The 13th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2017-May-17 to 2017-May-21

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"Am I Stupid?": Performed multimedia ethnography of an at-risk reader
 Scheckelhoff, Carrie.

"And you end up eating salad at parties": Food storytelling as collaborative research and resistance
 Lim, Stephanie.

"Be authentic!" – A subjectivation analysis in the realm of professional politics in Germany
 Geimer, Alexander.

"Embodying Analysis"
 Saldana, Johnny.

 Saldana, Johnny.

"I Wouldn't Take Those Kids Anywhere!": Fighting for Equity for Lowest-Tracked Students
 Leavitt, Della.

"In Your Face!": The Lived Experience of Faculty Disability in the Workplace
 Reybold, L. Earle. and Ingram, Karen.

"It Reads More Like a Methodological and Theoretical Piece Than a Piece of Social-Science Research”
 Kuby, Candace.

"My job is to get them ready for the world...:" Teachers' perceptions of African-American English
 Hamilton, Megan-Brette. and DeThorne, Laura.

"News comes" Autoethnographic Sketches in a Media Age
 Gloviczki, Peter.

"Reflections on working in a hospital: A social worker speaks
 Lecha, Masego.

"Restorative Justice to Address Campus Sexual Assault: The Views of Victim's Advocates"
 Storm, Rachel.

"The Cowboy's Daughter: A Lyric Lament" 
 Pineau, Elyse.

"The mirror up to nature": (mis)representations of Madness in the media
 Gaddy, Caroline.

"This is a head, heart, and hands enterprise:" Interfaith dialogue and perspective transformation
 Pope, Elizabeth.

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A Case Study of Multicultural Teacher Education In Turkey
 Erbas, Yahya.

A Comparison on the MSW Internship in Older Adult Services between the U.S. and China
 Wang, Yang., Xu, Shuo., Guo, Jing., Xu, Ying., Liu, Nian. and Xing, Jia.

A Critical Arts-Based Inquiry into Black Performance Poetry
 Lowery, Charles. and Walker, Anthony.

A Critical Time for Critical Pedagogies in Social Work Education
 Skop, Michelle.

A Dangerous Accountability: Neoliberalism’s Veer Toward Accountancy in Higher Education
 Lincoln, Yvonna.

A Digital Autoethnography of Co-Authoring
 Mora, Raul. and Semingson, Peggy.

A Discourse Analysis of Educational Sexual Assault Prevention Programs
 Dickman-Burnett, Victoria.

A Doctoral Student School Board Member Becomes an Activist Scholar
 Cosby`, Gayle.

A Duoethnographic Approach to Supervision
 Morton, Amy., Higgins, Mary. and Wolkenhauer, Rachel.

A Duoethnography Questioning the Influence of Spirituality on Mathematics Instruction
 Royer, Dan. and Baize-Ward, Amy.

A Grounded Theory Approach to Exploring the Emotional & Psychological Well-Being of Low-Wage Migrant Workers in the Arab Gulf
 Reber, Lisa.

A Grounded Theory Study of Gay-Straight Alliance Formation and Maintenance in the Deep South Region of the United States
 Young, Sarah.

A Journey to the Reconstruction of a Dance Student’s Self-confidence
 Lu, Haowen.

A Korean Middle School Teacher who Wants to Be a Better Teacher With "The Mind of Water"
 Jun, Youngcook. and Jung, Hyun.

A Math Instructor's care for Her Students
 Rosas, Rosa.

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Baby Eva´s monologue. Unmet needs and caregiving breakdown from the infant’s perspective
 Söderström, Kerstin.

Babysitting Nemo: A look at how friends help out when breakups/relational disruptions occur
 Whalen, Jennifer. and Johnson, Aaron.

Balancing Family: How families communicate balancing work, life, and having kids in school.
 Rasmussen Lenox, Terra.

Barriers to Health Care Participation in Rural Special Needs Populations in West Virginia
 Haddox, John. and Burt, Amy.

Be(com)ing “In-Resonance-With” Research: Improvising an Onto-Epistemology in Researcher Reflexivity and Post-Intentional Phenomenology
 Wargo, Jon.

Becoming Artist/Researcher
 Flint, Maureen. and Merem, Anne.

Becoming Caliban: A Rhizo-analysis on Second Language Literacy
 Sharmin, Sonia.

Becoming Multiple: Fabrications, Virtual Assemblages, and (Post)Structures of Support
 Kuby, Candace., Van Cleave, Jessica., Ulmer, Jasmine., Hofsess, Brooke., Christ, Rebecca., Nordstrom, Susan., Thiel, Jaye. and Bridges-Rhoads, Sarah.

Becoming-researcher: Autoethnography by a thousand little selves
 Bright, David.

Being Mad, Being Well: Imagining Truly Mad Treatments, Therapies, Recoveries
 Johnk, Lzz.

Being Post-Qualitative in the Neoliberal University
 lather, patti.

Being There, or Not: Opacity, Translucency, and Transparency in Ethnography
 anderson, myrdene.

Being “relational” online
 Isaac, Carol.

Beliefs, Perceptions, and Assumptions: (Un)Forgiving Units of Analysis
 Swindle, Jean.

Belonging to Family through silences
 BASTOS, ANA CECILIA. and Rabinovich, Elaine.

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C/S/X/M – A Survivors Story: Traversing the Borderlands of Madness
 Dallaire, Kira.

Can’t Touch This: Considering Ethics in the Institutional Research Office
 Phillips, Glenn. and Lincoln, Yvonna.

Capital for Success: Native American College Students and Their Collegiate Journey
 Johnston-Ashton, Karen. and Aragon, Steven.

Caravaggio’s naturalism as a way to illuminate qualitative research
 Tateo, Luca.

Carrying the Bones: Advancing Legacies of Survivance through Indigenous Film
 Villeneuve, Jeanette.

Cartografía Social: Una alternativa para la formación de docentes en investigación en posgrado
 Flores, Irma. and Solano, Silvia.

Carving Out a Future Not By My Own, Not Only For Myself: Narrative Inquiry of Low Income Students’ Career Decision-making and College Entrance Experience in South Korea

Case Study About Preservice Science Teachers' Perceptions About Technological Multiculturalist Learning Environments In Their Science Classes
 Çalışkan, İlke.

Celebrities, anti-heroes, zombies (etc.): The politics of postmodern consumer culture and the present/future of public education
 Tunc, Yasin.

Challenges for Educational Researchers Applying Abduction in Grounded Theory Research
 Cerda, Cristian.

Challenges of Outsider Status: Conducting Community Participatory Research in a Multi-Stressed School
 McCarthy, Shannon. and LaChenaye, Jenna.

Challenging Cultural Curricular Hegemony: Explorations through an autoethnography of teaching in the UAE
 Samier, Eugenie.

Challenging Tradition: A phenomenological study of poetry written by youth with problematic sexual behaviors
 Ellis, Taylor., Li, Qinqyi., Bertram, Jess., Meadows, James., Ozturk, Burcu. and Nelson-Gardell, Debra.

Check the Technique: Hip-Hop Centered Pedagogy in the Public School Classroom
 Dando, Michael.

Check yo’ stuff: A Black feminist rant to ‘allies’ seeking "dialogue" in precarious times
 Scott, Karla.

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DIssolutions in and of a field
 Miller, Janet.

Dancing in between Academia and the ‘Real World’
 Wu, Yi-jung. and Chiang, Minchun.

Dando visibilidad al entorno sonoro de la infancia a través del análisis cualitativo
 Porta, Amparo.

De la intencion al metodo. Lo que suele olvidarse antes de pensar en el método
 Chapela, Maria del.

Debate's Civic Calling
 Giorgio, Grace.

Decision Support Systems (DSS) for teachers and the development of linguistic competence
 Gràcia, Marta., Frugone, Marcela., Jarque, Maria-Josep. and Luz, Laura.

Decolonizing Methodologies: A Transformation from Science-oriented Researcher to Relational/Participant-oriented Researcher
 Datta, Ranjan.

Decolonizing Minds and Methods: A Methodological Interventions in Higher Education Research
 Gonzales, Leslie. and Pasque, Penny.

Decolonizing an Institutional Review Board: Disabled Bodies and Informed Consent Leah Samples, University of Pennsylvania
 Samples, Leah.

Decolonizing research methods and knowledge through community-based digital storytelling
 Schultz, Annette., Forbes, Lisa. and Fontaine, Lorena.

Deconstructing Classroom Power Rooted in Ideology: Exploring Traditional and Contemporary Connotations
 Smith, Mychelle. and Garcia, J Roberto.

Deconstructing the Neoliberal Self: An Autoethnographic Documentary
 McDonald, Bradly.

Deficit Approaches to Instruction for English Learners in 21st Century Classrooms: A Call for Transformation
 Byfield, Lavern., Shelby-Caffey, Crystal., Humaidan, Abdulsamad. and Shen, Xiang.

Defying Stereotypical Otherness as the Alienated Self
 Lee, Seung-A.

Deleuze, Bergson, and a Document Scanner: Investigating Duration and Perception
 Tillett, Wade.

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ESPN College GameDay and the labor politics of consuming sporting spectacle in the neoliberal university
 Ternes, Neal.

Eating Tyroshi Honeyfingers with Daenerys Targaryen: The Rise of Fan Fiction Cookbooks
 DeWitt, Natalie.

Eco Gnosis: Restoring Reciprocal Relations Through Arts-based Inquiry
 Bickel, Barbara.

Economic social capital and first year Chinese ESL student adjustment
 Ota, Akiko. and Smith, Michael.

Economía Abierta o Economía Cerrada el caso de: México –Venezuela 1989-2014
 Jimenez, Carmen. and Delgado, Carmen.

Eddies and Flows: Reflexive Praxis as White Feminist Educational Researchers
 Beucher, Rebecca., Smith, Anna. and Handsfield, Lara.

Educating Across Political Difference: Pedagogy in a Binary World
 Walker, Ashli. and Cherniak, Shara.

Educating Critically: Challenging the Familiar Contours of Literacy Education
 Nightengale-Lee, Bianca.

Educating Environmental Caring through School Curriculum: A Qualitative Study of Delhi Public Schooling
 Singh, Mannu.

Education Majors’ Perceptions of Social Injustices
 Gilewski, Casey.

Effectiveness is in the Eye of the Beholder: A Qualitative Approach to Understanding Differences in Perceptions of Fitspiration
 Ptacek, Jennifer. and Kamal, Daniel.

Effectiveness of the damage and subject’s blurring: critical approaches of the psychology at armed conflicts
 Aranguren-Romero, Juan.

El Análisis Documental y Procesos de Influencia Global/Local en Políticas Públicas: Una propuesta metodológica
 Rivera, Guillermo. and Sisto, Vicente.

El Control Interno en las Organizaciones bajo un Enfoque Transdisciplinario
 Suárez, Sergio. and Diaz, Sonia.

El Desarrollo Humano en la Cosmovision de los Pueblos Wayuu
 Diaz, Sonia.

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FAT: Navigating Motherhood and Performing Femininity in a Non-normative Body - A MyStory
 Borowski, Rebecca.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter= Exploring the Role Social Media Plays as a Source of Knowledge for College Students
 White, Crystal.

Facing the Horizon
 Wilcoxen, Anna.

Factors that Effect the African American Male and their Experiences in Gifted Education
 Jefferson, Vanessa.

Failing from the Start: An Autoethnography on Parenting and Disability
 Rogers-Shaw, Carol.

Failure, guilt, confession, redemption? Revisiting unpublished research through a psychosocial lens
 Free, Marcus.

Family education for the transformation of relationships and schools
 Gomez, Aitor.

Family, Affect, and Child Welfare: A Deleuze-inspired Video Production
 Hendricks, Justin., Wallace, Breana. and Hawaldar, Kalyani.

Fast Academia, Research Products and Rigorous Methods: Qualitative Research and Evidence-Based Policing
 Lumsden, Karen.

Female Bodies as Dangerous, Shameful, Spectacle in the Era of Trump
 Heybach, Jessica.

Feminism in the Office: Women Working in the Field of Genetics
 Villanueva, Fiona.

Fields of Playful Potential: (Interrupted) Writing as a Method of Inquiry
 Murray, Fiona.

Fifth Grade Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions of Writing in Mathematics
 Fidan, Perihan. and Wendt, Dr. Stephanie.

Fighting Madness with Method: Writing Environmental Scripts
 Takach, Geo.

Finding Her Way
 Morrison, Jennifer.

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Game On: Practical application of game elements in graduate online courses.
 Noffs, David. and Guerra-Martinez, Jacob.

Gazed At, Groped, and Assaulted: The Too Much Information of Being an Adolescent Girl
 Hill, Melanie., Mastandrea, Angela., Sigmone, Kayla., Lindor, Claurie., Castro-Tapia, Leslie. and Bailey, Devin.

Gazing through the Kaleidoscope: A Critical Autoethnographic Study of a Working-Class Woman's Struggles in Academia
 Negraeff, Laura.

Gender Journeys: Inquiry into the Lived Experiences of Non-Binary Youth
 Cosgrove, Darren.

Gender Troubled: Embodied Opression through My Ages – A MyStory
 Jordan, Traci.

Genetic Testing for BRCA and Fertility Decisions
 Hesse-Biber, Sharlene., Flowers, Hilary. and Jiang, Jing.

Geosemiotic Analysis: Analyzing data in and around the city
 Mora, Raul., Chiquito, Tatiana., Giraldo, Maryori., Mejía-Vélez, Maria. and Salazar Patiño, Tatiana.

Gestión del Aprendizaje Significativo en la Enseñanza de las Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas: Caso CECAR
 Jimenez Patermina, Lucimio. and Alvarez Alvarez, Demetrio.

Getting our qualitative ´out there` into the public sphere. But where is ´out there´ and how do we work out who to tell what to?
 Cheek, Julianne.

Getting to the heart of the matter: Fueling connection through poetic transcription.
 Hawkins, Jennifer.

Getting to worldview: Creative interviewing practices in research with Indigenous and settler activists
 Helferty, Anjali.

Girlhood Unscripted: A Homeless Black Girl’s Video Narratives and the New Terrain of Representation
 Ivashkevich, Olga.

Glitter and the Gaze: Transgressions, Inversions and Interpreting Power Relations in Elementary Classrooms
 Persky, Julia.

Going Back to Childhood Place as a Researcher
 Bektas-Ata, Leyla.

Going Blind in Visuals Research: Difficulties in organizing and Making Sense of Visual Data
 Hidalgo- Standen, Carolina. and Gomez- Arizara, Maria P.

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Hacerse investigador. Una reflexión acerca de los modos de aprender y enseñar investigación cualitativa en pre y postgrado
 Rubilar, Maria.

Head Space: An Authoethnographical Examination of How Online Gaming and Teaching Forums Create Public Spaces
 Hansen-Morgan, Karen. and Sanders, Aletta.

Help-Seeking: A constructivist grounded theory study of mothers and fathers of children with neurodisabilities
 Glidden, Gina.

Heuristics of Resistance: Encouraging Radically Critical Media Literacy in the Age of the Digital Maelstrom
 Woglom, James.

Hiding Sleep: Place, Hidden Disability and Narcolepsy
 Eugene, Nicole.

Higher Education Leadership Research: The Perils and Promise of Qualitative Inquiry
 Carducci, Rozana.

Hip-Hop Culture, Critical Education, and Democratic Resistance
 Dando, Michael.

Historical Grief and Native America
 Funk, Amy.

History of Schooling, History of Pleasure: Disciplining Bodies and the Making of the Invisible Self
 Carlson, David.

Hollywood Constructions of African American Masculinities: Images and Representations in Movies of 1980’s and 1990’s
 Berry, William.

Holocaust Commemoration Rituals and Human Rights: Videographic Analysis
 Schnettler, Bernt. and Baer, Alejandro.

Holographic Learning: Using Dedoose for Team-Based Evaluations in Technology Enhanced Educational Settings
 Fitzgerald, Robert., Salmona, Michelle., Lieber, Eli., Kaczynski, Dan., Leonard, Simon., Purcell, Matthew. and Lautenbach, Juliet.

Homeless Women: The Cycle of Victimization
 Alatorre, Francisco.

Honing the Craft in 5 Easy Steps: Learning to Do Critical Qualitative Research along the Graduate Student Journey
 Underwood, S. W..

Honoring Cultural Diversity Through Intergenerational and Cross-Cultural Collective Vocal Practice.
 Magnat, Virginie., Belanger, Mariel. and Derickson, Corinne.

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I Have No Doubt We Live in a Rape Culture
 Koo, Ah Ran.

I See You: Everyday Scenes of Black Feminist Fugitivity
 Harris, Tiffany.

I Was an Army Wife. I Am a Teacher.
 Ramzinski, Elaine.

I am One with the Wildthings: Existing and Resisting in the Mad and Ecological Shuns
 St. Antoine, Jacqueline.

I am a Cartoon: How Native Americans Regard Native American Caricature Iconography
 Stone, Anthony.

I am a Left Handed Person Too: Self-Narrative as a Left Handed Person in Korea
 Park, Jeongeun. and Santos, Carla.

I teach, therefore I am: An autoethnographic study of teacher identity development.
 Achirri, Karolina.

I'm Sorry for My Ignorance: The Autoethnography of a University Writing Tutor
 Neal, Jarrett.

Identidad en Tiempos de Desastres: Caso Ecuador
 Rios, Ingrid. and Luzuriaga, Estefanía.

Identity Crisis: Acculturation in a Doctoral Program
 Ablakwa, Cephas.

Identity, Acceptance, and Social Change in Adaptive Sport
 Haugen, Matthew.

Ideology and Personal Voices: Deconstructing the binary in oral history studies on socialist China
 Zhao, Pengfei.

Ill-legitimacy of Identities: A Duoethnography on Negotiating Ethnicity, Culture, and Religion
 A. Azim, Katharina. and Salem, Wesam.

Illness Disclosure Narrative as a Dialectic of Expression and Protection through Close Relationship and Emergent Identity
 Ryder, Steve.

Images of the child from field experiences in both rural and urban elementary classrooms
 Thompson, Daniel.

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Jaymes: My Virtual Journey of Identity Reconstruction
 Moore, James.

Jazz, EB and Me: Ethical Dilemmas
 Brewer, Cheryl.

Job satisfaction in the Family Health Strategy in Brazil
 Soratto, Jacks., Pires, Denise., Trindade, Letícia., Amadigi, Felipa. and Forte, Elaine.

Journey of reentry from prison to community: An empowerment experience
 Kenemore, Thomas.

Journey to Ethnographic Research
 Shagrir, Leah.

Journey to and reflections on doing qualitative health research within a business school
 Mulvale, Gillian.

Journey to and reflections on doing qualitative health research within a business school
 Mulvale, Gillian.

Journey to and reflections on doing qualitative health research within health services and policy research
 Goldsmith, Laurie.

Journey to and reflections on doing qualitative health research within health services and policy research
 Goldsmith, Laurie.

Judging a Book by its Cover: Exploration of how Physical Appearance Affects the Counselling Space.
 Erb, Jess.

Juicios de justicia e igualdad y psicología del desarrollo moral
 Sarmiento Lopez, Julian.

Just Give me di Light
 charles, franklyn.

Justice Approaches in Four Different Fields and Their Implications for Work in Education: A Review
 Altman, Max.


Kissing Frogs
 Spinazola, Lisa.

Knowing like those left behind: Experiencing the perceptual intelligence of the American craft worker
 Martin, Tom.

Knowledge of the oppressor: Bringing to the margins to the center
 Wright, Theresa.


LGBT Children's Literature as a Space for Healing
 Ozpek, Mirisen.

LGBTQ Community Dialogues and Educational Video Project
 Jean-Charles, Alex.

La construcción colectiva de conocimientos en las comunidades interpretativas
 Gómez, Nicolás.

La correspondencia familiar de un empresario espanol durante la Revolucion Mexicana (1910-1917)
 Martinez Moctezuma, Lucia.

La cotidianidad en la academia un privilegio o un paso a la esclavitud
 Salinas, Addis.

La cotidianidad en la academia un privilegio o un paso a la esclavitud
 Salinas, Addis.

La esfera pública y la investigación cualitativa en temáticas de frontera.
 Zapata, Pamela.

La reflexividad en el trabajo de campo biográfico: análisis de la importancia de los materiales aportados por los narradores en la investigación empírica
 Muñiz Terra, Leticia.

La reflexividad en la perspectiva biográfica: análisis del proceso de investigación social cualtitativo
 Muñiz Terra, Leticia.

Land and Consent: Disrupting Settler Futurities and Walking Research
 Springgay, Stephanie. and Truman, Sarah.

Las agendas políticas hablan de los derechos de los adultos mayores en Latinoamérica: una perspectiva cualitativa
 rodriguez, vicente., Montes de Oca, Verónica. and Berriel, Fernando.

Las distintas concepciones de la enfermedad. Una indagacion con estudiantes avanzados de medicina en Mexico
 Martinez-Salgado, Carolina.

Las experiencias de las madres en la consulta médica de niños con sindrome de Down
 Lopera, Alejandra.

Las mediaciones familiares en el desarrollo de la cultura de lectoescritura infantil

Las microcolonizaciones en la metodología de la investigación científica y las posibilidades de pequeñas emancipaciones
 Palomo, Carlos.

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MOOC platform: Experiences of a South Asian woman
 Amina, Tabassum.

Magical Realism as Post-Qualitative Narrative Research: An Example
 Coulter, Cathy.

Maintaining Friendships with Football: Crossing State Lines for the Texas Longhorns
 Pope, Alexander. and Haugen, Matthew.

Make School Great Again: Unbuilding the Wall Around School
 Aghasaleh, Rouhollah.

Making Metaphor's Unruly Qualities Work to Good Effect in User-Centred Design
 bramwell-davis, prunella.

Making Qualitative Theory Significant: Using Theoretical Coalescence for Identifying Enduring Behaviors
 Morse, Janice.

Making Rare Materials Hands-On: 3D Printing As Possibility For Rare Materials
 Sweitzer-Lamme, Jon.

Making Sense of the Familiar and Unfamiliar Hospital: Returning to the Inside
 Urban, Ann-Marie.

Making Sense: The Rhizomatic Connections Among Research and Life
 Welker, Alyson.

Making Space and Being (in)Visible: Dance as Exploratory Abolition Work
 Kirkwood, Melanie.

Making a Difference with Participatory Democracy
 Johnson, John.

Making a Difference: Action Research and Community Service
 Stringer, Ernie.

Making home in Santiago, Chile: subjectivation process within the domestic space
 Besoain, Carolina.

Making it Relevant - Qualitative Inquiry in the Public Sphere
 Flick, Uwe.

Making the #Undocumented Syllabus
 Tirado, Jesus.

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Narrating attachment through Flamenco beats
 Taland, Inés.

Narrative inquiry as a way of cultural resistance and emancipation
 Diaz, Cristhian.

Narrative research to bridge the gap between doctors and patients in difficult contexts
 Martinez-Salgado, Carolina.

Narratives about Autism: an Analysis of Weblog Entries by Individuals Who Self-Identify as Autistic
 Angulo, Henry. and DeThorne, Laura.

National identity and the prevalence of ableist and disablist ideologies
 Houston, Ella.

Navigating Landscapes: A story of paddling with international students through a guided trail walk methodology
 Brunette, Michelle.

Negotiating love: Narratives of transnational intimacy among Chinese-Western couples in Beijing
 Wang, Xiying.

Neoliberalism, Anti-Intellectualism, and Academic Freedom: Teaching Social Justice in a Dixiefied America
 Sharp-Grier, Martina.

Neoliberalismo y la protección de la infancia. Un estudio de caso en el contexto chileno desde una aproximación etnográfica
 Schöngut-Grollmus, Nicolás.

New Lens, New Policy: Agential Realities of a University Ecosystem
 Hitchins, Jessi.

New Materialism - A Challenge for Discourse Research?
 Keller, Reiner.

New Materialist Exploration on English Language Learners’ Conceptual Learning in Mathematics and Science
 Ji, Jane Chunjing. and Kayumova, Shakhnoza.

New geographies of racial realism in informal multicultural science education
 Mark, Sheron.

New materialisms and digital tools in qualitative research
 Lester, Jessica Nina. and Paulus, Trena.

New method in Qualitative Research
 shalaby, Mohamed.

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Obesidad: hay que preguntarse si es solo un problema de salud publica
 Pacheco, Edith.

Of Fields and Turtles: Understanding Place in the Global South
 Cuvi, Jacinto.

Of Wine and Whiteboards: Enacting Feminist Reflexivity in Collaborative Research
 Linabary, Jasmine., Corple, Danielle. and Cooky, Cheryl.

Old clothes
 Mendonça, Simone.

Older Adults’ Biggest Fear: Boredom
 An, Jaesung. and Payne, Laura.

Older adults experiencing homelessness: A case study of an innovative approach to housing
 Nixon, Lara., Burns, Victoria. and Drummond, Neil.

On Becoming ‘What Works:’ Ideology, Power, and (Non)Compliance in a Systematic Review
 Wolgemuth, Jennifer., Marn, Travis. and Sabnis, Sujay.

On Being an Angry Black Man: Troubling Anger as a Negative Emotion
 Quaye, Stephen.

On Critical Materialist Pragmatism
 Kuntz, Aaron.

On Reflections of Teacher Role after Receiving Elite Dance Education

On the Meiktila Riot: A Story of Destructed Coexistence. Lin Sin, Franklin & Marshall College.
 Sin, Lin Phyu.

On the Road to Real Wellness and Health Care
 Askelson, Debra.

On “Bloodless Violence:” Neoliberalism, Inequity, and Indigenous Students in a Foreign Languages’ Program.
 Valencia, Andrés. and Hernández G., Fanny.

One Nation Under Trump: A Clarion Call for Qualitative Researchers
 Croteau, Susan.

Opening up Places of Possibilities through Arts-Based Methods with Urban Youth
 Goessling, Kristen. and Wager, Amanda.

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 Marin, bairon.

POWER: Participatory Opportunity for Women Emerging Researchers in STEM
 Guy, Batsheva., Cain, Caroline., Guy, Catherine., Hill, Olivia., Hood, Chara., Leesman, Lauren. and Serota, Tziporah.

Paradox & Possibility in the Southern Hemisphere: An Emergent Eco-Sociopolitical Consciousness?
 Smolcic, Elizabeth. and Badenhorst, Paul.

Parental Perspectives on Financial Incentives to Increase Vaccination: Findings from Interviews with Parents of Adolescents
 Beskin, Kera. and Caskey, Rachel.

Parenting Matters (PM)! The Biopsychosocial Context of Parenting Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDDs) in Canada: Clinical Study
 Glidden, Gina.

Parenting While in Forced Displacement: Mothers’ Narratives of Reconstructing Lives in Colombia
 Teefey, Katherine. and Teucher, Ulrich.

Parents' and Kindergarten Teachers' Beliefs about School Readiness Preparation
 Moore, Stephanie. and Jarrett, Robin.

Participant as Ally and Co-contemplater: Walking with the Participant Moves Me
 Huang, Wan.

Pathology: A Diffractive Encounter of Machine/Body
 Gullion, Jessica.

Pathways to College and Career: Understanding the Role of Resource Brokerage for Young Men of Color
 Clemens, Randall.

Pedagogia da dança de salão: o contexto da criação de um método
 Barros, Joana. and Ramallo, Bianca.

Pedagogy of Abjection: Ethnography of Girls’ Gender Bending through Barbie Play
 Bae-Dimitriadis, Michelle. and Ivashkevich, Olga.

Pedagogy of the Dispossessed: When Culturally Relevant Education is Necessary but Not Sufficient
 Hines, Mary Beth.

Perceived International University Student Deficits: How the Body and Language Intra-act to Produce International Student Subjectivities
 Mathis, Emily.

Percepciones de cuerpo en mujeres trabajadoras sexuales en Santiago de Chile
 Ramirez-Pereira, Mirliana.

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QWERTY's mandate - the reification and enactment of power relations through the ‘standard’ keyboard layout
 Korin, Ezequiel.

Qualitative Analysis Using MAXQDA 12.
 Zheng, Mingying.

Qualitative Data Analysis and the Literature Review: A Case for ATLAS.ti
 Smit, Brigitte. and Williamson, Charmaine.

Qualitative Inquiry Pedagogy as Philosophizing: Teaching with/as/for Art, Philosophy, and Science
 Aguayo, David. and Kuby, Candace.

Qualitative Inquiry and creative subversion for the postcolonial peripheries
 Cisneros-Puebla, Cesar.

Qualitative Inquiry in Economics and Business Administration
 Hamborg, Steffen.

Qualitative Linguistic Analysis of Adolescent Mathematical Writing
 Seo, Byung-In.

Qualitative Methods in Evaluation of Fatherhood Violence Prevention Program
 Hammock, Amy. and Hayward, R. Anna.

Qualitative Research Magic and Superpowers: Anchoring Learning Experiences in an Online Qualitative Methods Class
 Bhattacharya, Kakali.

Qualitative Research and Global Audit Culture: The Politics of Productivity, Accountability, and Possibility
 Spooner, Marc.

Qualitative Research as Tangles of Relationalities
 Miller, Janet.

Qualitative Research as Waves of Engagement
 Douglas, Kitrina. and Carless, David.

Qualitative Research on Adolescents’ Social Media Use: Commentary, Critique, and Commendation
 Schmeichel, Mardi., Hughes, Hilary. and Kutner, Mel.

Qualitative Research, Social Work and the Code of Ethics: Bridging Research, Practice and Social Justice
 Henshaw, Lisa.

Qualitative enquiry is essential to indigenous health promotion response for obesity epidemic in Fiji Islands.
 Singh, Kamal., Sendall, Marguerite. and Crane, Phil.

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Race and Cinema on College Campus: Mapping Affects and the Pedagogy of Images
 Franklin-Phipps, Asilia., Smithers, Laura. and Mathis, Emily.

Racializing Assemblages and the University: Racial Realism Realized?
 Eaton, Paul.

Racism in the Workplace
 Piotrowski, Jillian.

Racism, Ritual, and the Revival of Past Musical Genres
 Downey, Brant.

Radically Redefining Research as Community Building
 Scheurich, Jim.

Radically Reframing Critical Research
 Scheurich, Jim.

Raising a Dragon: A Metaphorical Autoethnography of Life in a PhD Program
 Ellis, Amanda. and Baker, Julie.

Re-Considering the Stability/Instability of the Human in Post-Phenomenological Inquiry
 Vagle, Mark., Thiel, Jaye. and Hofsess, Brooke.

Re-School the ICQI
 Wight, Alan. and Lester, Allison.

Re-Sculpting Interviews: Poetic Autoethnography of Marginalised Musicians. Teresa Kunaeva, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
 Kunaeva, Teresa.

Re-conceptualizing Method Features, Restoring the Qualitative Frame
 Zhang, Michael. and Ndinga, Ann-Kathleen.

Re-imagining ‘national’ values in education policy through the lens of cosmopolitanism
 Bullivant, Andrea.

Re-significação da vida, alianças disciplinares e itinerários terapêuticos rumo à saúde no Brasil
 Mello, Marcio., Aleksandrowicz, Ana Maria., Strattner, Victor. and Fernades, Adrielle.

Reactions to Art-Based Research Forms of Qualitative Inquiry in the Public Sphere
 Bresler, Liora.

Reading Neoliberalism with Foucault
 Bishop, Tessa.

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Salida del clóset: Experiencias y significados de adultos mayores gays y lesbianas en Puerto Rico
 Quiles Rosado, Rosalphie.

Salud e intervención social en localidades con rezago social de Nuevo León, México
 Rangel, Jose., Villanueva, Nancy. and Muñoz, Dalia.

Salvation and/ or repression? The role of Pentecostal Discourse in the Reproduction of Structural Violence.
 Avella-Castro, Douglas.

Same meat different gravy. When data production need to be like a suit of Armani
 Zamora, Carlos. and Jimenez, Maite.

School Leadership Practices Aimed at Improving Educational Outcomes for ‘Vulnerable’ Populations
 Hodges, Demetricia.

School Professionals’ Perceptions of Bullying and Mental Health of Adolescents.
 Leeder, Jamie.

Schooling the post-panoptical digital modernity: Digital learning technologies from Panopticon surveillance to Synopticon spectacle model
 Cirell, Anna.

Screening for Intimate Partner Violence within TANF Application and Assessment Processes
 An, Soonok.

Sculptures Installed in Public Places and Societal Concepts of Gender
 Emrali, Refa.

Second Graders' Oral, Written, and Artistic Responses towards Picturebooks
 Ulusoy, Mustafa. and Altun, Dilek.

Seeing Black Girlhood Anew: Necessary Transgressions in the Name of Imagining Black Gitlhood
 Hill, Dominique.

Seeing Students Like an Institution: A Genealogy of Undergraduate Student Success
 Smithers, Laura.

Seeing the World through One-Line Drawings
 Natarajan, Aravindhan.

Self & Auto-Ethnography in Organizational Behavior Research
 Kumar, Rajiv.

Self-Care and Resilience While Doing the Hard Work: Anti Gender-Based Violence Activists and Advocates in South Carolina
 Cayir, Ebru.

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Taking Participatory Research Online: Methodological and Ethical Considerations for a Digital Feminist Participatory Action Research
 Linabary, Jasmine.

Taking Public Action on Private Troubles: The Critical Role of Qualitative Research in the Public Sphere
 Hesse-Biber, Sharlene.

Taking care of the space: The practice of Occupy Poble Sec Cinema Forum
 Castro Varela, Aurelio.

Talking About Pictures: Analyzing Photo Elicitation Data with Software
 Contreras, Ricardo. and Griffith, David.

Talking my/your talk, reading our bodies in conversations about autism
 Helps, Sarah.

Talking with avatars: Using mixed reality simulations for scaffolded learning about interviewing
 Murphy, Kristin.

Teacher Agency as Intra-action
 Atkinson, Becky.

Teacher Talk and Conversation Analysis: Examining Discussions of LGBTQ Topics in Classrooms
 Shelton, Stephanie.

Teacher? Traveller? A tableau. Life in global English language teaching: An autoethnography.
 Stanley, Phiona.

Teaching (As) Critique
 Iwase, Maki.

Teaching ATLAS.ti with Five-Level QDA
 Paulus, Trena. and Pope, Elizabeth.

Teaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the Classroom
 Tombro, Melissa.

Teaching Genre and Conflict with Preservice English Teachers
 Hadley, Heidi.

Teaching Methodology Essentials Using Nonsense Activities
 Dawidowicz, Paula.

Teaching My 100-Year History
 Pope, Alexander.

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Un(making) of child brides by a new law in the making in Bangladesh
 Rahman, Laila.

Una Mirada Autoetnografica al Exilio Espanol en Mexico: Secretos de Familia
 Martin, Eugenia.

Una aproximación semiótico-material a los métodos biográficos-narrativos en la investigación cualitativa
 Schöngut-Grollmus, Nicolás.

Unaccountable teacher subjectivities: A collective biography of resisting neoliberal politics of evidence
 Adkins Cartee, Mary. and Bhati, Karni.

Unbecoming: Voluntary migration and narrative fissures
 Brogden, Lace.

Uncovering Systemic Gender In/Equity for Women Faculty: Findings from a Qualitative Study on Campus Climate
 Bubar, Roe. and Jennings, Louise.

Uncovering deeply entrenched normative structures through drama, journaling and reflective practice
 Norris, Joe., Douglas, Loveless. and Bodle, Aaron.

Under the Elitism. Me As student in Dancing Class of Senior High School.
 You, SinYu. and Chiang, Minchun.

Undergraduate Students’ Perception of the Colonization of the College Classroom: A Multiple Qualitative Methods Approach
 Aguilar-Smith, Stephanie., Espinoza, Benjamin., Hall, Kayon. and Estera, Annabelle.

Undermining simplification in survey research: Subverting a positivist view of workforce development
 Moore, Melinda.

Understanding College Access and Success Community-Based Organizations and Their Impact on the Persistence of First Generation Students
 Buie, Danette.

Understanding Epistemological and Ontological Foundations of Qualitative Research in Chinese Philosophy
 Li, Miao.

Understanding Factors that Promote Classroom Belonging and Engagement for High School Students
 Keyes, Tasha.

Understanding Gender Fluidity
 Zenner, Kelli.

Understanding Neoliberalism Through the Narratives of the Academic Profession
 Morales Vazquez, Evelyn.

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Vacuums, Marching Bands, and Tightropes: Female Teachers’ Exploration of Embodiment through Metaphor
 Howell, Crystal.

Vaivén autoetnográfico: ¿Profesora de investigación cualitativa?; compartiendo algunas experiencias
 Aguirre Armendáriz, Elizabeth.

Vaivén autoetnográfico: ¿Profesora de investigación cualitativa?; compartiendo algunas experiencias zigzagueantes
 Aguirre Armendáriz, Elizabeth.

Validating the Existence and Contributions of a Marginalized Appalachian Community in Song: Eleanor’s Hope/Forgotten Past
 Haddox, John.

Values and Structure of Latino Immigrant Grassroots Organizations: A Case Study
 Genkova, Ana.

Valuing Each Loop of the Scissors: Bringing Reggio Emilia into the Museum
 Davis-Soylu, Heidi.

Video analysis of teacher facilitation strategies in socio-scientific inquiry biology classroom - A case study
 Ergulec, Fatih.

Violent life in an inclusive classroom: Come on, READ, Andreas! Moving from moral judgment to a diffractive, ethical analysis
 De Schauwer, Elisabeth. and van de Putte, Inge.

Visual Cartographic Explorations of a High School Art Room Assemblage
 Hamrock, Jennifer.

Visualizing Vicissitudes in Preservice Preparation Through Games
 Bain, Christina. and Hyatt, Joana.

Visualizing the invisible. Exploring arts-based research with vulnerable infants and parents.
 Söderström, Kerstin.

Visually Framing a Pedagogy for Space during the 2011 Chilean Student Movement
 wubbena, zane.

Voice Mappings: A Kaleidoscopic View of Identity
 Simpson, Amber.

Vulnerability and the Social Dynamic in Creative Collaboration: An Arts-Based Research Perspective
 Spitzer, Wendy.

Vulnerability, Ethics, and Living Inquiry: Narratives of Visual Journaling through Arts-Based Research and Beyond
 Murray, Anne. and Guyotte, Kelly.


Wait...There's a Scholarship for That?? Why It Pays to Embrace Our Diversity
 Pourreau, Leslie.

Was that Really Me? - Becoming Aware of Personal Values through Video Observations of One’s Own Teaching
 Fredriksen, Biljana. and Illeris, Helene.

Wayfinding: A Guide for Navigating the Unmarked and Mislabeled in Pre-service Teaching
 Shields, Sara. and Thiel, Jaye.

Wayfinding: Constructors’ Information-Seeking Behavior in Industry
 Jones, James.

Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Afro-Descendent Paths to Learning in Nicaragua
 Webster, Nicole.

We Make the Road by Talking: Co-constructing Vehicles for Navigating Uncertainty Among Doctoral Education Students Seeking Qualitative Templates
 Campbell, Craig. and Choi, Jinhee.

We are Stardust Itself: Challenging the new/old binary
 Cherniak, Shara. and Walker, Ashli.

We need more qualitative research on assistive technology use
 Gramstad, Astrid.

Wearing Many Hats: The embodiment of duoethnography to deconstruct academic purpose.
 Wimmer, Alex. and Sponberg, Erica.

Wet Blankets, Suspect Infants, and Silent Instigators: Mapping Stakeholders and Vested Interests in the Expansion of Newborn Screening in Norway
 Evans-Jordan, Sarah Beth.

What Art is Good for
 Chien, Ting Fang.

What Does the Malleable Body Know?
 Simmons, Jake.

What Is ____?: Teacher Candidates (TCs) and understanding the Other through Narrative Inquiry
 Baker, J. Scott.

What Moves a Teacher to Embrace Exploration and InQuiry As Central to her Teaching Practice
 Goodwin, David.

What Really Matters: A Roundtable Discussion and Performance Collaboration
 Randolph, Carolyn.

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YOUMEYOUME - participatory art project
 Cam, Ninel.

Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçenin Öğretiminde Görsel Okumanın Konuşma ve Yazma Becerilerine Etkisi

Yabancılara Türkçe Öğretiminde Temel Söz Varlığının Öğretilmesinde Sözlü, Yazılı ve Elektronik Kültür Ortamı Malzemelerinin Kullanılması
 cetinkaya, gulnaz.

Yeah she's a white girl: Exploring gender and racial norms in best friend relationships
 Whalen, Jennifer. and Johnson, Aaron.

Yoga: Creating different poses in conceptualizing the experiences of older adults
 Bartos Perez, Luis Javier. and Meek, Geoffrey.

You Want Me To Do What?
 Hurd, Ellis. and Weilbacher, Gary.

Youth Participatory Action Research: Empowering Immigrant and Urban Minority Female Adolescents Using Arts Based Informed Research
 Boards, Alicia. and Whetstone, Crystal.

Youth Participatory Research with Girls of Color: Processes in Coming to Consciousness in Black Feminist Research as Praxis
 Evans-Winters, Venus.

Youth perceptions of suicide prevention: a Youth Participatory Action Research approach
 Haddad, Kristen.


Zombies: Living Dead and Dead Living to Re-engage Public Schooling and Its Curricula
 Lopez, Ligia (Licho).
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