19th Annual ILA Global Conference 2017-Oct-11 to 2017-Oct-16

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2D Leadership Model of Human Capital Development
 Fomban, Nuvala.

WITHDRAWN Overcoming Turbulent Times Through Ethical Leadership: A Global Perspective
 Nunn, Sandy., Duthely, Lunthita. and Avella, John.

WITHDRAWN Girls’ and Young Women’s Empowerment
 Aslanyan, Svetlana.

WITHDRAWN How Humility Emerges as a Power-Exchange Force During an Intentional Change Effort Spurred by Turbulent Times
 Amato, Anna.

WITHDRAWN The Anti-Globalization Movement: How Outsourcing Has Become a Punishable Business Practice
 Naranjo, Alexis.

WITHDRAWN The Intersection of Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Creativity Using Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA)
 Olalere, Anthony.

WITHDRAWN As Turbulent Times Fester, Understanding Immigrant Family Trust in Educational Institutions Is Paramount
 Duthely, Lunthita. and Ozcan, Arfe.

WITHDRAWN Changing the Change Model: How Do We Listen to Other Voices?
 Matson, Laura.

WITHDRAWN Coaching as a Key Element of Collective Leadership Development for Women: A Case From Ghana’s Social Sector
 Hofmann-Pinilla, Amparo. and Loeffler, Gundula.

WITHDRAWN Creating Leadership in Self-Managing Teams. Easier Said Than Done
 Tengz, Alper.

WITHDRAWN Leadership and Economics
 Schara, Tomaz.

WITHDRAWN New Leadership DNA, Quantum Learning, and Quaternary Education. Leading a World in Turmoil
 Hattingh, Brenda.

WITHDRAWN The Leaders We Have, the Leaders We Need. How to Educate for Collective Leadership
 Tengz, Alper.

¡Pa'lante Siempre Pa'lante!: Latina Leader Identity Development
 Torres, Maritza.

“Management by Wandering Around” as Leadership Tool in Schools
 Sohawon, Mahboob.


A Complex Adaptive Process for Developing Women Leaders in International Environments
 Caspari, Anne.

A Conceptual Model of Global Followership
 Tolstikov-Mast, Yulia.

A Conceptual, Strategic, and Operational Approach to Leadership Education in Higher Education
 Gigliotti, Ralph.

A Cry for Help: Leadership Issues in STEM Education
 Freemyer, Jim.

A Global Perspective on Environmental Leadership
 McManus, Robert.

A Historical Overview of Gender and Leadership in Mongolia: Centuries of Persistence
 Diaz, Holly.

A Leadership Educator’s Tool: Using the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Model for Critical Self-Reflection
 GuramatunhuCooper, Nyasha.

A Leader’s Guide to Social Media: A Framework for Ethical Digital Leader Identity
 Morris, Jr., Lonnie.

A Mentoring Approach: Girls Light Our Way (GLOW)
 Harris Jeffries, Dawn.

A Meta-Analysis of Military Intervention in Africa
 Thomas, Kimberly.

A Methodology for Developing Global Leadership Power
 Mungal, Kamla.

A Model of Global Leadership for Sustainability
 Fry, Louis. and Egel, Eleftheria.

A Monastic Model of Leadership for Turbulent Times
 Carey, Michael., Tran, Dung., Horsman, John. and Han, Belinda.

A Program-Wide Initiative for Global Leadership Development
 Bird, Allan.

A Reality Check: Leading in Times of Artificial Intelligence
 De Coutere, Bert.

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Balancing Security and Regulation With Appreciative Inquiry to Foster Radical Innovation and Meaningful Work
 Farran, Patrick.

Benevolent Leadership: A New Paradigm of Leading
 Sayer, Nancy.

Benevolent Leadership: Demonstrated Results in 350 Villages
 Gustafson, Gus.

Beyond Responsible Conduct of Research Training: Why Ethical Leadership Training Matters for PhD STEM Students
 Fridmanski, Ethan. and Lubker, John.

Building Leadership Competence: Exploring Leadership Skills in Program Curricula
 Petersen, Brian., Stober, Spencer. and Brenner, Patricia.

Building Trust and Compassion Using Loving Kindness and the Broaden and Build Theory in Turbulent Times
 Gallyot, Dilyss.

Building a Leadership Image: A Content Analysis of Presidential Candidates’ Online Social Interactive Media
 Duprey, Leann. and Petersen, Brian.

Building a Theory of Positive Youth Leadership Identity
 Hastings, Lindsay., Mcelravy, L.J.., Sunderman, Hannah. and Bartak, Jessica.


Can Leadership Really be Taught Online?
 Watkins, Daryl.

Capacious Model of Leadership Identities Construction: Applications for Women’s Peer Mentor Circles
 Egan, Chrys., Shollen, S. Lynn. and Campbell, Constance.

Capping It Off: Identifying What’s Been Missed
 Wefald, Andrew. and Lee, Chance.

Changes in Student Discourse After a Multicultural Leadership Course
 Fine, Leigh.

Changing Organizational Culture During a Global Crisis
 Read, J. Basil.

Changing Shapes and Constellations of Religious Leadership: Organizational Adaptation to New Realities
 Barentsen, Jack.

Citizens Leading With Hope and Impact
 Graeve, Cheryl.

Classical Leadership Style for Virtual Leadership Practice
 Morse, Christine.

Common Ground Strategies
 Fuzie, Christopher.

Complex Adaptive Leadership: A Unified Theory
 Walker, Steven., Earnhardt, Matthew. and Watkins, Daryl.

Complex Project Leadership: Challenges in Developing an Advanced Master’s Program
 Chiocchio, Francois. and Tywoniak, Stephane.

Complexity Leadership Within the Romance of Followership Theory
 Crutchfield, Gary.

Conceptualizing Forms and Elements of City Leadership: Agenda for Research and Practice
 Sancino, Alessandro.

Controversy With Civility: How Service-Learning Impacts Civic Attitudes in the First Year
 Manning-Ouellette, Amber.

Correlation Between Job Satisfaction and the Supervisor’s Leadership Style Within a Police Department
 Kudek, Donald.

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Defining Leadership for Turbulent Times: Leveraging the Global-Local Tension
 Cunningham, Peter., Sweet, Patrick. and McCauley, Cynthia.

Defining Leadership in Transitioning Countries: A Case Study of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova
 Buko, Svitlana., Mirza Grisco, Diana. and Johnson, Boyd.

Designing for Engagement: Putting the Customer First in the Process of Design Thinking
 Ruiz, Lisa. and Ludema, Jim.

Developing Female Leaders: A Case Study of a STEM Leadership Program
 Parrish, Dominique.

Developing Global Leadership in a Globalized and Broken World
 Bongila, Jean-Pierre.

Developing Holistic Leaders in the Toxic Context Using the Servant Leadership Approach
 Sendjaya, Sen., Robin, Mulyadi. and Eva, Nathan.

Developing Inclusive Leadership Practices for Residence Hall Students to Promote Resilient Communities
 Diaz, Holly.

Developing Leaders: An Instructional Practice Designed to Identify and Achieve Meaningful Learning Outcomes
 Fierke, Kerry.

Developing Leadership Capacity Through Virtual Reality: Extending the Immersive Experience
 Andenoro, Anthony., Sowcik, Matthew. and Widmer, Jocelyn.

Developing Students’ Global Understanding Through a Global Leadership Course Focusing on Social Justice Issues
 Yamanaka, Aoi.

Developing Voice, Moving to Action: Applying a Feminist Lens to Collegiate Leadership Education
 Iverson, Susan. and McKenzie, Brenda.

Developing a Gender-Equitable Leadership Framework
 Thompson, Marilyn. and Parry, Diana.

Developing the Diversity Conscious Leader
 Weeks, William. and Pennington Weeks, Penny.

Development of Commitment in Turbulent Times in a Norwegian University College
 Ulvestad, Jorun., Drake, Irmelin., Ballangrud, Brit Bolken. and Svenkerud, Sigrun Wessel.

Diffusion of Followership
 Kudek, Donald.

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EMPOWER: Enhanced Mentoring Program with Opportunities for Ways to Excel in Research
 Grove, Kathleen., Ward, Etta. and Scribner, Samantha M..

ESRC - Controversy with Civility: How Service-learning Impacts Civic Attitudes in The First Year
 Manning-Ouellette, Amber.

ESRC - Leadership as Orchestrating Conflict
 Bang, April.

ESRC - “Cultivating Adolescent Leadership Development” in the Arkansas Delta to Combat Health Disparity
 Harris, Emily.

ESRC - 2D Leadership Model of Human Capital Development
 Fomban, Nuvala.

ESRC - African American Women College Presidents and Rhetorical Leadership
 Lawrence-Hughes, Dorine.

ESRC - CEO leadership behavior, Corporate Social Responsibility and Post-Integration Success of U.S. M&As
 Rouine, Ibtissem.

ESRC - Developing Students’ Global Understanding Through a Global Leadership Course Focusing on Social Justice Issues
 Yamanaka, Aoi.

ESRC - Enhancing Leadership in the Ecuadorian Military: Conversations on Leadership with Forces Personnel
 Dennis, Sandra.

ESRC - Moving Beyond the Rhetoric: A critical assessment of leadership in the Australian public sector
 Hamer, Benjamin.

ESRC - Navigating Today’s Turbulence: Inclusive Leadership in Practice in a K-12 School District
 Dezenberg, Maria.

ESRC - New Frontiers in Global Leadership Development
 Quirk, Stephanie.

ESRC - Resilient, Contributing Youth in Turbulent Times: Exploring the Role of Adults in Positive Youth Development
 Homan, Dustin.

ESRC - Tactical Denialism: How “Story” Emerges in Trumpian Negation and Deflection
 Adams, Laural.

ESRC - The Impact of Networks on Small Business Growth and Leadership Development for Female Entrepreneurs
 Andrews, Pamela.

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Faculty Development and the Teaching of Sustainable Leadership: Complexities, Challenges, and Opportunities
 Smith, Deborah.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Leadership Educators and the Imposter Syndrome
 Seemiller, Corey.

Finding Career Satisfaction Amid Adversity
 Hubbard, Christopher.

Finding Peace Between Leaders and Followers: Lessons That Have Stood the Test of Time
 Tatone, Gia. and Huizing, Russell.

First Cracks: Reflections of a Pioneer
 Devnew, Lynne.

Flourishing in Schools: Examining School Leadership From a Positive Organizational Perspective
 Cherkowski, Sabre., Kutsyuruba, Benjamin. and Walker, Keith.

Flourishing in Turbulence: The Influence of Psychological Capital on Leader Derailment
 Clerkin, Cathleen. and Ruderman, Marian.

Followership Across Cultures: A Five Nation Study
 Blair, Ariel.

Followership Values and Traits of Senior Enlisted Advisors Within the United States Special Operations Forces
 Williams, Daniel., Flynn, Bri. and Callahan, Kathleen.

Followers’ Implicit Theories of Ethical Leadership
 Kodydek, Georg. and Schyns, Birgit.

Following Authentically: Tarnishing Idealized Models and Moving Beyond Assumptions
 Thompson, Rachael.

From Crisis to the New Normal: Leadership Learning in an Era of Permanent Whitewater
 Armiger, Susan., Otter, Ken. and Paxton, Doug.

From Grr to Aha: Potential Leadership Behaviors to Turn Disturbances at Work Into Transformative Learning
 Willocks, Katie., Little, Richard. and Bendell, Jem.

From Outside the Laboratory: An Alternative History of Leadership Studies
 Wilson, Suze.


Gender Equality: Correlations Impacting the Diminution of Violent Extremism and Conflict
 David, Ariane.

Gender-Based Leadership Barriers Experienced by Kazakhstani Female Executives
 Lewis, Jenifer., McEvoy, Gwen. and CohenMiller, Anna.

Giving Back: Student Development Through a Campus-Based Leadership Scholarship Program
 Luzynski, Cheyenne., Bishop, Brent. and DeFrank-Cole, Lisa.

Global Followers’ Roles and Identities Within the Context of the Women’s March
 Zimber, Tobey.

Global Leadership Development in an Intensive Executive MBA Program
 Liu, Leigh Anne. and Gandhi, Ila.

Global Millennials: Similarities and Differences of a Generation Across Cultures and Countries
 Van Dellen, Stephanie.

Global Resonance for Global Leaders: A Transformative Being-Knowing-Doing Cycle
 Curran, Kathleen.

Grassroots Leadership & The Arts for Social Change
 Wergin, Jon.


Heroes No More: Global Business Practice of Collaborative Leadership to Confront Climate Change
 Gallagher, Deborah.

How Do You Know? Testing Assumptions About Leadership Development
 Willms, Johannes.

How Smart Leaders Use Big Data to Understand Customers and Drive Innovation in the Global Auto Industry
 Hinds, Brett.

Human Dignity, Higher-Order Needs, and Spiritual Leadership Theory
 Kyle, John., Wond, Tracey. and Carlier, Joanne.

Humble Leaders in Turbulent Times
 Norcross, Melissa.


Imagining New Possibilities for Developing Leaders
 Priest, Kerry. and Fabris McBride, Julia.

Improving Technology Project Outcomes With Emotional Intelligence
 Trejo, Art.

Improvisational Element of Executive Judgment in the Exponential World of Analytics and Intelligent Machines
 Pilon-Bignell, Eric.

In Pursuit of Liberation: Developing Critical Learners
 Hall, Sadhana.

Inclusive Leadership in Higher Education: A Paradigm for Tough Times
 Stefani, Lorraine.

Innovative Leadership in an Age of Hyper-Change
 Genovese, Michael.

Integrating Psychological and Learning Lenses to Facilitate Leadership Development
 Reams, Jonathan.

International Courts: How Can They Best Support Peace?
 Campbell, Andrew.

International Graduate Students’ Perception of Their Undergraduate Experience
 Georges, Sky.

International Student Involvement: Leading Away From Home
 Georges, Sky.

International Students and Faculty in Complex Classroom Environments: Exploring the Need for Global Leadership
 Wireman, Alicia.

Interrogating Whiteness in the Profession: Implications for Leadership Educators
 Chapman, Natasha.

Intersectional Leadership Praxis for Women
 Ngunjiri, Faith.

Is There a Future for Leadership? Yes, If…
 Veldsman, Theo. and Johnson, Andrew.

Islamophilia: Challenging Prejudice and Promoting Mutual Understanding
 Lallia, Allali.

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Just Because You Think Something Is Impossible, Doesn't Mean You Don't Have to Work on It!
 Jack, Joanna. and Stritch, Sabina.


Keys to Developing Leaders for the 21st Century
 Iordanoglou, Dimitra.


Latina Community College Leadership
 Elenes, Briseida. and Padilla, Cristina.

Latina Leadership in the United States — A Crisis of Representation
 Padilla, Cristina. and Elenes, Briseida.

Latina Leadership: Intersectionality, Spirituality, and Connectedness
 Darbisi, Carolina.

Leader Character: Does Gender or Context Matter?
 Le Ber, Marlene. and Monzani, Lucas.

Leader Thriving in Organizational Disturbance
 Rowe, Wendy., Anderson, Maria. and Walinga, Jennifer.

Leadership Education and Experience at the United States Air Force Academy
 Dobbs, James.

Leadership Educator Professional Identity: The Influence and Impact of Competing Discourses
 Priest, Kerry.

Leadership From and for the Future – An Emerging Model of Post-Contemporary Leadership
 Mengel, Thomas.

Leadership Online in VUCA Times
 Brandenburg, Michael.

Leadership Paradoxes: An Exploratory Study in the Singapore Public Service
 Bolden, Richard. and Soon, Sueann.

Leadership Skills for Millennials: Challenging the Status Quo
 Bottomley, Kevin. and Burgess, Sylvia.

Leadership Styles and Cultural Intelligence in Eastern Europe
 Mirza Grisco, Diana., Buko, Svitlana. and Johnson, Boyd.

Leadership Styles of the Seven UN Secretaries-General: Communications, Rhetoric, and Policies
 Yoon, Bora. and Cho, Kisuk.

Leadership Through the Participant Lens: Using Photo-Voice in an International High-Impact Learning Experience
 Strong, Jennifer. and Dooley, Kim.

Leadership and Pop Culture…That’s a Class?
 Strong, Jennifer.

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Making Deliberate Practice a Reality: Year Three of the Collegiate Leadership Competition
 Allen, Scott., Jenkins, Daniel. and Krizanovic, Bela.

Making Your Complex Realities Work for You Rather Than Against You
 DePol, Leslie.

Making the Case: Exploring Theoretical Foundations
 Hancil, Tomas.

Meaningfully Embedding Core Values in Organizations: A Pragmatic Guide for Practitioners
 Berger, Travis. and Anderson, John.

Measuring Followership: An Empirical Investigation of the Kelley Followership Questionnaire-Revised
 Ligon, Kateryna.

Meet the Challenge: International Leadership Education Strategies
 Chen, Maria.

Meet the Future — A Youth Leadership Theory
 Mahmoudi, Anahita.

Micro-Cultures and Ethical Decision-Making During Organizational Crises
 Mumley, William.

Millennials and Followership — Building a Stronger Connection
 Green, Renee. and Bean, Erik.

Moving Beyond the Rhetoric: A Critical Assessment of Leadership in the Australian Public Sector
 Hamer, Benjamin.

Multi-Stage Process Research Examining a Public Leadership Development Program
 Fikse, Camilla. and Ness, Ottar.

Multiplying the Cracks at a New Zealand University
 Stefani, Lorraine., Moorcroft, Melanie. and Crick, Mary Ann.


NICOLESIA: Using Simulations to Develop Public Leadership Competencies
 Cheek, Randy.

Narrowing the Leadership Gap: Using Communication Strategies to Mitigate Microaggressions
 McKenzie, Kelly. and Halstead, Tammy.

Navigating Today’s Turbulence: Inclusive Leadership in Practice in a K-12 School District
 Dezenberg, Maria.

Navigating the Successful Use of Personas in Turbulent Times
 Bean, Erik. and Bean, Jeofrey.

Networking as a Leadership Strategy to Promote Innovation and Growth in Start-Ups
 Gay, Dawn.

New Frontiers in Global Leadership Development
 Quirk, Stephanie.

New Leadership Reflexes: The Key to Success in Complex Settings
 van Hoek, Maurice.

Non-Humanization of Black People Within the American Policing System
 Monts, Aaron.


Obstacles to Thriving as a Public Sector Leader
 Rowe, Wendy. and Anderson, Maria.

Outcomes of a Global Leadership Certificate Program in Japan
 Mizumatsu, Mina.


Pakistani Women: Adding Cracks to the Glass Ceiling
 Fahim, Urusa.

Pathways and Experiences of Becoming and Being a Leadership Educator
 Jenkins, Daniel.

Perceptions of Leadership Change in an Entrepreneurial Organization
 Van Dellen, Stephanie.

Philosophy, Religion, and Worldviews Learning Community
 Shoup, John. and Crumpton, Alicia.

Polarity Wisdom for Leadership Maturity
 Sharma, Beena.

Positive Employee Engagement Best Practices for Leaders
 Domeck, Craig. and Johnson, Arthur.

Positive Personality Traits and Self-Leadership: Assessing the Mediating Mechanism of Thriving at Work and Proactivity
 Farooqi, Saira., Arshad, Amara. and Abid, Ghulam.

Practicing Transcendental Leadership to Rise Above Crisis
 Lopez, Enrique.

Principled Policing and Community Trust
 Perez, Lorry.

Probable Causes of Murder in United States vs the World — Reactions and Plans of Public Officials to Improve
 Wood, Charlie.

Promoting Critical Perspectives Through Digital Storytelling
 Chapman, Natasha.

Proposing a Structure of a Multi-Level Campus-Based Model of Leadership Education
 Rosch, David., Spencer, Gayle. and Hoag, Beth.


Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action
 Klau, Max.

Rawls’s Theory of Justice and Fairness Applied to Followers With Mental Illness
 Perry, Alexandra.

Rebuilding a Leadership Infrastructure
 Diaz, Holly.

Receptivity to Feedback: How Do Leaders Respond to Developmental Assessments?
 Bongaardt, Rob. and Herdman-Barker, Elaine.

Recognizing Polarities in Immigration Issues
 Buchmann, Michael.

Reimagining the Values and Virtues of Leadership for Teaching in Changing Times
 Henck, Andrew.

Reinventing Public Leadership: How a Norwegian City Is Tackling Radical Change
 Mjoen, Kristian.

Religious Ideology, Toxic Leadership, and the Process of Deradicalization
 Martin, Cecelia.

Resilience and Adaptive Leadership for the New South Sudan
 Bennett, Marta.

Resilient, Contributing Youth in Turbulent Times: Exploring the Role of Adults in Positive Youth Development
 Homan, Dustin. and Birkenholz, Robert.

Responding With Humility in a Dog-Eat-Dog Culture
 Norcross, Melissa.

Restorative Justice
 Campbell, Andrew.

Restoring Trust in Governance: A Leadership Experiment
 Steffensmeier, Tim.

Rotary Leadership Withstanding the Test of Time
 Hammer, Ken. and Obour, Samuel.


Safe Space: Nurturing Holding Zones as a Critical Component of Adaptive Leadership
 Clarke, Gregory., Broward, Joshua. and Allison, Connie.

Scaling Leadership Development: Developing Internal Practitioner Capacity in a Multi-National
 Reams, Jonathan.

Servant Leadership, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment for Virtual Employees
 Berry, Tricia.

Servant Military Leadership Can Be Most Effective During Unstable Times
 Turner, James. and Bean, Erik.

Servant and Level 5 Leadership in Turbulent Times: Do They Actually Work?
 Reid, Wilbur.

Seven Deadly Narratives of Leadership: Exploring the Dark Side
 Walker, Keith. and Kutsyuruba, Benjamin.

Shared Leadership: What Can Be Learned From Fish and Ants
 Hurwitz, Marc. and Colbry, Stephanie.

She Just Doesn’t Seem Like a Leader: African American Women College Presidents and Rhetorical Leadership
 Lawrence-Hughes, Dorine.

Should Leaders Act (In)Consistently?
 Nichols, Austin.

Small Business Leadership: Demands and Opportunities in the Global Marketplace
 Andrews, Pamela. and Marshall, Kris.

Social Innovation: How to Engage Stakeholders When They Don’t See the Problem as a Problem
 Drake, Irmelin., Ulvestad, Jorun., Ballangrud, Brit Bolken. and Svenkerud, Sigrun Wessel.

Sorry, Not Sorry: Leadership and Conflict Resolution at Work
 Patterson, Tasha.

Southern Perspectives on Research Leadership: Towards an Evaluation Framework
 Fieldhouse, Emma.

Southern Perspectives on Research Leadership: Towards an Evaluation Framework
 Fieldhouse, Emma.

Starbucks Social Media and Business Leadership Renewal During Challenging Times
 Bean, Erik. and Bean, Jeofrey.

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Tactical Denialism: How Story Emerges in Trumpian Negation and Deflection
 Adams, Laural.

Tatawwar: Leadership Development for Non-Leaders
 Alkindi, Reem.

Teaching Global Leadership: Integrating Cultural Competency and Teaching Context
 Widner-Edberg, Tara.

The Aftermath of Trump: A Challenge for Education and Community Leaders and the Rise of Youth Activism
 Burleigh, Cheryl.

The Break Room: The Employee's Guide to Organizational Health
 Schramm, Gwyn.

The Call of Leadership: Creating a High School Leadership Academy
 Linenberger, Stephen. and Grabianowski, Julianna.

The Choice Is Yours! Discourses of Leadership in Neoliberal Times
 Ferry, Nicole.

The Common Good as Applied to Global Climate Change and the Paris Agreement
 McManus, Robert.

The Connection Between Virtual Leadership and Virtual Learning
 Morris, Jr., Lonnie.

The Current State of Youth Leadership Development Programs in Nebraska
 Mcelravy, L.J.., Brock, Katie. and Bartak, Jessica.

The Czech Military: Leadership Requirements for a Changing Mandate
 Mrozkova, Ivana. and Krizek, Tomas.

The Death of Civics Education in America
 Dane, Jennifer.

The Defining Moments of Leadership as Described by Men and Women?
 Whitney, Rich. and Gratz, Erin.

The Discursive Framing of Gendered Images of Leadership in The Chronicle of Higher Education
 Iverson, Susan.

The Divest Movement: Lessons Learned From a Leaderless Movement
 Allen, Emily. and Kosempel, Paul.

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Understanding Complex Leadership and Social Marketing in Nutritional Security
 Waldorff, Kayla.

Understanding the Organizational Embeddedness of Leadership and Its Link to Financial Performance
 Winnen, Lothar., Wilms, Rafael. and Lanwehr, Ralf.

Universal Followership in a Cross-Cultural Context
 Hurwitz, Marc.

Universal Human Rights: The Challenge of Common Ethics in a Pluralistic World
 Raible, Stephanie.

Unlearning and Leadership Development: Why It Matters and How to Facilitate It in Individuals and Groups
 Manning, Tracey. and Owen, Hilarie.

Untold Stories and Leadership Lessons: An Exclusive View of the Chaos Inside the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy
 Pittenger, Linda.

Unveiling the Curtain: A Social Identity Perspective on Leader Self-Disclosure
 Ito, Ai., Bligh, Michelle. and Harrison, Jennifer.

Up in the Air: From Team Building to Team Coaching
 Hellwig, Thomas. and Kuhlman, Alex.

Using Authentic Cases to Build Mindful Leadership: A Multi-Phase Classroom Approach
 Jones, Elizabeth.

Using Disruptive Innovation and Content Curation to Create Leadership Degree Programs
 Murnane, Jennifer.

Using Scenario Planning and Scenario-Based Training to Develop Leaders
 Dooley, Larry.

Utilizing the LBQ® & Self-Reflection in Leadership Development for Graduate Students
 Strong, Jennifer. and Dooley, Larry.


Values-Driven Leadership in a Global Firm: Three Practices for Building a Positive Culture
 Heiser, John.

Virtue Ethics as Applied to Professional Road Racing Cyclist Lance Armstrong
 Sowcik, Matthew. and Council, Austin.


Well-Being and Burnout Among Dutch Religious Leaders in Times of Transition
 Stoppels, Sake.

Well-Being and Leader Identity Development in Doctoral Students
 McClellan, Rhonda., Argue, Sarah. and Wilson, Josh.

What Are Doctoral Programs in Organizational Leadership Telling Us About What Is Important for Teaching About Leadership for Changing Times?
 Stork, Elizabeth. and Malakyan, Petros.

What Do Global Leaders Actually Do? The Nature of Global Leaders’ Work
 Huesing, Tina. and Ludema, Jim.

What Is Developed in Leadership Development? A Study of Participant Practices
 Larsson, Magnus.

What Makes a Leader? Implicit Leadership Theories
 Reichard, Becky., Ellis, Brendon., Priest, Kerry., Wang, Wenhao., Soto-Torres, Lisa. and Walker, Dayna.

What's Needed Now? Perspective From U.S. Civil Servants
 Rahaman, Andrew.

When Turbulent Times Call: Four African American Women Who Changed Their World
 Carver, Rita.

Where Are the Ethical Leaders?
 Warner, Mark.

Where Do the Alumni Go? A Case Study on Innovative Alumni Engagement
 Olson, Linda. and Bau, Mimi.

Where Fools Rush In
 Alessi, Joe.

Women Leading Social Movements: What Drives Them?
 Stork, Elizabeth.

Women and Leadership Theory Think Tank Report: Update and Next Steps
 Madsen, Susan. and Storberg-Walker, Julia.

Women in Leadership in Indonesia
 Riantoputra, Corina.

Women in Leadership in Japan
 Nakamura, Yoshie.

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Youth Disengagement in U.S. Politics
 Seemiller, Corey.

Youth Future Orientation and Leadership: Empirical Evidence From the U.S. and Japan
 Gracheva, Anastasia. and Gracheva, Aleksandra.

Youth Leadership in India: A Practical Approach to Developing Cross-Culturally Sensitive Programs
 Georges, Sky.
19th Annual ILA Global Conference 2017-Oct-11 to 2017-Oct-16
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