17th Annual ILA Global Conference 2015-Oct-13 to 2015-Oct-18

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Enjoy Business: An Art Video with Global Leaders
 Landia, Marina.


A Call for Greater Accountability in Leadership Development
 Flanigan, Jessica.

A Case of Global Leadership Development Best Practice
 Salicru, Sebastian. and Wassenaar, Elly.

A Model for Capturing Empirical Outcomes of Leadership Coaching
 Hofmans, Willem Jan.

A New Generation of Business Leaders Leading Across Borders: Business and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
 Gitsham, Matthew., Gosling, Jonathan. and Nayak, Ajit.

A Road Map to Graduation and Women’s Leadership
 Han, Belinda. and Wairepo, Anne.

A Training Mission: Enabling Sustainable Change through Organizational Leadership
 Coers, Natalie.

A Unique Approach to Resourcing Private School Educational Leaders in Burkina Faso
 Brion, Corinne.

A University of Phoenix Research Center Customer Experience Assessment Study
 Bean, Erik.

APSU Goes Global
 Kenney, Matthew.

Abraham ibn Ezra’s Dialogue on Moses’ Dialogue with his Followers
 Cusher, Brent.

Academic Integrity and Its Relationship to Business Ethics
 Milczewski, Joseph.

Adapting Evaluative Methods to Promote Continued Learning in an Evolving Leadership Development Program
 Kessenich, Katherine. and Werner, Linnette.

Advancing Leadership and Followership Education with a Leader–Follower Unity Model
 Prilipko, Eve.

Advancing Systems Awareness for Organizational Leadership
 Dujowich, Crystal.

Affinity Groups: Providing Experiential Leadership Opportunities to Enhance Professional Development
 Gonzalez, Eddie.

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Bad Apple or Bad Barrel: The Role of Leadership in Establishing an Ethical Organization
 Thomas, Ted.

Behavioral Integrity in the Role of a Government Leader’s Everyday Decisions and Interactions
 Robinson Jr., Russell.

Being a Woman and a Leader–The Conflict and its Implications
 Shaul, Smadar., Kark, Ronit. and Luria, Gil.

Beliefs and Practices of Human Resource Management in Nigeria
 Oikelome, Franklin.

Beyond Borders: Using the Millennium Development Goals for Effective Global Leadership
 Rose, Solomé. and Williams, Folkers.

Beyond Cultural Barriers: Crossing Boundaries Through Communication and Trust
 Remington, Charity.

Beyond Cultures and Generations: Consideration of Worldview as a Basis for Extending Leadership Influence
 Jarrett, David.

Black American Women’s Political Experiences: Leadership Lessons for Women Globally
 Rosser-Mims, Dionne.

Black Swans, Dirty Hands, and the Contextual Ethics of Humanitarian Leadership in Holocaust-Era Hungary
 Sanders, Paul.

Brain-Based Leadership: Leading across all boundaries through fundamentals of neuroscience
 Thamrongnawasawat, Thun.

Breaking New Ground in Kazakhstan to Develop Women’s Leadership
 Lewis, Jenifer.

Breaking the Moral Knot: Exploring Transformational Leadership on the Basis of Chinese Moral Philosophies
 Luan, Zhi.

Bridging Generational Cultures: The Impact of Education and Technology
 Henck, Anita. and Henck, Andrew.

Bridging the Leadership Gap: The Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Academic and Student Affairs
 Trevino, Miguel. and Ramirez, Minita.

Bringing Happiness to Work
 Kent, Marcia.

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Can Collectivistic Career Planning Emancipate a Kenyan Village?
 Cole, Catherine.

Capacity Building and Leadership Development for Community Engagement
 Purcell, Jennifer.

Challenges of Public Strategic Leadership from Barcelona (18th -19th Century) and Madrid (21st).
 Vazquez de Prada, Pedro.

Changing Leader Development in Organizations that “Do” Leadership: Charting a New Course for the U.S. Navy
 Johnson, Olenda.

Civic Leadership Development & Public Narrative Methods: Community Impact and Emergent Governance Structures
 Kliewer, Brandon. and Priest, Kerry.

Collective Leadership and Context: Linking Public Leadership Research to Leadership Studies
 Ospina, Sonia.

Compassionate Leadership and Employee Motivation: The Mediating Role of Engagement on Individual Performance
 Shuck, Brad.

Conceptualizing Women’s Leadership: Environmental Effect Theory
 Dzubinski, Leanne.

Conformity to Female Gender Stereotype in a Leader: Damned if You Don't
 Stork, Elizabeth.

Constructivist Grounded Theory in Elite Interviews: Integration Challenges of a Single European Rail Area.
 Schara, Tomaz.

Contributions and Implications
 Campbell, Constance.

Correlative Value of Emotional Intelligence within Strategic Communication
 Jones, Shalando.

Courage, Contrarian Thinking, Conviction, and Care: Women Business Executives’ Constructions of Leadership
 Reynolds, Kae.

Creating Hope, Dignity, and Improved Services
 Phillips, Sharon., Pickens, Sue. and Boumbulian, Paul.

Creating Invitational Spaces for Contract Faculty in a Changing Environment
 Crawford, Blenda.

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Dancing Into the Centers of the Spiral Labyrinth: Women Leaders in Global Theological Education
 Liu Wong, Maria.

Danica Purg: The Leadership Development Journey of One of Slovenia’s Most Influential Women
 Madsen, Susan. and Taylor, Michelle.

Democracy and the Emerging Primacy of Women Leaders
 Provizer, Norman.

Design for a Common Vision in Community Development
 Bruck, Jules. and Solano, Lorelly.

Destructive Leadership and the Millennial Workforce
 Martin, Rhonda. and Antelo, Absael.

Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders: Creative Problem-Solving in a Curricular and Co-Curricular Context
 Forbes, Amy., Pliner, Susan., O\'Brien, Kaylyn. and Rose, Solomé.

Developing Leader Intent Through A Leadership Philosophy
 Read, J. Basil.

Developing Leaders to Transform Healthcare: Frontline Leader Development in an Academic Medical Center
 Nash, Mary., Olson, Kurt., Read, April., Himstedt, Travis. and Tucker, Alita.

Developing Political Skill and Leadership: A Longitudinal Study
 Wefald, Andrew. and van Ittersum, Kyle.

Developing Reciprocal Leadership Through Faculty-Led Study Abroad Experiences
 Lemons, Laura. and Strong, Robert.

Diaspora Leadership: Filipinas Rising
 Beebe, Maria.

Differences in American and Chinese Decision Making on Strategic Management Teams
 Hares, Susan.

Digital Reflections to Promote Leadership Development
 Ramirez, Minita. and Trevino, Miguel.

Dimensions of Professional Success: Experiences of Expatriate Women Working Across Cultures
 France, Tami.

Distributed Leadership and Management by Missions: A Comprehensive Approach to Leadership Practice
 Vega, Roberto. and Rey, Carlos.

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Eating, Sleeping, and Drinking Leadership: Creating a Leadership Ecosystem at the University Level
 Mothibatsela, Lebogang. and Findley, Ryan.

Educating Global Citizen Leaders: Moving Between Borders in a Postcolonial World
 Wyscaver, Sarah.

Educating Leaders to Confront Wicked Environmental Problems
 Gallagher, Deborah. and Nevius, Sherri.

Effective Toxic Leadership vs Pleiotropic Leadership
 Martin, Cecelia.

Efficiency with Humanity: The Authentic Paternalistic Leadership Model Based on the Teachings of Dizi Gui
 Luan, Zhi.

Electronic Portfolios as Capstone Experiences in Leadership Education
 Goertzen, Brent.

Embracing Complexity: Using Constructive Developmental Theory to Explore the Experiences of Leaders in Nature
 Williams, Kent.

Emerging Social Technologies Connecting Generations, Cultures, and Worldviews
 Aldridge Jr., John.

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership & School Counselors in Training
 Brenner, Patricia.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Theoretical Foundations and Overview
 Levy Shankman, Marcy.

Empowering Shared Leadership and Conversation with the Obreau Tripod
 Kaufman, Eric. and Dunoon, Don.

Enemy Rhetoric as an Instrument of Democratic Leadership in US Presidential Inaugurals
 Ellis, Kathleen.

Energy to Lead
 Simon, Andrew. and Boswell, Natalie.

Ephemeral Leadership: Building Capacity to Address Global Challenges in 21st Century Libraries
 Sobczak, Patricia.

Equipping Leaders for Successful Inter-Organizational Collaboration Target: PovertySpokane
 Isaacson, Nancy. and Fein, Albert.

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Facilitating Leadership Education in Open Spaces
 Guthrie, Kathy.

Female Leadership and Implications for a Global Culture of Peace
 Lackovich-Van Gorp, Ashley. and Berkley, Lisa.

Female Leadership for Peace and Human Security: Case Study of Israel/Palestine
 Lackovich-Van Gorp, Ashley. and Berkley, Lisa.

Film Depictions of Mentoring: Understanding Tensions in Intergenerational Learning
 Kosempel, Paul.

Finding Their Ways: Leadership Education Among Students of Diverse Backgrounds
 Chunoo, Vivechkanand.

Fire on Ice: How Emotion Juxtaposition Generates Leadership Effectiveness
 Silard, Tony.

First Attempts at Proposing Solutions for Impoverished Women
 Alsqoor, Magied.

Followership and the Paradox of Promotion
 Koonce, Kimberley. and Koonce, Rob.

Forgiveness as an Organizational Leadership Trait within Transitional Justice Measures
 Campbell, Andrew.

Four Orientations of Leadership Learning to Provide a More Integrated Learning Experience
 Allen, Scott. and Jenkins, Daniel.

From Command and Control to Trust and Respect: Lessons Across Generations
 Amato, Anna.

From Old World Leaders to Global World Leadership: Leadership, Management, and Governance Across Boundaries
 Brookes, Stephen. and Liddle, Joyce.

From Rome to Tyre to London: Shakespeare’s Pericles & the Classical Defense of English Proto-Democracy
 Bezio, Kristin.


Gen Z and the Post-Generational Reality for Leadership
 Henck, Andrew. and Henck, Anita.

Gender Differences in Decision-Making: Examining the Role of Stereotype Threat
 Nichols, Austin.

Gender and Cultural Effects on Follower Attributes in The Colombian Corporate Sector
 Prilipko, Eve., Zarate, Rodrigo., Sheridan-Pereira, Maragaret. and Antelo, Absael.

Generation to Generation: A Thousand Year Leadership Agenda
 Camarota, Anton.

Ghanaian Institute for the Future of Teaching & Education -GIFTED: Transformational Women’s Leadership Program
 Patten Koenig, Kristie., Sage, Cornelia., Vukovic, Rose., Acquah, Sakina., Adjei, Priscilla. and Monty, Martha.

Global Food Banking: Creating the Next Generation of Transformational Leaders
 Schockman, H..

Global Leadership Development that Defies Boundaries
 Carmazzi, Thomas.

Global Mindset, Global Results
 Huesing, Tina.

Global Social Justice in Education: What Factors Influence Superintendents to Challenge the Status Quo?
 Stacks, Jamie.

Globalized Development Projects in Conflict with Local Considerations: The Importance of Territorial Leadership
 Bozzo, Thomas. and Liddle, Joyce.

Got ethics: Why ethical employees are important and how organizations can foster them.
 Archibald, Joleen.

Governance Practices, HR Managers’ Leadership, and Cross-Border Acquisitions in Emerging Markets
 Corbin, Akhentoolove. and Ellis, Kimberly.

Greensboro Counter Stories Project
 Hooker, David Anderson.


High Engagement, High Results: Creating a Culture Optimized for Growth
 Clark Cole, Karen.

Historiometric Methodology to Analyze First Century Greek Texts on Church Leadership
 Hares, Susan.

Historiometric Study of Early Christian Church Leaders’ Inter-Church Conflict Resolution Process
 Hares, Susan.

How Do Global Leaders Make Smart, Ethical Decisions in a Wildly Uncertain World?
 Woodard, Jacquelyn.

How High School Impacts the Leadership Development of Adolescent Students in Three Countries
 Rubat du Merac, Emiliane., Mallia, Luca. and Alves Pinto, Conceição.

How Perceived Use of Leader Power Influences Followers’ Motivational Outlooks
 Roberts, Taylor. and Zigarmi, Drea.

How to Build a Shared Culture in a Globally Diverse Loosely-Coupled Company
 Vespa, Remi.

How to Create Successful Mission Driven Organizations
 Mas-Machuca, Marta. and Rey, Carlos.

How to Foster ‘Developmental’ Leadership Development with a Leadership Circle Profile.
 Willms, Johannes.

Hungry for Change: The Hunger Games' Illustrations of Inequality and Potential Empowerment
 Egan, Chrys.


I. Generational Differences in Leadership Style: The Movement toward a Connective Era
 Lipman-Blumen, Jean. and Robinson, Jill.

IMPACT3: A Model Executive Leadership Development Program for Higher Education Leaders
 Warner, Mark.

Illumined Leadership Spirit: Connecting Stressful Life Events and Spiritual Identity to Develop Women Leaders
 Brunson, Margaret.

Implementing a Successful Experiential Capstone for an Interdisciplinary Leadership Program - Lessons Learned
 Denison, Barbara.

Improving School Leadership Through Communication
 Tintore, Mireia. and Aris, Nuria.

In Extremis Leadership: Military, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Personnel
 Dixon, Deirdre., Boland, Richard., Gaskin, James. and Weeks, Michael.

Inclusive Leadership: A Critical Driver of Employee Engagement in a Diverse National and Global Environment
 Jones, Steven.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Self-Determination: Indigenous Women Leaders Moving Ahead Together
 Christman, Dana.

Influences and Dynamics
 Shollen, S. Lynn.

Influencing a Culture of Engagement in the Workplace: Relationally Focused Early Dispute Resolution
 Gick, Lisa.

Innovation as a Mindset and a Competitive Advantage
 Ruiz, Lisa.

Inside the Minds of Chinese Immigrant Professionals: Implications for Leaders in a Multicultural Society
 Sendjaya, Sen. and Liang, Xiaoyan.

Integral Leadership: Boundaries, Theories, Practices and Intersections
 McCaslin, Mark.

Integrating Personal and Social Identity Development Throughout Leadership Education
 Grabsch, Dustin., Moore, Lori., Bruce, Jacklyn. and Stephens, Carrie.

Integrating Two Leadership Models: The Value of Initiating Structure
 Hoogeboom, Marcella. and Wilderom, Celeste.

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Kirk Vs. Spock: Into the Decision
 Hurwitz, Marc.


Launching the Next Generation of School Leaders: Coaching Transformational Leadership Skills
 White, Patricia. and Wells, Karla.

Leader Authenticity: A Renewed Call for Research Across Borders and Generations
 Henderson, James.

Leader to Elder: Coming to terms with the “A” Word (a.k.a., aging)
 Rechtman, Janet.

Leaders Across Borders: A Comparative Exploration of Middle Leadership in Malta
 Bufalino, Giambattista.

Leadership Across Academic-Community Divides
 Kaufman, Ariel., Crosby, Barbara., Allen, Will. and Ventura, Steve.

Leadership Across Borders and Generations: Transformative Field Work in India, China, and the United States
 Lau-Kwong, Kenzie. and Willis, David.

Leadership Across Borders, Generations, and Classes: The Challenge of Climate Change
 Redekop, Benjamin. and Thomas, Morgan.

Leadership Communication: Perspectives From Emirati Women
 O\'Neill, Kate.

Leadership Competencies to Positively Transform the World
 Gustafson, Gus. and Dunya, Samuel.

Leadership Development and Identity Work: Psychological Distancing Through Models of Managerial Work
 Larsson, Magnus.

Leadership Development for Emerging Business Entrepreneurs in Low Cost Schools in Developing Nations
 Brion, Corinne. and Cordeiro, Paula.

Leadership Development in Place: Moving from Training to Practice
 Johnson, Julie.

Leadership Education for First-Year Students
 Beatty, Cameron.

Leadership Emerging From the Wreckage
 Dooley, Larry. and Dooley, Kim.

Leadership Program Evaluation in Higher Education: Exploring Career-Related Outcomes
 McDonald, Jordan. and Franklin, Janine.

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Macro, Meso, and Micro-Level Barriers to Women’s Leadership
 Diehl, Amy.

Male Support in Women's Leadership Development: Discursive Differences and Practical Implications
 Tangenberg, Kathleen.

Measuring the Effects of Leadership Development on Students’ Thriving
 Stephens, Clinton.

Measuring the Impact of Service-Learning: Exploring Psycap and Core Self-Evaluations
 McElravy, L.J.., Matkin, Gina. and Hastings, Lindsay.

Millennials in Leadership: Are they Lazy, Entitled, and Narcissistic or Simply Have a New Set of Priorities?
 Sabbagh, Khouloud.

Mission-Based Leadership in Higher Education Institutions
 Bermejo, Lorenzo. and Bastons, Miquel.

Moses Maimonides, a Distant Leader
 Stork, Elizabeth.

Multi-Agency Collaboration: Leading Across Borders
 Haught, Lunell.


NGO Partnerships and Boundary Spanning in the Dominican Republic: Leadership Strategies and Competencies
 Rivas, Eduardo., Rowe, Wendy. and Mendez, Angela.

Narratives of Critical Leadership: Expanding the Borders of Leadership Literature
 Dugan, John., Torrez, Mark. and Turman, Natasha.

New Zealand Women in Leadership: Opportunities and Challenges
 Leberman, Sarah.

No More Stereotypes: Leadership Today in the Arabian Gulf
 O\'Neill, Kate.

Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs): Pathway for Generational Grooming of Transformational Leaders
 Schockman, H..


On Becoming a Female Sport Leader: Insights and Experiences of Female Graduate Students
 Hanold, Maylon.

On Plato’s Polyphonic Understanding of Leadership: The Lawgiver
 Cusher, Brent.

On a Way to a New Era Leadership: Kazakhstani Reality
 Altaliyeva, Akmaral.

On an Elusive Path: The Professional Development Experiences of U.S. Collegiate Women’s Rowing Coaches
 Lopez, Sara.

Organizational Influences Upon Following: Capturing the Context Through the Use of Visual Research Diaries
 Morris, Rachael.

Organizational Intelligence: Understanding Organizational Culture in Times of Transition
 Sayer, Nancy.


Paths to Belonging: The Role of Community Attachment in Retaining Diverse Employees
 Messer, Carla.

Pathways to Presidency: Unclogging the Pipeline For the Next Generation
 Oikelome, Gloria. and Rivera, Maria.

Performance and Transparency of Reporting of Gender Diversity in Corporate Boards: A Cross-Country Comparison
 Jonge, Alice., Henderikse, Wilma., Idrovo Carlier, Sandra. and Pouwels, Babette.

Personal Resources and Psychological Hardiness Within Public Women Leaders
 McClellan, Rhonda. and Argue, Sarah.

Phenomenological Meaning and Essence of Organizational Deviant Leadership for Followers and Followership
 Crutchfield, Gary.

Phenomenology Today: Useful Leadership Methodology or Relic of a Bygone Era?
 Horton, Russell.

Philanthropy and the Giving Experience in a Faith-Based Nonprofit Human Service Organization: A Case Study
 Frumer, Jenni.

Plastic Women and Cardboard Men: Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards
 Klenke, Karin.

Political Skills and Emergent Leadership within Fraternities and Sororities
 Riggle, Hannah. and McElravy, L.J..

Polyanna and Troubling Boundaries: Psychological Hardiness and Resilience among Men and Women Entrepreneurs
 Atkinson, Tim. and McClellan, Rhonda.

Porous Borders: A Living Learning Laboratory Leadership Partnership
 Jones, Sandra.

Portraits of Indigenous Malawian Women's Leadership for the Common Good
 Nanton, Carmela.

Positive Deviance for Youth Leadership Against Child Marriage
 Lackovich-Van Gorp, Ashley.

Powerful Cross-Cultural Leadership Development: ANYTOWN and ANYTOWN ANYTIME as Best Practices
 Callahan, Kathleen.

Practicing Leadership Across Borders: Creating a Competitive Context for Students to Practice Leadership
 Schwartz, Arthur. and Allen, Scott.

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Reconceptualising Relational Leadership From a Māori Cultural Perspective
 Wolfgramm, Rachel. and Henry, Ella.

Relational Leadership Practices and Positive Workplace Climates
 Holmes, Maja., Jackson, Kasi., Latimer, Melissa. and Dilks, Lisa.

Relational Synergy: A Course on Understanding the Dynamics of the Leader-Follower Relationship
 Poff, Daniel.

Relationship of Emotional Intelligence and Project Outcomes in Technology
 Trejo, Art.

Relevant and Responsive Urban Leadership Development: A Case Study of the Ministry Fellows Program
 Liu Wong, Maria. and George, Geomon.

Representations of Women’s Leadership in the UK Business Press 2008-2012
 Elliott, Carole. and Stead, Valerie.

Responding to Leadership Challenges Across Four Dimensions of Time
 McIntyre Miller, Whitney. and Satterwhite, Rian.


Scholarly Integrity in Doctoral Education: Call for Higher Education Leaders to Fight Predatory Publishing
 Tolstikov-Mast, Yulia.

Scholarly Leadership as a Function of Doctoral Mentoring
 Flora, Jason.

Searching for Public Leadership in Public Diplomacy Through Public-Private-Partnership Lenses
 Kim, Hwa Jung. and Cho, Kisuk.

Searching for Sustainability Leadership
 Bendell, Jem.

Serving the Evolution of Leadership Culture and Practice in Spain: How The Leadership Circle is doing its part
 Pereda, Liberto.

Shared Leadership and Social Movement Theory – New Lenses to Investigate Responsible Leadership Development
 Blakeley, Karen. and Stewart, Jean-Anne.

Shared Values: How Connecting Across Borders Builds Trust and Performance in the Financial Industry
 Baehrend Jr., Walter.

Spanning Borders: A Social Justice Model of Leadership and Professional Development
 Foley, Todd., Selzer, Robin. and Geiger, Kevin.

Strategic Mindset, Strategic Leadership
 Sabandal, Clarke.

Strategic Social Capital: A Framework to Develop Organizational Resilience in Times of Disruptions
 Duman, Lloyd. and Perez, Eddie.

Strategy’s Contribution to the Leadership/Strategy (L/S) Conceptual Framework: Focus, Context, and Criteria
 Berger, Travis. and Anderson, John.

Strengths-Based Leadership Mentoring: A Tool for Developing Socially Responsible Leaders
 Hastings, Lindsay.

Student Enterprise Simulation: An Innovative Platform for Entrepreneurial Leadership Practice
 Mothibatsela, Lebogang.

Sustainable Mindset, Sustainable Goal Setting
 Zucco, Albert.


Teaching Global Leadership: Acknowledging Instructor Personal Identities
 GuramatunhuCooper, Nyasha., Lyons, Linda. and Allman, Sam.

Ten Lessons Learned: A Reflection of 23 Years Directing Doctoral Programs
 Henderson, James.

Teresa of Avila’s Three Rs of Leadership: Reflection, Revolution, and Reform
 Denison, Barbara.

The Application of Social Network Analysis Tools for Understanding Shared Leadership in Practice
 Youngs, Howard.

The Art of Storytelling in Communicating Authentic Leadership Across Cultures
 Aponte-Moreno, Marco.

The Body as a Selection Criterion for Headhunters: The Embodiments of the "Ideal Executive"
 Medina-Vicent, Maria.

The Destructive Leader’s Impact on Organizational Culture
 Ligon, Kateryna.

The Development and Design of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Inventory
 Allen, Scott.

The Dialogue on Race: Exploring the Implication of Frame Alignment
 Hanks, Sarah. and Morikawa, Andrew.

The Diffusion of Power and the Theory of Leveraged Leadership
 Genovese, Michael.

The Elders, Earth's Transcendent Leadership Circle: Organizational Implications for Global Sustainability
 Gardiner, John Jacob Zucker.

The Fire that Warms but Doesn’t Burn: Leader Equilibrial Competence as a Means of Emotion Management
 Silard, Tony. and Lee, Yih-teen.

The Five Interconnected Systems
 Egan, Chrys. and Neilson, Brionne.

The Future of the Global Leadership Industry
 Guthey, Eric., Sweet, Patrick. and Fjalland, Klaus.

The Genius of Leadership and the Leadership of Genius
 Sohmen, Victor.

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Unethical 20th Century Business Leaders as Corporate Psychopaths
 Boddy, Clive.

Using Assessment to Measure Learning Objectives in a Multicultural Leadership Course
 Fine, Leigh. and Lee, Chance.

Using Environmental Effect Theory to Train Women Leaders in Higher Education
 Taylor, Michelle.

Using Followership, Systems Theory, and Cultural Dimensions to Develop Effective Intercultural Leadership
 Schuder, Karen.

Using Lessons From the Battle of Gettysburg to Empower Underprivileged Youth
 Hughes, Andrew. and Tebbetts, Elise.

Using Open Space Technology to Promote Collective Leadership in Organizations
 Salicru, Sebastian.

Using The Leadership Circle 360 in the Classroom
 Reams, Jonathan. and Fikse, Camilla.

Using Wisdom to Build Leadership
 Liggett, Robert.

Using a Common Data Leadership Model for Leading Across Borders for Public & Population Health
 Dzomba, Bari.

Utilizing Gamification to Develop Employer Desired Soft Skills & Leadership Competencies
 Morrin, Matthew.


Virtual Human Resource Development in Practice
 Patton, Cheryl.


WE-Lead Model: Promoting Organizational and Community Change Through Collaboratively Engaging all Leaders
 Majee, Wilson., Goodman, Laurel., Reed Adams, Johanna. and Keller, Kimberly.

What Do Global Leaders Really Do?
 Huesing, Tina.

What Sticks? What Matters?
 Haught, Lunell.

When in Spain – The Context and Adventures of Don Quixote: Implications for Leaders and Followers
 Shoup, John. and Hinrichs, Troy.

Who Leads the Entrepreneurs: The Importance of Support/Mentoring in Small Business Development
 Shepard, Jeffrey.

Why Type B Companies Will Lead the Way Forward
 Haskell, Christine.

Why and When Leadership Training Predicts Effectiveness: The Role of Leader Identity and Leadership Experience
 Miscenko, Darja. and Guenter, Hannes.

Why the “Zing” in Zingerman’s?
 Balda, Janis.

Widening the Lens of Leadership: Toward Enhancing Leadership Literacy in Coaches
 Otter, Ken.

Winds of Change: Leadership Education Challenges and Potential
 Snyder, Arthur.

Women Leaders: Theorizing Women’s Negative Intra-Gender Relations
 Mavin, Sharon., Grandy, Gina. and Williams, Jannine.

Women and Leadership: Understanding and Navigating the Business Labyrinth
 Archibald, Joleen.

Women in Spanish Business: What is More Important for Leadership; Sex, Age, or Company Culture?
 Rivera-Mata, Juan.

Women's Political Representation in the Media: A Tale of Two Canadian Leaders
 Gardiner, Rita.


Youth Leadership in Political and Public Arena in Sub-Saharan
 Chijere, Zamumtima.
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