INSIGHTS: A focus on public health research 2011-Nov-16 to 2011-Nov-16

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A Continuation of the Assessment of Interactions between Herbal Medicines and Drugs: A Review
 Jasser, Simran., Girard, Lauren., Kutt, Anastasia., Necyk, Candace., Fillipelli, Amanda., Gardiner, Paula., Boon, Heather. and Vohra, Sunita.

A Psychosocial Approach to Understanding Causality Assessment in Early Phase Oncology Clinical Trials: A Phenomenological Study
 Torti, Jacqueline.

A community-base participatory approach to student wellness at the University of Alberta
 Visconti, Melissa., Murji, Jameela., Dopke, Chae-Lyn., Dearden, Madalena., Dillabough, Amanda., White, Laura. and Zuo, Kevin.

Adverse Events of Medicinal Herbs in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review
 Adams, Denise., Nasser, Hafsa., Vohra, Sunita. and Gardiner, Paula.

An International Consensus-based Process to Develop a Pediatric CAM Research Agenda
 Adams, Denise., Pintov, Shay., Vlieger, Arine., Kemper, Kathi. and Vohra, Sunita.

Analysis of major and minor Gleason scores based on differential gene expressions of biological pathways in prostate cancer
 Poudel, Surya Prasad., Pyne, Saumyadipta. and Dinu, Irina.

Archiving and promoting your research results using ERA: Education and Research Archive
 Storie, Dale. and Campbell, Sandy.

Awards presentation / reception
 Wild, Cam.


Challenges created by data restrictions when addressing community concerns: individual privacy versus public wellbeing
 Colquhoun, Amy., Aplin, Laura., Geary, Janis., Goodman, Karen. and Hatcher, Juanita.

Coalition Advocacy: Lessons from the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention
 Visconti, Melissa., Atkey, Kayla., Reed, Shandy., Raine, Kim. and Nykiforuk, Candace.

Community-driven research on Helicobacter pylori infection in Northern Canada
 Hastings, Emily., Aplin, Laura. and Goodman, Karen.

Comparative effectiveness of oral capecitabine versus 5-flourouracil for stage III colon cancer patients in Alberta
 El Shayeb, Mohamed., Yasui, Yutaka., Winget, Marcy. and Scarfe, Andrew.


Developing a Community Engagement Strategy with an Urban Primary Care Network
 Neary, Neil., Jackie, MacIntyre. and Fung, Terry.

Developing research agreements between communities and academic researchers: A case-study from northern Canada
 Geary, Janis., Colquhoun, Amy., Bubela, Tania. and Goodman, Karen.

Disaster Risk Reduction in Developing Countries
 McGetrick, Jennifer Ann.


Effectiveness of school-based health promotion in improving healthy eating and physical activity and preventing childhood obesity
 Fung, Christina., Kuhle, Stefan., Lu, Connie., Purcell, Megan., Storey, Kate., Schwartz, Marg. and Veugelers, Paul.

Effects of Toll-Like Receptor 4, CD14 and endotoxin exposure on lung function
 Gao, Zhiwei., Dosman, James., Rennie, Donna., Schwartz, David., Yang, Ivana., Beach, Jeremy. and Senthilselvan, Ambikaipakan.

Evaluation of chemotherapy in elderly patients with small cell lung cancer
 Gao, He., Al-Fayea, Turki., Butts, Charles. and Winget, Marcy.

Expert Consensus as a Means to Advance Healthy Public Policy Action
 Neary, Neil., Raine, Kim. and Reed, Shandy.


Factors Associated with Consistency in the Reporting of Childhood Traumatic Events
 Garad, Yasmin., Colman, Ian. and Zeng, Yiye (Grace).

From darkness to the limelight: Media representations of ocular gene therapy
 Benjaminy, Shelly., Bieber, Mark. and Bubela, Tania.


Health of Young Aboriginal Children Living Off Reserve
 Werk, Christine. and Cui, Xinjie.

Heparin in preventing post-ERCP pancreatitis; a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
 Dianati Maleki, Neda. and Ehteshami Afshar, Arash.


Image Analysis Methods for Automated MODS for Tuberculosis Detection
 Li, Qiaozhi., Chaiyasirinroje, Boonchai. and Yasui, Yutaka.

Impact of Using Guideline-Concordant Antibiotics in 3203 Patients Hospitalized with Pneumonia: Prospective Cohort Study
 Asadi, Leyla., Eurich, DT., Gamble, JM., Minhas-Sandhu, JK., Marrie, TJ. and Majumdar, Sumit.

Importance of parental beliefs and support for physical activity and body weights of children: A population-based approach
 Vander Ploeg, Kerry., Maximova, Katerina., Simen-Kapeu, Aline., Kuhle, Stefan. and Veugelers, Paul.

Indoor and Outdoor Levels and Predictors of Fine Particulate Matter and Benzene in Edmonton
 Bari, Md Aynul., Kindzierski, Warren., Fang, Yi. and Chui, Phyllis.

Insulin Use and Cancer Outcomes in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies
 Colmers, Isabelle., Bowker, Samantha., Tjosvold, Lisa. and Johnson, Jeffrey.

Involvement in home meal preparation is associated with food preference, self-efficacy, and diet quality
 Chu, Yen Li., Farmer, Anna., Fung, Christina., Kuhle, Stefan., Storey, Kate. and Veugelers, Paul.


Knowledge of TB/HIV co-infection in rural Uganda: gaps and misconceptions
 Wynne, Ashley., Alibhai, Arif., Jhangri, Gian., Richter, Solina., Rubaale, Tom., Rwakilembe, Peter. and Kipp, Walter.


Life, the universe and everything: The boundless opportunities of population health promotion and public health research
 Hancock, Trevor.


Male Breast Cancer Etiology: shared risk factors with a subset of female breast cancer?
 Kreiter, Erin., Richardson, Ann., Potter, John. and Yasui, Yutaka.

Measuring the Progress of Capacity Building in the Alberta Policy Coalition for Cancer Prevention
 Sosa, Cristabel., Raine, Kim., Nykiforuk, Candace., Montemurro, Genevieve. and MacLellan-Wright, Mary Frances.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing strains in an immigrant-receiving country: an emerging public health threat?
 Langlois-Klassen, Deanne., Kunimoto, Dennis., Saunders, Duncan., Chui, Linda., Boffa, Jody., Menzies, Dick. and Long, Richard.


Pain-Related Emotions in Early Stages of Recovery in Whiplash-Associated Disorders: Their Presence, Intensity, and Association With Pain Recovery
 Carroll, Linda., Liu, Ying., Holm, Lena., Cassidy, J. David. and Côté, Pierre.

Pediatric Outcomes: An Investigation of Compliance with Established Reporting Standards
 Hansraj, Namrata., Liu, Yali., Sivakumar, Leka., Adams, Denise., Surette, Soleil., Hartling, Lisa. and Vohra, Sunita.

Poverty, social exclusion and maternal deaths: what policymakers should know
 Mumtaz, Zubia., Bhatti, Afshan., Salway, Sarah., Laing, Lory. and Shanner, Laura.

Pre-school functional outcomes after neonatal cardiac surgery
 Taghaddos, Soreh., Dinu, Irina., Alton, Gwen. and Robertson, Charlene.

Prevalence and risk factors of asthma among First Nations children living on reserve in Canada
 Niruban, John., King, Malcolm., Rowe, Brian H.., Majaesic, Carina., Veugelers, Paul., Laing, Lory. and Senthilselvan, Ambikaipakan.

Prevalence and risk factors of asthma in young off-reserve Aboriginal children
 Ye, Ming., Mandhane, Piushkumar. and Senthilselvan, Ambikaipakan.

Promoting Action on Equity Issues: Collaborative Development of a Knowledge-to-action handbook
 Bowen, Sarah., Botting, Ingrid. and Roy, Jeannine.


School health knowledge exchange capacity in Alberta: A case study
 Storey, Kate., Bućan, Sanja., Schwartz, Marg., Purcell, Megan. and Veugelers, Paul.

Security of the person? Public policy and the health of the disadvantaged in Canada
 Raphael, Dennis.

Stress hyperglycemia and newly diagnosed diabetes in 2130 patients hospitalized with pneumonia: population-based cohort study
 MacIntyre, EJ., Majumdar, Sumit., Gamble, JM., Minhas-Sandhu, JK., Marrie, TJ. and Eurich, DT.


TB/HIV co-infection in rural western Uganda: assessing community stigma
 Wynne, Ashley., Alibhai, Arif., Jhangri, Gian., Rubaale, Tom., Rwakilembe, Peter. and Kipp, Walter.

Tailoring the intervention of a future trial in acute asthma by engaging patients and key knowledge users.
 Villa-Roel, Cristina., Taggart, Erin., Victor, Jennifer., Majumdar, Sumit., Bhutani, Mohit. and Rowe, Brian H.

Telemedicine for Diabetes Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
 Ehteshami Afshar, Arash., Dianati Maleki, Neda., Wiebe, Natasha. and Tonelli, Marcello.

The Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund: Supporting the development of healthy school communities
 Wilkins, Emma., Stolp, Sean., Coldbeck, Elizabeth. and Raine, Kim.

The Association between Multimorbidity and Health Related Quality of Life
 Agborsangaya, Calypse., Lau, Darren., Lahtinen, Markus., Cooke, Tim. and Johnson, Jeffrey.

The Prevalence and Predictors of Multimorbidity
 Agborsangaya, Calypse., Lau, Darren., Lahtinen, Markus., Cooke, Tim. and Johnson, Jeffrey.

The Relationship between Health Promotion Counseling and Health Outcomes in Individuals with Chronic Conditions: Does Anxiety or Depression have a Role?
 Al Sayah, Fatima., Johnson, Jeffrey. and Agborsangaya, Calypse.

The Safety of Pediatric Acupuncture: A Systematic Review
 Adams, Denise., Cheng, Florence., Jou, Hsing., Aung, Steven. and Vohra, Sunita.

The impact of Chronic pain in Canada: Health-Related Quality of Life and Financial Burden
 Sagna, Marguerite. and Donald, Schopflocher.

Thiazolidinediones and Cancer Incidence in Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
 Colmers, Isabelle., Bowker, Samantha., Majumdar, Sumit. and Johnson, Jeffrey.

Timing of first exposure to maternal depression and adolescent emotional disorder in a national Canadian cohort.
 Wickham, Maeve., Naicker, Kiyuri. and Colman, Ian.

Trust within the social networks of people who inject drugs in Edmonton
 VanSpronsen, Amanda., Wild, Cam. and Wolfe, Jody.


Welcome and opening remarks
 Laing, Lory.


Youth Voices on Tobacco: Working with the K'álemì Dene School in the Northwest Territories
 Jardine, Cindy. and James, Angela.
INSIGHTS: A focus on public health research 2011-Nov-16 to 2011-Nov-16
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