Tenth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2014-May-21 to 2014-May-25

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Walking Among Shells: A Layered Account of Studying Self-Injury from the Inside Out
 Presson, Brittany.

Walking the Talk: Tensions between Analysis and Advocacy in Ethical Inquiry
 Halldórsdóttir, Tanya.

Wax and Seal: An Autoethnography of Illness, Devotion, and Marriage
 Burnett, Jason.

Ways of evolving to inner maturity of a Won-Buddhist woman with mind practice experiences.
 Jun, Youngcook.

We Don’t Talk About What We Don’t Talk About: The Silences of Disability
 Jenks, Elaine.

We are here: Finding space and grace as teacher educators in predominately white institutions
 Duncan, Kristen., Jones, Stephanie. and Johnson, Latoya.

We, us, they, them: Shifts in engineering students’ voice and perspective in communicating a sense of belonging
 Phillips, Canek. and Pawley, Alice.

Weak Voice/Strong Talk: between policy making with or without women
 Conlon, Catherine.

Weaving understanding: Use of secondary data to generate new understandings about HIV risk with women in Papua New Guinea
 Redman-MacLaren, Michelle. and Mills, Jane.

Weighing Up the Costs of Seeking Health Care for Dengue Symptoms: A grounded theory study of backpackers’ decision-making processes
 Mills, Jane., Vajta, Balint., Holberg, Mette. and McBride, John.

Weird drifting as research method: Affective encounters with/in a learning space
 Bennett, Luke., Taylor, Carol. and Burnett, Cathy.

What Do I Do Now? A Feeling of Displacement
 Windle, Tracy.

What Makes a STAR Teacher? Examining the Dispositions of PK-12 Urban Teachers
 Hartlep, Nicholas., Hansen, Christopher., Banicki, Guy. and McCubbins, Sara.

What do Women Learn in Natural Hair Online Communities?: A Conventional Content Analysis
 Phelps-Ward, Robin.

What’s a Foot? Traversing the Built Environment
 Richardson, Laurel.

Wheels of Wholeness: SIMages - Synthesis with Image Mandalas - for Complex Arts-Based Data Synthesis
 Hauk, Marna.

When We Dance: Co-Creating Narratives of Confluence and Mutability with Adolescents in the Therapeutic Space
 Williams, Lisa.

When consent forms are not returned - a study conducted in a former white school of South Africa
 Grootboom, Nomalanga.

Where Is the Action in Active Citizenship? A Case Study of Secondary Social Studies Teachers.
 Pickup, Austin.

Where do the words come from? Discourse analysis and the neglected subject.
 Steacy, Chad.

White teachers in urban classrooms (learning from) critical moments of dissonance
 Portnoy, Dina. and Pincus, Marsha.

Whiteness and the Infection of the Modern Soul: An Autoethnographic Exploration
 Gilbert, Brian.

Who Accommodates Whom? A Counter-Narrative to Educational Assimilation
 Burns, Jim. and Nolan, Jaime.

Who Is Helping Who? The Blurred Lines of a Participatory Action Research Dissertation
 Cleary, Colleen.

Who Is In Charge?: Teacher Perceptions of Issues of Power
 Moran, Renee.

Who Plans My Future?: A Discourse Analysis of Individualized Education Program Meetings
 Price, Elizabeth.

Why Do I Want to Become a Doctor? Narrative Essays with Medical Students in Mexico
 Martinez-Salgado, Carolina.

Why I Blog: Using Writing as a Method of Inquiry for My Classroom Research
 Whitley, Jennifer.

Why the Wise Cage Bird Sings: A Critical Analysis of Trauma, Stress, and Coping among Older Adults in Prison
 Maschi, Tina.

Wine queen as identity symbol and brand
 Ramšak, Mojca.

Within Us, Among Us, Around Us: Negotiating the Tensions of Doing Anti-Colonial Research
 Straka, Silvia., Rowe, Gladys. and Hart, Michael.

Within the absence of Becoming. De-constructing field notes leaning on Deleuze and Guattari.
 Fransson, Elisabeth.

Witnessing Social Injustice: A Collaborative Autoethnography
 Martinez, Alejandra. and Merlino, Aldo.

Women Empowerment Through Theory of Change
 Augustine, Johny., Manikkoth, Rajeev. and Kokkammadthil, Vivek.

Women Ranchers as Ecojustice Educators
 Caniglia, Noël Cox.

Women and Leadership in Universities: Investigating the Leaky the pipe
 Locke, Kirsten.

Women chairs in academic medicine: Strategic intuition
 Isaac, Carol.

Women's Involvement in Strategy Boardgaming: Challenges and Possibilities
 Davis, Erin.

Women's Lived Experience of Recovery from Addiction
 Lay, Kathy. and Larimer, Susan.

Women's Mental Health in India: The Need for Qualitative Inquiry
 Menon, Suvarna.

Work and Retirement : limits and possibilities
 Soares, Nanci.

Working collaboratively in virtual researcher teams
 Stewart, Shelley.

Working on Each Others’ Ideas: Mentoring circles as a method of supporting remote Australian Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal nursing students
 Mills, Jane., Felton-Busch, Catrina., Park, Tanya., Maza, Karen., Mills, Frances., Ghee, McCauley., Hitchins, Marnie. and CHAMBERLAIN-SALAUN, JENNIFER.

Working to Transgress
 Denzin, Norman.

Workplace Bullying: Cultures, Roles, and Lived Experiences
 Finck, Luke., Glascock, Catherine. and Flora, Bethany.

Worlds Apart: School Readiness Beliefs and Practices among Teachers and Low-income, African-American Parents of Preschoolers
 Coba Rodriguez, Sarai., Hamilton, Megan-Brette. and Jarrett, Robin.

Wrapping up the Common Core: Don't Push the Button!
 Hage, Donna.

Writing Myself into Winesburg, Ohio
 Atkins, Laura.

Writing into the Visual: Art as Research
 Chilton, Gioia.

work and spirituality: Inquiry into the intricate Linkage in Indian context
 Prakash, Anand.
Tenth Annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2014-May-21 to 2014-May-25
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