ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12

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A Cognitive Analysis Mapping the Mobilization Mechanisms Underlying the Arab Spring in Egypt and Morocco
 Dornschneider, Stephanie.

A Decision Support System for Obama's Decision on Iran
 Mintz, Alex., Margalit, Liraz., Golov, Avner. and Hakman, Inbal.

A New Model of Existential Anxiety and its Prediction of Political Attitudes Among Israelis and Palestinians
 Hirschberger, Gilad., Ein-Dor, Tsachi. and Saguy, Tamar.

A Palestinian State: Is Time Working for Israel? An Evaluation Using the Decision Board Simulator
 Elman Vishkin, Dana. and Golov, Avner.

A Theory of System Justification
 Jost, John.

A 'multiple modernity' for the Arab Middle East
 Sussman, Michael.

A meta-analysis on the personality traits underlying authoritarianism
 Proch, Jutta. and Mitte, Kristin.

A mixed-methods examination of the male Saudi Arabian experience – Implications for international intergenerational communication
 McCashin, Darragh.

A new measure for the tendency to select ideologically-congruent political information: Scale development and validation
 Tsfati, Yariv.

A relational analysis of Israel's conflict with its neighboring countries
 Kuttner, Ran.

Acculturation attitudes and perceptions of collective narratives: The case of Israeli-Arab youth
 Ayalon, Ariel. and Sagy, Shifra.

Acknowledgment after Genocide: Effects on Psychological Well-Being and Willingness for Reconciliation
 Vollhardt, Johanna. and Mazur, Lucas.

Activists in radical Israeli peace organizations: Why did they join them?
 Nasie, Meytal., Shnaidman, Orith. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Adaptation, Consumer Behavior and Terror: An Empirical Analysis
 Tur-Sinai, Aviad.

Adolescent prosocial behaviors and outgroup attitudes: Implications for positive intergroup relations
 Taylor, Laura., Merrilees, Christine., Goeke-Morey, Marcie., Shirlow, Peter. and Cummings, E. Mark.

Affects and Political Discussions: The Clash between Political Affiliations and Generations
 Dobreva, Alina.

Affiliation Motivation in Intergroup Communication about Racial Inequality
 Ditlmann, Ruth., Prabhakar, Nikita. and Purdie-Vaughns, Valerie.

Affirmation of Groups' Agency Promotes Prosocial Tendencies: Applying the Needs-Based Model to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 SimanTov-Nachlieli, Ilanit. and Shnabel, Nurit.

Al-Jazeera, Qatar and new tactics in state-sponsored media diplomacy
 Samuel-Azran, Tal.

Al-Wasatia, the Middle Way in Islam
 Dajani Daoudi, Mohamed.

Altruistic Cheating: strategic dishonest behavior in monetary donations to individuals and groups
 Ayal, Shahar., Hochman, Guy., Gneezy, Uri. and Ariely, Dan.

An experiment on e-voting in 6 European democracies
 Bruter, Michael. and Harrison, Sarah.

Anatomy of Pogroms - structural antecendants of collective violence against minority group
 Winiewski, Mikołaj.

Anger Management: The Role of Youth, Grievances and Efficacy in Explaining Violent Protest
 Borden, Nathalia. and Flanders, William.

Anti-Semitism and the Criticism of Israeli Policy
 Kempf, Wilhelm.

Anti-Western Prejudices in Egypt: Structure and Content
 Sadowski, Friederike. and Zick, Andreas.

Applied Decision Analysis (ADA)
 Golov, Avner.

Are all Politicians Corrupt? The Personal Need for Structure, Stereotypes of Political Corruption in Israel
 Navot, Doron. and Hayo-Hemo, Morin.

Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action Policies in University Admissions in Brazil
 Turgeon, Mathieu., Fuks, Mario. and Pilati, Ronaldo.

Attitudes Towards War through a Gender Lens
 Van der Linden, Nicolas., Ghilani, Djouaria. and Casini, Annalisa.

Attitudes towards Asylum Seekers– The Effects of Life under a Violent Conflict and the In-group's own Past Victimization, the Holocaust - the Complicated Case of Israel
 Snider, Keren.

Attitudes towards Self-Censorship in Conflicts: A Comprehensive Individual and Situational Model
 Hameiri, Boaz., Shahar, Eldad., Sharvit, Keren., Zafran, Anat. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

Attitudes towards democracy and reunited Germany in a sample of former political prisoners of the GDR
 Böhm, Maya., Klinitzke, Grit., Brähler, Elmar. and Weissflog, Gregor.

Aum Shinrikyo and the 21st Century Apocalypse
 Suardi, Enrico.

Autobiographical recalls in Obama’s political speech: an over-personalization or a social resource to enhance reconciliation?
 Leone, Giovanna.
ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12
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