Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology 2017-Jun-29 to 2017-Jul-03

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"English First” in the Twenty-First Century? Intergroup Attitudes about Bilingual Education and Multiculturalism in the U.S.
 Wong, Cara., Citrin, Jack. and Levy, Morris.

"In or Out": How Political Elites and Media position the Irish Travellers in 2015 Ireland
 O\'Reilly, Caoimhe. and Minescu, Anca.

"Learning from the Holocaust:" A General Education Capstone and Travel Course
 Samuels-Peretz, Debbie.

"The secret Islamization of the West." Structure, causes, and consequences of Islamophobia
 Uenal, Fatih.

"We Didn't Talk About the Conflict": The Birthright Trip’s Influence on Jewish Americans’ Understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 Hagai, Ella.

(Sympathy for) The Devil You Know: Openness, Risk Aversion, and the Incumbency Advantage
 Hollibaugh, Gary., Klingler, Jonathan. and Ramey, Adam.

Тrump vs. Clinton: Follower Support though Laughter, Applause, and Booing During the 2016 Presidential Debates
 Stewart, Patrick. and Eubanks, Austin.

​Is 2016 a Diversity Backlash? Political Identity Norms and the Future of Democratic Election
 La Vogue, Natasha., Jaurique, Alexandria., Gaffney, Amber. and Hackett, Justin.

‘Normalization’ of interactions between Israelis and Palestinians: A divisive factor of Palestinian society?
 Albzour, Mai., Green, Eva G.T.., Nasser, Randa. and Penic, Sandra.

‘Social Justice’, Fact or Fiction: Media commentary for social justice in the public sphere
 Berenson, Alonit.

“Contested Political Discourse – Debates on the European Union in Britain”
 Demasi, Mirko.

“Get into the super-rich mind-set”: Exploring the psychological construction of the super-rich identity
 Carr, Philippa., Goodman, Simon. and Jowett, Adam.

“He is just the nowhere man of British politics”: Personal attacks in Prime Minister’s Questions
 Waddle, Maurice., Böhnke, Jan. and Bull, Peter.

“I’LL BE BACK…”: The chance of a political comeback as party leader
 Eidenfalk, Joakim. and Woodcock, Stuart.

“Mugged by reality”. Is mortality salience acting as a more important trigger for repressive authoritarianism among liberals?
 Kavadias, Dimokritos. and Caluwaerts, Didier.

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A Call to Action: Religious Messages and Political Behavior
 Margolis, Michele.

A Change is Gonna' Come: The Persistent Effect of the US Civil Rights Movement on Political Attitudes
 Mazumder, Soumyajit.

A Cross-Cultural Perspective on National Face, National Identity and Cognitive Style in International Relations
 Chen, Rosalie. and Rosenberg, Shawn.

A Different Voice? The Gender Gap in Values and Attitudes toward Peace and Security Issues
 Gedalya-Lavy, Einat.

A Grounded Theory for Cross-Ethnic Friendships: A Qualitative Study
 Kawabata, Yoshito. and Harcrow, Anne-Marie.

A Matter of Fact (Checking)
 Nalder, Kim., Martin, Danielle. and Barker, David.

A Matter of Taste: Gustatory Sensitivity Predicts Social Conservatism
 Ruisch, Benjamin., Anderson, Rajen., Inbar, Yoel. and Pizarro, David.

A Novel Approach to Political Ideology: Beliefs about the Well-Functioning Society and their Political Correlates in Slovakia
 Cohrs, Christopher., Lášticová, Barbara. and Brahms, Kea.

A Psychonalytic Comment to Conservatism in Turkey: From castration to power
 özler, hayrettin.

A Worldwide Zeitgeist of Decline? The Psychometrics of Collective Societal Discontent across 28 Countries
 van der Bles, Anne Marthe., Postmes, Tom., Meijer, Rob. and Jetten, Jolanda.

A comparison of prejudice mechanisms among the native majority group and the Turkish and Moroccan minority group in Belgium
 Meeusen, Cecil.

A critical discourse analysis of UK, Scottish and Welsh Government refugee integration strategies
 Parker, Sam.

A cross cultural and trans-generational study: Links between psychological characteristics and socio-political tendency in Afghanistan
 kaviani, hossein., Kinman, Gail. and Ahmadi, Seyyed-Jafar.

A cross-cultural study on: The link between psycho-social characteristics and political behaviour in Chinese and British samples
 Liu, Yingjuan., kaviani, hossein. and Ertubey, Candan.

A fast measure of political ideology: A new crowdsourcing method of scale development
 Van Berkel, Laura., Crandall, Christian., White II, Mark. and Webster, Gregory.

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BREXPERTS: Media representations of experts in the EU referendum news coverage
 Coen, Sharon., Nikolaidis, Aristotelis., Sullivan, Gavin. and Short, Ben.

Backing Unequal Policies: The Complicit Role of Intergroup Indifference
 Passini, Stefano.

Becoming Swiss: How acculturation norms shape acceptance of naturalized citizens
 Politi, Emanuele. and Staerklé, Christian.

Being angry or getting angry? How dynamic change in emotion can predict political collective action
 Nesbitt, Laura.

Belonging and social identification among young Somalis in Sweden and Britain
 Scuzzarello, Sarah.

Better knowledge and more democratic school environment support inter-ethnic tolerance among Slovak high school students
 Lášticová, Barbara., Findor, Andrej. and Hruška, Matej.

Beyond the two-group paradigm in intergroup relations studies: Xenophobia, intergroup alliances and social change in a multi-group farming community in South Africa
 Kerr, Philippa.

Borders without Boundaries: National Identity and Diversity Perceptions in a Globalized World
 Manokara, Kunalan. and Wan, Ching.

Bounded open-mindedness: Open-minded cognition only predicts acceptance of people and ideas with which one agrees
 Crawford, Jarret. and Brandt, Mark.

Brexiters and Bremainers: Categorization of individuals in online newspaper comment threads
 Meredith, Joanne. and Richardson, Emma.

Brunswik meets Politics: Toward an Ecological Approach to Political Psychology
 Kessler, Thomas., Proch, Jutta. and Elad-Strenger, Julia.

Building a Wall or Draining the Swamp? The Secret of Trump's Success
 Rudolph, Thomas.

Building strong, resilient communities: Advancing public policy responses to ethnic diversity
 Klik, Kathleen., Reynolds, Kate., McKenna, Sarah., Lee, Eunron., Hewstone, Miles. and Markus, Andrew.


Campaign Strategies, Media & Voters: The Fourth Era of Political Communication
 Semetko, Holli. and Tworzecki, Hubert.

Can identification as Muslim increase support for reconciliation? The case of the Turkish-Kurdish armed conflict
 Duman, Yasin., Baysu, Gulseli. and Coskan, Canan.

Capturing the complexity of social identity and its relation to collective memory in (post-)conflict settings
 Bady, Zacharia.

Career Politicians: Motivations, Attitudes, Behavior
 Searing, Donald. and Magni, Gabriele.

Catarina Kinnvall
 Kinnvall, Catarina.

Change for Better or Worse? Understanding the Relationship between Beliefs about Change and Political Views
 English, Jaslyn. and Wilson, Anne.

Changes in Personality and Prime Minister Leadership Style Across Time: The Case of Erdoğan
 Cuhadar, Esra., Kaarbo, Juliet., Kesgin, Baris. and Ozkececi-Taner, Binnur.

Changing Attitudes toward Homosexuality in three Countries: The Effects of Age
 Ekstam, David.

Changing terrorism perception
 Fajmonová, Veronika.

Character Assassination: Ten Years of Interdisciplinary Research
 Shiraev, Eric.

Children’s intergroup resource distribution: The role of segregated neighbourhoods amid protracted conflict
 O\' Driscoll, Dean., Taylor, Laura. and Dautel, Jocelyn.

Christonormativity and Irish identity: Through the looking glass of the first Communion experience
 Greenwood, Ronni. and Firnhaber, Joe.

Class & Ideology in Higher Education: Does college’s left-tilt isolate working-class students and hinder their academic success?
 Woessner, Matthew., Thompson, Amanda., Maranto, Robert. and Kelly-Woessner, April.

Classes of Critical Consciousness and Civic Participation in Youth
 Martínez, Loreto. and Cumsille, Patricio.

Cognition and Communication: Judging Political Arguments that Support or Oppose Your Own Views
 Rosenberg, Shawn. and Beattie, Peter.

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DA-RT and ethical issues involved in sharing qualitative data dealing with personal narratives
 Monroe, Kristen.

Dealing in Hope: Observing Hope in Leaders Induces Conciliatory Attitudes in Conflict
 Cohen-Chen, Smadar., van Kleef, Gerben., Crisp, Richard. and Halperin, Eran.

Death Becomes Her: Mortality Salience Increases Support for Hillary Clinton
 Knapton, Holly., Bäck, Emma., Bäck, Hanna., Carroll, Royce. and Hansen, Michael.

Democratic values, Conflict perception and Willingness to reconcile
 Khatib, Ibrahim.

Democratic versus aristocratic moral commitments in the socio-economic context. Legitimisation and possibilities of resistance.
 Bokretas, Ildiko., TAKACS, BALINT VINCE., Bigazzi, Sara. and Serdult, Sara.

Demographic and psychological correlates of New Zealanders' support for euthanasia
 Lee, Carol., Duck, Isabelle. and Sibley, Chris.

Designing Security Policy in the United Kingdom: Just how villagy is the Whitehall Village?
 Thomson, Catarina. and Jasny, Lorien.

Designing a winning message: Increasing public support for LGBTI people in Slovakia
 Findor, Andrej., Hruška, Matej., Gould, John. and Sirota, Miroslav.

Developing a Symbolic and Realistic Threat Scale in the Sexual and Gender Minority Context
 Valdenegro, Daniel., Bernardino, Michelle., Hässler, Tabea., González, Roberto. and Ullrich, Johannes.

Developing psychosemantic questionnaires for studying political mentality and its’ approbation in South Korea.
 Mitina, Olga., Petrenko, Victor. and Gladkikh, Natalia.

Dialogical constructions of homosexuality in the Greek-Cypriot Press
 Christodoulou, Constantinos. and Kadianaki, Irini.

Dialogues with the absent Other: How fishers in protected sites use reported speech for contesting the institutions governing them
 Castro, Paula., Uzelgun, Mehmet. and dos Santos, Tania.

Differences between Leaders and Followers in Radical Extremist Behavior in the United States
 LaFree, Gary. and Jasko, Katarzyna.

Disagreeable Political Discussion Networks are No Panacea for Partisan Motivated Reasoning
 Robison, Joshua.

Disappointment Expression Evokes Collective Guilt and Collective Action in Intergroup Conflict: The Moderating Role of Legitimacy Perceptions
 Solak, Nevin., Reifen Tagar, Michal., Cohen-Chen, Smadar., Saguy, Tamar. and Halperin, Eran.

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Economic Redistribution on College Campuses: Support for Financial Aid among Affluent College Students
 Mendelberg, Tali. and Argyle, Lisa.

Effect of Stimuli Framing on Attitude formation in Conservatives and Liberals
 Fiagbenu, Michael Edem.

Effects of National Symbols and National Definitions on Attitudes toward Outgroups
 Schatz, Robert.

Effects of Social Self-discrepancy, Identification, and Identity-uncertainty on Support of Protests: Evidence from Hong Kong
 Ao, Xiang. and Hogg, Michael.

Electoral Context and Role Congruity: Explaining Prejudice Towards Female Politicians
 Bos, Angela. and Schneider, Monica.

Elitist habitus and appointment to leadership positions - perceived similarity or ascribed competence?
 Grabow, Hilmar.

Emotional constellations in participation in protest events: effects of moderation, mediation and suppression.
 Asun, Rodrigo. and Zuniga, Claudia.

Emotions Trump Experience: Terrorism, Gender, and the 2016 Presidential Election
 Holman, Mirya., Merolla, Jennifer., Zechmeister, Elizabeth. and Wang, Ding.

Emotions and Application of Short and Long Term Perspectives in Public Preferences of Foreign Policy
 Geva, Nehemia. and Dvir, Rotem.

Empathy and the Opposition: Does Empathy Extend to Rival Ideological Groups?
 Lown, Patrick.

Empathy level as a predictor of implicit prejudice among victims and ex-combatants from Colombia.
 Trujillo, Natalia., Ugarriza, Juan., Trujillo, Sandra., Lopez, Jose., Parra, Mario. and Garcia-Barrera, Mauricio.

Empowering children in politics: evaluating a participative democratic programme
 Palacios-Galvez, Maria Soledad., García, Patricia., Morales-Marente, Elena., Domínguez Fuentes, Juan Manuel. and Rodriguez-Pascual, Ivan.

Estimating public support for democracy across 20+ years and 100+ countries
 Claassen, Christopher.

Ethnic Marginalization and Perceptions of Corruption
 Lewis, Jacob.

Ethnic identity and helping behavior
 Dopp, Niels., Fischer-Dopp, Iris., Olbrich-Baumann, Andreas. and Vogler, Bernhard.

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Facing the crisis : A life-course approach to political activism in Greece.
 Morselli, Davide., Chryssochoou, Xenia., Ntani, Spyridoula., Fillieule, Olivier. and Spini, Dario.

Fear and Anxiety: two strategies for resistance and political transformation
 Zevnik, Andreja.

Fear, Anger and the Endorsement of Populist Attitudes
 Marcus, George., Vasilopoulos, Pavlos., Foucault, Martial. and Valentino, Nicholas.

Fear, Institutionalized Racism, and Empathy: The Two Dimensions of Whites’ Racial Attitudes
 DeSante, Christopher.

Feminist self-labeling: does it imply social creativity or social change?
 Kovács, Monika. and Szabó, Mónika.

Fighting in Foreign Lands: Narrative Identity and Political Imagination in ‘Foreign Fighters’’ Life Histories
 Marsden, Sarah.

Flexible solidarity with refugees: Integrating minority influence and intergroup communication
 Staerklé, Christian., Politi, Emanuele. and Gale, Jessica.

Foreign Policy in Times of Crisis: An Analysis of US, Britain, Germany and France foreign policy regarding the events of the Arab Spring in the years 2010- 2012
 Rosner, Yotam. and Auerbach, Yehudith.

Forgiveness, justice perceptions and relative deprivation of victims in post-conflict settings in Poland and Uganda
 Krygier, Kamila.

Forgotten by victors, but not (yet) for losers: Conspiracy theories in the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump
 Cichocka, Aleksandra. and Sutton, Robbie.

Fostering Reconciliation Through Historical Moral Exemplars in a Post-Conflict Society
 Čehajić-Clancy, Sabina. and Bilewicz, Michal.

Framing Effects on Valence Issue and Position Issue: Numbers and Stories’ Different Effects
 Lee, Bomi.

Frequency and Timing of Leaders' Mediation Attempts
 Demirag, Elif. and Kavakli, Kerim Can.

Fridays of Rage and the work of Pierre Bourdieu
 Sniderman, Paul.

Fridays of Rage: Framing Research and Affect
 Crigler, Ann.

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Gain of personal significance and willingness to sacrifice for a cause
 Jasko, Katarzyna., Grzymala-Moszczynska, Joanna., Szastok, Marta. and Kruglanski, Arie.

Gender Asymmetry in the Construction of American National Identity
 Van Berkel, Laura., Molina, Ludwin. and Mukherjee, Sahana.

Gender Differences in Support for Direct and Indirect Political Aggression in the Context of Protracted Conflict
 Elad-Strenger, Julia., Ben Shitrit, Lihi. and Hirsch-Hoefler, Sivan.

Gender Differences in the Perception of Poverty
 Çömez Polat, Filiz. and arslan akfırat, serap.

Gender, Race, and Social Welfare Policy Opinions: An Intersectional Analysis
 Oxley, Zoe.

Gendered disgust sensitivity in the 2016 US presidential election
 Ksiazkiewicz, Aleksander.

Gendered perceptions of the social value of competitiveness
 Charalambides, Laetitia. and Butera, Fabrizio.

General Beliefs of Human Nature in Intractable Conflict
 Chung, Eun Bin.

Giving to those in need? – Comparing donations to local families or refugee families in Germany
 Wagner, Simon., Heinrich, Hanna., Urschler, David. and Fischer, Peter.

God is not always unconscious: A Lacanian interpretation of the primal scene in the politico-legal formations of nation states
 Rogers, Juliet.

Good Muslims, bad Islam? Disentangling devaluation of Muslims and devaluation of Islam in Germany
 Diekmann, Isabell.

Great War and Pacifist Attitudes: A Social Representational Approach
 Bouchat, Pierre., Licata, Laurent. and Klein, Olivier.

Group Schemas as the Pictures in Our Heads: New Conceptualization and Measurement
 Valentino, Nicholas. and Zhirkov, Kirill.

Group-Based Deprivation Explains Radicalization of Western-Born Muslims
 Obaidi, Milan., Bergh, Robin., Akrami, Nazar. and van den Berg, Ronald.


Happy New Year? – rhetoric of national unity during troubled times in Scandinavia
 Syrstad, Tor.

Hard to Resist: Comparative Information and Cognitive Processing
 Lipsitz, Keena.

Hassan Nasrallah's Decision Code
 Donyetz Rosenzweig, Ronny., Mintz, Alex., Samban, Yair. and Chattagnier, John.

Hawks, Democracy and Peace? An experimental cross regime investigation
 Bakker, Femke.

Herding Cats versus Ditto Heads? Examining Liberal-Conservative Differences in Political Attitude Consensus
 Stern, Chadly. and Ondish, Pete.

Heroes and Villains – Communicating through archetypes in a globalized world
 Martins, Alexandra.

Heroes and heroic acts
 Bigazzi, Sara., Serdult, Sara., Bokretas, Ildiko. and TAKACS, BALINT VINCE.

Historical and present-day intergroup relations and acculturation dynamics between Mapuche and non-indigenous people in Chile
 Figueiredo, Ana., Rocha Santa María, Carolina., Cornejo, Marcela. and Licata, Laurent.

History in the service of politics: Constructing national identities during the European refugee ‘crisis’
 Kirkwood, Steve.

History of Authoritarianism Theory
 Dunwoody, Philip.

Hoaxes, lies, and videotape: Crisis actor conspiracy theories as compensatory control
 Wood, Michael.

Hobbes and Fanon on Political Identity: Violence, Psychological Cohesion and Political Transformation
 Glass, James.

Hobbes and Fanon on Political Identity: Violence, Psychological Cohesion, and Political Transformation
 Glass, James.

Homeawayness, distortion and discrimination: Identity construction among rural-urban migrants in China
 Chen, Shuhua.

Hostile Sexism Moderates the Link between Political Identification and Perceptions of Gender-Based Discrimination in Women
 Huang, Yanshu.

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Identities and Attitudes: How Issue-Based Identities Motivate Polarized Political Behavior
 Mason, Lilliana.

Identity Crisis? Gender, Leadership, and the 2016 Presidential Election
 Vargas, Emily. and Lee, Fiona.

Identity Expectations: Perceived Identity Conflict and Perceptions of Women’s Leadership Ability
 Lee, Serenity. and Vargas, Emily.

Identity, Grief, and Competitive Victimhood: An Analysis of The Black and Blue Lives Matter Movements
 Solomon, Johanna. and Martin, Adam.

Identity, intergroup context, empowerment and change: Accounting for patterns in the spread of the August 2011 English ‘riots’
 Stott, Clifford. and Ball, Roger.

Ideological and Threat-Based Predictors of Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls
 Jagayat, Arvin. and Choma, Becky.

Ideological communication meets the refugee crisis: A study of socio-political discourses in a transit country
 Gjorgjioska, Adela., Forte, Teresa. and dos Santos, Tania.

Ideological tyrannies: their long-term political genealogies
 Mamali, Catalin.

If You Can’t Join ‘Em: Insecure Attachment Style Predicts Divergence from Parent Ideology, Particularly for those from Conservative Backgrounds
 Langer, Melanie., Pliskin, Ruthie. and Jost, John.

Image Politics of the Arab Spring
 Awad, Sarah. and Wagoner, Brady.

Images and Perceptions: Culture and Identity in State Policies
 Martins, Alexandra.

Imagining the perspective of refugees: Social media representations of the refugee crisis
 de Saint Laurent, Constance., Glaveanu, Vlad. and Literat, Ioana.

Immigration and Public Opinion: Will backlash impede immigrants’ policy progress?
 Bishin, Benjamin., Hayes, Thomas., Incantalupo, Matthew. and Smith, Charles.

Implicit Sexism in Politics and the Implications for Parties, Candidates, and Politicians
 Harell, Allison., Chen, Philip., Thomas, Melanee. and Gosselin, Tania.

Implicit and explicit levels of values hierarchy
 Arestova, Olga., Mitina, Olga. and Chukarin, Boris.

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Keeping the trust – challenges in embedding yourself in protest contexts
 Vestergren, Sara. and Drury, John.


Language in conflict: Perceptions, societal beliefs and collective narratives in the process of acquiring the Hebrew language among Palestinian minority of East Jerusalem
 Gerassi-Tishby, Clila.

Lay people’s and elites’ Kurdish conflict narratives and their effects on conflict resolution
 Uluğ, Özden. and Cohrs, Christopher.

Lay understandings of armed drones in the UK, USA and Turkey
 O\'Dwyer, Emma. and Çoymak, Ahmet.

Leadership Change, Identity-Subversion, and Subgroup Schisms: An Examination of the 2016 Presidential Election
 Wagoner, Joseph., Barreto, Nicolas. and Hogg, Michael.

Leadership in Parliament; a systematic review and the development of a taxonomy and research agenda
 Greig, Warren., Kwiatkowski, Richard. and Smart, Palie.

Learning and Unlearning Terrorism: The Paramilitary Life Cycle in Northern Ireland
 Ferguson, Neil. and McAuley, James.

Learning during Election 2016: The role of discussion and cognitive closure in selective media environments
 Myers, Michaele. and Theys, Marissa.

Legitimizing Mass Murder: Trauma and "Unquiet Souls" in Cambodia
 Glass, James.

Lens of Political Affiliation and Campus Climate on Retention, Microagression, and Experience with Harassment
 Grant, Sheila K.., Cruz, Kelly. and Maisson, David.

Let the victims speak, but only late at night. A longitudinal analysis of 129 TV Italian documentaries on past Italian terrorism.
 Leone, Giovanna.

Let's talk about crime: How Dutch rhetoric made a shift to the right
 Rijkhoff, Sanne. and Campbell, Christopher.

Liberal transformations and conservative amplifications: Implicit gender bias and party membership in German and Polish political parties
 Kraj, Agatha.

Liberals’ and Conservatives’ Fears: More Similar than Different
 Ma, Lijing., Salinas, Manuel., Wetherell, Emily., Gray, Jenna., Graham, Jerome. and Harton, Helen.

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité: System Justification in France
 Jost, John., Vasilopoulos, Pavlos. and Foucault, Martial.

Long distance, short odds: Drones, manned aircrafts, and tolerance of enemy collateral casualties
 Vainapel, Sigal., Schori-Eyal, Noa. and Halperin, Eran.

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Making Americans feel great again. Personal significance and reactions to the results of the 2016 US election.
 Jaśko, Katarzyna., Maj, Marta., Grzymala-Moszczynska, Joanna., Szastok, Marta. and Kruglanski, Arie.

Making authority intergroup-level decisions fair: The case of Brexit and immigration policy
 Urbanska, Karolina. and PEHRSON, Samuel.

Making meaning of taxonomies in post-war Sri Lanka: A case study of the ‘Northern Muslims’
 Surenthiraraj, Esther.

Malice and Stupidity: Outgroup Motive Attribution and Affective Polarization
 Freeder, Sean.

Mapping Conflict: Movement of Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Burma
 Waller, Hannah. and Watson, Lauren.

Mapping Ideological Differences in Anger Regulation in Interpersonal and Intergroup Domains
 Pliskin, Ruthie., Halperin, Eran. and Jost, John.

Mapping the Dimensions of Social Capital and Its Impact on Trust and Willingness to Cooperate
 Growiec, Katarzyna., Growiec, Jakub. and Kamiński, Bogumił.

Margaret G. Hermann
 Hermann, Margaret.

Meaninglessness and powerlessness as determinants of belief in the Jewish conspiracy
 Kofta, Mirek., Bilewicz, Michal. and Soral, Wiktor.

Measuring Technocratic Attitudes across European Voters: A Novel Measure and Evidence from Nine European Democracies
 Bertsou, Eri. and Caramani, Daniele.

Measuring prejudice with a focus on identity threat
 Anna, Siegler., Bigazzi, Sara., Serdult, Sara., Bokretas, Ildiko. and TAKACS, BALINT VINCE.

Media, Theory, and Democracy for Realists
 Beattie, Peter.

Middling Iranian migrants: homing desire and classing identifications
 Fathi, Mastoureh. and Ghoddousi, Pooya.

Military coups in Turkey and their effect on collective memory and national identity
 Acar, Yasemin. and Sandal Önal, Elif.

Misinformation, truth-bias and perspectives for vigilance.
 Pantazi, Myrto., Klein, Olivier. and Kissine, Mikhail.

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Narcissistic Leadership? Analyzing Candidate Tweets in 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign
 Crigler, Ann., Just, Marion. and Hua, Whitney.

Narration of personal and national identity: psychological motives in constructing societal views
 TAKACS, BALINT VINCE., Bokretas, Ildiko. and Bigazzi, Sara.

Narrative Means to Self-Justificatory Ends: Neutralizing Right-Wing and Jihadi Political Violence in Germany
 Pisoiu, Daniela.

Narratives and Identity: Refugees in ‘Our Common European Home’
 d\'Estree, Tamra. and Smith, Margaret.

Narratives and adolescents’ civic engagement on controversial issues
 Perez Manjarrez, Everardo.

Narratives of Empowerment: Participation in Solidarity Movements
 Logothetis, Spyridon.

Narratives of Young Greeks on Democracy: an over time, qualitative study
 Magioglou, Thalia.

Nation-building in action: Ghana’s National Service Scheme.
 Langer, Arnim., Meuleman, Bart. and Schroyens, Maarten.

National Identification and Attitude Polarization under Media Produced Uncertainty: A Greek Context
 Belavadi, Sucharita., Gardikiotis, Antonis. and Hogg, Michael.

National Identity, Trust, and Solidarity: The Effects of Nationalism, National Identity and Pride on Trust and Attitudes to Redistribution
 Gustavsson, Gina.

National Security Decision Making Processes of Elected Officials versus Professionals in Israel: An Analysis Using the Decision Board Platform
 Hakman, Inbal., Mintz, Alex. and Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Raanan.

National flags may attenuate threat responses to historical injustice in U.S. immigration history
 Mukherjee, Sahana. and Salter, Phia.

National leaders’ personality cues and Americans’ attitudes towards their countries
 Balmas, Meital.

National versus ethnic identification in countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
 Bornman, Elirea.

Nationalism and Identity Formation among Adolescents of Migrant Origin
 Siczek, Tomasz. and Steenbergen, Marco.

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Obedience without orders: Expanding the rhetorical perspective on Milgram’s obedience experiments.
 Gibson, Stephen.

Of Political Losers and Threatened Self-Concepts: The Causes of Ideologically Motivated Belief in Conspiracy Theories
 Farhart, Christina., Saunders, Kyle. and Miller, Joanne.

On becoming a person: Does being respected promote agency and solidarity?
 Kessler, Thomas. and Nägler, Larissa.

On the borders: Research with refugees of conflict
 Alfadhli, Khalifah. and Drury, John.

On-line Activism, Social Dominance Orientation, and Political Conspiracy
 Pratto, Felicia. and Liu, James.

Ontological (In)Security: the political psychology of European borders
 Mitzen, Jennifer.

Ontological insecurity in political orientation and identification
 Harper, Craig. and Hogue, Todd.

Open Versus Closed: Personality, Identity, and the Politics of Redistribution
 Johnston, Christopher., Lavine, Howard. and Federico, Christopher.

Operational Code in Australian Foreign Policy: Comparing Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull's approaches towards the intervention against ISIS 2014-onwards
 Eidenfalk, Joakim.

Opposing Forces? Intergenerational Social Mobility and the Transmission of Political Preferences in Europe
 van Ditmars, Mathilde.

Other-ratings of Personality of US Legislators from Interviews and Floor Speeches
 Ellis, Brenda. and Ones, Deniz.


Partisan Cues in High-Information Elections: A Survey Experiment from the 2016 Presidential Election
 Jones, David. and McDermott, Monika.

Partisan Identity in Times of Change – A Case Study of Italian Partisanship
 Bankert, Alexa., Del Ponte, Alessandro. and Huddy, Leonie.

Partisan Influence and the Possibility of Error Correction
 Chong, Dennis.

Partisan segregation and partisan affect
 Enos, Ryan.

Partisanship, authoritarianism, and the restriction of civil liberties
 Abramyan, Hovannes. and Alexander, Gerard.

Peace education and intractable conflict: Can two walk together? Soli Vered
 Vered, Soli.

Peacebuilding values and intergroup contact: Promoting youth social and political civic participation in Northern Ireland
 McKeown Jones, Shelley. and Taylor, Laura.

Perceived Discrimination, religious group identification and personal self-esteem among religious minority groups in Lahore, Pakistan
 Ashraf, Dr. Mujeeba. and Rasheed, Qiraat.

Perceived shared humanity and its consequences for forgiveness, identification, and collective action
 Acar, Yasemin., Uluğ, Özden., Lickel, Brian., Dakak, Naime. and Akpinar, Ege.

Perceived vs stated opinions : The case of opinions towards same-sex couples in Switzerland
 Eisner, Léïla. and Spini, Dario.

Personality and Populism: How Populist Communication Fits the Personality of Some Voters
 Bakker, Bert., Schumacher, Gijs. and Rooduijn, Matthijs.

Personality and The Foundations of Racial Resentment
 Federico, Christopher. and Aguilera, Rafael.

Personality and politician effectiveness: Big 5 facet level predictors of electoral and in-role political performance
 Wyatt, Madeleine. and Silvester, Jo.

Pierce, Lincoln and Coolidge: Effects of Bereavement on Presidential Performance
 Gilbert, Robert.

Pious Partisans: The Influence of Partisan Cross-Pressure on Political Behavior
 Malina, Gabrielle. and Carney, Riley.

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Race and Authoritarianism: Convergent and Divergent Effects Among Whites and African-Americans
 Feldman, Stanley. and Weber, Christopher.

Race, Gender, and the Public Legitimacy of Demands from the State
 McConnaughy, Corrine. and White, Ismail.

Racing to the Bottom, Squeezing through the Cracks: Imagining unbordered space
 Kinnvall, Catarina.

Reactionary Politics beyond Anger and Fear: the complex emotionality of illegal and violent political actions
 CAPELOS, TEREZA. and Demertzis, Nicolas.

Recent immigrants’ dual identification with their origin and destination country: a longitudinal and experimental approach
 Fleischmann, Fenella.

Redefining "Fiscal" and "Social" Issues
 Carlson, Caroline. and Sentementes, Amy.

Reducing intergroup hostility by revealing an intergroup bias in collective blame
 Bruneau, Emile., Kteily, Nour. and Falk, Emily.

Refugee crisis in the light of identity
 Serdult, Sara., Bigazzi, Sara. and Harmouche, Margareta.

Refugees in the eyes of Poles
 Penczek, Marta. and Baran, Maria.

Regional attitudes and stereotypes predict police homicides and voting behavior
 Calanchini, Jimmy., Sherman, Jeffrey., Witkowski, Phillip. and Sparks, Jehan.

Religiosity and Empathy as Predictors of Prejudice
 Vardanashvili, Irina. and Javakhishvili, Nino.

Relocation of Out-Group Populations in Times of Crises: an Experiment in Decision-making before and after Trump
 Thomson, Catarina., Asal, Victor. and Weedon, Suzanne.

Remembering the Uncertainty of Additional Attacks Following 9/11: Ideological Differences in Prediction, Recall, and Confidence
 Lane, Sean.

Reminiscing: Models of nostalgia and resentment
 Klicperova, Martina.

Residential Contact Re-Examined: Asymmetrical Emergent Group Processes in a Desegregated Neighbourhood in Northern Ireland.
 Stevenson, Clifford. and Shuttleworth, Ian.

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Safety and Danger Valves: Functional Displacement in American Anti-Abortion Terrorism
 Fodeman, Ari.

Saffron and orange: religion, nation, and masculinity in Canada and India
 Nesbitt-Larking, Paul. and Kinnvall, Catarina.

Saving white women, bordering Europe: Cologne, Moscow, Stockholm
 Edenborg, Emil.

Say Yes to EU: Can national and European identity predict EU referendum results?
 Jelić, Margareta., Mihić, Vladimir., Kamenov, Željka., Bodroža, Bojana. and Jelić, Dragana.

Scary is in the eyes of the beholder: Political ideology, threat valuation and construal level
 Kahn, Dennis., Hirschberger, Gilad. and Björklund, Fredrik.

Science Education and Motivated Cognition: Shifting Knowledge and Attitudes about Climate Change
 Fisher, Emily. and Arens, Nan Crystal.

Science, politics, religion and rhetoric: An examination of the rhetoric of conversion therapy advocates
 Jowett, Adam.

Seasons of Justice: Using "Life-Cycle" Theory to Analyze Behavior on President Trump’s Supreme Court
 Murphy, Bruce.

Self categorisation as homeless and the consequences for aspirations, self-stereotyping, and well-being in homeless service users
 Walter, Zoe., Jetten, Jolanda. and Dingle, Genevieve.

Self-Selection Bias in Political Participation?: A Class Analysis Model of Non-Voter Characteristics
 Staniak, Federica.

Sense of Community Coherence and Perceptions of Collective Narratives in Post-armed Conflict Context
 Telaku, Mimoza.

Shared identity in political crowds
 Anderson, Philip.

Shared identity: An analysis of feelings of togetherness, unity and belongingness in different types of crowds
 Anderson, Philip. and Reicher, Stephen.

Signaling Incivility: The Role of Speaker, Substance and Tone
 Sydnor, Emily.

Similar and different between Eastern and Western Ukrainians’ opinions on the war in Donbas
 Vasiutynskyi, Vadym.

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Taking cues from the Government? The effect of heuristic cues versus policy arguments in the Italian constitutional referendum
 Morisi, Davide., Colombo, Celine., De Angelis, Andrea. and Kriesi, Hanspeter.

Taking the perspective of others: A theoretical framework
 Glaveanu, Vlad. and de Saint Laurent, Constance.

Talking terrorism: A narrative approach to the study of violent events
 Homolar, Alexandra. and Rodriguez-Merino, Pablo.

Tautology as symptom in the master's discourse of the postcolonial State
 Barnard-Naudé, Jaco.

Televised News: The Effects of the ticker and images on viewers’ assessment of a politician
 Maj, Konrad. and Wojcieszak, Magdalena.

Territorial Gains and Losses: The Political Psychology of Issue Indivisibility
 Braniff, Sean.

Terror in the Unknown Space: Effects of Cyber Terrorism on Cortisol, Emotion, and Political Attitudes
 Backhaus, Sophia., Canetti, Daphna. and Gross, Michael.

Terrorism and Radicalization: Understanding Processes of Conversion.
 Binks, Eve. and Ferguson, Neil.

Terrorism as a Social Movement
 Burgess, Mark.

Testing the functional theory of human values in an Argentinean sample
 MURATORI, MARCELA., Delfino, Gisela. and Zubieta, Elena.

The 2016 Presidential Election: Is Calling Out Racism Still An Effective Political Strategy?
 Banks, Antoine. and Hicks, Heather.

The American Public Mood toward Israel
 Freedman, Guy.

The Asymmetry in Public Support for Economic Redistribution
 Hansen, Kristina.

The Basic Human Values of UK politicians
 Weinberg, James.

The Carnism Inventory: Measuring the ideology of eating animals
 Pfeiler, Tamara. and Monteiro, Christopher.

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U.S. Perception of Torture and International Human Rights
 d\'Estree, Claude.

UWC Atlantic College: Transforming National Civic Identities into International Narratives?
 Omaigan, Abdulla.

Uncertainty, Security Narratives, and Ontological (In)Security
 Homolar, Alexandra.

Uncovering Hidden Agencies: The Role of Trust and Control in the Development of Conspiracy Thinking
 Lamberty, Pia.

Uncovering Laypeople’s Beliefs of Suicide: Understanding and Enabling Early Suicide Detection to Reduce Risk Factors
 Noor, Masi., McLaughlin, Jennifer. and Brierley, Samantha.

Understanding Intentions through the Language of Political Discourse
 Papovyan, Marina.

Understanding Young Adults Support for Neoliberal Policies
 Ben Hagai, Ella. and Edwards, Francesca.

Understanding online radicalisation as a process of social movement formation
 Smith, Laura.

Understanding the Differential Effects of Distrust and Gender on Candidate Support
 Courtemanche, Marie.

Understanding the relationship between intelligence and ideology
 Ludeke, Steven. and Rasmussen, Stig Hebbelstrup.

Understanding the social media debate over excluding and protecting refugees as an intergroup conflict
 McGarty, Craig.

Understanding violence against Syrian refugees within the Lebanese context
 Harb, Charles. and Saab, Rim.

Unpacking the Racial Divide in Police-Involved Shootings: What Can Assessments of Witness Statements Tell Us?
 Neuner, Fabian., Jefferson, Hakeem. and Pasek, Joshua.

Us vs Them: (Some of) the cognition underyling group bias
 McClung, Jennifer., Reicher, Stephen. and Bshary, Redouan.

Using autobiographical heroes to remember conflicted pasts: contributions from researching memory about the Chilean Dictatorship
 Rocha Santa María, Carolina., Cornejo, Marcela., Villarroel, Nicolás., Cáceres, Enzo. and Vivanco, Anastassia.

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Validation of the Italian Version of the RIVEC Prejudice Scale
 Passini, Stefano., Villano, Paola. and Fontanella, Lara.

Victimization, Empathy, and Breaking the Cycles of Violence in Israel and Palestine
 Wilmer, Franke.

Voters’ Coalition Preferences: Policy or Affect?
 Meffert, Michael.

Voting Preferences for Facial Masculinity Linked to Economic Outlook in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum
 Knowles, Kristen.

Voting for an Ally? How Partisans Respond to Pre-Election Alliances
 Ziegfeld, Adam.


Watchful Eyes and Social Desirability Bias in Polling
 Brown, Adam. and Gubler, Joshua.

We all participate... but what for? Motivational profiles of activists and volunteers
 Zlobina, Anna. and Davila de Leon, Mª Celeste.

We are the people - Identifying with all humanity eases reactions to terrorist attacks
 Flade, Felicitas. and Lamberty, Pia.

We know best! Strong belief as a source of positive social identity among low-status groups
 Rosa, Miriam., Waldzus, Sven. and Collins, Elizabeth.

What activists do besides protesting? The many expressions of political behavior in everyday life
 Fernandes-Jesus, Maria., Sabucedo, Jose-Manuel. and Lima, Luisa.

What are angry German citizens angry about? Intentions to protest pro or contra refugees are predicted by specific forms of anger in a representative German sample
 Rees, Jonas., Küpper, Beate. and Zick, Andreas.

What happens after the protests? Understanding protest outcomes through multi-level social change
 Acar, Yasemin. and Uluğ, Özden.

What is Inside Erdogan's Charisma: Turkey from Social Identity Perspective
 ozturk, aykut.

What is essentialist and what is not in ethnicity?
 Ehala, Martin.

What is happening in the Universities in Turkey: The Reflections of Political Unrest
 Koca-Atabey, Mujde.

What is ‘enjoyment as a political factor’? The case of racism
 Hook, Derek.

What makes MPs tick - Personality, psychological health and a new kind of politics?
 Weinberg, Ashley.

What survivors of political trauma want to tell us
 Monroe, Kristen.

When and how Social Dominance predicts political engagement? Different motivations within the Italian context
 Prati, Francesca. and Rubini, Monica.

When collective actions fail or succeed: Consequences on group efficacy, empowerment and intentions of participation
 González, Roberto., Manzi, Jorge., Carvacho, Hector., Cornejo, Marcela., Jiménez-Moya, Gloria., Valdenegro, Daniel., Álvarez, Belén., Rocha Santa María, Carolina., Cheyre, Manuel., Drury, John. and Livingstone, Andrew.

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