Children and Childhoods Research Symposium 2010-Sep-24 to 2010-Sep-26

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“I’ve been climbing this wall but don’t tell Mum” – Children, Place and Primary School
 Britt, Clare.


A vision of history: Young children’s perspectives on a museum
 Dunn, Rosemary.

Advocacy and Power: Early Childhood Educators' Perceptions
 Mevawalla, Zinnia.

Ants, apples and the ABCs: The use of phonics programs in early childhood prior to school services
 Campbell, Stacey.

Art Around Pilot Study
 Williams, Cherylanne.


Barriers to Participation: The experiences of disadvantaged families in engaging with early childhood services
 Grace, Rebekah.

Beyond language: Immigrant children as committed and strategic learners
 Guo, Karen Liang.


Case studies from an integrated parent-child centre: Tailoring the program to best “fit” the family’s needs
 Solomon, Matthew. and Carr, Fiona.


Developing Creativity in Pre-Service Teachers


Early childhood educators beliefs and practices in the Nursery
 Davis, Belinda.

Embracing Inclusive Early Childhood Settings: Hearing all Children’s Voices
 Watson, Karen.

Evaluation of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for children less than 2 years: A pilot study
 Morgan, Susan. and Phillips, Jane.


Mind the gap: maternal perceptions of school ‘choice’ for students with autism in NSW
 Lilley, Rozanna.


Our Learning Journey
 De Grazia, Romina. and Kolibac, Nicole.

Outlook, infestigating prams
 Eichler, Hannah.


Patterns of child care for Australian infants and two-year-olds. Relationships and daily transitions
 Harrison, Linda.


Relationships, reflection, reciprocity: The 3Rs of researching young children's engagement with songs
 Niland, Amanda.

Rethinking pedagogical practices. How can teachers in early childhood settings be supported professionally to examine their practices?
 Hadley, Fay. and Clarke, Debra.


Safe and sedentary: The consequences of minimal risk play environments.
 Wyver, Shirley., Naughton, Geraldine., Little, Helen., Sandseter, Ellen Beate Hansen., Bundy, Anita. and Tranter, Paul.

Selecting and Evaluating Picture Books to Promote Early Mathematical Development: A Framework for Teachers.
 Marston, Jennie.

Supporting The Parent/Child Bond Through an Attachment Based Framework in the Playgroup Context
 Solomon, Matthew., Tomc, Carolyn. and Bray, Jane.


The Function of Hosptial Play Therapy and the Role of Play Therapists
 Zuvela, Christine. and Gibson, Frances.

Twin faces of autism: The inclusion conundrum
 Kilham, Chris.


Using Practitioner Inquiry to Promote Reflexivity and Change in Infant-Toddler Early Childhood Programs.
 Degotardi, Sheila., Semann, Anthony., Shepherd, Wendy. and Honig, Toby.


When a young child's development is advanced: Program directions from North America and the UK
 Hodge, Kerry.


Young children’s voice: developing innovative research methods.
 Stephenson, Elspeth.
Children and Childhoods Research Symposium 2010-Sep-24 to 2010-Sep-26
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