Eleventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2015-May-20 to 2015-May-24

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"Bad" Teachers: Constructions of "Good" Mothering/Teaching
 Bloom, Amy.

"Being beautiful": Exploring the construct of beauty amongst women in India
 Baxi, annie. and Upadhyay, Ishita.

"Dressing Up": Pre-service Teachers Explore Their Professional Identities Through Paper Dolls
 Pfeiler-Wunder, Amy.

"I" perform "we": Telling a Story of a Learning–Teaching Situation in Dance
 Valkeemäki, Anita.

"It was men, it was women...Exploring race and gender in community gardens
 Williams, Douglas., Jarrett, Robin. and Bahar, Ozge.

"Knowing when to do it, when not to do it, and who to do it around": Experiences of racial identity negotiation in college
 Kidd Houze, Shea.

"Proper Pronunciation": An Analysis of a Native French Speaker's Phonological Features in English
 Chenowith, Natasha.

"Santa just is white" - An analysis of maintenance and protection of constructed whiteness
 Koc, Esen.

"Song writing as reflexive practice: Breathing too loud’ to ‘signals and signs’"
 Douglas, Kitrina.

"Sweet Lorraine and a Family Tradition"
 denzin, norman.

"That's So OCD!:" A Qualitative Study on Common Misconceptions About Religion and OCD
 Markham, Ruth., Turkelson, Lynley., Barnhill, Kari. and Denen, Sarah.

"The ABCs of Teaching": A Diffractively Told Tale of Teaching Practice
 Rath, Courtney.

"The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same": Controlling Images of Michelle Obama in Political Cartoons
 Spikes, Antonio.

"The Phalanx Covenant": Do we need the X-Men to evaluate some ubiquitous learning scenarios?
 Jorrín-Abellán, Iván. and Muñoz-Cristóbal, Juan.

"There's nothing wrong with the physics here": Discussing science in affinity spaces related to video games
 Leslie, Logan.

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A Careful Critique: Betraying the Territory
 Gunnarsson, Karin.

A Cartography of International Student Teaching Experiences as Transpositional Learning Spaces
 Gilway, Jessica.

A Case Study of Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of the Use of Instructional Technology in College Courses
 Sen, Anindya.

A Collaborative Effort to Develop Digital Literacies in the Preparation of Pre-service Teachers
 Bakir, Nesrin. and Mora, Raul.

A Collision between two Korean Nations in the Midst of Becoming: Using the Deleuzian Perspective
 Shin, Hyesun.

A Community Response to “Blackboard Wars,”
 Jeffers, Elizabeth.

A Composition of Concepts
 McGreehan, Dianah.

A Critical Case Study of Teacher Education Students’ Created Memes
 Swafford, Sarah.

A Critical Discourse Analysis on Diverging Meanings, Discursive Effects, and Accountability Issues of Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology
 Su, Yu-ting., Li, Peiwei. and Zhao, Pengfei.

A Criticality of Experience: Chaos and Complexity in American Public Schools
 Hindman, Janet.

A Cruise Down Memory Lane: On NOT Citing Sari
 Lather, Patti.

A DIscourse Analysis of Canadian Child Advocacy
 Bendo, Daniella.

A Day Dreamer's World : Content Analysis of A teenage Blog
 Maitra, Debalina.

A Digital Ethnography of Language-as-victory and Second Language Literacies in Gaming Communities
 Mora, Raul., Rojas-Echeverri, Brayan., Castaño, Sebastián., Hernandez, Michael. and Orrego, Tyrone.

A Foucauldian Analysis of the Social Media Movement Against “Ghost Teachers” in Sindh, Pakistan
 Channa, Liaquat. and Channa, Abdul Razaque.

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Backpackers Learning Spanish in Central America: Power, Positionality, Postcolonial Problematics
 Stanley, Phiona.

Bailando identidades. Explorando el sentido de la diferencia,
 Pedersen, Christina.

Bakhtin on Laughter and the Phenomenon of Joy in the Classroom
 Gast, Kelly.

Barreras de acceso a la justicia para las mujeres colombianas victimas de violencias de genero

Becoming Earth and Piketty Talk: The Double(d) Logic of the Gift collapsing the nature –culture divide
 Reinertsen, Anne.

Becoming teacher in significant places: Walking interviews and the production of teacher identities
 Madden, Brooke.

Becoming-Disability: From a Politics of Identity to an Affective Politics
 Valente, Joseph.

Becoming-Disability: From a Politics of Identity to an Affective Politics
 Boldt, Gail.

Begin with Concept not Method in Post Qualitative Inquiry
 St.Pierre, Elizabeth.

Begin with the Numbers
 Johnson, John.

Being Brave: Negotiating Agency and Disengagement in the Work of Institutional Change
 Weber, Christina.

Best practices for reporting the use of data analysis software in qualitative research
 Atkins, David.

Between Resisting and Reproducing Labels: Ethical Explorations of the Meaning of Homeless, Addict, and Mother
 MacGillivray, Laurie., Azim, Katharina. and Heise, Donalyn.

Between empowerment and shame: Retrospective view of power among women military officers
 Karazi-Presler, Tair.

Between two languages: Exploring issues of trustworthiness in the process of translation
 Munoz-Garcia, Ana.

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Can Jesus be Gay today? Experiences and lessons learned from an Urban Faith Based Organization’s sexual health program, including Queer youth.
 Pavao, Carlos.

Caracterización del Conocimiento Profesional del Profesorado de Ciencias en primaria: Dos estudios de caso en Bogotá (Colombia)
 Martinez, Carmen. and Sánchez Bonell, David.

Caring about Racism: Early Career Nurses' Experiences with Aboriginal Cultural Safety
 Walker, Pamela.

Case studies of exemplary secondary schools
 Cisneros-Cohernour, Edith. and Canto-Herrera, Pedro.

Catch Me If You Can: Chasing Phenomenon as a Post-Intentional Move Within Phenomenology
 Thiel, Jaye.

Catching Research Fever: Action Research that Motivated and Enlightened
 Dawidowicz, Paula.

Causas de vulnerabilidad de género ante el VIH/Sida entre mujeres mayas, parejas de migrantes.
 Quintal, Rocio., Vera Gamboa, Ligia., Paredes, Leticia. and Marin, Alina.

Central Americans Express Experiences of Sexual Violence Through Qualitative Research
 Quinn, Cecelia.

Challenges and benefits of using online qualitative research methods to explore leisure and the transition to retirement
 Liechty, Toni., Genoe, Rebecca. and Marston, Hannah.

Challenges for a New Critical Inquiry – Introduction to the Panels
 Flick, Uwe.

Challenges of the Emic/Etic in Arts-Informed Narrative Inquiry: Negotiating the Representation of Experiences with Depression.
 Suen, Elizabeth., Zitzelsberger, Hilde., Lindsay, Gail., Bryant, Toba. and Stanyon, Wendy.

Challenging others’ challenges: critical qualitative inquiry in the knowledge game
 Fielding, Nigel.

Challenging the status quo: The evolution of the teacher-learner relationship in the process of stigmatizing and emotionally complex autoethnographic research
 Docherty-Skippen, Susan. and Brown, Hilary.

Changing bias: A short intervention
 Isaac, Carol.

Changing what matters: diffracting responses to planetary crisis
 Linnell, Sheridan.

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DIY Barbie Culture: Gaining Agency through the Production of Barbie Artifacts
 Aguilo-Perez, Emily.

Dancing As Fast As We Can
 Auffant, Nicole.

Dancing and dissertating: Making the body visible in the researching, writing, and knowledge production process
 Andrews, Kimber.

Data Driven Schools: Problematic Spaces
 Chamberlin, Danelle.

Data Playground: Investigating Student Sense-making of a "Growth Mindset" Intervention
 Lopez Kershen, Julianna.

De la investigación psicoanalítica: Ciencia, verdad y método
 Mojica, Andrea.

Decision Making in African American Women Diagnosed with Advanced Staged Breast Cancer
 Sims, PhD, RN, APN, CNS, Dr. Dauphne.

Decolonizing research through images of wellbeing
 Victor, Janice., Goulet, Linda., Linds, Warren., Eninew, Lacey. and Episkenew, Jo-Ann.

Deconstructing Academic Integrity: Understanding the Use of Solutions by Engineering Undergraduates During Textbook-Based Homework Preparation
 Minichiello, Angela., Marx, Sherry., Hailey, Christine. and McNeill, Laurie.

Deconstructing Adult Immigrant English Language Learner Identity in Visual Narratives
 Lypka, Andrea.

Deconstructing Panty Pennants and Revealing Absent Presence
 Ward, Amber.

Defining Moments: An Authoethnographic Performance Toward Understanding the Complexities of Reproductive Control and Justice
 Hrubec, Debbie.

Defining a Southern Teacher: Teaching With a Southern Voice
 Padgett, Gary.

Deleuze's Transcendental Empiricism: Immanence and the Critique of Traditional Empiricism
 Hein, Serge.

Deliberate Racial Integration in South African Public Schools: A Critical Reflection
 Mafumo, Thinavhudzulo.

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Echoing Ghosts
 BAN, Youngkwan.

Eclecting Charmaz’s grounded theory with Pierre Bourdieu’s conceptual canon: An example from a doctoral study
 dube, virgininia.

Ecolinguistics and the Art of Language
 Jones, Kristin.

Educational Needs and Experiences of Young Adolescent African-born Immigrant Girls in United States K-12 Urban Schools
 Kumi-Yeboah, Alex.

Effectiveness of Spanish Foreign Language Instruction at the High School Level: Giving Students Voice
 Dias, Rejane.

El Diario Personal Como Estrategia De Sobrevivencia o La Educacion Intercultural Como Forma De Simulacion Del Estado Mexicano
 Huacuz, Guadalupe.

El FODA como herramienta útil para el análisis institucional crítico: El caso del IAEN en Ecuador.
 Aliaga, Felipe.

El cuerpo femenino a la intemperie: genero y espacio publico en Colombia
 Cedeno, Martha.

El estudio de las trayectorias sociales como método para comprender la construcción de las ciencias sociales en la Universidad Pública colombiana
 Palma, Cristian.

El metodo etnografico como transgresion de las fronteras disciplinarias
 Gutierrez, Ana Paulina. and Lamberti, Julieta.

El rol de mi historia en autoetnografia
 Johnson, Daniel.

El significado que se apropian los profesores de área clínica sobre la enseñanza
 Vega, Magali. and García, Jesus.

Electronic cigarettes, vapers and population health: Symbolic objects and willful subjects
 Thompson, Lee.

Eluding Institutional Oppression Through Subversive Inquiry: Surviving Wonderland
 Fallon, Lochran.

Embodied Football Analysis
 Vagle, Mark.

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Fabricating Praxiographical Events on the Materiality of Voice as a territory of language
 Eriksson, Christine.

Factores que intervienen en la percepeción de la imagen corporal en mujeres rurales en Quintana Roo, México
 Marín, Alina., Pérez Izquierdo, Odette. and Chimas Dzul, Ana Elizabeth.

Falling Silent? Analyzing the Voices of Women Leaders in Social Work
 Barton, Barbara., Sherwood, Dee. and Dunsmore, Courtney.

Falsificação de medicamentos: Riscos à Saúde Humana e a necessidade de um marco regulatório
 Kölling, Gabrielle. and Martini, Sandra.

Family functioning in family caregivers of children with chronic illnesses
 Cárdenas Lozada, José Guadalupe.

Fear and the Complexity of Critical Social Change
 Hoffman, Lauren., Bulfin, Michael. and Moses, Abunya.

Female International Students in a Homogeneous College: Experiences of Socio-cultural Alienation
 Deng, Yuwen., Karimi, Nastaran. and Akiyama, Reiko.

Feminist Sensibilities in Queer Ethnography: Limitations and Opportunities
 Rudnick, Justin.

Feminist and Activist Research: Epistemologies and Methodologies at the Borders
 Araiza, Alejandra. and Gonzalez, Robert.

Ferguson, A Call to Consideration: A Phenomenological Autoethnography of November 24, 2014
 Whitworth, Colin.

Fetal Personhood: Social Meanings and Functions
 Agostinone, Faith.

Fiction Writing and Truth Telling: Researchers Writing Fiction to Fill Gaps in the (Children’s) Literature
 Holbrook, Teri. and Hermann-Wilmarth, Jill.

Fiction as a Research Technique and Evocative Text
 Ward, Daryl.

Fiction-Based Research 101
 Leavy, Patricia.

Fields of desires: Troubling “habituated meaning” in ethnographic accounts on the production of normalcy and difference in schools.
 Matus, Claudia.

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Gaming and Gender: A Post-Multicase Methodological Approach to Exploring Gamer Narratives
 LeBlanc, Amana.

Gary, Indiana: A Critical Geography of a Fourth World City
 Dotson, Olon.

Gay Dads: Expanding the Possibilities for All of Us
 Silverstein, Louise.

Gender as Metaphor: If My Gender Were a Fruit...
 Briggs, Rachel.

Gender’s Role in Abolitionist Pedagogy: A fictionalized autoethnography through letters from prison
 Ferreira, Shelby.

Genealogy of the Underclass: One Way to Grow Menials
 Dawidowicz, Paula.

Genero e Imaginarios frente a las Infecciones de Transmision Sexual (ITS) y Vih/sida en personas adultas.

Genres of Underemployment: A Dialogical Analysis of College Graduate Underemployment
 Cunningham, Joseph.

Gestiòn del trabajo inmaterial: el caso de la industria del software en Uruguay
 Acosta, Maria Julia.

Getting Lost in Translation While Dancing in Language
 Moghadam, Fatemeh.

Ghostly Shadows
 Klein, Ellen. and Purnell, David.

Ghosts and their Analysts: Writing and Reading Toward Something Like Justice for Murdered or Missing Indigenous Women
 Granzow, Kara. and Dean, Amber.

Giftedness in Early Childhood: Beliefs and Practices in Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms
 Salman, Rania. and Kettler, Todd.

Girls Can be Engineers and Boys Can Be Nurses! Children’s Drawings and Career Stereotypes
 Jones, Kalinda. and Johnson, Gary.

Girls Talk About Gardasil: The Adolescent Female Experience of Being Offered the Gardasil Vaccine
 McIntosh, Michele. and Dykeman, Sarah.

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HIV/AIDS and elderly: results of interviews with elderly living with the virus in Brazil
 Cerqueira, Marília. and Rodrigues, Roberto.

Hair Piece, Hair Peace: An Interrogation of Identity
 Coulter, Shanna., Richardson, Jamie., Sousa, Sara., Williams, V. Kottavei. and Munson, April.

Has Critique run out of Steam? -On Discourse Research as Critical Inquiry – Some Problems and Issues.
 Keller, Reiner.

Having versus Knowing: Putting Pilot Studies to Work in Qualitative Inquiry
 Gleason, Tristan.

Hazardscapes, whole-of-community approaches and transformation:
 Buergelt, Petra., Paton, Douglas., Campbell, Andrew., James, Helen., Rosenman, Linda. and Cottrell, Alison.

Headscarf: Factors influencing a woman’s choice to wear it
 Amina, Tabassum.

Health and physical education pedagogy: educating or oppressing?
 Oliveira, Walter.

Health as a right, values and autobiographical memory
 Silva, Marcos., Teixeira, Enéas., Silva, Rose Mary., Pereira, Eliane., Joaquim, Fabiana. and Carvalho, Marglory.

Hello Academia, please can we do something a little differently? Collaborative Writing changes from within.
 Jordan, Emma. and Fox, Kathy.

Hidden Curriculum in Philosophy of Education Class
 ide, kanako.

Hidden Curriculum of Race as Non-Human Agent: An Illustrative Application of Karen Barad’s Agent Ontology
 Rosiek, Jerry.

Hidden in Plain Sight: University Hostile Environment Covert Affairs
 Hitchins, Jessi.

Higher Education Instructor Perceptions of Digital Distraction in the Classroom: Implications for the Learning Environment
 Flanigan, Abraham. and Babchuk, Wayne.

Highlighting literate identities through arts-based tasks
 Melabiotis, Irene.

Holding It: The Closet, The Car, and Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships
 Ganz, Johnanna.

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I Am Not Home
 Channa, Liaquat.

I Am Not an ATM: How Does Online Instruction Affect Expectations in Graduate Professional Education?
 Walster, Dian.

I Don’t Make the Rules, I Just Follow Them: Exploring Teaching and Education Through Autoethnography
 Harris, Tiffany.

I Feel Like a Kid Again: Writing as Entry into the Disremembered Past
 Swenson, Sean.

I Fought for You: Breaking Down and Breaking Through Dominant and Oppositional Discourses
 Holmes, JohnElla.

I Got Weight on my Shoulders in the Form of This Beat: Exploring Black Girl Use of SoundCloud and Beat making
 Smith, Blair. and Hemphill, LaShondra "RyNea Soul".

I Like It Kinky: YouTube Vlogging and the Reclamation of Black Beauty
 Laura, Crystal.

I Thought This Would Be a One-Time Thing: On Coming Out, Again
 Dockendorff, Kari.

I Want You to Want Me: How Unconscious Desire Complicates Researcher Positionality and Reflexivities
 Horwat, Jeff.

I am Gaucher. And what do I do now? A study of the representations and the experience with a chronic and rare disease
 Toneloto, Carolina.

I see, therefore I think?: Photography, power, and the (re)-visioning of the body in educational research
 Manning, Karla.

I would be silent but silent I lie
 Castañeda, Yvette.

I'm standing at the railway station pondering my destination
 Bradford, Jan.

Ideas worth Spreading: Power, Subjection, and Resistance within the Discursive Formation of TED
 Daniels, Jessica.

Identidad profesional (IP) y agencia (A), en profesionales que cambian las dinamicas en el trabajo. Veronica Andrade, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali.
 Andrade, Verónica.

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Jack Ruby and the Carousel Club: An Historical Narrative
 Persky, Julia.

Journey Through Loss: An Autoethnographic Study Using Software for Self Help
 Lowe MSW, Elizabeth.

Jovenes en Condicion de Precariedad
 Palomino, Laura.

Justice may actually heal? Empirical study of juridical and psychosocial interventions for victims of political trauma in Ecuador
 Donoso, Gina.


Kimya Teknoloji Toplum Çevre Temelli Kimya Gazetesi
 Seçken, Nilgün.

Knowing the unknown: Identity & self (re)construction at the intersections of racism, sexism, homophobia and white supremacy
 Brooks, Durryle.

Knowledge Co-Creation in a Double-Queen: Projecting a Privileged Identity in a Conference Hotel Room
 Schoeneman, Andrew.

Korean Expressive Arts Therapy Students’ Experiences with Movement-Based Supervision: A Phenomenological Investigation

Korean Middle- and High-School Math Teachers’ Understanding of Formative Assessment: An Interview Study
 Lee, Sun Hee.


La Cosmovisión de pueblos originarios en relación a su organización social.
 Suayter, Ines.

La Identidad Normalista. Escuela Normal de Dzidzantún.
 Pereira, Ariel., Campos, Omar. and Peraza, Flori.

La Intuición como Estrategia Creativa para Elaborar Aprendizaje Significativo en Medicina Interna
 Martínez, José.

La Reforma en las Escuelas Normales publicas de yucatan: cuestion de enfoques
 Lizama Estrada, Hebelth., Cruz Pool, Victor. and Santos Gijón, Nelly.

La adopción tecnológica en las empresas: una propuesta desde la construcción de sentido por lo tecnológico
 Santiago, Correa Vélez. and Tabares Quiroz, Juliana.

La aplicación del Análisis de Correspondencia Múltiples en la configuración del campo universitario colombiano
 Calderon, Omer.

La autoetnografía crítica y el descubrimiento espiritual
 Tilley-Lubbs, Gresilda.

La comprension de la configuracion de las subjetividades politicas
 castillo, jose.

La convivencia y la resolución del conflicto en escuelas de educación basica en contextos vulnerables
 Torres Hernández, Sara.

La cultura política y el análisis de contenido del discurso informativo.
 del Cid, Patricia.

La etnicidad como recurso para la construcción del hábitat. El caso de la Villa Bicentenario de Cerro Navia, Santiago de Chile
 Fuster, Xenia.

La formación del docente en El Salvador, del presente al pasado .Historias de vida
 Carbajal, Roberto.

La formación en investigación utilizando la narrativa con un enfoque feminista: Un modelo a considerar
 Silva-Martinez, Elithet.

La gestión del trabajo inmaterial: el caso de la industria del software en Uruguay
 Acosta, Maria Julia.

La inclusión en redes e innovación en la gestión de los pequeños comercios – familias: el caso de la ciudad de Salto - Uruguay
 Noboa, Alejandro.

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Making sense of suffering through cumulative trauma among internally displaced Delhi women : A grounded theory analysis
 Viswambharan, Aswathy. and Priya, Kumar.

Males in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education: Perceptions, Progress, and Potential
 Kurtzhals, Kurt.

Managing Subjectivity in Qualitative Research for Decision Making
 Secolsky, Charles.

Managing the Academic Trinity
 Hurd, Ellis.

Managing “unknown unknowns” in project management–Introducing a methodology beyond action research
 Trommershausen, Anke.

Married in life and work: Joan & Erik Erikson and Virginia & Robert Heinlein
 Saltiel, Iris.

Masculinidades en movimiento.
 Cardenas, John.

Matematik Problemlerini Öğrencilere Göre Uyarlamanın Öğrencilerin Problemleri Çözme Başarısına Etkisi
 dogan coskun, sumeyra.

Material Interventions in the Government of Things
 Kuntz, Aaron.

Maternal Strategies to Promote School Readiness among Low-income African American Children
 Perry, Danielle. and Jarrett, Robin.

Maternal Strategies to Promote School Readiness among Low-income African American Children
 Perry, Danielle. and Jarrett, Robin.

Me: Mexican? An Introspection Journey about Ancestry
 benard, silvia.

Meandering through the Marauder's Map: When theoretical frameworks change
 DiCicco, Mike., Sabella, Laura., Jordan, Robert. and Boney, Kathryn.

Meaning Making as an Object of Care: Using Foucault’s Askēsis in Making Art
 Kim, Jeong-Hee.

Meaningful Transitions - Violence and Intersubjectivity in Athletic Career Transitions of Male Contact Sport Athletes
 Senecal, Gary.

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Narcocultura como movimiento alterado. Un análisis crítico del discurso
 Chavez, Sarah.

Narrating Purpose into Accidents and Trauma: an Autoethnography
 Spinazola, Lisa.

Narrativas de experiencias de práctica, hermenéutica pedagógica e investigación educativa
 Montano, Dolores.

Narrativas en torno a la experiencia de la prostitución masculina: hacia la reivindicación de la otredad
 Gonzalez-Perez, Jose. and Hernández-Burgos, Jesús.

Narrative Analysis on the Experiences of Cosmetic Psychopharmacological Drug Use. Kay Chai, Duquesne University
 Chai, Kay Yu Yuan.

Narrative Stories of Agility and Resilience in the Pursuit of Individual Ambidexterity
 Hendrickson, Victoria.

Narrative and post-post returns: ‘Tolerating a certain degree of ambiguity’
 Brogden, Lace.

Narrative as a Method for Engaging in Adult Development: A Research Note
 Son, Sujin.

Narrative of death and political subjectivation in scenarios of fights for life
 Cordeiro, Rosineide. and Kind, Luciana.

Narratives of Becoming Professor/ Becoming Researcher: Using Artful Pedagogy to Cultivate Process-Thinking in Qualitative Inquiry
 Guyotte, Kelly.

Natural disasters as lived experiences
 Aijazi, Omer.

Navigating the Barriers to Qualitative Inquiry as a Graduate Student
 Clark, Dessie. and Samples, Leah.

Needs Analysis in English Use of Thai Nurses
 Soontornwipast, Kittitouch.

Negotiating Diversity in Qualitative Research: Strengths, Stumbles, and Solutions
 Crossman, Kimberly., Jarrett, Robin. and Coba-Rodriguez, Sarai.

Negotiating identities in data generation--a focus on age and race
 Berman, Rachel.

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O Ministério Público e a tutela do direito à saúde no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
 Martini, Sandra., Szinvelski, Mártin. and Kura, Gabriel.

O direito à saúde em foco: a atuação da Defensoria Pública no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
 Martini, Sandra., Kura, Gabriel. and Szinvelski, Mártin.

OPERAtunities in Critical Autoethnography
 Upshaw, Allison.

Objects, Affects, and the Everyday Experiences of Seclusion and Restraint in Schools
 Semenec, Paulina.

Observar las intervenciones del narrador en los relatos de investigación.

Observing YouTube: Developing Methodologies for Observing Online Video and Virtual Interactions
 Cayari, Christopher.

Obtaining Workplace Accommodations: The View from the Ground Floor
 Killeen, Mary.

Of Winks, Twitches, and Black Swans: Envisioning the “Anthropological” in Educational Policy Reform in the Philippines
 de los Reyes, Elizer Jay.

Okul Oncesi Dönem Cocuklarının Sınıf Kurallarına Ilişkin Algıları
 Uysal, Hatice., Bayraktar, Aysegull. and Akman, Berrin.

Okuma Kültürü Açısından İlkokul Ders Kitapları
 Karadağ, Özay.

Ollman’s Dialectical Method in a Critical-Pedagogy Study
 Visedo, Elizabeth.

On Lesbian Love and Damage in Neoliberal Times: Employing Performative Autoethnography as Methodology of Discovery
 Sprecher, Katharine.

On the Praxeological Grounds of Qualitative Studies in Psychology
 Podshyvalkina, Valentyna. and Svynarenko, Rodion.

On the other side of family homelessness: A trauma-informed approach to inquiry with extraordinary mothers
 Sandy, Marie.

On “Doing” a Foucaultian-Inspired Genealogy of Writing Assessment in Secondary English Education
 Carlson, David.

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Pain Monsters and Grief Octopi: A Pilot Study on Relationships between Grief and Chronic Pain
 Duwe, Elise.

Painting Stories on Mirrors and Windows: Relating to Self, Other, and Othering Selves Through Critical Autoethnography
 Bhattacharya, Kakali.

Pamamaybay: Towards an Integrative Social Inquiry in Understanding Cultural Ecological Landscapes in the Philippines
 Dagli, Winifredo.

Paper Bag Portrait as Inquiry
 Bhattacharya, Kakali.

Parental Self-Medication Behavior for Children – Towards a Conceptual Framework
 Nguyen, Phuong.

Part Two: Rebirthing-Re/producing mothering/academia after tenure
 Pfeiler-Wunder, Amy.

Participación ciudadana: Retos para la gestión pública local
 Gomez Salas, Carolina.

Participación comunitaria y políticas públicas ambientales: Los comités ambientales comunitarios en Santiago de Cali, Colombia.
 Córdoba, Lyda.

Participation of caregivers family in adhesion of hypertensive user at treatment – analyse at light of Nursing Systems Theory
 Santos, Zelia., Cavalcante, Laurineide., Santos, Paula., Carneiro, Rithianne., Borges, Maria., Borges, Rachel. and Leite, Meirylane.

Participatory Qualitative Research as a Relational Practice
 Kral, Michael.

Path to Success: HBCU Institutional Agents Supporting African American Men Matriculate.
 Brown, Homer. and Sacco-Bene, Christine.

Patrone de discurso en una practica de laboratorio y la construcción del conocimiento aplicando el SDIS-GSEQ.
 Rangel, Ana Luisa.

Pauline's Bane
 Salles, Ruth.

Pedagogies of Shame: Writing Shame into Policy
 Auffant, Nicole.

Percepcion sobre la formacion de profesores en la Universidad Nacional de Educacion (Lima, Peru)
 Casimiro, Walther.

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QUANDO CHOVE A VIDA FICA MAIS DIFÍCIL: Anotações metodológicas da análise de uma política pública voltada à assistência de pessoas em situação de rua.
 Izquierdo, Jose Maria de.

Qualitative Content Analysis: What Researchers Need To Know About Innovations In An Evolving Method
 Drisko, James.

Qualitative Data Interpretation and Storytelling with Activity Systems Analysis
 Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa., Do, Jaewoo. and Skutnik, Anne.

Qualitative Inquiry and the Transformation of the Scientist-Practitioner Model in Clinical Psychology
 Rhodes, Paul.

Qualitative Inquiry in Physical Activity and Health: What has been done?
 Miranda, Maria Luiza., Tsukamoto, Mariana. and Velardi, Marília.

Qualitative Inquiry, I’m Your #1 Fan!
 Harris, Genevieve.

Qualitative Methodologies and Researchers in Times of War, Dead, and Sorrow
 Chapela, Consuelo.

Qualitative Nursing Research in Latin America: The Case of Chile
 Sanhueza Alvarado, Olivia.

Qualitative Research and the Politics of Talk about Schools: Counter-listening and Its Challenges
 Nguyen, Nicole.

Qualitative Research as an Art and Work in the Digital Reproduction Era. Zulfukar Ozdogan, Indiana University
 Ozdogan, Zulfukar.

Qualitative Research, Skepticism and the Positivist Student-Professional
 Ambrose, Julie. and Heffner, Pamela.

Qualitative dimensions of family functioning in contexts of adversity
 Rocha Tirado, Abimael., Varela Garay, Rosa. and Guzmán Ibáñez, Julián.

Qualitative inquiry for diagnosing 'Self-Efficacy Specific' of children
 Katz, Sara.

Qualitative inquiry, creative representation and quilt squares: Two student experiences
 Ray, Kendra., Ward, Kimberly. and Fisher, Kathleen.

Qualitative research and health care education: Using qualitative approaches to teach health care professionals
 Oliveira, Djenane., Alves, Mateus. and Freitas, Erika.

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RETHINKING MULTICULTURAL CITIZENSHIP: An Approach to Revisit Intercultural Citizenship in Modern Societies
 Wabgou, Maguemati.

Racial Battle Fatigue: Insights from the Front Lines of Social Justice Advocacy
 Martin, Jennifer. and Sharp-Grier, Martina.

Radical Particularity and a Caring Society - The promises of political auto-ethnography (as an epistemology and method)
 Visse, Merel. and Niemeijer, Alistair.

Raising (Whose) Awareness? Discursive Positioning and Social Worlds of Mental Health Campaigns
 Ross, Karen.

Re(constructing) our Africa Experience
 Teman, Eric. and Richard, Veronica.

Re-Searching With My Undergraduate Peers
 Riddick, Keziah.

Re-authoring: Autoethnography shapes therapy practice
 Kotze, Elmarie.

Re-casting Rehearsal: The Production of "Insert Family Photo Here"
 Bresnahan, Krystal.

Re-membering Me: reflexive acknowledgement in auto ethnographic narratives
 Peters, Grace.

ReThinking Arts-Based Research
 Finley, Susan.

Reaching for Restorative Justice: Lessons From an LGBTQ Inclusive School
 Diaz-Kozlowski, Tanya.

Reaching for the Unsayable: Straddling Different Worlds in Conducting “Difficult” Research
 Apol, Laura., Aydarova, Olena., Riggs Stapleton, Sarah. and Tirtowalujo, Isabella.

Read in science class: 10 years of research, reflection and items for discussion

Reciprocity as Research Thimble: Redesigning Relationships, Redesigning Stories
 McGregor, Heather.

Reconnecting to the Other by the Telling of Their Story
 Klee, Amber.

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SEM y SNTE: Políticas públicas para el desarrollo sostenible de la educación básica
 González, Irma.

STEHBLUES - Do you want to dance with me? - participative dance performance in public space
 Çam van Chapull, Ninel.

STEMujeres: Testimonios of Latin@s who successfully navigated the STEM fields
 Vielma, Karina. and Nino, Juan.

Salud Bucal: una Mirada desde la Salud Colectiva
 Martinez, Adriana.

Salud sexual y reproductiva de personas dedicadas a la confección: la mirada de la investigadora
 Salinas-Urbina, AddisAbeba.

Saúde e re-significação da Vida: Alianças Disciplinares e Metodológicas no Brasil
 Mello, Márcio Luiz. and Alecsandrowicz, Ana Maria.

Scholarship Students: Squeezing Through the Glass Ceiling of an Affluent Private School
 Sherman, Barbara.

School Bullying in an Audit Culture
 Harris, Genevieve.

School Classrooms as Cultural Intersections in Rural Turkey
 Yahsi, Zekiye.

School Work: In Search of Professionalism and Community
 DeVault, Marjorie.

School Work: In Search of Professionalism and Community
 DeVault, Marjorie.

School as Collage: Constraints and Possibilities
 Bloom, Amy.

Screening for Intimate Partner Violence within TANF Application and Assessment Processes
 An, Soonok.

Seamlessly Transitioning Registered Nurses to the Nursing Faculty Role to Decrease the Nursing Faculty Shortage
 Flanigan, Kelly. and Goodwin, Sheilia.

Searching for Ecomasculinities within the Men's Movement
 Wight, R..

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THE ETHNOGRAPHY FROM ART: Expressive workshops as a privileged place to observe participation.
 marxen, eva.

Tacit Cultural Knowledge: An Instrumental Case Study of Mixed Methods Research in South Africa
 Miller, Debra.

Take Me out to the Ballgame: New Ethnographers Learning Ethnographic Fieldwork
 Rudolph, Heather., Brackebusch, Velina. and Johnson, Corey.

Taking Faculty Autonomy Back to the Future: Considerations for 21st Century Technology, Power and Leadership
 Pourreau, Leslie.

Tapping into the Truth Inside: Toward a Black Feminist Epistolarium in Education
 Sanders, Khahlia.

Teacher Candidates Learning to Teach Through a Critical Literacy Lens
 Vasquez, Anete.

Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes and Self-Efficacy Toward Team Work for Teaching STEM in the Elementary Classroom
 Wendt, Stephanie., Isbell, Janet., Fidan, Perihan. and Pittman, Ciara.

Teacher Identity Construction through Literature and Art
 Isidro, Elizabeth.

Teachers’ and parents’ common beliefs and different ecologies on quality in early childhood education
 Kim, Kyoung Jin.

Teaching About Women in Turkey: Perception of Pre-service Teachers
 gunel, elvan.

Teaching Cartography Mapping and Concept as Method
 Lenz-Taguchi, HIllevi.

Teaching Concepts Instead of Methods
 St.Pierre, Elizabeth.

Teaching Qualitative Educational Research by Practicing: A Constructivist Approach
 Carvajal, Diógenes.

Teaching Qualitative Reasoning Through Somatic Experience
 Siegesmund, Richard.

Teaching Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology: A Conversation
 Langtiw, Cynthia.

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Un análisis crítico a la formación en Investigación cualitativa: Dilemas y retos
 Laverde, Diana.

Un enfoque cualitativo para instrumentos estructurados
 Malbrán, María.

Un estomago chiquito. Mi by-pass gastrico
 Pacheco, Edith.

Uncertainty, or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
 Adamson, Matthew.

Under Construction: An Autoethnographic Study of a Novice Teacher and Her Professor
 Talley, Stephanie.

Under Construction: Building a critical race ethnographic method in educational research.
 Castro, Erin.

Undermining simplification, embracing specificity: Subverting positivism in applied research settings
 Moore, Melinda.

Understanding Adult Foster Care through Provider Experience
 Munly, Kelly.

Understanding Feeding Practices among First Generation Latina Mothers and Families: a Qualitative Study
 Pineros Leano, Maria., Tabb, Karen. and Ostler, Teresa.

Understanding How Elements of Power Impact Research Partnership through a Qualitative Process Evaluation and Community Case Study
 Coles, D. Crystal. and Price, Sarah.

Understanding Latina/o Identity and Community in a White and Well-resourced Suburban High School in Chicagoland
 Rodriguez, Gabriel.

Understanding Spouses’ Views on the Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: The Use of NVivo to Analyze 2,000 Open-Ended Survey Comments
 Eisen, Karla. and Robins, Cynthia.

Understanding Your Market: Qualitative Methodology for Researching Small Market Niches
 Popov, Lubomir.

Understanding an Elementary Teacher's Experiences in The Use of Interactive White Board through Narrative Inquiry
 ERSOY, Ali. and Bozkurt, Mahmut.

Understanding the Consciousness of a Child, Explored In Portraits Of His Inner State a la Painting a Painting as in Lawrence-Lightfoot
 Witz, Klaus.

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 Esmergül, Pelin.

Victims, Survivors, Heroes: Stress Management by Teachers in a High Risk Environment in El Salvador
 Schmalenbach, Christine.

Video clip, Social Media y Principios de Oportunidad
 Velásquez, Omar. and González, Sara.

Video research for exploring patient centredness in healthcare contexts
 Gorli, mara., Galuppo, Laura., Liberati, Elisa. and Scaratti, Giuseppe.

Violencia de Pareja en Mujeres Indigenas Mexicanas
 Balcázar, Patricia., Moysén, Alejandra., Garay, Julieta., Esteban, Juana. and Gurrola, Gloria.

Violencia en el Trabajo: Un Estudio de Caso en una Institución de Educación Primaria
 Acosta-Fernández, Martín., Torres-López, Teresa., Aguilera-Velasco, María., Pozos-Radillo, Blanca. and Parra-Osorio, Liliana.

Vipassana Approach to Autoethnographic Writings: A Spiritual Experience
 Ruktaengam, Himapan.

Virtual Ethnography: A safe space for Atheist Dialogue?
 Cote, Douglas.

Visual Narratives and Arts-Based Inquiry: Expanding Participation, Voice, and Access in Research with Youth
 DeJonckheere, Melissa. and Vaughn, Lisa.

Visual ethnographic projects in a Qualitative research course: Lessons Learned
 Swaminathan, Raji.

Visualizing Action Research in Teaching and Learning
 Kennedy, Rachael.

Visualizing Lives, Labyrinths, and Spiritwalking: Arts-Based Research Practices for Mentoring Doctoral Students
 Mulvihill, Thalia.

Vivenciando la relación de ayuda en la intersubjetividad: quien podría ser yo sino tú
 Ramirez, Mirliana. and Ferrada, Monica.


Walking Interconnections: Performing Conversations of Sustainability
 Porter, Sue. and Heddon, Deirdre.

Walking as Place-Making Methodology
 Powell, Kimberly.

Walking in two worlds: The power of translation in one collaborative effort.
 Heimer, Lucinda., Sullivan, Dianne. and Nayquonabe, Thelma.

Walking the Complexities between two Worlds: A Personal Story of Epistemological Tensions in Knowledge Production
 Karki, Karun.

Walking through theory: An exploration of theoretical frameworks in miniature
 Shields, Sara.

Walking-together: out of step friendships and inquiring together
 Porter, Sue.

Watching Reality TV
 Adams, Tony.

We Don’t Live in an Either/Or World: A Pop Culture Conversation
 Purnell, David.

We Have a Situation Here!: Becoming Leaving Academe, Living the Event of the Return, and (Art)ticulating Precarity’s Form
 Clark/Keefe, Kelly.

We are all angels: acting, reclaiming and moving beyond survivorship
 Anderson, Ariane.

Weak policies and strong politics: indigenous schools in Yucatan, Mexico
 Cortes-Camarillo, Graciela. and Leo, Gisela.

West Africa, 1989: Intersections of Formative Experience and Identity in Narrative Poetry
 Burnett, Jason.

Wham! Bang! Clank! Can Comics Release the Imagination in Qualitative Research?
 De Felice, Dustin.

What Can Open but Committed Relationships Teach us about the Negotiation of Sexual Jealousy in Monogamous Relationships?
 Thaller, Jonel. and Salas, Alex.

What Districts and Schools Can Learn from Their Students (if They Care to Ask): Seniors Reflect on Their High School Education. Phyllis L. Clay, Ph.D. Albuquerque Public Schools (APS).
 Clay, Phyllis.

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Xander Harris and the Interrogation of American Masculine Rhetoric
 Herrmann, Andrew. and Herbig, Art.


Yabancılara Türkçe Öğretiminde Elektronik Kültür Ortamı Yaratılarının Dinleme ve Yazma Becerilerine Etkisi
 Çetinkaya, Gülnaz.

Yik Yak, Is It All “Bad Talk”: A Grounded Theory Analysis of Students’ Comments
 Morrow, Jennifer., Nadel, Sarah. and Pathirage, Niranji.

You Shall (Not) Pass!: In/visibility and Public Bathroom Use
 Pérez Miles, Adetty. and Jenkins, KC.

Young Adult Women's ICT Use and Transition to Adulthood
 Lindsay, Megan.
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