ISPP 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting 2010-Jul-07 to 2010-Jul-11

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"The Prisoner" and the Banality of Enlightenment
 Fisher, MD, Mark. and Gorney, MD, PhD, Roderic.

“Come here, play that really exciting game of armed men”: Perceptions of Military Identity, Threat and Conflict.
 Zack, A. Jule. and Binks, Eve.

“From ‘Axis of Evil’ to a ‘New Beginning’: Comparing the Discourses of Bush and Obama.”
 Bonham, Matt.

“We asked for workers but human beings came” – Prejudice and Discrimination towards Muslims in Switzerland
 Contzen, Nadja. and Jonas, Klaus.

“We ride as a group!” Critical Mass and the Psychology of Collective Empowerment
 Schmitt, Michael.

“You Have the Right to Struggle”: The Construction of Historical Counternarratives as a Tool for Civic Empowerment
 Levinson, Meira.


A Developmental Perspective on the Emergence of Political Attitudes and Personality Traits
 Verhulst, Brad. and Hatemi, Peter.

A New American Dilemma: The Effect of Ethnic Identification and National Contributions on the Psychological Inclusion vs. Exclusion of Ethnic Minorities in the Nation State
 Yogeeswaran, Kumar. and Dasgupta, Nilanjana.

A New Language for a New World
 Touboul, Maryse.

A Representational Approach of Ideological Values, Stereotypical Antagonisms and Political
 Tüscher, Thomas., Staerklé, Christian. and Scheidegger, Régis.

A Study of Reconciliation-Oriented Leadership: President Michele Bachelet and the Conflict in Chile
 Lieberfeld, Daniel.

A Theory of Gendered Prejudice: A Social Dominance Perspective
 Sidanius, James., Navarrete, Carlos., McDonald, Melissa. and Molina, Ludwin.

A causal model of social prejudice toward chinese between Javanese (Indonesian) and Malaynese (Malaysian) Student
 Matulessy, Dr. Andik.

A critical analysis of the US refugee resettlement process and its impact on refugee wellbeing
 Gupta, Sonali.

A normative view on individual differences of political lay reasoning: The model of lay conceptions of social order
 Staerklé, Christian. and Scheidegger, Régis.

AMPinp Racial Attitudes: Comparing Explicit and Implicit Measures of Racial Prejudice in the 2008 ANES Survey
 Ditonto, Tessa. and Lau, Richard.

Accepting Human Rights Violation under a Democratic or Authoritarian System
 Morselli, Davide. and Passini, Stefano.

Accounting for injustice and exclusion: Stereotyping-in-interaction
 Durrheim, Kevin.

Active Spectators in the Theater of Terror: Assessing Domestic Audience Costs in Terrorist Crises in an Experimental Analysis
 Thomson, Catarina.

Adolescent Informed Social Reflection on Civic Engagement: Psychological Theories of Development and Context Integrated Through Practice
 Selman, Robert. and Kwok, Janet.

Adversarial Behavior in Complex Adaptive Systems: An overview of ICST’s Research on Competitive Adaptation in Terrorist Networks
 Vining, Peter. and Horgan, John.

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Backing Out Vs. Being Inconsistent: Why does the Public Punish Leaders?
 Geva, Nehemia. and Thomson, Catarina.

Being Liberal in a Conservative Government: The Effects of Political Ideology on a Domain-Specific Measure of Cynicism
 Gornick, Laura. and Conway, Lucian.

Being Together: Participants' accounts of the impact of shared identity at large scale collective events
 Blaylock, Dani., Stevenson, Clifford., O\'Donnell, Aisling., Muldoon, Orla., Reicher, Stephen. and Bryan, Dominic.

Belief Systems and Action Inferences as a Source of Violence in the Name of Islam
 Dornschneider, Stephanie.

Beyond Denial: Responsibility and Accountability in the Aftermath of Mass Violence
 Bilali, Rezarta.

Beyond Left and Right: Ideology as Reflecting Fundamental Dimensions of Ideal Societal Arrangement
 Cohrs, Christopher. and Herold, Claudia.

Big 5 Personality Facets and Prejudice: The Mediating Role of Generalized Attitudes
 Proch, Jutta., Mitte, PD Dr Kristin. and Kämpfe, Dr Nicole.

Black and White or Shades of Gray? Political Orientation Predicts Categorical vs. Continuous Race Perception
 Malahy, Lori. and Plaks, Jason.

Breaking the Barrier: Indonesian Muslim Youth Internet Survey: Use of the Internet for Current Islamic and Non-Islamic Issues
 Gould, Benina.

Buildings as Symbols: Understanding the Motivational Underpinnings of Property Disputes
 Callahan, Shannon. and Ledgerwood, Alison.


CHRM2, IQ, and Turnout
 Dawes, Chris.

COMT, Extraversion, and Partisan Attachment
 Dawes, Chris.

Can Ordinary Citizens Deliberate Abour their Colliding Worldviews?
 Wesolowska, Elzbieta.

Can Psychology help 'us' save the world: Understanding leadership, influence and mass behaviour around major social issues
 Reicher, Stephen., Subasic, Emina. and Hart, Paul.

Can Regulatory Fit Increase the Persuasion of Get-Out-The-Vote Campaigns? Chronic Life Goals Orientations and Voting
 Dumitrescu, Delia.

Candidate Repositioning
 Tomz, Michael. and Van Houweling, Robert.

Changes in Black Americans’ in-group attitudes: The influences of age and geographical region
 White, Angela. and Johnson, Blair.

Childhood Experiences, Mortality Salience, Empathy, and their Contribution to Authoritariansim
 Patterson, Marcus. and Milburn, Michael.

Citizenship Education: A Critical Look at a Contested Field
 Haste, Helen.

Clinging to Stability: Motivated Defense of Political Leaders
 Banfield, Jillian. and Kay, Aaron.

Coalition Signals as Voter Cues
 Meffert, Michael. and Gschwend, Thomas.

Collective Identity Narratives: A Tool for Linking Personal and Social Histories
 Curtin, Nicola.

Collective narcissist's response to threat: Fight or flight?
 Cichocka, Aleksandra. and Golec de Zavala, Agnieszka.

Collective sanctions, group’s political structure, and implicit responsibility of the members
 Falomir Pichastor, Juan., Berent, Jacques., Pereira, Andrea., Staerklé, Christian. and Butera, Fabrizio.

Comparing Political Psychology to Psychohistory
 Fuchsman, Kenneth.

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Dangerous Identities: The Impact of Fundamental Ethnic Identities on Conflict Intensity
 Medeiros, Mike.

Dealing with Dissonance: The role of dissonance in individual-level interethnic aggression
 Gubler, Joshua.

Deliberation, Gender and Speaking Behavior
 Mendelberg, Tali. and Karpowitz, Chris.

Democratic citizenship construction in China: The case of a NGO’s citizenship program for rural women
 Zhao, Xu. and Haste, Helen.

Demographic Change, Acculturation Threat, and Opposition to Immigration
 Newman, Benjamin.

Developing a Multidisciplinary Ontology: A Case Illustration from ICST's Research on Competitive Adaptation in Terrorist Networks
 Braddock, Kurt. and Horgan, John.

Developmental and contextual factors that influence adolescents' choice to include or exclude immigrant students in school
 Selman, Robert. and Kwok, Janet.

Different but equal? Legitimization of gender (in)equality
 Jasko, Katarzyna.

Discrete Emotions and Ideological Polarization
 Hartman, Todd. and Weber, Christopher.

Discursive Distancing Among Political Actors in a Failing Democracy
 Kovalyova, Natalia.

Discursive Strategies of Ethical Self Construction
 Park, Eri.

Disengagement from Northern Irish Paramilitary Groups
 Ferguson, Neil.

Disentangling the relationship between religion, politics, and activism among Palestinian young men and women
 Spellings, Carolyn R.. and Barber, Brian.

Do Framing Effects in Competitive Conditions Depend on Emotions?
 Aaroe, Lene.

Do parties’ strategies account for cleavage voting? Explaining trends in cleavage voting under the French Fifth Republic
 Gougou, Florent. and Roux, Guillaume.

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Economic Disparities and Community Discord: How and Why Inequality Harms Social Trust
 Oxendine, Alina.

Education mediating the (not so straightforward) impact of income on RWA and SDO
 Carvacho, Hector., Haye, Andres. and Gonzalez, Roberto.

Effects of political imprisonment in the former GDR on the second generation
 Boehm, Maya. and Weißflog, Gregor.

Effects of political imprisonment in the former GDR on the second generation (poster)
 Boehm, Maya.

Effects of priming common group membership on disclosure in an interview setting
 Moskalenko, Sophia.

Election Campaigns and ‘Enlightened’ Voting in Good and Bad Times
 Karp, Jeffrey. and Holbrook, Thomas.

Election or selection? Psychological factors that may exclude people from political office.
 Carneck, Claes.

Elite decision processes and the perception of global imperatives
 Walter, James.

Emotional Determinants of Support for the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan
 Fletcher, Joseph. and Hove, Jennifer.

Emotional Rescue: How Affect Helps Individuals Overcome Collective Action Problems
 Groenendyk, Eric. and Banks, Antoine.

Emotions, Personality and Attitudes towards Same-Sex Marriage and Civil Unions
 Redlawsk, David., Thies, Cameron. and Tolbert, Caroline.

Engendering unity amidst diversity: Patriotism and the role of group discrimination
 Molina, Ludwin.

Epistemic and Relational Underpinnings of Attitudes and Persuasion Across the Ideological Spectrum
 Krochik, Margarita. and Jost, John.

Equality and Moral Traditionalism as Mediators of the Relationship between Epistemic Motivation and Ideological Affinity
 Federico, Christopher., Ergun, Damla., Hunt, Corrie. and Kurowski, Kyle.

Ethnic diversity and intergroup relations: the role of intergroup contact, threat and multiple categorization
 Schmid, Katharina., Hewstone, Miles. and Al Ramiah, Ananthi.

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Fair or Equal? The Relations between Procedural Fairness and the Acceptance of Social Inequalities
 Mentovich, Avital. and Tyler, Tom.

Fear and Learning in a Health Crisis: The H1N1 Virus and Information Seeking
 Gadarian, Shana. and Albertson, Bethany.

Fear and loathing at the airport: Treating Muslims as danger
 Blackwood, Leda., Hopkins, Nick. and Reicher, Stephen.

Feeling as Information: Fear and Racial Conflict
 Banks, Antoine.

Fighting for You: Violent Political Rhetoric & Candidate Evaluation
 Kalmoe, Nathan.

Following the Polling Station Queue: The effects of turnout information on turning out – experimental findings
 Green, Jane.

Framing Public Support for Childhood Obesity Policies: The Effects of Individualizing the Problem
 Barry, Colleen., Brescoll, Victoria. and Gollust, Sarah.

Free-market attitudes and Feminism
 Roney, Chris., Newman, Jacquetta. and Camman, Carolyn.

From Bolivia's Coca Fields to the Presidency: The Rise of Evo Morales
 Allen, James. and Post, Jerrold.

From discrimination to legislation: The leap to the policy of indigenous Peruvians
 Ríos Indacochea, Candelaria.

From situations to emotions: appraising intergroup inequalities
 Fernando, Julian., Kashima, Yoshihisa. and Laham, Simon.


Gender Differences in Public Opinion on Environmental Policy
 Lizotte, Mary-Kate. and Weaver, Alicia.

Gender, Sexuality, and the Authoritarian Personality
 Zurbriggen, Eileen. and Peterson, Bill.

Generalization of Risk and Support for Human Rights in the Context of Former-Yugoslavia Conflicts
 Morselli, Davide. and Spini, Dario.

Generative historical consciousness in the speeches of Malcolm X
 Leclerc, Ryan.

Genetic and Environmental Transmission of Political Involvement from Attitude Intensity to Political Participation
 Funk, Cary., Smith, Kevin., Alford, John. and Hibbing, John.

God, guns, and… China? How ideology impacts American attitudes and policy preferences towards China
 Gries, Peter. and Crowson, H. Michael.

Group Size and Support for Political Goals in the Russian Federation. The Mediating Role of Social Identifications and Perceived Threat
 Minescu, Anca. and Funke, Friedrich.

Guessing the effect?: Impact of guessing on inference from experiments
 Sood, Gaurav. and Cor, Ken.


Has the Russian Federation Been Chechenized?
 Ware, Robert.

Hatred against Israel – Anti-Semitism or anger against acts of the state of Israel?
 Jikeli, Gunther.

Healing or Opening the Wounds of the Past? Responses to the Framing of Truth Commissions
 Twose, Gabe.

Hearts or Minds? Persuasive Messages on Climate Change and the Global AIDS Crisis
 Albertson, Bethany. and Busby, Joshua.

Help That Hurts: Effects of Perceived Security of Hierarchy and Perceived Trust in the Outgroup on Interpretation of Outgroup Assistance
 Halabi, Samer., Arie, Nadler., Dovidio, John. and Noor, Masi.

Historical representations and conflicts about first origins and national identities.
 Carretero, Mario., Kriger, Miriam. and Lopez, Cesar.

Historical trends in South African race attitudes
 Durrheim, Kevin. and Tredoux, Colin.

How Do Terrorist Organizations Innovate?
 Nintas, Marius.

How Inequality Affects Political Engagement
 Persson, Mikael.

How the Perceptions and Personalities of Legislators Affect Executive-Legislative Conflict in Foreign Policy
 Crichlow, Scott. and Schafer, Mark.

How to Control Child Labour
 Hindwan, Sudhir.

Human Rights and the Right to Peace: Creation of a New Paradigm
 Berkley, Lisa.

Human rights orientations and modern anti-Semitism among German adolescents
 Kopf, Johannes.


Identity and Politicization: The Voice of Migrants in Germany
 Simon, Bernd. and Reichert, Frank.

Identity narratives and the war and no war dialogue in today’s group relations and conflicts.
 Kreidie, Lina.

Identity or Equality: The Gender Gap in the 2009/2010 German and British Elections
 Blinder, Scott. and Rolfe, Meredith.

Ideology and Foreign Approval of the United States
 Gross, Wendy.

Ignorant majorities, malicious authorities: Muslim Americans’ strategic accounts of discrimination
 Wiley, Shaun., Bikmen, Nida. and Sirin, Selcuk.

Implicit Black Group-Identification and Stereotype Threat in the Age of Obama
 Craemer, Thomas., Orey, Byron. and Park, Hyung.

In search of feminism in psychology in Turkey
 Bolak Boratav, Hale.

Inclusive and exclusive victim consciousness: Clashing views of ingroup victimization?
 Vollhardt, Johanna.

Increasing Militarization in Guam: A Framework for Reviving Discussions on Self-determination
 Taitano, Erik Jon. and Twaddle, Iain.

Intergroup Anger in Intractable Conflict: Long-Term Sentiments Predict Anger Responses During the Gaza War
 Halperin, Eran. and Gross, James.

Intergroup Conflict Amidst Political Violence and Terrorism:
 Canetti-Nisim, Daphna.

Intergroup Contact and Collective Action: Investigating the “Reicher Effect” in a mixed South African Campus
 Cakal, Huseyin., Hewstone, Miles., Schwar, Gerhard. and Heath, Anthony.

Intergroup contact and political tolerance in a European context
 Thomsen, Jens Peter.

Interviewing The Terrorists: Reflections on Fieldwork and Implications for Moving Terrorism Data Beyond the Anecdote
 Horgan, John.

Invisible Norm? Statistics of Racial Polarization and Consensus
 Craemer, Thomas.

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Korea: Secularism, Sectarianism and Nationalism in a Bifurcated Nation
 DeDominicis, Benedict.


Latinos, Issues, and Foundations of Partisanship
 Saavedra Cisneros, Angel.

Leader’s beliefs system and Canada’s human rights policy toward China: Some preliminary results
 Labrecque, Charles-Louis.

Learning the Past, Interpreting the Present: Israel’s Collective Narrative and Adolescents' Understanding of the Conflict
 Fuxman, Shai.

Left-wing authoritarianism. Not a myth, but reality.
 Regt, Sabrina.

Liberal Political Interest; is it Driven by Empathic Concerns?
 Soule, Suzanne. and Iyer, Ravi.

Liberals and conservatives, interventionists and isolationists: how does ideology affect foreign policy preferences?
 Schwalbe, Katherine., Buturovic, Zeljka. and Ren, Grace.

Limits of Democratic Voting: A look at how many electoral contests voters can monitor at one time
 Andersen, David.

Long-term effects of a single exposure to the American flag on political behavior and judgment
 Carter, Travis., Ferguson, Melissa. and Hassin, Ran.

Loyal to the Core: Orangeism and Political Identity in Northern Ireland
 McAuley, James.


Managing multiple identities: Why young Dutch Muslims opt for identity strategies of exit or voice
 van Stekelenburg, Jacquelien. and Klandermans, Bert.

Manipulation of Public Opinion on Global Warming: The Impact of News Media Coverage and the Weather
 Krosnick, Jon., Malka, Ari. and Villar, Ana.

Masochism in political behavior: can Lacanian psychoanalysis be of any help?
 Kovacevic, Filip.

Measuring Authoritarianism in Society over Time and across Cultures
 Lederer, Gerda. and Kindervater, Angela.

Measuring Deliberation
 Rosenberg, Shawn.

Measuring the Motives of Political Leaders at a Distance: With Profiles of Kim Jong Il & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
 Wilson, Ingrid.

Mechanisms of Value Stereotypes
 Dobewall, Henrik.

Mechanisms of perception of threat in international relations
 Smirnova, Anna. and Kiselev, Igor.

Mediators of contact and media exposure on China policy preferences: Knowledge, prejudice, and American attitudes towards the Chinese government
 Gries, Peter. and Crowson, H. Michael.

Memory, Trauma, and the Second World War
 Beisel, David.

Mental Models of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 Kempf, Wilhelm.

Metaphors: Linking authoritarianism to counter-terrorism policy
 Lai, Elizabeth.

Misinformation and the Informed Voter: The Case of California's Proposition 13
 Nalder, Kimberly.

Mobilising opposition towards Muslim immigrants: National identification and the representation of national history
 Smeekes, Anouk., Verkuyten, Maykel. and Poppe, Edwin.

Mobilizing against the war, mobilizing for independence: The invasion of Iraq, political communication, and the Scottish electorate
 Elcheroth, Guy. and Reicher, Stephen.

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Narrative constructions of migrant integration. A comparative study of three European cities
 Scuzzarello, Sarah.

Narrative of inclusion and engagement: experiential, structural and political influences.
 Muldoon, Orla. and Lowe, Rob.

Narrative styles of political speeches: Regulatory fit with voters’ preferences
 Drogosz, Marek.

Narratives and Morality: A Study of Narrative Culture among First and Second Generation South Asian Indian-Americans
 Solomon, Johanna.

Narratives and unbridgeable differences? Fostering self-reflection across stereotypes.
 Solomon, Johanna. and Brunstetter, Daniel.

Narratives of Faith and Commitment: Religion, Politics, and Muslim Youth
 Nesbitt-Larking, Paul.

Narratives of Trauma, Narratives of Endurance: Responses to National Tragedy revealed through the Storycorps Project
 Martin, Adam.

National Identity and the Image of “Alien” in Contemporary Russian Political Culture
 Evgenyeva, Tatiana.

National essentialism, narrative thinking, and infrahumanization of out-groups
 Drogosz, Marek.

National narcissism, positive national group regard and out-group enmity: How low and high collective self esteem predict intergoup negativity.
 Golec de Zavala, Agnieszka., Cichocka, Aleksandra. and Bilewicz, Michał.

Needs and Debates. The Moderating Impact of “Need to Evaluate” and “Need for Cognition” on Perceptions and Effects of Televised Debates
 Maier, Jürgen. and Faas, Thorsten.

Norms, Social Psychology, and Security Decision-making
 Rublee, Maria.


On the outside, looking in: Sophistication and ideology as determinants of political orientations of Turkish citizens
 Chrona, Stavroula. and Capelos, Tereza.

Once and future narratives
 Haste, Helen. and Hogan, Amy.

Opposing Torture:The Morally Convicted Defy and the Religiously Convicted Defer to Majority Group Influence
 Lytle, Brad., Aramovich, Nicholas. and Skitka, Linda.

Optimism as a predictor of the effects of laboratory induced stress on fears and hope
 Kimhi, Shaul.


Participatory Budgets: a tool for empowerment
 Palacios Galvez, M. Soledad., Morales, Elena., Garcia Leiva, Patricia., Dominguez-Fuentes, Juan Manuel. and Hombrados, M. Isabel.

Partisanship and Micro-Level Political Cognition: The Impact of a Partisan Prime on a Short-Term Assessment of Underlying Conditions
 Theodoridis, Alexander.

Partisanship as Political Belief or Social Identity?
 Huddy, Leonie., Mason, Lilliana. and Aaroe, Lene.

Party Identification, Political Values and Public Opinion on Climate Change
 Sohlberg, Jacob.

Patterns of Trust and Distrust
 Lundasen, Susanne.

Peace With and Without Security: Northern Ireland and Nicaragua Compared
 Mastors, Elena. and Cottam, Martha.

Peculiarities of Russia’s socialization in the Group of Eight
 Kiselev, Igor. and Smirnova, Anna.

Pedagogy and Attitudes Toward Immigrants Among Adolescents: A Comparative Analysis Including the US and Germany
 Van Alst, Julia.

Person Perception Stemming from how others use Four Kinds of Power and implications for stereotype theories
 Pitpitan, Eileen., Pratto, Felicia. and Lee, I-Ching.

Personal Values and Immigration Attitudes: Effects of Individual and Collective Threat
 Fasel, Nicole., Green, Eva. and Sarrasin, Oriane.

Personality and Liberalism: Using the "Big Five" to Predict Liberal Ideological Orientation
 Abramyan, Hovannes.

Personality and Motivational Antecedents of Activism and Civic Engagement
 Omoto, Allen., Snyder, Mark. and Hackett, Justin.

Personality traits and political participation: direct, indirect and conditional effects
 Gallego, Aina. and Oberski, Daniel.

Personality, Context and Political Donations
 Keller, Amanda. and Hatemi, Peter.

Personality, Emotional and Behavioral Correlates of Political Cynicism
 Bobbio, Andrea., Manganelli, Anna Maria. and Canova, Luigina.

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REFUGEES: The Prisoners of Circumstances
 Hindwan, Sudhir.

RWA and SDO differentially moderate
 Duckitt, John. and Sibley, Chris.

RWA authoritarianism and group authoritarianism. Two concepts describing relations between an individual and a national group.
 Radkiewicz, Piotr.

Radicalization in History and Political Science
 Crenshaw, Martha.

Radicalization in Political Psychology
 McCauley, Clark.

Radicalization in the Interaction of Personality and Situation
 Wilson, Margaret.

Rally Effects, Threat, and Attitude Change: An Integrative Approach to Understanding the Role of Emotion
 Lambert, Alan.

Recommending Military Force in International Crises: The Role of Affect Displacement and Hostile Attribution Bias
 Milburn, Michael. and Niwa, Miho.

Reconceptualized Ethnocentrism and Its Consequences
 Bizumic, Boris., Smithson, Michael. and Van Rooy, Dirk.

Reconciliation, History and Memory in the Tismăneanu Report Condemning Communism in Romania
 Tileaga, Cristian.

Reconsidering Political Sophistication
 Itoh, Shunsuke.

Reconsidering the Moral Foundations of Ideology
 Ergun, Damla., Federico, Christopher., Hunt, Corrie. and Weber, Christopher.

Reconsidering the Role of Education in Political Socialization: Results From a Panel Study
 Persson, Mikael.

Reconstructing the past: personal memory, public testimony and official history of concentration camps in the former Yugoslavia
 Byford, Jovan.

Reframing Persuasion in Public Policy: The Contribution of Q Methodology
 Wolf, Amanda.

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SDO Abroad: The Bidirectional Relationship between Social Hierarchy Orientation and the Study Abroad Experience
 Livert, David. and Martin, Daniela.

Seeing Negative: Authoritarianism and Automatic Vigilance for Negative Stimuli
 Feldman, Stanley., Lavine, Howard., Lodge, Milton. and Verhulst, Brad.

Segregation in Northern Ireland: Examining the Efficacy of the Contact Hypothesis Through Direct Behaviour Observation
 Orr, Russell., Cairns, Ed. and Stringer, Maurice.

Self-esteem and Prejudice: A Meta-Analysis
 Proch, Jutta., Peiselt, Sissy. and Mitte, PD Dr Kristin.

Separating Anti-War from Pro-Peace Attitudes using Moral Psychology measures
 Iyer, Ravi., Koleva, Spassena., Graham, Jesse., Haidt, Jonathan. and Ditto, Peter.

Severity of conditions, collective identity, psychological sense of community, civic attitudes, and sociopolitical development among youth in El Salvador
 Baker, Alison.

Shades of Contempt: Exploring the Cross-Cultural Generalizability and Scope of Morally Motivated Intolerance
 Skitka, Linda., Morgan, G. Scott. and Wisneski, Daniel.

Shared Group Membership, Value Affirmation and Observers’ Reactions to Injustice
 Smith, Heather.

Single-Issue Voting and California's Proposition 8: Potential Correlates
 Tilley, Brian.

Snakes, terrorists, and people of other races: What are authoritarians afraid of?
 Butler, J. Corey.

Social Identities and Political Activism: Conceptualizing Lesbian Sexual Identity Development
 Shapiro, Danielle. and Stewart, Abigail.

Social Representations as Normative and Ideological foundation of Cognitive and Motivational Processes in Lay Thinking about Multiculturalism
 Gekeler, Babette.

Social and Political Activism as Psychological Traits
 McConochie, William.

Social dominance orientation and right-wing authoritarianism: Differential predictors of opposition to disability rights?
 Crowson, H. Michael., Brandes, Joyce. and Hurst, Rebecca.

Social identities and religion
 Hamer, Katarzyna.

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Taming Power: Development of a Psychological Measure from Leaders’ Speeches
 Winter, David.

Teach Your Children Well? The Effects of Promoting Colorblindness in Elementary Schools
 Pauker, Kristin., Sommers, Samuel., Apfelbaum, Evan. and Ambady, Nalini.

Terror Management, Morality, and Ethno-Political Violence
 Hirschberger, Gilad. and Pyszczynski, Tom.

Testing a Dual Process Model of Motivation and Cognition: Experimental Manipulation of Distinct Social Contexts
 Matthews, Miriam. and Levin, Shana.

Testing the Gendered Power Model in Married Couples: Gender differences in kinds of power and in fungibility of power
 Morales, Elena., Rodríguez-Bailón, Rosa., Moya, Miguel. and Pratto, Felicia.

The American Election of 2008: The Possibilities of Change in a Mature Party System
 Boyd, Richard.

The Ban on the Veil as a Secular and Islamic Identity-Constitutive Measure in Turkish Universities
 Kaya, Serdar.

The Causal Relationship between Motivated Political Reasoning and Cognitive, Affective & Personality Traits
 Wronski, Julie.

The Changing Origins of Islamist Terrorists in the Western World
 Weinberg, Leonard.

The Civic Empowerment Gap: Defining the Problem and Locating Solutions
 Levinson, Meira.

The Cognitive Processing of Politics and Politicians: Archival Studies of Conceptual and Integrative Complexity
 Suedfeld, Peter.

The Correlation Between the Attitudes Toward Globalization and National Identity
 Mohhaisen, Khalaf.

The Cultural Determinants of Economic Populism in the Tea Party Movement
 Perkins, David.

The Democratic Leadership Assessment (DLA): A New Three-Dimensional Tool for Measuring Political Leaders' Impact on Democratic Governance
 Flattau, Jeremy.

The Differential Effect of Identity Centrality and Ingroup Superiority on Construals of Past Intergroup Conflict
 Bilali, Rezarta.

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U.S. Immigration Opinion: Material Interests, General Ethnocentrism, or Group Specific Animus?
 Valentino, Nicholas., Brader, Ted. and Jardina, Ashley.

Understanding the Effects of Leadership on Diversionary Behavior: The Diversionary Behavior of King Hussein and Saddam Hussein During the Gulf War
 Kanat, Kilic.

Understandings of ‘respect’ in divided societies: A review of the literature
 Burns, Stephanie., Lyons, Evanthia. and Niens, Ulrike.

Universality and Uniqueness in the Study of Human Behavior
 Lopez, Anthony.

Using Group Consciousness Theories to Understand Political Activism: Case Studies of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Ingo Hasselbach
 Duncan, Lauren.

Using Values to Break the Link between National Identification and Islamophobia
 Viki, G. Tendayi. and Bardi, Anat.

Using the Q Method and Other Approaches to Measure the Subjectivity of Inter-Group Resentment and Rationales for Violence
 Ascher, William.


Victimhood-based identity as a source of anti-Semitism: survey results from Poland
 Bilewicz, Michał.

Vietnam War: Effect on Gender Identity and Roles of Vietnam Women between 1968 and 1975
 Do, Lynna.

Vulnerability to Identity Denial: Immigration Status and the Desire to be Accepted as American
 Wang, Jennifer. and Cheryan, Sapna.


WATCHING THE TRIAL: Affections, emotions, perceptions and judgments against Fujimori
 Ríos Indacochea, Candelaria.

WHO IS GUILTY? Undergraduate students’ attitudes towards hate crime based on sexual orientation
 Karakus, Pelin., Goregenli, Melek. and Sudas, Ilkay.

We're all in this together? Assessing inter-racial competition and coalitional prospects
 Barreto, Matt. and Gonzalez, Benjamin.

What Makes a Strong Frame? Rhetorical Style and the Individual Factors Affecting Preference Formation
 Wagner, Michael., Jacobs, Carly. and Balzer, Amanda.

What White Privilege? White Ideologies and Implications for Equitable Policy
 Huntington, Amy., Tan, Judy., Henkel, Kristin. and Earnshaw, Valerie.

What a feeling: mapping citizens’ emotional reactions to political leaders in Britain during the 2010 election
 Capelos, Tereza.

What it Means to be American: (National vs. Ethnic) Identification and Social Belonging
 Garcia, Randi. and Leach, Colin.

What unites and divides ethnic groups: Cross-republic and ethnic group variations in the Russian Federation
 Minescu, Anca.

When Victims Don’t Become Perpetrators: The Role of Inclusive Victim Consciousness
 Vollhardt, Johanna.

When does social identity predict support for suicide bombings? Evidence from Israel
 Adelman, Janice., Hogg, Michael. and Levin, Shana.

When is Terrorism Terrifying?
 Brader, Ted. and Valentino, Nicholas.

When will humans bomb humans? Infrahumanisation, casualty tolerance and support for war
 Johns, Robert. and Davies, Graeme.

Where Multiculturalism Ends and Biases Begin: Expressions of Ethnic Identification Can Negatively Impact Intergroup Relations
 Adelman, Levi., Yogeeswaran, Kumar., Dasgupta, Nilanjana. and Eccleston, Alison.

Why Achievement Motivation Predicts Success in Business But Failure in Politics: The Importance of Personal Control
 Winter, David.

Wilson, Harding and the New Era
 Kucharski, Anastasia.

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YouTube Persuasion during the Primaries and Presidential Debates: Global Discourse about the 2008 U.S. Election
 Zimmerman, Lindsey., Armistead, Lisa., Anderson, Aasha. and King, Cynthia.
ISPP 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting 2010-Jul-07 to 2010-Jul-11
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