Tenth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2014-May-21 to 2014-May-25

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"Do We Follow What We Preach?: Teaching Qualitative Research and Practicing a Reflective Gaze"
 Palmerin Velasco, Diana. and Vera Zambrano, Sandra.

"Growing With My Hair": Black Women's Stories of Going Natural and Discovering the Self
 Phelps-Ward, Robin.

"He Says Continue Moving Forward and Do What Your Mother Says": Consejos in Transnational Families
 Hershberg, Rachel.

"Healthy Masculinity" on and off the Screen: A Heuristic Framework for Assessing and Managing Gendered Behavior.
 Johnson, Aaron.

"Our Photos Are For Us First”: The Framing of a Black Girl’s Truth
 Taaffe, Claudine.

"The Phalanx Covenant": Do we need the X-Men to evaluate some ubiquitous learning scenarios?
 Jorrín-Abellán, Ivan. and Muñoz-Cristóbal, Juan.

"There's No Sally and Thomas Here!": Scandal, Twitter and Black Feminist Epistemology
 Liston, Monique.

"This is Our Fucking City" or is it: Disaster Capitalism and the Loss of Rights in National Tragedies
 King-White, Ryan.

"Uneventful, everyday existence": Liberation politics across two continents and years
 McMillion, Desiree. and Sanya, Brenda.

"Working the Ruins" of Collaborative Feminist Qualitative Research
 Spencer, Callie.

#community: Twitter as Smooth Space in Teacher Education
 Sherbine, Kortney.

(Re)Thinking Ontology for (Post)Qualitative Methodology
 Lather, Patti.

(Re)Turn to Voice II: What Kind of Subject for What Kind of Science?
 Lather, Patti.

(ar)TED Talks, but Who is Really Listening?
 Sutters, Justin.

. Publishing Qualitatively Driven Mixed Method Research
 Cheek, Julianne.

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A Certain Experience of the Impossible? Ornette Coleman Encounters Jacques Derrida
 Learmonth, Mark. and Humphreys, Michael.

A Chair and Two Apples: Translating Experience into Evocative, Artful Research Writing
 Daiello, Vittoria.

A Close-Up of Co-Teaching: Zooming in on Teacher Candidates' Co-Teaching Experiences
 Landis, Nancy., Stephens, Jessica., Byford, Gabrielle. and Isbell, Janet.

A Cognitive/Metacognitive Coding Model for the Concurrent Think-Aloud Protocol
 Raven, Sara.

A Conceptual Model for and Practical Approach to Mixed Methods Research
 Lieber, Eli.

A Content Analysis on Ethnicity and culture in State Social Studies Standards
 Anderson, Joy.

A Critical Autoethnographic Exploration of Narrative Momentum in Families
 Herrmann, Andrew.

A Critical Sieve: New Theory Creation as an Academic Exercise
 Phillips, Glenn.

A Cultural Analysis of Satymev Vijante
 Amlani, Salma.

A Discourse into Qual+/->qual Mixed Methods: “Stretching” the Definitional Boundaries
 Miller, Joshua., Polush, Elena. and Brooks, Nancy.

A Discursive Psychological Approach to the Study of Autism in Online Talk
 Lester, Jessica. and Paulus, Trena.

A Interface da Violência com a Institucionalização do Idoso
 Moreira, Gracyelle., Vieira, Luiza Jane Eyre., Saintrain, Maria., Saintrain, Suzanne. and Silva, Juliana.

A Journey to Empowerment Through Visual Art
 Robinson, Diana.

A Life Course Analysis of Interpersonal, Historical, and Structural Trauma Among Older Adults in Prison: Towards a Critical Theory of Caring Justice
 Maschi, Tina.

A Light to The End of The Tunnel: The Senses Produced By Teenagers Infractors in a Project of Restorative Justice
 Rodrigues, Vitória.

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Badge of the Oppressor: Exploring Location and Positionality through Digital Story
 Prorock-Ernest, Amy.

Barreras y necesidades percibidas por los padres de familia para la atención en salud de niños menores de 15 años con cáncer en Bucaramanga y su área metropolitana 2002- 2009.
 Amado, Angelica., Posada Zapata, Isabel Cristina., Uribe, Claudia. and Rueda, Ernesto.

Battling the Able-ist Gaze: Artistic Practice, the Abject Body, and the Malingering Imagination
 Jones, Meadow.

Beards: What’s He Hiding in There?
 Phillips, Glenn. and Quick, Jonathan.

Bearing witness to performances of compassion: Volunteering at a bereavement camp for children
 Clark, Lou.

Beautiful Nonsense; Studio Art as Documenting Becoming
 Grube, Vicky.

Beauty is as Beauty Does: Is There Room at the Counter for Me?
 Davis-Bundrage, Melodie.

Becoming Collective as an Answer to Categorization in Education.
 Van De Putte, Inge.

Becoming Kalani: A Performative Investigation of Trans-Textual Identification
 Farias, Steven.

Becoming Multigenerational: The Performative Limitations of Generational Rhetoric in Citizenship Discourse
 Lemaster, Benny.

Becoming Poems and Love Letters
 Guttorm, Hanna.

Becoming and Being a Health Consumer: Findings From a Grounded Theory Study

Becoming child/becoming dress
 Jones, Liz (Elizabeth).

Becoming in the field: Dialogue with Latina girls and practicing science
 Kayumova, Shakhnoza.

Becoming-Disability: From a Politics of Identity to an Affective Politics
 Boldt, Gail. and Valente, Joseph.

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C.P. Snow Goes to Medical and Graduate School
 Ehrenberger, Kristen.

CRiT Walking for Disruption of Educational Master Narratives
 Giles, Mark. and Hughes, Robin.

Calidad de vida percibida en personas mayores participantes de un programa comunitario.
 Tuzzo, Rosario.

Call and Respond: Disability and the Difficulty of Embodied Silence
 Ellingson, Laura.

Can Arts-Based Research Enhance Phenomenological Inquiry? Using Drawings to Examine Doctoral Student Motherhood/Mothering in Academia
 CohenMiller, Anna.

Can Critical Thinking Be Applied Across Disciplines and Across Countries?
 Goodwin, Sheilia. and Aboshiaqah, Ahmad.

Cancer/Environment Rhizomes
 Gullion, Jessica.

Cap'n Psych
 Lowenstein, Elisabeth.

Capturing Women's Empowerment Through a Photography Lens
 Diaz, Yuliana.

Case Study Analysis in Child Welfare Evaluation Research
 Bloomquist, Kori., Danh, Marie., Graham-Dotson, Yolanda., Cummings, Teresa., Barton, William., Hall, James. and Turney, Ben.

Celebrity Coaches - manipulative construction or naturally occurring need?
 doherty, daniel.

Centering Critical Inquiry: Methodologies that Facilitate Critical Qualitative Research
 Perez, Michelle. and Pasque, Penny.

Challenges Experienced by Teenage Mothers in Secondary Schools: The Case of Hlanganani South Circuit, South Africa
 Themane, Mahlapahlapana.

Challenges for Qualitative Research: Contributions from the Brazilian Collective Health
 Bosi, Maria Lúcia.

Challenges implementing Educational reform in Mexico´s secondary Education
 Lopez-Gamboa, Galo., Cisneros-Cohernour, Edith. and Aguilar-Riveroll, Angel.

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Daily life vocal demand of teachers´ in modern times
 Brasil, Christina., da Silva, Raimunda., Albuquerque, Mírian., Tavares, Carmem., Freitas, Jarlideire. and Araújo, Maria Alix.

Dance as Embodied Learning: Communities in Motion
 Anttila, Eeva.

Dancing as journey towards wholeness: Findings from a qualitative study
 Downing, Charlene., Poggenpoel, Marie. and Myburgh, Chris.

Dancing in the public eye: Muslim American Women on Campus
 Mir, Shabana.

Dancing with Data: The process of concurrent data collection/generation and analysis
 Hoare, Karen. and Mills, Jane.

Dangerous Work: The Self as Data
 Smith, Philip.

Dear Barista: Professors as Members of the Service Class
 Gangnon, Bradley. and Milbourne, Constance.

Death Café: Artists Discuss their Approaches to Exploring Death through their Practice, over Coffee and Cake
 Mahoney, Paula. and Ryan, Natalie.

Death of the Teacher: A Deconstruction of the Teaching Apparatus
 Saunders, Chelsey. and Ulmer, Jasmine.

Debating to Improve Writing: Freshmen Use Oral Discourse to Practice Argumentation That Provides Evidence
 Shargel, Rebecca.

Decentralizing Curriculum Decision-Making in Indonesia: A Case Study
 Akrom, Muhamad.

Decentred Becomings in Religious Women’s Writings
 Rantala, Teija.

Decision Making of Social Work Doctoral Students with Regard to Dissertation Topic and Research Method
 Williams, Katherine.

Decoloning education reform through arts-community enegagement
 McDermott, Morna.

Deconstructing Space and Time: Doubled Texts and Post-Qualitative Inquiry
 Hein, Serge.

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E agora? Realidades e perspectivas da mãe adolescente no Nordeste brasileiro
 Santos, Rita., da Silva, Raimunda., Mendonça, Francisco., Collares, Patricia., Santos, Alana. and Pinheiro, Cleoneide.

EDUCATION AND HEALTH: necessary interfaces to the construction of the citizenship

Earthquake in Chile, a view from virtual etnography: a Nursing students’ opinion about disasters managment
 Ramirez, Mirliana. and Ferrada, Monica.

Easily Distracted: Young Children Negotiating Contemporary Pedagogy Practice
 Thompson, Daniel.

Ecoaesthetics: Stories of Collective, Creative Experiences in Urban Education
 Finley, Susan.

Ecobricolage: Inquiry Infused with an Ecological Consciousness
 Miller, Tanya.

Editors' perspectives on qualitative visual displays.
 Scagnoli, Norma. and Verdinelli, Susana.

Educacion, Contexto y Conocimiento
 Cortez Ochoa, Nestor.

Educational eadership for excellence and equity: Case study of an urban Hispanic charter school
 Evans, Michael.

Educational group with pregnancy: strategy for the health promotion of newborn
 Gubert, Fabiane., Souza Brito, Larissa Ludmila Monteiro de Souza Brito¹,., Pinheiro, Maria Talyta., Santos, Daisyanne Augusto., Barros, Êmile., Fontenele, Nagila., Sales Pinheiro, Sarah Rayssa., Carneiro, Elioneide., Costa, Clarissa., Araújo, Alline., de Sousa, Fárida Roberta., Gomes, Marcela Ariadne., Cardoso, Gabriela., Araújo, Lorena., Moreira, Rebeca., da Silva, Ana Caroline., Martins, Wanderson. and Martins, Mariana.

Educative preparing of the retirement in older adults and their families
 AGUILERA VELASCO, MARIA DE LOS ANGELES., Pérez Solís, José de Jesús., Acosta Fernández, Martín. and Pozos Radillo, Blanca.

Effect of Designing Experiments Based on constructivist Activities on Preservice Teachers' Evaluation of the Teaching Profession
 Bayram, Zeki.

Effects of social representation of HIV-AIDS on human rights and discrimination
 Salas Martínez, Raymundo.

El "estado del arte" del Núcleos de Apoyo a la Salud de la Familia

El Alcohol y el Desempeño Escolar
 Gómez Michel, Rocío., Pedrero, Leticia., Suárez, Juan. and Fernández, Santiago.

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Fabricated Meaning in the Directed Image
 Mahoney, Paula.

Facebook y las Relaciones Interpersonales
 Barroso, Carlos., Cueva, Lorena., de la Mora, Paola. and Hashimoto, Clarissa.

Facilitating the Writing Process through Photovoice
 Alvarez McHatton, Patricia.

Faculty Plus Fraternity Equals Persistence
 Carey, Kevin.

Faculty, Trainer, and Student Perspectives on a Blended Teaching Model for CAQDAS Qualitative Research
 Leitch, Judith., Oktay, Julianne. and Meehan, Ben.

Faith, Fear, and Sex: The Intersection of a Cervical Cancer Program with Local Disease Models
 Chasco, Emily.

Family Functioning Among Caregivers of Children With Chronic Illness
 Flores Balbuena, David.

Family Functioning in Primary Caregivers of Pediatric Oncology Patients
 Velázquez Galicia, Yolanda.

Family Functioning in primary caregivers pediatrics chronic disease
 Toledano-Toledano, Filiberto.

Family Stories: Using Fiction and Historical Accounts to Fill in the Missing Pieces
 Purnell, David.

Family feuds are forever
 giorgio, grace.

Farm and Garden-Based Education within Community Supported Agriculture Programs
 Wight, Robert.

Fat woman seeks spaces to flounder and flow
 Smailes, Sophie.

Fatherly Love
 Mather, Mort.

Fear of Crime: theoretical lessons after 9/11
 Muñoz Sandoval, Carlos.

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Gaian Methods as Qualitative Inquiry
 Hauk, Marna.

Gaining Access amidst a Culture of Fear: One Novice Scholar’s Experience
 Horace, Jennifer.

Gay men and the Intentional Pursuit of HIV - A Narrative Analysis
 Loveless, Dr. Thomas.

Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) and Student Activism in Ontario Public and Catholic High Schools
 Lapointe, Alicia.

Gender Identity Negotiation of Female Gamers: A Fiction-Based Approach
 LeBlanc, Amana.

Gender and Sexual Minority Youth’s Perceptions of Social Support and Utilization of Community-based Resources: A Mixed Methods Analysis with Social Work Implications
 Hwu, Amanda., Paceley, Megan. and Arizpe, Hortencia.

Gender, Sexuality, and Teaching: Exploring Gender and the Teaching Profession through Study of Men Teachers
 Hansen, Christopher.

Gendered difference in exploring the meaning of incarcereal experiences
 Balliro, Michael.

Genealogical vs. praxeological concepts of discourse and the appropriation of discursive subject positions
 geimer, alexander.

General Outline of the Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse
 Keller, Reiner.

Geo-Metrons Resounding in the Silence of the Void
 Palulis, Patricia.

Geographical Elements in Ardahan Region Turkish Folk Songs
 Ozturk, Mustafa Kemal.

Gestión Educativa y Formación Docente Continua en Contextos de Pobreza: Caso Escuela Generación Nuevo Milenio
 Uribe, Claudia.

Gestión Social del Conocimiento en el proceso de investigación (Universidad-Empresa)
 Rodríguez, Adriana.

 Harris, Anne.

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Happy Incidents and Unexpected Encounters in the Academy
 Anttila, Eeva., Guttorm, Hanna., Löytönen, Teija. and Valkeemäki, Anita.

Hard Ground Is a Good Teacher: Place as Partner in Russian Martial Arts Practice
 Billew, Slade.

Harnessing the Power of Mixed Methods Evaluations: Transforming the Lives of Rural Appalachian Women
 Mathes, Kathryn.

Hate at the border: A Foucaultian narrative analysis of anti-immigrants websites
 Gemignani, Marco. and Confer​, Stephanie.

Healing CQI in university teaching processes
 Chapela, Consuelo., Salas, Flora., Cerda, Alejandro. and Covarrubias, Esmeralda.

Healthy Homes for Healthy Living: Qualitative research to inform Chagas disease control programs in Loja Province, Ecuador
 Nieto, Claudia., Grijalva, Mario., Jimenez, Sylvia., Baus, Esteban. and Gomez, Guillermo.

Heritage Language Maintenance by Chinese-American College Students: a Classroom Ethnographic Study
 Yu, Pei-Shan.

Heritage Tourism: The Construction of Self as Other
 Ceisel, Christina.

Hermeneutic Dialogue as Deconstruction?
 Freeman, Melissa.

Hermenéutica del concepto:procesos de interpretación con estudiantes de educación básica
 Villegas Bohorquez, Farid.

Hide and seek curricula: An uneven playing field for bilingual students
 Chitiyo, Rufaro. and Silber-Furman, Dorota.

High-Stakes Test Preparation and its Impact on Test takers’ Possible Selves as (Un)successful L2 Learners
 Yoo, Jungwon., Shin, Dong il. and Choi, Hee Young.

Higher Disparities: Contrasts in Female and Male Self-Reported Views of Academic Parenthood
 Lewis, Lillian.

Hindrances to Quality - A Qualitative Case Study of Attrition at a University Within a Developing Small Island State.
 Lewis, Kathy-Ann. and De Lisle, Jerome.

Historical Research Demonstrates the Power of Social Work Advocacy
 Talbot, Elizabeth.

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I Belong
 Hayes, Nini.

I Felt Like I Was There: Understanding “Presence” in Instructional Virtual Environments
 Phillips, Glenn., McKenzie, Kathryn. and Davis, Trina.

I am a Gaucher. And what do I do now?
 Toneloto, Carolina.

I am the Cohort: An Individual Becomes the Collective
 Shakuri-Rad, Whitney.

IImpact of Primary Care-Behavioral Health Integration on Provider Practices
 Shamblin, Sherry. and Graham, Dawn.

Identity management strategies of Turks in the United States: A qualitative study

If she had helped me to solve the problem, she would have cured me! A critical discourse analysis of a mental health intake
 Lavie-Ajayi, Maya.

If the World Is Really a Stage: Qualitative Explorations of Self-Understanding Through the Arts
 Staroselsky, Marianna.

Imaginary Conversation: Daydreaming or Social Inquiry?
 Geleta, Dr. Esayas.

Imaging the Dead: Mapping the Cadaver, Dissecting the Anatomical Image
 Ryan, Natalie.

Imagining Critical Qualitative Futures Researching Networks, Systems and Other Power Assemblages in the 21st Century
 Torrance, Harry.

Implementation of an Unit Quality of Life in SESI Ceará: experience report
 Costa, Luciana., Morais, Kassandra Maria., COLLARES, PATRICIA., Saraiva, Tânia Maria., Leite, Lindomagno. and Albuquerque, Aline.

Improvising Autoethnography: A dialogue between reader and writer
 Riggs, Nicholas.

In Pursuit of Hermeneutic Visual Journaling: Visual Journals as a Mode and Method of Inquiry
 Scott Shields, Sara.

In the Silence of their Skin: Youth-Centered Research into HIV and Young Adulthood in Trinidad and Tobago
 Rogers, Tracie.

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Journalism Education that Matters: The Importance of Taking the Class Outside the Classroom
 Brooks, Arthur.

Journey to Identity: Autobiographical Memory and the Identity Developmentof Young Israelies Women
 Segev, Einav.

Jurassic Juche: Paradisiacal Parallels between the “Dinotopia” Book Series and North Korea
 Ter Molen, Sherri.


Katia's trial submission-katia's trial submission
 Curbelo, Katia.

Keeping it All Together: Making Time Management and Organization Work
 Matherson, Lisa.

Knowing the Other Gender: Rarely Taught, Roundly Learned
 Aghasaleh, Rouhollah. and Buxton, Cory.


LD: Learning Depression.
 Weisman, Courtney.

LEGAL CONCEPTS: a qualitative approach.
 Poltronieri, Renato.

La Entrevista como un Espacio de Reflexión sobre el Significado de la Sexualidad entre Costureras
 Salinas-Urbina, Addis Abeba. and Garduño, Ma. de los Angeles.

La Imagen del Narco en el Cine Mexicano Contemporáneo
 Santana, Josefina. and Vázquez, Paula.

La Influencia de Programas Televisivos como America’s Next Top Model en las Jóvenes Mexicanas
 Garcia Quintana, Ricardo., Graff, Ana., Mendoza, Juan. and Hernández, Diana.

La Investigación Socio Jurídica Herramienta Fundamental para la Formulación de las Políticas Públicas
 Cano, Clara.

La Investigación cualitativa y el abordaje psicosocial de algunos dilemas humanos en Colombia. Universidad Santo Tomas. Bogotá, Colombia.
 Aya, Sandra. and Laverde, Diana.

La Metodologia Cualitativa en la Formacion de Recursos Humanos para la Salud: Educacion medica
 Cervantes Minjares, Juan., López Hernández, Rebeca., López López, José. and Tavares Rodriguez, Berenice.

La Metodología Narrativa como Didáctica del Derecho

La Presión Social en el Uso del Alcohol
 Celis, Regina., Martínez, Laura., Meave, Danae. and Chávez, Mariajosé.

La experiencia tecnologica de los ninos en su rol de consumidores

La implicación como aliada del proceso de investigación
 Menassé, Andrea.

La importancia del trabajo interdisciplinario en el rescate de un humanista del siglo XVIII
 Bejarano, Maria.

La música que desafió al silencio
 Reyes, Martha.

La percepción, la influencia y la cognición como motivadores del proceso de compra en infantes
 OTERO, MARIA. and Perez, wilson.

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MSK Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Türkçe Eğitimi Bölümü Birinci Sınıf Öğrencilerinde Ezgi Oluşturma Becerisi
 Coskun, Mustafa.

Madness to her Methods: Bridging the Big and Deep Data Divide
 Salmons, Janet.

Magnet Moving, Materiality, and Shifting Boundaries in a Secondary English Classroom
 Hall, Allisa.

Making Art Accessible for the Visually Impaired: Perspectives from Students who are Audio Describers for this Grant Funded Project at Illinois State University
 Landa-Vialard, Olaya.

Making Room for a Spatial Analysis: Queering the campus map as a research tool
 Sullivan, Rachael.

Making Room for a Spatial Analysis: Queering the campus map as a research tool
 Sullivan, Rachael.

Making it Over: Reflections of an African American Teacher Making Space in the Unfamiliar Suburbs
 Rideaux, Kia.

Making place a participant in the scholarship of community-university engagement
 Moore, Tami. and Shinew, Dawn.

Males and the Discourse of Suspicion: Minimizing Suspicion in Early Childhood Education
 Pruit, John.

Managing The Wild: An Autoethnography of the Experience of a Research Team
 Coles, D. Crystal., Massey, Molly., Wingold, Tracey. and Kye Price, Sarah.

Mapping Foreign Spaces: A Critical, Ethnographic Approach to Field Practices in Pre-Service Education
 Sutters, Justin.

Mapping Memory: Scrapbooks, vestiges, cyberatlases, and the everyday art of surviving abuse
 Tamas, Sophie.

Matematik Problemlerini Öğrencilere Göre Uyarlamanın Öğrencilerin Problemleri Çözme Başarısına Etkisi
 Doğan, Sümeyra.

Mattering and the reintegration process post-deployment
 La Fleur, Richard.

Me-Search, Self Study, and Teacher Identity
 Koehler, Jeanne.

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Narrativas textuais e visuais sobre pesquisa de um grupo de calouros da licenciatura em artes visuais
 Vasconcellos, Sonia.

Narrative Transformation Among Military Personnel on an Adventurous Training and Sport Course
 Carless, David.

Narrative Visualization of Tentative Manifestations in Post-Intentional Phenomenological Inquiry
 Pazurek, Angelica.

Narrative Visualization of Tentative Manifestations in Post-Intentional Phenomenological Inquiry
 Pazurek, Angelica.

Narrative enquiry on perception of Western and Islamic leadership styles
 mubarak, Rubba.

Narrative inquiry in the study of generative behavior.
 Tuzzo, Rosario.

Narratives for understanding the disadvantaged educational landscape in South Africa
 smit, brigitte.

Narratives of Israeli and Palestinian Mothers: Counter Transference in a Context of Conflict
 Rottenberg-Rosler, Biri.

Narratives of loss and discovery from the life of a "non immigrant" "temporary resident"
 shor, shlomit.

Native American Youth Discourse: When Figured Worlds Clash
 Wehunt, Mary.

Native Androgogy: Challenges and Strengths
 Nettleton, Dr. Jodi.

Naturalistic Research on Reference Group Dynamics in Consumer Behavior: A Mix Methods Approach
 Schulz, Heather.

Nature Re-connection: An African American Teacher’s Journey of Identity
 Curry, Dawn.

Navigating Between Invited and Public Space: Exploring Narrative Voice Among Stigmatized Populations
 Chouinard, Jill Anne. and Clifford, Pat.

Navigating the Complexities of Preparing Research for Publication: Drawing from the Journaling of an Aspiring Scholar
 Richardson, Tobin.

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O corpo na ópera: o que os cantores podem fazer?
 Velardi, Marilia.

Obstáculos del padre para ejercer un rol activo en la crianza del niño o niña con Síndrome de Down.
 Giraldo, Ana Lucía.

Of Embodiment and Ether: Negotiating the Complexity of Relationship and Community in American Masculine Culture
 Burns, Jim.

Old Dog, New Tricks: Reflections of an Experimental Social Psychologist on Learning Qualitative Methods
 Wetzler, Elizabeth.

Older Adults in Prison and Their Families: Qualitative Research as the Impetus for Policy Action
 Maschi, Tina.

On Depression, and the Toll Academia Exacts
 Shine, Jacqui.

On Gratitude, for My Father
 Gingrich-Philbrook, Craig.

On Materiality in Visual Arts-Based Research
 Siegesmund, Richard.

On My Bubble Dreams
 Fieseler, Carlie.

On how chairs move: writing my movement, moving my writing: an A/r/tographic experience in Dance

On the Utility of Coding: Foundational Tasks of the Craft
 Lincoln, Yvonna.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Unfinished Journey of Learning and Practicing Qualitative Research in Graduate School
 Cheng, Catherine. and Maiolino, Elise.

Online Interaction: Challenges and Opportunities for Qualitative Research
 Schmidt-Jones, Catherine.

Opinions of Family Court Judges about the Reflection of Domestic Violence on Children
 Togay, Zerrin., Akman, Berrin. and Karakus, Hilal.

Opinions of Preschool Teachers and Families Related to Primary School Readiness Period
 Ozen Altınkaynak, Senay., Uysal, Hatice., Akman, Berrin. and Taşkın, Necdet.

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Pachamama has Rights. The Constitutional Reform Process in Ecuador and Transnational Discursive Interactions
 Espinosa, Christina.

Palpably Poignant Interviews: Building Context and Relationship with Observation
 Vann-Ward, Terrie.

 Salvo, James.

Parent Perspectives on Inclusive Education: Examining Outcomes for Individual Students
 Staton, Mary.

Parents As Advocates: Using Phenomenology to Hear the Voices of Parents in Child Custody Decision-Making
 Archer-Kuhn, Beth.

Part of the problem? A contrarian look at the socially-engaged work of art and arts-based research
 Prendergast, Monica.

PartIcipatory securIty research wIthIn academIc educatIon and traInIng In AustrIa
 Miko, Katharina.

Participant Experiences and Perceived Value of Mothers’ Centers as a Vehicle for Social Change
 Altman, Julie.

Participants with Dementia in Research: How to Get Entry to Their Life World?
 Myren, Gunn Eva., Saur, Ellen. and Hellzen, Ove.

Pathway analysis of five Turkish students: from initial EFL acquisition to graduate study abroad.
 Daubenmire, Joseph.

Pathways to resilience of youth living in violent neighborhoods in Medellín, Colombia.
 Paez, Esteban. and Montoya, Daniel.

Patient education in everyday life
 Hybholt, Lisbeth.

Patriarchal Domination and Its Impact on Women’s Education among Zimbabwean Immigrants in the United States
 Nyemba, Florence.

Patriotism or xenophobia? The media discourse of the "Plastic Brit"
 Proctor, Wilma.

Pedagogy of Care: Shifting Paradigms in Pharmacy Education
 Ramalho de Oliveira, Djenane. and Lourenco de Freitas, Erika.

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Qualitative Analysis of Multilevel Sensitization Teacher Education Strategy for Inclusive Classroom Instruction
 Landry, Paul.

Qualitative Data Visualization
 Luther, Anne.

Qualitative Inquiry Pedagogy: An Approach to Developing Actively Engaged Healthcare Professionals
 Marterella, Abbey.

Qualitative Inquiry and the Highly Sensitive Person
 Phalen, Steve.

Qualitative Inquiry and the Pace of Academic Life
 Mendick, Heather., Allen, Kim. and Harvey, Laura.

Qualitative Inquiry in Intervention Development Research: Enhancing Wellness Approaches for Adults with Serious Mental Illness
 Marterella, Abbey.

Qualitative Inquiry into the Intersections among Abuse, Disability, and Health
 Terry, Miranda.

Qualitative Inquiry – an x-ray of self-efficacy mechanism
 Katz, Sara.

Qualitative Inquiry, I’m Your #1 Fan!
 Harris, Genevieve.

Qualitative Methodologies in Understanding Intergenerational Transfer of Historical Trauma
 Cayir, Ebru. and Spencer, Mindi.

Qualitative Methods for Walk-Through Post-Occupancy Evaluation
 Popov, Lubomir.

Qualitative Research Methodologies as Partners of Quantitative Educational Development Benchmarks
 Tuomi, Margaret.

Qualitative Research in Media Literacy in Turkey: Chances, Possibilities and Difficulties
 Talun Ince, Ayalp.

Qualitative Research in the 21st Century, and the Special Problem of Ethics
 Lincoln, Yvonna.

Qualitative inquiry through the eyes of postmodern counselors: Creating a kinship between practice and research
 Rogers-de Jong, Marnie. and Samuels, Sumerlee.

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RB 24: An Autoethnography of a Black Mother in Sport
 Baker, Ashley.

Race and Gender in English: An Autoethnography
 Alba, Brandy.

Race and Out of School Suspensions: Narratives from African American children, their parents, and educators
 Wilson, Robert., Haight, Wendy., Kayama, Misa., Marshall, Jane. and Gibson, Priscilla.

Race and Out of School Suspensions: Narratives from African American children, their parents, and educators
 Wilson, Robert., Haight, Wendy., Kayama, Misa., Marshall, Jane. and Gibson, Priscilla.

Rapid Ethnography for Facilities Planning
 Popov, Lubomir.

Re-constructing Identity in West Texas: Narratives from Cameroon, China, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam & a Sometimes-Southerner
 Awasum, Afuh., Celebi, Dilber., Isidro, Elizabeth., Phan, Thanh. and Zhou, Dong.

Re-creating Oppression and Hope: Responses to a Multimedia Installation of the Prison Experience and Memories
 Lincoln, Yvonna., Gonzalez, Elsa. and Aroztegui-Masera, Carmen.

Re-prioritising 'The Interview': The potential of observation in a grounded theory study
 Baldwin, Adele. and Mills, Jane.

Re/Producing Mothering/Academia
 Pfeiler-Wunder, Amy.

ReThinking Research Entry through RePlaying
 Bodle, Aaron., Loveless, DJ., Taylor Jaffee, Ashley., Carrington, Deborah., Frazier, Chapman. and Norris, Joe.

Reading Difficulties of Chinese Learners
 Kuo, Yi-Lu.

Reading and Responding to Literature: A Qualitative Study of Teachers’ Experiences of learning Children’s Literature
 Durriyah, Tati.

Reading referenda – a comparative discourse analysis of the three failed referenda on the EU Constitutional or Lisbon Treaty in France, the Netherlands and Ireland
 Schünemann, Wolf.

Reality TV: Adolescents and Digital Critical Literacy Practices
 Rust, Julie.

Reconceptualizing data session I
 Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka. and MacLure, Maggie.

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S-Rii Colour Coding Method: An alternative approach to coding qualitative research data
 Morseu-Diop, Noritta.

STD/AIDS Prevention: information design to health promotion
 de Freitas, Ranielder., Waechter, Hans. and Coutinho, Solange.

Salmonella and Backyard Chickens - A Qualitative Study
 McNicholas, Caroline., Jeffers, Anna. and Hilyard, Karen.

Sati in Psychology: Exploring the Tension between Secular Buddhism and Mindfulness-Based Interventions
 Leipow, Rachel.

School Bullying in an Audit Culture
 Harris, Genevieve.

School Education Duty with Adolescents: Effects on Adolescents’ awareness to sexual health behavior for Hiv/ Aids Prevention
 Costa, Ana Cristina., Pinheiro, Patricia., Gubert, Fabiane., Costa, Renata Luzia., Nunes, Joyce. and Cunha, Neiva.

School Readiness: Insights from Low-income African American Mothers
 Melero, Lilli. and Jarrett, Robin.

School Spaces: Exploring the “mundane” in educational research with youth
 Semenec, Paulina.

School Spaces: Exploring the “mundane” in educational research with youth
 Semenec, Paulina.

Searching for Non-Visual Access in a Sighted World
 Sheffield, Rebecca.

Self-acceptance and separation from previous self: Assessing group therapy impact on people with TBI
 Azrad, Diana. and Eldar, Dorit.

Self-directed Teacher Professional Development in a Changing Society
 Weir, Chloe.

Semiotics Beyond Language: Exploring Alternatives to the ill-Advised Rejection of Semiotics in the New Materialisms
 Rosiek, Jerry.

Sensational pedagogies in learning the academic self
 lisahunter, .. and emerald, elke.

Sense: Voice, the Quality of Presence and the Poetics of Light and Color.
 Yomtoob, Desiree.

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TBA: My Becoming
 Quinones, Michele.

Tagggy tt
 Henson, Bryce. and Denzin, Norman.

Taking Care of Depression: A Narrative Analysis
 Scheffels, Erin.

Taking children’s questions seriously: the need for creative thought
 Olsson, Liselott Mariett.

Tales From the Field: An Examination of Power and Collaborative Relationships Between School Resource Officers and School Officials. Ellyn M. Dickmann, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
 Dickmann, Ellyn.

Tales of Negotiating Research Relationships and Protocols to Conduct Research with Students in High Schools
 Saldanha, Ken.

Talking Political Power: Cross cultural mis/interpretations of common political language
 Inglett, Jennifer.

Tangible Cultural Elements in Local Folktales of Cyprus
 Kayhan, Hatice.

Targeted Critical Autoethnography as a Tool for Trauma Recovery
 Circo, E. Angela.

Taxonomias e Terminologias na Pesquisa Qualitativa: diversidade ou uma nova Babel?
 Bosi, Maria Lúcia.

Teachable Moments: Incorporating Literacy into all Subjects
 Rogers, Amy.

Teacher Candidates' Responses to Picture Books
 Ulusoy, Mustafa.

Teachers´ Perceptions about the voice
 Brasil, Christina., da Silva, Raimunda., Albuquerque, Mírian., Tavares, Carmem., Freitas, Jarlideire. and Araújo, Maria Alix.

Teachers´ vocal health: the interfaces between the popular and the scientific knowledge
 Brasil, Christina., da Silva, Raimunda., Albuquerque, Mírian., Tavares, Carmem., Freitas, Jarlideire. and Araújo, Maria Alix.

Teachers’ Conflation of Race and Ethnicity with Language Proficiency: Implications for Classroom Discourse
 Byfield, Lavern., Shelby-Caffey, Crystal. and Lee, Yookyung.

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UTILITIC”: an educative program to enhance the serviceable use of ICT
 Palacios Vicario, Beatriz., Sánchez Gómez, Maria., Gutiérrez García, Andrea., López García, Camino. and Sánchez García, Ana.

Uma experiência com idosos utilizando a arte como meio de socialização
 da Silva, Leticia. and Oliveira, Walter.

Un testimonio: Discovering the self in the company of others
 Nino, Juan. and Aguilar, Israel.

Un/talking theory in applied research settings: Resisiting positivism in positivist policy environments
 Wright, Theresa.

Una Propuesta Metodológica para una aproximación a las historias de vida de los teletrabajadores
 Carantón, Josué.

Understand the non-Western Media’s Development in Contemporary Globalization: Critical Frame Analysis of a Chinese Advertisement Case
 Zhang, Bin.

Understanding Complexity in Ethnography: Time Analytics
 Dennis, Barbara.

Understanding Critical Consciousness in the Era of High Stakes Assessment
 Rodriguez, Gabriel. and Dahlke, Ellen.

Understanding Experiential Dimensions of Mental Health Among Unskilled Migrant Labourers in Indian Socio-historical Context: A Qualitative Inquiry
 Yadav, Sangeeta.

Understanding family functioning in a group of women with migrant husband
 Toledano Tirado, María Elena.

Understanding the Use of Film in Online Curriculum
 Roden, Ph.D., Kathryne.

Unexpected kindness: On contradictions and being human
 Halley, Jean.

Unfinalizing the Finalizable Student: Analysis of Student Created Narratives of Education Reform and Transition
 Mungin, Douglas.

Unschooling a Teacher: Learning to Learn Outside of the Classroom
 Lachance, Graeme.

Untold, transgressive, and counter data in qualitative inquiry
 Gemignani, Marco., Rottenberg-Rosler, Biri. and Lavie-Ajayi, Maya.

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Vehicle Collision Experiences: "I'm Not in Pieces, But Need Help to Get My Life Back"
 Lindsay, Gail., Mior, Silvano., Côté, Pierre., Carroll, Linda. and Shearer, Heather.

Veiling and Unveiling: An Artistic Exploration of Self-Other Processes
 Scotti, Victoria. and Aicher, Angela.

Vets Creative Strengths: Using the Arts to Help Student Veterans Cope
 Gorman, Geraldine. and Ezell, Stephanie.

Vibrant Matter in a Virtual World: How the New Materialisms Inform Video Game Research in Science Education
 Leslie, Logan.

Video ethnography in social development: Exploring the Significance of Ubuntu in Public and Private Lives in Eastern Cape, South Africa
 Moyo, Otrude.

Violencias que atraviesan, se originan y reproducen en la escuela: estrategia multi-enfoque para su comprensión
 Toledo-Jofré, María Isabel. and Guajardo-Soto, Gabriel.

Visiting Chinese Grandparents in a Southern Region of the United States
 Chen, Hao-Min. and Lee, Yen-Ling.

Visión de la contribución de la comunicación integral en las organizaciones en México
 Arevalo, Rebeca.

Visual and Virtual Interviews
 Salmons, Janet.

Visual „Nosing Around“
 Miko, Katharina.

Visualizing Leadership: Using Artistic Renderings as Narratives with Native American Deaf Women Leaders
 Paris, Damara.

Visually Approaching the Notions of Power in a Transnational Urban Space: Koreatown as a Case Study
 Kim, Soo Mee.

Vital illusions of discipline and critical (re)productions of docile teacher body images
 Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka. and Ulmer, Jasmine.

Vivencias de Migrantes Mexicanos en Torno a Estados Emocionales y Consumo de Alcohol y Drogas
 Cervantes Minjares, Juan., López Hernández, Rebeca., Becerra Moscoso, Mitzi., Torres López, Teresa., Mercado Ramírez, Miguel. and López López, José.

Voice(s) in Action: Using the Listening Guide in Observational Research
 Bright, Felicity., Kayes, Nicola., Worrall, Linda. and McPherson, Kathryn.

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Walking Among Shells: A Layered Account of Studying Self-Injury from the Inside Out
 Presson, Brittany.

Walking the Talk: Tensions between Analysis and Advocacy in Ethical Inquiry
 Halldórsdóttir, Tanya.

Wax and Seal: An Autoethnography of Illness, Devotion, and Marriage
 Burnett, Jason.

Ways of evolving to inner maturity of a Won-Buddhist woman with mind practice experiences.
 Jun, Youngcook.

We Don’t Talk About What We Don’t Talk About: The Silences of Disability
 Jenks, Elaine.

We are here: Finding space and grace as teacher educators in predominately white institutions
 Duncan, Kristen., Jones, Stephanie. and Johnson, Latoya.

We, us, they, them: Shifts in engineering students’ voice and perspective in communicating a sense of belonging
 Phillips, Canek. and Pawley, Alice.

Weak Voice/Strong Talk: between policy making with or without women
 Conlon, Catherine.

Weaving understanding: Use of secondary data to generate new understandings about HIV risk with women in Papua New Guinea
 Redman-MacLaren, Michelle. and Mills, Jane.

Weighing Up the Costs of Seeking Health Care for Dengue Symptoms: A grounded theory study of backpackers’ decision-making processes
 Mills, Jane., Vajta, Balint., Holberg, Mette. and McBride, John.

Weird drifting as research method: Affective encounters with/in a learning space
 Bennett, Luke., Taylor, Carol. and Burnett, Cathy.

What Do I Do Now? A Feeling of Displacement
 Windle, Tracy.

What Makes a STAR Teacher? Examining the Dispositions of PK-12 Urban Teachers
 Hartlep, Nicholas., Hansen, Christopher., Banicki, Guy. and McCubbins, Sara.

What do Women Learn in Natural Hair Online Communities?: A Conventional Content Analysis
 Phelps-Ward, Robin.

What’s a Foot? Traversing the Built Environment
 Richardson, Laurel.

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Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğretiminde Etkileşimli Tahta Kullanımı
 CELİK, Serkan., Balcı, Orhan. and Kalfa, Mahir.

Yabancı Dil Öğretiminde Edebi Metin Kullanımı
 Donmez, Selcuk.

Yabancılara Türkçe Öğretimi Ders Kitaplarındaki Metinlerin Bağdaşıklık Açısından Değerlendirilmesi
 Mantı, Melda.

Yabancılara Türkçe Öğretiminde Yazma Becerilerinin Geliştirilmesi İçin Otantik Malzeme Kullanımı

Yo soy Nicaragüense…. A critical exploration of youth and social change in Nicaragua
 Webster, Nicole.

Yoremes of Sinaloa and their inclusion to the information society
 Vargas-Hernández, José.

You Go Girl: A Participatory Approach to Developing Health Interventions with Low-Income Mothers
 Jarrett, Robin. and Crossman, Kimberly.

You Got Girl’d: Negotiating Femininity as a Woman Playing Men’s Ice Hockey
 Morris, Erin.

You can get out, but you can never leave: A female professor reflects on retiring.
 Bailey, Lu.

Young Parents with No Fixed Address: Habitus, Dispositions, Capital, and Arts Based Methods
 Juando-Prats, Clara., Angus, Jan., Parsons, Janet. and Farmer, Diane.

Young, Working, and Black: Narratives of Race, Oppression, and Resistance in the Workplace
 Hasford, Julian.

Your love is my drug: Tales of Adolescent Empowerment
 Kranke, Derrick. and Saia, Rebecca.

Youth as knowledge producers through community-based media arts practice
 Lin, Ching-Chiu.

Youths' Definitions of Race and Sexuality via New Social Media
 Bartone, Michael., Alexander, David. and Young, Jennifer.

Youth’s Commitment to Responsibilities in Youth Programs
 Gracia, Natali.


ZDP + Symposium + Literacy + Culture + Abduction: Learning from Experience
 Velez-Zapata, Claudia.

ZDP + Symposium + Literacy + Culture + Abduction: research training model
 MARÍN, JUAN. and Velez-Zapata, Claudia.
Tenth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2014-May-21 to 2014-May-25
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