ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12

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EGYPT 2011, A LEADERLESS REVOLUTION: Challenging Traditional Assumptions of Mass Psychology?
 Etzersdorfer, Irene.

Educating for critical thinking in the context of intractable conflict: Necessity and challenges
 Vered, Soli.

Effects of collective responsibility and guilt on cosmopolitan helping
 Faulkner, Nicholas.

Emotion Regulation and Motivation in Intractable Conflicts
 Porat, Roni., Halperin, Eran. and Tamir, Maya.

Emotional Reactions to 9/11 Mediate Ideological Differences in Risk Perception of another Terrorist Attack
 Lane, Sean. and Jost, John.

Emotional burden: Feeling guilty in the name of a non-guilty society
 Goldenberg, Amit., Halperin, Eran. and Saguy, Tamar.

Empathy, History and Citizenship Education. Conflicts among Own Identity and the Representation of the Other
 Perez-Manjarrez, Everardo.

Enemies Also Get Their Say: Press Performance During Political Crises
 Balmas, Meital., Sheafer, Tamir. and Gadi, Wolfsfeld.

Enlightening the Experts: Frames, Experience, Values, and Conditional Indirect Effects
 Andrews, Amelia.

Ethos of the Conflict of the Israeli Society as Reflected in Decisions of the Israeli Supreme Court 1948-2006
 Shinar Levanon, Ofer.

Everybody Needs a Home: Impication of Changing Technology on Youth Unemployment
 Pierce, Glenn.

Evolutionary computer simulations of SERS
 Fischer, Ilan. and Frid, Alex.

Evolutionary psychology and the transmission of political frames in public debate
 Aarøe, Lene. and Petersen, Michael.

Exogenous evaluations of human facial traits predict economic behaviour
 Sheffer, Lior. and Loewen, Peter.

Expected to Do Good: Examining Moral Expectations from Managers Belonging to Minority Groups
 Saguy, Tamar., Fernández, Saulo. and Shany, Aviv.

Expecting Minorities to Understand Justice
 Fernández, Saulo. and Saguy, Tamar.

Exploring Radicalization through Religious Conversion Motifs
 Ferguson, Neil. and Binks, Eve.

Exploring national pride across countries
 Ariely, Gal.

Exploring the Path to Empathy
 Basford, Yael. and Roth-Hanania, Ronit.

Exposure of Palestinian Adolescents to Prolonged and Cumulative Political Violence: A Study of its Psychological Effects and Resiliency Factors
 Haj-Yahia, Muhammad. and Greenbaum, Charles.

Exposure to Outgroup Members Criticizing Their Own Group Facilitates Intergroup Openness
 Saguy, Tamar. and Halperin, Eran.

Extension of the paradigm - experimental evidence from the laboratory
 Fischer, Ilan. and Savranevski, Lior.

External Threats, Terrorism, and Israeli Political Tolerance, 1980-2011
 Peffley, Mark., Shamir, Michal. and Hutchison, Marc.
ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12
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