ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12

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"Caught In Between": Political and Identity Dilemmas of the Palestinian Minority in Israel: Teaching Hebrew in East Jerusalem Schools
 Gerassi-Tishby, Clila.

'We’re all Poles (so don’t protest)!’. Influence of recategorization on LGBTQs’ attitude toward collective action
 Górska, Paulina. and Bilewicz, Michal.

“Fat Man and Little Boy” – Group Decision Making or Polythink?
 Pinter, Eitam.

“Silenced Victims”: The Progressive Development of the Collective Sense of Victimhood among the Palestinians in Israel
 Nahhas, Eman.

“Terrorism” against America: Civilizational Struggle, Perceived Domination, or Arab Identity?
 Sidanius, Jim., Pratto, Felicia. and Levin, Shana.

“They Should Know Better”: Perceived Obligations of Historically Victimized Groups to Help Others and Not do Harm
 Warner, Ruth., Branscombe, Nyla. and Klar, Yechiel.

“They take our jobs” – Ethnic competition as an antecedent of ethnic threat and discrimination
 Gundlach, Julia., Zick, Andreas. and Coenders, Marcel.


A Cognitive Analysis Mapping the Mobilization Mechanisms Underlying the Arab Spring in Egypt and Morocco
 Dornschneider, Stephanie.

A Decision Support System for Obama's Decision on Iran
 Mintz, Alex., Margalit, Liraz., Golov, Avner. and Hakman, Inbal.

A New Model of Existential Anxiety and its Prediction of Political Attitudes Among Israelis and Palestinians
 Hirschberger, Gilad., Ein-Dor, Tsachi. and Saguy, Tamar.

A Palestinian State: Is Time Working for Israel? An Evaluation Using the Decision Board Simulator
 Elman Vishkin, Dana. and Golov, Avner.

A Theory of System Justification
 Jost, John.

A 'multiple modernity' for the Arab Middle East
 Sussman, Michael.

A meta-analysis on the personality traits underlying authoritarianism
 Proch, Jutta. and Mitte, Kristin.

A mixed-methods examination of the male Saudi Arabian experience – Implications for international intergenerational communication
 McCashin, Darragh.

A new measure for the tendency to select ideologically-congruent political information: Scale development and validation
 Tsfati, Yariv.

A relational analysis of Israel's conflict with its neighboring countries
 Kuttner, Ran.

Acculturation attitudes and perceptions of collective narratives: The case of Israeli-Arab youth
 Ayalon, Ariel. and Sagy, Shifra.

Acknowledgment after Genocide: Effects on Psychological Well-Being and Willingness for Reconciliation
 Vollhardt, Johanna. and Mazur, Lucas.

Activists in radical Israeli peace organizations: Why did they join them?
 Nasie, Meytal., Shnaidman, Orith. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Adaptation, Consumer Behavior and Terror: An Empirical Analysis
 Tur-Sinai, Aviad.

Adolescent prosocial behaviors and outgroup attitudes: Implications for positive intergroup relations
 Taylor, Laura., Merrilees, Christine., Goeke-Morey, Marcie., Shirlow, Peter. and Cummings, E. Mark.

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Bashar al-Asad and Syria’s Descent into Mayhem
 Suardi, Enrico.

Bashar al-Asad and Syria’s Descent into Mayhem
 Suardi, Enrico.

Bashar al-Assad's Peace and War Decision Making
 Barzel, Ori.

Bashar and Bibi: Second-Choice Sons Still Hanging On
 Pertsis, Ruthie. and Post, Jerrold.

Between Obstacles and Challenges: Could Israeli Academia Respond to the Jewish Arab Conflict?
 Hager, Tamar. and Saba, Tuffaha.

Between subjective experience of power and location within power fields of gender and ethno-nationality: the case of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel.
 Ben David, Yael.

Birth Weight Influences Political Orientations: Early Calibration of Life History Strategies in the Domain of Politics
 Petersen, Michael., Robert, Klemmemsem. and Norgaard, Asborn.

Blame and Emotion Management in Political Scandal
 Verbalyte, Monika.

Blurring the Boundaries: How the Sixties Counterculture Came to Change our Culture
 Levin, Jack.

Bombing for Peace? How Aerial Bombardment during the 2009 Gaza War affected Palestinian Attitudes towards Militancy and Peace
 Hite, Nancy., Longo, Matt. and Canetti, Daphna.

Breaking the Power Corrupts Spell: Behavioral Science Applied to Political Party Organization
 Netzer, Olek.

Brotherhood of suffering in Poland. The impact of victimhood beliefs on attitudes and behaviours towards refugees and victimised groups
 Olechowski, Mateusz. and Bilewicz, Michal.

Building Community to Resist Marginalization of Youth in American Inner Cities
 Rabrenovic, Gordana.

Building Social Cohesion: Exploring Connections between Theory and Practice in Intergroup Relations
 Batalha, Luisa., Jones, Ben. and Reynolds, Katherine.


Can Moral Foundations Theory Help to Explain Partisan Differences in Climate Change Beliefs?
 Rossen, Isabel., Lawrence, Carmen., Dunlop, Patrick. and Lewandowsky, Stephan.

Can the Stress of Voting be Reduced? A Test within the Context of the 2012 US Presidential Election
 Neiman, Jayme., Smith, Kevin., French, Jeffrey., Waismel-Manor, Israel. and Hibbing, John.

Categories of Modern Day Liberalism Among Swedish Students; Distinguishing Between Reformation, Enlightenment and Romantic Liberals
 Gustavsson, Gina. and Sundberg, Ralph.

Challenging contexts: Leaders in conflict and peace process in Northern Ireland
 Rosler, Nimrod.

Change in the Face of Violence: Attitude and Value Change as a Consequence of Peace Enforcement Missions
 Sundberg, Ralph.

Changes in Attitudes towards Immigration: Evidence from the European Debt Crisis
 Freedman, Michael.

Citizens vs. Diplomats in the Peer2Peer century: A 2 edged sword or a love affair?
 Attias, Shay.

Civic Engagement at Urban Sphere
 Alfassi Kakun, Shani.

Cognitive Biases in the Editing Phase of Decision Making
 Hakman, Inbal.

Cognitive Dissonance in Recanting Terrorism
 Baaske, Simon.

Cognitive Politicization and Political Action: How Political Interest and Political Competence affect Political Action
 Reichert, Frank.

Collective Narcissism Moderates the Effect of In-group Image Threat on Intergroup Hostility
 Golec de Zavala, Agnieszka., Cichocka, Aleksandra. and Iskra-Golec, Irena.

Collective experiences, social trust and political action across Europe: a comparative perspective
 Elcheroth, Guy.

Commonality of State-Constructed Hate Cultures
 Geifman, Anna.

Communities through struggle: The dynamics of collective empowerment
 Drury, John.

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Dangerous Stories: Encountering narratives of the other in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: processes, effects, identity and moral response
 Ron, Yiftach. and Maoz, Ifat.

De-biasing by Emotion: Emotional Priming and Partisan Bias in Political Blame Attribution
 Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Raanan., Halperin, Eran. and Sternberg, Michal.

Dealing with Dissonance: How conservatives and liberals respond differently to humanizing an outgroup
 Gubler, Joshua., Karpowitz, Chris., Monson, J. Quin. and Romney, David.

Death Did Not Go to the Polls: Null Effects of Mortality Salience in the 2012 Presidential Election
 Sterling, Joanna. and Jost, John.

Decision Units and processes of Nationalist Rebel Movements - The case of the Irish Republican Army
 Berger, Ronit.

Decreasing Antagonism and Increasing Pro-sociality: Effects of Sharing a Uniquely Human Attribute With Adversarial Outgroups
 Paluy, Yula. and Cohen, Geoffrey.

Destination or Stopover for the Hope? A Research on Asylum Seekers’ Enformal Work Dynamics in Turkey
 Kahya, Özlem., Çoymak, Ahmet. and Sallan-Gül, Songül.

Determinants and Consequences of the Students' Perception of Political Bias in the Classroom
 Yair, Omer. and Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Raanan.

Detrimental contracts in political relations
 Plat, Arie. and Silberman, Silvia.

Dialogue and contact between religious and secular Jews in Israel
 Shamoa-Nir, Lipaz. and Hellinger, Moshe.

Direct Causation Approach: A Must for Healing Sociopolitical Epidemics
 Netzer, Olek.

Discourse as a tool in examination and transformation of global and local terrorist challenges
 Maskaliunaite, Asta.

Discourses of Gender and Sexuality in the 2012 US Presidential Election
 Hammack, Phillip., Muro, Jonathan. and Pilecki, Andrew.

Disgust and (in)tolerance
 Lima, Bruno.

Dispositional Foundations of Economic Preferences and Ideology
 Johnston, Christopher., Lavine, Howard. and Federico, Christopher.

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EGYPT 2011, A LEADERLESS REVOLUTION: Challenging Traditional Assumptions of Mass Psychology?
 Etzersdorfer, Irene.

Educating for critical thinking in the context of intractable conflict: Necessity and challenges
 Vered, Soli.

Effects of collective responsibility and guilt on cosmopolitan helping
 Faulkner, Nicholas.

Emotion Regulation and Motivation in Intractable Conflicts
 Porat, Roni., Halperin, Eran. and Tamir, Maya.

Emotional Reactions to 9/11 Mediate Ideological Differences in Risk Perception of another Terrorist Attack
 Lane, Sean. and Jost, John.

Emotional burden: Feeling guilty in the name of a non-guilty society
 Goldenberg, Amit., Halperin, Eran. and Saguy, Tamar.

Empathy, History and Citizenship Education. Conflicts among Own Identity and the Representation of the Other
 Perez-Manjarrez, Everardo.

Enemies Also Get Their Say: Press Performance During Political Crises
 Balmas, Meital., Sheafer, Tamir. and Gadi, Wolfsfeld.

Enlightening the Experts: Frames, Experience, Values, and Conditional Indirect Effects
 Andrews, Amelia.

Ethos of the Conflict of the Israeli Society as Reflected in Decisions of the Israeli Supreme Court 1948-2006
 Shinar Levanon, Ofer.

Everybody Needs a Home: Impication of Changing Technology on Youth Unemployment
 Pierce, Glenn.

Evolutionary computer simulations of SERS
 Fischer, Ilan. and Frid, Alex.

Evolutionary psychology and the transmission of political frames in public debate
 Aarøe, Lene. and Petersen, Michael.

Exogenous evaluations of human facial traits predict economic behaviour
 Sheffer, Lior. and Loewen, Peter.

Expected to Do Good: Examining Moral Expectations from Managers Belonging to Minority Groups
 Saguy, Tamar., Fernández, Saulo. and Shany, Aviv.

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Facebook Use, Informational Repertoires, and Political Participation: Towards a More Dynamic Model
 Wolfsfeld, Gadi., Yarchi, Moran. and Samuel-Azran, Tal.

Facial dominance predicts political candidates’ political positions and their election results
 Laustsen, Lasse., Petersen, Michael. and Waismel-Manor, Israel.

Factors Affecting the Decision to Protest among Men and Women in Israel
 Lahav, Eyal.

Factors that Predict Diaspora Members’ Support for Concessions: the Case of the Arab-American and the Jewish-American Diaspora
 Ben-Hagai, Ella., Abdelhalim, Sami., Chavez, Ernest. and Zurbriggen, Eileen.

Faith, Religious Social behavior, and Immigration Attitudes
 Ben-Nun Bloom, Pazit., Arikan, Gizem. and Courtemanche, Marie.

Fear and Loathing in West Berlin: The European Settlement Revisited
 Cohen, Michael.

Fetus or Child? Abortion Discourse and Attributions of Humanness
 Mikolajczak, Malgorzata. and Bilewicz, Michal.

Fictional Reality or Real Fictionality?
 Benziman, Yuval.

Fighting Austerity Measures: Protecting Interests or Promoting Principles?
 van Stekelenburg, Jacquelien., Damen, Marie-Louise. and Klandermans, Bert.

Financial Crisis and Protest Identities. The Indignant Demonstrations in Greece
 Kakaletris, Panagiotis.

Forming moral conscience to the value of life and life's values: modalities of democracy education between globalization and common good for an ethically based policy.
 D\'Alessio, Chiara. and Gini, Adriana.

Framing effects in political communication on “green” issues
 Catellani, Patrizia. and Bertolotti, Mauro.

French –Israelis: Narratives of hybrid identities
 Schely Newman, Esther.

From enemies to friends? Media coverage of "enemy" leaders in times of conflict and peace
 Lowenstein, Hila. and Auerbach, Yehudith.

From payoff matrixes to bullets and dehumanization of rivals
 Fischer, Ilan. and Armelin, Maayan.

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Ghandi’s Clothes and the Fabric of Indian Identity
 Warshawsky, Rivka.

Global Marketing of Terror organization: Al-Qaeda
 Hochberg-Marom, Anat.

God Knows Best: How Faith Shaped Khomeini's Decision to stop the Iran-Iraq War
 Goldberg, Ori.

Group dynamics within the UN Security Council (UNSC)
 Manor, Shani.

Growing the 'scientifically literate citizen': international variations
 van Griethuijsen, ralf., Haste, Helen., van Eijck, Michiel. and den Brok, Perry.


Hawks, Doves, and Disputes
 Brule, David.

Heroic Helpers’ examples in post-genocidal reconciliation: evidence from Poland and Turkey
 Bilewicz, Michal. and Gawinkowska, Marta.

Historical Representations of the Holocaust in Germany and Israel
 Imhoff, Roland. and Hirschberger, Gilad.

Historical diversity and intergroup harmony – the case of Polish-Jewish relations
 Stefaniak, Anna. and Bilewicz, Michal.

Holocaust from the Real World to the Lab: The effects of historical trauma on contemporary political cognitions
 Canetti, Daphna., Hirschberger, Gilad., Rapaport, Carmit., Elad-Strenger, Julia., Ein-Dor, Tsachi., Rosenzveig, Shifra., Hobfoll, Stevan. and Pyszczynski, Tom.

How Chinese Youth Perceive Social Problems and Civic Responsibilities
 Zhao, Xu., Haste, Helen., Selman, Robert. and Sang, Biao.

How Nuclear South Asia is like Cold War Europe: The Stability-Instability Paradox Revisited
 Cohen, Michael.

How Social Protest Leaders Make Decisions on Social Media
 Toiba, Michal.

How do politicians’ personalities change and why?
 Best, Heinrich. and Titzman, Peter.

How does political literacy relates to political attutudes among Israeli students?
 Borovoi, Leah.

How is it seen participation in decision making? Development of an attitude scale
 Santos, Margarida.

How the pursuit of short term strategic advantages eventually lead to high cumulative costs
 Kuperman, Ranan.

How to Reach a Public Consensus on Climate Change?
 Wolinsky-Nahmias, Yael. and Chong, Dennis.

Human Capital in the System of Operated Chaos.
 Burikova, Inga.

Hyperbolism as Persuasive Populist Figure in Political Rhetoric
 Kalkhoven, Lieuwe.


I can almost remember it now: Between personal and collective memories of massive social trauma
 Chaitin, Julia. and Steinberg, Shoshana.

Identity, migration and citizenship in the context of ‘Greece in crisis’
 Xentidou, Maria.

Ideology and Emotional Responses in Intergroup Conflicts
 Pliskin, Ruthie., Bar-Tal, Daniel., Halperin, Eran. and Sheppes, Gal.

If You Wish for Peace, Understand War: The Motivations and Justifications of Terrorist Groups
 Mays, Caroline.

Ignorance is bliss? Subjective feeling of knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is related to anxiety, depression and stress.
 Ayalon, Ariel. and Halperin, Eran.

Immigrant families: parenting style and adolescents’ externalizing/internalizing problems
 Scacchi, Luca. and Monaci, Mariagrazia.

Implicit motives and motive related hormone release in victim- and perpetrator groups
 Ewers, Anna., Ullrich, Johannes., Shnabel, Nurit. and Schultheiss, Oliver.

Implicit theories block negative attributions about a longstanding adversary: The case of Israelis and Arabs
 Levontin, Liat., Halperin, Eran. and Dweck, Carol.

Improving Outgroup Attitudes Through Intergroup Contact: The Mediating Role of Perceived Outgroup Morality
 Brambilla, Marco., Hewstone, Miles. and Colucci, Francesco Paolo.

In Search of New Muslim Allies. Israel’s Strategy in Azerbaijan and Central Asia since 1991
 Fainberg, Sarah.

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Majority and minority groups’ attitudes toward illegal immigrants
 Adelman, Levi.

In-group love and out-group hate as responses to realistic threat in intergroup conflict
 Halevy, Nir.

Information Processing and the Brain: Political Decisions
 Trocki, Tamar.

Inside the Mind of the Hermit King: Why Kim Jong Il Wanted the Bomb
 Faulkner, Genevieve. and Niilus, Kersti.

Inter-group relations as examined by collective narratives and identity strategies: An integrative psycho-social model
 Mana, Adi.

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J.Q. Public Meets the Reverend Bayes: Ambivalence, Motivated Reasoning, and Bayesian Belief Updating
 Steenbergen, Marco., Lavine, Howard. and Johnston, Christopher.

Jewish Refugee Children Rescued to Switzerland during World War II: An Analysis of Identity In Conflict
 Lakin, Samantha.

Jewish and Arab Israelis visiting the narrative of the other: It is a taxing experience
 Baram, Hadas. and Klar, Yechiel.

Justice without Borders - Construal Level Theory and the Scope of Application of Justice Principles
 Mentovich, Avital., Tyler, Tom. and Trope, Yaacov.

Justice, Identification, and Intergroup Conflict Resolution: Integrating Perpetrator’s and Victim’s Perspective
 Li, Mengyao. and Leidner, Bernhard.


Language, Social System and Politics from the Perspective of Evolution
 Araki, Yoshinobu.

Law as a Bargaining Strategy for Dealing with Terrorist Kidnapping
 Weill, Rivka.

Laypeople’s Representations of the Turkish-Kurdish Conflict: A Q Methodological Exploration
 Uluğ, Özden Melis. and Cohrs, Christopher.

Leaders as frames for decision making
 Roman, Gili.

Leadership Change and Mediation in Intrastate Conflicts
 Terris, Lesley. and Lutmar, Carmela.

Leadership Personality and the Willingness to Repress in the Arab Spring
 Smith, Gary.

Leadership Personality, Interpersonal Dynamics and Peace Negotiations: a study of Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk.
 Jennstål, Julia.

Leadership as a Constraint
 Derksen, Hanneke.

Legitimacy and Enforcement: An Experimental Investigation
 Dickson, Eric.

Leverage of International Governance in Conflict Resolution:
 Petrovic, Maja. and Perlman, Diane.

Life Satisfaction among Ethnic Minorities in the Netherlands: Immigration Experience or Adverse Living Conditions?
 Hooghe, Marc. and de Vroome, Thomas.

Like mother AND like daughter? Direction of effects in intergenerational transmission of xenophobia and tolerance.
 Miklikowska, Marta.

Longitudinal trajectories of children’s emotional insecurity about family and community in Northern Ireland
 Cummings, E. Mark., Taylor, Laura., Merrilees, Christine., Goeke-Morey, Marcie. and Shirlow, Peter.

Losing your Religion: The Inversion of Publicly Declared Opinions under Social Pressure
 Michaeli, Moti. and Spiro, Daniel.


Majority-groups reactions to threat: A role for dissociatice processes
 Walsh, Tomas. and Muldoon, Orla.

Mapping of Political Picture of the World Based on Studying Political Attitudes of Contemporary Political Elite in Russia
 Mitina, Olga. and Victor, Petrenko.

Measuring The Moral Foundations of Violence: The Moral Distinction Scale
 Pilecki, Andrew., Hammack, Phillip., Bar-Tal, Daniel. and Halperin, Eran.

Measuring Variations in Al-Qaeda Ideology using Systematic Linguistic Assessment of its Rhetorical Components
 Cohen, Shuki. and Kruglanski, Arie.

Media Rhetoric Plays the Market: The Logic and Power of Metaphors Behind the Financial Crisis since 2008
 De Landtsheer, Christ\'l.

Media competence of voters as a factor of their political participation
 Bakuleva, Karina. and Anisimova, Tatyana.

Media reporting Holocaust Transitional Justice’s failure and its narratives’ memory: The heirless assets owned by the Swiss banks affair (1995-2012)
 Herfroy Mischler, Alexandra.

Mediating the Dynamics of Party Identification
 Cavari, Amnon.

Mediation and Civil War Recurrcence
 DeRouen Jr., Karl., Wallensteen, Peter. and Bercovitch, Jacob.

Mediation in the Middle East - Assessing the determinants of successful mediation in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
 Clayton, Govinda. and Siniver, Asaf.

Mobilization for peace making: The role of peace organizations
 Magal, Tamir.

Moral Dilemma in the War Against Terror Political Attitudes and Regular versus Reserve Military Service
 Kimhi, Shaul.

Moral reasoning and climate change mitigation: The deontological reaction towards an apparent taboo trade-off
 Sacchi, Simona., Riva, Paolo., Brambilla, Marco. and Grasso, Marco.

Motivational and perceptional aspects of constructive patriotism
 Sekerdej, Maciek. and Roccas, Sonia.

Motivations for Martyrdom in Personal Farewell Letters of Palestinian Suicide Bombers
 Cohen, Shuki.

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Narcissism and Economic Attitudes
 van de Wetering, Sven. and Salcescu, Oana.

Narcissistic Entitlement: Profiles of David Petraeus and Moshe Katsav
 Moody, Kristen.

Narcissists Under Fire: A Study of Israeli Civilians Exposed to Missile Attacks
 Besser, Avi., Zeigler-Hill, Virgil., Pincus, Aaron. and Neria, Yuval.

Narrative in Political Communication About Health Policy
 Myers, Charles.

National and International Media reporting the Holocaust Transitional Justice failure
 Herfroy Mischler, Alexandra.

National identity and conflict endorsement – deterministic relationship?
 Ariely, Gal.

Nationalism: How a constellation of ideas can cause conflict.
 Herrmann, Richard.

Need for cognition and Accuracy: could selective exposure explain this relation?
 Dvir Gvirsman, Shira., Tsfati, Yariv. and Menchen-Trevino, Ericka.

Neurobioethics and Christian Anthropology: Human well being and Flourishing as Antidote to Conflictuality
 Larrivee, Denis. and Gini, Adriana.

News Priming and the Skews of the “Terrorism Delusion”: American Perceptions of the Definition, Probability and Ethno-Religious Origins of Terror Threats to the United States
 Brown, Katie. and Youmans, William.

Norwegian Tragedy
 Falk, Avner.

Not All Ideologies are Created Equal: Epistemic, Existential, and Relational Needs Predict System-Justifying Attitudes
 Hennes, Erin., Nam, H.., Stern, Chadly. and Jost, John.

Not all Neighbors are Friends: Diversity, Interethnic Contact & Social Trust among Natives and Immigrants
 Veit, Susanne. and Koopmans, Ruud.

Not so Unique: Liberals Underestimate their Similarity to Other Liberals
 Stern, Chadly., West, Tessa. and Schmitt, Peter.


Of Cabals and Nefarious Plans: Political Conspiracy Theories in Contemporary Turkey
 Kölemen Luge, Bedriye.

On both sides of the fence: Perceptions of collective narratives and identity strategies among Palestinians in Israel and in the West Bank.
 Srour, Anan.

On the phase of generating alternatives
 Hakman, Inbal., Yado, Lior. and Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Raanan.

On the relation between social class and prejudice: The roles of education, income and ideologies
 Carvacho, Hector., Zick, Andreas., Haye, Andres., Gonzalez, Roberto., Manzi, Jorge., Kocik, Caroline. and Bertl, Melanie.

Openness towards world and authoritarianism as factors of importance of social belongings among young Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo
 Klimesova, Hana. and Petrovic, Nebojsa.

Overcoming competitive-victimhood among Jews and Palestinians through re-categorization into a common victim or perpetrator identity
 Shnabel, Nurit., Halabi, Samer. and Noor, Masi.

Overcoming the Barrier of Narrative Adherence in Conflicts by Awareness to Cognitive Bias of Naïve Realism
 Nasie, Meytal., Bar-Tal, Daniel., Halperin, Eran. and Nahhas, Eman.

Oxytocin, Empathy, and Political Attitudes
 Feldman, Stanley., Huddy, Leonie. and Wronski, Julie.


Palestine as a Unique Geopolitical, Historical, and Religious Case; One Land, Three Peoples, Two States, and Two Cantons: Jordan, Israel, West Bank, and Gaza
 Abdelhay Elsayed, Khaled.

Palestinian Support for Hamas: A Matter of Social Identity Processes in Geographical Context
 Adelman, Janice., Hogg, Michael. and Levin, Shana.

Palestinians in Israeli Human Rights Organizations: Politics and Identity in Human Rights Discourse
 Ballas, Irit.

Participation as a result of value oriented, outcome oriented and impression oriented involvement
 Dvir Gvirsman, Shira.

Peace Behind the scenes: A glance at perceptions and effects of Track Two Diplomacy in the the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,
 de Vries, Maya.

Perceived social capital and attitudes about liberals and conservatives
 Fisher, Emily.

Perception, Misperception, and Learning in the Israeli War on Terror
 Butler, John.

Perceptions of collective narratives and identity strategies: The case of Muslim and Christian Palestinian citizens of Israel
 Mjally Knani, Serene.

Perceptions of collective narratives as a tool in measuring intergroup relations: Comparison of three conflicts
 Srour, Anan. and Sagy, Shifra.

Personal Need for Structure and Sociopolitical Activism: Individual Personality Variables as Predictive of Non-Normative Sociopolitical Participation
 McGee, Megan.

Personal and communal resiliency in communities exposed to missile attacks: intensity of exposure matters?
 Braun-Lewensohn, Orna.

Personal and contextual influences on judgments about the war on terrorism
 Jirschitzka, Jens.

Persuasion vs. Reality in international relation: Universal Methodology to Measure States Global Positioning
 Attias, Shay.

Playing Singly, Playing in Dyads in a Computerized Simulation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 Kampf, Ronit.

Policing Multicultural Neighborhoods in Sweden - between Power Exercise and Dialogue
 Bunar, Nihad.

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Qualitative, sense of coherence-based assessment of working conditions in a psychiatric in-patient unit to guide salutogenic interventions
 Braun-Lewensohn, Orna., Sagy, Shifra. and Idan, Orly.


Towards a Scientific Evolutionary Model of Healing 
after Protracted Collective Trauma

 Perlman, Diane.

Rationale and Rationality in Nuclear Policy Analysis: The Case of Iran
 Abulof, Uriel.

Rawls’s framework for conflict-resolution: A psychological re-evaluation
 Marder, Lev.

Re-examining the Socialization Theory: Does Democracy Influence the Effect of Education on Ethnic Prejudice?
 Thomsen, Jens Peter.

Reconciliation Initiatives During Violent Conflict
 Bloomfield, David.

Reconciliation and the Politics of (non)recognition
 Aggestam, Karin.

Reconciliation at Times of Conflict: Is it Possible?
 Hadjipavlou, Maria.

Reconciliation in peace agreements: The case of the Geneva Accord between Israelis and Palestinians
 Kapshuk, Yoav.

Reflection of a nation: Control threats and narcissistic vs. secure group identification
 Cichocka, Aleksandra., Golec de Zavala, Agnieszka. and Olechowski, Mateusz.

Rejection of Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Battle for Same-Sex Marriage
 Ben-Hagai, Ella., Clark, Nathaniel., Zurbriggen, Eileen. and Hill, Sophia.

Religion and Welfare Attitudes – Comparing Different Mediators
 Be\'ery, Gilad.

Religiosity and Redistributive Preferences: A Cross-National Test of Competing Explanations
 Arikan, Gizem. and Ben-Nun Bloom, Pazit.

Remedy or Risk? Effects of intergroup apologies on (authoritarian) perpetrators
 Schäfer, Sarina., Butenschön, Christoph., Asbrock, Frank. and Wagner, Ulrich.

Remembering WWII collaboration in Belgium: effects on political position taking in the linguistic conflict
 licata, laurent., De Guissmé, Laura. and Mercy, Aurélie.

Reshaping Gender Roles in Post-Genocide Rwanda
 Brown, Sara.

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Sacred Values and Group Conflict: Understanding the Sacralization of Group Preferences
 Sheikh, Hammad., Coman, Alin. and Ginges, Jeremy.

Sanctions, Deterrence and the Law of Opposites: Towards Psychologically Informed Policy Design
 Perlman, Diane.

Secular intolerance or Left-wing authoritarianism? How perceived threat and social status quo interact
 Sekercioglu, Eser.

Selective Incentives and the Rational Design of Inter-State Institutions
 Peled, Alon.

Self- Censorship Orientation (SCO) among members of society in conflict: The construction of A Self-Censorship Orientation Scale
 Zafran, Anat., Raviv, Amiram. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Self-Censorship in Conflict: The Case of Breaking the Silence
 Goldenberg, Amit., Pliskin, Ruthie. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Self-Censorship in Emerging Democracies: A Legal Solution to a Psycho-Social Problem
 Shinar Levanon, Ofer.

Self-Censorship of Information: An Experimental Examination of Individual and Circumstantial factors
 Shahar, Eldad. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Self-Interest in Contemporary Public Policy Disputes
 Chong, Dennis.

Self-censorship as a Socio-political-psychological Phenomenon: Conception and Research
 Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Self–Esteem Mediates the Association Between Dispositional Optimism and Anxiety Among Israeli Civilians Exposed to Missile Attacks
 Besser, Avi., Weinberg, Michael. and Neria, Yuval.

Sense of Justice in School and Civic Education:Theoretical framework and empirical findings
 Resh, Nura.

Single recategorization: improving or worsening Rwandan social relations?
 Moss, Sigrun.

Size Matters. The Effects of Projection and Majority Size on Accurate Perception of Public Opinion
 Dvir Gvirsman, Shira.

Social and Political Trust in The Netherlands
 Dekker, Paul.

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Taking Orders From Brussels Or Having Some Input On OECD's Decision-making? : The Case Of Israel
 Tovias, Alfred.

Talking Peace methodology, successes and future goals
 Montville, Joseph., Isaccs, Alick. and Dajani Daoudi, Mohamed.

Teasing Out General and Political Efficacy. A Behavior Genetic Assessment.
 Littvay, Levente., Weith, Paul., Dawes, Chris., Klemmensen, Robert., Christensen, Kaare. and Nørgaard, Asbjørn.

Terror Reduction: Depth Psychology, Systems Theory, and Second Order Change
 Perlman, Diane.

Terrorism and the Labor Force: Evidence of an Effect on Female Labor Force Participation and the Gender Gap
 Berrebi, Claude. and Ostwald, Jordan.

The effect of crisis on political beliefs: A Comparison between the Operational Codes of George W. Bush and Barack Obama
 Rosner, Yotam. and Auerbach, Yehudith.

The "Dominant" Likud party
 Ben-Rafael Galanti, Sigal.

The 1973 Yom Kippur War: A Case Study in National Trauma and Posttrauma
 Bar-Joseph, Uri.

The Affective Underpinnings of System Justification and Characteristics of System-Level Emotions
 Solak, Nevin., Jost, John. and Sümer, Nebi.

The Aftermath of the 2010 Burundian Elections on the Country’s Transitional Justice Process: The Lost Opportunities for Reconciliation and the Road Ahead
 Isaac, Maike.

The Allure of Liberalism: Threats to Personal Control Increase Support for Liberal Economic (but not Social) Policies
 Luguri, Jamie. and Napier, Jaime.

The Behavior Genetics of Racial Attitudes and the End of the White Australia Policy
 Littvay, Levente. and Hatemi, Peter.

The Behavioral Immune System and Anti-Immigration Attitudes: Individual Differences Related to Disgust Shape Opposition to Immigration
 Aarøe, Lene., Petersen, Michael. and Arceneaux, Kevin.

The Cambodian Genocide Across Generations: Community-building Among Young Adult Children of Survivors and Khmer Rouge Cadres in Post-Genocide Cambodia
 Kanavou, Angeliki., Shari, Young-Kuchenbecker. and Path, Koal.

The Culture of Conflict and its Routinization
 Abutbul, Guy.

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Understanding the Competing Obligations towards Asylum Seekers Presented by Governmental, Civil and International Agencies in Israel
 Navot, Doron. and Elfersy, Daphna.

Understanding the Pitfalls of Saying Sorry via the Staircase Model of Intergroup Apology Effectiveness
 Wohl, Michael., Halperin, Eran., Hornsey, Matthew. and Cohen-Chen, Smadar.

Us and Them: Differences in How We Reconstruct Being American and Being an Immigrant
 Rosenberg, Shawn.

Utilizing knowledge about psychological barriers by policy-makers – The case of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process
 barkan, amit.


Values, broad social identifications and generalized intolerance
 Hamer, Katarzyna. and Hamer, Hanna.

Violence and the Transitional Narrative of Forgiveness in South Africa
 Braude, Claudia.

Vulnerability-Resilience Dynamics of Ideological Factors in Distress Following the Evacuation from Gush Katif
 Elad-Strenger, Julia., Fajerman, Zvi., Schiller, Moran., Besser, Avi. and Shahar, Golan.


War on Screen: Does Seeing More Mean Better Understanding?
 Kampf, Zohar. and Liebes, Tamar.

Was bin-Laden a Wrong Target?: From Military-Necessity to Political-Necessity
 Popovich, Elad.

We the People: Inter-Group Interdependence Breeds Liberalism
 van der Toorn, Jojanneke.

What Explains Political Party Identification in Nationalist Movements Seeking Independence? A comparison of Fatah and Hamas supporters in the West Bank (2006-2010)
 Bhatia, Jasmine.

What Pierces the Eye and Revolts the Heart: Boundaries of Obedience and Moral Reasoning in the Israeli Military
 Roded, Alona.

What lies behind our lies? Self-deception and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
 Ben Ezer, Inbal.

When are stereotypes explanations? Gender stereotype congruence, essentialism, and hierarchy support
 Ruth, Lauren. and Napier, Jaime.

When do National and Ethnic identities Collide: Black Exceptionalism and Latino Assimilation
 Citrin, Jack. and Sears, David.

Who Joins the Public Service, Why and How? A Longitudinal Study of Public Service Motivation
 Miller-mor Attias, Rotem. and Vigoda-Gadot, Eran.

Who will Participate to a Politicized Collective Action? Examining the Antecedents of Politicized Collective Identity
 Guler, Meltem.

Why Israelis and Palestinians say NO to peace: The mediating role of threat, distress and ethos of conflict
 Canetti, Daphna., Lavi, Iris., Elad-Strenger, Julia., Bar-Tal, Daniel. and Guy, Dana.

Wishes and fears in the rapidly changing history of the collective of young Jewish and Palestinian women
 Litvak Hirsch, Tal. and Lazar, Alon.


Youth Activism in Ireland - Evaluating the Political Psychological Impact of Education on Young Students
 McCashin, Darragh. and Bowe, Greg.
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