The Twelfth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2016-May-18 to 2016-May-22

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"Awled Amreeka:” Children of America
 Jendoubi, Heather.

"How Canst Thou Weep?": Religion, Uncertainty, and Coming to Know God
 Adamson, Matt.

"I Don't Know Anymore": Perceptions of safety, privilege and the struggle with maintaining safe spaces in the classroom.
 Spikes, Antonio.

"I Gave All My Money to the Drag Queens": An Autoethnographic Exploration of Gender and Drag
 Vajjala, Emily.

"Leaning In" or "Pushing Back"? Examining the Difference Between Women and Men Teachers' Responses to the Neoliberal Accountability Regime in "Public" Education
 Hughes, Hilary.

"Let's all stay calm and do some science [education"]: Guiding your dissertation committee toward acceptance of a postqualitative informed inquiry
 Leslie, Logan.

"Made in China" Art Inquiry + Travel-study + Social-economic Responsibilities
 KAN, Koon-Hwee.

"Men and Women of Truth": An Approach to the Category of Gender in College Students.
 Estrada-Montoya, John. and Pinto, Lindsay.

"Perceiving Art Through Blindness: A Relational Palimpsest Tracing"
 Choi, Eunjung.

"Percepciones Sociales sobre desnutrición infantil en un grupo de madres bilingües maya hablantes en el estado de Yucatán"
 Cárdenas, Alina., Hernandez, Victor., Sansores, Carlos., Araujo, Zulema. and Carvajal, Andres.

"Postcolonial Situational Analysis"
 Clarke, Adele.

"Tasty Cupcakes Make You Happy": Exploring the Role of Virtual Food in Digital Spaces
 DeWitt, Natalie.

"Two sides to the two sides": (Re)considering decolonizing methodologies for and at the cultural interface
 Higgins, Marc.

"We Don't Want Students Like Him Here!"
 Leavitt, Della.

"Why Didn't You Just Talk to Me?" Silencing Academic Freedom under the Neoliberal Discourse of New Public Management
 White, Carolyne.

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A Ballad of Love and Liquor
 Tinney, Mollie.

A Case Study of a Child with Autism: Promoting Social Engagement in an Inclusive Setting
 YILDIRIM, Emine. and Schertz, Hannah.

A Collective Biography of Heterotopic Imaginings
 Davies, Bronwyn., DeSchauwer, Elisabeth., Van de Putte, Inge., Blockmans, Inge., Vandecasteele, Marieke. and Van Goidsenhoven, Leni.

A Community Collects: Sharing Stories Through the Senses
 Uhlig, Sue.

A Critical Analysis of Special Education Teacher Education Programs: How are We Engaging our Pre-Service Teachers who work with students with Disabilities in Conversations around Intersectionality?
 Ingram, Angela. and Khan, Laurie.

A Critical Realist Explanatory Framework relying on a Grammar-based Process Model
 Braga, Bruno.

A Criticality of Experience: Chaos and Complexity in American Public Schools
 Hindman, Janet.

A Dangerous Accountability: Neoliberalism’s Veer Toward Accountancy in Higher Education
 Lincoln, Yvonna.

A Definition of Difference: A Visual Storying of Cultural Identity
 Koo, Ahran.

A Diagram of a Fragmented Mind
 Ahn, Sungyong.

A Dialectical Analysis of Stolen Valor Vigilantism
 Agostinone, Faith.

A Double-Edged Sword: The Risks & Rights of an Untenured Administrator
 Baker, Julie.

A Duet: Singers-Researchers Modulating through Ascesis
 Dunn, Joseph. and Nordstrom, Susan.

A Duoethnography of Disruption: Resisting Viscous Whiteness in Teacher Education
 Franklin, Asilia. and Rath, Courtney.

A Formative Research Study Exploring Developmental Literacy Students’ Motivation while Engaged in Mindfulness-Based Interventions
 Nielson, Erika.

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BESA: on moral codes and boundary work - public sociology in the lecture hall.
 Ryen, Anne.

BESA: on moral codes and boundary work - public sociology in the lecture hall.
 Ryen, Anne.

Balance is a Myth: You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
 Yopp, Ashley., McKim, Billy. and Warhol, Breanne.

Balancing Academic Requirements and Community Needs: A Qualitative Dissertation Project
 Genkova, Ana.

Barreras e intersticios para la investigación social Entrecruces generacionales, de género y disciplinares
 Rubilar, Maria.

Batman as transmedial discourse to understand anarchy, order, and today’s social dynamics in the city
 Mora, Raúl. and Golovátina-Mora, Polina.

Becoming Academic Exile: Leaving Academe, Living the Event of the Return, and (Art)ticulating Precarity’s Form
 Clark/Keefe, Kelly.

Becoming Raced: Kenyan International Students’ Experiences with Language and Race in the United States
 Nduati, Rosemary.

Becoming post-critical: Building a new paradigm in empowerment research
 Baily, Supriya.

Becoming-Aberrant: A Deluezian Conception of Quantification for Post-Paradigmatic Research
 Graham, Matthew.

Bedazzled by Illusion: Advancing Despite the Distractions
 Isbell, Janet.

Beginning a Journey: Reflection on Establishment of Community to Enhance Online Learning
 Rudolph, Heather.

Beginning with Philosophical Concept in Qualitative Research
 Vagle, Mark.

Being Co-Sufferers and Co-Healers: Reflections of Being an Ethnographer of Disaster Survivors in India
 Priya, Kumar.

Being Post-Qualitative in the Neoliberal University
 Lather, Patti.

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 Solstad, Stein Helge.

Cambiando paradigmas: proyectos de investigación con estudiantes subgraduados
 Colon, Samuel.

Cambios familiares ante la migración internacional
 Villarreal Ramírez, Victor Manuel.

Can Management Accounting be Meaningful in the Margins? A Proposal to Advance Interpretive and Critical Approaches in Management Accounting Research in Brazil
 Lourenço, Rosenery. and Sauerbronn, Fernanda.

Can meaning migrate? On the translation of qualitative research
 Yin, Yin.

Can we go out of the dilemma: A tension in an alternative school’s pedagogy
 Chen, Lin.

Can’t beat them, own them: The ecologies of YouTube and youth as consumers
 Moulton, Matthew.

Capturing Learning through Pedagogical Documentation: An Exploration of Turkish Early Childhood Teachers' Assessment Practices
 Yilmaz, Arif., Sahin, Figen. and Buldu, Mehmet.

Caregiving: Exploring Familial Obligation
 Jennings, LIsa.

Carichina Women: Performative Activism in Addressing Violence Against Women in Ecuador
 Storm, Rachel.

Case Study About Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions about Multiculturalism In Their Science Classes
 Çalışkan, İlke.

Case Study Method in Chinese Women's Studies
 Jifang, Qiu.

Cats: Transforming your Qualitative Research Voice from Meek Meow to Roar
 Hamstra, Miki.

Caught Between Striving for and Resisting Cultural Standards of Beauty: An Autoethnographic Journey
 Spinazola, Lisa.

Challenges of teaching critical qualitative inquiry in APA accredited graduate programs
 Velez Agosto, Nicole.

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Dalit Poverty and the Responsibility to Protect: Localizing Cosmopolitan Obligation
 Kumar, Santosh.

Dancers’ Stories: Finding a Way to Survive
 Tseng, Ra-Yuan.

Dark Clouds On the Horizon
 Barbour, Karen.

Data Holes
 Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka.

Data Practices beyond Neoliberalism
 Koro-Ljungberg, Mirka.

Data as Simulacra: Truth, Ethics, and Inquiry
 Graham, Matthew.

Data-Collage: Neoliberal Figurations
 Rath, Courtney. and Raza, Nadia.

Data-Collage: Queer Accessories
 Dean, Allyson. and Smithers, Laura.

Datafication and Qualitative Methods: Working with/in the Paradox
 Markham, Annette.

De beneficiarios a jovenes protagonistas, transito en la construcción de una educacion rural incluyente. Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia

De fronteras y violencias, prácticas epistémicas y metodológicas
 Ayala, Monica.

De/fragmenting Narratives: A Post-Oppositional Arts-Based Analytic Approach to Narrative Construction, Suppression, Fragmentation, Expansion, and Connection
 Maxfield, Paul.

De/fragmenting Narratives: A Post-Oppositional Arts-Based Analytic Approach to Narrative Construction, Suppression, Fragmentation, Expansion, and Connection
 Maxfield, Paul.

Dead or Alive: Sibling Maintenance of a Deceased and an Absent Sibling
 Purnell, David.

Decolonizing Inquiry: Merits of Critical Qualitative Research and Critical Autoethnography in Examining Multicultural/Transnational Identities
 Zakeri, Bita.

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Early Acquaintance with Profession: Internship
 Abali, Gokcen., Kaya, Zehranur., Anay, Meltem., Uzuner, Yildiz. and Karasu, Guzin.

Echo theatre – practice - led research
 Ulvund, Marit.

Echoes, Repeats, and Codas: Articulating Waves of Everyday (in)Justice
 Gershon, Walter.

Ecriture Féminine: Writing Violence Against Women in Kenya “Diary of A Mad Kenyan Woman” Blog
 Lutomia, Anne.

Edu-crafting an Experimental Research Intra-vention in Student Participation and Engagement
 Taylor, Carol.

Educación y género: desafíos en tiempos neoliberales
 Arboleda Penagos, Juliana.

Educar para el mercado en tiempos de neoliberalismo. Las apuestas de desarrollo en el siglo XXI en la ciudad de Medellín (Colombia)
 Macias-Prada, John.

Education and culture: challenges of teaching a multicultural society

Educators' Perceptions of Linguistic Diversity: The Impact on Teaching Methodology
 Byfield, Lavern., Shelby-Caffey, Crystal. and Shen, Xiang.

Effects of School Closure/Consolidation on Local Students Enrolled in a Mentorship Program
 Saldanha, Ken.

El Marie’s Love Notes: What We Can Learn About Persistence in a Gaming Environment
 Hansen-Morgan, Karen.

El bienestar en las familias a pesar de la enfermedad
 Soto Loreto, Ricardo Daniel.

El contexto empresarial y su relacion con el perfil de los administradores formados en instituciones de educación superior. IES, región sabana del caribe colombiano
 Prieto Baldovino, Francia., Jimenez Paternina, Lucimio. and Prieto Baldovino, Maria.

El discurso mítico de la discapacidad desde el enfoque estructural propuesto por Levi Strauss
 Chavira, Claudia Teresa. and Salinas, Patricia.

El dolor del cuerpo, la incertidumbre y los servicios de salud
 Salinas-Urbina, Addis-Abeba.

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FOILED but not silenced: public intellectuals and the assault by corporate education reformers
 Fine, Michelle.

 Hastings-Tolsma, Marie. and Downing, Charlene.

Factional Conservatism Revisited
 Teimourigerdeh, Amirhossein.

Factional stories: Creating a methodological space for collaboration, reflection and inquiry
 Kallio, Alexis.

Faculty Support for Qualitative Inquiry: a Graduate Student Perspective
 Hernandez, Sarah.

Falling Through the U.S. Safety Net: Alice’s Adventures in Social Services
 Wells, Vanessa.

Falling for Yoga to avoid falling: Falling in and out with our research assumptions!
 Bartos Perez, Luis. and Meek, Geoffrey.

Familias migrantes y sus significados culturales
 Espinoza Hernández, Ramón.

Family Homelessness and the Contextual Nature of Play
 Schlembach, Sue.

Family Reintegration After Parent Military Deployment: The Child Dependents Perspectives
 Ramos-Ayala, Natasha. and Colon, Samuel.

Family photographs and preservice teachers' notions of family
 Miller, Kyle.

Family, Choice and god's will: Women's Troubling of STEM retention initiatives
 bailey, lucy.

Family, Photo-Voice, and Empowerment: A Mixed-methods Community-based Program Evaluation
 Sawyer, Jason. and Abrefa-Gyan, Tina.

Fan Fiction: Expanding the boundaries of gaming culture and identity
 Mora, Raúl., Castaño, Sebastián., Ramírez, Daniel. and Uribe, Sara.

Fat woman seeks space to flounder and flow
 Smailes, Sophie.

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Gathering Qualitative Data From Young Children: Theory to Practice

Gay Ascesis: Ethics of Strategic Disorientation and the Pedagogies of Friendship
 Carlson, David Lee.

Gender, violence and forró: a social study in the brazilian northeast
 Brilhante, Aline., e Silva, Juliana., Lourinho, Lidia. and Catrib, Ana Maria.

Gender-Queering linkage to HIV care: an autoethnographic assessment of a novel Peer Guide training program
 Smith, Donna.

Gestion en Salud Publica: aportes desde Latinoamerica
 Arrubla, Deisy., Ballesteros, Magnolia. and Pesca Polanco, Esneider.

Getting closer: Degrees of anonymity when re-presenting participants using different text forms.
 Earl, Kerry.

Getting the Most Out Of Qualitative Data : Techniques for managing analytic complexity using media data
 Woods, David.

Getting under our skin: Affective vitality in the elementary school deadlands
 Coats, Cala.

Ghosts and their Analysts: Writing and Reading Toward Something Like Justice for Murdered or Missing Indigenous Women
 Granzow, Kara. and Dean, Amber.

Gifting Artistic Reverberations: Another Source of Data
 Plato, Katrina.

Girlhood Unscripted: Homeless Black Girls’ Video Narratives and the New Terrain of Representation
 Ivashkevich, Olga.

Giving Voice to the Fear
 Burton Smith, Eniola.

Giving in to What I Want to Give up: The Quandary of Critiquing Class Stratification
 Rennels, Tasha.

Glass Ceiling Effect: Higher Education Women Administrators and Mentorship
 Reeves, Meredith.

Glimpses of Peace in the Shadow of War: How drawings can be used in researching young people's experiences of violence in Afghanistan
 Langer, Phil. and Ahmad, Aisha-Nusrat.

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Habits Inside Music Education: An Arts-Based and Autoethnographic Inquiry
 manovski, miroslav.

Hacerse investigador en el trabajo Social: Perspectivas autobiográficas y entrecruces disciplinarios
 Rubilar, Maria.

Hacking Dominance: A grassroots court watch in New Jersey
 Meckeler, Amy.

Happiness and Resilience as Psychological Technologies for the Government of Subjectivity in the Mexican Context
 Martínez Guzmán, Antar.

Harnessing Students’ Critical Stories: A Cautionary Tale of University Funding for Pedagogy
 Braniger, Carmella. and Hensley, Brandon.

Has God Left the (School) Building?
 Scullion, Vicki.

Have You Met Fran? On Becoming a Member of a Crossfit Box
 Edmonds, Shaun.

Hayao Miyazaki’s shōjo heroines:The double production of gender and common worlds
 Trafi-Prats, Laura.

He Said, She Said: Support Interactions Among Married Couples During Diabetes Appointments
 Marshall, Mary., Franks, Melissa. and Oates, Shannon.

Hearing-impaired University Students’ Readiness for Graduation: Action Research for Solving Problems
 Kaya, Zehranur., Anay, Meltem., Uzuner, Yildiz., Karasu, Guzin. and Abali, Gokcen.

Heroines in everyday life
 Askelson, Debra.

Hidden Disabilities that Affect: Affect Theory, Poetry and Oral History Interviews that (Un)Hide Disability
 Eugene, Nicole.

High and low tech tools for 21st century art education
 Koo, Sohee.

Hip Hop Pedagogy for Humanity: Embracing Pedagogies of Healing and Reality
 Love, Ashley.

Historical and contemporary perspectives on validity in qualitative research
 Ozdogan, Zulfukar. and White, Francesca.

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I don’t think of you as a transgender, Pops. I think of you as a transformer.
 Nealy, Elijah.

ICQI, I’m your #1 Fan!
 Harris, Genevieve.

Identifying Preservice Teacher Beliefs Through the Use of Metaphors
 Gilewski, Casey.

Identity Development and Progressive Vision Loss: Analysis of One Person’s Narrative of Becoming Visually Impaired
 Munro, Michael. and Munro, Heather.

If I Knew Then. . . .
 Tilley-Lubbs, Gresilda.

If You Could Hear the Blood: Defining the Impact of War at the End of Life
 Ezell, Stephanie.

If You Fall In Love With The Challenge, You Are Inspired Every Day
 Epling, Kelli.

Illusion or Delusion: Advancement via Higher Education Hiring Practices
 Sapp, Lee.

Images not only ‘illustrate’ the spoken word, they also ‘speak’ for themselves: reconsidering symbolic analysis in photo voice research.
 Hannes, Karin.

Imagining Service Learning as Post-humanist Pedagogy
 Bailey, Megan.

Imagining Wellness with Indigenous Youth through Art-based Research
 Yuen, Felice., Linds, Warren. and Ranahan, Patti.

Immersing Self in Medication Reasoning – A Theoretical Framework of Parental Medication Behavior
 Nguyen, Phuong.

Immersion in and Emergence from Media Representations of Ebola: An Autoethnography of Researcher Saturation
 Wetzler, Elizabeth.

Immigrant Social Worker Practice: An Ecological Perspective on Strengths and Challenges
 Chiang, Pamela. and Lin, Ching-Hsuan.

Impact of Integrated Care on Individuals Struggling with Infertility and Pregnancy Loss
 Asempapa, Bridget.

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Journey(ing) through Jaundice: An Autoethnographic Examination of Illness
 Lelek, Noah.


Keeping Watch: Care of the Self and Apple’s keynote presentations of the Apple Watch
 Eugene, Nicole.

Kenyan Teachers' Perspectives on Language and Literacy in Kenyan Schools
 Nduati, Rosemary.

Kiefer and I: Stories from an installation
 Formenti, Laura.

Knowing-in-Walking: The ‘Politics of Clean’ in the Campus Space of Appearance
 Taylor, Carol.

Knowledge Moves across Borders: How Migrant Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners Contextualize Their Practices in Canada
 Lu, Yixi. and Racine, Louise.


La Metodología de la Autoetnografía Crítica
 Tilley-Lubbs, Gresilda.

La alimentación en la enfermedad renal crónica. La voz de quienes padecen y sus familiares
 Hernández-Ibarra, Eduardo., Torres Briones, Nahivi., Cruz-Ortiz, Maribel. and Vestena-Zillmer, Juliana.

La autoetnografía como una estrategia pedagógica para dar voz a los estudiantes de sociología
 Benard, Silvia.

La construcción de significados en torno a la investigación: la experiencia de estudiantes de Pedagogía y Comunicación
 Garcia-Bejar, Ligia.

La distancia no es el olvido: ¿cómo construyen las relaciones familiares los inmigrantes latinoamericanos en España?
 Rodriguez, Vicente.

La función educativa de la mujer menonita hacia una trasformación social
 Salinas, Patricia. and Chavira, Claudia Teresa.

La identidad cultural y la diversidad de género
 Arévalo Rugel, Jocelyn. and Rugel Zerna, Kathya.

La investigacion cualitativa y la comprension de sentido
 c, jose.

La investigación cualitativa desde la pedagogía crítica: una posibilidad enfrentar la vulnerabilidad social.
 Vega Villarreal, Sandra.

La logica neoliberal en habitus del campo universitario colombiano

La pedagogía crítica y la investigación cualitativa crítica nadando contra corriente en el neoliberalismo.
 Huerta Charles, Luis.

La práctica docente en los programas de administración de empresas: caso instituciones de educación superior, ciudad de sincelejo, caribe colombiano
 Prieto Baldovino, Francia. and Cuello Prieto, Jose.

La reintegración familiar luego de una movilización militar, la percepción de los dependientes.
 Ramos-Ayala, Natasha. and Colon, Samuel.

La relevancia de la percepción social en los grandes proyectos: la visión ciudadana del Proyecto Esclusas de San Antonio – Salto (Uruguay)
 Noboa, Alejandro.

La vida cotidiana, más allá de la etnografía, más acá de la historia. Reflexiones desde el hacer antropológico
 Avaria, Andrea.

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M/othering as Inter-relational in Transnational Space
 Hwang, Yeorim.

Mad Activism, Mad Research, Mad Studies
 Smith, Phil. and Johnk, Lzz.

Magical Realism as Post-Qualitative Narrative Research
 Coulter, Cathy.

Magical thinking and QDA software expectations: uncovering coding, analysis and data management issues
 Gregory, Katherine. and DeMott, Sarah.

Maiz criollo e identidad cultural de los productores en la region Texcoco
 Diaz, Amanda.

Making Meaning of Internationalization in Higher Education
 Mathis, Emily. and DeYounge, Nia.

Making Music: Qualitative Work as Productive Practice
 Phillips, Glenn.

Making Sense of "Comparative Education Research Design" to Study Teacher Education Spaces in India and USA
 Sinha, Kajal.

Making empowering choices: how methodology matters for empowering research participants
 Ross, Karen.

Managing Minds: Mapping the Ethopolitics of a Mental Illness Awareness Campaign
 Jacob, Jean Daniel.

Maneuvers in Body Fluidity and Negotiations with Differences among Hong Kong Chinese Lesbians
 Lo, Iris Po Yee.

Manipulación ambiental, temática poco visibilizada en las agendas ambientales: Una autoetnografía
 Aguirre-Armendariz, Elizabeth.

Map-Drawing in Qualitative Interviews: Opportunities and Challenges
 Green, Amelia.

Mapping Contested Visual Space: Street Art, Democracy, and Critical Photographic Cartography
 Ulmer, Jasmine.

Mapping HIV Self-Testing: A Situational Analysis of the OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test
 Gagnon, Marilou. and French, Martin.

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Naming the Unknowable, Or the Personal is Still Political
 Jones, Meadow.

Narrativas transmedia y construccionismo social: experiencias para la construcción de nuevas subjetividades
 Gonzalez, Luis.

Narrative Inquiry and the New Materialism
 Rosiek, Jerry.

Narrative Knowing and Narrative Action in Organizations: Stories in Decision Making
 Zilber, Tammar.

Narratives of Racial Microaggressions, Health Attributions and Political Implications for Research and Practice
 Hall, Joanne. and Fields, Becky.

Narratives of the Nontraditional: Stories of Engineering Education from a Road Less Traveled
 Minichiello, Angela.

Narratives productions: the agency of participating subjects and the transformation in the dynamic of research
 Galaz, Caterine. and Rubilar, Maria.

Narrativity and intertextuality as reflexive tools in feminist research. The case of pain and gender.
 Schongut, Nicolas.

Navigate towards Communication: An Ethnographic Account of Engaging International Students
 Sun, Kang.

Navigating La Frontera: Mestizaje, power and politics of helping in a tuition-free private school
 Chilcote, Autumn.

Navigating the Barriers to Qualitative Inquiry as a Graduate Student
 Clark, Dessie. and Samples, Leah.

Navigating the Fringes of Collegiate High School Education: Compensatory Education vs. Pay-for-Credit Education
 Smith, Mychelle.

Navigating the PhD: DESTROYing the "underrepresented"
 Chacko, Jacob., West, Autumn., Johnson, Dorian. and Alexander, Kia.

Navigating the School Environment: Skillful Encounters by High School Students in Academic and Transgressive Spaces
 Gordon, Tedi.

Necesidades de convivencia y articulación en los Establecimientos Educativos Urbanos y Rurales del departamento del Tolima Colombia
 Rivas, María. and Díaz, Lourdes.

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O PROCESSO CRIATIVO E A PESQUISA EM DANÇA: como dar vida ao processo?
 Matsuo, Renata. and Velardi, Marilia.

O desafio de formar profissionais na Saúde Coletiva: Percepções dos Discentes do Curso de Fonoaudiologia
 Lourinho, Lidia., Catrib, Ana Maria., Moreira, Claudio. and Brilhante, Aline.

Of Motherhood and Mothering: An Autoethnography under Multiple Identities in Multiple Spaces
 Rombo, Dorothy.

Off the chart: Tracing institutional representations of equity and inclusion
 Gullage, Amy. and Vander Kloet, Marie.

Omar Little and Revolutionary Trickster Politics: Cultural Myths and Research Methods
 Jenkins, Andrew.

On Comparative Children's Literature
 Celepoglu, Ayssegul.

On Materiality, Abstraction, Onto-epistemologies, and Playing Golf: Points of (Dis)connection between Deweyan and Deleuzian Perspectives
 Pickup, Austin.

On Publishing an Auto-Ethnographic book: Creativity, Confidence, Accountability, and Compromise.
 Stanley, Phiona.

On teaching autoethnography: different countries, disciplinary backgrounds, and formal education levels
 Benard, Silvia.

On the outside, observing within: collaborative cultural enquiries into America
 Jordan, Emma. and Fox, Kathy.

Only narrative: Dwelling in singular points of story
 Brogden, Lace.

Operationalising our responsibilities: equipping university teachers to embed CAQDAS into curricula
 Silver, Christina.

Opportunities in tourism: different stories of two generations
 Yang, Xiaotao.

Oral History as an Ethnography of How Violence and Fear Have Changed Culture
 Dawidowicz, Paula.

Ordinary Narratives with Poetry and with Schools
 Fernandes, Priscila.

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Palabras Fuertes: Voices of Older Latino Gay Men
 Camacho, David.

Parenting across different Family Structures: Experiences of Women in a Township Area in Botswana.

Participation and Meaning: Graduate Student Feminist Praxis in Qualitative Research
 Elfreich, Alycia. and Peck, Leah.

Pedagogies of sacrifices: A developmental engagement model to validate storytelling in higher education research
 Rocha, Janet.

Pedagogía crítica e investigación cualitativa: Una reconfiguración pedagógica
 García Sánchez, Rafael.

People, not Numbers
 Ryen, Anne.

Percepción de Duelo y Muerte en estudiantes de Enfermería

Perception of the marital satisfaction among Iranian women: A Qualitative Study
 Tavakol, Zeinab.

Perceptions of Gender Identity among Undergraduate Students in the Midwest
 Bingham, Ashleigh.

Perceptions of Spirituality of Yoga in Minnesota: Is it Traditional?
 Ness, Anne., Briles, Karen. and Mellang, Patricia.

Performance of collective action as a cultural jamming: the case of “el Chaman del Raval”
 Aguirre-Calleja, Ana.

Performing Jill: Research and Healing
 Munson, April.

Performing Possibilities: Black and Latino Court Involved Special Education Youth Creating New Life Trajectories
 Melendrez, Alezandra.

Performing patriarchal family and its resistance in a neoliberal time
 Ting, Tin-yuet.

Performing the "As If" of Ambiguous Loss: Liminalities of Grief
 McGreehan, Dianah.

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Qualitative Inquiry - Facing and Responding to Challenges of Neoliberalismsm
 Jovanovic, Gordana.

Qualitative Inquiry as Professional Practice: Autoethnography, Phenomenology, and Improving Teaching and Learning
 Gangnon, Bradley.

Qualitative Inquiry as a Pedagogical Intervention: A Case of Integrating Poverty Studies in Business Research, Education, and Social Services
 Cai, Sophy.

Qualitative Inquiry as a Worldwide Field
 Johnson Mardones, Daniel.

Qualitative Inquiry in Community’s Response to Tragedy: Social Justice Activism as a Counteraction to Neoliberal Ideology
 Zilonka, Revital.

Qualitative Methodologies and Researchers in Times of War, Dead, and Sorrow
 Chapela, Consuelo.

Qualitative Research Design and Analysis: Finding the Axis of Interpretation so That Your Study Spins True
 Koester, Merrie.

Qualitative Research Techniques in Design Studio
 Anay, Meltem.

Qualitative Research and Global Audit Culture: The Politics of Productivity, Accountability, and Possibility
 Spooner, Marc.

Qualitative Research and the Preservation of Meaning
 Nelson, James. and Slife, Brent.

Qualitative Research and your PhD: Two Students Perspectives on Navigating the Research Journey
 Page, M. Beth. and McDaniel, Jennifer.

Qualitative Research as Praxis and for Praxis
 Cai, Sophy.

Qualitative Research as Resistance
 Chung, Ga Young.

Qualitative Research without Methods
 Denison, Jim. and Markula, Pirkko.

Qualitative research and Mental Health: Narration as Therapeutic
 Tuval-Mashiach, Rivka. and Zilber, Tammar.

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RE- Tweeting Citizenship
 Talwar, Savneet.

Race and Education in America
 Bryson, Alfreda.

Racial Health Disparities: Stress-related Problems Emerging from Microaggressions
 Hall, Joanne.

Radical Reconstructions of the Imperial Project Known as Research
 Scheurich, Jim.

Radicalizing Black Male Achievement Work
 Liston, Monique.

Raising an Army: Considering Qualitative Training at the Middle School Level
 Phillips, Glenn.

Re-imagining Aging and Mobility Through Qualitative Inquiry
 Franke, Thea., Chaudhury, Habib. and Sims-Gould, Joanie.

Reaching - Researching in and through embodied encounters
 Anttila, Eeva.

Reading Bodies through Clothes: A Feminist Study of Racism by the Second Skin
 Aghasaleh, Rouhollah.

Reading Foucault with Qualitative Inquiry: Moments of Reflections and Methods
 Clark, Adam. and Sweet, Joseph.

Reading Spivak in the Heartland
 Chawla, Devika.

Reading and Writing White Femininity: Critical Autoethnography in Education
 Coffee, Angela.

Reading our participants’ voices: Data analysis into the recordings and beyond the transcripts
 Mora, Raúl., Giraldo, Maryori., Gómez, María. and Pulgarín, Carla.

Ready or Not? Practice based perceptions of graduate nurses.
 Ingram, Paula.

Realities in Grade R classrooms: The South African Perspective.
 Tlou, Faith. and Feza, Nosisi.

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SALEACOM Network: Sharing Knowledge to Improve Most Disadvantage Groups’ Learning
 gomez, aitor., Padros, Maria. and Barba-Martín, Raul.

SKAD, Resilience, and the Transformation of Energy Systems towards Renewables
 Hamborg, Steffen.

STEM: The Creeping Corruption of Curricula
 Finley, Susan.

Save the Humans: Rehabilitating Reductionist, Anthropocentric Views of Petkeeping With Ecopsychology. Kay Chai, Duquesne University
 Chai, Kay Yu Yuan.

Scenes of Objection: Decolonizing Black Girlhood Embodiment in Inner & Outer Spaces
 Ife, Fahima.

School Readiness In Turkey: Are Bilingual Children Ready or Not?
 Koşan, Yekta. and erkan, nefise.

School, Family and Community, and their Impact on English-Language Learner Performance
 Intriago, Eder., Morales, Antonieta. and Villafuerte, Jhonny.

Schooled encounters with the material.
 Giaver, Katrine. and Løberg, Hege.

Science Operas in the School and Therapeutic Contexts
 Ben-Horin, Oded., Ray, Kendra. and Rolfsnes, Gunhild.

Scientific Argumentation in the Kindergarten Classroom: Supporting Understanding of Scientific Knowledge Using Outstanding Children’s Literature
 Spears, Amber. and Wendt, Stephanie.

Se faire soi. The construction of professional identity of young people in Valle d’Aosta Region in Italy
 Benozzo, Angelo. and Sofritti, Federico.

Searching for my Palm Tree: Epistemological Journeying of a Doctoral Student
 Sky, Iona.

Second Language Issues in Qualitative Inquiry
 Mullen, Natalie.

Secularism Dismissed! Teachers Ponder Colleagues’ Attitudes on Religion in Public Schools
 Norrie, Kassandra.

Secularism in Canadian Schools: Are the Provinces Responding to a Call for Inclusive Citizenship?
 Knott, Natalie. and Emory, David.

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Taiwanese students' multilingual education

Taking Care of the Worlds We Constitute: Using SA to Tactfully Situate Neoliberalism
 French, Jared.

Taking a Selfie: Examining the Commodification and Consumption of Identity in Educational Leadership
 Long, Tanya.

Taking about barriers to implement a sexual program at a public university
 Salinas-Urbina, Addis-Abeba.

Tales of/on Ms Wigum’s class - An ethnographic perspective of Grade 4 student resistance
 Kalloo, Rowena.

Talking About Secularism: Professional Dialogue and/or Professional Divide
 Stonebanks, Melanie.

Talking about Shame, Empathy, and Resilience
 Osso, Julia.

Tatemae and Honne: Social Face in Japan
 Joseph, Jared.

Teacher Education Reform as Political Theater: Modernization Dramas in Global Neoliberal Contexts
 Aydarova, Olena.

Teachers’ Capacity as a Determining Factor Towards Effective Inclusionary Programs in Full Service Schools in South Africa
 Themane, Mahlapahlapana.

Teachers’ Narratives about Instructional Leadership for Science and Mathematics in South Africa
 Jita, Loyiso.

Teachers’ Perceived Challenges in Geography Instruction in Vocational High Schools
 Ozturk, Mustafa Kemal.

Teachers’ Talking about Pedagogical Decision Making
 Jones, Phyllis. and Lawson, Hazel.

Teachers’ effectiveness through the eyes of their students: resistance against banal institutional regulations

Teachers’ emotions entangled with curriculum in Aotearoa New Zealand
 Warren, Alison.

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Uaque, School Cohabitation and Performed Ethnography

Uma metodologia de rastreamento de processo alinhada ao modelo de gramáticas e à filosofia realista crítica
 Braga, Bruno.

Una aproximación semiótica a los discursos de campaña de Mauricio Rodas en el año 2014
 Luzuriaga, Estefanía., Rios, Ingrid. and Lobo, Claudio.

Understanding Adult Foster Care through Provider Experience
 Munly, Kelly.

Understanding Experiences of Individuals Engaging in Buddhist Practices
 Leipow, Rachel., Todd, Nathan., Heller, Wendy. and Kral, Michael.

Understanding Favoritism in Families: The Use of Multiadic Interviews
 Manning, Jimmie.

Understanding the Current Epidemic of Heroin Addiction in America through a Content Analysis Approach
 Ferreyra, Gabriel.

Understanding the Impact of Regulatory Changes on the Implementation of a Community-Based Mental Health Program
 Mann-Williams, Angie.

Understanding the evolution of special education teacher roles through oral history techniques
 Kaff, Marilyn.

Unexpected Outcomes of A Research Process
 Bothne, Nancy.

Ungovernable Geographies: Louis Moreau Gottschalk and the Bamboula Rhythm
 Mitchell, Reagan.

Universidad y conducta suicida: El valor de la consulta a la memoria
 Ballesteros, Magnolia. and Franco, Saúl.

Unpacking 8th Graders Understandings of Social and Intellectual Privilege
 Branscombe, Amanda.

Unwrinkling barriers to aging in the community: Using focus groups to find what is causing the stress wrinkles
 Milbourne, Constance. and Raimondo, Marianne.

Use of Autoethnographical Reflection for Discovery of Self as a Writer
 Nigam, Anita.

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Validity as Research Praxis
 Dennis, Barbara.

Variables as Entities with Correlatioonal Methods:Too Much Structural Similarity
 Secolsky, Charles.

Vignettes in autoethnographic accounts of working lives
 Humphreys, Michael., Learmonth, Mark. and McMurray, Robert.

Violence and Solidarity: The Cathartic Release of Archetypal Drives in Combat
 Senecal, Gary.

Violence, Silence and Health Service Provision in Mexico: An Arrangement in Parts
 Vargas, Laura.

Visions of Africa: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the New York Times’ Coverage of Africa
 St Clair, Denise.

Visiting Chinese grandparents and their families in the U.S.
 Chen, Hao-Min. and Lewis, Denise.

Visual Nosing Around. On the Theoretical Grounding of Communicating Visual Knowledge
 Miko, Katharina.

Visualising the invisible, hearing the inaudible. Working with Social Haunting and its Implications for Critical Performance Ethnography.
 Bright, Geoff. and Pool, Steve.

Visualizing School Locale Codes in Pre-service Art Education Fieldwork
 Sutters, Justin.

Vitalidad emocional en cuidadores familiares de niños con enfermedades crónicas
 Toledano-Toledano, Filiberto. and McCubbin, Laurie D..

Vocational School Geography Teachers’ Difficulties Encountered in Teaching Geography
 Ozturk, Mustafa Kemal.

Voice, Praxis, and Discovery: The Importance of Critical Pedagogy in Teaching (of) Methods
 Ignacio, Emily., Avella-Castro, Douglas. and Hill, Victoria.

Voices from within the Adoption Triangle
 Murray, B Lee. and Kearney, Kerri.

Voices of Belonging, Voices of Alienation: Listening for Home
 Koelsch, Lori., Brown, Elizabeth. and Goldberg, Susan.


W/B/rought to life
 Wyatt, Jonathan.

Wading through the Murky Waters: A Doctoral Student’s Reflection on Research Engagement in Indian Country
 Prorock-Ernest, Amy.

Waiting for Queer/Performing The Not-Yet Queer Family: Keywords
 Holman Jones, Stacy.

Walking as an Artful Trajectory of Thinking-in-Movement
 Powell, Kimberly.

Walking the Complexities between two Worlds: A Personal Story of Epistemological Tensions in Knowledge Production
 Karki, Karun.

Walls have ears; and they have voices too: positioning narratives in an art institution
 Tobias-Green, Karen.

Wandering - Researching in and through embodied encounters
 Loytonen, Teija.

Wandering in the Neoliberal City: Autoethnographic Interventions on the Regulation of Public Life
 Vivoni, Francisco.

Warring Wor(l)ds: Stories as Soft Weapons and Resources of Hope
 Halldórsdóttir, Tanya.

Watch as the present moment slips away: Policy changes and methodological pivots in Nunavut education research with decolonizing aims
 McGregor, Heather.

We Need To Talk: The Disclosure Process of Sexual Assault in Supportive Romantic Relationships
 Lozano, Nicole.

We get to define ourselves: autoethnography in two or more voices.
 Krug, Gary. and Krug, Maggie.

Weechi metuwe mitowin: Games of presence as Indigenous Research Methodology in an Outdoor Tipi Arts Camp with Indigenous youth in Saskatchewan
 Wajuntah, Cassandra.

Weechi metuwe mitowin: Games of presence as Indigenous Research Methodology in an Outdoor Tipi Arts Camp with Indigenous youth in Saskatchewan
 Goulet, Linda.

Weechi metuwe mitowin: Games of presence as Indigenous Research Methodology in an Outdoor Tipi Arts Camp with Indigenous youth in Saskatchewan
 Brass, Dustin.

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Y ¿por qué investigo lo que investigo como lo investigo?
 Zapata-Sepúlveda, Pamela.

Yarning is far more than a Research Method
 Barlo, Stuart.

Yazılı Anlatım Dersini Alan Öğrencilerin Söz Varlığı
 Kalfa, Mahir.

Yearning for a Trans*formative Methodology: Engaging Contradictory Methods to Critically Produce Knowledge with Trans* Academics
 Pitcher, Erich.

You, Me, and Us?: "Shades of Chineseness"
 Liang, Jia.

Young Adults with Disabilities and Recollections of Bullying Victimization
 McNicholas, Caroline.

Younger Women with Breast Cancer and Treatment Decision-Making: Rethinking Patient Involvement and Empowerment
 Snyder, Karrie. and Tate, Alexandra.

Youth in Gangs: Using Constructivist Grounded Theory for Sensitive Research Topics and Vulnerable Populations
 Berdychevsky, Liza., Stodolska, Monika. and Shinew, Kimberly.


Zen and the Art of Qualitative Interviewing
 Patti, Chris.

Zero-tolerance: The Practice of Educational Suppression
 Celebi, Dilber.
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