ISPP 34th Annual Scientific Meeting 2011-Jul-09 to 2011-Jul-13

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"Striking Similarities in Developmental Histories and Psychological Outcomes": School Shooters, Political Tyrants, Victims and Survivors
 Comerchero, Victoria.

"They saw a terrorist" – Responses of Jewish-Israeli viewers to a news-media portrayal of a Palestinian female terrorist
 Maoz, Ifat.

(New) Social Movements in the Digital Era: Social protest and mobilisation through Facebook in the Greek context.
 Triga, Vasiliki.

(Supra-)National Others in International Relations
 Kiss, Paszkál.

20 Years after Reunification: The Relationship of Collective Nostalgia and Group Continuity in East Germany
 Wuerfel, Kirsten., Gheorghiu, Mirona., Sedikides, Constantine. and Wildschut, Tim.

‘At My Father’s Knee’: Orangeism and Cultural Learning in Northern Ireland
 McAuley, James., Tonge, Jon. and Mycock, Andy.

‘Girls are to be seen, not to be heard’ Linking child attachment, gender, poverty: Understanding social trauma of Kutchi girls in post earthquake Gujarat
 Kumar, Manasi.

‘I don’t who I am but I know who I am not’: Self projection on National Identity in post conflict Northern Ireland
 Çoymak, Ahmet., Lyons, Evanthia., Gheorghiu, Mirona. and Niens, Ulrike.

‘Muslims in Europe’ or ‘European Muslims’: Integration and national identification from Muslim perspective
 Yildiz, Aslan. and Verkuyten, Maykel.

‘The wall inside the head’ twenty years on: Narrating East German identity
 Andrews, Molly.

“Friends” and “Foes” in American and Chinese Foreign Policy: An Inductive Analysis of National Images
 Gries, Peter.

“Welcome to Brazil!” – a discursive analysis of Brazilians talking about refugees in the state of São Paulo
 Simai, Szilvia. and Baeninger, Rosana.

“You can’t really trust anyone anymore”: Trust, moral identity and the social production of coming to terms with the past
 Tileaga, Cristian.


A Checkpoint Effect? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Travel Restrictions in the West Bank
 canetti, daphna., Longo, Matthew. and Hite, Nancy.

A Dual Process Approach to Understanding Prejudice toward Americans in Lebanon: An Extension to Intergroup Threat Perceptions and Emotions
 Levin, Shana., Pratto, Felicia., Matthews, Miriam., Sidanius, James. and Kteily, Nour.

A Longitudinal Study of Inter-group Contact and Collective Action among Groups in Non-Violent Conflict
 Cakal, Huseyin., Hewstone, Miles. and Psaltis, Charis.

A Multilevel Study of Out-group Trust and Perspective Taking as Mediators of Intergroup Contact, Ingroup Identification and Collective Action
 Cakal, Huseyin., Sebastian, Pintea., Hewstone, Miles., Heath, Anthony. and Rusu, Alina.

A New Way of Generating Functional Typologies of Terrorist Organizations: The Turkish Case
 Kocak, Murat.

A Predatory Narcissism: Land, Race and Sovereignty in Mugabe's Zimbabwe
 Ansell, Amy.

A Psychological contribution to the notion of Power.
 Bershadsky, Romina.

A Social Cognitive Explanation of Genocide Denials
 Sunsay, Ceyhun.

A Theory of Contingent Models of Reasoning: Ideology and cross-situational consistency
 Herrmann, Richard.

A cross-cultural comparision of military recruitment strategies
 Zack, Astrid. and Cohrs, Christopher.

A dual-motivational model of Punitive Attitudes: the effect of Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominance Orientation
 Gerber, Monica.

A multilevel study on anticedents of perceived risk of crime
 Vieno, Alessio., Roccato, Michele. and russo, Silvia.

A new method for indirect measurement of stereotype content - the graphological cover story
 Liersch, Benjamin.

A personality approach to deliberation. An empirical illustration of the "deliberative personality"
 Jennstål, Julia.

A psycholinguistic analysis of Barack Obama's spontaneous speeches as a way of cognizing his personality.
 Moukhortov, Dennis.

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Being a European Union citizen: narratives of mobility along the migration-mobility continuum.
 Mahendran, Kesi.

Beliefs in Jewish conspiracy: The role of situation threats to ingroup’ power and positive image
 Kofta, Miroslaw., Sedek, Grzegorz. and Slawuta, Patricia.

Between Rivers: Identity and Development in a Morocco Town
 Landrigan, Richard.

Between classes and prejudices - ideological configurations
 Carvacho, Hector. and Zick, Andreas.

Beyond the ethnic-civic dichotomy: Cultural citizenship as a new way of excluding immigrants
 Reijerse, Arjan., Van Acker, Kaat., Vanbeselaere, Norbert., Duriez, Bart. and Phalet, Karen.

Beyond two groups: Three-way stereotypes and xenophobia in South Africa
 Kerr, Philippa.

Blurring the Lines: Group Membership, Issue Placement, and Uncertainty
 Philpot, Tasha.

Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev: A Political Psychological Analysis of the Presidential Personalities.
 Strelets, Ilya.

Boundaries of cooperation: The anomie behavior and the expectation for a Paternalistic State.
 Bershadsky, Romina.

Bridging the Divide or Dividing the Bridge? The Role of Television in the Relationship between Muslims and the Western World
 Schurz, Katharina., Frindte, Wolfgang. and Geschke, Daniel.

Broadcasting vs. Narrowcasting: Television Ads, Radio Ads, and Niche Marketing in an American Political Campaign
 Overby, Marvin.


Can Northern Ireland’s commitment to a representative workplace actually produce negative consequences?
 Devaney, Lee., Lyons, Evanthia. and Kremer, John.

Can Political Efficacy Protect Citizens' Psychological Well-Being in Situations of Political Violence? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on War and Terrorism.
 canetti, daphna., Navot, Doron., Vashdi, Dana., Lavi, Iris., Hobfoll, Stevan. and Longo, Matthew.

Can threats influence non-state terrorist actors?
 Crenshaw, Martha.

Caring for the Future: Potential Resources to Reduce Outgroup Discrimination
 Morselli, Davide.

Challenging the construct validity of right-wing authoritarianism (RWA)
 Mavor, Kenneth. and Louis, Winnifred.

Challenging the liberal theory of citizenship: Who is the 'citizen'?

City psychology: population training to psychohygiene principles
 Troyanovskiy, Roman.

Civic Participation in Japan
 Araki, Yoshinobu.

Civic education and political attitudes: the effects of Minas Gerais’ Youth Parliament in the students’ attitudes toward Minas Gerais’ state legislative.
 fuks, mario. and Casalecchi, Gabriel.

Civic engagement: Humanistic approach to Kurdish Question
 Belge, Murat.

Clarifying the Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Political Ideology
 Cichocka, Aleksandra., Jost, John., Andrews, Rick., Gosling, Sam. and Potter, Jeff.

Class composition, school climate and interethnic relations amongst pupils
 Schachner, Maja., Brenick, Alaina., Heizmann, Boris., Van de Vijver, Fons. and Noack, Peter.

Climate Chaos, Conflict and The Role of Psychology
 Perlman, PhD, Diane.

Co-operation: Lessons from Social Developmental Psychology for studying Intergroup Contact
 Psaltis, Charis.

Collective Action on Behalf of the Weaker: When a stronger minority group is willing to act on behalf of the weaker minority group.
 Salat, Levente., Cakal, Huseyin. and Hewstone, Miles.

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Daughters of Destiny I: Indira Gandhi
 Chaudhary, Jessica., Moody, Kristen. and Post, Jerrold.

Daughters of Destiny II: Benazir Bhutto
 Moody, Kristen., Chaudhary, Jessica. and Post, Jerrold.

David R. Beisel’s The Suicidal Embrace vs. Sophie’s Choice: The Czechs, Masaryk, Benes and the Munich Crisis
 Feierabend, Ivo.

Dealing with the disruptions of immigration: negotiating the stigmatizing perspective of origin and settlement contexts
 Kadianaki, Irini.

Delegitimizaton and the Meta-ethics of Intergroup Relations
 Pilecki, Andrew. and Hammack, Phillip.
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Deliberation, Empathy and Feelings Toward Others
 Morrell, Michael.

Democracy - empathy = ?
 Miklikowska, Marta.

Democratic government and Brazilian Youth Disaffection Politics
 Sandoval, Salvador.

Democratic preferences and personality: incorporating personality in the explanation of preferences for stealth democracy
 Font, Joan. and Alarcon, Pau.

Demonizing the Opposition: Partisan Media and Perceptions of the Opposition in American Politics
 Levendusky, Matthew.

Demonstrating on their Bicycles? The Relationship Between Political Efficacy and Participation Motives Among Gordelaars
 Van der Linden, Nicolas. and Licata, Laurent.

Depiction of the Holocaust and modern anti-Semitism
 Kopf-Beck, Johannes.

Deprivation of solidarity in times of crisis
 Zick, Andreas. and Hövermann, Andreas.

Destabilizing the work of identity in intergroup contact.
 Bekerman, Zvi.

Developing diversity competency in middle and high schools
 Rabrenovic, Gordana.

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E Pluribus Unum: Dual identity and minority group members' motivation to engage in contact, as well as social change
 Glasford, Demis. and Dovidio, John.

Effect of Perceiving Multiple Identities on Rigid Thinking: Moderating Role of Uncertainty
 Peker, Mujde., Crisp, Richard. and Sutton, Robbie.

Effects of Perceived Stability of Hierarchy and Apology on Seeking and Reactions to Assistance From the High Status Group
 Halabi, Samer.

Electoral Systems and Candidate Recognition: The Effect of District Magnitude and List Type
 Van Coppenolle, Brenda.

Embodied prejudice: malodour, need for physical cleansing and prejudice
 Golec de Zavala, Agnieszka.

Emergence of Antisemitism in times of rapid social change
 Bilewicz, Michał. and Winiewski, Mikolaj.

Emotion Regulation and the Endorsement of Democratic Practices: Searching for a New Track for Intervention
 Pliskin, Ruth., liberman, varda., Gross, James. and Halperin, Eran.

Emotion regulation in inter-group conflict: an experimental study of cognitive reappraisal
 Porat, Roni., Schori, Noa., Gross, James. and Halperin, Eran.

Emotion regulation in violent conflict: Reappraisal, hope, and support for humanitarian aid to the opponent in wartime
 Halperin, Eran. and Gross, James.

Emotion-Based Similarity as a Tool to Improve Intergroup Relation
 Yarkoni, Ayala., Porat, Roni. and Reifen Tagar, Michal.

Emotional Episodes in International Relations: overcoming methodological challenges
 Meur, Elisabeth.

Empathy and political attitudes
 Thorisdottir, Hulda.

Engaging in protest: Lessons from the autobiographies of M. K. Gandhi, N. Mandela and M. L. King
 Morselli, Davide. and Passini, Stefano.

Entrepreneurship Policy - Changing Discourse, Changing Positions
 Niska, Miira. and Vesala, Kari.

Epistemic and Relational Underpinnings of Attitudes and Persuasion Across the Ideological Spectrum
 Krochik, Margarita. and Jost, John.

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Factors playing a role in intention to vaccination: trust in government, social pressure and attitudes towards the H1N1 flu
 Nguyen Luu, Lan Anh., Borsfay, Krisztina. and Kende, Judit.

Factors that affect the level of civic engagement among young people in Turkey. Does ethnic minority status matter?
 Sener, Tulin. and Ataman, Aysenur.

Factual, Interpretive, and Methodological Issues
 Beisel, David.

Failure to mourn “White Nativism”: Intrapsychic and sociological perspectives of deportation impacting Hispanic-American born children.
 Farina, Maria del Mar.

Feeling European: Examining Identity Transformations of Ethnic Minorities in Turkey
 Sirin, Cigdem.

Feelings about inter-racial friendships: A comparison of two South African racial communities
 Finchilescu, Gillian., Nhlapo, Anthony. and Freeman, Kevin.

Feels Like Global Warming: System Justification and Perception of Ambient Temperature
 Hennes, Erin., Feygina, Irina. and Jost, John.

Feminist perspectives of International Conflict and Peace with particular reference to different conflict societies.
 Hadjipavlou, Maria.

Finding the other within: HIV and fear of small numbers in South Africa and Zimbabwe
 Statman, James.

First Rate Intellect, Second Rate Temperment: A psychological explanation of Barack Obama's Leadership Failures
 Krasner, Michael.

Formation of psychological stability of the population in modern crisis conditions in Russia
 Titova, Vlada.

Formation of the human capital of Russia by means of social psychotherapy
 Pushkina, Maria.

Formation of the national-state identity of young generation in modern Russia
 titov, victor.

Framing Iran, Framing Nukes... Framing Ourselves
 Perlman, PhD, Diane.

Framing Social Dominance Orientation and Power in organizational settings
 Aiello, Antonio., Pierro, Antonio. and Pratto, Felicia.

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Gender and Medicine: Pregnancy and Gender Discrimination in the US and German Medicine
 Rothe, Katharina. and Poege, Kathleen.

Gender and Race Representatives: Stereotypes of female and African-American politicians
 Clerkin, Cathleen. and Lee, Fiona.

Gender and identification as moderators of the social value of general belief in a just world
 Alves, Hélder., Correia, Isabel., Sutton, Robbie. and Ramos, Miguel.

Gendered Identity Transmission for Migrant Families
 Weber, Rebecca.

Gendered Political Candidates and Implicit Voter Attitudes
 McDermott, Monika., Meyer, Caitlin., Gillis, Justin. and Jones, David.

Generational Transmission of Collective Memory: The Case of Palestinians in the State of Israel
 Nahhas, Eman.

Genocide Prototyicality: Applying the In-group Projection Model to Inclusive Victim Consciousness
 Mazur, Lucas. and Vollhardt, Johanna.

German Muslim identities in context: results from an analysis of nine German language online forums and five focus groups
 Holtz, Peter. and Wagner, Wolfgang.

Globalization and trafficking in human beings
 Aliyev, Bakhtiyar.

Going Bipartisan: Applying an Experimental Approach to Examine the Influence of Presidential Bipartisan Public Appeals
 Villalobos, Jose., Vaughn, Justin. and Azari, Julia.

Great Expectations: The Shaping of Narcissistic Leaders
 Post, Jerrold.

Groupthink and Presidential Advisory Groups: the Homogeneity and Heterogeneity of Decision Making Groups.
 Derksen, Hanneke.


Harnessing the subject effect in stereotyping experiments
 Durrheim, Kevin.

Hate and solidarity mobilizations – an inter-group relations study from India.
 Rath, Rakshi. and Reicher, Stephen.

Hate goes to school: introducing opportunities for interdependence on college campuses.
 Levin, Jack.

Heterogenous Effect of Negative Campaign on Voter Turnout: The Role of Conflict Avoidance
 Hur, Suk Jae.

Highly popular but hardly responsible: Psychological Profile of Populist leaders in the Low Countries.
 De Landtsheer, Christ\'l.

Historical Narratives and Acculturation Strategies of Palestinian Muslims and Christians in Israel
 Mana, Adi.

How Arab Belief in Power Change Moderates Desire for Action Regarding Domination by the U.S.A.
 Bou Zeinnedine, Fouad., Pratto, Felicia., Sidanius, James., Levin, Shana. and Kteily, Nour.

How Electoral Researchers Think the Mind Works: Identifying the Psephological Paradigm
 Rosema, Martin.

How Have Conflicts in the North Caucasus Affected the Evolution of the Russian Federation?
 Ware, Robert.

How International and Domestic Concerns Influence Support for Government and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria
 Pratto, Felicia., Bou Zeinnedine, Fouad., Sidanius, James., Levin, Shana. and Kteily, Nour.

How a tolerant past affects the present: Historical tolerance and the acceptance of Muslim expressive rights
 Smeekes, Anouk., Verkuyten, Maykel. and Poppe, Edwin.

How accurate are citizens’ perceptions of parties’ electoral chances?
 Lachat, Romain.

How can collective action actually create social change? An empirical analysis
 Batel, Susana. and Castro, Paula.

How consensus information impacts attitudinal ambivalence towards biodiversity conservation policies
 Castro, Paula., Mouro, Carla. and Silva, jorge.

How does school-level ethnic diversity affect social cohesion and engagement among parents in elementary schools?
 Veit, Susanne. and Koopmans, Ruud.

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Identification and belonging among descendants of immigrants in Europe
 Latcheva, Rossalina. and Herzog-Punzenberger, Barbara.

Identity Alignment and Strength of Conviction: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Foreign Policies and Public Opinion
 Gandy, Kizzy.

Identity barriers, group fit and the individual in collective action
 Stuart, Avelie., Thomas, Emma. and Donaghue, Ngaire.

Identity conflict and compatibility: The role of metaperceptions among Muslim minorities in Europe
 Fleischmann, Fenella. and Veit, Susanne.

Ideological Differences in Emotional Experience and Reconstructive Memory Concerning the Events of 9/11
 Lane, Sean., Ledgerwood, Alison., Jost, John., Phelps, Elizabeth. and Hirst, William.

Ideological influences on youth’s identity development: The cases of Turkey and Norway
 Türken, Salman., Nafstad, Hilde. and Blakar, Rolv.

Ideology and contact in post-colonial New Zealand: The role of interethnic friendships in the perpetuation of social inequality.
 Sengupta, Nikhil. and Sibley, Chris.

If you can’t fly your own fucking flag in your own country then there’s something fucking wrong, isn’t there…: National belonging, everyday life and the status of the ethnic majority
 Skey, Michael.

Imagining Politics: How Individual Differences in Imagination Shapes Public Opinion Formation
 Petersen, Michael. and Aaroe, Lene.

Immigrants are not infrahumanized if they work hard? A case of Polish immigrants in Ireland.
 Drogosz, Marek. and Woźniak, Małgorzata.

Impediments to political and civic participation locally, nationally and at a European level for British Bangladeshi and Congolese youth living in London, UK
 Pachi, Dimitra. and Barrett, Martyn.

Imperialist and Barbarian: How Turks View the United States?
 Bilali, Rezarta.

Implicit Intergroup Bias, Social Norms Against Prejduice, and Party Support in the UK and Germany
 Blinder, Scott., Ford, Robert. and Ivarsflaten, Elisabeth.

Implicit and explicit in-group favoritism: the case of Serbs and Croats
 zezelj, iris. and Ivanović, Anja.

Important, yet moderate: personality traits, extremity of individual policy attitudes and salience
 Fazekas, Zoltan.

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Jewish-Muslim Reconciliation: A Psycho-Political Strategy.
 Montville, Joseph.


Kurdish Identity Claims in a Turkish State: To Be a Kurdish Intellectual in Turkey
 Fırat, Ümit.


Latinos and Political Sophistication
 Casellas, Jason. and Leal, David.

Lay People’s Subjective Representations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 stahel, lea. and Cohrs, Christopher.

Lay People’s Subjective Representations of the Turkish-Kurdish Conflict
 Ulug, Ozden Melis. and Cohrs, Christopher.

Lay theories of political violence against the West among Saudis
 Albaz, Nasser. and Lyons, Evanthia.

Leaders by Default: Second-Choice Sons
 Pertsis, Ruthie. and Post, Jerrold.

Leadership Framing and Social Identity: An Empirical Application to the Iranian Case
 Grove, Andrea.

Leadership and intergroup trust in post-conflict Northern Ireland
 Gheorghiu, Mirona., Tropp, Linda., Hawi, Diala. and Butz, David.

Leading social change: Leadership as a contest for influence in intergroup relations
 Subasic, Emina., Reynolds, Katherine., Hart, Paul., Reicher, Stephen. and Haslam, Alexander.

Learning Goals as a Means to Promote Positive Intergroup Contact
 Migacheva, Katya. and Tropp, Linda.

Learning in Deliberation
 Sood, Gaurav.

Left alone and left behind: Impediments prohibiting Turkish university youth to become political beings
 Duzen, N. Ekrem.

Legitimacy and Permeability of Group Boundaries as Mediators of Collective Action and Intergroup Contact among Turkish and Kurdish Adults in Turkey.
 Guler, Meltem., Cakal, Huseyin. and Hewstone, Miles.

Legitimation and Activity of Civil Society Organizations
 Kotzian, Peter. and Steffek, Jens.

Legitimizing Violence and Torture: A Socio-psychological Background
 Goregenli, Melek.

Lessons from Establishing a University-Based Mediation Clinic in the Georgian Republic
 Magradze, Guguli. and Pearson d’Estrée, Tamra.

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Mavi Marmara Raid
 Ozturk, Bilgehan. and Erisen, Cengiz.

Mechanisms of radicalization in asymmetric conflict: the role of humiliation in the Jasmine Revolution and the Egyptian protest movement
 McCauley, Clark.

Methodological and ethical challenges in research on genocide
 Bilali, Rezarta.

Micro-ecological behaviour and intergroup contact among young people attending a Further education college in Northern Ireland.
 McKeown, Shelley., Cairns, Ed., Stringer, Maurice. and Orr, Russell.

Militarist Attitudes in Turkey: Patriotism and the Militarised Nature of Group Attachment
 Kislioglu, Resit.

Misinformation, Campaign Advertising, and Local TV News: The Case of California’s Proposition 8
 Nalder, Kimberly.

Models of presidential leadership in Russia
 Zorin, Vassily.

Moral conviction in the context of intractable intergroup conflict: When ideology matters
 Reifen Tagar, Michal., Morgan, G. Scott., Skitka, Linda. and Halperin, Eran.

Mother of all agricultural seasons: Confusion, uncertainty and the epistemology of domination in contemporary Zimbabwe.
 Statman, James.

Mothers of Invention? Psychological and Cultural Factors Empowering and Inhibiting Female Suicide Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan
 Shannon, Vaughn.

Motivated Voters and Negative Information: When Attention Leads to Attitudinal Polarization
 Meffert, Michael., Joiner, Amber., Chung, Sungeun. and Waks, Leah.

Moving from Clean to Dirty Treatments in Experiments on Political Persuasion
 kuklinski, james.

Multicultural urban schools and new ethnicities in Swedish context
 Bunar, Nihad.

Multiple Social Identities as Moderators of Intergroup Conflict? The Case of Ukraine
 Malanchuk, Oksana.

Munich and the Czechs – A psychological view
 Klicperova-Baker, Martina.

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Narcissistic beliefs about groups and intergroup hostility: Situations increasing collective narcissism
 Golec de Zavala, Agnieszka.

Narrating borders and governance: Chosen traumas and the psychological moment
 Kinnvall, Catarina.

Narrating migration: excitement, fear, hope and disappointment. A pilot study of post-EU enlargement Polish immigrants in London
 Scuzzarello, Sarah.

Narratives of Religion: Canadian Muslims and the Politics of Engagement
 Nesbitt-Larking, Paul.

National identity and cultural ideology: Discourse analysis of ethnic and civic factors in five regions of Spain
 Grad, Hector.

National-Social Identities and National Pride among University Students in Turkey
 tasdemir, nagihan.

Naturalization: Is Identification with the Majority a Condition or an Outcome? - A Longitudinal Study of Immigrants in Germany.
 Maehler, Debora.

Need for cognitive closure and value priorities In Hungary
 Harsányi, Szabolcs., Csanádi, András. and Szabó, Beáta.

Neurocognitive correlates of Political Communication on Cross-strait Policies: Evidence from Taiwan
 Lee, Yu-Kang. and Hsu, Chung-Yao.

Not Created Equal: Differences across Islamic and Non-Islamic Terrorist Organizations
 Goldman, Liran.

Not all social dilemmas are created equal: Positive vs Negative Public Goods
 Sekercioglu, Eser.

Nu-uN Post Strategic Etude: A Theoretical Approach for the Assessment of Collective Super Ego, (Im)Mobilization of Violence and Social Change
 Eken, Mehmet.

Nurture or Nature? The Stability of Big Five Personality Traits in German Legislators
 Best, Heinrich.


Obama, Racial Priming and Changing Norms of Racial Rhetoric in the U.S.
 Valentino, Nicholas. and Vandenbroek, Matthew.

Observer responses to victims of ambiguous discrimination: Help yourself if you want outgroup support
 Pierre, Andrena., Takacs, Trista., Matheson, Kimberly. and Anisman, Hymie.

Of Six Minds on the Matter: A Psychology-based Typology of Hawkish and Dovish Decision Makers
 Brown, Adam.

On being and having – the normative basis of representations around multiculturalism and minorities’ constraints in constructing identities
 Gekeler, Babette. and Joffe, Helene.

On the necessity of developing an indigenous understanding of sexism
 Kayaoglu, Aysel.

On the role of stereotypes and political ideology in shaping perceptions and punishment of crime
 Côté-Lussier, Carolyn.

Operational Code Analysis of Political Islamists
 Ozdamar, Ozgur.

Overcoming Collective Fears: A Psychoanalytic Approach
 Kovacevic, Filip.


Paradoxes in Public Opinion about the New Healthcare Law in the United States: Survey Data
 O\'Connor, Patricia., Rademacher, Eric. and Chubinski, Jennifer.

Parallel Experiments: A Comparison of Treatment Effects in Field and Laboratory Settings
 Jerit, Jennifer. and Barabas, Jason.

Partisan Identity, Bias, Motivation, and Fusion
 Theodoridis, Alexander.

Partisan cleavages and distributive preferences: A cross sectional time comparison
 Castillo, Juan., Salamovich, Alan. and Miranda, Daniel.

Partner in Peace? Reconsidering Strategic Engagement with Hamas
 Harte, Aidan.

Past and present anti-immigrant parties: How perceived ideology similarity affects current anti-immigrant attitudes
 Smeekes, Anouk., Van Acker, Kaat., Verkuyten, Maykel. and Vanbeselaere, Norbert.

Patriotism in democracy: what we can learn from Tocqueville
 Atanassow, Ewa.

Patterns of intolerance: What is behind the attitudes to Roma and gays?
 Klicperova-Baker, Martina.

Perceived Influence and Trust in the Democratic Process Amongst British Minority Ethnic Groups
 Wahab, Wiaam., Fasth Cantillana, Lina. and Pawson, Chris.

Perceptions of Extreme Voices: the Impact of Citizen Evaluation of Groups, Parties, and Policies
 Holmes, Justin.

Perceptions of Legitimacy of Political Violence amongst Palestinians
 Amro, Zeina. and Lyons, Evanthia.

Perceptions of Terrorism – An Interview Study of Muslim Families in Germany
 Moellering, Anna. and Schiefer, David.

Persistence and Change of Public Opinion in an Experimental Debate over the Patriot Act
 Chong, Dennis. and Druckman, James.

Personality, Ideological Attitudes, and Prejudice: Evidence from Self- and Peer-Report Data
 Cohrs, Christopher., Kämpfe, Dr Nicole. and Riemann, Rainer.

Perspectives on the Arab Protests of 2010-2011
 Bou Zeineddine, Fouad., Harb, Charles., Shahin, Emad., van Stekelenburg, Jacquelien., Majed, Ziad. and Saab, Rim.

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Q&A with Editors and Associate Editors of Political Psychology
 Redd, Steven.

Q&A with Editors and Associate Editors of Political Psychology
 Halperin, Eran.

Q&A with Editors of Political Psychology
 Sidanius, James.

Q&A with Editors of Political Psychology
 Hart, Paul.

Q&A with Editors of Political Psychology
 Haste, Helen.

Q&A with Editors of Political Psychology
 Redlawsk, David.


RWA and Conservatism: Usefulness of Both Concepts for Explaining Ethnocentric Attitudes
 Radkiewicz, Piotr.

Racial Differences in the Application of Religiosity and Liberalism
 Carey Jr., Tony.

Re-Assessing The Impact of Widespread Crises On International Cooperation: Evidence of Empathy?
 Pelc, Krzysztof.

Re-Negotiating the Normative Boundaries of Alevi Identity within the post 1980 Context of Turkey
 Talha, Köse.

Reaching Beyond the Core Base: Can Political Parties Win Policy Support by Framing Issues?
 Slothuus, Rune.

Reactive Devaluation and Information Processing in the Face of a New Peace Proposal
 liberman, varda., Cohen-Chen, Smadar., Halperin, Eran. and Ross, Lee.

Reasons for volunteering: Dispositions and motivations in volunteers and non volunteers
 Monaci, Maria., Scacchi, Luca. and Trentin, Rosanna.

Reducing exclusive victim beliefs through media interventions: Findings from an evaluation in East Africa
 Vollhardt, Johanna. and Bilali, Rezarta.

Relationship with the place of living and development of aggressive behavior
 Vlastou, Filyra.

Religion, Leadership and Ethnic Minority Youth Civic Engagement: Theory and Evidence from Miami, Florida
 Stepick, Alex. and Dutton Stepick, Carol.

Religiosity and political conservatism: The role of political engagement
 Malka, Ariel., Lelkes, Yphtach., Srivastava, Sanjay., Cohen, Adam. and Miller, Dale.

Religious Orientation, Life Satisfaction and Socio-Political Attitudes

Religious Toleration of Muslims in the Public Space
 van der Noll, Jolanda.

Religiousness, Community Sense of Coherence and Willingness to Contact: Muslims and Christians Citizens of Israel
 Hijazi, Yahya.

Religiousness, Identification with Ingroups and “All Humanity,” and the Ethnocentric Valuation of Human Life
 McFarland, Sam.

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Same-Sex Marriage: Exploring Atttitudes using List Experiments
 Redlawsk, David., Tolbert, Caroline. and Hamilton, Allison.

Scaffolding stereotypes in conversation
 Condor, Susan.

Security and Humanity along the U.S.-Mexico Border: An Experimental Study of How Border Security Policies Influence Public Perceptions of Government Officials and Migrants
 Villalobos, Jose. and Sirin, Cigdem.

Seeing is Believing – The Influence of TV Consumption on the Extent of Islamophobia in German Mainstream Society
 Eyssel, Jana., Geschke, Daniel. and Frindte, Wolfgang.

Self-Censorship in Intractable Conflict: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Findings from Israel regarding the 1948 Palestinian Exodus
 Pliskin, Ruth., Nets-Zehngut, Rafi. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Self-Subjugation among Women: How the Need to Justify the System Increases Women’s (but not Men's) Self-Objectification in the Context of Sexist Stereotyping
 Calogero, Rachel.

Sense of Collective Victimhood and its Consequences in Intractable Conflicts: The Jewish-Israeli Case
 Schori, Noa., Halperin, Eran. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Sexual Violence as Politics: Policy Implications of Sexual Violence as a Tactic of Armed Conflict
 Perry, Ashlie.

Sherif revisited - disentangling realistic competition and threat as predictors of prejudice
 Gundlach, Julia. and Zick, Andreas.

Shift in Turkey’s “self” and “other” definitions in course of EU socialization
 Saral, Melek.

Shifting away from national narratives: Factors that promote constructive dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians
 Ben Hagai, Ella., Hammack, Phillip. and Pilecki, Andrew.

Silvio Berlusconi, the Flamboyant Italian Prime-minister.
 Middelhoff, Jurriaan. and De Landtsheer, Christ\'l.

Single vs. Multiple Group Identities: Collective Outcomes and the Effects of Group Identities
 Jacobs, Carly., Theiss-Morse, Elizabeth. and Whitaker, Eric.

Situated identity performance: Understanding stereotype threat as a social identity phenomenon
 Quayle, Michael.

Sliding toward immorality: How slippery slopes affect moral judgments of victims and perpetrators
 Hartson, Kim.

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THE The Complexities of Dealing with Conflicting Historical Narratives in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 Bekerman, Zvi.

Televised Political Interviews in Japan: How Politicians Handle Questions and Deal with Embarrassing Episodes
 Feldman, Ofer.

Terrorist Threat and the Activation of Masculine Stereotypes on Candidate Evaluations
 Holman, Mirya., Merolla, Jennifer. and Zechmeister, Elizabeth.

Text and Image Frames of the Toronto G20 Protests
 Fletcher, Joseph. and Shatten, William.

The 1974 Portuguese ‘democratic’ revolution – political narratives about commemorating the event
 Perdigão Ribeiro, Filipa.

The 2010-2011 Rise of Arab Democratic Engagement
 Bou Zeineddine, Fouad.

The Anti-Semitism-Anti-Israel Connection
 Cohen, Florette.

The BIAS Treatment Scale (BIAS-TS): A measure of the subjective experience of active and passive harm and facilitation.
 Sibley, Chris.

The Consequences of the De Facto Reading-Level Requirement in American Direct Democracy Elections
 Fairdosi, Amir. and Shockley, Ellie.

The Construction of the Public Space: The Architecture of Political Participation
 Rosenberg, Shawn., Costino, Erin. and Sanguinetti, Angela.

The Culture of Law: Understanding the Influence of Legal Tradition on Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Societies
 Zartner, Dana.

The Development of A New Conservatism Scale and Its Relations with Regulatory Focus, the Need for Cognition and Intolerance of Uncertainty Variables
 Ciffiliz, Gonca., YILDIRIM, Asiye., İlhan Öner, Mine. and şahin, Deniz.

The Effect of Socio-Psychological Barriers on Information Processing and Choice
 Porat, Roni., Halperin, Eran. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

The Effects of Social Networks on Information Processing and Attitudinal Bias
 Wronski, Julie. and Levitan, Lindsey.

The Effects of System Justifying Motives on Endorsement of Biological Explanations for Gender Differences
 Brescoll, Victoria. and Uhlmann, Eric.

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U.S. Public Attitudes Toward the Afghanistan War
 Rhine, Staci., Bennett, Stephen., Flickinger, Richard. and Hasecke, Ed.

Uncovering the differential prediction of support for varying forms of political protest
 Kteily, Nour., Sidanius, James., Pratto, Felicia., Levin, Shana., Lemieux, Anthony. and Guimond, Serge.

Understanding Intergroup Attitudes and Intergroup Contact in Five Central European Countries – How Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Data Helps
 Petrjanosova, Magda.

Understanding Prejudice: Intergroup Attitudes and Threat Perception
 Wenink, Erlijn., Van Geel, M.. and Vedder, P. H..

Understanding Terrorism: Effects of Prototypicality and Relative Deprivation on Extreme Behaviors
 Goldman, Liran. and Hogg, Michael.

Understanding and Action Mitigating Trauma that Results from Mass Violence
 Staub, Ervin.

Understanding the Munich Crisis: An Interactive Re-Assessment of David Beisel’s Hitler’s Suicidal Embrace
 Meyers, Dr. William.

University campus as a site of polarization and cooperation
 Turam, Berna.

University is Political
 Namer, Yudit. and Duzen, N. Ekrem.

Unraveling the dual model in perceptions of social groups: A Power Basis approach
 Lee, I-Ching.

Using Photovoice methods for promoting human cooperation and social change in urban African contexts
 Kessi, Shose.


Value orientations of the Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine with different social and economic status
 Vasiutynskyi, Vadym.

Values and citizenship norms among youths: A study of active, inactive and standby citizens
 Amnå, Erik.

Values in rulers’ public speeches in Finland 1809-2000
 Portman, Anneli.

Varieties of Polish tolerance: Evidence from direct and indirect questions
 Golebiowska, Ewa.

Veiling Issue in Turkey: A Discourse Analysis on the Turkish Parliament Debates
 Aydemir, Nermin.

Victim Experiences in Hate Crimes Based On Sexual Orientation in Turkey
 Goregenli, Melek. and Karakus, Pelin.

Victimhood in Post Agreement Northern Ireland
 Ferguson, Neil.

Views of National Security in the Balkans and Russia
 Petrovic, Nebojsa.

Violence Efficacy and Nonviolence Efficacy as Predictors of Violent and Nonviolent Collective Action
 Saab, Rim., Spears, Russell. and Tausch, Nicole.

Violent Thinking: The Psychological Development of the Terrorist
 O\'Hara, Helen.

Visual Cues, European Identity and Attitudes to the European Union
 Patrikios, Stratos., Cram, Laura. and Mitchell, James.

Visual stereotypes and party affiliation cues. An exploratory study of political cognition using candidate photographs
 Scharkow, Michael., Kordes, Carina. and Bleuel, Flavia.

Volunteers and their social identities
 Hamer, Katarzyna.

Voters’ Perceptions of Party Positions in Western Europe Following Party Leadership Changes
 Somer-Topcu, Zeynep.


Warring Religious Ideals: The Role of Religious Interpretation in Explaining Differences in Value Priorities
 McDaniel, Eric.

We said we are sorry. Now forgive us!
 Zaiser, Erica.

What are we all responsible for? Collective guilt and shame in Poland
 Budziszewska, Magdalena.

What does the positive psychology movement have to say about genocide?
 Suedfeld, Peter.

What drives us to forgiving another group? A moderating role of repent
 Penczek-Zapala, Marta.

What is the capacity of citizens to deliberate?
 Fournier, Patrick., van der Kolk, Henk., Blais, André., Carty, R. Kenneth. and Rose, Jonathan.

What policies will my candidate promote? A model of lay conceptions of social order
 Tüscher, Thomas.

When Worldviews Collide: The Role of Emotion in Reactions to Symbolic Threats
 Hunt, Corrie.

When criticism against the nation reduces discrimination: Role of national group status and exposure to ethnic diversity in Switzerland
 Sarrasin, Oriane. and Green, Eva.

When threat to society becomes a threat to oneself: Implications for right-wing attitudes and racial prejudice
 Onraet, Emma. and Van Hiel, Alain.

Who Decides Matters
 Neset, Siri.

Who Perceives Corruption?: An Examination of Experiential and Dispositional Bases
 Canache, Damarys., Mondak, Jeffery. and Hayes, Matthew.

Who believes in historical progress, and why does this matter? A collective level analysis of beliefs about history, cultural values and willingness to fight across 38 societies
 Bobowik, Magdalena., Paez, Dario., Liu, James., Basabe, Nekane. and Hanke, Katja.

Who believes in the 'clash of civilizations'?
 McCauley, Clark.

Who's the (Wo)Man? Complementary Gender Stereotyping of Gay Couples
 van der Toorn, Jojanneke.

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Young people’s visions on media and politics in the midst of elections: “We still can’t vote, but…”
 Brites, Maria José., Ponte, Cristina. and Menezes, Isabel.

Your country needs SDO: Evidence that that war mobilizes social dominance orientation.
 Wilson, Katherine. and Sutton, Robbie.

Youth Exposure to Sectarian Tension and Aggression Against Out-Group Members: The Role of Social Identity
 Merrilees, Christine., Taylor, Laura., Cairns, Ed., Goeke-Morey, Marcie., Shirlow, Peter. and Cummings, E. Mark.
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