ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12

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I can almost remember it now: Between personal and collective memories of massive social trauma
 Chaitin, Julia. and Steinberg, Shoshana.

Identity, migration and citizenship in the context of ‘Greece in crisis’
 Xentidou, Maria.

Ideology and Emotional Responses in Intergroup Conflicts
 Pliskin, Ruthie., Bar-Tal, Daniel., Halperin, Eran. and Sheppes, Gal.

If You Wish for Peace, Understand War: The Motivations and Justifications of Terrorist Groups
 Mays, Caroline.

Ignorance is bliss? Subjective feeling of knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is related to anxiety, depression and stress.
 Ayalon, Ariel. and Halperin, Eran.

Immigrant families: parenting style and adolescents’ externalizing/internalizing problems
 Scacchi, Luca. and Monaci, Mariagrazia.

Implicit motives and motive related hormone release in victim- and perpetrator groups
 Ewers, Anna., Ullrich, Johannes., Shnabel, Nurit. and Schultheiss, Oliver.

Implicit theories block negative attributions about a longstanding adversary: The case of Israelis and Arabs
 Levontin, Liat., Halperin, Eran. and Dweck, Carol.

Improving Outgroup Attitudes Through Intergroup Contact: The Mediating Role of Perceived Outgroup Morality
 Brambilla, Marco., Hewstone, Miles. and Colucci, Francesco Paolo.

In Search of New Muslim Allies. Israel’s Strategy in Azerbaijan and Central Asia since 1991
 Fainberg, Sarah.

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Majority and minority groups’ attitudes toward illegal immigrants
 Adelman, Levi.

In-group love and out-group hate as responses to realistic threat in intergroup conflict
 Halevy, Nir.

Information Processing and the Brain: Political Decisions
 Trocki, Tamar.

Inside the Mind of the Hermit King: Why Kim Jong Il Wanted the Bomb
 Faulkner, Genevieve. and Niilus, Kersti.

Inter-group relations as examined by collective narratives and identity strategies: An integrative psycho-social model
 Mana, Adi.

Intercultural Accommodation and Prejudice of Young Muslims in Germany: Panel Survey and Media Analysis
 Frindte, Wolfgang., Jirschitzka, Jens. and Geschke, Daniel.

Intergenerational Justice Evaluations, Public Pensions and Demographic Aging. Qualitative Evidence from the Young’s Views
 Prinzen, Katrin.

Intergroup Relations in the Aftermath of Societal Transformations
 Migacheva, Katya. and Tropp, Linda.

Intergroup Sentiments Determine Responses to Conflict Resolution Proposals in an Intractable Intergroup Conflict
 Kahn, Dennis., Halperin, Eran., Liberman, Varda. and Ross, Lee.

Intergroup threat, social dominance and the malleability of ideology : The case of secularism in France
 Guimond, Serge.

International Conflict Management Networks
 Melin, Molly.

International Diffusion and Domestic Elite Decision Making
 Magen, Amichai.

International Peacekeeping, Ethnicity, and Positive Peace: Experimental and Survey Evidence from Kosovo
 Mironova, Vera.

Interpersonal Disagreement as Moderator of Media Effects
 Meffert, Michael. and Hopmann, David.

Interreligious Contacts and Attitudes towards the Religious Out-groups: Contact Hypothesis and Selectivity Bias in Southeast Asia
 Kanas, Agnieszka., Scheepers, Peer. and Sterkens, Carl.

Intra-minority Intergroup Relations Within and Between Identity Dimensions
 Craig, Maureen. and Richeson, Jennifer.

Introduction to the SERS theory
 Fischer, Ilan.

Invited Behavior: A Derivation and Experimental Exploration
 Krasner, Michael.

Iran's Bounded Rationality
 Golov, Avner. and Guzansky, Yoel.

Is Perceived Polarization a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
 Levendusky, Matthew. and Malhotra, Neil.

Is conflict perception a primary mediator between identity perception and the willingness to reconcile?
 Khteeb, Ibrahem., Canetti, Daphna. and Rubin, Aviad.

Is it about Intent?: Negative Effects of Anti-gay Humor on Prejudice
 Brown, Katie. and Betz, Diana.

Is there a Jewish Political Tradition in Foreign Policy?
 Sandler, Shmuel.

Israel Authors’ Split Personality:Israeli authors’ political agenda vs. their representation of the Israeli-Arab conflict in fictional texts
 Benziman, Yuval.

Israel is not isolated
 Inbar, Efraim.

Israel-Palestine peacebuilding through Brazilian lens
 Barlach, Lisete.

Israeli Leaders, the Arab Spring and the Palestinian Peace
 Aronoff, Yael.
ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12
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