Tenth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2014-May-21 to 2014-May-25

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S-Rii Colour Coding Method: An alternative approach to coding qualitative research data
 Morseu-Diop, Noritta.

STD/AIDS Prevention: information design to health promotion
 de Freitas, Ranielder., Waechter, Hans. and Coutinho, Solange.

Salmonella and Backyard Chickens - A Qualitative Study
 McNicholas, Caroline., Jeffers, Anna. and Hilyard, Karen.

Sati in Psychology: Exploring the Tension between Secular Buddhism and Mindfulness-Based Interventions
 Leipow, Rachel.

School Bullying in an Audit Culture
 Harris, Genevieve.

School Education Duty with Adolescents: Effects on Adolescents’ awareness to sexual health behavior for Hiv/ Aids Prevention
 Costa, Ana Cristina., Pinheiro, Patricia., Gubert, Fabiane., Costa, Renata Luzia., Nunes, Joyce. and Cunha, Neiva.

School Readiness: Insights from Low-income African American Mothers
 Melero, Lilli. and Jarrett, Robin.

School Spaces: Exploring the “mundane” in educational research with youth
 Semenec, Paulina.

School Spaces: Exploring the “mundane” in educational research with youth
 Semenec, Paulina.

Searching for Non-Visual Access in a Sighted World
 Sheffield, Rebecca.

Self-acceptance and separation from previous self: Assessing group therapy impact on people with TBI
 Azrad, Diana. and Eldar, Dorit.

Self-directed Teacher Professional Development in a Changing Society
 Weir, Chloe.

Semiotics Beyond Language: Exploring Alternatives to the ill-Advised Rejection of Semiotics in the New Materialisms
 Rosiek, Jerry.

Sensational pedagogies in learning the academic self
 lisahunter, .. and emerald, elke.

Sense: Voice, the Quality of Presence and the Poetics of Light and Color.
 Yomtoob, Desiree.

Sensitizing secondary presevice teachers to the needs of English Language Learners (ELL) in mathematics and science content.
 Jimarez, Terry.

Sentidos atribuidos à promoção da saúde no planejamento familiar por profissionais da atenção primária: uma revisão integrativa
 Jorge, Herla Maria., Bezerra, Juliana., da Silva, Raimunda., Hipolito, Maiza Claudia. and Moreira, Gracyelle.

Septimus Smith Found His People: War, Whiteness, and the Search for HOME in My Own Body
 limah, shamil.

Serving Behind the Home-Lines: The Deployment Stories of National Guard Spouses and Partners
 Cleeland, Leah.

Sesiones de trabajo bajo Lluvia de Ideas para crear un Grupo de Investigacion en Mexico

Seven Minutes from Home: A Seven Year (and counting) Writing Project
 Richardson, Laurel.

Sex and Religion: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Religious Discourses around Sexual Orientation
 Wright, Christina.

Sexual Values, Stigma, and Heternormative Injury: Purity Rings and the Queering of Heterosexuality
 Manning, Jimmie.

Shallow Interventions for Deep-Rooted Conflicts: Rethinking How We Approach Displacement
 Osso, Julia.

Shame, Pride, and the Social Bond: Exploring Emotion Cultures in White Supremacist Music
 Taylor, Marshall.

Shapeshifting Trail of Tears: An Indigenous Autoethnography. Ramona Beltrán, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work.
 Beltran, Ramona.

Sharks, Wolves, and Baseball: Using Metaphors in Collaborative Data Analysis
 Sabella, Laura., Jordan, Robert., Boney, Kate., Jones, Pat. and DiCicco, Michael.

Shifting Relating : How the Art of Improvisation can Actively Engage Relational Processes in Social Work
 Paton, Cathy.

Show Me the Scotsman: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Student Persistence at a Mountain West University
 Kent, Derek.

Significados atribuídos por Idosos às Políticas Públicas: Possibilidades Photovoice
 Marques, Bruna., de jesus Miranda, Maria. and Velardi, Marilia.

Significados del Consumo de Sustancias Psicoactivas en Indigenas Estudiantes de una Universidad de Medellin, Colombia
 Posada Zapata, Isabel Cristina., Mendoza, Abraham., Gutiérrez, Guillermo. and Reyes, Julio.

Significados del uso del condon en varones adolescentes de dos contextos de México
 De Jesús-Reyes, David. and Menkes, Catherine.

Silence, Disability, and Feminist Vacuoles of NonCommunication
 Sotirin, Patty.

Slingin’ words to navigate research: Writing in poetic form to make sense of the work
 Moret, Lauren.

Slip sliding away: the uncertain practices of teaching sociological traditions in medical settings
 Webster, Fiona.

Sobre una experiencia de investigación hermenéutica para popularizar el derecho desde la educación superior

Social Competence Reflected in the Lives of Employed Blind Adults
 Botsford, Kathryn.

Social Inequities in Population on Hemodialysis in Chile.
 Guerra Guerrero, Verónica.

Social Pharmacy?: An Accidental Autoethnography of Stumbling upon New Possibilities
 Ramalho de Oliveira, Djenane.

Societal Transphobia, Binary-Centrism & Oppressive Validation: Experiences of Privilege & Oppression in the Trans* Community
 Rossman, Kinton., Gervasi, Clare., Chism, Yasmeen., Sherwood, Patrick. and Budge, Stephanie.

Sociodrama na India: Reflexões sobre o alcance do método de Jacob Levy Moreno no contexto cultural da família indiana
 Oliveira, Susana. and Pereira, Geana Patricia.

Somatic Discourse: A Case for Enfleshed Reconciliation in Louise Erdrich’s The Round House
 Lemaster, Benny.

Some Voices More Equal Than Others? Inquiring into Parental Choice of School for Disabled Children in England.
 Sakellariadis, Artemi.

Songs of My Aging Self: Performing A Musical Autoethnography
 Rawlins, Bill.

Sounding Teacher Tensions: A Journey of Musical Composition
 Duerksen, Jessica.

Sounds of Aging: Reverberating Relations with Tinnitus
 Bochner, Arthur.

Speaking of race: Voicing silent calls for kindness in upper-level high school classes
 Rakha, Shameem.

Spectator and Actor in Narrative Reserach
 knutas, agneta.

Spirit in The Round House: Examining Erdrich’s Insights in/to Ojibwe Spirit(uality)
 Hummel, Gregory.

Spotlighting the Audience in a Transdiscplinary Dance/Social Science Project
 Sharp, Elizabeth. and Durham-DeCesaro, Genevieve.

Stigma and mental illness: social representations among the general population and health professionals in Minas Gerais, Brazil
 Guimaraes, Patricia. and Pedersen, Duncan.

Still Learning After Three Studies
 Brown, Hilary.

Stitching and Shaping Twentieth Century Mother and Daughter
 Sapelly, Laura.

Storied Identities: Cooperative Inquiry with a Group of Future Psychotherapists
 Formenti, Laura.

Storying Prison Stories: A Narrative Inquiry into Women Prisoners and an Arts-Based Prison Course
 Torres, Carlos. and Happel, Alison.

Storying treaties and the treaty Relationship: Enhancing treaty Education through Digital Storytelling (Part III)
 Lewis, Patrick.

Storytelling as a Form of Resistance in Decolonizing Our Educational Practices
 Campbell, Ashley.

Stranger in a Strange Land: A Personal Journey through Myth, Stereotype, and Representation
 Peralta, Andres.

Street youth: knowledge and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
 Pinheiro, Patricia., Luna, Izaildo., Gubert, Fabiane., Vieira, Neiva Francenely., Scopacasa, Ligia., Costa, Anny., Pinto, Agnes Caroline. and Silva, Adna.

Student Perceptions of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
 Crunkilton, Dhira.

Student and Educator Perceptions about the Transition to Ninth Grade
 Sloat, Jody.

Students With Disabilities Perceptions of Learning Using Photovoice
 Frier, Aimee.

Students' Perceptions of Critical Literacy as an Alternative Teaching Method of Literacy Instruction
 Rawiszer, Hannah.

Students’ Reflections on Exercises used to Teach Writing and Data Presentation for Qualitative Research
 Michalec, Barret.

Subjectivities of a dominant-ethnicity teacher educator in Aotearoa New Zealand engaging in bicultural teaching practice
 Warren, Alison.

Suburban Desire: Tracing Subjectivity through a Dandelion Encounter
 Coats, cala.

Subverting the synonymous: Unsettling the sedimented ‘white teacher as resistance’ in Indigenous education
 Madden, Brooke.

Summing Up An Academic Career: Oral Histories of African-American Doctoral Recipients between 1970 and 1980 as they approach Retirement
 Peterson, Liz.

Sundown in Southern Illinois
 Esquibel, Elena.

Supervision in Grounded Theory Research: Is there a Difference?
 Birks, Melanie. and Mills, Jane.

Surgical therapy of breast cancer , lymphedema and social behavioral alterations in post mastectomy women
 Pinheiro, Cleoneide., da Silva, Raimunda., Mendonça, Francisco., BRILHANTE, ALINE. and Remigio, GRACYELLE.

Swan Song: Solo Choreography and Performance as Autoethnography
 Oliver, Suzanne.

Swan Song: A Poetic Autoethnography of My Time as a Graduate Student
 Phillips, Glenn.

Swarm Intelligence as a Prosthetic Capacity for Self-Adaptation and Cultural Intervention
 Rolling, Jr., James.

Swept Under the Red Carpet: Scripting Pride, Silencing Shame in a New Religious Movement
 Blume, Amelia.

Swimming Among My Identities and Names: An Autoethnographic Journey
 Chang, Rong.

Symbolic suffering: the realities of forensic psychiatric rehabilitation in Zimbabwe
 Maritz, Jeanette. and Virgininia, Dube.

Systems, Selves and Positioning: Illuminating Ideological Tensions for Marginalized Youth
 Anderson, Kate.
Tenth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2014-May-21 to 2014-May-25
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