XVth Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies 2006-Jun-19 to 2006-Jun-23

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"Language and Communication in the post-apartheid classroom: Some case studies from Durban’s junior primary schools": Anand Singh: singhan@ukzn.ac.za
 singhan, Anand.

"Turns as basic patterns of the dialogue in the parent-child-dyad"
 Horsch, Ursula.

5- and 9-month-olds Memory Capacity for Faces
 Bertin, Evelin. and Bhatt, Ramesh.

‘Everyday Communication Skills in Children, up to 5 years’
 Cocquyt, Mie., Zink, Inge., Roeyers, Herbert., Mommaerts, Maurice. and Nadjmi, Nasser.

‘Twin Language’ stimulates language development in twins
 Nishihara, Reiko., Hattori, Ritsuko., Kobayashi, Yoko. and Hayakawa, Kazuo.

“Where’s Your Nose”: Toddlers’ Knowledge of Their Own Body Topography
 Brownell, Celia., Nichols, Sara., Svetlova, Margarita., Zerwas, Stephanie. and Ramani, Geetha.


A Cognitive Neuroscience of Early Infant Categorization
 Westermann, Gert. and Mareschal, Denis.

A Comparison of Early Communication Patterns of Preterm and Full Term Infants
 Bozzette, Maryann.

A Content Analysis of Picture Books in Japan and The U.S.
 Toriyama, Rie., Uchida, Yukiko., Duffy, Sean. and Itakura, Shoji.

A Critical Period for the Development of the Human Central Auditory Pathways
 Sharma, Anu. and Dorman, Michael.

A Cross-Culture Study of Parents' Perspectives on Quality Childcare for Young Children
 pang, yanhui.

A New Method for Screening of Cortical Auditory Impairment in Infants: an fMRI study.
 Nakai, Akio., Kawatani, Masao., Yonekura, Yoshiharu. and Sadato, Norihiro.

A New Version of an Old Hypothesis about Why Nouns Matter for Learning Adjectives
 Smith, Linda. and Yoshida, Hanako.

A Reinforcement Learning Model Explains the Development of Gaze Following
 Jasso, Hector., Triesch, Jochen., Teuscher, Christof. and Deák, Gedeon.

A Solution to Current Limitations in the Analysis of Developmental Data
 Hidaka, Shohei., Saiki, Jun. and Yoshida, Hanako.

A Study of Baby Image Work by Using Baby Dolls
 Tsukamoto, Miyuki. and Araki, Noriyuki.

A Style of Imitation Deficit in Children with Autism: A Longitudinal Observation
 Wu, Chin-Chin., Chiang, Chung-hsin. and Hou, Yuh-Ming.

A comparison of children's compliance at ages 2, 3, and 4 using the method of Sequential Analysis
 Bellefontaine, Sarah., Hastings, Paul., Forman, David. and Parker, Richard.

A computational study of the impact of the autistic brain growth pattern
 Lewis, John. and Elman, Jeff.

A discourse-based account of young children's understanding of a false belief problem
 Hansen, Mikkel.

A life-span multi-level longitudinal model using infant predictors of cognitive changes in adulthood.
 McArdle, John.

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Babies and Bayes Nets: Causal Learning in Infancy
 Gopnik, Alison.

Baby Girls Fill Pakistan's Public Cradles
 Faisal, Shah.

Baby's Socialization Process at the Meal Scene (2)
 Haruyama, Masaru.

Back to Basics in Infant Care
 Schön, Regine. and Silvén, Maarit.

Behavioral reactivity and perceptual processing: An ERP study
 Ross-Sheehy, Shannon., Marshall, Peter. and Fox, Nathan.

Birth Order Moderates Temperament-Vocabulary Relationships
 Dixon, Wallace. and snyder, Courtney.

Book Reading Program Using Origami Ehon (Picture Book) for a Cohort of Mothers and Babies
 Mirai, Nana.

Brain imaging of habituation and dishabituation in young infants
 Nakano, Tamami., Watanabe, Hama., Homae, Fumitaka., Asakawa, Kayo. and Taga, Gentaro.

Brazilian children social representations of power
 Kodato, Sergio.


Can 10-month-olds utilize information from TV in a real-world task?
 Dan, Naoko., Hiraki, Kazuo., Shimada, Sotaro. and Hirai, Masahiro.

Can 4 month-old infants use perspective and texture gradients cues in a 2D display to perceive depth?
 Frichtel, Myriam., Lemoine, Christelle., Orriols, Eric. and Lécuyer, Roger.

Can Older Infants Learn Non-Linguistic Sounds as Labels?
 Lunsford, Jessica. and Jaswal, Vikram.

Can a MAN be a MON? Toddlers’ spoken-word familiarity preferences in native versus nonnative dialects
 Tyler, Michael. and Best, Catherine.

Can the response device influence infants’ performances in searching and categorization tasks?
 Kergoat, Sophie. and Lécuyer, Roger.

Case study of the newcomer Korean infant’s interactions with Korean and American caregivers in a day care center in the United States
 Jahng, Kyung Eun.

Cat-dog: Links in the lexicons of 18- & 24-month-olds.
 Styles, Suzy. and Plunkett, Kim.

Categorization in Newborns: Methodological Issues
 Mata-Otero, Ana-Maria. and Bower, T.G.R..

Categorization of hybrid toy stimuli by 18-month-olds: Partonomies, Taxonomies, or “Ad hoc” categories?
 Mareschal, Denis. and Tan, Seok.

Causes of, Response to, and Consequences of Crying and Colic in Popular Parenting Magazines: A Descriptive Study
 Catherine, Nicole., Ko, Jenny. and Barr, Ronald.

Changing Patterns of Attention to Static and Dynamic Visual Events during Infancy
 McIlreavy, Megan., Bhullar, Naureen., Panneton, Robin. and Aslin, Richard.

Characterizing the Object Labeling Context
 Dueker, Gwenden.

Charting Links Among Infant Medical Condition, Parental Internal Working Models of Caregiving, Feeding Behavior, and Infant HRV: An Approach to Theory Development
 Winters, Jill., Pridham, Karen., Brown, Roger., Krolikowski, Mary., Harrison, Tondi., Mussatto, Kathleen., Fedderly, Raymond. and Hall, Andrea.

Child compliance to mothers and fathers: Sequential analysis of a clean-up task
 Bellefontaine, Sarah., Hastings, Paul., Parker, Richard. and Forman, David.

Children Treat Infant Transitional Objects as Irreplaceable Possessions
 hood, bruce. and Bloom, Paul.

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David Anderson: Critical Periods in Development
 Anderson, David.

Decalage in infants' reasoning about color information in occlusion and containment events
 Ng, Weiting. and Baillargeon, Renée.

Degrees of Neuroplasticity: Language Development in Young Children with Early Focal Brain Injury
 Reilly, Judy., Stiles, Joan. and Nass, Ruth.

Delay? No way! Bilingual infants are more efficient word learners
 Mattock, Karen., Polka, Linda. and Rvachew, Susan.

Determinants of peer detection in infancy: Face and motion
 Sanefuji, Wakako., Ohgami, Hidehiro. and Hashiya, Kazuhide.

Development in space: Early development in emergency care physical settings
 Batel, Susana., Calheiros, M. and Rodrigues, Leonor.

Development of 3D object completion in infancy
 Soska, Kasey. and Johnson, Scott.

Development of Interlimb Motor Learning in the Fetal and Infant Rat
 Robinson, Scott., Kleven, Gale., Woller, Sarah. and Marcano-Reik, Amy.

Development of Language and Memory in 3-Year-Olds
 Cardell, Annie. and Bell, Martha Ann.

Development of Stepping Movement and Its Relation to Walking Attainment in Preterm and Full-term Infants
 Luo, Hong-Ji., Jeng, Suh-Fang., Lin, Kwan-Hwa. and Lu, Tung-Wu.

Development of contingency: How infants become sensitive to contingency?
 Okanda, Mako. and Itakura, Shoji.

Development of infants’ ability to associate words with intrinsic motions
 Kobayashi, Tessei., Mugitani, Ryoko. and Amano, Shigeaki.

Development of infant’s eating behaviors and mother-infant interactions
 Ito, Miho., Yasuda, Jun., Hinobayashi, Toshihiko. and Minami, Tetsuhiro.

Development of korean two~three year-old children’s reading-related abilities
 Lee, Yun-kyung., sunhee, park. and Chang-Song, You-Kyung.

Development of object concepts in pigtailed macaque monkeys
 Hall-Haro, Cynthia., Price, Tracy., Vance, Jayme., Johnson, Scott. and Kiorpes, Lynne.

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EEG Correlates of Featural Information Retention in Infancy
 Southgate, Victoria., Csibra, Gergely. and johnson, mark.

EEG, behavioral Inhibition and disinhibition in infants of depressed mothers
 Jones, Nancy. and Schmidt, Louis.

ERP signatures of syntactic expectancies in French adults and 2 year-olds.
 Bernal, Savita., Christophe, Anne. and Dehaene-Lambertz, Ghislaine.

Early Attachment, Maternal Depression, and Adolescent Maladjustment
 Kestler, Lisa. and Lewis, Michael.

Early Emotion Sharing and Later Joint Attention Among the Infant Siblings of Children with Autism
 Messinger, Daniel., Cassel, Tricia., Haltigan, John. and Buchman, Albert.

Early Motor Development Of Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infants With Chronic Lung Disease

Early Referential Understanding in Toddlers: Evidence from Vocal Clues
 Chiang, Chung-Hsin. and Chang, Min-Hsiang.

Early Word Learning And Joint Attention In Ngas Infants In Nigeria
 Childers, Jane., Vaughan, Julie. and Burquest, Daniel.

Early identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder: the role of pointing gesture
 Perucchini, Paola., De Luca, Antonella. and ercolani, anna paola.

Effect of Beliefs Held by Japanese Mothers on Picture-Book-Reading Practices
 Murase, Toshiki.

Effects of naming on intermodal transfer in 24-month-olds.
 Nazzi, Thierry., Stréri, Arlette., Goyet, Louise. and Sandrine, Mongin.

Emerging evidence of differences in segmentation abilities between Parisian and Canadian French infants
 Iakimova, Galina., Nazzi, Thierry., Sundara, Megha. and Polka, Linda.

Engagement in joint episodes: developmental trajectory and the relationships with language development.
 Tsuji, Hiromi.

English- and Japanese-speaking children’s generalizations of names for things outside of their experience.
 Colunga, Eliana., Tafoya, Juliana. and Sumiya, Hiromi.

Evidence for linguistic categorisation abilities in 10-month-old infants
 Taxitari, Loukia. and Plunkett, Kim.

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Face Individuation in Infancy
 michalska, kalina. and Bertenthal, Bennett.

Family Intervention Assessment: The Operationalized Portage Checklist
 Williams, Lucia. and Aiello, Ana Lucia.

Fathers and Infants: Effects of Video Self-Modelling and Feedback
 Benzies, Karen., Magill-Evans, Joyce., Harrison, Margaret., Gierl, Mark. and Kimak, Cathy.

Features of Babbling in Different Language Environments
 Blake, Joanna. and Osborne, Patricia.

Fetal movements in breech compared to cephalic position
 VanderMeulen, Jennifer., Davies, Gregory. and Kisilevsky, Barbara.

Fitting objects into holes: On the development of spatial cognition skills
 Örnkloo, Helena. and von Hofsten, Claes.

Five-minute Apgar Score Predicts Hospitalization Through Age Ten: a population-based study
 Jutte, Douglas., Brownell, Marni., Roos, Noralou., Sirski, Monica., Syme, S. Leonard. and Boyce, W. Thomas.

Food habit and the development of child's anger emotion
 Fujii, Yoshihisa.

From Attention to Intention: 18-month-olds use Others’ Focus of Attention for Action Interpretation
 Behne, Tanya., Carpenter, Malinda. and Tomasello, Michael.

Frontal cortex function in infancy: Correlations across multiple measures
 Holmboe, Karla., Csibra, Gergely., Fearon, R. M. Pasco., Tucker, Leslie., Fox, Sarah., Volein, Agnes. and johnson, mark.

Functional imaging of the occipital and prefrontal cortex of 3-month-olds during visual perception
 Watanabe, Hama., Taga, Gentaro., Homae, Fumitaka. and Nakano, Tamami.

Fundamental study of “Development of Motherhood” learning program -Psychological, physiological, and endocrinological evaluations of first-hand learning about infants-
 Sasaki, Ayako., Nakai, Akio., Matsuki, Ken-ichi. and Tanabe, Michiko.


Gender Differences in Affective Behavior in Toddlers
 Brooker, Rebecca. and Buss, Kristin.

General Cognitive Functioning in “Fast-Mapping” and Symbolic Play
 Harkleroad, Elizabeth. and Dixon, Wallace.

Generalization from Picture Books by 18- and 24-Month-Old Children
 Simcock, Gabrielle. and Dooley, Megan.

George Michel - A Developmental Psychobiological Approach to the Development of Infant Handedness
 Michel, George.

Goal-directed imitation in 16-month-old infants: The influences of movement path, spatial compatibility and intention reading
 Huang, Chi-Tai. and Jiang, Shin-Ru.

Gravity Bias in Young and Adult Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)? Test with Opaque Tubes Task
 Tomonaga, Masaki., TANAKA, Masayuki. and Mizuno, Yuu.

Growth and Feeding Patterns in Infants with Congenital Heart Defects from Birth to 3 months
 Medoff Cooper, Barbara., Irving, Sharon., Wernovsky, Gil., Marino, Brad. and Kaplan, Joel.


Habituation to a Single Stimulus versus to a Stimulus Category: Testing the Comparator Model of Infant Information Processing
 Pahnke, Janna. and Pauen, Sabina.

Hearing what an infant says: A postmodern discourse of identities and desire of an infant
 Jahng, Kyung Eun.

Helping and Cooperation at 14 Months of Age
 Warneken, Felix. and Tomasello, Michael.

Hemispheric Asymmetries in Infant Color Categorization
 Franklin, Anna. and Davies, Ian.

How Does Infant's Brain Respond to Televised Action? : A Near-infrared Spectroscopy Study
 Shimada, Sotaro., Hiraki, Kazuo., Miyazaki, Michiko. and Hondo, Sayaka.

How Infants Measure Quantitatively: Encoding Extent
 Dunkley, Charlene. and Duffy, Sean.

How do infants represent physical variables? Connections between the object-recognition and physical-reasoning systems
 Li, Jie., Baillargeon, Renee. and Simons, Daniel.

How infants integrate attentional and emotional cues in order to regulate their imitative responses.
 Repacholi, Betty., Olsen, Berit. and Meltzoff, Andrew.

How perceptual tuning to the native language influences infants' perception of nonnative speech contrasts
 Best, Catherine.

Hyperarticulation in Mothers' Speech to Babies and Puppies
 Kim, HoJin., Diehl, Maria., Panneton, Robin. and Moon, Christine.


Individual Differences in the Developmental Process of Mothers' Emotional Availability
 obara, tomoko.

Infant Behavioral Predictors of Childhood Attention, Behavior and IQ in a High-Risk Cohort.
 Noland, Julia., Minnes, Sonia., Short, Elizabeth. and Singer, Lynn.

Infant Birth Status, Temperament, and Maternal Symptomatology in the Context of Rural Poverty
 Voegtline, Kristin. and Stifter, Cynthia.

Infant Categorization Of Male Faces
 Ramsey, Jennifer. and Simmons, Rachel.

Infant Dialect Discrimination
 Phan, Jennifer. and Houston, Derek.

Infant EEG as a Predictor of Toddlerhood Behavior Problems
 Smith, Cynthia., Bell, Martha Ann., Wolfe, Christy. and Morasch, Katherine.

Infant Fricative Discrimination Using A Novel Visual Habituation Paradigm
 Ting, Jonathan., Smith, Joseph. and Houston, Derek.

Infant Interest In Male Faces
 Ramsey, Jennifer.

Infant Observing System for Analyzing Interaction with Objects
 Matsumoto, Naoaki., Kitamura, Koji., Nishida, Yoshifumi., Motomura, Yoichi. and Mizoguchi, Hiroshi.

Infant Reactivity (to Frustrating Events), Attention Regulation, and Maternal Behavior Predict Aggression at 2 ½
 Crockenberg, Susan., Leerkes, Esther. and Barrig Jo, Patricia.

Infant Regulation during Social Referencing: Socio-cognitive Understanding or Contagion?
 Kim, Geunyoung. and Walden, Tedra.

Infant Representations of Directed Motion Events Components
 Wagner, Laura.

Infant Temperament and Information Processing in a Visual Categorization Task
 Vonderlin, Eva., Pahnke, Janna. and Pauen, Sabina.

Infant and Child Sexual Abuse and Pubertal Development in Females
 Porter, Nicole.

Infant gaze following and later language development: Longer looks are better
 Brooks, Rechele. and Meltzoff, Andrew.

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Japanese Family Filial Violence
 Gaspar Pereira, Hilda Maria.

Joint Attention Between Mother And Infant In Play Situations
 Toda, Sueko.


Korean infants’ retrieval of English words through decontextualized learning
 jean, hyun jung.


 Korhonen, Riitta.

Less is more in verb learning: Fewer exemplars facilitate novel verb extension
 Maguire, Mandy., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy. and Golinkoff, Roberta.

Liguistic and Spacial Cognitive Development Following Early Focal Brain Injury: Evidence for Adoptive Change in Brain Cognition
 Stiles, Joan.

Linguistic Input Directs Infants' Attention to Facilitate Word Learning
 Pulverman, Rachel., Brandone, Amanda., Golinkoff, Roberta., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy. and Seston, Rebecca.

Long-term recognition in infant Japanese monkeys
 Murai, Chizuko., TANAKA, Masayuki. and Kosugi, Daisuke.

Longitudinal predictors of emotion regulation from infancy to preschool
 Conway, Anne. and McDonough, Susan.


MDMA Use During Pregnancy and Early Infant Outcomes
 Singer, Lynn.

Manipulated Infant Gender Effects on Maternal Sensory Sensitivity to Infant Affective Signaling: Signal Detection Analysis
 Donovan, Wilberta., Leavitt, Lewis. and Taylor, Nicole.

Manipulating the A-not-B error by making both locations more salient
 Anderson, Joe., Dineva, Evelina. and Schöner, Gregor.

Maternal Contingency Toward Infant Signals in German, Euro-American, Indian, Chinese and Cameroonian Dyads
 Kärtner, Joscha. and Keller, Heidi.

Maternal Depression and Infant Response to Social Expectation Violations
 Lee, Yoon. and Hans, Sydney.

Maternal Iron Deficiency Alters Mother/Child Interaction
 Murray-Kolb, Laura., Gilmore, Rick., Teti, Douglas. and Beard, John.

Maternal Parenting Behavior with Toddlers: Contributions of Maternal Attributions about Caregiving and Maternal Personality
 Smith, Cynthia., Spinrad, Tracy., Eisenberg, Nancy., Popp, Tierney. and Gaertner, Bridget.

Maternal Speech to 3-Month-Olds: Effects of Infant, Mother, and Context
 Hsu, Hui-Chin.

Maternal delight, viewed by the infant, linked to attachment security: Findings from West Africa
 True, Mary.

Maternal emotional availability during infancy and toddlerhood and sleep and behavior problems one year later.
 Teti, Douglas., Towe-Goodman, Nissa., Rhoades, Brittany., Wray, Laura., Killeen, Lauren. and Reitz, Elizabeth.

Mathematical Modeling of Stiffness and Impulse: Toddlers with and without Down Syndrome
 Chang, Chia-Lin., Kubo, Masayoshi., Holt, Ken. and Ulrich, Beverly.

Means-end Reaching for Visible vs. Hidden Objects
 Shinskey, Jeanne.

Mother and Infant Talk about Mental States Predicts Later Mental State Language and Emotion Understanding
 Taumoepeau, Mele. and Ruffman, Ted.

Mother-infant And Father-infant Play Interaction In Finnish Families
 Haapakoski, Maija. and Silvén, Maarit.

Mother's milk odors attenuated stress responses to the heelsticks in human infants
 Nishitani, Shota., Takase, Ryuta., Miyamura, Tsunetake., Tagawa, Masato., Sumi, Muneichiro., Moriuchi, Hiroyuki. and Shinohara, Kazuyuki.

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Narrative Constructions in Toddler’s Drawing and Writing
 Kim, Misuk.

Nascent Evidence of Mental Rotation Abilities in Infancy?
 Bendersky, Karen. and Mabry, Jennifer.

Needs assessment of infants in emergency care: developing contexts and current institutional practices
 Garrido, Margarida., Calheiros, M. and Moleiro, Carla.

Neonatal Neurobehavioral Development in Very Low Birth Weight Infants with Chronic Lung Disease
 Jeng, Suh-Fang., Hsieh, Wu-Shiun., Hsu, Chyong-Hsin., Tsao, Po-Nien., Chen, Pei-Shan., Chou, Hung-Chieh., Kao, Hsin-An., Hung, Han-Yang., Chang, Jui-Hsing. and Chiu, Nan-Chang.

Neonatal oral imitation in patients with severe motor dysfunction
 Go, Tohshin., Shimokawa, Eiko. and Konishi, Yukuo.

Neural Activation to Featural Differences and Spatiotemporal Discontinuities in an Object Processing Task: An Optical Imaging Study
 Wilcox, Teresa., Bortfeld, Heather., Woods, Rebecca. and Armstrong, Jennifer.

Neural correlates of adult-infant interaction
 Hiraki, Kazuo., Csibra, Gergely., Tucker, Leslie., Volein, Agnes., Fox, Sarah. and johnson, mark.

Neural representation of voice onset time in infants and children
 Agung, Katrina.

New practices in emergency care setting: promoting early development.
 Martins, Ana., Santos, Salomé., Calheiros, M. and Rodrigues, Leonor.

Newborn brain responds strongly to prosody in continuous speech
 Huotilainen, Minna., Sambeth, Anke., Kotilahti, Kalle., Nissilä, Ilkka., Seppä, Katja., Alku, Paavo. and Fellman, Vineta.

Newborns' face recognition is based on low spatial frequencies
 de Heering, Adélaïde., turati, chiara., Rossion, Bruno., Bulf, Hermann., Goffaux, Valérie. and Simion, Francesca.

Newborns’ face recognition over changes in viewpoint
 turati, chiara., Bulf, Hermann. and Simion, Francesca.

Newborns’ processing of partially-occluded faces
 Valenza, Eloisa., Gava, Lucia., turati, chiara. and de Schonen, Scania.

Nurturing Touch is Beneficial for Depressed Mothers and their Infants
 Jones, Nancy., Gagnon, Chantal., Mize, Krystal. and Becker, Jennifer.


Object Knowledge Influences the Perception of Occluded Displays at 8.5 months of Age
 Cantlon, Jessica., Ormsbee, Susan. and Needham, Amy.

Object Tracking in Early Infancy: More Experience is Better
 Shuwairi, Sarah. and Johnson, Scott.

Object familiarity affects 14-month-old infants' use of phonetic detail in novel words
 Fennell, Christopher.

Object-based phonetic categorization of speech: a mechanism of functional reorganization
 Yeung, Henny. and Werker, Janet.

Obtaining Saliva from Toddlers for Cortisol Concentration Determination
 Clements, Andrea., Dixon, Wallace. and salley, Brenda.

Older Siblings Influence Their Younger Siblings’ Motor Development
 Berger, Sarah.

Older infants’ Timing of Unimanual and Bimanual Percussion: Does Using Two Hands ‘Cost’ Anything?
 Brakke, Karen., Fragaszy, Dorothy. and Simpson, Kathy.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Levels in Maternal Breast Milk Predict Attention in Infancy
 McCarty, Michael., Dong, Linxia., Boylan, Mallory., Cheng, Quiqiong., Anderson, Todd. and Hart, Sybil.

On the Beaten Path: Multiple Cues Converge to Make Verb Learning Easier in Spanish
 Pulverman, Rachel., Maguire, Mandy., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy. and Golinkoff, Roberta.

One-year-olds' preference for same-age over adult faces: Novelty effect?
 Mak, Benise.

One-year-olds’ understanding of nonverbally expressed communicative intentions directed to a third person
 Gräfenhain, Maria., Behne, Tanya., Carpenter, Malinda. and Tomasello, Michael.

Only One Way to Skin a Cat? Infants' Persistence with the First Means Learned by Imitation
 Bushnell, Emily. and Yang, Dahe.

Origins of smile and laughter: Two intensive longitudinal case studies
 Kawakami, Kiyobumi., Takai-Kawakami, Kiyoko., Tomonaga, Masaki., Suzuki, Juri., Kusaka, Fumiyo. and Okai, Takashi.


Parental and child influences on family interaction patterns
 Shigeto, Aya., Mangelsdorf, Sarah., Brown, Geoffrey., Schoppe-Sullivan, Sarah. and Szewczyk Sokolowski, Margaret.

Parenting Self-Efficacy and Satisfaction with Parenting: Relations with Maternal Well-Being
 Young, Marion., Karraker, Katherine. and Cottrell, Lesley.

Parenting and parent stress predict emotional and autonomic reactivity to contingency learning in preterm and full-term infants at 3 months
 Haley, David., Grunau, Ruth. and Oberlander, Tim.

Parents of Infants with Heart Disease and Their Relationship with Health Care Providers
 Harrison, Tondi., Krolikowski, Mary., Mussatto, Kathleen., Winters, Jill. and Pridham, Karen.

Parents’ Expectations During the First Year Concerning an Infant
 Pridham, Karen., Krolikowski, Mary., Mussatto, Kathleen., Harrison, Tondi., Fedderly, Raymond. and Winters, Jill.

Parsing Continuous Actions in 6-month-old Infants
 Hespos, Susan. and Saylor, Megan.

Patterns of Response to Being Supported on a Treadmill: Infants Born with Spina Bifida
 Ulrich, Beverly. and Moerchen, Victoria.

Patterns of motor and vocal behaviors and facial expressions of negative emotions in infancy
 Morier, Marie-Pierre. and Cossette, Louise.

Perception of Faces and Objects by 5-Month-Old Infants of Depressed and Well Mothers
 Arterberry, Martha., Bornstein, Marc., Mash, Clay. and Manian, Nanmathi.

Perception of Live Facial Expressions in Autistic Children
 Sai, Fatma Zohra.

Perception of illusory motion in 6- to 8-month old infants
 Kanazawa, So., Kitaoka, Akiyoshi. and Yamaguchi, Masami.

Perception of motion trajectory from moving cast shadow in humans and Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata)
 Imura, Tomoko., Yamaguchi, Masami., Tomonaga, Masaki. and Yagi, Akihiro.

Perception of object unity in infants: the evidence from smooth pursuit
 Kochukhova, Olga.

Perinatal brain injury, MRI and neurobehavioral development
 Almli, C. Robert.

Peripartum Depression, Mother-Infant Interaction, and Infant Cortisol Levels
 Kestler, Lisa., Brennan, Patricia., Walker, Elaine. and Stowe, Zachary.

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Quantitative Insight Into Maturation of the Autonomic Nervous System in Premature Infants
 Oh, Sungho.


Rapid development of color-location bindings in visual short-term memory
 Luck, Steven., Oakes, Lisa. and Ross-Sheehy, Shannon.

Rational Imitation In Infants And Apes
 Buttelmann, David., Carpenter, Malinda., Tomasello, Michael. and Call, Josep.

Reaching Kinematics of Precise and Imprecise Tasks in Toddlers
 Chen, Yu-ping., Keen, Rachel., Rosander, Kerstin. and von Hofsten, Claes.

Reactions to strangers and social referencing in adopted infants
 Vilandre, Melanie., Malcuit, Gerard., Cossette, Louise. and Pomerleau, Andree.

Ready for structure? Neonates' brain activity for structured vs. unstructured linguistic input
 Gervain, Judit.

Realistic head models for cortical source analysis in infant participants
 Richards, John.

Recall memory, recognition memory and social communication in infancy: Their relationship to language and cognition
 Strid, Karin., Tjus, Tomas. and Heimann, Mikael.

Reduction of the PSW to the familiar stimulus in infants showing a novelty preference
 Snyder, Kelly. and Zolot, Liza.

Registration and interpretation of possible and impossible objects in infancy.
 Shuwairi, Sarah., Knestrick, Jennifer. and Johnson, Scott.

Relations among maternal sensitivity and infants' response to the Still Face procedure
 Mcquaid, Nancy. and Carpendale, Jeremy.

Relationship between infants’ understanding of intentional action, internal state vocabulary, and later theory of mind
 Olineck, Kara. and Poulin-Dubois, Diane.

Repetition suppression to familiar pictures in infants: Does early memory primarily reflect perceptual facilitation?
 Garza, John., Zolot, Liza. and Snyder, Kelly.

Representations of Agents Affect Infants' Causal Attributions
 Muentener, Paul. and Carey, Susan.

Response bias in Asian children: When children show a yes bias?
 Okanda, Mako. and Itakura, Shoji.

Revaluation for Physical Growth Curves and Features of Twins’ Growth
 MORIKAWA, YOSHITOMI. and Ooki, Syuichi.

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Selective attention and experience with otitis media impact speech perception in infants.
 Polka, Linda., Molnar, Monika., Rvachew, Susan., Mattock, Karen. and Tittley, Lauren.

Self Regulation and Individual Differences in Infant Cognition
 Bell, Martha Ann., Wolfe, Christy., Morasch, Katherine. and Cardell, Annie.

Self Understanding and Body Self-Awareness in Toddlers
 Brownell, Celia., Svetlova, Margarita., Nichols, Sara., Zerwas, Stephanie. and Ramani, Geetha.

Semantic organization of basic-level words in 20-month-olds: An ERP study
 Syversen, Gro., Torkildsen, Janne., Sannerud, Tuva., Thormodsen, Rune., Simonsen, Hanne., Moen, Inger., Smith, Lars. and Lindgren, Magnus.

Sensitivity to Peer’s Gazing and Body Movement in Communication among Infants
 Ohtake, Nobuko. and Hoshi, Miwako.

Sensitivity to eye-object relations in 9-month-old infants
 Senju, Atsushi., Csibra, Gergely. and johnson, mark.

Sensory experiences in the posterior part of the mouth during infancy
 Brunod, Régis.

Shaking Things Up: Further Evidence for Infants’ Use of Sound to Individuate Objects
 Smith, Tracy., Wilcox, Teresa. and Gonzalez, Veronica.

Sharing Experience: Declarative Pointing and Joint Attention in Infants With and Without Down Syndrome
 Fisher, Tamara., Legerstee, Maria. and Perucchini, Paola.

Short-Term Memory and Chunking in Infants
 Brez, Caitlin. and Cohen, Leslie.

Singing with physical contact is effective in enhancing mother-infant relations
 Tamoto, Sachiko. and Nakata, Takayuki.

Six-Month-Old Infants' Perception of Native Speech Accent
 Diehl, Maria., Varga, Krisztina., Panneton, Robin., Burnham, Denis. and Kitamura, Christine.

Slithering Serpents and Romping Rhinos: Are Infants’ Prepared to Respond to Animals Differentially?
 LoBue, Vanessa. and DeLoache, Judy.

Smiling in 12-Months-Olds During Teaching Interactions With Mothers
 Hsu, Hui Chin. and Sung, Ji Hyun.

Social Inhibition in Early Childhood: Predictors from Infancy
 Fortner-Wood, Cheryl., Jocoy, Kathleen. and Daniels, Casserly.

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Taiwanese Infants' Mental and Motor Development: 6 to 24 Months
 Wu, Yen-Tzu., Jeng, Suh-Fang. and Tsou, Kuo-Inn.

Television program comprehensibility and distractibility in 6 to 24 month old children
 Richards, John. and Stevens, Michael.

Temperament Moderates Gaze Following in 11- and 14-Month-Old Infants
 todd, James. and Dixon, Wallace.

Temperament and Parental Responding Effects to Child Vagal Reactivity
 Kelleher, Rachael. and Stifter, Cynthia.

Temperament, Distraction, and Learning in Toddlerhood
 Dixon, Wallace., salley, Brenda., Clements, Andrea. and gorniewicz, James.

Ten-month-olds' awareness of intentional action is specific to human agents
 Markova, Gabriela. and Legerstee, Maria.

Testing the limits of statistical language learning
 Tyler, Michael. and Johnson, Elizabeth.

The Perception of Lexical Tones in One-year-old Mandarin-learning Infants
 Tsao, Feng-Ming., Liu, Huei-Mei. and Hsiao, Yi-Ju.

The "Switch" Design in Word-Learning Research: a Meta-Analysis
 Byers-Heinlein, Krista., Yeung, Henny., Biesanz, Jeremy. and Werker, Janet.

The Acquisition of Korean Grammatical Functions in Korean-Chinese Bilingual Infants
 Lee, Kwee. and Kim, Hyoung.

The Antecedents of Disruptive Behaviors of Infants of Depressed Mothers
 Lee, Yoon., Hans, Sydney. and Thullen, Matthew.

The Co-occurrence of Intonation and Vocalic Production in Mandarin-Learning Infants
 Chen, Li-mei.

The Contibution of VLBW Infant Biological Condition and Family Environment to Maternal Competency in Feeding
 Pridham, Karen., Schroeder, Michele., Melby, Janet., Streit, JoAnne., Brown, Roger. and Harrison, Tondi.

The Development of Gestures in the Early Communication of Korean Infants
 Choi, Yun-Young., Chang-Song, You-Kyung. and Kim-Choi, So-Yeun.

The Development of Reciprocity among Infant Peers: A Process-Oriented and Prospective Longitudinal Approach
 Lipscomb, Shannon. and Ontai-Grzebik, Lenna.

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U-shaped Development of Infants' Ability to Perceive Word-final Consonant Sequences
 Fais, Laurel., Kajikawa, Sachiyo., Deacon, S.., Amano, Shigeaki. and Werker, Janet.

Understanding of knowledge states in human infants
 caldi, stefania. and surian, luca.

Understanding other pointing: Development of pointing comprehension in the third year of life
 Moriguchi, Yusuke. and Itakura, Shoji.

Using Virtual Humans to Study the Role of Social Cues in Learning
 Zhang, Hui., Yu, Chen. and Smith, Linda.

Using computer-generated stimuli to assess the nature of number discrimination in salamanders (genus: Plethodon)
 Uller, Claudia., Krusche, Paul. and Dicke, Ursula.

Using the Operationalized Portage Checklist to intervene with low-income Brazilian children.
 Aiello, Ana Lucia. and Williams, Lucia.


Validation of an Instrumented Sleep-Wke Asseement Against a Biobehavioral Assessment
 Brandon, Debra. and Holditch-Davis, Diane.

Variability and the Development of Coordination in Infant Crawling
 Loseby, Paul.

Variability in Infant Comprehension: Will Multiple Measures Yield More Stable Estimates?
 Friend, Margaret., Kashima, Yuri., Schaible, Erin. and Hultgren, Jennifer.

Variations in proximity between parents and infants as a function of conversation topic
 Dueker, Gwenden.

Velocity sensitivity to radial and rotational motion in 3 months of age
 Shirai, Nobu., Kanazawa, So. and Yamaguchi, Masami.

Verbal communication in children with Williams syndrome
 Asada, Kosuke. and Itakura, Shoji.

Video Self-Recognition in 2-year-olds
 Miyazaki, Michiko. and Hiraki, Kazuo.

Visual Monitoring, Imitation, Joint Focus and Activity in 7 to 13-Month-Old Twins
 Ragir, Sonia., Karmel, Bernard., Gardner, Judith., Blakes, Felicia. and Reddick, Renne.

Visual contextual cues effects in haptic perception of orientations in 5-month-old-infants
 KERZERHO, Stephanie.


Watch the Hands: Infants Learn Gaze-Following From Parents' Pointing and Manual Action
 Deák, Gedeon., Jasso, Hector., Krasno, Anna. and Triesch, Jochen.

What Does It Take To Learn A Verb? A Verb Acquisition Meta-Analysis
 Parish, Julia., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy. and Golinkoff, Roberta.

What object should appear in the window? infants' reasoning about inert and self-moving objects
 WU, DI. and Baillargeon, Renée.

When is an object that is released in contact with another object stable? Learning about support events in young infants
 Li, Jie., Baillargeon, Renee. and Needham, Amy.

Whole-brain Probe Cap for Mapping Brain-functions of Neonates Using Optical Topography
 Hirabayashi, Yukiko., Sato, Hiroki., Uchida, Mariko., Katsura, Takushige., Ashida, Takashi., Oka, Kenji., Kanai, Makoto., Konishi, Ikuo., Nakai, Akio. and Maki, Atsushi.

Who’s That in the Picture?: Toddlers’ Knowledge of Gender Identity in a Sequential Touching Task
 Sen, Maya G.., Rosenburg, Amanda J.., Adams, Lydia M.., Lemanek, Leslie M.. and Culik, Anna C..

Word Learning from Reliable and Unreliable Speakers
 Scofield, Jason., Behrend, Douglas., Foster, Katie. and Miller, Andrea.

Word Learning from Videos: Implications for Joint Attention and Word Learning
 Scofield, Jason., Behrend, Douglas., Williams, Amie. and Marsden, Stephanie.

Word Recognition and Lexical Development in Very Low Birth Weight Preterm Children at 2 Years of Age
 Bosch, Laura., Ramon-Casas, Marta. and Iriondo, Martin.


Young Infants’ Looking Behaviors in Relation to Mothers' Behaviors During Mother-Infant Interaction
 krahn, mary jo.

Young children's spontaneous conversations about appearance and reality
 Nielsen, Mette., Hemmingsen, Katrine., Maj, Faurholm., Christensen, Maria. and Hansen, Mikkel.
XVth Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies 2006-Jun-19 to 2006-Jun-23
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