ISME 2014-Jul-20 to 2014-Jul-26

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"Enhancing the Student Internship Experience: Working with Special Needs Students to Create a Musical Performance"
 Hairston, Michelle.

"It's Easier if You Have a System”: Analysis and Applications of the Milanov Violin Method
 Bujes, Paula.

"Madame Monsieur:" Gender Transformation as Musical Entertainment
 Vought, Michelle.

"Musical Graphics" Reloaded
 Bräuml, Stefanie.

"So What?": Finding Meaning in the "Changes" (from Musician/Teacher to Graduate Student/Researcher)
 Frierson-Campbell, Carol., Webb, Nathan., Brandao, Abelita. and Polonyi, Artemisz.

"The Cathedral Without a Roof": a Metaphorical Search for Meaning
 Potgieter, Hetta.

1. Assessment of Current Roles: An Overview of Musicians’ Health in Europe - Citing Switzerland as an Example
 Schwarzenbach, Sylvia.

2. Instrumental and Vocal Specialist: Unique Perspective and Contributions to Functional Rehabilitation of Injured Musicians
 Bastepe-Gray, Serap.

3. Supporting Knowledge: Do Not Underestimate the Athletic Physicality of Musicianship
 Russell, Jeff.

4. Professional Associations: Music Teachers’ Essential Wellness Resources
 Berenson, Gail.

5. To Teach or Not To Teach: How to Approach the Injured Student to Facilitate Return to Play
 Gray, Julian.

6. Therapeutic Triad: The Student Musicians’ Experience and Role in the Rehabilitation Process
 Sobel, David.

'Discover The Orchestra' Program: Musical Education Activities in the Education System of the State of São Paulo
 Zaghi, Rogério. and Beatriz Valente Zaghi, Ana.

'I can do it!': Using iPads in music performance with students with special needs.
 Randles, Clint.

Émile Jaques-Dalcroze and the music for performance
 Piras, Elisabetta.

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A "duty of care" and the professional musician/artist
 Hughes, Diane.

A 12-Step Program to Creating a Research Proposal
 Zdzinski, Stephen.

A A Test Paper
 Forrest, David.

A Blind Student’s Degree In Music At Ufrn: Opening Doors, Along Paths
 Samir Cortez de Melo, Isaac.

A Case Study on Three Instrumental Music Classes in Brazil: An observational analysis using the system RIOS
 Caldas Simões, Alan. and Alvares, Sergio.

A Case of Music Therapy Curriculum Implementation in a University in China
 Zhang, Ning-Ning.

A Catalyst of Change: Urban Music Teachers’ Acquisition of Learning and Teaching through Reform-Oriented Professional Development Partnership
 Robinson, Nicole.

A Confluence of Musical Understandings Through Practice: Investigating the Medium Soundpainting as a Tool For Exploring Musicianship
 Faria, Bruno.

A Content Analysis of Responses to Music Teaching Videos on YouTube
 Whitaker, Jennifer., Orman, Evelyn. and Cornelia Yarbrough, Martha.

A Cross-Cultural Study on the Course of Improvised Piano Accompaniment
 Qi, Nan. and Li, Xuan.

A Cultural Study of El Sistema
 Sandoval, Elaine.

A Deaf Sound Artist: Making Music On Her Own Terms
 Churchill, Warren.

A Developmental and Empirical Study of Music Creativity Assessment Instruments
 Lin, Sheau-Yuh.

A Experience with the Musical Training for Early Childhood Educators without Musical Knowledge in a Public University in Brazil
 Mariano, Fabiana.

A Good Gig: Exploring the Intersection of Amateur and Professional Practice in Community Orchestras
 Arrowsmith, Jamie.

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BOYS CHOIRS – a rationale for their existence.
 van der Sandt, Johann.

Bachelor of Music in the State University of Rio Grande do Sul: investigating the formation and performance of the graduates
 Dessotti, Sophia.

Back to the Future: a role for 1960s improvisatory scores in the 21st century university music performance program
 Blom, Diana.

Backs-to-Audience Performing Technique and Outfit in Adult Women Dances
 Dontsa, Luvuyo.

Balancing Tradition and Change: Ethical Leadership in 21st Century Schools of Music
 Richmond, John.

Becoming A Highly Effective 21st Century Music Educator
 Wasiak, Ed.

Becoming and being a musician: The role of creativity in students’ learning and identity formation
 Bennett, Dawn. and Reid, Anna.

Beethoven and Chopin, through the eyes of their Inspired Students
 Athparia, Colleen.

Beginning Piano Artistry
 Carter, Patricia.

Being a Musician: Performance reviews and the orchestral musician
 Watson, Amanda. and Forrest, David.

Beyond Boredom in the Bandroom: Adolescent Band Student Engagement from the Perspective of Flow Theory
 Weiss, Lindsay.

Beyond Praxialism: Preparing Music Educators to Teach the Unknowable
 Kratus, John.

Big smile is the key for learning
 Kaikkonen, Markku.

Blogs as a Tool for Musical Education
 Cesar, Patricia.

Body Percussion Rhythm Activities for Elementary Students including African American Stepping
 Fleming, Gail.

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CHILDHOOD, MUSIC AND EXPERIENCE: fragments of making music and playing
 Werle, Kelly. and Ribeiro Bellochio, Claudia.

Cabelo Seco to Morecambe Bay - Youth Leadership
 Moser, Peter.

Can you do the Fandango?
 Haussila, Marjut.

Canadian Piano Teachers’ Pedagogical Conceptions
 Dubé, Francis., Bautista, Alfredo. and Noël, Marie-Audrey.

Canadization: Immigration, Cultural Policy and Sense of Belonging in Music Education
 Sprikut, Leonid.

Capoeira And Music In Primary School: Knowledges Joint Together
 Gottschall Pinto Trindade, Brasilena. and Castilha, Fabio.

Captive audiences: Examining the nature of performing arts programs in Australian prisons
 Bartleet, Brydie-Leigh. and Schippers, Huib.

Capturing Music and Multimodal Digital Media Engagement in the Daily Lives of Youth Through an iPhone/iPad App
 Peluso, Deanna.

Case Study on the Musical Culture Inheritage of Chinese Northwest National Minority Xibo—Based on the Development of School-Based Curricula
 Yin, Aiqing. and Wang, Jiazhi.

Challenges of Postcolonisation Process in Hong Kong Schools: In Search of Balanced Approaches to Putonghua Music Curriculum
 Chen, Ti-wei.

Changes in Social Justice Beliefs During Early Music Education Coursework and Student Teaching
 Hellman, Daniel. and Homburg, Andrew.

Chasing a Moving Target: Perceptions of Work Readiness and Graduate Capabilities in Music Higher Research Degree Students
 Harrison, Scott., Grant, Catherine. and Dwyer, Rachael.

Childhood meets Jazz: Swingin’ with WeBop!
 Custodero, Lori. and Sullivan, Timothy.

Children Composing on their Instruments
 Weiland, Renate.

Children Music Presents: Animals, Colors and Other Loves
 Loureiro, Helena. and Loureiro, Mário.

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 Mc Kenna, Shane. and Redmond, Killian.

Dance and music learning in school education: narratives of children about bodily experience
 Anders, Fernanda. and de Albuquerque Maffioletti, Leda.

Dancing and Playing the Romantic Dances
 Celestin, Denise. and Coats, Sylvia.

Darwin, Grainger, Blacking: implications for the curriculum
 Bannan, Nicholas.

Dealing with Challenges in Music Education through Active Music Making
 França, Cecilia., Kleber, Magali., Fialho, Vania., Araldi Beltrame, Juciane. and Cabral, Giordano.

Decolonizing the colonized: A case study of the secondary school music curriculum in Kenya
 Igobwa, Everett.

Degree in Music without Previous Musical Knowledge: Issues and Challenges
 Gonçalves de Oliveira, Patrícia. and Faria, Luciana.

Demonstration of new pedagogies in teacher education: Research-led change
 Randles, Clint.

Designing an Authentic Chinese Children’s Curriculum: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
 Ming Tu, Catherine.

Determination of the effects of fundamental structurings in violin works upon basic behaviours in the use of string
 Alpagut, Ugur.

Developing Diverse Creativities in Higher Music Education
 Burnard, Pam., Schmidt, Patrick., Gonzalez, Patricia-Adelaida., Kerchner, Jody., Dylan Smith, Gareth., Peluso, Deanna., Creech, Andrea. and Harrison, Scott.

Developing Expressive Singing and Independent Musicianship in the Choral Rehearsal
 Munsen, Sylvia.

Developing Gesture Awareness in Musical Performance from a Neurophenomenological Perspective
 Minafra, Annamaria.

Developing Inside-Outside Within Group-Teaching of the Professional Musician
 Ljungar, Anders.

Developing Intergenerational Service-Learning Music Programs
 Williams, Lindsey. and Belgrave, Melita.

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Early Career Experiences of a Recently Graduated Secondary School Music Teacher in Australia
 Rowley, Jennifer.

Early Childhood Music Education in Brazil: a review of the status from the regular schools and the music teacher
 Chaves Gomes, Carolina.

Early Childhood Music Education in Curitiba, Brazil: From Musicalização Infantil (Federal University of Paraná) to a New Context.
 Madalozzo, Tiago. and Madalozzo, Vivian.

Earplug Usage In Pre-Service Music Teachers
 Walter, Jennifer.

Eating Like an Athlete: Nutrition for the Well-being of Music Professionals
 Quindag, Susan.

Educating the Creative Mind Project: An Advocacy Effort for Early Childhood Music and Arts Education
 Chen-Hafteck, Lily.

Education of Musicians in Bachelor in Popular Music
 Presser, Jean.

Education of ethnic-racial relations in the music teachers’ higher education courses in Northeast of Brazil
 Galdino de Almeida, Cristiane. and Ferreira, Armindo.

Educational Concerts in Basic Education: Developing Musical Appreciation
 Soares, Gina.

Effect of Focused and Non-Focused Music Listening on High Frequency Measures of Heart Rate Variability
 Orman, Evelyn.

Effect of Music Assisted Relaxation Pre-Operative Training on Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) Patients’ Pain Perception after Spinal Fusion (SF) Surgery
 Adamek, Mary.

Effective and innovative teaching materials for generalist teachers training
 Abud Bastião, Zuraida., de Jesus Oliveira, Alda. and Broock, Angelita.

Effectiveness of DINJES Music Therapy Assessments & Music Interventions (DMTAMI) in small group settings for children with developmental disabilities
 Sune, Pablo.

Effects of Improvisational Music Therapy on the Treatment of Preschool children with Autism
 Freire, Marina.

Effects of Music Activities on the Social Behavior of Children with ASD
 Moore, Randall.

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Facilitating Return to Play Following Injury: Implications for Pedagogical and Musical Reasoning
 Bastepe-Gray, Serap., Gray, Julian. and Sobel, David.

Factors Related to Audience Participants' Assessment of Intergeneraitonal Concert Literature
 Darrow, Alice-Ann. and Belgrave, Melita.

Factors that influence piano sight-reading and their implications for the education of professional musicians
 Furst Santiago, Patricia. and Sampaio, Marcelo.

Faculty Collaboration: Fulbrights, Conferences, and Performances
 Alvares, Sergio.

Filling the music education void in New Zealand primary schools state of flux: Where to next?
 Webb, Linda.

Flow Theory applied to Music Education: research in Brazil and new perspectives
 Pinheiro Santana, Hermilo.

Flow Theory applied to Music Education: research in Brazil and new perspectives
 Pinheiro Santana, Hermilo.

Focal Dystonia task specific in musicians in Brazil
 Moura, Rita.

Foco Musical: Acculturation in Project Philosophy
 Pernes, Miguel.

Following the Leader: Piano Pedagogy in Early Childhood
 Niland, Amanda.

Following the map or the surroundings? Music teachers on an assessment journey.
 Nyberg, Johan.

Formal and non-formal music education: a social, cultural and educational investment
 Berbel Gómez, Noemy. and Diaz, Maravillas.

Formal and non-formal musical education of children (3-6 years)
 Morant Navasquillo, Remigi.

Formal, nonformal and informal learning among choro vibraphonists.
 Heringer Costa, Rodrigo.

Formation of Orchestra at the Federal University of São Carlos.
 Felipe, Andre. and Ilza Zenker Leme, Joly,.

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GIVE YOUR MUSIC CLASS ANOTHER CHOICE Taiwanese children singing games and songs
 Cheng, Fung-Ching. and Chen, Hsiao-Shien.

Gender elements in the music of a South African musician: A phenomenological approach
 Twani, Zoliswa.

General Issues in Musical Education: The Gender Education in Childhood from seven to ten years old
 Costa, Helena.

Gestural Content Influences Evaluations of Ensemble Performance
 Price, Harry.

Global Perspectives: The Shift from Multiculturalism to Culturally Responsive Teaching
 Walter, Jennifer.

Globalizing El Sistema
 Silberman, Lauren.

Gospel Music Workshop
 Vaughn, Beverly.

Group Practice Course of “Jardim de Gente” as a Space for Dialogue, Human and Musical Formation.
 Ferreira, Gabriel. and Toledo Nascimento, Marco-Antonio.

Group singing in a multi-cultural Canadian classroom: challenges and payoffs
 Good, Arla.

Guided Participation in Musical Learning: a Study on Hand Clapping Games
 Souza, Fernanda.

Guiding principles for a musical activity with children
 Pereira de Araújo Martinez, Andréia. and Pederiva, Patrícia.

Guitar teachers: a professional culture
 Vieira, Alexandre.


 Moutinho, Renan.

Hacking a Musical Education: Optimization, Customization, Collaboration, and Policy in Open Source Learning
 Clements, Ann. and Gault, Brent.

Hans-Joachim Koellreutter: Education Proposals for the Teaching of Music
 Zanetta, Camila. and Brito, Maria.

Harmonic Awareness - a Braid of Musical Thoughts
 Björn, Roslund.

Harp, Gender and Orchestra
 Lonnert, Lia.

Health Education in Instrumental/Vocal Music Lessons: The Teacher’s Perspective
 Norton, Naomi.

Hearing and Making Music with Understanding
 Rodrigues, Pamella.

Hearing bodies and silences: a small ethnography of the non-singing
 de Siqueira e Rocha, Ewelter.

Hellenic rhythms, songs and dances
 Theodoridis, Nikos. and Koniari, Dimitra.

High School Music Experiences of LGBTQ Individuals
 Spano, Fred.

High Tech on a Low Budget: Implementing Technology to Assess Student Achievement in the Music Classroom
 Seybert, John.

High school choral practice: challenges to music education
 Schmeling, Agnes. and Teixeira, Lucia.

Hip to be Square: Where the Street Meets Academe
 Mitchell, Annie.

Home Environment, Suzuki Instruction, and Empathic Traits in Children
 Mitchell, Nancy.

Home Listening Practices of Parents, Infants, and Toddlers: A Survey of Parents Enrolled in Early Childhood Music Education Classes
 Hamilton, Lani.

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I Once was Lost But Now Am Found: A Portrait of a Prison Community Music Program
 De Quadros, Andre.

Identity and the learning process: ePortfolios and higher education Arts students
 Bennett, Dawn.

If You Listen, I'll Tell You how I Feel: Understanding the Phenomenon of Emotional Expression Through Songwriting with Incarcerated Men
 Wilson, Catherine.

Ilha da Música: an experience of education of the music in not pertaining to school context
 Diniz, Joalisson. and Carvalho, Valéria.

Images of Music Teaching in Basic Education in Brazil
 Macedo, Vanilda.

Imaginative Visions and Musical Communication: Toward an Understanding of the Pedagogical Approach of Eleonora Sivan.
 Andreacchio, Debra.

Imitation, Mimicry and the Development of a Singer’s Vocal Identity
 Lemon-McMahon, Belinda.

Impact of singing skill training in children
 Gardiner, Martin.

Impacts of Music Technology to Music Education in Uganda: A Restructuring of Music Education at Secondary Schools in Uganda
 Kigozi, Benon.

Impacts of the PIBID/UEL in Public School
 SUMIGAWA, LUCIANA., SUMIGAWA, LÚCIA., Kleber, Magali., Assad Sahão, Eduardo. and Fialho, Vania.

Impacts of the PIBID/UEL in Public School
 SUMIGAWA, LUCIANA., SUMIGAWA, LÚCIA., Fialho, Vania., Assad Sahão, Eduardo. and Kleber, Magali.

Improve Student Performance by Improving Performance Assessments
 Wolf, Debbie.

Improved core stability as an attribute for reducing fatigue, pain, and injury in musicians
 Russell, Jeff.

Improving Music Education Programs through Student Learning Assessment
 Brophy, Timothy. and Ward, Jeffrey.

Improvisation and student learning: Evaluating higher thinking and problem solving skills in elementary music classrooms
 Tomlinson, Michelle.

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JAQUES-DALCROZE AND VILLA-LOBOS: Investigation on compositional pedagogical thinking or hypothetical dialogues
 Piras, Elisabetta. and Toni, Flavia.


Jangwa music and musical performance among the Manyika people of Zimbabwe
 Mugandani, Viola. and Vermeulen, Dorette.

Jazz Films
 Carroll, Greg. and McCord, Kimberly.

Jazz History on Film: Highlights from the John Baker Film Collection
 Carroll, Greg.

Jazz Rhythm Section Basics for Music Educators
 Kunkel, Jeffrey.

Jazz in the Orff Classroom
 McCord, Kimberly.

Juvenile Musical Learning and Practices at the Student Music Festival in Guarulhos
 Fialho, Vania.


Kenyan Children and Teachers' Perspectives on Multicultural Music: Implications for Music Education
 Andang\'o, Elizabeth.

Keyboard lessons in group for students of a municipal school in Rio de Janeiro
 Gonçalves, Eliete.

Knowledge and Skill Sets of Beginning Undergraduate Recorder Students
 Weichselbaum, Anete.

Knowledge in Action of a Guitar Teacher
 Moreira, Thiago. and Mateiro, Teresa.

Korean Immigrant Seniors' Music Making in an Ethno-Cultural Community Program in Canada
 Elisha Jo, Heesun. and Veblen, Kari.


Laban Movement Theory: Creative Movement Strategies for the Choral Rehearsal
 Billingham, Lisa.

Laptop Orchestra for Ensemble Skills Development
 Cheng, Lee.

Latin American Music Education: Advocacy Matters and Challenges
 Figueiredo, Sergio.

Layering Music, Language and Literacy Components for Exceptional Learners
 Bernstorf, Elaine., Jones, Dory., Kobialka, Gayla. and Jones, Timothy.

Learning Group Creation in a Music Curriculum, and Beyond
 Pittman, Deborah.

Learning To Be A Musician: Circularity Between Professional Education And Professional Activity In Santa Maria-(Brazil-RS) Scenario
 Alvares, Felipe. and Lazzarin, Luis-Fernando.

Learning To Teach: A Study From The Narratives Of School Music Teachers
 Genz Gaulke, Tamar.

Learning a new piano piece without auditory feedback
 Mantovani, Michele. and Antunes Teixeira dos Santos, Regina.

Learning by doing: Listening and sight reading through Dalcroze Eurhythmics
 Wedin, Eva.

Learning from Feedback: Investigating the Use of Online Video Tool for Provision of Feedback from Teachers and Peers
 Dwyer, Rachael.

Learning practices of professional drummers and their identity realization through the “Snowball Self” model by Gareth Dylan Smith
 Pscheidt, Jean.

Learning to Improvise Using Reflexive Music Technology in the Instrumental Lesson
 Triantafyllaki, Angeliki.

Learning to Integrate Music in the Elementary Classroom: Beliefs, Attitudes and Development of International-mindedness of Pre-service Elementary Classroom Teachers
 Holmes, Alena. and VanAlstine, Sharri.

Learning to collaborate in code: negotiating the score in a composers school within a symphony orchestra.
 Love, Karlin. and Barrett, Margaret.

Legato and Staccato in bodily and vocal expression
 Merino Castro, Claudio.

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MUSIC IN "LESSON SPACE” AT THE TEACHER'S PORTAL: conceptions and formats for lesson to Basic education

MUSIC, SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY: Relationships experienced by non-specialist teachers in music
 Leite, Matheus.

 Ramalho, MariaLuiza.

Making Music Appreciation more Meaningful: A Praxial Approach to Engage Young Students in Music Learning
 Wu, ChaoKuei.

Making a Living in Music: Financial Stability and Sustainability in Enacting Artistic Identity
 Weller, Janis.

Manoel Augusto dos Santos’ Role in Piano Scene in XX Century Recife
 Florencio de Queiroz Albuquerque, Janete.

Mapping as a strategy to teach and learn piano pieces
 Celia Fregoneze, Carmen. and Amaral de Andrade, Margaret.

Mapping tensions between academic and community identities: A collaborative auto-ethnography of two musical lives
 Galway, Kiera. and Yerichuk, Deanna.

Mapping the shifting territories in popular music education
 Lines, David.

Marking the Passage of Time: Reflections on ISME at its Sixtieth Anniversary
 McCarthy, Marie.

Masculine domination: Intersecting fields in popular music performance education
 Dylan Smith, Gareth.

Mastering Rhythm
 Peterson, Nicholas.

Meanings and conceptions about the music activities in the Open School: A case study
 Silva, Helena.

Meanings of ‘Play’ in Popular Music Performance Studies in Finnish Music Teacher Education
 Westerlund, Heidi. and Partti, Heidi.

Measuring Preservice Music Teacher Commitment to Social Justice
 Bazan, Dale., Hellman, Daniel., Wagoner, Cynthia. and Heuser, Frank.

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NZ Ukulele Trust Kiwileles
 Pou, Bronwyn.

Narratives of life of a retired drummer and his musical identity construction in the Federal District of Brazil
 Ferreira Bomfim, Wanderson.

Narratives of music teacher identity
 Lorenzino, Lisa. and Cunha, Rosemyriam.

Negotiating the map with the surroundings – music teachers and a researcher on an assessment journey
 Nyberg, Johan.

Neocolonization and recolonization through massive instrumental music instruction in Costa Rica
 Rosabal-Coto, Guillermo.

Neuromyths in music classroom
 Koniari, Dimitra.

New Music for Recorders by Chilean Composers using new techniques
 Troncoso, Carmen.

New Policy, New Opportunity –an Unexpected Opportunity Emerged from Twelve-Year Public Education Program for Music Education in Taiwan
 Chen, HungPai.

New contexts and agendas in community music-making
 Howell, Gillian.

New media pedagogies of play and curiosity with and through interactive musical recordings
 Ruthmann, Alex.

New trends of Music Education in Mexico and the Impact in Other Countries
 Fermin, Antonio.

Newly Identified Creativities in the Practice of Professional Musicians: The Case for Institutional Change
 Burnard, Pam.

Newly Minted Professional Pianists: Realities of Teaching, Performing, Running a Business and Using Technology
 Pike, Pamela.

Not just Football! How a Ubiquitous Learning platform has been effective in spreading Brazil’s musical culture
 Faraone, Giuseppe.

Now I have the passion! Generalist primary preservice teachers learn to teach the arts.
 Russell-Bowie, Deirdre.

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Observable reality, ideal community: Expanded networks of a Celtic-Canadian music session
 Veblen, Kari. and Waldron, Janice.

Obstacles that impact on teaching music in South Africa
 De Villiers, Alethea.

On Building Culture Space for the Heritage of Chinese Music ——By taking Beijing Traditional Music Festival and Taichi Traditional Music Award as an example
 Xie, Jiaxing.

One Hand is Better Than Two: Piano Works for One Hand by Women Composers
 Wiley, Adrienne.

Online musical education and social networks on the internet: a study of online extension courses
 Araldi Beltrame, Juciane.

Ontopsychological Pedagogy as humanist premise for Music Education
 Wazlawick, Patrícia.

Opera from Scratch - How a Class of 8th Graders Wrote, Composed, Staged, and Performed an Original Opera, all from Scratch
 Lazarova, Maria.

Opportunity by design: Arts specialist communities of practice
 Larsen, Catherine.

Opportunity, occupation, and learning’: Conversations with Latino families involved in El Sistema inspired music programs in the U.S.
 Ilari, Beatriz.

Orff Music Therapy and its Applications for Children Diagnosed on the Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder
 Sadowsky, Maritza.

Orff Schulwerk and the Australian Playground
 Brooke, Sarah.

Orff Schulwerk and the Child at School
 Brooke, Sarah.

Orff Schulwerk and traditional Chinese folk songs: An active exploration
 Xu, Mai.

Orff and Maracatu: building a multicultural classroom
 Cantarelli de Andrade Lima Araújo, Juliana.

Orff and Maracatu: building a multicultural classroom
 Cantarelli de Andrade Lima Araújo, Juliana.

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PARFOR Contributions to Training in Music Education for Faculty Action in Elementary Education II
 SUMIGAWA, LÚCIA., Kleber, Magali., SUMIGAWA, LUCIANA., Fialho, Vania. and Assad Sahão, Eduardo.

PARFOR Contributions to Training in Music Education for Faculty Action in Elementary Education II and Supervision of Fellows Music
 SUMIGAWA, LÚCIA., Fialho, Vania., SUMIGAWA, LUCIANA., Kleber, Magali. and Assad Sahão, Eduardo.

PARFOR Contributions to Training in Music Education for Faculty Action in Elementary Education II and Supervision of Fellows Music PIBID UEL
 SUMIGAWA, LÚCIA., Kleber, Magali., Assad Sahão, Eduardo., Fialho, Vania. and SUMIGAWA, LUCIANA.

PIBID in network: Academic Congress of Technology in musical education
 Braga, Simone. and Vasconcelos, Monica.

PIBID music project at Olavo Bilac state school - Santa Maria/RS: contributions to undergraduate learning management
 Wilke, Luciane.


Paper 1: The Reflective Teacher
 Hallam, Richard.

Paper 2: Sing-Up, Jaffa: The role of pedagogy in quality choral programs for at-risk children
 Portowitz, Adena.

Paper 3: Interpreting the Portuguese ‘Sistema’: ways of teaching and learning ensemble music
 Boal Palheiros, Graça.

Paper 4: Bridging the foreign and the familiar: teaching folk music to facilitate orchestral instrumental training in El-Sistema programs in Brazil.
 Rodrigues, Vanessa.

Participant perceptions of instruction in appropriate rubato usage on performances of Mozart
 Johnson, Christopher.

Participant perceptions of instruction in appropriate rubato usage on performances of a Mozart Concerto
 Johnson, Christopher.

Participatory culture in practice: Developing perspectives and potential in music education
 Tobias, Evan.

Partners in Music: Joseph Keels Elementary School and the University of South Carolina String Project
 Barnes, Gail.

Passing It On: Perspectives of Masters and Teachers on the Challenges and Incentives to Learn and Teach Traditional Khmer Genres
 Grant, Catherine.

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Qualitative Study On The Impact Of Informal Pedagogy In Developing Students To Be Confident Learners Of Music
 wong, Yoon-Foong.

Quality Assurance in e-learning music courses in Brazil
 Soares, Jose. and Figueiredo, Sergio.


Rangoli: Introducing Indian Music in a General Music Education Setting.
 Durairaj, Manju.

Re-contextualising indigenous dances for the purposes of integration into primary and secondary school teaching in Zambia
 Lumbwe, Kapambwe.

Re-imaging the National Music Standards (USA): Implications for Preservice Music Teacher Educators
 Nierman, Glenn.

Re-imagining schools as music festivals
 Kelman, Kristina.

Reach for the Moon, and see Stars! Challenging Students with Special Needs toward Musical Excellence
 Wolf, Debbie.

Read and play. A Study on the Introduction of Music Notation for Guitar Beginners
 Pennese, Marco.

Readings of the Sound Habitat. A new Subject in Advanced Musical Education Studies.
 Porta, Amparo.

Reality in Feira de Santa: Central Points for the Education of Local Faculty
 Braga, Simone. and Westermann, Bruno.

Reconsider the Taiwanese melodic teaching curriculum upon the view of Fry-Counting-Chant
 Cheng, Fung-Ching.

Recording Thoughts: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Memorization
 Lisboa, Tania.

Recording and playing the reflective discussion on music improvisation in the classroom
 Giglio, Marcelo.

Recreating the Teacher Training on Musical Integration and Transversal Learning Together: in, through and with Music
 Marjanen, Kaarina. and Cslovjecsek, Markus.

Reflection of a First-Year Teacher at Kahnawake's Viva! Sistema in Quebec, Canada
 Leithmiller, Nicola.

Reflection on Action: A Study of Transformative Music Engagement Through Children’s Creative Collaborative Song Writing
 Peluso, Deanna.

Reflection on Practice: An Assessment of Four Early Childhood Educators’ Reflective Journeys in the implementation of Music and movement Curriculum
 Sinyei Mwonga, Jane.

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SINGING BOYS – a disappearing phenomenon?
 van der Sandt, Johann.

School Anthems in Kenya:A Site for negotiating Musical Adaptations, Musical Identities, Performance Styles and Education Ethos
 BULLINDAH, JACQUELINE. and Shitandi, Wilson.

Seeing the Sound, Hearing the Images: From the Visual to the Sonic Through Explorations in Group Improvisation
 Branker, Anthony.

Seeking Oneness: Exploring a Relational Ontology of Spiritual Music
 Quindag, Susan.

Selecting Repertoire for the Beginning Singer
 Aggett, Cathy.

Selecting Repertoire for the Intermediate and Advanced Female Singer
 Reimer, Jamie.

Selecting Repertoire for the Intermediate and Advanced Male Singer
 Hanrahan, Kevin.

Self and peer assessment in Popular Music
 Lebler, Don.

Self-Determination to Learn Guitar at Distance Online
 Mendes Ribeiro, Giann.

Self-Efficacy and Motivation for Developing Aural Skills in a Brazilian College-Level Music Program
 Gusmão, Pablo.

Self-concept domains and Attributions Beliefs of Conservatory Music Students
 Zubeldia, Miren.

Self-concept domains and Attributions Beliefs of Conservatory Music Students
 Zubeldia, Miren.

Self-efficacy beliefs to teach music in the Brazilian basic schools
 Mi Ito Cereser, Cristina.

Self-regulation of Learning and Cooperative of Learning: A Dialogue in the Formation of Instrumentist.
 Sodré de Souza, Luan.

Service-Learning To Promote Social Justice in Music Teacher Education
 Nichols, Jeananne.

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 Dos Santos, Neide.

Take Orff with percussion, song and dance
 Davies-Splitter, Susie.

Tales of Two Models: Adolescent Perceptions of Music Class Experiences in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and New York, U.S.A
 Bowe, Marie-Louise.

Teacher Certification Policy Influences on Music Teacher Education
 Hellman, Daniel.

Teacher Mobility and Identity: The Lived Experiences of Four Veteran General Music Teachers
 Gray, Lori.

Teacher and Student Perspectives on One-to-One Pedagogy: Practices and Possibilities
 Carey, Gemma. and Grant, Catherine.

Teacher as Explorer, Ambassador, and Role Model: Paul’s Story of Mobility, Identity, and Role as a General Music Teacher
 Gray, Lori.

Teacher training and its musical principles - MMADD - testing the Australian arts education method in Finnish teacher training
 Marjanen, Kaarina.

Teachers of instruments, or teachers as instruments? From transfer to transformative approaches to one-to-one pedagogy
 Carey, Gemma. and Grant, Catherine.

Teaching Adult Piano Beginners: Emerging Guidelines for Teachers
 Mõistlik-Tamm, Marit.

Teaching Arranging: Combining Classical and Contemporary Compositional Craft to create Choral, Ensemble, Big Band and Orchestral Arrangements
 Mitchell, Annie.

Teaching Children with Disabilities: Preparation through State Music Educators Association Conferences
 VanWeelden, Kimberly.

Teaching Chinese Music in Classroom
 Dai, Baisheng.

Teaching Classical Guitar and Social Cognitive Theory: foundation for research in different contexts
 Tourinho, Cristina., Brazil, Marcelo., Westermann, Bruno., Marques, Edgar. and Rebouças, Felipe.

Teaching Counterpoint at a Brazilian University: Large Classes, Big Results!
 Carvalho, Any-Raquel.

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UFSM Winter Festival and its implications in musical education
 Garbosa, Guilherme.

 Hassiotis, Kostis.

Uncommon Action: An Interdisciplinary Arts Performance on Ally Involvement
 Dentinger, Rachel.

Undergraduate student knowledge in repertoire selection for teaching of the recorder
 Weichselbaum, Anete. and Souza, Jusamara.

Understanding and Function of Musical Notation in Interpretation: The Case of Music Students in Greek High-school and University Education
 Hassiotis, Kostis.

Understanding collaborative possibilities through peer evaluation of collaboratively written essays about music performance
 Blom, Diana.

Understanding creative musical problems to renew composition pedagogy
 Chong, Eddy.

Understanding success in popular music
 Dylan Smith, Gareth.

Understanding the Developmental Orientation: Facilitating a Rich Music Learning Environment So That Children Can Naturally Teach Themselves
 Guilmartin, Kenneth.

Understanding the role of trust in effective music teaching faculties: developing new themes
 Close, Andrew.

Unhelpful Conducting Habits Learned from "Helping" Students
 Ginocchio, John.

Using African drumming ensemble performance for cognitive development for foundation phase learners: application of bloom’s taxonomy
 Nkosi, Absolum-David.

Using Brazilian Music to Teach U.S. History
 Patterson, Jonathan.

Using Coding To Connect New Digital Learning Creativities And Communities: Developing Sonic Pi
 Burnard, Pam.

Using Emotional Responses for Teaching Musical Analysis Some Outcomes in an Undergraduate Music Programme
 Pablo Correa Ortega, Juan.

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Variations on HausMusik Theme
 Vander Hoek, Aleksandra. and Athparia, Colleen.


Verbalizing musical memories: the lived presence in undergraduate courses
 Louro, Ana-Lucia. and Teixeira, Ziliane.

Vocal Development at Primary School: A study of general music teachers’ training, procedural knowledge, and motivation to teach singing
 Sofía Herrera Rascón, Irma. and Gonzalez, Patricia-Adelaida.

Vocal Flexibility in Meredith Monk: Expressing Feelings We have no Words for.
 Silva, Susan.

Vocal expression and the singer-songwriter
 Monro, Veronica.


Webs of Interactions: International Perspectives on Cultural Music Mediation among Adults and Young Children
 Filsinger, Kerry.

Webzine: for a continued digital formation
 Vazquez, Eliza.

What Differentiates Expert Community Choral Directors from Novice Community Choral Directors in Australia?
 Cooper, Naomi.

What Do We Mean When We Say Romantic?
 De la Rosa Priego, Eric-Augusto.

What Motivates Young Instrumentalists: Implications for Teaching
 Hallam, Susan.

What characterizes the Composition Process and the Music created by Ensembles in Collaborative Partnerships between Professional Musicians and Pupils?
 Margrethe Eidsaa, Randi.

What children with mild intellectual disabilities say about music?
 Falco, Melody. and Luders, Valeria.

What do students say about the music lesson in Cypriot schools? Focus group analysis of 8 case studies.
 Hadjikou, Chryso.

What is Relevance: The Pursuit of Higher Pay, the Longing for a Different Life
 Benedict, Cathy.

When Chinese Poems Meet the Songs: Chinese Lieder in Vocal Music Teaching
 Cui, Yajue.

When Two Worlds Meet in Music Teacher Education
 Robbins, Janet.

When the fork can´t tuning the orchestra: music education policies in Chile at XXI century
 Poblete Lagos, Carlos.

When young Australian Aboriginal adolescents sing
 Power, Anne-Margaret.

Whg hjhj
 Hu, Lijun. and Yang, Bingxin.

Why I chose music education? Motivation for undergraduate courses in music education.
 Dantas da Silva, Tais.

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XXth Century's methods in composing in piano imrpovisation. My way to free improvisation.
 Bilinska, Aleksandra.


Ya D.I.G.? (Does it Groove): Techniques for Developing an Effective Jazz Rhythm Section
 Carroll, Greg.

You CAN Teach Older Dogs New Tricks: A Veteran Teacher, Middle-Schoolers and iPads
 Kerchner, Jody.

Young Pianists at Play: A Case Study of the Effect of Deliberate Practice Strategies on Teenagers’ Actual Practice
 Pike, Pamela.

Your Brain and Secure Performance: the art and science of memorizing music
 Svard, Lois.

Youth Music Mentoring as away of engaging vulnerable young people
 Mullen, Phil.

Youth Perspectives, Role Modeling and Budding Audiences in the "Musica Viva" Intergenerational Community Program
 Lichtensztajn, Dochy.
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