Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology 2014-Jul-04 to 2014-Jul-08

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"Being Foreign vs. Being Hispanic": Specifying the Relationship between Anti- Immigrant Attitudes and Outgroup Characteristics
 Bankert, Alexa.

"Motivated Cognition on the Bench: Does Criminal Egregiousness Influence Judges' Beliefs About Police Wrongdoing?"
 Segal, Jeffrey. and Woodson, Benjamin.

- Re-enacting historical trauma: How Indigenous sovereignty and Post-colonial ideologies are drawn on to promote cultural healing
 Rata, Arama.

˝Let’s wake up the people!˝ - but to what? Narratives of young party political activists’ from two different points of the ideological spectrum
 Lantos, Nora Anna.

‘Get rid of politicians, get rid of religion’: Representations of inter-group trust
 Sagherian Dickey, Thia., Gheorghiu, Mirona. and Storey, Lesley.

‘Lost my job, found an occupation’: Explaining the emergence of the Occupy movement
 Smith, Laura., Sharp, Elise. and Gavin, Jeff.

‘Not One of Us’: SDO, RWA, and the Denial of Ingroup Characteristics to Ambiguous Targets
 Kteily, Nour., Cotterill, Sarah., Sheehy-Skeffington, Jennifer., Bergh, Robin. and Sidanius, Jim.

‘We Reject Your Values and Your Actions’: Muslim Support for Anti-Western Violence as a Function of Symbolic and Realistic Threat
 Obaidi, Milan., Kteily, Nour. and Sidanius, Jim.

“A Piece of Trash of the Worst Cabinet Ever”. The Rhetorical Use of Exaggeration in Political Debate in the Dutch Parliament
 Kalkhoven, Lieuwe. and De Landtsheer, Christ\'l.

“But there’s no profiling here”: Airport staff perspectives on the policing of Muslims.
 Blackwood, Leda.

“Everyday I am Çapuling”: The Role of “Çapulcu” Identity in the Gezi Park Protests
 Ulug, Özden. and Solak, Nevin.

“Ideology, Partisanship and the Fox Viewer”
 Rhine, Staci.

“If men define competition as real…” – Perceived ethnic competition as antecedent of ethnic threat and discrimination
 Gundlach, Julia., Zick, Andreas. and Coenders, Marcel.

“Imagining ourselves” as participating publics – an example from biodiversity governance
 Mouro, Carla. and Castro, Paula.

“Our elder brothers”? The impact of Christian religiosity and religious ingroup projection on antisemitic prejudice.
 Bilewicz, Michal. and Różańska, Gabriela.

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A Bayesian Approach To The Study Of Deliberative Micro-Mechanisms Of Attitude Change
 Isernia, Pierangelo., Smets, Kaat. and Steenbergeb, Marco.

A Case of the Eco-village: Radical Environmental Ideology in Practice
 Carman, Petra. and Sarrica, Mauro.

A Darkling Plain: Stories of Conflict and Humanity during War
 Monroe, Kristen.

A Dual Projection Model of Partisan Attitude Perceptions
 Keating, Jessica., Van Boven, Leaf. and Judd, Charles.

A Method for Measuring Ideological Change Without Neglecting One of Its Two Basic Aspects
 Albert, Ernest.

A Model of Asymmetric Retrospective Voting
 Kappe, Roland.

A Multi-study Latent Class Analysis of Individual- and Group-based Relative Deprivation
 Osborne, Danny., Sibley, Chris. and Huo, Yuen.

A Nation of Sheep? Ingroups, Outgroups, and the Moderating Effects of Political Sophistication
 Herzog, Katie. and Kleyman, Kerry.

A Psychological Perspective to the Gezi Park Protests in Turkey: How can Death be related with the Protests?
 Koca-Atabey, Mujde.

A Sense of Powerlessness Fosters System Justification: Implications for the Legitimation of Authority, Hierarchy, and Government
 van der Toorn, Jojanneke., Feinberg, Matthew., Jost, John., Kay, Aaron. and Willer, Robb.

A Unified Approach to Domestic and Foreign Policy Beliefs: Is it Possible?
 Chittick, William., Reifler, Jason. and Scotto, Thomas.

A closer look at intergroup interactions: conversations between Chileans and Peruvian immigrants.
 De Tezanos-Pinto, Pablo. and Manzi, Jorge.

A comparison in charitable behavior between high and low socioeconomic groups in Chile
 Sagredo Ormazabal, Maria.

A model of Ideological distance (MID): Identity, Policy and Incongruence
 Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Raanan. and Zohlnhöfer, Reimut.

Abortion and Gender Roles: A Cross-National Exploration of Mass Opinion
 Jelen, Ted.

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Bad education? Teachers’ and students’ accounts of “fascist behaviour” in Greek schools
 Iatridis, Tilemachos.

Being a 'Refugee' as a status symbol: the case of the Palestinian refugees
 Nachmias, Nitza.

Being totally Right: on one source of the intractability of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
 Strenger, Carlo.

Belief Systems and Foreign Policy Roles: Role Contestation and Role Conflict in U.S. Foreign Policy Decisions
 Schafer, Mark., Beieler, John. and Walker, Stephen.

Belief Systems as a Crucial Element of Political Personality and Leadership Style: Comparing German Chancellors and their Impact on Foreign Policy Decision Making
 Frank, Cornelia.

Belief in the effectiveness of measures to reduce corruption: an intercultural aspect
 Deyneka, Olga.

Belief systems and democratic behaviour of political leaders
 Doorn, Marieke.

Beliefs about the malleability of groups facilitate collective action.
 Cohen-Chen, Smadar., Halperin, Eran., Saguy, Tamar. and van Zomeren, Martijn.

Beliefs and emotions that drive us to act together: socio-political protest movement in Spain
 Wlodarczyk, Anna., Basabe, Nekane., Páez, Darío., Zumeta, Larraitz. and Telletxea, Saioa.

Between Change and Disillusion: A Multi-Modal Analysis of the New Communicative Strategies of Italian Political Leaders Emerged After the Fall of Berlusconi’s Power.
 Leone, Giovanna.

Between elaboration and dismissal. An analysis of documentaries broadcasted by the public Italian television about the terrorist violence and ideology during the Anni di piombo.
 Leone, Giovanna., Mazzara, Bruno. and Roseti, Alice.

Beyond Tolerance: The Student Religion/Pluralism Survey
 Gould, Benina., Nieland, Julia., Chodura, Sabrina. and Bida, Anya.

Beyond the limits – political involvement in illegal activities
 Dahl, Viktor. and Stattin, Håkan.

Blending Into the Background?: The Influence of Situation Cues on Perceptions of Racially Ambiguous Individuals
 Kleyman, Kerry.

Break Out of Lab. Measuring Real-Time Responses to Televised Debates at Home
 Maier, Jürgen., Hampe, J. Felix. and Jahn, Nico.

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Capturing real-time political evaluations using Twitter
 Faas, Thorsten. and Nyhuis, Dominic.

Change and Stability in Violent Attitudes During a Peacekeeping Deployment
 Sundberg, Ralph.

Character Assassination: How Ideology, Culture, and Psychology Shaped the Art of Defamation Throughout Ages
 Icks, Martijn., Smart, Jason. and Yang, Zi.

Character Attacks and U.S. Presidential Politics: Cheap Shots, Falsifications, and Direct Assaults
 Smart, Jason. and Shiraev, Eric.

Children’s ideological representations of the 1973 military coup in Chile
 Haye, Andres., Manzi, Jorge., González Gutiérrez, Roberto. and Carvacho, Hector.

Cicero’s First Catilinarian Oration: An Ancient Case of Character Assassination
 Icks, Martijn.

Citizenship in harsh eras: Immigrant and Greek majority discourses on civic participation.
 Sapountzis, Antonis. and Xenitidou, Maria.

Clearing the Air on Elite Cues: Measuring the Full Range of Effects through an Experimental Examination of Smog Policy
 Theodoridis, Alexander., Davenport, Tiffany. and Ernst, Howard.

Closed mindedness and RWA as mediators of the religion-prejudice link: findings from an Egyptian Muslim sample
 Sadowski, Friederike.

Cognitive Responses of the AKP under Foreign Policy Crises
 Kiziltan, Berfu. and Yildirim Schierkolk, Nazli.

Cognitive dimensions of US policy toward Georgia 2004-2012
 Chitashvili, Marine. and MacFarlane, Neil.

Cognitive, Conative of Affective: What Matters More for Influencing Soft Power
 Kose, Talha. and Karakoc, Ekrem.

Collective Outrage in Social Media – When and Why Online Crowds Do (Not) Hide Behind Anonymity
 Stahel, Lea. and Rost, Katja.

Collective narcissism and the need for cognitive closure as predictors of conspiracy beliefs about Smolensk catastrophe
 Soral, Wiktor., Kofta, Mirosław. and Szymanska, Julia.

Coming Out for Gay Rights: The Role of Value Frames and Public Figures in Changing Minds
 Bell, Carole.

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Debiasing Political Thinking – An Experimental Test of Two Cognitive Mechanisms
 Colombo, Céline. and Morisi, Davide.

Deliberating in Deep Divisions: Policies Toward the Roma in Bulgaria
 Siu, Alice., Fishkin, James. and Giles, Kathleen.

Deliberative Persuasion in Small Group Settings
 Esterling, Kevin., Fung, Archon. and Lee, Taeku.

Democidal Thinking: Patterns in the Mindset Behind Organized Killing
 Saucier, Gerard. and Akers, Laura.

Democratic engagement and collective identification among migrants
 Scuzzarello, Sarah.

Deterritorialization and identity: the role of psychoanalytic listening in the context of immigration
 Gebrim, Ana. and dias, cristina.

Dialogue and Ideology: The Effect of intergroup-Dialogue with Palestinians on the Ideological Perspectives of Israeli-Jews
 Ron, Yiftach.

Differential effects of right wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation on political orientation: An exploratory study in Brazil
 Cantal, Clara. and Milfont, Taciano.

Differing Visions of Peace: the effect of disparate identity discourses in peace organizations
 Magal, Tamir.

Dimensions of Social Axioms in Croatia
 Cubela Adoric, Vera. and Culina, Ana-Marija.

Direct and indirect value appeals and attitudes towards the Australian compulsory voting system
 Innes, John. and Yassine, Tim.

Discontent and collective action in the Dutch armed forces
 Petrović, Igor., van Stekelenburg, Jacquelien. and Klandermans, Bert.

Discourse, Social and Societal Change? Encounters with indigenous and non-indigenous residents of Greece
 Xenitidou, Maria.

Discussion Network Effects on the Divergence between Explicitly and Implicitly Measured Political Attitudes
 Erisen, Elif.

Dissatisfied young citizens: An asset to or a burden on the democratic functioning of society?
 Abdelzadeh, Ali., Özdemir, Metin. and Van Zalk, Maarten.

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Economic Voting: Investigating Accountability or Partisan Rationalization? An Analysis of Economic Perceptions, Party Identification and the Vote Function in Times of Crisis, Italy (2011-2013)
 De Angelis, Andrea.

Economic status moderates the relationship between xenophobia and prejudice against the long term unemployed
 Butenschön, Christoph.

Effects of Salient Group Membership on Black and White Americans’ Expressions of National Attachment
 Schatz, Robert.

Effects of mortality salience on perception of and identification with the national group
 Brankovic, Marija. and Zezelj, Iris.

Effects of national and European identification on the justification of political inequalities in the European Union
 Jaśko, Katarzyna.

Egalitarianism and Heterosexist Attitudes: The Role of Ingroup Distinctiveness Motives
 Falomir-Pichastor, Juan., Berent, Jacques., Mugny, Gabriel. and Faniko, Klea.

Egypt's political discourse: How the primacy conflict may lead to discrimination and non communication
 Khairy, Nahed.

Election Violence and Political Engagement
 Flamenbaum, Stephanie.

Emotional Preferences for Collective Angst in Intergroup Conflicts
 Porat, Roni., Halperin, Eran., Tamir, Maya., Gur, Tamar. and Wohl, Michael.

Emotional Security in the Family and Community: Longitudinal Implications for Youth Delinquency
 Cummings, E.., Taylor, Laura., Merrilees, Christine., Goeke-Morey, Marcie. and Shirlow, Peter.

Emotions fuel motivated reasoning in political discussion groups
 Erisen, Cengiz., Redlawsk, David. and Erisen, Elif.

Empathy Exacerbates the Influence of Experienced Political Violence on Collective Insecurity through Trauma Symptoms
 Pratto, Felicia., Bou Zeineddine, Fouad., Lemieux, Anthony., Muldoon, Orla., Levin, Shana., Sidanius, Jim. and Kteily, Nour.

Empirical Analysis of Pan-Ethnic Identification among Asian-American Survey Respondents
 Cho, Richard.

Encountering the suffering of the "other" and openness towards the "other group": the mediating role of personal and national sense of coherence
 Sarid, Anat. and Benheim, Sharon.

Energy without Citizens? National and Local Discourses on Sustainable Energy in Italy
 Sarrica, Mauro., Brondi, Sonia., Carman, Petra. and Mazzara, Bruno.

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Face of historical burden: Antisemitism as a defensive reaction
 Messer, Mario., Dotsch, Ron. and Imhoff, Roland.

Faces mimic only the language of ingroup political leaders
 Fino, Edita. and Rubini, Monica.

Factors Influencing the Relationship between Media Frames of Responsibility and Citizens’ Attributions of Blame in Mass Shootings in the United States
 Jasperson, Amy. and McNaughton-Cassill, Mary.

Factual and Implicit Knowledge in Voting
 Lyons, Pat.

Failed or Foiled: An analysis of unsuccessful terrorist attacks
 Wilson, Margaret., Dahl, Erik. and Crenshaw, Martha.

Familial Attitudinal Transference Revisited: The Transference of Concrete and Abstract Political Attitudes Between Same- and Opposite-Sex Parent-Child Dyads
 Thompson, Ryan.

Familial psychodynamics of political ideology discourses
 Gülerce, Aydan.

Fascism Online: A Typology
 keren, michael.

Fear and Loathing in the Holy Land: How Group Identity, Threat and Leadership influence the Israel-Palestine Conflict.
 Scholz, Carolin.

Feeling better about an unequal situation: Meritocratic ideology increases wellbeing for low-status groups in areas with high inequality
 Sengupta, Nikhil.

Feelings of insecurity and crime rates: is there a connection?
 Hooghe, Marc. and de Vroome, Thomas.

Feminist Attitudes, Gender Stereotypes, and Political Ideologies: What Motivates Support for Women Candidates?
 Dolan, Kathleen.

Fight or Flight: A Model of Nativism
 Velez, Yamil.

Financial Crisis to Identity Crisis: The Decline of the ‘Northern Irish’ Identity in Young Catholics
 McNicholl, Kevin.

Finding Gender in All Things: Maternal views of God, Policy Attitudes, and Political Activism
 Cassese, Erin. and Holman, Mirya.

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Gender Stereotypes May Elicit a More General Unwillingness to Embrace Social Change
 Di Bella, Laura. and Crisp, Richard.

Geographic distribution of attitudes: Unique patterns for attitudes towards change and towards inequality
 Ludeke, Steven. and Federico, Christopher.

Glorifying the past or preferring current social hierarchies? Examining the link between traditionalism and prejudice.
 Outten, Robert., Schmitt, Michael. and Pinegar, Shannon.

Going with Your Gut: How Positive Affect Helps Ambivalent Citizens form Attitudes and Preferences
 Groenendyk, Eric.

Group Empathy Theory: Examining U.S. Intergroup Attitudes vis-à-vis the Cases of Arab Racial Profiling and Immigrant Detention
 Sirin, Cigdem., Villalobos, Jose. and Valentino, Nicholas.

Group Identity and Perceptions of Corruption in U.S. Cities
 Holbrook, Thomas.

Group-Based Emotions in the Eye of the Beholder: Differential Emotional Reactions across the Ideological Spectrum
 Pliskin, Ruthie., Sheppes, Gal., Bar-Tal, Daniel. and Halperin, Eran.


Helping an enemy in need makes him a friend indeed: Awareness of intergroup help can rehumanize the outgroup
 Szekeres, Hanna., Nouri, Rikki., Saguy, Tamar., Goldenberg, Amit. and Halperin, Eran.

Helping distant sufferers; the role of ‘lived ideologies’ in public responses to humanitarian communication
 Seu, Irene.

Heroes and Villains: representations of us and of the others
 Martins, Alexandra.

How Ingroup Victimization and Ingroup Transgressions Shape People’s Willingness to Reconcile
 Leidner, Bernhard., Li, Mengyao. and Petrovic, Nebojsa.

How Personal Conformity And The Perception of Social Norms Interact While Explaining Different Facettes Of Anti-Semitism
 Mueller, Michael.

How beliefs about groups influence acknowledgment of responsibility for ingroup’s misdeeds
 Iqbal, Yeshim. and Bilali, Rezarta.

How do groups come to pursue potentially illegal radical solutions over legal political pathways? Politicization, radicalization and the role of small group interaction
 Thomas, Emma., McGarty, Craig. and Louis, Winnifred.

How education and policy strength impact opinions about affirmative action
 Faniko, Klea., Lorenzi-Cioldi, Fabio., Ghisletta, Paolo. and Fabrice, Buschini.

How inclusive national identities impact majority and minority groups
 Guerra, Rita., António, Raquel., Deegan, Matthew. and Gaertner, Samuel.

How is participation seen in decision making? Development of an attitude scale.
 Santos, Margarida. and Lima, M Luisa.

Hues of light and darkness in the Polish vision of the past: nostalgia for life under communism in today’s Poland
 Prusik, Monika.

Human Rights and Political Psychology
 Kendall, Arthur.

Human Values and General Beliefs about the World: Evidence from a Study with Croatian Students
 Cubela Adoric, Vera. and Gouveia, Valdiney.


I am ready to kill for my group: An Investigation of Social Psychological Mechanisms underlying Behavioral Intention to Commit Terrorism among Muslims in Europe
 Obaidi, Milan., Sidanius, Jim., Lotte, Thomsen. and Bergh, Robin.

I'm on My Way Up! Understanding Social Mobility and It's Effects on Social Policy Attitudes
 Lown, Patrick.

Identification with Europe and the legitimacy of resources distribution across European countries
 Palma, Tomas., Justo, Mariline. and Sindic, Denis.

Identity Positions in the Representational Field of the Cyprus issue: Inclusion and Exclusion of the Other in envisioning the solution of the Cyprus issue
 Psaltis, Charis.

Identity and Images in Guatemalan Coffee Organizations
 Huseby, Joe.

Identity and support for military intervention: Data from two qualitative studies in the UK and the Republic of Ireland
 O\'Dwyer, Emma., Wilson, Oliver., Cohrs, Christopher. and Lyons, Evanthia.

Identity, Symbols and Protests in Belfast
 Mastors, Elena. and Burtchett, Nicole.

Ideological Asymmetry and Group-based Hierarchy: A refinement and extension
 Cotterill, Sarah., Sidanius, Jim., Kteily, Nour., Bhardwaj, Arjun. and Kumar, VIvek.

Ideological Asymmetry in the Relationship between Authoritarianism and Political Interest
 Federico, Christopher., Fisher, Emily. and Deason, Grace.

Ideological Bipolarization
 Vegetti, Federico.

Ideological Influences on Prospects for Reaching an Israeli Palestinian Peace Agreement
 Aronoff, Yael.

Ideological Metastereotypes: Overestimation of Antipathy But Accuracy of Trait Ratings
 Appleby, Jacob. and Borgida, Eugene.

Ideological Symmetries and Asymmetries in Political Intolerance and Prejudice against Political Activists
 Crawford, Jarret.

Ideological and individual factors in post-electoral hindsight bias
 Bertolotti, Mauro. and Catellani, Patrizia.

Ideological and self-interested dictators
 Weerdesteijn, Maartje.

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Just a bunch of paranoid loons? Cosnpiracy theory and political attitudes
 Wilson, Marc.

Justice considerations and the social protest: An experimental investigation in Turkey and Israel
 Ben-Nun Bloom, Pazit. and Arikan, Gizem.

Justifying Atrocities: Investigating Strategies of Moral Disengagement in Post-War Sri Lanka
 Panapitiya Dias, Kulani. and Ray Vollhardt, Johanna.

Justifying police use of force: the roles of procedural justice, legitimacy and identity in shaping attitudes towards violence
 Gerber, Monica. and Jackson, Jonathan.


Keep in mind the cheater among us: when, how and who can do better?
 Hechler, Stefanie., Neyer, Franz. and Kessler, Thomas.

Knowing thy enemy: Tracking spontaneous mind perception in political outgroups through linguistic word count
 Sterling, Joanna., Knowles, Eric. and West, Tessa.

Knowledge Matters: Core Values, Partisan Identification and Sophistication
 DeSante, Christopher.


Land rights for gay whales; the limits of attitude research for understanding political engagement
 Haste, Helen., Xu, Zhao. and Selman, Robert.

Last Rights in America: Political Communication, Media Framing and the Legalization of Physician-Assistance-in-Dying
 Merrick, Janna.

Lay Conceptions of History, ideology, nationalism, and religiousness in Argentinean population
 Zubieta, Elena., Barreiro, Alicia. and Bobowik, Magdalena.

Leadership Personality and Militarized Interstate Dispute Initiation
 Smith, Gary.

Learning Peace: Nurturing tolerance in intractable conflicts
 Samuels-Peretz, Deborah. and Hesse, Petra.

Learning and Belief Change: Comparisons Of Turkish Leaders’ Personality Characteristics Across Time
 Cuhadar, Esra., Kaarbo, Juliet., Kesgin, Baris. and Ozkececi-Taner, Binnur.

Legislating Morality? Using Lakoff's Moral Politics to Predict Beliefs about the Affordable Care Act
 Tilley, Brian.

Liberals are more Sensitive to Injustice for Others - Conservatives are more Sensitive to Injustice for Themselves
 Rothmund, Tobias., Jost, John., Schmitt, Manfred. and Maes, Jürgen.

Liberals, Conservatives, and Europe: How Ideology Divides Americans over the ‘Old World’
 Gries, Peter.

Linguistic bias and gender representations of politicians in the Italian press. Gendered communication and the strategic use of language.
 Sensales, Gilda., Areni, Alessandra. and Dal Secco, Alessandra.

Longing to belong: Moroccan-Dutch young adults’ narrated hopes and expectations of national belonging
 Prins, Jacomijne.

Looking at Attribution Theory Explanations in the India-Pakistan Conflict: December 13 Attacks
 Rakhra, Kanica.

Looking for the Exit: Partisan Differences in Political Career Decisions
 Overby, Marvin. and Ang, Adrian.

Looking for the ‘political alpha (fe)male’: A panel analysis on the political influence of fathers, mothers and adolescents on one another
 Boonen, Joris.

Losing Face and Sinking Costs: Experimental Evidence on the Judgment of Political and Military Leaders
 Renshon, Jonathan.

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Making Use of the Western “Other”: A Study of the Ideological Practices in Contemporary Russia
 Malinova, Olga.

Materialism and Social Trust of American Youth Revisited
 Transue, John.

Measurement Alternatives and the Meanings of Social Class: Ascription, Self-Identification, and the Amazing Flexibility of Class
 Muste, Christopher.

Measuring Moral Metaphors: Relations Among Family Values, Morality, and Sociopolitical Attitudes
 Williams, Allison., Deason, Grace., Filson Moses, Jennifer. and Gonzales, Marti.

Measuring Perceptions of Human, National, and International Security
 Adams, Karen.

Measuring the Ideological Foundations of U.S. Public Opinion Leaders: A New Method for Analyzing Texts
 Gross, Justin. and Sentementes, Amy.

Measuring the Macrosystem in Post-Accord Northern Ireland: A Psychological Perspective
 Townsend, Dana., Taylor, Laura., Furey, Andrea., Merrilees, Christine., Goeke-Morey, Marcie., Shirlow, Peter. and Cummings, E..

Media and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments: The role of public television
 Hooghe, Marc.

Media coverage of "enemy" leaders and public opinion: The case of Oslo accords
 Lowenstein, Hila. and Auerbach, Yehudit.

Merely Words? The Effects and Limits of Partisan Prejudice
 Lelkes, Yphtach. and Westwood, Sean.

Method and the Mechanisms of Ideological Deception
 Blaug, Ricardo.

Micro-Foundations of AC: Why do we Punish Inconsistent Leaders?
 Thomson, Catarina.

Migrants’ social identity and their attitudes towards migrants
 Siczek, Tomasz.

Mistaken and Redirected Retribution in U.S. Public Support for War Against Iraq
 Liberman, Peter., Skitka, Linda., Lerner, Jennifer. and Fischhoff, Baruch.

Mistakes, Individual Initiatives and the Banality of Violence
 Matesan, Emy. and Berger, Ronit.

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National Identity and Political Attitudes among Second-Generation Americans: A Priming Experiment
 Jackson, Melinda. and Sasikumar, Karthika.

National Identity and the Image of the “Other” in Political consciousness of Russian youth
 Titov, Victor.

National Threat Perception and Dominance-Submissive Authoritarianism as Predictors of Totalitarian Socialist Ideology
 Šram, Zlatko., Gregurović, Margareta. and Dulić, Jasminka.

National identity content and facets of modern antisemitism in Germany
 Kopf-Beck, Johannes. and Ditlmann, Ruth.

Negativity towards Kurds in Turkey: The Influences of Contact and Perceived Threat
 Korkmaz, Leman. and Kappas, Arvid.

Neoliberal Challenges to Youth Political Participation in Turkey: the Experience of Gezi Park
 Özkut, Nur.

Neoliberal nudity
 Braun, Virginia.

Neuroscience and Neuromodulation of Free Will: the Case for Personalistic Agency in Politics and Ideology
 Larrivee, Denis. and Gini, Adriana.

New Insights Into How and When Intergroup Contact Undermines Collective Action: Trust and Perceived Typicality
 Schellhaas, Fabian., Cakal, Huseyin. and Hewstone, Miles.

No-TAV movement on the streets and in the social networks: Polemical representations about environmental issue
 de Rosa, Annamaria. and Bocci, Elena.

Normalzing Terror: The Professions and Political Psychology in Nazi Germany
 glass, james.

Not Easily Embarrassed: Political Metaphor and the Cooperative Construction of Political Identity in the Russian State Duma
 Anderson, Richard D..

Not So Black and White: Voter Evaluations of Biracial Political Candidates
 Masuoka, Natalie., Gaither, Sarah. and Remedios, Jessica.


Obedience and regulatory focus: Prevention oriented are more obedient than promotion oriented
 Olbrich-Baumann, Andreas., Dopp, Volkhard. and Florack, Arnd.

Offline/Online Contact as Predictor of Social Acceptance: Youth from the Balkan Countries
 Milosevic, Jasna. and Zezelj, Iris.

On Plumage and Preening: The Influence of Social Dominance Orientation on Nonverbal Behavioral Cues
 Loskota, Tierza. and Kleyman, Kerry.

On the deviance of triangles: Deviance perception partly explains the ideological divide in social policy
 Okimoto, Tyler. and Gromet, Dena.

On the limits of partisan persuasion: How attitude importance and ambivalence in combination moderate of partisan cue-taking
 Aarøe, Lene. and Jensen, Carsten.

One of These Things is Just Like Another: Analogies, Cognition, and Political Attitudes
 Haglin, Kathryn. and Ura, Joseph.

Orange Identities in Contemporary Canada
 Nesbitt-Larking, Paul. and McAuley, James.

Orangeism and the Northern Ireland 'Culture Wars'
 Mycock, Andrew. and McAuley, James.

Orangeism, Britishness and Loyalty in Ireland and Canada
 McAuley, James., Mycock, Andrew. and Nesbitt-Larking, Paul.

Our Politicized Image of Honor: When Processes of Honor are Similar across Cultures!
 Anjum, Gulnaz., Kessler, Thomas., Aziz, Mudassar. and Usman, Zahid.


Panel: Orange Identities: Continuities Across Space and Time
 McAuley, James., Nesbitt-Larking, Paul. and Mycock, Andrew.

Paradoxical thinking as a new avenue of intervention: A media based field experiment
 Hameiri, Boaz., Porat, Roni., Bar-Tal, Daniel. and Halperin, Eran.

Parrhesia as the most effective way to cope with in-group war crimes
 Leone, Giovanna. and Sarrica, Mauro.

Partisan Prejudice or Motivated Reasoning: Political Identities and Biased Evaluations
 Mason, Lilliana.

Partisanship and Ideology Revisited: Democratic and Republican Ideological Profiles
 Gries, Peter.

Partisanship, Religion, and the Psychology of Virtue: A Cross-National Application of Moral Foundations Theory
 Olson, Laura.

People’s Moral and Emotional Reactions to the “Dirty Hands” Narrative
 Verbalyte, Monika.

Perception and preferences for political leadership: cross-cultural study in established and evolving democracies.
 Drzewiecka, Milena.

Perceptions of a Changing Ethnic U.S. Hierarchy and Its Consequences for White-Latino Relations
 Zavala, Vanessa.

Personality and Ideology: Findings from a Nationally Representative Sample
 Smith, David., Hanley, Eric. and McWilliams, Robert.

Personality traits and Support for Secessionist Movements
 Barcelo-Soler, Joan.

Personality, Culture, and Economics: Preference Formation in Polarized America
 Lavine, Howard., Johnston, Christopher. and Federico, Christopher.

Personality, values, amoral familism, sociability and political attitudes differently predict political participation
 Foschi, Renato. and Lauriola, Marco.

Playing the Man, Not the Ball: Personalization in the British Political Arena
 Waddle, Maurice.

Polarization and Public Judgments: Views of the Congressional Majority and Minority Parties and Why They Matter
 Jones, David.

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Quantifying and Validating Interview Data:
 McNeely, Clea., Barber, Brian. and Spellings, Carolyn.


Race, economics, and religious fundamentalism interact to predict attitudes towards immigration policy
 LaBouff, Jordan., Glover, Robert. and Dunphy, Megan.

Racial and Ethnic Heterogeneity in the Association of Personality to Political Preferences in U.S. Politics
 Saavedra Cisneros, Angel. and Johnston, Christopher.

Rational choice or violence driven by hatred? Analysis of 30 years of suicide bombings
 Rosner, Yotam.

Re-examining Self-Interest Theory: Is the Effect of Personal Economic Vulnerability Influenced by Intergroup Contact?
 Thomsen, Jens Peter.

Reaching Beyond the Core Base: Can Political Parties Win Policy Support by Framing Issues?
 Slothuus, Rune.

Ready to include or exclude? How Germans think about migration and argue hostile
 Preuß, Madlen. and Zick, Andreas.

Reasons to trust or distrust political institutions: Arguments, personality traits, moods and experiences
 Dekker, Paul.

Recognition, Redistribution or Dialogue? A theoretical framework for intergroup relations
 Lauenstein, Oliver.

Reconsideration of Interculturalism-Multiculturalism Debate Within Intergroup Relations Framework
 Sandal Önal, Elif.

Regulating Group-Based Emotions
 Goldenberg, Amit., Halperin, Eran. and Gross, James.

Regulatory focus and ideology: gaining economic profit and losing cultural security?
 Eschert, Silke. and Diehl, Michael.

Religion and Cultural Value Conflicts among Muslims Second Generation Immigrants (SGIs) in Britain
 Ashraf, Mujeeba. and Sheikh, Sana.

Religiosity and Political Participation: When do Religious Markets Foster or Deter Participation of the Devout?
 Arikan, Gizem. and Ben-Nun Bloom, Pazit.

Remembering the collective past to imagine a collective future
 Topcu, Meymune. and William, Hirst.

Rendering Ideological Conflicts Less Intractable: Theoretical Foundations and Possibilities for Practice Approaches
 Schaefer, Christoph.

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Sauce for the goose? Scottish independence, UK independence, and motivated versus analogical reasoning
 Johns, Robert. and Bowler, Shaun.

Saving Face: Language, Identity and Reactions to Political Scandal
 Ekstrom, Pierce., Gonzales, Marti., Williams, Allison. and Weiner, Elliot.

Seeking Evidence or Seeking Consensus? Liberals and Conservatives Differ in their Construal of Decision Making
 Sanders, Matthew.

Sentiments for the recent past and popular political attitudes in Poland
 Prusik, Monika.

Separate together: the identity politics of interfaith space and dialogue
 Whitney, Teresa.

Shattering the Structure: 9/11 and the Changed Configuration of Americans’ Belief Systems
 Lyrintzis, Elena. and Crano, William.

Shifting frames: Conditional indirect effects of contested issues on perceived effectiveness through multiple emotions
 Feinholdt, Alina., Schuck, Andreas., Lecheler, Sophie. and De Vreese, Claes.

Social Cues in Political Information Search and Evaluation
 Redlawsk, David. and Pierce, Doug.

Social Desirability on Climate Change, Inequality and Immigration: A List Experimental Approach
 Sohlberg, Jacob.

Social Dominance Orientation and Perceived Similarity modulate the attracting power of the gaze of politicians on their electors. An fMRI study.
 Liuzza, Marco Tullio., Cazzato, Valentina., Macaluso, Emiliano., Caprara, Gian Vittorio. and Aglioti, Salvatore Maria.

Social Identity and Decision Making Under Risk
 Gutting, Raynee. and Cho, Richard.

Social Integration and Mental Health
 Kindervater, Angela., Morgenroth, Olaf. and Alberts, Jannis.

Social Media Use For Politics: An In-depth Analysis of Young People’s Experiences
 Avci, Nazan.

Social Representations of Gezi Protests
 Ercan, Nilufer., Aykutoglu, Bulent. and Oner-Ozkan, Bengi.

Social Representations of Human Rights in Time of Crisis
 Politi, Emanuele. and Di Bella, Laura.

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Taking Campaigns Personally: The Big Five Facets and Political Persuasion
 Chen, Philip.

Taking solace in nature: The draw of essentialist explanations for inequality among members of disadvantaged groups.
 Napier, Jaime.

Televised Political Interviews in Japan: Straight Replies, Honest Replies, and the Rest
 Feldman, Ofer. and Kinoshita, Ken.

Temporal Context and the Importance of Core Political Values to Policy Preferences
 van Doorn, Bas.

Terrorism, Group Identities and Israeli Political Tolerance, 1980-2011
 Peffley, Mark., Shamir, Michal. and Hutchison, Marc.

Testing Social Identity Model of Collective Action: Paradoxical Effects of Intergroup Anxiety
 Guler, Meltem., Cakal, Huseyin. and Khan, Waheede.

Testing the Online Model of Candidate Evaluation and Choice in a More Realistic Campaign Environment
 Lau, Richard., Kleinberg, Mona. and Bahamonde, Hector.

Textbook photographs as part of cultural memory: Who are National Socialist perpetrators and victims?
 Heinrich, Horst-Alfred.

The Adaptive Voter: The Effects of Political Self-Efficacy and Task Complexity on Candidate Choice
 Glantz, Alexander.

The American Color Line and Black Exceptionalism
 Sears, David.

The Apparatus Cinema: A clinical-politic intervention and its overlaps
 Penha, Diego.

The Biopolitics of Terrorism: Rockets and Militant Option after the 2008/9 Gaza War
 Canetti, Daphna., Rapaport, Carmit., Cavari, Amnon., Hobfoll, Stevan., Shalev, Hadar. and Lindner, Miriam.

The Cambodian Genocide Across Generations
 Path, Kosal., Kanavou, Angeliki. and Kuchenbecker, Shari.

The Changing Dynamics and Transforming Identity of Mexico’s Drug War
 Meráz García, Martín.

The Cognitive Structuring of National Identity: Different Ways of Reconstructing 'Being American'
 Rosenberg, Shawn.

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Uncertainty avoidance and tough-mindedness as the psychological bases of political orientation
 Dimdins, Girts., Sandgren, Maria. and Montgomery, Henry.

Unconscious politicians face perception causes affective misattribution
 Chiesa, Patrizia., Aglioti, Salvatore Maria. and Liuzza, Marco Tullio.

Uncovering the Effect of Ideology on Policy Opinion
 Ottati, Victor., Cheng, Justin. and Price, Erika.

Understanding Cynicism: Dimensions and Measurement of Political Cynicism
 Rijkhoff, Sanne.

Understanding Elite Lead Populism
 Filla, Jackie. and Matthewson, Donald.

Understanding Stability and Change in Immigration Attitudes
 Schaffner, Brian.

Understanding the Politics of Resentment: Support for Limited Government in the United States
 Cramer, Katherine.

Understanding the Role of Prestige in the Indian and Iranian Nuclear Programs
 Rakhra, Kanica.

United Stereotypes of Europe: economical decisions are shaped by nationalistic stereotypes
 Ponsi, Giorgia., Liuzza, Marco Tullio., Aglioti, Salvatore Maria. and Panasiti, Maria Serena.

United in monotony? Links between orientations toward integration, cultural homogeneity, diversity beliefs and prejudices
 Zick, Andreas. and Küpper, Beate.

University is Political II: Sexuality Education Affects Reference Sets Regarding Same-Sex Adoption
 Duzen, N. Ekrem. and Namer, Yudit.

Urban Youth and the Future of American Democracy
 Barrett, Edith.

Utilitarian Secessionism? An Experiment on the Effect of Economic Considerations on the Support for the Secession in Catalonia.
 Barcelo-Soler, Joan.


VIAPPL: Demonstration of a new research platform
 Titlestad, Kim., Durrheim, Kevin., Quayle, Michael. and Tooke, Larry.

VIAPPL: Revisiting the relationship between categorization and ingroup bias in a minimal group study with interaction
 Titlestad, Kim., Durrheim, Kevin., Quayle, Michael. and Tooke, Larry.

VIAPPL: a platform for experimentally studying intergroup phenomena as outcomes of interaction in social networks
 Quayle, Michael., Durrheim, Kevin., Tooke, Larry., Pillay, Lavanya. and Titlestad, Kim.

Vale of tears: Remorse expression in intergroup apologies and intergroup relations
 Bobowik, Magdalena., Páez, Darío., Zubieta, Elena. and Muratori, Marcela.

Valuation of Identification Levels and Intergroup Attitudes: Othering vs. Differentiation
 Sandal Önal, Elif. and Uyan Semerci, Pinar.

Value system in an unstable society as a factor of political ideology.
 Sveshnikova, Natalia.

Values of Geopolitical Choice among the Age and Regional Cohorts of Ukrainian Society
 Naydonov, Mykhaylo., Naydonova, Lyubov., Grygorovska, Liubov. and Naydonova, Lyubov.

Values of female and male national and local politicians, activists and citizens.
 Mebane, Minou., Vecchione, Michele. and francescato, donata.

Victim consciousness moderates the effect of mutual violence on prosocial behavior in intractable conflict
 sharon, shira. and sharvit, keren.

Victimhood acknowledgment of an adversary as a vehicle to promote reconciliation: The case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
 Hameiri, Boaz.

Views of the public on the protection of personal data
 Castro, Paula. and Bettencourt, Leonor.

Violence Begets Violence: Perceived Images and Threats Explain Why Countries Repeatedly Engage in Interstate Wars
 Li, Mengyao. and Leidner, Bernhard.

Virtual Imagined contact, Changing Beliefs About Groups Malleability, Ideologies And the Support For Political Compromise
 shaked, ohad., Canetti, Daphna. and Halperin, Eran.

Vote Choice and Choice Sets in a Multi-party Setting – Evidence from Germany
 Steinbrecher, Markus., Schoen, Harald., Plischke, Thomas. and Wiegand, Elena.

Voters’ Inference of Candidates’ Ideological Orientations across Issue Dimensions
 Rico, Guillem. and Muñoz, Jordi.

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Wanting What is Fair: How Party Cues and Inequality Information Affect Public Support for Taxes
 Boudreau, Cheryl. and MacKenzie, Scott.

Waves that Flood: The Impact of Immigration Metaphors in Media Frames on Public Opinion
 Blinder, Scott. and Jeannet, Anne-Marie.

We are Hardwired Not to be Hardwired
 Schreiber, Darren.

Well-being, Social Capital and Political Participation: Restrictive Use of Facebook
 Kuru, Ozan.

What Brings Both Sides to the Table? Comparing Interventions for Reducing Political Hostility
 Ebersole, Charles. and Motyl, Matt.

What does it mean to be left or right? Meaning and understanding of left-right orientation among youth
 Franc, Renata., Perasovic, Benjamin. and Sucic, Ines.

What does the concept of CP (conflict perception) mean and how should we measure it? The Israeli Palestinian conflict as case study
 Khteeb, Ibrahem. and Canetti, Daphna.

What explains voter volatility? Short and Long Term Effects.
 Hooghe, Marc. and Dassonneville, Ruth.

What is Political Bias? And How Can We Know When We See One?
 Yair, Omer.

What is the NZAVS? (Or how to survive starting you own national longitudinal sample)
 Sibley, Chris.

What makes activists so active?
 van Stekelenburg, Jacquelien., Klandermans, Bert. and Akkerman, Agnes.

What really underlies emotional bias among conservatives? Negative valence or arousal?: An electrophysiological investigation.
 Tritt, Shona., Page-Gould, Elizabeth., Peterson, Jordan. and Inzlicht, Michael.

What switches them on? Cultural context of youth civic engagement.
 Zhang, Siwen., Shaw, Matthew., chen, chen., Bermudez, Angela., Perez Manjarrez, Everardo. and Haste, Helen.

What the Brain Remembers About Public Figures: Evidence from Survey and EEG Experiments
 Oliver, Eric., Cacioppo, John., Flores, Alejandro. and Cacioppo, Stephanie.

What works and why in building social cohesion in a multicultural society?
 Reynolds, Katherine., Batalha, Luisa., Subasic, Emina., Hewstone, Miles. and Tropp, Linda.

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Young People, Citizenship and Negotiating Identity in the Context of Spatial Regulation
 Gray, Debra. and Manning, Rachel.

Young people’s political participation in Europe – the rise of political inequality?
 Abendschön, Simone. and Roßteutscher, Sigrid.

Youth can Raise Alternative Solutions for Social and Personal Development against Ideological and Administrative Obstacles
 Duzen, N. Ekrem.

You’re Inferior and Not Worth Our Concern: The Interface Between Empathy and Social Dominance Orientation
 Sidanius, Jim., Sheehy-Skeffington, Jennifer., Ho, Arnold., Sibley, Chris. and Duriez, Bart.
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