ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12

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Taking Orders From Brussels Or Having Some Input On OECD's Decision-making? : The Case Of Israel
 Tovias, Alfred.

Talking Peace methodology, successes and future goals
 Montville, Joseph., Isaccs, Alick. and Dajani Daoudi, Mohamed.

Teasing Out General and Political Efficacy. A Behavior Genetic Assessment.
 Littvay, Levente., Weith, Paul., Dawes, Chris., Klemmensen, Robert., Christensen, Kaare. and Nørgaard, Asbjørn.

Terror Reduction: Depth Psychology, Systems Theory, and Second Order Change
 Perlman, Diane.

Terrorism and the Labor Force: Evidence of an Effect on Female Labor Force Participation and the Gender Gap
 Berrebi, Claude. and Ostwald, Jordan.

The effect of crisis on political beliefs: A Comparison between the Operational Codes of George W. Bush and Barack Obama
 Rosner, Yotam. and Auerbach, Yehudith.

The "Dominant" Likud party
 Ben-Rafael Galanti, Sigal.

The 1973 Yom Kippur War: A Case Study in National Trauma and Posttrauma
 Bar-Joseph, Uri.

The Affective Underpinnings of System Justification and Characteristics of System-Level Emotions
 Solak, Nevin., Jost, John. and Sümer, Nebi.

The Aftermath of the 2010 Burundian Elections on the Country’s Transitional Justice Process: The Lost Opportunities for Reconciliation and the Road Ahead
 Isaac, Maike.

The Allure of Liberalism: Threats to Personal Control Increase Support for Liberal Economic (but not Social) Policies
 Luguri, Jamie. and Napier, Jaime.

The Behavior Genetics of Racial Attitudes and the End of the White Australia Policy
 Littvay, Levente. and Hatemi, Peter.

The Behavioral Immune System and Anti-Immigration Attitudes: Individual Differences Related to Disgust Shape Opposition to Immigration
 Aarøe, Lene., Petersen, Michael. and Arceneaux, Kevin.

The Cambodian Genocide Across Generations: Community-building Among Young Adult Children of Survivors and Khmer Rouge Cadres in Post-Genocide Cambodia
 Kanavou, Angeliki., Shari, Young-Kuchenbecker. and Path, Koal.

The Culture of Conflict and its Routinization
 Abutbul, Guy.

The Distribution of Publicly Declared Opinions under Social Pressure
 Michaeli, Moti. and Spiro, Daniel.

The Effect of Anticipated Hindsight Knowledge on Foresight Judgment in Accountability Relations
 Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Raanan., Livnat, Michal. and Kogut, Tehila.

The Effect of Exposure to Political and Sectarian Violence on Inter-group Exclusionism: Evidence from an Experimental Survey in Northern Iraq
 Canetti, Daphna.

The Effect of Nonviolent Protest on Intergroup Perceptions: The Israeli-Palestinian Case
 Argo, Nichole.

The Effect of Roma versus Gypsy Label on Stereotype Content
 Winiewski, Mikołaj. and Formanowicz, Magdalena.

The Effects of Authoritarian Personality and Power on Moral Thinking
 Li, Xiaoping., Yun, Xiang. and Li, Mengyao.

The Effects of Low Level of Emotional Attachments between the States: An Analysis of Turkish Foreign Policy Decisions
 Katgi, Tennur.

The Effects of Mediated Exposure to Ethnic-Political Violence on Middle East Youth’s Subsequent Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms and Aggressive Behavior
 Dvir Gvirsman, Shira., Landau, Simha., Huesmann, L. Rowell., Dubow, Eric., Boxer, Paul. and Shikaki, Khalil.

The Effects of Negativity Bias and Partisan Bias on Information Recall: What Makes us Politically Smarter
 tiner, Adam.

The Electoral Gender Gap: A Generational Perspective
 Harsgor, Liran. and Shalev, Michael.

The Emotional Calculus of Public Support for Counter-Terrorism: Negative Emotions and Information Processing
 Geva, Nehemia. and Garcia, Blake.

The European Memory War: The Victory monument in Netanya, Israel
 Galai, Yoav.

The Flip Side of Self-Censorship: Speaking Out Despite the Fear of Harm to the Self or the Group
 Pliskin, Ruthie., Goldenberg, Amit. and Bar-Tal, Daniel.

The Gap between General and Specific (political tolerance) Democratic Attitudes
 Stockman, Maya.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Emotions, Reputations, Prejudices, and Stereotypes in Media Representations of the EU Financial Crisis
 Capelos, Tereza. and Exadaktylos, Theofanis.

The Impact of Attachment Styles on the Development of Authoritarianism
 Alberts, Jannis., Kindervater, Angela. and Morgenroth, Olaf.

The Impact of Electoral Threshold on Strategic Voting: An Experimental Study
 Aydogan Unal, Betul.

The Islamic Operational Code Emerging from the Teaching of Sheikh Muneer Algadban as a Guide for Islamic Fundamental Movements
 Berko, Reuven.

The Islamophobia Anti-Semitism model: Not all prejudices are created equal
 Cohen, Florette. and Jussim, Lee.

The Israel Lobby and the ‘Electoral Connection’: How Ideology Divides Liberals and Conservatives over Middle East Policy
 Gries, Peter.

The Israeli Experience “1”: The National Leadership between the Dream of Herzl, Soft Diplomacy of Weizmann, and recklessness of Al-Husseini Preliminary Study
 Abdelhay Elsayed, Khaled.

The Many Faces of Resilience in the Context of Political Violence
 Dechesne, Mark.

The Middle East between democratization and Islamization
 Shay, Shaul.

The Moral Benchmark: How Moral Identity Affects Consequences of Negativity in Politics
 Moelders, Christina. and Van Quaquebeke, Niels.

The Mutual Formation of Biology and Culture
 Hatemi, Peter.

The Needs Based Model of Reconciliation in the South African Context: A Further Adaptation
 Meyer, Ines., Ferraz, Lisa. and Hako, Pumla.

The New Egyptian Leadership: Who is Mohamed Morsi?
 Schroeder, Ann.

The Poliheuristic theory and the Status Quo bias
 Malewich, Baruch. and Bar, Michal.

The Political Legacies of Combat: Attitudes towards War and Peace among Israeli Ex-Combatants
 Grossman, Guy., Manekin, Devorah. and Miodownik, Dan.

The Political Psychology Of The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: Israel, The United States And Iran
 Brosh, Oded.

The Political Psychology of Integration Strategies: The Case of the European Commission’s Interculturalism
 Dingott Alkopher, Tal.

The Political is the Personal: Political Ideology, Self Identity and "Diversity"
 Redding, Richard.

The Politics of Mortal Terror
 Cohen, Florette. and Solomon, Sheldon.

The Politics of Mourning in Communist Romania: A Psychohistorical Analysis on Gh
 Toader, Alexandra.

The Politics of ‘Contagion’
 Drury, John.

The Price of Anonymity: Measuring Users' Behavior Regarding Their Privacy- A Decision Making Experiment
 Steinfeld, Nili.

The Psychology of Lone Wolf Terrorists: Joining the Virtual Community of Hatred
 Post, Jerrold., Moody, Kristen. and McGinnis, Cody.

The Public Sphere in the Euro-crisis: media and policy agendas in Greece, Italy and Turkey
 Bee, Cristiano. and Chrona, Stavroula.

The Regulation of Collective Guilt and Shame as a Motivated Reasoning Process
 Sharvit, Keren., Brambilla, Marco. and Culucci, Francesco.

The Relation of Cognitive and Emotional Components of the Perception of Power
 Konovalova, Maria.

The Relative Effectiveness of Foreign vs. Domestic Diversion policies: An Experimental Study
 Goldman, Ogen.

The Requirement for Actor Specific Behavioral Modeling in Support of Deterrence in the Post-Cold War Era
 Post, Jerrold.

The Rise of Engaged Citizenship: The Evolution of Citizenship Norms among Adolescents between 21 Countries in 1999 and 2009
 Hooghe, Marc. and Oser, Jennifer.

The Role of Collective Memory and Group Identity in Paradigm and Behavior Change
 Tampubolon, Riyanti Abriyani.

The Role of Group-based Emotions in Israeli Jews’ Attitudes toward Operation “Pillar of Defense”
 Shani, Maor.

The Role of Historical Collective Memory and Recognition in Intergroup Forgiveness Process
 Tampubolon, Riyanti Abriyani. and Adian, Donny Gahral.

The Role of Historical Images and Symbols in the Political Socialization of Young Russian Citizens
 Tatiana, Evgenyeva.

The Role of Popular Culture in International Conflicts and their Resolution
 Press-BarNathan, Galia.

The Role of Trust in Israeli Peace-making
 Golan, Galia.

The Roles of Religion in National Legitimation: Judaism and Zionism’s Elusive Quest for Legitimacy
 Abulof, Uriel.

The Smarter Bomb: Women and Children as Suicide Bombers
 Berko, Anat.

The Subjective Bases of Abortion Attitudes: A Cross-National Comparison of Islam and Romand Catholicism
 Jelen, Ted.

The Syrian Uprising in the Turkish Online Newspapers: Motivations and Framing
 Mudara, Meryem.

The Theory and Methodology of Measurement a Social Capital in Units of Political Trust
 Yuriev, Alexander.

The democratic governance of incompetent citizens
 Rosenberg, Shawn.

The effect of exhibiting liberal/conservative political views on hiring decisions.
 Formanowicz, Magdalena. and Winiewski, Mikołaj.

The effect of parental intergroup contact on the intergenerational transmission of ethnic prejudice among adolescents
 Meeusen, Cecil.

The effect of political sophistication on the political behaviour of citizens in Turkey
 Chrona, Stavroula. and Capelos, Tereza.

The effectiveness of Russian politicians' online communication
 Bianki, Valentin.

The emotional act of voting - a comparative study
 Bruter, Michael. and Harrison, Sarah.

The emotional complexities of teaching conflictual historical narratives
 Bekerman, Zvi.

The evolutionary basis of coalitional politics.
 McDermott, Rose.

The genetic architecture of economic and political preferences
 Cesarini, David.

The humanitarian aid network in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories; from policy to practice.
 Beaudoin, Daniel.

The impact of homophobic epithets on heterosexuals’ identity
 Carnaghi, Andrea.

The impact of mechanistic and animalistic dehumanization on willingness to help after natural disasters
 Andrighetto, Luca., Baldissarri, Cristina., Lattanzio, Sara., Chiara, Volpato. and Loughnan, Steve.

The impact of negative politician information on associated political parties: Why small parties suffer more.
 Walther, Eva., Fuchslocher, Alberto. and Glaser, Tina.

The impact of school transitions from mono-ethnic to mixed-ethnic schools for adolescents in Vukovar, Croatia
 Merrilees, Christine., Taylor, Laura., Ajdukovic, Dean., Corkalo-Biruski, Dinka. and Cummings, E. Mark.

The influence of authoritarianism on preference for retributive vs. restorative justice
 Obst, Katrin. and Kessler, Thomas.

The inner-workings of bureaucrats: A new typology for a rising political power
 sagi, yariv.

The meaning of national identity and dealing with past injustice in the United States and Germany
 Kopf-Beck, Johannes., Ditlmann, Ruth., Rouhani, Nina. and Purdie-Vaughns, Valerie.

The overview of positive and negative effects of gender-fair language use
 Formanowicz, Magdalena., Cisłak, Aleksandra. and Sczesny, Sabine.

The personalization of party voting
 Cavari, Amnon. and Hirsch-Hoefler, Sivan.

The political Culture of Escapism in Contemporary Israel: An Analysis of David Grossman's To the End of the Land
 Keren, Michael.

The principles of adequacy in the formation of political views of citizens
 Tsvetkova, Marina.

The relation between intelligence and prejudice: An analysis of explicit and implicit prejudice measurements
 van der Linden, Meta., Hooghe, Marc. and Marien, Sofie.

The role of affective factors in interethnic processes
 Ehala, Martin.

The role of school norms promoting positive intergroup relations among adolescents
 O’Brien, Thomas. and Tropp, Linda.

The war that wasn't on the news: "in-group nationalism" and "out-group nationalism" in newspaper supplements
 Neiger, Motti. and Rimmer, Karni.

The ‘Never Again’ State of Israel: The Holocaust as a Core Feature of Israeli Identity and Relations to "Others".
 Klar, Yechiel., Schori-Eyal, Noa. and Klar, Yonat.

Thematic Content Analysis in an Early Warning System for Deterrence
 Suedfeld, Peter.

Theory of Gendered Prejudice
 Sidanius, Jim., Navarrete, Carlos. and McDonald, Melissa.

Throwing a big party? Neurocorrelates of membership in the major political parties
 Schreiber, Darren.

Time Orientation and Leadership
 Federman, Dana. and Zakay, Dan.

Time perspective and intergroup relations
 McKeown, Shelley.

To Trust or not to Trust: Negotiator Credibility in Mediation Processes
 Terris, Lesley.

Towards Developing a Cosmopolitan Citizenship
 Jacott, Liliana., Maldonado, Antonio., Perez-Manjarrez, Everardo. and Garcia, Tatiana.

Towards a Systematic Analysis of Cognitive Maps: Modeling Belief Systems as Bayesian Networks
 Dornschneider, Stephanie.

Transforming Interfaith Relations: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of a University Faith Centre
 Whitney, Teresa.

Trauma and the Politics of Fear: Narrating European political space
 Kinnvall, Catarina.

Trust, Political Efficacy and Party/Movement Politics in Mature and Post-Communist Democracies"
 Gaidyte, Teodora.

Trust, forgiveness and peace among adolescents in Northern Ireland
 Taylor, Laura., Merrilees, Christine., Goeke-Morey, Marcie., Shirlow, Peter. and Cummings, E. Mark.

Turkish-Israeli Deadlock: A Political Conflict in the Context of Identity and Trauma
 Cevik Ersaydi, Senem., İlhan, Rifat. and Özyılmaz, Betül.
ISPP 36th Annual Scientific Meeting 2013-Jul-04 to 2013-Jul-12
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