion
 Aguirre Armendáriz, Elizabeth. and Gil-Juarez, Adriana.

La Investigación Cualitativa como Recurso para la Profesionalización Docente
 Laura Antonia, Aldana.

La Palabra Prohibida: Reflexiones de una Experiencia Militante en el Movimiento Estudiantil Chileno
 Concha, David.

La Salud Mental y sus Trastornos: Diversidad de Concepciones en Conflicto
 Martinez-Salgado, Carolina.

La clase de Educación Física como un acontecimiento educativo
 Gil, John.

La construcción de la identidad de género en las estudiantes de profesiones no feminizadas
 Rodriguez, Nancy., Villavicencio, María-Elena., Lefort, Verónica. and Estrada, Pedro.

La cuarta anima: Mindful heresy as conscious engagement with one’s narratives.
 de la Garza, Sarah.

La hermenéutica y la narrativa de la educación
 Izaguirre Fierro, Rosario-Olivia. and Grijalva Verdugo, Abel-Antonio.

La historia de vida como reflejo de realidades sociales
 Cortez Ochoa, Nestor Ivan.

La imagen del narcotráfico en el cine mexicano
 Vázquez, Paula., Gutierrez, Jessica. and Rocas, Dario.

La investigacion accion pedagogica y la transformación del pensamiento y de las prácticas docentes

La investigación en la formación docente
 Se Peña, Luceli.

La música que desafió al silencio
 Reyes, Martha.

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MOTHER OWL PROGRAM: assessing the degree of satisfaction of pregnancy on the assistance of nursing
 Lourinho, Lidia., Medeiros, Maria Cecilia., Catrib, Ana Maria. and Paiva, Georgia.

MSunderstanding: Prescribing Identities in the Multiple Sclerosis Community
 Keller, Alyse.

Madness as Methodological Imperative: Analyzing Accounts of Service Systems by Those Who Use Them
 Grant, Jill. and Voronka, Jijian.

Making Place in an Institutional Space: Everyday Practices in a Homeless Shelter for Women
 Rennels, Tasha.

Male Fraud: Masculinity, Gender Roles, and the Life of a Football Husband
 Lovich, Justin.

Managerial communication in hospital nursing: obstacles and how to overcome them
 Santos, José Luís., Silva, Dalva., Prochnow, Adelina. and Erdmann, Alacoque.

Mangalore Air Disaster: Discovering Writings on the Social-Constructed Walls
 Biswas, Malay.

Mapping Selves: A Performative Autoethnography
 Chen, Wei-Fen., Wilson, Kerry. and lin, chunfeng.

Markers, Metaphors and Meaning: A Playful and Visual Approach to Teaching Interpretation
 Tracy, Sarah. and Malvini Redden, Shawna.

Marketing the Philippines as "Home": Solidifying Filipino Identity and Economic Security through The Filipino Channel
 Ignacio, Emily.

Marking Queerness and Disability: Body Modification as Cripping Tactic
 LeMaster, Benny.

Masculnity, Vulnerability, and Education: An Ontological Exploration
 Lynch, Jeremy.

Maternal Expectations: Considerations on Prematurity and Child Development
 Melo, Maria Raquelle., Andrade, Izabella., Brasil, Christina., Silva, Raimunda., Catrib, Ana Maria. and Bezerra, Juliana.

Maternity in Movement: Body Consciousness and Dance for Pregnant Women and Mothers and Babies
 Carvalho, Larissa., Michelsohn, Regiane. and Miller, Jussara.

Maybe Baby: An Autoethnography Exploring Family Planning During a Doctoral Degree
 Chesser, Stephanie.

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Narrative Inquiry in Medical Education. Stories from Young Future Doctors in Mexico
 Martinez-Salgado, Carolina.

Narratives of Pregnancy as a Tool of Light Construction of a Technology
 Collares, Patrícia., Silva, Raimunda., Landim, Fátima. and Barbosa, Isabella.

Navigating the Contemporary to Advocate for the Public Good
 Metoyer, Tyra.

Navigating the Narrative Inquiry Story World: Whose Meaning is This?
 Edge, Christi.

Navigating without a Compass: Using Ethnographic Methods to Identify Immigrant Friendly Practices in Social Services
 Lanesskog, Deirdre.

Negerkind. Control, Salvation and Racialisation as Three Interconnected Modi of Early Childhood Micro and Macropolitics in Contemporary Europe: The Urgent Case for Radical, Critical Inquiry
 Urban, Mathias., Jones, Liz., Osgood, Jayne., Holmes, Rachel. and MacLure, Maggie.

Negotiating the (Abnormal) Physical Body in Work Organizations. Nanna Mik-Meyer, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
 Mik-Meyer, Nanna.

Neo-Confederate Ideology and History Textbooks: 1860 to 2010
 Agostinone, Faith.

Neoliberalism and Discourses of ‘Quality’ in Early Childhood Care and Education in Aotearoa New Zealand
 Ritchie, Jenny.

Network of Care to People with Physical Disabilities: Possibilities and Limits
 Andrade, Selma., Pestana, Aline., Senna, Monique. and Erdmann, Alacoque.

New Iowa School Redux: Second Life as Laboratory
 Katovich, Michael. and Chen, Shing-Ling.

New Materialism and Power/Knowledge Practices: Revitalizing Foucault for Feminist Analyses in Qualitative Inquiry
 Jackson, Alecia.

New building for the Association of people with disabilities A.P.D
 Tibanta Orbes, Eduardo.

New building for the Association of people with disabilities A.P.D, from the perspective of disability to reach "full accessibility" and the application of active and passive systems that enables "energy efficiency".
 Tibanta Orbes, Eduardo. and León Arias, Heidy.

Ninaatigwaaboo (“Maple Water”): Applying Spirit-Centered Approaches and Living Literacy in the Sugar Bush Camp, 2009
 Debassige, Ahnungoonhs/Brent.

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O Enfoque Qualitativo sob o Regime de Produtividade: Desafios na Saúde Coletiva Brasileira
 Bosi, Maria Lucia.

O3 and E8: Coding the Ranks and Voicing Perspectives
 Cleeland, Leah., Larrison, Tara., Zubik, Thomas. and Hastings, Paul.

Observational Methods in Educational Psychology
 Szulevicz, Thomas.

Observed Misbehavior Distribution Based on Age Among First Grade Students and Teacher Reactions to Misbehavior
 Avsar Tuncay, Aysegul., Ince, Nuri. and Sahin, Ali.

On Becoming a Professor: The Use of Paintings as a Method for Self-Study
 Rademaker, Scot.

On Becoming an Academic Researcher: Playing the 'Game'
 Dumenden, Iris.

On Being Harry's Last Student: Continuing the Legacy
 Nino, Juan.

On Not Being a Counsellor
 Wyatt, Jonathan.

On seeing monkeys, cows and beggars
 Saldanha, Kennedy. and Klopfer, Lisa.

On teaching and learning: Aesthetic care versus authentic care
 Aguilar, Israel.

On the Tropical Edge of Latina/o Diasporas: Neoliberal Winds, Identities in Revolt, and Mis(placed) Ethnographies
 Ocón, Carmen.

On to a colourfull Medical Center
 Abma, Tineke. and Leyerzapf, Hannah.

One Foot in and One Foot Out: Using Arts-Based Approaches to Negotiate Tensions
 Varbelow, Sonja.

Ontology of Voice and Presence
 St. Pierre, Elizabeth.

Open Secrets: A Poor Black Woman's Journey to the 21st Century
 Brown Chappell, Betty.

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PEARL: A Story Board Towards Critical Autoethnographic Dance Film
 Fort, Vernita.

PERFORMING COMPLICITIES: shifting lines between “us” and “them” in a performative ethnography project.
 Culhane, Dara.

Palimpsestual Inquiry: Finding Meanings in the Layers of Narratives
 Shannon-Baker, Peggy.

Par for the Course? Thinking Critically about the Researcher as Research Subject.
 Armstrong, Cole.

Parading Indian Imagery: A Mystory
 Nees, Heidi.

Parental Influences on the Academic Success of Low-Income Latino Males
 Cruz-Santiago, Michelle.

Parental Involvement: Understanding Single, Working Mothers' Constructions of Their Roles in K-5 Education
 Stitt, Nichole.

Parental Perceptions of Hookah Smoking
 Bingham, Megan., Martinasek, Mary., Calvanese, Allison. and Friesen, Bruce.

Parents Opinions on Parent Involvement Studies in Preschool Education Institutions
 Durmusoglu, Mine.

Participatory Action Research (PAR) as a Tool for Transforming a Conservative Clinical Setting
 Zaforteza, Concha.

Participatory Action Research with the Army National Guard: The Who, How, and Why of Civilian-Military Research Collaboration
 Zubik, Thomas., Hastings, Paul. and Hack-Ritzo, Samantha.

Participatory Interpretive Research with Young People: Lessons Learned. Pauline Jivanjee, Portland State University
 Jivanjee, Pauline.

Participatory research on community level empowerment
 Cunningham, Liz. and Duerdoth, Kaye.

Pathways to Change: Jail Labyrinth Project
 Zucker, Donna. and Rigali, Catherine.

Percepciones de la situacion ambiental en la Cienaga de Ayapel Colombia

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QI pedagogy with novice pre-graduate students
 Chapela, Consuelo., Salas, Flora. and Covarrubias, Esmeralda.

Qualitative Analysis of Text Message Construction Practices in Native Speakers of Arabic
 Camuti, Alice. and Fisher, Stacey.

Qualitative Inquiry for Exploring New Health Care Environments?
 Martz, Kim.

Qualitative Research Design for School Improvement in Inner City Schools: Indigenous or Post Colonial?
 Kroeger, Janice.

Qualitative Research of Murder
 Kien, Grant.

Qualitative Research on China's Democratization in the Context of Neoliberal International Higher Education
 Li, Gang.

Qualitative Researchers: Assessing Attitudes and Experiences with Reviewers
 Bhati, Kuldhir.

Qualitative research in health sciences: theory, research and practice
 Toledano-Toledano, Filiberto.

Quality of life: Understanding the life´s experiences of people in hemodialysis

Queer Engagement of Colonial Discourse
 Pape, Kyle.

Queer Reads: When Children’s Literature does Gender “Differently”
 Richmond, Laurel. and Berbary, Lisbeth.

Questioning Selves, Questioning Minds: Women's Persistence in Doctoral Programs
 Howard, Martha. and Anthony, Holly.

Questions Versus Answers
 Hendrickson, Victoria.

Quien habla tras la voz de la ciencia?
 Martinez-Salgado, Carolina.


Race, color and identity: A story about ourselves and others in times to not me afraid anymore
 Johnson, Daniel. and Grant, Brett.

Racing Methodology from Below: The Global Majority and the Future of Qualitative Inquiry
 Asher, Nina., Childers, Sara., Daza, Stephanie., Huckaby, M. Francyne., Laura, Crystal., Matias, Cheryl., Mayuzumi, Kimine., Perez, Michelle., Pillow, Wanda., Rhee, Jeong-eun., Saavedra, Cinthya. and Subreenduth, Sharon.

Racing Methodology from Below: The Global Majority and the Future of Qualitative Inquiry
 Daza, Stephanie.

Racing Methodology from Below: The Global Majority and the Future of Qualitative Inquiry
 Daza, Stephanie.

Re-Discovering Sociology through Introspection
 Benard, Silvia.

Re-Territorializing Aotearoa/New Zealand
 Skerrett, Mary.

Re-circling and Re-cycling: An Autoethnographic Analysis of a Failed Attempt at Native Needs Assessments
 Campbell, Craig. and Burnam, Hugh.

Re-visioning research in light of advocacy: Indian NGOs building ground knowledge
 goel, koeli.

Reaching Outside of the Academy, Cultural Considerations on the Retention of Latina STEM Students
 Gonzalez, Elsa. and Lincoln, Yvonna.

Reactions to Intimate Partner Violence in Music Video: Findings from a Focus Group Study with Young Adults
 Thaller, Jonel., Lindsay, Megan. and Messing, Jill.

Reading Bakhtin’s “Discourse in the Novel” as a Writing Primer for Contemporary Ethnography
 Rawlins, William.

Reading Comics through Visual Style
 Arai, Sayuri.

Real World, Virtual World; Blurred Borders in Second Life
 Handwerk, Jan.

Reciprocal online communities as a case of an informal economy: the erosion of social borders from private to public fields
 Polukhina, Liza.

Reclaiming Interpretive Privilege in Elite and Professional Sport
 Douglas, Kitrina.

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Salvation or Repression
 Avella Castro, Douglas.

Saúde, Cultura e Antropologia: um diálogo a partir das práticas afro-brasileiras
 Mello, Marcio Luiz. and Oliveira, Simone.

School in the Shadowlands: Stories of Latino Immigrant Students
 Vukelich-Selva, Donna.

School of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies, Kent State University
 Wozolek, Boni.

Schoolgirls at Truck Stops: Feminist Materialities of Place, Bodies, and Fictions
 Gannon, Susanne.

Science Fiction Literature, Žižek, and the Twin Paradoxes of Time and History
 Barko, Tim. and Brkich, Chris.

Seasons of a Program’s Life: Using Metaphor to Understand Program Growth and Development
 Glover-Kudon, Rebecca., Rohan, Elizabeth., DeGroff, Amy., Preissle, Judith. and Boehm, Jennifer.

Second Language Writing: Identity Construction and Reflection on Indigenous Ways of Knowing.
 Ishii, Makoto.

Secrets shared between the Tenure Creature and her Creator
 Munson, April.

Seeing Beyond the Scores: Perceptions of Teacher-Based High Stakes Accountability
 Masters, Angela.

Self, Relationship, Positionality, and Politics: A Community Autoethnographic Inquiry into Collaborative Writing
 Pensoneau-Conway, Sandy., Bolen, Derek., Rudick, Kyle., Toyosaki, Satoshi. and Bolen, Erin.

Self-Reflection on White and Maleness in an Athletic Boosters Program
 Bass, Jordan.

Sembrando Orquideas
 Lopez, Sandra.

Sense of reality as a "dynamical aspect" in Mathematical modeling
 Villa-Ochoa, Jhony.

Sensitive subject matters: What determines vulnerability in Social Work research?
 Mulder, Cray. and Tryc, Lindsay.

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Tabacalero, socialista e intermediario del siglo XX: La vida de Salvador Gallart Alonso en Cayey, Puerto Rico
 Gallart, Mary Frances.

Tablets y Eduentretenimiento en la Enseñanza de Historia en los Colegios y Escuelas de Medellín
 Orrego Roldán, Santiago. and Orrego Roldán, Daniel.

Talking Bear: Understanding Polar Bear-Human Interactions Through Narrative
 Schmidt, Aimee.

Teachers' and Students' (mis)Understandings of Graphical Representations in Mathematics
 Anthony, Holly. and Campbell, Chelsey.

Teachers' reflections in curriculum improvement and an on-going professional development: the case of Advanced Certificate in Education, Limpopo Province, South Africa
 Themane, +mahlapahlapana.

Teachers’ Identity, Subjectivity, and Agency: Through Case Study of Milwaukee Public School Art Teachers
 Choi, Hannae.

Teachers’ Perceptions of Humor as a Classroom Teaching, Interaction, and Management Tool
 Lovorn, Michael.

Teaching Action Research: Threading the (Dis)Connections
 Miskovic, Maja.

Teaching and Learning Ethnotheatre
 Saldana, Johnny.

Teaching and Learning the Art of Qualitative Research: The Outcomes of an Experiential Learning Approach
 Fambrough, Mary.

Teaching in Context: Inquiring into Past, Present and Future Detroits
 Nybell, Lynn. and Gray, Sylvia.

Teaching strategies, methods and techniques which social studies teachers used

Tecnologías digitales en la comprensión matemática. El caso de la derivada
 Villa-Ochoa, Jhony.

Teen Identities (Re)Born: Examining Identity Transformation and Bereavement Amongst Adolescents Who've Experienced Perinatal Loss
 Torres, Carlos., Berbary, Lisbeth. and Neimeyer, Robert.

Telling and Retelling of Stories of Good Work by Newly-Graduated Registered Nurses in Hong Kong
 Law, Yee Shui. and Chan, Engle Angela.

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Uncertainty and the Beliebers: A Consideration of Nomadicism in Qualitative Research
 Sherbine, Kortney.

Uncertainty with/in becoming
 Guttorm, Hanna.

Understanding Adult Foster Care Provider Experience
 Munly, Kelly.

Understanding Gender Attitudes towards Technology to Influence Student Literacy in Secondary Schools
 Lane, Carol-Ann.

Understanding How Paradigms and Personalities Mix in Mixed Methods Research
 Phillips, Glenn. and McKenzie, Kathryn.

Understanding US American Mainstream Media’s Devaluation of “the Other” in the Postcolonial Communications
 Zhang, Bin.

Understanding participation in Gay Rodeos using photo-elicitation method
 Capous-Desyllas, Moshoula.

Understanding the Decline of Catholic Sister’s in the Diocese of Syracuse and Implications for the Future of Parochial Education through Narrative Inquiry
 Carroll, Melanie.

Understanding the Interplay Between Past and Present: Indigenous Women's Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in the Southeast
 Burnette, Catherine.

Understanding the Need to Exist Here
 McPhatter, Marlon.

Unmarked and unheard: Voices of Working Class White Men in an Appalachian Borderland
 Grove, Jonathan.

Unpacking Neoliberal Imaginaries of Early Childhood Education and Care in East Asia
 Lee, I-Fang.

Unpacking Neoliberal Imaginary in Asia: Envisioning Better Early Childhood Education?
 Lee, I-Fang. and Tseng, Chao-Ling.

Unpacking our White Privilege: Decolonizing our Teaching Practice
 Burm, Sarah. and Burleigh, Dawn.

Unpacking the Field Work Experience: Emotional Connectedness, Researcher’s Responsibility and Managing Expectations
 Leon-Ross, Paola.

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Validación de un instrumento para el análisis de interacciones en aulas de clase de E. básica
 Argüelles Bendezú, PATRICIA., Martinic Valencia, Sergio. and Rojas Rojas, Sandra.

Validating a Competency Based Model for Faculty Evaluation in Southern Mexico
 Cisneros-Cohernour, Edith., Aguilar-Riveroll, Angel. and Lopez-Gamboa, Galo.

Validity as a Historically Constructed, Disciplinary Discourse
 Johnson, Mark.

Valores de Profesores de Trabajo Social presentes en su cotidianeidad Analisis de Resultados
 Martinez, Silvia.

Verbal protocols as a strategy to study self-regulation in Computer-Based Learning Environments
 Sanabria, Luis.

Video Action Research: Developing a Support Concept for Teachers in Working with Diverse Students
 Van de Putte, Inge.

Viet Nam: A Deconstruction of Ekphrastic Indifference via a Jimi Hendrix Video
 Norris, Edward.

Virtual world research for education: Methodology, benefits, and challenges
 Han, Hsiao-Cheng.

Virtually bridging practices of inquiry – The pedagogical complexities of introducing research practice in an art school in Pakistan
 Sadik, Razia.

Visual Narratives in Pop Culture: What Are We Teaching About Sustainability?
 Frank, Aliette.

Visual Qualitative Analysis
 Maietta, Ray.

Voice and Agency in Learning: The Impact of No Child Left Behind Policy on a 5th Grade Classroom
 Radhakrishnan, Ritu.

Voices From Lacuna: Women in Academia
 Curtis, Jessica., Frier, Aimee. and Lockhart, LIsa.

Voices Outside the Academy: Quilt, Art, and Story
 Burg, Carol.

Voices in Poetry: Using the Listening Guide Method to Examine Gifted Adults' Perceptions of Giftedness
 Sauder, Adrienne.

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Wait, So You Did This Together?: Two Graduate Students' Experiences with Co-Teaching and Co-Grading. Rufaro Chitiyo, Tennessee Technological University, and Hannah Rawiszer, Tennessee Technological University
 Chitiyo, Rufaro. and Rawiszer, Hannah.

Walking the Data: The Serendipitous Journey of Ethnography
 Jung, Yuha.

Walking while Black - the overt criminalization of the Black male body: Using critical media literacy as a racial project
 Esposito, Jennifer. and Evans-Winters, Venus.

Way(s) of Knowing: An Ethnographic Study of a Latino Superintendent
 Nino, Juan.

Wayfinding the City: Walking as a Method for Place-based Research
 Powell, Kimberly.

We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For: Lessons From a Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Study of Intergenerational Community Organizing Practice in a Historically Marginalized Community.
 Kang, Hye-Kyung.

We Could Not Stop for Death: Caring for Each Other at the End of Life
 Ezell, Stephanie.

Weathering Storms of Educational Reform: New Possibilities with Arts-Based Research
 McMillan, Sally. and Price, Margaret.

Weaving as Metaphor: Co-Constructing Professional/Personal Identity
 Hrovat, Allison.

West of Indianola
 Denzin, Norman.

Whaia te iti kahurangi. Indigenous Early Childhood Teacher Education Achievement
 Rau, Cheryl.

What About What I Can’t Say? Considering Ethics in Elite Interviewing
 Bullock, Erika. and Van Cleave, Jessica.

What Is Faith? An Autoethnographic Exploration into Motivation toward Religious Service and Belief in God
 Hum, Karen.

What Motivates College Undergraduate Students to Persevere: Stories of Students’ Experiences
 Sutter, Nate. and Polush, Elena.

What We Did, What We Found and Then What We Did After That: How and Why Mixed Methods Enriched a Study of Mindfulness-Based Skills Training in School Children
 Cheek, Julianne., Abrams, Elizabeth., Lipschitz, David. and Nakamura, Yoshio.

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Yo Soy Mary Helen, Doctoral Student!
 Martinez, Mary Helen.

Young, Gifted and Black?: A Scholar’s Autoethnoghraphy
 Royal, Genyne.

Youth Offender Diversion Alternative (YODA): Solution Focused Therapy with Non Intimate Partner Violent Offender
 Mengo, Cecilia., Whitehill, Bolton., Catheleen, Dr.Jordan. and Peter, Dr. Lehmann.

Youth Perspectives on the Intersection of Race, Poverty, Health and Education through VideoVoice and Photovoice
 Ghee, Sarah., Muchmore, Melissa., Brown, Melissa., Behrman, Matthew., Jackson, Brittany., Foley, Amanda., DeJonckheere, Melissa. and Vaughn, Lisa.

Youth Perspectives on the Intersection of Race, Poverty, Health and Education through VideoVoice and Photovoice
 Vaughn, Lisa.

Youth’s Commitment to Responsibilities in Youth Programs
 Gracia, Natali.
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