14th Annual International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry 2018-May-16 to 2018-May-20

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"Ask for a Miracle": Manipulation, Memory, and Displacement in the Cooper-Young Neighborhood
 Clevenger, Hannah.

"But You're Not A Lesbian!": An Autoethnography About Discovering Sexual Identity
 Kwan, Toria.

"Disabling" Academic and Activist Spaces
 Koneczny, Nell.

"Hearing each heartbeat": Mentoring a new generation of ethnographers in a middle school classroom
 Paese, Gina.

"Here, Things Go from Bad to Worse": Troubled Academic Practices in the Congo.
 Kaya, Jean. and Byfield, Lavern.

"Heroes of Special Children": Lived Experiences of Special Student Educators
 de Jesus, Estelle Jelomay., Torres, Janine Kyna., Nucum, Czarina Antoinette., Ferrer, Jhoyce., Blancaflor, Carl Angelo. and Pablo, John Ederson.

"How am I to Speak of You": Representing Voice in Early 20th Century Poetic Inquiry
 Becker, Ingrid.

"I Never Thought I'd Being Doing Research on My Back": Reflections on Research(er/ing) Mobility, Reflexivity, and Embodiment
 Stiegler, Sam.

"I Promise I'm Not Stupid:" An Autoethnographic Interrogation of Learning Disabilities, Social Construction, and Academic Identity
 Rauchberg, Jessica.

"I am a Cartoon? Not me!": Racial Identity Work and Resistance to Native American Caricature Iconography
 Stone, Anthony.

"Just Relax and Loosen Up:" The Un/Under/Misdiagnoses of Women's Painful Sex
 A. Azim, Katharina. and Happel-Parkins, Alison.

"Our mummies, our history": Between memories and funerary heritage in San Bernardo, Colombia
 Leon, Alejandra.

"Poetry is not a Luxury": Experiences Using Poetic Transcription for Exploring Academic Success as Perceived and Experienced by African American High School Students and their ‘Single’ Mothers
 Corley, Nicole. and Reeves, Patricia.

"The Price to Pay is Death": Becoming a Gold Star, Finding Meaning through Healing and Service
 Presson, Brittany.

"Where'd You Get that Jacket?": Life as an Inauthentic Veteran
 Hicks, Manda.

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A (critical) autethnographic story of social movements
 Rousset, Simon.

A Breastfeeding Friendly Campus Initiative: Are mothers’ human rights protected at school?
 McIntosh, Michele.

A Broad Overview of Neo-Liberal Reform Worldwide and the History of Neo-Liberal Reform in Indianapolis
 Williams, Nate.

A Case Study and Implications for Early Childhood Culture and Arts Education in Singapore
 jisun, you.

A Case Study of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
 Kiremit, Rahime. and Ergüleç, Funda.

A Case study of the factors affecting the school successes of the Syrian Refugee Students in Turkey
 Eryaman, Mustafa.

A Change of Direction: From Graduate Student Researcher of Online Visual Arts Education to Art Historian and Arts Advocate
 Soylu, Mary.

A Collective Case Study on Struggling Readers as a Socially Constructed Concept in Classrooms
 Lee, Soojin.

A Collective for the Rest of Us: Exploring Collective Assemblages of Enunciation at a Traditionally Observational Field Site
 Smithers, Laura.

A Conversation about the Proposed Truth Commission in Norway for the Sámi and Kven Peoples: What Can Be Learnt from Truth and Reconciliation Processes Elsewhere?
 Minton, Stephen. and Lile, Hadi.

A Critical Look at 4th Grade Social Studies Coursebooks in Turkey
 Ozturk, Mustafa Kemal.

A Diffractive Clearing of the Plane: An Unsettling of Reflexive Inquiry and Understanding
 Lewis, Angela. and Madrid Akpovo, Samara.

A Discussion about (a) Post-Qualitative Inquiry/Journey: The Answer to the Ultimate Question
 Jenkins, Kevin. and Pérez Miles, Adetty.

A Diversidade Cultural Como Desafio para Pesquisas Comparativas
 Rodrigues Gomes, Ana.

A Duoethnography of Hegemonic Whiteness: Living Language and Language Education
 Colomer, Soria. and Schwartz, Adam.

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Bachillerato en Línea como estrategia de acceso a la Educación Media Superior y al desarrollo social.
 Delgado-Cruz, Yeily. and Cisneros-Cohernour, Edith.

Baseball in Bolivar
 Jones, Nathaniel.

Bayan Yani: Cartoons and Political Critique from a Feminine Perspective
 Aksan, Gunes.

Bayan Yani: Cartoons and Political Critique from a Feminist Perspective
 Aksan, Gunes.

Be(com)ing a Responsible Methodologist Teacher
 Kuby, Candace.

Because you are different from us- An autoethnography in cure of trauma and in search of self-identity
 YU, SIN-YUN. and Chiang, Min-chun.

Becoming American: An Alien Vocal Perspective
 Funfe Tatah-Mentan, Charity.

Becoming Aware of the Lies: Awakening Moment by Moment
 De La Vega, Esperanza.

Becoming Historic: Troubling a Memphis Neighborhood Association’s Self-concept of Preservation as “Activism”
 Tarbett, Leslee.

Becoming Students: An Inquiry and Mapping of Student Behavior in School
 Irwin, April., Caddell, April. and McDaniel, Sara.

Becoming Together in Classrooms: A Visual Narrative and Discussion of What Gets Left Behind
 Yagata, Stephanie., McAnulty, Joseph. and McAnulty, Kathleen.

Becoming a Responsible A/r/tographer
 Irons, Bethanie.

Becoming a Teacher is Joseph Campbell’s "Hero’s Journey"
 Esping, Amber. and Enzenberger, Andrew.

Becoming an intertwangler
 Houston, Ella.

Becoming and being: Exploring fatherhood during and after pregnancy
 Ellis, Taylor., Robertson, Ray. and Wells, James.

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C(art)ographic Conjunctions: A nomadology of belonging, place, and higher education
 Flint, Maureen.

Calling Foul: Mobile communication and emancipatory citizen journalism in western India
 Goel, Koeli.

Calling People "Home"
 Williams, Kathryn.

Camaraderie: An Autoethnographic Rondo in search of the Realization of Friendship
 Hou, Han-Yang. and Chiang, Min-chun.

Caminos tecnologicos. Reconocimientos de practicas y apropiaciones para la reconstruccion de historias de tecnologias en Latinoamerica.
 Prieto-Nanez, Fabian.

Can Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping as a Community of Practice subvert Hegemonic Gender Regimes?
 Oakley, Derek.

Canvasing the Body: The Radical Relationality of Art, Body, and Vibrant Materiality
 Spry, Tami.

Can’t Silence my Voice: The Consequences of the Proposed Protest Ban
 charles, franklyn.

Capital Social: Una aproximación a las estrategias de vinculación para la sostenibilidad institucional
 zenck, maria., Rios, Ingrid. and Ycaza Oneto, Pamela.

Capturing Fear: Images of a photovoice project
 Knaier, Michelle.

Capturing Teacher Preparation from the Eyes of Preservice Teachers: Using Photovoice to Explore what Preservice Teachers need in order to Teach in High-Poverty Schools
 Bazemore-Bertrand, Shamaine.

Carceral Experience: A methodology for conducting research in correctional facilities.
 Haase, Karl.

Care for transplanted child cardiac
 Lima, Francisca Elisangela., Custódioa, Ires., Taveira, Gedeane., Freitas, Igor., Matias, Erica., Mendonça, Larissa., Sandoval, Lilia. and Ribeiro, Silvania.

Career Paths of Engineering Graduates in India: A Motivation & Happiness Perspective
 Lanke, Parijat. and Priya, Kumar Ravi.

Cartografía de Controversias: La Usabilidad como Eje Central de la Narrativa Transmedia de No Ficción
 Gomez, Luis., Heredia, Veronica. and Serna, Luis.

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Dance Education Moves Citizens as an Emancipatory Discourse
 Anderson, Maria.

Daring to be a mother in a STEM discipline: A Critical Race perspective
 Simon, Marsha.

De- and Re-constructing the Discourse of Women’s Liberation in the People’s Republic of China
 Hsiung, Ping-Chun.

De/colonial and Contemplative Approaches in Consideration of Quality in Arts-Based Qualitative Research
 Bhattacharya, Kakali.

Dealing with Boobs: Discursive Constraint and Resistance in the Narrated Identities of those who Publicly Breastfeed
 Church, Anna.

Death by Oppression: Suicide as a Natural Response to Marginalization
 Cutler, Emily.

Death of the Clinic: Trans-Informing the Clinical Gaze to Counter Epistemic Violence
 Kuhl, Diana.

Decision making process in medication therapy management: from the understanding to the development of a theoretical model
 Oliveira, Isabela. and Ramalho de Oliveira, Djenane.

Decoding the CCP's Official Publications
 Xiaocai, Feng.

Decolonial Imaginary: Testimonio Aesthetics
 Espinosa-Dulanto, Miryam.

Decolonization at Standing Rock: The Lived Experienced
 King, Angela.

Decolonization? In the face of racism, neocolonialism, and neoliberalism.
 Akande, Issac.

Decolonizing Aesthetics: The Multivocality Nature of Testimonio
 Espinosa-Dulanto, Miryam.

Decolonizing Historical Data: Analytically Challenging the Good vs. Evil Narratives in Research on the History of Indigenous Peoples.
 Akande, Issac.

Decolonizing Media Discourse in Troubled Times: The Janay Rice Intimate Partner Violence Case (JIPVC)
 Christensen, M. Candace.

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EDUFAM: improvement of the educational system through family training with vulnerable groups
 Gomez, Aitor.

Early Phase Teachers’ Lived Experiences Through Portraiture: Impact on Student Motivation
 Sommers, Tammy.

Easily Concealed and Even Easier to Forget About A Health Narrative about Growing Up with a Chronic Illness
 Bruss, Kasey.

Education and Subjectivation in Buyers’ Markets – Towards the Governmentality of Marketing
 Hamborg, Steffen.

Education for Whom? The Writing's on the Wall
 Eckert, Allison. and Graham, Matthew.

El Empleo Informal y el Comportamiento de los Vendedores Ambulantes en la Ciudad de Sincelejo, Colombia
 Prieto Baldovino, Francia., Prieto Baldovino, Maria., Ortega Dimas, Johanna. and Sehuanes Martinez, Sixta.

El disfraz de la "ruptura" en peliculas animadas infantiles desde una mirada de genero
 Martinez, Alejandra., Demarchi, Pablo. and de Tournemine, Maria.

El egoísmo natural del capital
 Vásquez Benavidez, Mario., Reinoso Granda, Javier. and Coello Freire, Gustavo.

El papel de la pedagogía de la reflexividad en estudios cualitativos con perspectiva de género
 Galvis Ortiz, Sara. and Obando, Olga.

El recorrido para acceder a la salud al final de la vida.

El susurro de la participación ciudadana desde las organizaciones barriales.
 Cabezas, Norman.

El tratamiento periodístico del narcotráfico en México. La visión de quienes informan
 Díaz-Cerveró, Elba.

El uso de la investigación en la política educativa: sistematización de un proyecto en México.
 Hinojosa-Luján, Romelia.

Elasticity and Mobility: Taking Play Seriously
 Kumm, Brian. and Pate, Joseph.

Embodied Phronesis: Materially Engaged Practical Wisdom for Qualitative Inquiry in Education
 Pickup, Austin.

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Fabulation as pedagogical possibility: Experimenting with shared futures
 Kruger, Frans. and le Roux, Adré.

Factores de Comportamiento que Influyen en la Responsabilidad Social del Servidor Público en Colombia
 Rodriguez Zambrano, Henry., Prieto Baldovino, Francia. and Cuello Prieto, Jose.

Factors that Influence Self-Care Management in Seniors with Diabetes-Related Wounds: A Grounded Theory Analysis
 Costa, Idevania., Tregunno, Deborah. and Camargo Plazas, Pilar.

Faculty’s Struggles on Their Scholarship of Teaching in Chinese Research Universities

Families Working Together: A non-profit on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota
 Hathaway Miranda, Heather.

Family Favoritism: Defining a Communication-Oriented Construct
 Manning, Jimmie. and South, Andrea.

Feast or Famine: Researcher Responsibilities Regarding Food Access in Complex Socio-Political-Material Geographies
 Panos, Alexandra.

Feeling Dead: Autoethnographic Reflections on the Corporate Colonization of Mental Health
 Wang, Tricia.

Feeling good: An exploration journey of female power through dance
 Blockmans, Inge.

Feminist Auto-Ethnographic Study of Empowerment among Bangladeshi young Immigrant Women
 chapola, jebunnessa.

Feminist Living, Surviving, Making a Mess: A Killjoy Manifesto
 Swafford, Shelby.

Feminist Pedagogy Within Elementary and Higher Education
 Cain, Leia., MacDonald, Amber. and Dodson, Gretchen.

Fictionalized Testimonio: A Latina Immigrant Story
 Calderon-Berumen, Freyca.

Figured Worlds Shaped by Madness in Schools: an Autoethnographic Reflection by a Former Teacher of Students with Serious Emotional Disturbances
 Coomer, Nickie.

Finding "Home”: An Autoethnographic Literary Inquiry of Bisexuality
 Tremblay, Rikki.

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Gaslighting: Experience and Education
 Franklin-Phipps, Asilia. and Gleason, Tristan.

Gender and Embodiments of Girlhood in Early 21st Century U.S. Popular Culture
 Willis, Jessica.

Gender as Social Structure and Its Potential Impact on Safe Water and Sanitation Technologies in East Africa: An African Feminist Analysis
 Morrow, Rebecca. and Zerai, Assata.

Gender differences in a Child Advocacy Center
 Schreiber, Jill. and Dichsen, Taylor.

Geography Teachers’ Use of Instructional Methods and Techniques from the Perspectives of Prospective Classroom Teachers
 Ozturk, Mustafa Kemal. and Ozturk, Neriman.

Getting back to the B Culture: Learning more about Black Culture through Beekeeping
 James, Chasity.

Ghost Ship -­ ghostly aesthetics, visibility logistics and border regimes
 Hille, Moira.

Girls Only: Agentic Assemblage in Posthuman Feminism
 Ingram, Angela., Kofke, Marisa. and Lindstrom, Lauren.

Giving A Shit When You’re Constantly Shat On
 Culp, Robert.

Giving African-American-Mothers a Voice: Using Qualitative Methods to Learn about School-Readiness for Children with Disabilities
 Brown, Jasmine., Coba-Rodriguez, Sarai. and Jarrett, Robin.

Glitterbomb: Challenging Society's Notions of Ideal Beauty
 Solis-Palacios, Vikter. and Fant, LaWanna.

Godianity and Creatorium: The Lost Scriptures of the Middle Testament

Gone ‘Round the Bend: Making the Mad Turn
 Smith, Phil.

Graduate Diversity Instruction: The Intersection of Identities and Instructor Roles
 Marin, Patricia. and Morgan Consoli, Melissa.

Graduate Students' Perceptions of Qualitative Research
 Sen, Anindya.

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Habermas and the Public Sp(fear): Analysis of the "Missing Children" Milk Carton Campaign
 McGreehan, Dianah.

Habilidades Gerenciales: El nivel de Resiliencia y la vinculación con su empleabilidad
 Leal Maridueña, Isabel., Serrano Mantilla, Héctor., Serrano Mantilla, Gonzalo., Serrano Cobos, Martha. and Robles Salguero, Roberto.

Hacerse investigador. Una reflexion acerca de los modos de aprender y ensenar investigacion cualitativa en pre y postgrado
 Rubilar, Maria.

Had We Known: Critical Pedagogical Reflections of Black Women Graduate Student Teachers
 James, ArCasia. and Turner, Francena.

Hands-on = Minds in: Using a hands-on tool to encourage discussion of complex topics.
 Allmendinger, Michelle.

Harm Transformed: Art Based Reflexive Inquiry and Restorative Justice
 Beddes, Lindsay.

Harvey’s phallus, a week in October, and my vagina is angry: where is my pussy hat? A performative (auto)ethnography.
 Beavan, Katie.

Healing Salves: Reflecting On the Narrative Possibility of Cultural Change
 Bardo, Nicholas.

Health Promotion and Brazilian Music: the additional use of ABR as a methodological tool
 Mello, Márcio., Aleksandrowicz, Ana Maria., Strattner, Victor., Fernandes, Adrielle., Fleury, Julia., Durão, Beatriz., Lopes, Ana. and Claper., Jeanine.

Health-Related Quality of Life of Female Children with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: A Mixed Methods Study
 Carroll, Lacretia. and Graff, Carolyn.

Healthcare Providers’ and Deaf Patients’ Perspectives toward Video Remote Interpreting
 Yabe, Manako.

Hear, here, your're naked truth
 Iosefo, Fetaui. and Iosefo, Joshua.

Hearts in Motion in Times of Change. Relational Liminality in The Scandinavian Modern Breakthrough.
 Andersen, Merete.

Help a Sista Out: Black Women Doctoral Students’ Use of Peer Mentorship as an Act of Resistance
 Minnett, Jari., James, ArCasia. and Owens, Devean.

Help-Seeking: A constructivist grounded-theory study of mothers and fathers of children with neurodisabilities
 Glidden, Gina., Tétreault, Sylvie., Flanagan, Tara. and Lach, Lucyna.

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I Don't Want You As My Doctor: Experiences of Patient Bias
 Koehler, Jeanne. and El-Amin, Wendi.

I am a white, female educator who has always chosen to do antiracist work in public schools
 Sanborn, Erin.

I am becoming a neoliberal subject. Can I resist?
 Morales Vázquez, Evelyn.

I'm no Latino... or am I?
 Korin, Ezequiel.

I'naru': Reflections on historical trauma, healing, and decolonization
 Cortés, Reslie.

Identifying as an Autistic Person of Color
 Gordon, Timotheus TJ.

Identities in Action: Findings from an Action Research Based Systemic-Reform
 Bialik, Gadi.

Identity Exploration through Sara Ahmed
 Wagner, Lindy.

Identity Lenses in Diyarbakir and Mardin Provinces of Turkey
 Avci, Omer. and San, Mustafa.

Identity and Alterity: Meaning-making as Becoming-alien
 Zilmer, Caleb.

Identity and Lenguage
 quinayas, julian. and Rivera, Camila.

Images on the land: bringing visual sovereignty and decolonial aesthetics to participatory photography
 Del Vecchio, Deanna.

Imaginaries and Realities of the Texas-Mexico Border Wall
 Del Vecchio, Deanna. and Toomey, Nisha.

Imagination, Disruption, Connection: Emergence of Self as Researcher
 Rybicki-Newman, Maria.

Imagine There’s No Narrative: Dreaming Narratives and the Thresholds of Realities
 Tesar, Marek.

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James’ Octopus and the Study of Qualitative Inquiry within EdD Programs
 Pickup, Austin.

Jettisoning “Empowerment”: Foucault, Resistance, and Space in a Middle School YPAR Camp
 McGovern, Kathleen.

Joker in the Public Square: Qualitative Research in Troubled Times
 Aydarova, Elena.

Jokering Performance Engagement
 Andrew, Bratspis. and Nkrumah, Tara.

Jokering Toward Affective Leadership
 Grosland, Tanetha. and Roberts, LaSonja.

Joys from Learning about Narrative Inquiry
 Richardson, Sue Ellen.

Judging a book by its cover: Using systemic functional linguistics to extend institutional ethnography’s analysis of texts
 Adam, Simon.

Jumping through Hoops, Toning It Down: Doing Immigration-Related Research in the Current Political Climate
 Zape, Marianne.

Justice for Farkhunda: A Burkean Analysis of Dramatism, Gender Violence, and Performative Redemption
 Rauchberg, Jessica.

Justicia y Derechos humanos: el cuerpo, dispositivo biopolítico y productor de subjetividad, un reflexión sobre el desplazamiento forzado
 Velásquez, Laity., Bernal Ruiz, Luisa. and David Velásquez, Paloma.

Justicia y Derechos humanos: población en situación de desplazamiento, una mirada al municipio de Cajicá Colombia
 Velásquez, Laity.


Karaoke to go again, living through repetition
 Carey, Neil., Benozzo, Angelo., Hendricks, Justin., Clark, Adam., Pourreau, Leslie., Wells, Timothy., Sandoval, Jorge., Rantala, Teija. and Gemignani, Marco.

Keeping the Dream Alive: Teacher Preparation in a Profession of Increased Regulation and Decreased Morale
 Salazar, Maria Elena. and Remstein, Pamela.

Khoisan Indigenous Research Ethics
 Speight Vaughn, Melissa.

Kicking the Can Down the Road: Social Work Programs and Equivocation on the DACA Repeal
 Hardesty, Melissa. and Young, Sarah.

Knowledge production or circulation? Compiling, editing and translating popular science in Republican-era Shanghai
 Nahmias, Noa.

Knowledge-Building through Music-Infused A/r/tography: Risking within and beyond the Dissertation
 Davis-Soylu, Heidi.

Korean International Students' Anxiety and Reformatting Normalcy through Christian Faith
 Kim, Sujung.


L'OPERA: Layered Operations Practicing Embodied Reflection & Analysis
 Upshaw, Allison.

L'ecriture feminine as method of inquiry: Writing the screaming horror of inheriting unresolved maternal grief.
 Bradford, Jan.

La Comunicación Intercultural
 guerrero, osvaldo. and García-Quintanilla, MAGDA.

La Escucha de la Violencia y Noviolencia: Usando la Guía de Escucha (Listening Guide) para Atender a lo Tabú y lo Complejo.
 Muñoz-Proto, Carolina., Anchapichún-Hernández, Alejandro., Squella-Soto, René. and Villar-Castillo, Carolina.

La Experiencia, una Maestra Feroz. Análisis de las Percepciones de los Futuros Docentes sobre la Influencia del Contexto Escolar Vivido
 Trigueros Cervantes, Carmen., Reyes López, Mª Luisa. and Ocaña Fernández, Almudena.

La Linguistica Aplicada a la Redaccion Academica: un Modelo Alternativo para Atletas de Atletismo
 Sanabria-Veaz, Karla.

La construcción colectiva de conocimientos en las comunidades interpretativas
 Gómez, Nicolás.

La diseminación del conocimiento de la investigación: ¿tarea cumplida?
 Hinojosa-Luján, Romelia.

La enseñanza de la investigacion cualitativa un sinuoso camino por recorrer
 Salinas, Addis Abeba.

La investigacion accion como herramienta educativa para el empoderamiento de comunidades socialmente vulnerables

La investigación con el arte y el ‘dispositivo artístico’: una mirada crítica
 Marxen, Eva.

La investigación formativa puntal del desarrollo del país
 Leal Maridueña, Isabel., Silva Muñoz, Flor., Alvarez Muñoz, Patricio. and Sani Buenaño, Mauricio.

La organización simbólica de la reproducción socio-económica. Una aproximación metodológica a la problematización de los roles familiares.
 Comas, Guillermina. and Bonfiglio, Juan.

La parentalidad como práctica de alteridad
 Garavito, Jacqueline.

La protección jurisdiccional de la confianza legítima de los agricultores colombianos ante la regulación de las semillas certificadas
 Vargas-Chaves, Ivan.

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M-health Projects in Ghana: The Case for Action Research
 Asiedu, Christobel.

MIPs in the 19/S Earthquake in Mexico City
 Martinez, Carolina.

MYTHOS: The Square of Time
 Viveros, Carmen.

Mad Songs for Troubled Times
 Yakas, Laura.

Madness, Maternity, and the Medical Model
 Gaddy, Caroline.

Making Connections between Abstract Theory and the Real World : Qualitative Analysis as a Teaching Tool
 Woods, David.

Making Foucault Work for Me: Using Foucauldian Discourse Analysis to Understand “Good” Teaching and edTPA
 Byrne, Caitlin.

Making a Difference: Learning From and With Indigenous and Other Marginalized Groups
 Stringer, Ernie.

Making a difference: International experience programs and the politics of privilege
 Bright, David.

Making ideas visible: an exploration of comics as research methodology with children
 Kenneally, Noah.

Making sense of Domestic Violence: Women’s resort to mental health Discourses of Alcohol as the culprit
 K K, ANJALI. and Ranganathan, Shubha.

Making the Connections in an Interpretive Case Study: The Intersection of Appreciative Inquiry, Social Constructionism, and Symbolic Interactionism
 Royer, Dan.

Maltrato Físico Infantil y su Influencia en la Conducta Disruptiva
 Flores Zeas, María., Quinde Macías, Juan. and Leal Maridueña, Isabel.

Manning and Science Education
 Bowers, Nicole.

Manualised family therapy for anorexia nervosa: Cost effective or costly for the experiencing person?
 Conti, Janet. and rhodes, paul.

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N-Epiphany at 30.000 feet above: An introspective personal-narrative
 Koc, Esen.

N7+1 Literature Reviews using NVivo 11 eBook
 O\'Neill, Maureen. and Booth, Sarah.

Narrating Mental Disability in the Academy
 (Eisenhauer) Richardson, Jennifer.

Narrativas en lideresas afrodescendientes víctimas del conflicto armado colombiano.
 Cabrera Lozano, Aida.

Narrative & Discourse Analysis: Novice-Expert Border Crossing in Conducting Collaborative Self-Study
 Lee, Young Ah. and Collier-Gibson, Brittany.

Narrative Inquiry and Critical Race Theory: An Overdue Exploration of Their Intersection in Teacher Knowledge Research
 Pratt, Alex. and Rosiek, Jerry.

Narrative Research and the Ontological Turn: Narratives as Beings of Fiction
 Gleason, Tristan.

Narratives of Change and Continuity in Long-Term Romantic Relationships During Emerging Adulthood
 Hlewka, Leanne., McHenry, Stacey., Dutrisac, Shannah. and Teucher, Ulrich.

Narratives of biculturalism: Arab-American identity negotiation post-9/11
 Shouhayib, Janan.

Narratives of self-surveillance: Korean graduate students’ experience with the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO)
 Park, Doo Jae. and Shin, Na Ri.

Nationalism, democracy and the killing of an Indian journalist
 Delanthamajalu, Shwetha.

Navigating Adversity: Perspectives of an MD
 Shenoy, Sudhakar. and Koehler, Jeanne.

Negotiating Autoethnography Ethics
 ismail-allouche, zeina.

Negotiating Frustration, Hopeless, and Guilt: Tibetan Freedom Activists In a Time of Mounting Martyrdom
 Vehaba, Alana.

Negotiating Narratives of Race in the STEM Classroom
 Adams, Jennifer.

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O Papel da Teoria no Desenvolvimento de Metodologias Qualitativas de Pesquisa
 Braz Dias, Ana.

O/Abjects and Desire: Public Pedagogy Inquiry Between Materialism and Cultural Psychoanalysis
 Burdick, Jake. and Sandlin, Jennifer.

Observación Participante en contextos ocultos: Opciones y desafíos
 Meneses-Falcón, Carmen.

Of Volcanoes, Pedagogies, and Possibilities: Towards a Posthumanist Pedagogy of Critique
 Barreiro, Jacqueline.

Oh, now I see it: insight experiences through photovoice
 Cavalcante Ferreira, Cinthia. and Jorge, Maria Salete.

Okul Öncesi Dönemde Etkileşimli Kitap Okuma Çalışmaları Hakkında Öğretmen Görüşleri
 Kiremit, Rahime.

On Masculinities: Communication and Gender in the Trump Era
 Brewer, Mick.

On Poetry in Qualitative Inquiry
 Cahnmann-Taylor, Melisa.

On being Narcissistic Enough: An Autonarrative of Co-construction of the Self and the Other
 Khan, Imdad-Ullah.

On my praxis of becoming a/r/tography: The ontological standpoint against technical skills, political standards, and mechanical rationality in arts-based research
 Shugurova, Olga.

On places and Spaces: Politicizing my Body with Four Walls and a Window
 Barak, Adi.

On the Bag: Reflections on Caddying for my Child on and off the Course
 King-White, Ryan.

On the Fringe: Teaching Multimedia Storytelling Through Autoethnography
 Korin, Ezequiel.

On the Front Lines of Health: Pharmacists Addressing the Challenges of Medical Adherence
 Dunning, Ben., McHenry, Stacey., Teucher, Ulrich. and Bharadwaj, Lalita.

On the Table: Four Possible Tenets of Contemporary (Deweyian) Pragmatism
 Earl Rinehart, Kerry.

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Paddling Braided Rivers: Navigating a Confluence of Stories in Semi-Structured Sensitive Research Interviews
 Penwarden, Sarah.

Pagan babies and other lessons in my white settler colonial education
 Reilly, Rosemary.

Parental Immersion of the Lay Self into Medication Reasoning
 Nguyen, Phuong.

Part-Time University Teachers as Members of the Highly Educated Precariat
 Yoshihara, Reiko.

Participatory Action Research: Toward a Green Dialysis
 Ramirez-Pereira, Mirliana., Silva, Amalia., Opazo, Esmerita. and Perez, Ricardo.

Partnership for Change: A visual phenomenology of stigma curated by people who inject drugs
 Carlberg-Racich, Suzanne. and Pallas, Nicole.

Passably Smart/"Somewhat Less Stupid": Troubling Assessment
 lather, patti.

Pathologies of professionals, professionalism and professionalization: Invoking controversial dialectic –‘per fas et nefas’ to define, defend and condemn the modern professional
 Hodkinson, Alan.

Pathologies of ‘Professionalism’: vocation, audit, and casualization
 Stronach, Ian.

Paying Serious Attention to Women’s Scholarship concerning Environmental Contamination and Early Childhood Morbidity in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda
 Zerai, Assata., Perez, Joanna. and Cuthbertson, Courtney.

Peircean Semiotics in New Materialism!?
 Atkinson, Becky.

People, Places, and Spaces: Understanding later-life homelessness through multi-sensory, participatory methods
 Burns, Victoria., St-Denis, Natalie., Walsh, Christine. and Hewson, Jennifer.

Percepcion de futbolistas infantiles sobre el Modelo Didactico de Competencias de Accion de Juego

Percepciones y actitudes en un grupo de ninos de prejardin: Mirada desde la educacion física
 Restrepo Moncada, Sebastián., DÍAZ GARCIA, RICARDO. and Uribe Gómez, Julio.

Percepción de profesores de nivel medio básico sobre el ciberacoso: comparativo de México y Chile
 Pavez Andonaegui, Isabel. and Garcia-Bejar, Ligia.

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Qualitative Approaches: Engaging South Asians to develop a Culturally Relevant Colon Cancer Screening Survey
 Crawford, Joanne.

Qualitative Classes as Sites of Decolonization
 Masta, Stephanie.

Qualitative Data Collection, Analysis And Interpretation In Research Paradigms A Case Of Library And Information Science Research
 Abdulkareem, Abubakar.

Qualitative Inquiry In Internaional Relations
 Guo, Jianfeng.

Qualitative Inquiry as a Multiverse: What would this mean for research design?
 Mora, Raúl., Golovátina-Mora, Polina., Orrego, Tyrone., Agudelo, Elizabeth., Herrera, Ana. and Castrillón-Ortega, Sebastián.

Qualitative Inquiry as a Spectrum
 Velardi, Marilia. and Tsukamoto, Mariana Harumi.

Qualitative Research On Coming Out Experience of Male Homosexuals
 Chao, Song.

Qualitative Research as Public Intellectualism
 Wells, Timothy.

Qualitative Research in the Chinese Social Work Academy
 Gioia, Deborah., Yu, Yanfeng., Shdaimah, Corey. and Zhao, Fang.

Qualitative Research in the Era of Twitter Politics
 Fugazzola, Caterina.

Qualitative Research on Muslims in the Era of the 'Muslim Travel Ban'
 El-Amin, Aisha. and Thomas, Michael.

Qualitative Social Work Research with Vulnerable Populations: Successfully Managing Challenges while Prioritizing Ethics
 Henshaw, Lisa.

Qualitative café: conversations, relationships, and research
 Mintzberg, Susan., Sinai-Glazer, Hagit. and Glidden, Gina.

Qualitative enquiry is essential to indigenous health promotion response for obesity epidemic in Fiji
 Singh, Kamal., Sendall, Marguerite. and Crane, Phil.

Qualitative methodology with a narrative approach oriented to deaf people in Chile
 Ceroni, Carla., López, María Fernanda. and Moya, Giselle.

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RACEing Through Revolving Doors: Recidivism of Black Inmates with Disabilities
 Andrews, Anthony.

Racial Markedness and Criminality: Stigma Management, Place, and Identity Navigation
 Grayer, Julien.

Radical Jewelry Makeover As Restorative Practice Within Material Culture
 Woywod, Christine.

Rapid Qualitative Inquiry and Design Research
 Popov, Lubomir. and Goza, Franklin.

Re-Envisioning the Advisor/Student Relationship
 McCloud, Jennifer. and Tilley-Lubbs, Gresilda.

Re-Searching Ontological Education for the Posthuman Condition
 White, Carolyne.

Re-storying couples in sobriety: Using qualitative inquiry to humanize relationships in recovery
 Maxfield, Paul.

Re-‘thinking’ Analysis: Moving Beyond a Singular Approach to Understand the Graduate Student Experience
 Moreno-Kilpatrick, Rhia.

Reading and writing short narratives in a foreign language as a possibility of approximating otherness”
 Ramirez, Richard William.

Readymade Methodology
 Gildersleeve, Ryan. and Guyotte, Kelly.

Real Women Run: Running as Feminist Embodiment 
 Faulkner, Sandra.

Reclaiming “Failure”: Embracing Improvement Science Principles to Strengthen Rigor in Participatory Action Research
 Kramer, Catherine. and Lester, Amanda.

Reconceptualizing Intellectualism: Public Intellectual as Knowledge Cultivator
 Bowers, Nicole. and Clark, Adam.

Reconceptualizing the Archetypal Journey
 Wallace, Karen.

Reconceptualizing the Archetypal Journey
 Ricketts, Kathryn.

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Sacred pain in Indigenous metaphysics: dancing towards cosmological reconciliations
 Ahenakew, Cash.

Safe Water, Sanitation and Early Childhood Malnutrition: An African Feminist Analysis of the lives of Women and Children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
 Zerai, Assata. and Sanya, Brenda.

Saleacom: researching with rather than on vulnerable groups
 Gomez, Aitor.

Salud Pública y Responsabilidad: un aporte desde la bioética.
 Garcia Soriano, Pamela.

Scholar Letter to My Father
 Vesterman, Clara.

School Memories and Time-Travel: Memory, Affect, Experience, and Pedagogy
 Franklin-Phipps, Asilia.

School effectiveness in upper secondary education and identification of management practices
 Peniche, Rubi. and Padilla, Laura.

Schools Cannot Do it Alone: Creating Transformative Learning Spaces for Refugee Youth
 Symons, Carrie. and Bian, Yue.

Searching for an Autoethnographic Ethic
 Andrew, Stephen.

Seduction and Aggression in the Graphic Representation of Mexican Migrants in the Political Caricature of the United States
 Villeda, Maricela.

Seeing Beyond the Obvious—Second Generation Qualitative Designs
 Dawidowicz, Paula.

Seeing and Sounding Rural Citizenship
 Simpson, Sheryl-Ann.

Seeking aesthetic wisdom
 Bresler, Liora.

Self Development and Wellness: Analysis of 5 Strategies
 Askelson, Debra.

Self-Confrontation Interviews in the Classroom to Learn How to Diagram Arguments in Logic
 Ferrero, Federico. and Gewerc, Adriana.

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TIP Talks: Wisdom for Humanship
 Hong, Philip.

Teacher Action Research and Post-Qualitative Research
 Coulter, Cathy.

Teacher Humanity: No Body Left Behind
 Manning, Karla.

Teacher educator education: an autoethnographic investigation in the English Teaching area in Brazil
 Ono, Fabrício.

Teacher learner identity and its influence on teacher professional identity and practice
 McCullough, Susan.

Teachers, Trauma, and the Classroom: Investigating Trauma Training for Working with Syrian Refugee Students
 Mayor, Christine.

Teachers' perceptions of integration of immigrant students: Ideal vs. reality, the Israeli case
 Binhas, Adi.

Teachers’ Roles Based on Freire’s Critical Pedagogy Theory
 Aghasafari, Sahar.

Teaching Advanced Qualitative Research Methods Online: Grounded Theory, Observation and Analysis
 Flora, Bethany.

Teaching Design as an Action Research in Design Studio
 Anay, Hakan., Ozten, Ulku. and Ozten Anay, Meltem.

Teaching Gender & Sexuality in Education
 Hathaway Miranda, Heather.

Teaching PAR: Ethical concerns masquerading as practical considerations
 Rainey, Jennifer.

Teaching Qualitative Research: Issues and Concerns
 Swaminathan, Rajeswari. and Mulvihill, Thalia.

Teaching Qualitative Thinking In Action
 Colby, Sherri. and Bodily, Brett.

Teaching Thematic Analysis: Five Approaches and Aims
 Freeman, Melissa.

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Un acercamiento a la construcción de identidad laboral de personas sordas en Chile
 Ceroni, Carla., López, María Fernanda. and Moya, Giselle.

Un(settling) Methodology: Walking the City of Memphis
 Salem, Wesam.

Un[bracketed] Phenomenological Polyethnography
 Olt, Phillip. and Teman, Eric.

Undergraduate Campus Ministry Students’ Sexual Health Concerns: A Situational Analysis
 Davidson, Charis., Turner-McGrievy, Gabrielle., Hilfinger Messias, DeAnne., Robillard, Alyssa., Friedman, Daniela. and Schwiesow, Jessica.

Undergraduates’ Exploration of Their Individual and Cultural Identities Through Arts-Based Inquiry: Students’ Perspectives
 Goodyear, Kathleen.

Understanding Instructors' Misunderstandings of Procedures for Finding a Passing Score
 Secolsky, Charles.

Understanding Student Responses to a University-Sponsored Diversity and Inclusion Workshop
 Yi, Jacqueline., Blevins, Emily., Todd, Nathan. and Wantland, Ross.

Understanding and applying the Institutional Performance Management System within Higher Education Institutions
 Mampane, Sharon.

Understanding selves through change: a collaborative inquiry
 Jordan, Emma. and Fox, Kathy.

Understanding social representations in people in dialysis
 Ramirez-Pereira, Mirliana.

Understanding the Impact Intimate Partner Violence has on the Wellness of African-American Millennial Women
 Mccloud, Lanessa.

Understanding the Making of a Precarious Class of Teachers: A Policy Anthropology Approach
 Breshears, Sherry.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown: Problematising my relationships in high-performance sport.
 Gillot, Andrew.

Unfolding of affective connections and movements in participant-researcher video co-creation: Toward nonrepresentational literacy research
 Iwase, Masayuki.

Unheard Stories of Chinese-Australian Acculturation
 Zhang, Michael. and rhodes, paul.

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Vaiven autoetnografico: ¿Profesora de investigacion cualitativa?; compartiendo algunas experiencias
 Aguirre Armendáriz, Elizabeth.

Validity in qualitative intersectionality: Challenging the conventional boundaries
 Cosgrove, Preston.

Value, Identification, and Growth: A Case Study on Teachers’ Well-being
 SONG, HUAN. and Ou, Yingxin.

Vereda Granizal: historia, fortalecimiento comunitario y desafíos en el marco del desplazamiento forzado en Colombia
 Garces, Diana.

Vibrant bodies as Praisesong
 Harris, Anne.

Video-facilitated Recruitment: An Opportunity?
 Cummins, Christine., Terry, Gareth., Collier, Guy., Harris, Anna. and Kayes, Nicola.

Vietnamese college students with visual impairments: A qualitative study of their experiences and emotional well-being
 bui, Tuyen.

Virtuous Inquiry, Refusal, & Parrhesia
 Kuntz, Aaron.

Visceral Resonances: Conjuring History and Memory in Traditional/Folk Music, Together
 Shoemaker, Deanna.

Visual Reflections: Documenting my|students experiences
 Shively, Kate.

Visual Representations and Verbal Schemas: A Case Study of One Student with High-Functioning Autism
 Buncher, Amanda., Hord, Casey., Weaver, Kitiara. and Gamel, Zachary.

Visual Storytelling: Decolonizing Social Work Practice
 St-Denis, Natalie. and Walsh, Christine.

Visualizing as Inquiry
 Smith, Anna.

Vivencias de estudiantes de enfermería frente al nuevo modelo educativo
 Troncoso, Margarita., GONZALEZ, CARMEN GLORIA., GUERRA GUERRERO, VERONICA., Miño Gonzalez, Carmen., Ceballos Vasquez, Paula. and Jara Rojas, Ana.

Voices of Baltimore: Stories, Film Making, and Anti Racist Narrative
 McDermott, Morna. and Homana, Gary.

See all 18 papers starting with V ->>


Walking and Worlding Place Politics
 Powell, Kimberly.

Walking the Labyrinth: Early Career Investigators’ Experience of Clinical Research
 Pelser, Wilna. and Maritz, Jeanette.

Walking the Walk: responses to gendered and racialized violence against Indigenous women
 Desmoulins, Leisa.

Walking-with Chaos and Community Transformation
 Nucaro, Alyssa.

Wandering Our Way Home: A Duoethnography between Two Transnational Graduate Students
 Lyew, Dominique. and Zape, Marianne.

Warring in the Academy: Black Women's Use of Spirituality to Resist Oppression
 Tate, Danielle. and Cannon, Mercedes.

Wearing Many Hats: The Embodiment of Euoethnography to Deconstruct Academic Purpose.
 Wimmer, Alexander. and Sponberg, Erica.

Web documentary about the struggle against aids in Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
 Kind, Luciana.

Web-based Qualitative Data Analysis software packages: an integrative review
 Costa, António., de Souza, Francislê., Reis, Luis. and Amado, João.

What Do Comprehensive Exams Produce? Troubling Unexamined Pedagogy
 Cannon, Susan., Sweet, Joe., Myers, Kayla. and Marn, Travis.

What Do Data Do? Feminist and Critical Qualitative Possibilities for Embodied Data Collection on Illness
 Ellingson, Laura.

What Happiness Values: Cruel Optimism and the Unobtainable American Dream
 Elfreich, Alycia.

What John Lee Hooker Taught a White Girl from Rural Alabama After He Died
 Hearne, Elizabeth.

What Makes Refugees Want to Participate in Resettlement Programs or Services? Insider Perspective
 Ha, An.

What Matter and Materials Teach Young Children and Early Childhood Art Education Researchers
 Kaplan, Heather.

See all 44 papers starting with W ->>


YOU ARE YELLOW: Photovoice project on diversity and inclusion in higher education
 Sladkova, Jana., Kamal, Wael. and Hok, Pisey.

Yet They Persisted: An experiment in performed multimedia auto ethnography to explore Advocacy, Mothering/Parenting, and Schools
 Scheckelhoff, Carrie., Constable, Susan. and Schneider, Jenifer.

You Are Here: Mapping and Performing Data Through Artistic Inquiry
 Drass, Jessica.

Young Adult Males' Evaluation of Their Sexual Health Education: An Enhanced Critical Incident Technique Analysis
 Cholewa, Tymarah.

Youth Homelessness and Geographic Mobility: Neoliberal Policy, Service Gaps, and System Limitations
 Aykanian, Amanda.
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