ISME World Conference and Commission Seminars 2012-Jul-15 to 2012-Jul-20

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"ManChoir": Adolescent Males' Perceptions of the Benefits of Participating in a Non-selective, Single-sex Choir.
 Morrell, Meredith.

"Musical Futures" and Multiculturalism in Canada: Guitars, Guiros and the Gong Ageng
 Hutchison, Jennifer. and Linton, Leslie.

"Musick" Pedagogy?
 Linton, Leslie.

"So what helps me is always the idea that I’m sharing, I’m giving…"
 Long, Marion. and Gaunt, Helena.

"Stroke-a-Chord": The Effect of Singing in a Community Choir on Mood and Social Engagement for People Living with Aphasia
 Baker, Felicity.

"They Were Never Able to Make the People Quiet:" Nueva Canción singer Rafael Manríquez's experience of music during Chile's crisis
 Patterson, Jonathan.

"We Sing to Touch Hearts": Choral Musical Culture in Pretoria East
 Bartolome, Sarah.

"What makes music jazzy?" Fostering musical understanding through listening, performing, and creating.
 Blair, Deborah.

"You'll be Dead Long Enough Really": Examining the "Place" of Creativity within a Local Jazz Ensemble
 Kenny, Ailbhe.

*Paper Title
 Sims, Wendy.

10 Games to Make Your Orchestra Rehearsals More Productive, Relaxing, and Fun
 Kovacs, Ingrid.

100 Years Gehörbildung in Germany 1889-1985
 Alfonso Estrada Rodriguez, Luis.

21st Century Communication Strategies for the Professional Musician
 Legge, Nancy. and Johnson, Jessica.

21st Century Thinking Skills: Commonalities within a State Standards-Based Music Core and the English Language Arts Common Core
 Nardo, Rachel.

5000 Languages, 5000 Ways to Sing?
 Trollinger, Valerie.

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A Case Study of an Excellent Elementary School Musical Ensemble Teacher
 Huang, Wanshan. and Ou, Yuan-Fang.

A Case Study of the Art Appreciation Course on the School-based Curriculum Development and Students’ Learning Behaviors
 Hsu, Jowen. and Ou, Yuan-Fang.

A Choral Director's Introduction to Vocal Jazz: Repertoire, Warm Ups and Stylistic Considerations
 Thielen Gaffey, Dr. Tina. and Parker, Jennifer.

A Comparative Study of Choral Education in Three Types of Greek Middle Schools: Public, Private and Music Schools
 Meligopoulou, Maria.

A Comparison of Pre- and Post-Student Teachers' Perceptions of Instrumental Music Educators’ Verbal and Vocal Teaching Strategies
 Sheldon, Deborah. and Brittin, Ruth.

A Comprehensive Approach to Music and Movement in Music Education
 Shiobara, Mari.

A Content Analysis of "Music Education" Videos Posted on YouTube
 Whitaker, Jennifer. and Orman, Evelyn.

A Content Analysis of Qualitative Research Theses in Music Education in Thailand
 Chiengchana, Natee.

A Contextual Framework for Examining Music Teacher Education, Socialization and Identity Formation
 Heuser, Frank. and Greher, Gena.

A Cross-cultural Examination of Pitch-matching Accuracy in Children from Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, and the USA
 Wolf, Debbie Lynn.

A Cross-cultural Research: Discovering Musical Interests of Children through the Project Method
 Gonzalez Martin, Cristina. and Takasu, Hiromi.

A Descriptive Analysis of the Psychological Needs of Adults Participating in Music Ensembles
 Douglas, Kenneth.

A Little World You Create: Aesthetic Communication as a Motivator of Tertiary Music Performance Students
 Renwick, James.

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Palm Beach County Schools’ Arts Integration Pilot Program
 Brophy, Timothy. and Pearson, Tom.

A Microanalysis of Music Therapy with a Young Man with Severe Learning Disabilities
 Habron, John.

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Babyconcert: “The Sound of the Flute”
 van der Sande, Félice.

Balance between Transmission and Further Development of Indigenous Music Culture ——Report and Analysis of Music Education Work in Rural Areas in China
 Yang, Yanyi.

Balanced Musicianship: The Use of Portable Balance Toolkits to Unlock Artistic Potential
 Koga, Midori.

Because I Stay So
 Nichols, Jeananne.

Becoming a real teacher: Chelsea's narrative of teacher identity
 Blair, Deborah.
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Becoming part of a community of practice: Supporting early-career teachers
 Ballantyne, Julie.

Beginning Improvisation in Piano Pedagogy: Using Creative Pedagogies and Approaches to Motivate and Inspire Teachers and Students
 McMillan, Jan.

Beginning Jazz Improvisation Instruction at the Collegiate Level
 Hart, David.

Beginning Music Teachers' Perceptions of their Preparation for School Music Teaching
 Legette, Roy.

Behind Closed Doors: A Case Study of Practice Habits and Strategies Employed (and Neglected) by Third-Year Vocal Music Education Majors
 Pike, Pamela.

Being White in Blacktown: The Musical Identity of Anglo Australians in Sydney's Multicultural West
 Dieckmann, Samantha.

Benefits of Music Education Outside the Classroom, and the Organization of Music Tours
 Hoek, Annalize.

Best Practices in Teacher Education from “Far South America”
 Frega, Ana.

Between Ancient Traditions and a Cosmopolitan Future: Cambodian Educators’ Ethical Reflections on Teaching Disadvantaged Children Traditional Khmer Music and Dance
 Kallio, Alexis. and Westerlund, Heidi.

Between Kairos and Khronos with Given Time; A Perspective from Nonmusic-specialist Tertiary Students Learning Free Improvisation in Singapore
 Dairianathan, Eugene. and Stead, Eric.

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CLATEC Musical Approach: A Proposal of Musical Education including Students with Visual Deficiency
 Gottschall Pinto Trindade, Brasilena.

CLATEC Musical Approach: a proposal of musical education including students with visual deficiency
 Gottschall Pinto Trindade, Brasilena.

Calling ISME Authors: Policies, Procedures and Practices for Publishing in the International Journal of Music Education
 Sims, Wendy., Brophy, Timothy., Ilari, Beatriz. and Johnson, Christopher.

Campaigning for the Importance of Music Education
 Potgieter, Maryna.

Capturing Resonance: The Challenges of Evaluating the Work of Professional Musicians in Education
 Hennessy, Sarah.

Case Study of a Bluegrass Group in a Retirement Community: Musical Learning, Participation, and Quality of Life
 Fung, Victor.

Challenges of the Institutional Bursaries Program for Initial Teacher Training (IBPITT): music teacher and the community
 Candusso, Flavia.

Challenging Young Adults to Integrate Music-Making into Their Out-of-School Lives and Identities
 Woody, Robert. and Parker, Elizabeth.

Challenging the Children's Choir Movement to Inclusionary Excellence. VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto: An Emerging Model for Inclusion
 Ratzlaff, Carol.

Championing Creative Pedagogies: A Case Study of a Learning Community in a State High School Instrumental Music Programme
 Burnard, Pamela.

Charisma, Conductors, and the Affective Communications Test
 Running, Donald.

Chartering a New Course in Music Education
 Cotton, Matthew.

Children in Reality Television Shows
 Sotiriou, Christina.

Children, Marimbas and Meaning
 Buchan, Susan.

Children's Choirs for Today's Children
 Floyd, Eva.

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DIScovering ABILITIES: Collaboration and Connectivity
 DeVito, Donald. and Ruthmann, S. Alex.

DIScovering e-BILITY: the Promise and Possibilities of Arts, Digital Media and Well-being.
 D, S.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching
 Wedin, Eva.

Dance and Play! Creative Movement in the Group Piano Curriculum
 Savvidou, Paola.

Dancing and Playing the Baroque Dances
 Coats, Sylvia. and Celestin, Denise.

Dancing the Music of Gunild Keetman
 Wheatley, Susan.

Defining Music Teacher Identity for Effective Research in Music Education
 Wagoner, Cynthia.

Defining and Redefining Musical Potential and Abilities in Young People
 Hennessy, Sarah.

Demonstration Lesson: Des Pas Sur la Neige
 Kassner, Kirk.

Descriptive Gaps of Piano Teachers Representations about Healthy Postural Attitudes
 Martin, Christian. and Dubé, Francis.
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Design Environments for Music Making and Learning
 Ruthmann, S. Alex.

Design Your Own Concert: Approaches to Creating and Composing Music with Children
 Swanson, Matt.

Design and Implementation of Curriculum in Elementary Music Education
 Durairaj, Manju. and Foustalieraki, Maria.

Designing Musical Learning Experiences – Applying Constructivist Philosophies to Classroom and Co-curricular Music Making.
 Hubmayer, Antony.

Designing Self-Reflection Activities In A Course for Prospective Music Teachers
 Morita, Kyoko.

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EGGS: New Tools for New Points of View on Music Experience (When the Listening Dimension is the Rule for Discovering)
 Radin, Sara.

EGGS: Tools for New Music Experience (When the Listening Dimension is the Rule for Discovery)
 Fedrigo, Cristina. and Radin, Sara.

Early Childhood Music Education Program “Sido – Adventure in Musicland”
 Tzouma, Eirini.

Educating Musicians to Teach in the 21st Century: A Case Study of Teaching Synchronous Piano Lessons Online
 Pike, Pamela.

Educating the professional pianist for long-term performance health
 de Lisle, Rae.

Educating the “Whole” Child in Music Education: Does Happiness Count?
 Silverman, Marissa.

Educational Aspects of Pupils’ Participation in Lithuanian Students’ Song Festival
 Girdzijauskiene, Ruta.

Educational Experiences In the Music Classroom with the New Sound Textures of 20th and 21st Centuries
 Jorge Matto, Adrian. and Villalba, Silvia.

Educational Project in Valencian Music Schools
 Tomás Ludeña, Manuel.

Educational Reforms and the Professionalisation of Teaching: The Mention in Music Education
 Hurtado Llopis, Julio.

Educational Theory, Cultural Policy and Music Pedagogy: Reflections on the Politics of Exclusion
 Sprikut, Leonid.

Educational concerts At the Palau de la Musica in Valencia

Effect of Conductor Expressivity on Ensemble Evaluations by Nonmusic Majors
 Price, Harry.

Effect of Creative Music Making Activities based on Integrated Approach on Children’s Musicality, Creativity, and Mathematical Skills
 So Hyang, Kim,.

Effect of Creative Music Making Activities based on Integrated Approach on Children’s Musicality, Creativity, and Mathematical Skills
 Gyoungsuk, Ahn. and So Hyang, Kim,.

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Facilitating Collaborative Learning in Choral Conducting Education
 Varvarigou, Maria.

Facilitating Intergenerational Life-long Learning
 Williams, Lindsey. and Belgrave, Melita.

Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic!
 Kleiner, Lynn.

Feeling It Is How I Understand It: Musical Knowing Embodied
 Wiggins, Jackie.

Figurenotes – A New Tool for Special Music Education and Music Therapy
 Kaikkonen, Markku.

Final report on Creativity as assessed by functional magnetic resonance imaging and SCAMPER tool.
 Frega, Ana.

Finding Flow in Collaborative Music Performance: Essential Music Reading Skills for a Piano Accompanist
 Brown, Judith.

Finding Order in Disorder: Analysis of 20th Century Music and the Teaching of Music Rudiments
 Herbst, Danell.

Flow while Teaching and Learning in Individual Tuition Settings
 Cardoso, Francisco.

Focus groups interviews in action research
 Holcar, Ada.

Fogginess of the cloud: Implications of moving creative music education off site.
 Thorgersen, Ketil.

Folk Dances and Play Parties from the United States
 Connors, David.

Following the Student Lead: The Development of Music Literacy through Student Choice
 west, susan.

Formation and Transformation of a Community of Practice: A Case Study of Little Kids Rock
 Burstein, Scott.

Formation and Transformation of a Community of Practice: A Case Study of Little Kids Rock
 Burstein, Scott.

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Gender Associations with World Music Instruments by High School Music Students from the United States
 Kelly, Steven. and VanWeelden, Kimberly.

Getting attuned with the music class: A case study of flow experience in a preschool music setting in Greece
 Stamou, Lelouda.

Giving Flight to the Imagination: Orff Schulwerk and Intergenerational Music Learning
 Brooke, Sarah.

Global Teachers as Learners: Redefining Group Piano Pedagogy to Incorporate Different Cultures and Creativity in Malaysia.
 McMillan, Jan.

Globalising a Music Degree in Postcolonial settings: The voice of the indigenous community.
 Rakena, Te Oti.

Good Neighbors: Latin America and US Music Education 1940-1955
 Bannerman, Julie.

Grandma’s Chair: iMusic for preschoolers
 Smithrim, Katharine.

Greek Traditional Songs, Singing Games, and Dances; A Multicultural Resource for Non-Greek Music Educators
 Foustalieraki, Maria.

Group Learning, Psychosocial and Music Development
 da Silva, Tais.
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Grouping While Listening to Music by 6 and 8 year-old Children
 Koniari, Dimitra.

Growing the Musician's Brain: Why and How We are Different
 Svard, Lois.

Growth of the Community Choir: A Beijing Model
 Sun, Luyi.

Guided Reflection That Provokes The Development Of Sensitive Professional Narratives
 Wu, Chaokuei.

Gurus and Sony’s: Tradition and Change in Learning Raga-based Music
 schippers, huib.


Hand Rotation for Pianists and Its Contribution to a Musically Inclined and Technically Independent Left Hand
 Savvidou, Dina. and Fytika, Athina.

Handling a Double-Edged Sword: Music Curricula in English-Speaking Countries
 Pardàs, Lluïsa.

Harmonia: An Online Musical Game
 Chong, Eddy.

Harmony and Ensemble Direction: Arranging Advanced Harmonic Concepts in Contemporary Repertoire
 Mitchell, Annie.

Harmony approach for Early Childhood Piano Guidance Developed by Audie in South Korea
 RHO, Joohee.

Hausmusik: The Brandão Family
 Chiamulera, Valentina. and Maria Chiamulera, Rosa.

Hausmusik: The Family Recitals in Curitiba (Paraná/Brazil)
 Prosser, Elisabeth.

Hausmusik: The Guitar in the "indoor" musical experience
 Henrique Torres Lima, Geraldo.

Hausmusik: The Piano in Chamber Music at Family Recitals
 Rebello, Reneè.

Hausmusik; The "Resonance Group Experiences - Recorder Player Free Ensemble "
 Deeke Sasse, Angela.

Healthy ageing through instrumental music learning
 Perkins, Rosie.

Hindustani Classical Vocal Music: An Introduction to Voice Culture, and the Concepts of Bandish, Raga, and Tala.
 Pudaruth, Santosh. and Pudaruth, Kamladevi.

How Manos Hadjidakis’ Music could Reflect the Ancient Spirit of Learning, Which Keeps up with the Commands of Modern Music Education
 Athanassiou, Maria.

How Motivation Influences General Music Educators Classroom Decisions
 Johnson, Daniel. and Matthews, Wendy.

How Students in Greek Music Education Implement Acquired Knowledge in Performance: A Re-evaluation Based on Research of Historical Didactic Repertoire
 Hassiotis, Kostis.

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I Can Sing! I Can Read!: Early Literacy in Early Childhood
 Bennett, Peggy.

I Know My Own Voice: Authentic Assessment and Vocal Development
 Fuelberth, Rhonda. and Cogdill, Susan.

I Know a Frog: Integrating Science, Music and Children's Literature
 Stover, Pamela.
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I Only Hear Familiar Things...
 Stephens, Jonathan.

ICTs as a resource for recording and dissemination of musical heritage
 Giraldez, Andrea.

Identification of the Adolescent Male Voice: Unchanged vs. Falsetto
 Wayman, John.

Identifying Musical Potential in a Group Setting
 Nankivell, Hugh.

Identity and Musical Self-Esteem Across Two Generations of In-Service Music Educators: Possible Influences of Institutionalized Policies
 Misenhelter, Dale.

Illinois K-8 General Music Teachers’ Use of Improvisation in Their Classrooms: A Mixed Methods Approach
 Niknafs, Nasim.

Images of Practice: Web Documentation of Music Teaching in Singapore
 Lum, Chee Hoo.

Impact of a Technolog-Based Program for Professional Development in Music and Music Education

Impacting premature infant outcomes through womb sounds and the maternal singing voice
 Woodward, Sheila.

Impacts of Aural Training Classes on Listening of Students from a Higher Popular Music Course
 Alcantara Neto, Darcy.

Implementation and Expectations of Music Software from Hong Kong Music Teachers’ Pedagogical Perspective
 Cheng, Lee. and LEONG, Samuel.

Implementation of Community-based School Choral Mentoring Scheme: Towards a Collaborative and Reflective Approach in Choral Teacher Education
 WONG, Paulina.

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Jam Session Brazil Bahia
 Gottschall Pinto Trindade, Brasilena.

 Kenny, Ailbhe.

Jazz For Young Children: Jazzy Fairy Tales and Beyond
 Rogers, Louise., Milligan, Susan. and Strong, Rick.

Jazz Under the Lens: Integrating jazz films into the teaching environment
 Carroll, Greg.

Jazz and Contemplative Studies: A Case Study for Spirituality in Music Education
 Sarath, Ed.

Jazz for Children
 McCord, Kimberly.

Jazz, Musical Grounding and Improvising without Rules
 Benghi, Diber.

Joy of Cooperation: Application of Cooperative Learning in Chinese Folk Music Teaching in Lower Grades of Elementary School
 Lianlian, Yang., Yi, Xiang., Yuqi, Liu., Wei, Zhou., Lan, Yao. and Wei, Yang.

Junior Voiceworks at Christmas ~ 33 Songs for Children (Oxford University Press)
 Stannard, Kevin.

Juxtaposing Sub-Saharan and Western Musical Arts Education Philosophies
 Herbst, Anri.


Keys to the Sustainable Development of a Community Orchestra: A Case Study on a Chinese Orchestra in Hong Kong
 Leung, Chi-Cheung.

King’s Junior Voices: How to Build a Choir
 Alcantara, Lynette.

Klangradar 3000 - sound copies
 Friedrich, Burkhard.

Klangradar 3000: Contemporary Music and Composing in Public Schools
 Friedrich, Burkhard.

Knowledge and professionalism in music teacher education
 Mateiro, Teresa.

Kromata Program: Educating Young Children through Music, Vocabulary, Numbers and Movement
 Gouveros, Pamela.


Laying the Foundation for Improvisation
 Filsinger, Kerry.

Learning Collegiality: 5 Ways to Preserve Relationships during Conflict
 Bennett, Peggy.

Learning Gamelan in Bali
 Dunbar-Hall, Peter.

Learning Outcomes of Starting up the First Popular Music Profiled Music Education Programme in Finland
 Erkkila, Tuomas.

Learning Repertoire: What, When, Why...and How?
 Filsinger, Mark.

Learning Through Songs. Accuracy in Pentachord’s Performance during Early childhood.
 Monaco, Maria.

Learning Together Online: An Investigation of Collaborative Instruction on Students’ Demonstrated Levels of Cognition in an Online Music Appreciation Course
 McCabe, Melissa.

Learning by Doing with CREA-TE: Raising Awareness of Teacher Students about Educational Research and Research Methodology
 Casals-Ibáñez, Albert., Hug, Daniel. and Cslovjecsek, Markus.

Learning in Groups: Musicians working with drama students
 Ford, Biranda.

Learning of music from the pupils' point of view
 Pemsel, Maria.

Learning of music from the pupils' point of view
 Pemsel, Maria.

Learning to Improvise: Practical Knowledge of Music Teachers Compared with Theoretical Insights
 Bremmer, Melissa. and Schopman, Esther.

Learning to Speak Music: Improvisation Through Informal Learning
 Sommervelle, Christopher.

Learning to Speak Music: Improvisation Through Informal Learning
 Sommervelle, Christopher.

Learning to compose within the participatory culture of new media
 Partti, Heidi. and Westerlund, Heidi.

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Making it relevant: Engaging performing arts students in theoretical learning
 Brown, Judith.

Making the new Creative Arts Curriculum in South Africa a positive learning experience
 Hoek, Annalize.

Mapping Community Music Work: A rhizomatic approach
 Lines, David.

Mapping Music: Strategies to Help Students Learn and Memorize Music More Effectively
 Shockley, Rebecca. and Colgin-Abeln, Melissa.

Marimba Paedeia: Discovering African Musical Values Through Marimba Ensembles
 Carver, Christian. and Carver, Mandy.

Mastering Rhythm
 Peterson, Nicholas.

Meaningful Early Childhood Musical Experiences: How Undergraduate Music Educators Crafted and Implemented Music Lessons in Underserved American Preschools
 Whitcomb, Rachel.

Means of Non-Verbal Communication in Piano Pedagogy
 Papadia, Kleio.

Mediocrity to artistry: Technology and the singing voice
 Hughes, Diane.

Meditation, Student-Centered Instruction, and the Development of Musical Improvisation Skills
 Edwards, Richard.

Melodyssia: Delights, Challenges, and Lessons Taught from the Creation of an Online Music Resource for Secondary Education Greek Students
 Koutsobina, Vassiliki.

Men, Boys and Singing: An Overview of International Research and Practice
 Harrison, Scott.

Mental Wellness for Musicians: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Psychology and Performance Anxiety Management
 Cornett-Murtada, Vanessa.

Mentoring Pre-service Music Educators Using a Blended Delivery Approach
 Wasiak, Ed.

Mentoring Young Composers
 Wiggins, Jackie.

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Naming and Claiming Focused Inquiry: Reflections on Theoretical Frameworks for Early Childhood Music Research
 Custodero, Lori.

Narrative Study of Professional Artistry in Selected Thai Music Teachers
 Pitupumnak, Khanithep.

National Curriculum for Music in Greece: Unified Arts or Autonomous Art Subjects?
 Chrysostomou, Smaragda.

Negotiating Culture: The Institutionalization of Fiddle Music in Higher Education
 Olson, Nathaniel.

Negotiating Identities: Music Teachers, Technology and Professional Development
 Ballantyne, Julie. and Ruthmann, S. Alex.

Negotiating Musical Transmission in the Christmas Bands in the Western Cape, South Africa
 Bruinders, Sylvia.

Negotiating Space for Indigenous Kenyan Music Practices in the Contemporary Classroom
 Omolo-Ongati, Rose.

Negotiating “Self,” “Other” and Mutual Exchange: Music-Making in the Jazz Small Group
 Branker, Anthony.

Negotiating “Self,” “Other” and Mutual Exchange: Music-Making in the Jazz Small Group
 Branker, Anthony.

Neo-liberalism and the Global Decline of Music Education
 Aróstegui, José Luis.

New Experience in Choral Rehearsal: Strategies to Enhance Chorister’s Performance Power through Drama Conventions
 Lam, Chi Ying , Gigi.

New Experience in Choral Rehearsal: Strategies to Enhance Chorister’s Performance Power through Drama Conventions
 Lam, Chi Ying , Gigi.

New Horizons Senior Adult Music Education Programs: Contributions to Music Education and Opportunities for Initiating a New Horizons Ensemble
 Hartley, Linda.

New Information And Communication Technologies (ICT) In The Music Room

New Lenses for Choir Directors’ Eyes: Recognizing and Developing Intangible but Invaluable Skills for Choir Members
 Becker, Nicole.

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OboeBassoonBuzz: A Study in Multi-sector Engagement
 Gaunt, Helena.

Oh, Pierre!: A Cue-Driven System for Improvised Democratic Engagement
 Haltmeier, Eric., Scea, Paul. and DiStefano DeAntonio, Ashley.

On Meaning Making and Measurement of Student Music Engagement
 O\'Neill, Susan. and Senyshyn, Yaroslav.

On the origins of pedagogy: Ancient Greek theoretical and philosophical inheritance and music education, from late Antiquity to the early Modern era
 Psychoyou, Théodora.

On-line Music Resources in the National Digital Archives Program in Taiwan
 Chen, Mimi, HungPai.

One Vision, Many Mirrors - Brazil
 Dourado Freire, Ricardo.

One Vision, Many Mirrors - Israel
 Hefer, Michal.

One Vision, Many Mirrors - Korea
 RHO, Joohee.

One Vision, Many Mirrors - United States
 Filsinger, Kerry.

One Vision, Many Mirros - Italy
 Bolton, Beth.

One-on-one or group music lessons: rethinking a “signature pedagogy”?
 O\'Bryan, Jessica.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014]

Ontology Theories of the Musical Work and the Meaning of Creation
 Mischou, Chrysoula.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Opening Doors into Digital Worlds: Promoting Students’ Voices in Music Education Classroom Research
 Kirkman, Phil.

Opera from Scratch; How a Class of 8th Graders Wrote, Composed, Staged, and Performed an Original Opera
 Lazarova, Maria.

Opportunities Through Talent Development
 Kuzuhara, Mutsuki.

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PIMEM: A Music Laboratory for Children
 Riaño, Elena., Totoricagüena Martín, Maricel. and Alvarez, Beatriz.

Parallels and Paradoxes of Youth Music Making Synergies: Towards a Cosmopolitan Pedagogical Ideal
 Michaelides, Pepy.

Parent-Child Music Classes in Early Childhood Music Education: Research, Practice, and Implications for Curriculum Development
 Aicher, Linda.

Parental Engagement in Stringed Instrument Learning: A Case Study Investigation of the Familial Factors that Shape Children’s Stringed Instrument Learning
 Chatwood, Astra.

Parenting Practices in Structured Music Activities with Children Aged 18-30 Months
 Longo, Virginia.

Participation in Musical Activities and Quality of Life for Elders in Taiwan
 Chen, Hsiao-Shien. and Liang, I-Yun.

Participatory Assessment: Constructing Professional Identity and Knowledge Communities in Popular and Folk Music Studies in Australian and Finnish Music Universities
 Partti, Heidi., Lebler, Don. and Westerlund, Heidi.

Participatory Workshop/Demonstration Working with Psalms: Chant, Choral Development and Creativity
 Bannan, Nicholas.

Partnership Among Educational Systems for Music Education Development in Ceará's (Brazil) North and Northwest Region
 Borne, Leonardo. and Toledo Nascimento, Marco.

Patriotism, Nationalism, and National Identity in Music Education: “O Canada,” How Well Do We Know Thee?
 Kennedy, Mary. and Guerrini, Susan.

Patterns of Formal and Informal Learning in Different Areas of Music Performance Studies in Greece
 Fytika, Athina. and Dionyssiou, Zoe.

Pedagogic initiatives used in musical extension course “collective teaching of winds instruments”: collaboration between the university and the society
 Stervinou, Adeline., Toledo Nascimento, Marco. and Borne, Leonardo.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Curriculum Knowledge as Basic Presuppositions for Effective Music Education and In-service Training of Early Childhood Teachers
 Theodoridis, Nikos.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Music Teaching: A Cross Cultural Inquiry
 Mateiro, Teresa. and Westvall, Maria.

Pedagogical Flexibility and Cultural Resistance: An Exploration of Cultural Factors that Shape Music Pedagogic Practices
 Sprikut, Leonid.

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Quality Teaching Standards in Curriculum Re-design
 Nordlund, Moya.

Quality, accountability, change.
 Carey, Gemma. and Lebler, Don.

Quarts into Pint Pots: Meeting the Callenges of Professional Education in the 21st Century
 Drummond, John.

Questioning the Nature of Ethical Music Teaching
 Kauppinen, Eija. and Muukkonen, Minna.


Raising the Bar
 Mitchell, Annie.

Re-envisioning Music Teacher Education within the Methods Class
 Abril, Carlos.

Reaching Beyond the Walls of the Music Classroom: Distance Learning in Music
 Nielsen, Lance.

Real World Projects for Developing Musical and Computational Thinking
 Ruthmann, S. Alex., Greher, Gena. and Heines, Jesse.

Recognition of Musical Scale Systems
 Cantone, Giovanni.

Reconciling Guitar Pedagogy: A Holistic Approach to Class-Based Instruction
 Beaumont, Lance.

Recreate an Oral Tradition from the Ottoman Period Teaching Traditional Turkish Music in Turkey: Contemporary Mesk Applications
 Levendoglu Oner, Oya.

Redefining Studio Pedagogy and Music Education
 Lines, David.

Rediscovering the Muses -- Mentors from the History of Women in Music Education
 Howe, Sondra.

Reflection in Music Teaching in Higher Education: Perceptions of Lecturers and Instrumental Teachers
 Papatzikis, Efthymios.

Reflections on a Disability Simulation by Pre-service Music Educators and Student Music Therapists
 Colwell, Cynthia.

Reflective Practices in Music Teacher Education: Implementing a Reflective Thinking Training Model in Music Teacher Preparation Courses
 McCabe, Melissa.

Relationships Among Music Listening, Temperament, and Cognitive Abilities of Four-Year-Old Children
 Flohr, John. and Persellin, Diane.

Relationships Among Music Listening, Temperament, and Cognitive Abilities of Four-Year-Old Children
 Flohr, John. and Persellin, Diane.

Relationships Between Siblings Engaged in Music Study: An Exploratory Investigation
 Liu, Chang.

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SWOT Analysis on Non-Profit-Organizing Choirs’ Management
 Ou, Yuan-Fang.

Salta Miralta: a Study of the Musical Mechanisms to Adjust Interaction between Adults and Children in a Catalan Lap Game.
 Pérez Moreno, Jèssica.

SamulNori: Sustainability and Transmission between Core and Creativity
 Howard, Keith.

Scared to Share: Studio Teachers and an Asynchronous Web Forum for Pedagogical Learning
 McPhee, Eleanor.

School University Partnerships: Can They Be Sustained Within a System in Flux?
 Greher, Gena. and Burton, Suzanne.

School and conservatoire music teachers’ ‘vocational habitus’: Lessons for music teacher education
 Perkins, Rosie.

Secondary School Teachers and Students’ Views on What Constitutes the Ideal Music Teacher
 Economidou Stavrou, Natassa.

Secular Spirituality in the Music Classroom
 Heuser, Frank.

Selection of Elementary Music Listening Examples and Development of Listening Materials: Focused on Orchestra Music
 Rim, Mikyung.

Self-Efficacy, Competition, and Play in Youth Music Learning Environments
 Hendricks, Karin. and Smith, Tawnya.

Self-confrontation: A Tool for Initial and Advanced Training of Instrumental Teachers
 Schumacher, Jérôme.

Self-determination to Learn in Guitar Classes at a Distance: A Contemporary Perspective of Motivation.
 Ribeiro, Giann. and Hentschke, Liane.

Self-directed and interdependent learning in musical contexts: pedagogy in residential ensemble courses
 Creech, Andrea.

Senior Lecturer in String Methodology
 Wirkkala-Malmqvist, Päivikki.

Sensory Consonance, Just Intonation, and Tuning the Ensemble by Ear
 Cavitt, Mary Ellen.

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Take Orff with your Voice
 Davies-Splitter, Susie.

Tapping the Source in a Choral Ensemble: Inviting Students to Share All that They Bring to Chorus
 Becker, Nicole.

Teacher education for early childhood music classes: building connections
 Dourado Freire, Ricardo.

Teachers' Assessments of Linguistic and Musical Difficulties of Nursery Rhymes
 Bolduc, Jonathan.

Teachers' Vocal Practice in Spanish Primary Schools
 Cuadrado, Albina.

Teachers´s Attitudes on IT and its Uses in Music Education: A Research-Based Presentation
 Luis Guerrero Valiente, José.

Teachers’ and Administrators’ Perspectives on the Development of a New Secondary Music Course
 Tobias, Evan. and Bucura, Elizabeth.

Teacher’s Philosophical conceptions, work environment and professional practice: supervised stage at presence and distance Music Courses in Brazil
 Tourinho, Cristina.

Teaching 21st Century Musicianship to 21st Century Music Teachers
 Kratus, John.

Teaching Complex Metres in the Classroom: The Musical and Non-Musical Benefits of World Music Training for Young Children
 Einarson, Kathleen.

Teaching Effectiveness: Implications for Music Teacher Education
 Androutsos, Polyvios.

Teaching Guitar in Distance Learning Music Courses in Brazil: How are the Possibilities of an Interactive Material?
 Tourinho, Cristina.

Teaching Instruments Out of Your Comfort Zone: Are We Fearless or Foolish?
 Lierse, Sharon.

Teaching Music Listening to Children: The Wuytack Pedagogy
 Boal-Palheiros, Graça.

Teaching Music in Multi-Musical Cultural Settings: Why Varied Stimuli Might Produce Improved Cognitive Test Scores
 Zafranas, Nikolaos.

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Undergraduate Music Education Majors and Influential Teachers
 Misenhelter, Dale.

Undergraduate Music Education Majors’ Perception on Music Leadership: Insights from a Basic Conducting Course
 Silvey, Brian. and Major, Marci.

Undergraduate Music Students’ Perceptions on their Preparation for the Teaching Profession
 Triantafyllaki, Angeliki. and Chrysostomou, Smaragda.

Undergraduate Students’ Experiences of Music and Learning during University Outreach Activities
 Triantafyllaki, Angeliki.

Underlying Mechanisms Linking Mediated Music Lessons and Language Proficiency among Kindergarten Children of Migrant Workers
 Portowitz, Adena.

Understanding African Music through African Musical Values
 Carver, Mandy.

Understanding Cultures Through Singing: Songs from Brazil, Canada, China and Kenya
 Chen-Hafteck, Lily., de Jesus Oliveira, Alda., Andang\'o, Elizabeth., Broock, Angelita., Bastião, Zuraida. and Xiao, Yue.

Understanding and nurturing musical development in children and young people: the Sounds of Intent project
 Welch, Graham.

Understanding the Role and Impact of Trust in the Development of Effective Music Teaching Faculties
 Close, Andrew.
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 [009] [010]

United We Vitalize, Divided We Roam: Music in the Soft Science of Life Wellness
 Omolo-Ongati, Rose. and Nzewi, Meki.

United we vitalize; divided we roam: Music in the soft science of life wellness
 Nzewi, Meki.

University Music Student Practice Behaviors: Implications for Pre-Collegiate and Collegiate Music Teachers
 Wristen, Brenda.

Unlearn to Learn: The Piano Recital as an Interdisciplinary Creation
 Lai, Erica.

Unleashing the Imagination: Creating Collectively Conceived Music Through Improvisation
 Branker, Anthony.

Unraveling Meanings and Values about Aural Training Classes: a Case Study with Brazilian Students from a Popular Music Course
 Alcantara Neto, Darcy.

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Valencian Schools of Music - A Source for Socialization and Democratization through Music Culture: Proposals to Improve Music Teacher Training
 Morant Navasquillo, Remigi.

Values and Activities in Undergraduate Music Education: An Exploratory International Perspective
 Misenhelter, Dale.

Various Approaches to Practicing the Piano from the Students' Perspectives: The Topic of Intrinsic Motivation
 Djordan, Svjetlana.

Verbal Abilities in View of Music Education: The Case of Absolute Pitch
 Avramidou, Aikaterini.

ViVideo data collection - a method of studying others and oneself?
 Backman Bister, Anna.

Video in practitoners’ research. The second observer in the music classroom.
 De Baets, Thomas.

Videography as a tool in the evaluation of instrumental tuition in primary schools
 Kranefeld, Ulrike.

Views of Cypriot teachers in Regards to Music Education in Primary School: Identified Problems and Suggestions
 Miralis, Yiannis.

Visions in Music Education
 Gruhn, Wilfried., McCarthy, Marie. and Gluschankof, Claudia.

Visual arts: A succinct and educative power point presentation of grievances and performance technique for the discontented activists
 Dontsa, Luvuyo.

Vocal Health and Profile of the School Music Teacher
 Doherty, Mary Lynn.

Vocal Jazz Stylings and the Art of Vocal Improvisation: For Choral Directors, Private Teachers, and Classroom Teachers
 Rogers, Louise. and Strong, Rick.

Vocal Music Education. An Experimental Program for the Prevention of Childhood Dysphonia
 Sellari, Giuseppe.


Walking the Talk to Musical Creativity
 Moore, Errol.

Weaving First Nations Ways of Musicing into British Columbian School Music Education Curricula
 Prest, Anita.

Weaving Memories, Telling Stories: Reminiscences of Music Teachers
 Garbosa, Luciane.

Webquests in Primary Music Education: I Learn, You Learn, We Learn
 Berg, Michael.

Welcome to the World of the Introduction of Indigenous African Music Curriculum for Schools in South Africa
 Phillip, Mogola.

Well-Being and Ageing in Australia: Building Relationships through Community Choirs
 Southcott, Jane. and Joseph, Dawn.

What Parents of Students with Special Needs Want Every Music Teacher to Know
 Wolf, Debbie Lynn.

What Really Matters? Priorities and Participation Levels in Western Music Culture in a Broad Historical Context
 Pike, Georgia.

What are Children Singing? The Case of Kenyan Primary Schools
 Akuno, Emily.

What are the Pedagogic Paradigms in Educational Material Used in Teaching Classical Guitar to Young Beginners?
 Héroux, Isabelle.

What characterizes the music that is created in collaborative projects for professional musicians and school children?
 Margrethe Eidsaa, Randi.

What is Music Technology?
 Rees, Fred.

What is Relevance: The Pursuit of Higher Pay, the Longing for a Different Life
 Benedict, Cathy.

What is the added value of a School of Music or a Conservatory?
 Hueting, Ella.

What predicts long term commitment to actively engage with music?
 Hallam, Susan.

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Ya D.I.G.? (Does it Groove): Techniques for Developing an Effective Jazz Rhythm Section
 Carroll, Greg.

You are Not Alone: The Role of Musical Collaborations in Supporting Refugee and Immigrant Children and Young People in Sydney, Australia
 Marsh, Kathryn. and Dieckmann, Samantha.

You are it: Effective Teaching Strategies for the Vocal and Instrumental Teacher
 Homburg, Andrew. and Farrell, Timothy.

YouTube, User-Generated Content and Participatory Culture: Music Learning and Teaching in Contrasting Online Communites
 Waldron, Janice.

Young Children's Music Symbol Reading and Arranging
 Kenney, Susan. and Nardo, Rachel.

Young Children’s Music Symbol Reading and Arranging
 Kenney, Susan. and Nardo, Rachel.

 Sargenti, Raffaele.
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