ISME World Conference and Commission Seminars 2010-Aug-01 to 2010-Aug-07

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"Apartment for Rent" - Musical Story for Children by Writer Lea Goldberg and Composer Yehezkiel Braun
 Brand, Eva., Mintz, Bela. and Priel, Noa.

"Do They Know They're Composing?": Music Making and Understanding among Newly-Arrived Immigrant and Refugee Children
 Howell, Gillian.

"It's What We Do": The Place of Massed Singing in a Highly Academic Boy's School
 Lierse, Anne.

"Live Music Encounters” – The Kadma Program and its Ideological Implications in a Process of Co-existence and Tolerance
 Lichtensztajn, Dochy.

"Lofty mountains and Flowing Water"
 Sun, Jing.

"Morning in Miao Village"
 Liu, Hongwei.

"Music Education Philosophy after the Demise of "Aesthetic Education"
 Bowman, Wayne.

"Snow Brings Winter's Dream" - Lesson
 Wu, Yaoxiang.

"We Just Put a CD On:" Kindergarten Teachers’ Perspectives on the Value of Music in Early Childhood Education
 Anderson, Lynne.

"…O my lord, give her the living child, and no wise slay it…": A Study of Students' Verbal and Graphical Responses to a Contemporary Opera: "King Solomon’s Trial"
 Elkoshi, Rivka.

(RE) Cutting Papers, Creating Panels
 Martins, Denise.

16 years of More Music
 Moser, Pete.

2. EVA BRAND,(Bar Ilan University, Israel) - 20 Minutes Connecting Sound and Symbol
 Brand, Eva.

5000 Languages, 5000 Ways to Sing
 Trollinger, Valerie.

‘Give Me That Good Old Time Music’ Online: A Virtual Ethnography of Music Learning and Teaching in One Online Music Community
 Waldron, Janice.

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A Taste of Guqin Music
 Song, Manlei.

A Case Study of Music Instruction for the Child with Learning Disabilities
 Chen, Shu Ting.

A Case Study of Using Multiple Assessments in General Music Classrooms
 Chuang, Ming-Jen.

A Case Study of the Research Learning in Piano Courses of Normal University in China
 Liu, Xin. and Yin, Aiqing.

A Child’s Grievance: Using Four Basic Emotions Through Strength-Based Music Intervention
 Mouroutsou, Stella. and Tsaklanganos, Lina (Athanassia Angeliki).

A Collaborative Piano Master Class - (V & I Forum)
 Barr, Jean.

A Comparative Study Between Japanese Noh and Chinese Nuo Opera
 Xu, Haiyan.

A Comparative Study of Movable and Fixed Do: Some Issues About Geographical Dissemination
 Frega, Ana. and Shiromoto, Tomoko.

A Comparative Study of Traditional Music Curriculum (Elementary) in Joseonjok Region - China and South Korea
 Gim, Bohi.

A Comparison of Japanese Music Textbooks: Ongaku (1986) and Shogakuse no ongaku (2005)
 Howe, Sondra.

A Comparison of Teaching Methods in Amateur Wind Orchestras in Brazil and France
 Nascimento, Marco Antonio.

A Comprehensive View of Initial Music Teacher Training in Brazil
 Figueiredo, Sergio.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Creative Identity Among Pre-Service Music Teachers in the United States and United Kingdom
 Randles, Clinton. and Smith, Gareth.

A Dialogue About Dialogue: Applied Music Teaching and the Pedagogical Challenges of Intercultural Music
 Falzon-Baldacchino, Laura.

A Facilitator's Viewpoint of the SAMTP
 Pretorius, Mr. Kobie.

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Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, the Beatles and Britney: a case for a repertoire inclusive music curriculum. An Australian perspective.
 McPherson, Jay.

Beginning Improvisation for Young Children
 Wang, Cecilia.

Behavioral Changes in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Enrolled in Classes of Music Education
 DeFreitas, Aureo., Vieira, Plinio., Nobre, Joao., Teles, Ana. and Vilhena, Allana.

Being a Performer, Teacher, And Researcher: A Tripod Opening for New Ideas
 Ljungar-Chapelon, Anders.

Best Practices in World Music Ensemble Direction
 Hernly, Patrick.

Best practices in scoring for Solo Trumpet and Wind Band
 Bough, Thomas. and Bough, Erica.

Beyond Birdsongs and the Five Notes: Teaching with Wang Jianzhong's "Bai Niao Chao Feng"
 Chong, Eddy.

Beyond the Classroom: Early Entry Options in Post-Secondary Music Education and Training
 Lancaster, Helen.

Beyond the Textbook: A School-University Instrumental Music Partnership
 Hunter, Lisa.

Blah Blah
 Sims, Wendy.

Blogging to Uncover the Emerging Teaching Dispositions of Pre-Service Music Teachers: A Critical Phenomenology
 Abrahams, Frank.

Bodysolfege, a meaningful musical experience (Best Practices)
 Freire, Ricardo.

Border Crossing: Teaching and Learning Western Music in Black South Africa
 Robinson, Kathy.

Breaking Ground in Piano Pedagogy with a Blind Student - (V & I Forum Pre-Conference)
 Power, Anne. and McCormack, Dorothy.

Breathing Methods Used with Music for Asthma: Music Therapy for Bronchial Asthma
 Fukuda, Yoshiko.

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CD production restoring school failure
 Sæther, Eva.

Cai Yuanpei’s Aesthetic Thoughts and their Impact on Music Education
 Cai, Leiluo.

Call of Mind
 Yang, Jie.

Calling ISME Authors: Policies, Procedures and Practices for Publishing in the International Journal of Music Education
 Sims, Wendy., Brophy, Timothy., Cheung, Jane. and Johnson, Christopher.

Can Music Appreciation Make Writing and Drawing Activities More Effective?
 Dai, Yun-Ju.

Can Training Make a Difference in the Self-esteem to Community Musians?
 Daubney, Alison.

Can you Begin Keyboard Sight-Reading with a Musical Understanding of the "Big Picture"?
 Carter, Patricia.

Cantaris Early Childhood Music Learning: Demonstration Class for Pre-Schoolers and their Carers
 Joynt, Danielle.

Cantonese Opera Development Fund, Hong Kong, China
 Leung, Bo Wah.

Capital Normal University, "Scientific Outlook on Development Training for Music Education," Theory and Practice
 Zheng, Li.

Career Development and Entrepreneurship Across the Curriculum: Best Practice in Professional Development Programs in Undergraduate Music Programs
 Beeching, Angela.

Career Paths and School Music Practices
 Hurtado Llopis, Julio.

Carrying Forward and Developing Traditional Folk Songs in Primary and High School: Hua-Yao Folk Songs
 Wu, Yueyue., Zhang, Qiong. and Ling, Xiaoying.

Case Study of Music Therapy Oriented Individualized Educational Training for a Child with Autism
 Dong, Fang.

Celebrating Gospel-Jazz Music
 Moore, Marvelene.

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Dalcroze eurhythmics as a tool when learning how to read and write
 Wedin, Eva.

Dance of the Yao Tribe
 Hu, Ping.

Defining Success
 Beeching, Angela.

Democracy and the Right to Doubt
 Allsup, Randall.

Design and Method of Artistic Research in the Field of Music
 Hannan, Michael.

Design-Based Research Methodology (DBR): The Role it Played in Developing a Sociocultural Model for Learning Singing
 Latukefu, Lotte.

Designing a Curriculum for Developing 21st Century Musical Artist/Performer/Teachers
 Gentile, Lea.

Designing a Play-based Music Education Resource for the Generalist Preschool Teacher
 Stevens-Ballenger, Jennifer.

Developing Change Agents for Music Education in Schools
 Nierman, Glenn.

Developing Creativity with Indigenous African Music Instruments in South Africa
 Dlamini, Sazi.

Developing Meaningful Musical Gestures and Communication
 Durrant, Colin.

Developing Music History Knowledge and a Sense of Historical Time in a Musical Savant with Autism
 Anna Maria, Bordin.

Developing Musical Abilities Through Creative Engagement with Music Games
 Lopez, Emilio. and Rincon, Constanza.

Developing Musical Thinking in the Primary School
 Thomas, Elizabeth.

Developing Musical Thinking in the Secondary School
 Crump, Daniel.

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Early Career Teachers and the Creative Commons: A Model for Professional Growth and Autonomy
 Benedict, Cathy. and Schmidt, Patrick.

Early Childhood Music Fun - in a Second Language
 Gagne, Denise.

Early Kenyan Popular Music Fake book and Instructional Procedures
 Otoyo, Donald.

East Meets West: An Analysis of Cross-Cultural Dynamics in Music Studio Teaching and Learning
 Li, Haichuan.

Educating Student Musicians about Occupational Health
 Wristen, Brenda.

Educating Student Musicians about Occupational Health
 Wristen, Brenda.

Educating young Australian musicians for careers in a global context using specialised music training programs.
 Watson, Amanda. and Forrest, David.

Education in Practical Music Through Group Teaching
 Mitchell, Anne.

Educational Policies and Practices in the Preparation of Music Teachers in Brazil
 Figueiredo, Sergio. and Queiroz, Luis.

Effect of Age, Gender, and Musical Training on Popular Music Preferences of Junior High School Students
 Lai, Mei-Ling.

Effect of Instruction in Appropriate Rubato Usage on Onset Timings and Perceived Musicianship of Mozart & Bach Performances
 Madsen, Clifford.

Effect of Knowledge in Music Notation Systems on College Music Majors’ Transcription of West African Drumming Music
 Hernly, Patrick.

Effect of Listening to Specific Musical Selections on Measures of Heart Rate Variability
 Orman, Evelyn.

Effect of auditory feedback in singing: A preliminary study
 Hanrahan, Kevin.

Effective Partnership Working in Music Education
 Hallam, Richard.

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Facilitating the IQ (Interdisciplinary Quotient) of Music Teachers
 Barrett, Janet.

Facilities and Resources in Kindergartens in Hong Kong: Present Situation and Implications for Music Teaching and Learning
 Lee, Barry.

Facing the Music: Shaping Music Education from a Global Perspective
 schippers, huib.

Factors Leading to Transfer of Music Students to Other Degree Programs: Maseno University, Kenya
 Agak, Hellen.

Factors that Affect Greek High School Students’ Self-Beliefs Concerning Music, Musical Instruments and Musical Activities
 Katsochi, Charikleia.

Finding Pots of Gold without Getting Lost in the Woods? Teacher Strategies for Teaching Music with Computers
 Grønsdal, Ingrid.

Finding Space for Music in the Arts and Culture/Creative Arts Curriculum: Challenges for Teacher Educators in South Africa and Kenya
 Akuno, Emily.

Finding the Key: A Pedagogic, Holistic Approach to Creative Music Work with Looked-After Children
 Fleming, Timothy.

Finger Rhythm: The Use of Metrical Rhythm Syllables and Rhythm Hand Signs Adapted to Early Childhood Classes
 Freire, Ricardo.

Fitting Round Pegs in Square Holes
 Cohen, Veronika.

Flute Traditions in South America – Quena and Siku: A Comparison Between Bolivian and Peruvian Playing Techiques
 De La Calle, Luis.

Folk Music Plays a Crucial Role in Children’s Development: Research on How to Effectively Integrate Folk Music into Kindergarten Music Education
 Fu, Lin.

Folk, Classic, and Modern Music as a Repertoire in Electronic Keyboard Class
 Krasilnikov, Igor.

Formal Music Education Practices in Queensland: Official attitudes to music education: 1930 to 1970
 Cole, Malcolm.

Fostering Global Understanding and Cooperation through Music: Windiana Concert Band China Tours
 Doebler, Jeffrey. and Meng, Jianyun.

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GANGGANGSULLAE: Going Beyond “Arirang” in Teaching Korean Music
 Lim, Namhee., Kwon, Dougwon. and Kim, Hyunsook.

Games in Music, Growth in Games: A Case Study on Specific Games’ Role in Developing Children’s Music Potential
 Chen, Qianqian.

Gender Breakthroughs through Jazz Education in South Africa
 Ndamase, Nolwazi.

Gender Differences in Extracurricular Music Participants’ Motivation Toward Learning of School Music in Singapore
 Koh, Chee Kang.

Getting Acquainted with Slovenian Folk Songs and Folk Dances
 Breznik, Inge.

Getting Different Stakeholders and Partners Involved in the SAMTP
 Nel, Zenda.

Global Destabilizations, Sustainable Solutions and Schools of Music: Challenges and Potentials in a Perilous Time
 Montano, David.

Global responsibility of creative thinkers: music education in international schools
 Carter, Maria.

Globalization, cultural diversity, music education and the International Baccalaureate
 Robinson, Pip.

Good Practices in One-to-One Instrumental Higher Education - (V & I Forum)
 Rondas, Ruth.

Government Ideas to Develop the Education System of Vietnam
 Houmann, Anna.

Government ideas to develop the education system of Vietnam
 Houmann, Anna.

Governmental ideas of education development in Vietnam
 Houmann, Anna., Nguyen, Thi Loan., Pham, Viet Anh., Dang, Chau Anh., La, Minh Tam., Nguyen, Trong Anh. and Heiling, Gunnar.

Group Improvisation and the Development of Choral Experience
 Bannan, Nicholas.

Growing in the Wave: Piano Class for Pre-School Education Major and Teaching Reform in Vocational School
 Cui, Fengjuan.

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HYPE: Hip Hop for health
 Stewart, Donald.

HYPE: Hip Hop for health: “It’s the first time that my son’s got active!”
 Stewart, Donald.

Happy Hands: How to Play Healthy, Keeping Your Hands aAnd Everything Else) Working and Happy
 Cox, Sandra.

Harmonious Teaching: Integrating Aural and Sight-reading into Instrumental (piano) Lessons - (V & I Forum Pre-Conference)
 Gwatkin, Jan.

Harmonizing the Diversity that is Community Music Activity through a Bibliographic Database
 Coffman, Don.

Harmony and Groove: Teaching Advanced Harmonic Concepts Through Contemporary Music Repertoire
 Mitchell, Anne.

Harmony in Harmony: The Social, Emotional and Cultural Effects of Choral Participation on Refugee Resettlement
 Dieckmann, Samantha.

Harmony through Communication: Methods for Integrating Students with Autism into the Public School Music Classroom
 DeVito, Donald.

Harmony through DIScovering ABILITIES: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration between ISME CMA and NACCM
 Suarez, Emma., DeVito, Donald., Kleber, Magali. and Bingham, Steven.

Harmony through Music
 Lye, Rachel.

Harmony through Values Education in Australia
 Forrest, David. and Watson, Amanda.

Hausmusik: A Survey on Appreciation and Connectivity of the Musical – A Case Report
 Chiamulera, Salete.

Having Fun While Addressing the National Standards for Music – The Story of One Public School Music Teacher
 Nordlund, Moya.

Healing energies of Bach flower dances: practical introduction
 Pesek, Albinca.

Healthy Practices for Conductors
 Fuelberth, Rhonda.

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I do and I understand: Music Performance Skills in Teacher Training
 Vermeulen, Dorette. and Van Aswegen, Riekie.

IT Integrated Music Education in Primary Education in Taiwan: Perspectives of Music Teachers
 Chen, HungPai.

Ideas Behind the Foundation of TAMINO FLUTES and the Cooperation Between China and Sweden
 Liu Xiao, Yu.

Identifying Gender Boundaries - Promoting Democratic Agency in Music Theory Classes
 Kuoppamäki, Anna.

Identifying Gender Boundaries - Promoting Democratic Agency in Music Theory Classes
 Kuoppamäki, Anna.

Identity redux: Goals and values of intending and practising professional musicians
 Carruthers, Glen.

Illustrations of Melody Phrases
 Fridell, Ingemar.

Impact Study: Predisposition and Teaching styles on Choral Warm-up Philosophy and Practices of Choral Directors
 Olesen, Bradley.

Implications of Learning Theories as Implemented in IMPACT
 Kim, Sunmin.

Improve Instruction and Increase Learning through Reliable and Valid Performance Assessments
 Wolf, Debbie.

Improving Music Teacher Training in China
 Yu, Danhong.

Improvisation and Interaction: Workshop of Dusical Drama-in-Education
 Zhao, Xiaogang., Tang, Yun., Guo, Yiyang. and Chen, Qianqian.

Improvisation as Communication in Students with Autism
 McCord, Kimberly.

Improvisation as inventive space
 Dairianathan, Eugene. and Stead, Eric.

In Praise of the Ethnic Soul
 Hu, Yi.

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Jamming with Curricula: Tensions and Possibilities
 Sæther, Eva.

Japan and Austria Teaching the Language of Music: The JSBM-Utsunomiya Project
 Stekel, Hanns. and Yamamura, Tatsuo.

Jazz 4 Choirs
 Griffin, Michael.

Jazz For Young Children: Jazzy Fairy Tales and Bop Boo Day!
 Rogers, Louise.

Jazz for Kids, the Orff Jazz Rhythm Section
 McCord, Kimberly.


Kabalevsky’s Reform of Music Education: The Past and the Future
 Kabalevsky, Maria.

Key Stability in the Capacity of Singing in Children 2-5 Years Old
 Tafuri, Johannella., Perri, Maria. and Baroni, Mario.

Key Techniques in Creating Fun and Lively Experiences for Young Students: Beginning a Lifetime of Musical Enjoyment
 Cho, Anna.

Kfar Saba - Harmony in Community Music
 Rolnick, Sima.

Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move! Demonstration lessons with young children using ACTIVE listening and movement.
 Kleiner, Lynn.

Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move! Movement activities for ACTIVE listening.
 Kleiner, Lynn.

Kinesthetic Movements and Gestures for Choral Training: From Speaking to Singing
 Wong, Wai Ying Paulina.

Knowledge in Music Teacher Education Programs: Problems and Challenges
 de Quadros, Andre.

Kromata Program
 Rallis, Pamela.

Kutiman Thru You: A Prophet for Music Education Emerges?
 Allsup, Randall. and Westerlund, Heidi.


Language Acquisition: A Bridge to Understanding Musical Development
 Burton, Suzanne. and Makos, Kathryn.

Language Learning Interest in Preschool: The Use of Chinese (Mandarin and Hokkien Dialects) and English Children’s Songs
 Lee, Angela Hao-Chun.

Latin American Folk Music for Eurhythmics
 Kuhn, Ivana. and Zarate, Fernando.

Learn from the Masters – Harmony/arranging
 Ingelf, Sten.

Learner-Centered Teaching in Today's Classroom
 Sun, Xun.

Learning Music: Practice and Performance
 Griffin, Michael.

Learning Procedures in Harmonic Syntax Audiation and Related Effects in Improvisation Skills
 Caspurro, Helena.

Learning Taiwanese through Songs for Mandarin Speaking Young Children
 Chen, Hsiao-Shien. and Yao, Yu-Chuan.

Learning and memorizing in music performance: The role of performance cues
 Lisboa, Tania.

Learning from African music performance technique
 Johnson, Ross.

Learning from Each Other: Australian State and Territory Curricula in Technology, Arts and Music
 Southcott, Jane. and Crawford, Renee.

Learning from Stravinsky’s Ethos: A Musical Collage as a Learning Tool
 Huang, Yi-Ting.

Lessons from the Past: Teaching Music Theory and Improvisation
 Beaumont, Elizabeth.

Let Folk Music Enlighten Children’s Life: Development and Application of Sichuan Folk Music Resource
 Fu, Lin.

Let This Someday Begin Today: Race with Race and the Quest for the Other
 Haussila, Marjut.

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MAEIM: Audio-visual Methodology for the Instrumental Music Instruction
 Serrano Sánchez, María del Carmen.

MISC-MUSIC: Training Music Teachers to Implement the Pedagogical Approach of Mediated Learning Experiences
 Portowitz, Adena.

MUSICAL EAR: A New Ear Training Software for Musical Knowledge and Understanding
 Roslund, Björn. and Andersson, Carl-Axel.

Make a Story with Music — Children’s Compositions Composed with Hyperscore
 Lin, Chingyun.

Making Sound Connections: Broadening Access and Progress of Social Inclusion in Music Education in Australia
 Rowley, Jennifer. and Mitchell, Helen.

Making the Unfamiliar Personal through Collaboration, Exploration and Composition
 Kretchmer, Darlene.

Managing Insecurity: the Teachers’ Identity Project in Higher Music Education
 Broman-Kananen, Ulla-Britta.

Mapping the Market: Gaps and Gluts in Australia's Post-Secondary Music Education and Training
 Lancaster, Helen., Bennett, Dawn. and Lebler, Don.

Mapping the Solutions for the Sustainable Future of Music Education - Recapitulation
 Gutman, Rozalina.

Mapping the Ways to Alleviate Music Performance Anxiety
 Promsukkul, Preeyanun.

Marshall McLuhan and R. Murray Schafer: Canadian Perspectives on Music Education
 Carruthers, Glen.

Masters' perspectives on masterclasses
 Hanken, Ingrid.

Measuring Musical Self-Efficacy in German Secondary Schools: Scale Development and First Results
 Busch, Thomas.

Mei-Lanfang, Peking Opera Master
 Zhang, Yajuan.

Melodic Comprehension through Harmonic Apprehension
 Foley, Gretchen.

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Nanjing Music in Local Junior High School Music Class: Nanjing Baiju, Fangshan Drum As Examples
 Le, Kang.

National Songs and Cultural Identities in Britain
 Cox, Gordon.

Navigating the conservatoire as an educational space: Looking through the lens of 'learning culture'
 Burt-Perkins, Rosie.

Necessity of the Adoption of the Movable-Do Method by Absolute Pitch Possessors
 Mito, Hiromichi. and Shiromoto, Tomoko.

Neuropedagogy: Brain Science and the Teaching of Music - (V & I Forum)
 Svard, Lois.

New Beginnings: Partnership Models in Two Middle School Band Rooms
 Kruse, Nathan.

New Concept, New Curriculum, and New Talents: On Higher Normal Music Education
 Bai, Ying.

New Means and Perspectives on the Imparting and Inheriting of Beijing Folk Music
 Hou, Xiaohong. and Liu, Xueliang.

New Perspectives and Means for the Transmission of Beijing Area Folk music——Thoughts Triggered by the Folk Music Carnival of 2009 Beijing Traditional Music Festival
 Xie, Jiaxing., Hou, Xiaohong. and Liu, Xueliang.

New Sounds of Learning: A Partnership Approach to Understanding Educational Music
 Andrews, B..

New Thoughts on Development of Music Teacher Education Curriculum
 Jin, Shunai., Huo, Yi Dan. and Wang, Chun Hong.

New technologies, traditional education and partnerships in access and outreach: A move towards blended learning
 Tiernan, Julie.

Normal Development of Voice in Children: Advances in Evidence-based Standards
 Pedersen, Mette.

Normal University Music Education Reform in the View of Elementary Music Education in Current Situations
 Zeng, Meiliang. and Mo, Shiqing.

Numbers with Rhythm: A Didactic Proposal for Pre-Primary School
 RIANO, MARIA ELENA. and Lazaro, Claudia.

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Observations on the powerful combination of composer and performer in transforming society through art
 Trent, Stirling.

On Cai Yuanpei’s Conception of Chinese and Western Music Education
 Li, Wenbin.

On Local Music Education within the Multi-cultural Framework: Based on a Case of Educational Infiltration of Southern Jiangsu Local Music
 Liu, Dawei.

On Problem Solving Music Teaching in kindergarten
 Wang, Xiuping.

On the Debugging of Tendencies and Solution of the Emotional and Rational
 Yuan, Taofeng.

On the Difficulties of the Practice of the Key Courses of Music History and Composing Theory of Higher Normal Education College
 Ye, Songrong.

On the Feasibility of Incorporating Local Music into the Course System of Music Programs in Normal Colleges
 Xia, Meijun.

On the Musical Instrument Industry and Music Education in Japan
 Hebert, David.

On the Outside Looking In: Musical Ability, Disability, and Problems of Pedagogy - (V & I Forum)
 Dobbs, Teryl.

On “Professional Music Education”
 Yang, Yanyi.

On-line networking offers students opportunities for making global connections through music
 Jung-Kim Trent, Virginia.

One’s Own Music as a Path to Classroom Teacher Success
 Jeanneret, Neryl.

Online Music Communities as “Communities of Practice:” Informal Music Learning Goes Virtual
 Waldron, Janice.

Orff Schulwerk Teacher Educators’ Beliefs about Singing
 Scott, Julia.

Orff Schulwerk and the Lower Primary Music Curriculum in China: Can They Work Together?
 Brooke, Sarah.

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PLAY Music: Transition experiences of Conservatoire students
 Creech, Andrea., Hallam, Susan. and Gaunt, Helena.

Parents and Educators: Partners in Early Childhood Music Instruction
 Kenney, Susan.

Partnerships in Higher Education: An American Perspective
 Brophy, Timothy.

Passing Down National Music: On the Heritage and Development of Changde Sixian Opera from Perspective of its Popularity
 Li, Mingyan.

Pedagogic Articulations in Music Education: the PONTES and the AME Approaches for Continued Teacher Education
 Oliveira, Alda.

Pedagogical Means of Developing Child’s Musical Hearing Notions at Preschool
 Spona, Ausma. and Liduma, Anna.

Peer Assessment of Tertiary Group Music-Making: Vocational Training?
 Blom, Diana.

Peking Opera Bel Canto in Chinese: Introducing its Vocal Training Process - (V & I Forum Pre-Conference)
 Zhang, Wen.

Peking Opera Master Mei Lanfang
 Wang, Jun.

Perception and Performance of Intonation: Cooperative Learning vs. Individual Flute Lessons
 Cantamessa, Mariacarla.

Perception of Japanese Music, Music of Our Country, and Hometown Music by Different Generations
 Ishii, Yuri. and Shiobara, Mari.

Perceptions of Compulsory Elementary Music on Cultural and Social Outcomes
 Misenhelter, Dale. and Russell, Joshua.

Perceptions of Effective Piano Pedagogy: An Australian Perspective
 Michalski, Yvonne.

Perceptual Span in Music Sight Reading: Effects of Notational Complexity
 Liu, Yifei.

Performance Analysis in Ensemble Performance: Linking Preparation and Performance to Comprehensive Musicianship
 Thompson, Kenneth.

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Qualifications and Training Dilemmas for Studio Piano Teachers Templates for a Harmonious Community of Practice
 Gwatkin, Jan.

Quantify-Type Music Education
 Tang, Winnie.

Questioning the Impact of Collegiate Music Education Methods Courses on Music Teacher Identity Development
 Kerchner, Jody.


Raising Practitioners and Teachers Through Music Festivals in Kenya
 Obiero, Wycliffe.

Re-examining Music Composition: Toward a Diversity of Perspectives
 Martin, Jeffrey.

Reach for the Moon, and see Stars! Challenging Students with Special Needs toward Musical Excellence
 Wolf, Debbie.

Ready, set, create!: Incorporating musical creativity into the curriculum
 Pollard, Catherine.

Realizing Goals of Memorization
 Inouye, Fang-Fang Shi.

Recontextualising Indigenous Music for Formal Classroom Practice: Bridging the Gap between Traditional Instruction and Institutional Approach
 Omolo-Ongati, Rose.

Recorder Hero: Incorporating Popular Music in the Classroom
 Randles, Clinton.

Recorder Playing in Primary Education: Beggining to Play in a Recorder Group
 Berg, Michael.

Recovery of Nigerian Music Education in a Globalized World
 Onyiuke, Young Sook.

Redefining the Notion of Career
 Burt-Perkins, Rosie.

Reducing Vocal Performance Anxiety
 Hinchman, Pamela.

Reflecting on Reflection-in-Action: Supervising Practice-Based Doctorates in Music
 Draper, Paul. and Harrison, Scott.

Reflection of Members from the Norwegian Ethnic Music Troupe on the Beijing Traditional Music Festival
 Xie, Jiaxing., Li, Pengge. and Guo, Yiyang.

Reflections on Brazilian Popular Music and Music Education: How to Deal with Diversity?
 Farias, Bernardo.

Reflections on Music Pedagogy Textbooks
 Wen, Xuewen.

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SINGING AND MALE PRIMARY TEACHERS: A case study on the use of masculine voice in a Spanish primary school
 Cuadrado Fernández, Albina.

Salau, Sau, Pin Music in the Educational System of Lanna-Nan
 Songned, Kitchai.

Save Yinsong on the Edge of its Disappearing ---- Enlightenment on Protection and Propagation of Yinsong given by “The 2009 Beijing Traditional Music Festival”
 Yang, Mei. and Xie, Jiaxing.

Scholarship Development in Online Courses
 Rodriguez, Carlos.

School Songs in China: Li Shu Ton (1880~1942)
 Tamura, Nishiki. and Sha, Zhu.

School-University Partnerships: The Choral Perspective
 Rickard, Krystal.

Score Perception and Performance at the Piano: Evaluation of Cognitive Chunking and Motor Skill Development
 Pike, Pamela.

Secondary Choral Music Education in Hong Kong
 Kwan, Eva.

Seeing a Full-Scale Opera
 Hu, Yanyan.

Seeing is Hearing: Hearing is Seeing
 Gearing, Phillip.

Select Musical Programs and Restorative Practices in Prisons Across the Globe
 Cohen, Mary.

Self-Motivation Reigns When…“Princess Inspiration Comes to the Rescue”; Fun Picture-Book Companion for Beginner's Music Textbooks
 Gutman, Rozalina.

Self-Reported Beliefs on Importance of Selected Visual Factors in Vocal Solo Performance Evaluation
 Howard, Sandra.

 Bowman, Wayne.

Sharing the Voices: The Power of Song as a Catalyst for Global Harmony
 Rose, Andrea. and Adams, Ki.

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 Uçaner, Burçin.

 Patkin, Nehama.

Take It or Leave It: Universal Primary and Secondary Education in Uganda - Are Music Festivals Replacing Conventional Classroom Lessons?
 Kigozi, Benon.

Taking the Phantom out of the Opera: Creating Child-Friendly Opera Performances
 Wu, Chia-Fen., Moelants, Dirk., Schreibers, Josephine. and Leman, Marc.

Talking about Mongolian Long-tune Art from Music Aesthetic
 Guo, Weiping.

Teach Popular Music Locally or Globally? Implementation of the Popular Music Curriculum in Hong Kong
 Chen, Chi Wai.

Teacher-Artist Partnership in Teaching Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong Schools: Teacher Transformation
 Leung, Bo Wah.

Teachers’ Perspectives on Incorporating Popular Music Into the Junior High School Arts and Humanities Music Curriculum in Taiwan
 Chen, Ying Ling. and Leu, Jennifer.

Teachers’ perceptions of the impact of ICT in secondary music education
 Wise, Stuart.

Teaching Balinese Gamelan Ensemble in the Class of Japanese High School and its Meanings.
 Seto, Hiroshi.

Teaching Balinese Gamelan Ensemble in the Class of Japanese Senior High School and its Meanings.
 Seto, Hiroshi.

Teaching Guitar in Distance Music Courses in Brazil: What are the Possibilities of Interactive Material?
 Tourinho, Ana.

Teaching Multicultural Music with Integrity Using Interactive Technology
 Goetze, Mary. and Yu, Juan.

Teaching Music Through Movement and Improvisation in Kindergarten and Primary Grades
 Ozeas, Natalie.

Teaching Music to Non-Natives: A Case Study of Thai Classical Music
 Wongratanapitak, Paphutsorn.

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UK: Wider Opportunities
 Burt, Rita.

Understanding Complex Influences Affecting Participation in Singing
 Whidden, Collleen.

Understanding Global Harmony Through Integration and Metaphony: A Model in African Music
 Agu, Dan. and Umezinwa, Emmanuel.

Understanding Music Through our Body
 Herrera, Susa.

Understanding of Asian Folk Music: Multicultural Music Education for Future Citizens of the Earth
 Furiya, Miyako.

Unfamiliar Music in Method Books for Collective Instrumental Instruction.
 Barbosa, Joel.

Unintended Outcomes of Gestural Compensation in Music Conducting
 Visentin, Peter., Wasiak, Edwin. and Shan, Gongbing.

Unity and National Identity in Intermediate Piano Pieces by Brazilian Composers
 Fregoneze, Carmen.

Unity, Identity and World Harmony through Brazilian Music
 Gerling, Cristina.

Use of e-Portfolio Assessment in the Instructional Technology Course “Art Dialog: Form and Music"
 Kuo, Karen.

Use of the Voice Range Profile in Assigning Repertoire: An Evaluation
 Hanrahan, Kevin.

Using Classroom Percussion Instruments to Learn Aspects of Balinese Gamelan Music
 Dunbar-Hall, Peter.

Using Cross-Curricular Classes to Help Meet the Mandated Goals of Japanese Music Classes
 Tokie, Noriko.

Using Fitts and Posner's "Phases of Learning" Research to Facilitate the Learning of Intermediate Piano Repertoire in a Group Setting.
 Parente, Thomas.

Using Kinesthetic Approach to Enhance Choral Singing: A Qualitative Analysis from Students’ Perspectives
 Lu, Ju-Fen.

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Variation of tempo——Differences between four beat and three beat, two beat and three beat
 Chen, Qi.

Variation – Variformation – Vansformation – Transformation?
 Aicher, Linda.

Vary, Move, and Make Music! - (V & I Forum)
 Wedin, Eva. and Wirkkala-Malmqvist, Päivikki.

Visual Tools for Musical Reflections
 Fridell, Ingemar.

Visual Tools for Perceived Dynamics and Points of Gravity
 Fridell, Ingemar.

Visualizing Music by Concept Mapping
 Wang, Wei-Chun. and Chen, Heng-Lin.

Vocal Health for Music Teachers
 Hackworth, Rhonda.

Vocal Health for Music Teachers
 Hackworth, Rhonda.

Vocal Music Teaching Practice a Musical Score
 Li, Wenjun.

Vocal education and industrialization
 Hao, Meixin.

Vocal interaction during napper change at home and at the nursery.
 Addessi, Anna.

Voice as Intersection between Music and Language: The Writing Component of the Oakdale Prison Community Choir
 Cohen, Mary. and Trachsel, Mary.

Voice condition exercises for professionals working in the field of care and therapy
 Frostova, Jana.


Ways into Songwriting: A Practical Workshop in Group Songwriting using Different Starting Points
 Mullen, Phil.

We Learn Music Only? On Exploring the Nonmusical Value of Music Education
 Li, Yingjie.

We Shall Overcome: resilience for overcoming the challenges of autism.
 DeVito, Donald.

We are on the Way to Perfect Teaching
 Zhao, Ying.

Web-Based Learning Environment for Music Education
 Johnsen, Gisle.

Web-Based Workshop on Improvisation in Afro-American Music
 Tabell, Markku.

Web-based and mobile learning in choral music education: a bridge between sacred music choral associations and worshippers
 Faraone, Giuseppe. and Gazzano, Paolo.

WebQuests in Music Education: I Learn, You Learn, We Learn
 Berg, Michael.

Weekly Music Interaction Sessions for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: A Case Study
 Lim, Joyce.

Welcoming Shakespeare into the Music Classroom: An Intergraded, Multilingual Approach to Teaching and Learning Music
 De Leo, Joseph.

 Gidekel, Claudia.

What Do Greek Roma Children Believe about School Music? A Study In Thessaloniki
 Aggelidou, Sophia., Dionyssiou, Zoe. and Pinelis, Paraskevas.

What Music Educators Can Learn From Successful Music Teaching On-Line
 Kratus, John.

What PRICE: the musician in creative and educational spaces of the twenty-first century?
 Mitchell, Anne.

What Secondary Students Say about Music in the Program of Serial University Entrance Examination of University of Brasília (PAS/UnB)
 de Azevedo, Maria Cristina.

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Yi Chinese Art of Chamber Music: Seaweed Characteristics and Teaching
 Li, Tiantian.

Young Piano Students' Sight-Reading: The Effect of Colorful Illustrations in Piano Method Books
 Liu, Yifei.
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