ILA Women & Leadership Affinity Group Conference 2015-Jun-07 to 2015-Jun-11

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A 20-Year Longitudinal Panel Study of Gender Differences in Bossiness and Promotability
 Gentry, William., Clerkin, Cathleen., Crumbacher, Christine. and Fernando, Julia.

A Model of Leader Identities: Interpersonal Relationships and Leadership Purpose
 Longman, Karen. and Egan, Chrys.

A Model of Leader Identities: Self and Social Spheres of Influence
 Shollen, S. Lynn. and Campbell, Constance.

A Model of Leader Identities: Through the Lens of Leaderful Practice
 Fisher, Kelly.

A ‘Girl Power’ Generation Grows Up: Coming to Voice and Leadership Through Self-Advocacy
 Sorensen-Lang, Karen.

Advancing Women in Leadership via Integration of the Leadership Style Orientation Model
 Hemben, Terseer.

Advancing a Feminine Culture of Leadership: Leading the Whole Organization
 Walinga, Jennifer. and MacLeod, Zoe.

African American Women’s Representation in Politics: Promising Gains, More Work Remains
 Rosser-Mims, Dionne.

An Examination of Female Pastors’ Servant Leadership Attributes and Pastoral Effectiveness
 Walker, Natalie. and Thompson, Laura.

An Exploration of Women Leaders in Higher Education: Forming a Mentor Identity
 Skurzewski-Servant, Missy.

Anxiety to Empowerment: Transforming Public Speaking Into Critical Transformational Leadership
 Bletscher, Caitlin.

Assessing Learning of Critical Competencies for 21st Century Leaders
 Seymour, Susan.

Attending to the GAP: EnCompass’ Virtual Mentoring Program for Women Leaders at UNAIDS
 Callahan, Kathy. and Webb, Laverne.

Authentic Leadership Theory for Women
 Storberg-Walker, Julia. and Natt och Dag, Kristina.


Being Fully Present as a Leadership Strategy
 Clark Cole, Karen.

Beyond Inequality: Women and the Courage to Lead
 Hayden-Watkins, Dorothy., Bailey, Sharon. and Frank, Laura.

Bringing Home the Bacon and Frying It Too: Women as Consumers, Homemakers, and Candlestick Makers
 Akintonde, Shanita.


Calling Ms. President: Opportunities and Challenges for College Women and Campus Leadership
 Landphair, Juliette.

Career-Long Social Networking Advantages of Professional Development Programs
 Francis, Hannah.

Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Seminar: A Model for Increasing Asia Pacific Women’s Entrepreneurial Participation
 Dorn, Liz A.. and Hartman, Ann.

Choosing Resilience: Purposeful Planning for a Career Uninhibited by the Glass Ceiling Phenomenon
 Hansen, Marie.

Creating Culturally Competent Leadership Development Programs to Empower Women: Experiences From the Ghanaian Women’s Social Leadership Program
 Hofmann-Pinilla, Amparo.


Deceptive Expectations and Fading Emotions: The Impact of Women as Workplace Leaders
 Spranger, Angela. and Wilson, Kalli.

Developing a Leadership Point of View: Program Design for Women Leaders
 Elam, Joyce. and Beers, Mayra.

Discover Your Deeper Sources of Power: How to Leverage Personal Power in Leadership Work
 Renner, Diana. and Brothers, Jennifer.

 Shavlik, Donna.


Elements of a Successful Global Leader: The Superman/Woman Using Multiple Organic Methods
 Phifer, Vannetta.

Empowering Minority Women in Behavioral Healthcare Leadership
 Resendez, Misty. and Barnes, Joanne.

Exploring Cultural Capital Among Female Division I Athletic Directors
 Hanold, Maylon. and Norquist, Carlee.


Factors Contributing to Women’s Leadership Identity and Self-Efficacy
 Hough, Sandy., Bolger, Andrew., Lindsey-Lloyd, Karen., Stockton, Carrie., Castro, Athena. and Cowen, Julie.

Female Athletic Trainers: (Non)Movement Towards Head Athletic Trainer
 Logan, Adriana.

Female Executive Leadership Resilience: Strategies for Thriving in Today’s Business World
 Pincott, Ashley.

Fostering Sustained, Feminist Student Leadership on College Campuses
 Swiencicki, Jill. and Cunningham, Lisa.

From Deans of Women to Presidents: Lessons from the Long History of Women’s Leadership
 Sartorius, Kelly.


Gender Balance in Leadership. The Effectiveness of Measures
 Henderikse, Wilma., van Beek, Annemieke., Pouwels, Babette. and Schippers, Joop.

Gender Bias in Servant Leadership
 Hogue, Mary.

Gender Power Dynamics: Women Leading in Entrepreneurial Settings
 Jones, Karen.

Gender, Power, and Leadership
 Luna, Cynthia.

Giving Voice to Executive Women in the U.S. Banking Industry
 Yoder, Christina.


Hannah Arendt, Narrative, and Authentic Leadership
 Gardiner, Rita.

How Do Women in Israel Develop Their Leadership Nature?
 Dayan, Galit.

How to Achieve Our Personal Definition of Balance?
 Germanos, Micheline.

How to Handle Unconscious Bias, Ingrained Mindset, and Structural Barriers in the Workplace
 Jun, Heesoon.


I Can’t Hear You; Your Sex Is Showing
 Carpenter, Shari. and Mueller, Leslie.

Identifying Second-Generation Gender Bias: Micro-Level Gender-Based Leadership Barriers
 Dzubinski, Leanne. and Diehl, Amy.

Identities in Christ and Culture? Leadership Paradoxes and Priorities for Women Evangelicals
 Tangenberg, Kathleen.

Identity Development and Leadership Development of Women Executives
 Ginn, Georgina. and Munn, Sunny.

Integrated Feminine Leadership: Developing Women Leaders to Lead From Feminine Essence
 Cannon, Susan. and Conte, Allison.

Is Your Brain Working for You or Against You?
 Newlin Ruffin, Linda.


Know Yourself and to Yourself Be True: Self-Management for Leaders
 Burgess, Norma.


LEAD: A Philosophy Inspired by an Exemplar Manager
 Harden, Kimberly.

Latina Empowerment: Manifesting a Cultural Legacy
 Chavez-Houck, Rebecca.

Leadership Development for Women Engineers
 MacIntyre, Phyllis.

Leadership Identity Development for Women in Collegiate Athletic Administration
 Stahl, Valerie. and Ulrich, Jessica.

Leadership and Unbounded Motherhood: The Working Mother’s Benefits Gap
 Lester, Gretchen.

Leadership: The P’s and Q’s of X’s and Y’s
 McLean, David.

Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity II: The Dakini Within
 Goldman Schuyler, Kathryn.

Learning From History: Feminism and Leadership for the Millennial Generation
 Crutchfield, Emily.

Lessons From a 14-Year Women’s Leadership Development Initiative in Christian Higher Education
 Lafreniere, Shawna. and Longman, Karen.

Lessons from ACE’s Office of Women in Higher Education
 Elliott, Jacquelyn.

Lessons from HERS Research: Advancing the Next Generation of Women Leaders
 White, Judith.

Linkages Between Calling and Leadership: The Experiences of Female Undergraduate Students
 Lamm Bray, Debbie.


Mentoring from the Heart: The Role of Family in the Careers of Executive Women
 Bleil, Patricia.


Not Knowing: The Art of Turning Uncertainty Into Opportunity
 Renner, Diana.


POLI (‘Many’) TICS (‘Blood Sucking Parasites’): Why Women Should Run for Public Office
 Jones, Pat.

Preparing Women in Higher Education for Senior Leadership Roles: Women’s Leadership Institute
 Mankey, Richanne C.. and Harvey, Steven.

Purpose and Calling of Today’s Female Leaders
 Taylor, Dr. Shannon., Sader, Jennifer. and Bryant Sekou, Sheree.


Quotas in a Consensus Based Culture: Legal Targets for Boardroom Diversity in the Netherlands
 Henderikse, Wilma., van Beek, Annemieke., Pouwels, Babette. and Schippers, Joop.


Re-Framing How to Approach the Glass Ceiling
 MUNGARAY, Kimberly.

Reaching for the Top, Stuck at the Bottom: Advancing Women of Color Psychologists in Leadership
 Miles-Cohen, Shari. and Townsend, Tiffany.

Relationships as a Motivator for Women’s Leadership Aspirations in Evangelical Organizations
 Longman, Karen., Lamm Bray, Debbie., Hough, Sandy., Lindsey-Lloyd, Karen., Liddell, Wendy. and Cowen, Julie.


The American Council on Education’s Commitment to the Advancement of Women
 Teague, Leah. and Bobby, Kim.

The Bossy Penalty
 Clerkin, Cathleen., Fernando, Julia., Gentry, William. and Crumbacher, Christine.

The First Woman President: Leadership Challenges in American Higher Education
 Stefanco, Carolyn.

The Influence of Human Agency on the Professional Path of Women in Executive Leadership Positions
 Emory, Laurel.

The Language of Power: A Comparison of the Rhetoric of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan
 Robinson, Jill., Bartel, Susan. and Bleil, Patricia.

The New Leadership Model for the 21st Century: Integrated Leadership
 Shambaugh, Rebecca.

The Stained Glass Ceiling: The Situation of Women in Leadership at Evangelical Organizations
 Sterk, Helen., Curry, Janel. and Reynolds, Amy.

The Theological and Historical Context of Contemporary Evangelicalism
 Cochran, Pamela.

Thoughts on Moving the Needle
 Teague, Leah.

Transforming Mental Models: Unlocking a Barrier to Women’s Advancement in Leadership Positions
 Storberg-Walker, Julia., Brummitt, Laurie. and Natt och Dag, Kristina.


Understanding Why One University’s Leadership Development Initiative for Women Is So Effective
 DeFrank-Cole, Lisa., Latimer, Melissa., Neidermeyer, Presha. and Wheatly, Michele.

Understanding Women’s Leadership Identities: An Ecological Approach
 Fox Kirk, Wendy. and Neilson, Brionne.


What Are Men Afraid of When Women Progress in Organizations?
 Korotov, Konstantin.

What Is Good for Women Is Good for the World
 Eisler, Riane.

When Women Report to Women: A New Understanding of Follower Empowerment
 Dillard, Tiffanie.

Where a Woman Rules, Streams Run Uphill
 Muriungi, Rosemary.

Who Watches Your Children While You Are at Work?
 Martin, Amy.

Women Leaders in Myanmar (Burma): Has Democracy Emancipated Them?
 Thompson, Randal.

Women Managing Women: The Impact on Career Development
 Hurst, Jane.

Women in Leadership in an Asian Context
 Cho, Yonjoo., Lee, Mimi. and Hewapathirana, Gertrude.

Women of Vision: Understanding the Process of Envisioning and Leading Institutional Change
 O\'Connor, Candy.

Women’s Leadership Circle: Testing the Impact of Shared Experience
 Simmons, Ann. and Trainor, Stephen.

Women’s Leadership Values: Implications for Talent Management
 Ledbetter, Bernice.

Women’s Leadership in Higher Education
 Kern, Joan.
ILA Women & Leadership Affinity Group Conference 2015-Jun-07 to 2015-Jun-11
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