ISTR 10th International Conference 2012-Jul-10 to 2012-Jul-14

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(Not)-for-Profit and Social Enterprise: Some Unintended Consequences of the Big Society?
 Connolly, Ciaran. and Kelly, Martin.

: Individual Giving and Volunteering in Mexico: Towards a Civil Society Research Agenda
 Butcher de Rivas, Jacqueline.

: Tunisia in Transition: A Scan of Philanthropic Practices in Tunisia after January 14
 Zidi, Monji.

¿Democratizar a la Policía en México? La participación de la sociedad civil en la tarea policial, una aproximación normativa
 Mora, Fernando.

‘Auto-management’, an emerging practice theory, addresses the limit-situations of marketisation in human services delivery
 Mlcek, Susan.

“Big Society” – a solution to problems of the state and voluntarism?
 Hardill, Irene., Locke, Michael. and Ockenden, Nick.

“Civil Society and International Philanthropy in the Weimar Republic: The Deutsche Hochschule für Politik and American Philanthropic Foundations.”
 Weber, Peter.

“Common good” and partecipative democracy.
 Morcellini, Mario.

“Crisis y Género.Políticas Sociales y Alianzas Público Privadas"
 Jimenez de la Jara, M. E. Marcela. and Acuña, Hernán.

“Rural Community Revitalization Social Enterprise” and social capital of rural community
 Sakurai, Masanari.

“Student Giving, Solidarity, and Civil Society in Communist East Germany”
 Witkowski, Gregory.

“We don’t need another hero”: A cautionary tale on the dilemma of engaging with men in anti-violence against women initiatives in Afghanistan, East Timor and Pakistan
 Wu, Joyce.

“‘America’ as an Argument. Reform Concepts for Academic Foundations and the Promotion of Democracy in the Federal Republic of Germany
 Bauerkämper, Arnd.

”Bigger than a program”: the role of non-profit organizations in sustaining, adapting and spreading programs
 McCalman, Janya., Bainbridge, Roxanne., Brown, Catherine. and Tsey, Komla.

„Social generosity to public benefit organizations in Poland – risks and opportunities”.
 Kietlinska, Krystyna.


A Comparative Case Study of Work Integration Social Enterprises
 Garrow, Eve. and Hasenfeld, Yeheskel.

A Comparison Study of Local Economic Development Programmes (LED)
 Nwachukwu, Precious T. T..

A Critical Case Study of Cause-Related Marketing in the U.S.
 Eikenberry, Angela.

A Look at the Governance Factors that Influence the Size of Nonprofit Operating Reserves
 Sloan, Margaret., Grizzle, Cleopatra. and Kim, Mirae.

A Model for Improved NGO and Related Capacity Building in Developing Nations: The Case for a Balanced, Collaborative Approach by Host Societies and External Agents
 Bush, Richard.

A Research on Grassroots Social Governance Mode Based on Multi--Cooperation-Take Wu Xi County in Chongqing(China)as an Example
 Li, Yang.

A marriage made in heaven? A preliminary analysis on the relationship between venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship
 Cai, Qihai.

A paradox of affluence? Volunteering in Norway, 1997-2009.
 Wollebaek, Dag.

A part of the problem or the solution? Charitable giving in the Swedish welfare state
 Vamstad, Johan. and von Essen, Johan.

A quantitative analysis of charitable causes in 20th century England
 Backus, Peter.

A social subsidiary weaving factory
 Fiorentini, Giorgio. and Calo, Francesca.

A tale of two professions: Comparing the use of Web 2.0 for advocacy between nonprofit professional organizations
 Hoefer, Richard. and Edwards, Heather.

A theory informed survey research approach to hybrid organization’s impact on civility in the context of volunteering
 Labigne, Anael.

A theory of change for lead non-profit organisation practice as both funding brokers and collaborative capacity-builders
 Earles, Wendy.

A third sector organisation shaping the agenda of personalisation: an analysis and critique of the development and impact of In Control
 Murdock, Alex.

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Bases of Power and the Dominant Coalition in Nonprofit Organizations
 Renz, David. and Andersson, Fredrik.

Becoming more business-like? Marketisation and its impact on the construction of NPO identity in South Africa
 Claeyé, Frederik. and van Meurs, Nathalie.

Bedouin voice in the 'new Egypt': Participation and representation in South Sinai - a case study
 Gilbert, Hilary.
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Best practices field guide for international and graduate study in the field of nonprofit management
 Dujowich, Crystal.

Between cooperation and cooptation: analysis on Brazilian government’s convênios
 Marchesini, Marcelo.

Beyond Civil Society - Citizenship, Civic Driven Change and Governance
 Fowler, Alan.

Beyond Money: The challenges of funding plus
 Cairns, Benjamin. and Buckley, Eliza.

Bonding and bridging social capital with formal and informal carers in Sweden and Australia
 Leonard, Rosemary., Johansson, Stina. and Horsfall, Debbie.

Branding in the NPO cultural sector
 Dr. Birnkraut, Gesa.

Bringing Recipients' Agency Back In: Philanthropic Relationships from the perspective of Israeli Social Change Activists
 Bar, Hagay.

Britain’s Big Society from a comparative perspective: an old debate about new volunteerism
 Ketola, Markus.

Building Capacity? Monitoring and Evaluation in Cambodian NGOs
 Suarez, David. and Marshall, Jeffery.

Building up a new paradigm for Social Management: Integrative Methodologies as tools for transformative action and education
 Alves, Valéria. and Machado, Vivina.

Business Ventures by NPOs and Social Businesses - Different Forms of Hybrid Organizations Combining Social and Business Goals: Some Insights from a Survey in Israel
 Abbou, Inbal. and Gidron, Benjamin.


CSR and Staff Involvement: the evaluation of the partnership
 Anzivino, Alessia. and Baldassarre, Giuliana.

Can Philanthropy Contribute to the Reform of Financial Markets? Options and Constraints of Private Foundations
 Fioramonti, Lorenzo. and Thuemler, Ekkehard.

Can Social Enterprises Remain Sustainable and Mission-Focused? Applying Resiliency Theory
 Young, Dennis. and Kim, Choony.

Can private philanthropy be considered as a part of a coherent approach to meeting public welfare need?
 Pharoah, Catherina.

Capabilities for non profit
 D\'Alessandro, Antonio.

Capacity Building Contributions of Short-Term International Volunteers
 Lough, Benjamin.

Catholic Scout Association of Portugal- motivations of adult volunteers
 Sardinha, Boguslawa. and Cunha, Olga.

Cause-related Marketing in the USA: A Quantitative Study Examining Nonprofit and Business Alliance Relationships.
 Basil, Debra., Runte, Mary. and Deshpande, Sameer.

Challenges for Civic Mission at Croatian Universities: Academic Youth is Not That Interested?
 Culum, Bojana. and Ledic, Jasminka.

Challenges for Comparative Research on Philanthropy in Europe
 Bekkers, Rene.

Challenges of transition in common good organizations: from ‘governance-by-doing’ to strategic governance
 Erakovic, Ljiljana. and McMorland, Judith.

Charitable Giving, Everyday Morality and A Critique of Bourdieusian Theory: An Investigation into Disinterested Judgements, Moral Concerns and Reflexivity in the UK
 Sanghera, Balihar.

Charities and Social Entrepreneurship
 Spear, Roger.

Charity without Politics? Examining the Limits of ‘Politics’ in the Law of Charity
 Lee, Rebecca.

Chinese-Australian Diaspora Philanthropy
 Baker, Christopher.

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De « faire un projet » à « être en projet »
 Marchand, Annie.

Defining Direction where Boundaries Blur: using value pluralism to address economic strategy
 Green, Jenny., Kaine, Sarah. and Dalton, Anne.

Defining European Philanthropy
 Schuyt, Theo.

Defining Local Democracy in Lithuania: Citizens’ Approach towards Government-NGO Relation
 Vaidelyte, Egle., Butkeviciene, Egle. and Snapstiene, Rasa.

Defining social entrepreneurship: lessons from Portuguese organizational dynamics
 Parente, Cristina., Lopes, Alexandra. and Marcos, Neusa.

Des actions particulières pour un enjeu global
 Tremblay, Pierre-Andre.

Determinant Factors of Corporate Environmental Information Disclosure – An Empirical Study of Listed Electronic Companies in Taiwan
 Liao, Grace Li-Min., Chen, Ming-Shiun. and Hsu, Shih-Jung.

Determinants for the size of a foundation sector
 Blickenstorfer, Martin. and Gmuer, Markus.

Dilemmas of Diversity Management in the Voluntary Sector
 Schwabenland, Christina.

Diversity and Equality: Coexistence and Contradictions
 Weisinger, Judith.

Do EU legislation and economic policies act in concert in developing a harmonized business theory for social economy and social enterprise ?
 Alix, Nicole.

Do accounting regulators listen to their charitable stakeholders?
 Sinclair, Rowena.

Do formal volunteering and state welfare services “crowd out” informal helping? An international comparative study
 Einolf, Christopher.

Do people in NGOs perform civic behavior? Organizational citizenship behavior in Polish NGOs –results of an empirical study
 Schmidt, Andrea.

Does the mission of the organization matter for job quality of low-skilled workers?
 Brolis, Olivier.

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Egypt in Transition: A Scan of Philanthropic Practices Post January 25, 2011
 Khallaf, Mahi.

Egypt’s community foundations in perspective: Vanguards of democratic transition and consolidation?
 Herrold, Catherine.

Emerging models of social enterprise in Eastern Asia: a cross-country analysis
 Defourny, Jacques. and Kim, Shinyang.

Empirical Analysis on Preferences of Donors and Disclosure of Accounting Information of CSOs
 Ishida, Yu. and Baba, Hideaki.

Empirical evidence on the evolution of social innovation, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship in scientific literature
 Brunner, Claudia.

Employees’ engagement in CSR: The case of payroll giving in Australia
 Haski-Leventhal, Debbie.

Employment of older workers in France: do nonprofit and for-profit organizations differ?
 Melnik, Ekaterina. and Narcy, Mathieu.

Enabling women on government support to participate in meaningful economic activity: A Canadian case study of a social enterprise
 Melnik Olive, Katia., O\'Connor, Pauline., Morin, Theresa. and Lok, Annie.

Entre qualité et quantité, quels indicateurs pour une évaluation des Etablissements d’Accueil du Jeune Enfant (EAJE) à la croisée des logiques éducatives, associatives et gestionnaires ?
 ROBIN, Yannig.

Ethical finance and social finance in Spain
 Parra, Carmen.

Ethical tensions in International Development Planning and Evaluation: Lessons in INGO management from Eastern Congo.
 Ramanath, Ramya.

European Civil Societies Compared
 Zimmer, Annette. and Archambault, Edith.

Evaluating Marketing Strategies in the Third Sector: The Effects of Donor Prioritization Strategy on Satisfaction, Loyalty and Intention to Upgrade
 Boenigk, Silke. and Scherhag, Christian.

Evaluation Logics in the Nonprofit Sector
 Hall, Matthew.

Evaluation of the UK’s International Citizens’ Service: critical methodological reflections from the Mid Term Review stage
 Hill, Matthew.

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Factors explaining individuals’ decision to donate to a certain charitable cause
 Neumayr, Michael. and Meyer, Michael.

Factors favoring CSO’ positive social returns in Mexico
 Gordon, Sara.

Fair Trade Town Movement in Japan
 Watanabe, Tatsuya.

Family Structure, Gender, and Giving and Volunteering: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study in the United States
 Einolf, Christopher.

Feminist ethics and stakeholder theory in the social economy. A quantitative study of corporate stakeholder relations in Italian social enterprises
 Dorigo, Lorenzo.

Five models of study abroad programs in more than ten countries
 Murphy, J. Patrick. and Strom, SueAnn.

Five stages of social entrepreneurship
 Tanabe, Yutaka.

Flourishing social businesses and renewing the non-profit organizations in Japan
 Ohmuro, Nobuyoshi.

Forces Shaping the South Korean NGO Sector and their Impacts on the NGO Accountability Environment
 Jeong, Bok Gyo.

Forging New Values and Relationships in Troubled Fiscal Times in the US, Canada and Britain
 Brock, Kathy.

Formalizing Corporate Social Responsibility
 Chung, Seungwha (Andy)., Pyo, Na Sung., Pyo, Hyunsang. and Lee, Jiman.

Formalizing service-learrning in graduate level study abroad and domestic courses
 Carpenter, Heather.

Foundation grantmaking strategy in practice
 Einarsson, Stefan., McGinnis, Jasmine. and Schneider, Hanna.

From general issues to field analysis: The specialization of educational programs in Southern Europe with a specific focus ion Italy
 Gemelli, Giuliana.

From Amateur Practices to Professionalization: A Study of Volunteer Work in Brazilian Hospitals
 Ribeiro, Cesar., Meyer Jr., Victor., Pascuci, Lucilaine. and Murphy, J. Patrick.

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Genesis of social entrepreneurship – a micro sociological analysis
 Kulothungan, Gladius.

 Zimmer, Annette.

Gestión Social en lo Tercer Sector: ambigüedades, ambivalencias y retos para innovar en las prácticas
 Tavares de Araujo, Edgilson.

Gestión Social y Dimensión Política: un debate a ser construido en los Programas de Formación en Brasil
 Boullosa, Rosana. and Araújo, Edgilson.

Giving and Volunteering by Citizens from 2003 to 2009 in Korea: Philanthropic Culture and Societal Tasks
 Kang, Chulhee.

Giving and Volunteering in a Time of Disaster: Findings from the Nationwide Survey after the Great East Japan Earthquake
 Yamauchi, Naoto. and Okuyama, Naoko.

Giving in Evidence: Lessons Learnt
 Gouwenberg, Barbara.

Global Climate Policy Coalitions – NGOs and Networks in the Global Climate Change Policy Process
 McGregor, Ian.

Global Climate Policy Coalitions – NGOs and Networks in the Global Climate Change Policy Process
 McGregor, Ian.
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Good governance. A management lesson drawn from Lorenzettis Siena paintin "Buongoverno"
 Wagner, Antonin.

Governance Challenges in Fair Trade Organisations (FTOs)
 Doherty, Robert. and Mason, Chris.
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Governance in Grant Making Foundations
 Bethmann, Steffen., von Schnurbein, Georg. and Studer, Sibylle.

Government Mapping of the Third Sector: Fostering or Hindering Social Innovation?
 Appe, Susan.

Government-Voluntary Sector Compacts: the International Outlook
 Reuter, Marta., Wijkström, Filip. and von Essen, Johan.

Governmentalisation of the Civil Society? Power, Governance and Civil Society in Gramsci’s and Foucault’s Analytics of Power
 Pyykkönen, Miikka.

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Happy to Serve: Volunteer Management and Job Satisfaction
 Haski-Leventhal, Debbie., Hughes, Kate., Hustinx, Lesley. and Handy, Femida.

High Reliability Organization in risk management: social responsibility and patient safety in a Brazilian hospital
 Motta, Carlos., Meyer Jr., Victor. and Pascuci, Lucilaine.

How Program Volunteering and Association Activity Fit with Other Leisure Activities: National Sample Survey Evidence
 SMITH, David. and Einolf, Christopher.

How can social enterprises pursue social integration of marginalized people in difficult fiscal times?
 Nakagawa, Sachiko.

How civic are real voluntary associations? A test of current assumptions in civil society theory with data of active association members and volunteers in the Netherlands
 van Ingen, Erik. and Dekker, Paul.

How quality of motivation and need satisfaction influence volunteers' interest/enjoyment and mood during volunteer activities: A daily-diary study
 Bidee, Jemima., Vantilborgh, Tim., Pepermans, Roland., Huybrechts, Gert., Willems, Jurgen. and Jegers, Marc.

How social is social investment? Lessons from microfinance social impact studies
 Vik, Pal.

Human Resource Management in German Nonprofits –are Strategies missing?
 Walk, Marlene., Handy, Femida. and Schinnenburg, Heike.

Human Services Managers’ Most Pressing Concerns and Training Needs
 Hoefer, Richard.

Humanization Strategies at Brazilian Hospitals: Two Sides of the Same Coin
 Pascuci, Lucilaine., Meyer Jr., Victor., Murphy, J. Patrick. and Motta, Carlos.

Hybrid governance structures of mental health consumer-run self-help organizations in Europe, North America, and Asia
 Laratta, Rosario. and Borkman, Thomasina.

Hybridity, Innovation and the Third Sector- the co-production of puiblic services
 Pestoff, Victor.


ICT Adoption in the Small Social Enterprises in Spain: An Empirical Study
 Estapa Dubreuil, Gloria. and Torreguitart Mirada, Consol.

Ideas in Action: The ‘Absent Presence’ of Intellectuals in the Egyptian Youth Revolution
 Mesard, Helen.

Ideology being governed: Strategy formation in civil society.
 Einarsson, Stefan.

Illuminating the blind spots of SROI in capturing societal functions of Nonprofit Organizations
 Millner, Reinhard., Maier, Florentine. and Simsa, Ruth.

Improving transparency of NPO’s financial reporting - a quantitative study (Switzerland)
 Meyer, Beatrice.

In pursuit of legitimacy: Nonprofit organization's motivation for business partnerships
 Runte, Mary., Basil, Debra. and McKenzie, Gail.

In-Group Collectivism versus Institutional Collectivism: A Case Study of Social Entrepreneurship Development in Taiwan
 Kao, Ming-Rea. and Huang, Chang-Yu.

Independent or Collaborative? An Empirical Investigation of NGOs’ Participation in the Wenchuan Earthquake
 Liu, Qiushi. and Zhou, Xiuping.

Index of Effectiveness and Efficiency of Public Policy
 Brancaglione, Marcus Vinisius. and dos santos neto, pedro theodoro.

Indigenous peoples’ health care: new discourses and technologies of policy and governance
 Dwyer, Judith., Tenbensel, Tim., Lavoie, Josee., Cumming, Jackie., Boulton, Amohia. and Martini, Angelita.

Individual differences in hours donated to NPOs: the role of volunteers’ personalities and expectations
 Vantilborgh, Tim., Bidee, Jemima., Pepermans, Roland., Willems, Jurgen., Huybrechts, Gert. and Jegers, Marc.

Innovation in the partnership between firms and not for profit organizations or social enterprises: best practices
 Bandini, Federica. and Anzivino, Alessia.

Innovative relationships between social enterprises and the for-profit enterprises: Progetto De Medici
 Ripamonti, Andrea.

Institutional Change in American Universities: The Rise of Human Rights Centers and Degree Programs.
 Suarez, David.

Institutional hybridization viewed through the social origin lens: A qualitative study on the driving forces, organizational features and the impact on volunteering in Flemish TSOs
 Godemont, Jozefien.

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Joining the dots: philanthropy, social justice and a sustainable civil society in South Africa
 Ritchie, Gaby. and Judge, Melanie.

Justifying Public Advocacy by Charities: When Does Political Activity Become Charitable?
 Ho, Lusina. and Chan, Joseph.


Key Success Factors In Social Businesses: An International Comparative Study
 Moura, Anita Maria., Comini, Graziella. and Teodosio, Armindo.


La autorregulación como mecanismo de rendición de cuentas de la sociedad civil: experiencias y enseñanzas de seis países de América Latina
 Cruz, Anabel.

La gouvernance des associations en France : entre militance et professionnalisation
 Chatelain-Ponroy, Stéphanie., Eynaud, Philippe. and Sponem, Samuel.

La mise à distance du mouvement des femmes par l’économie sociale: réflexions sur le cas québécois
 Tremblay, Pierre-Andre., Gaudreau, Eloise., Maltais, Danielle., Tremblay, Marielle. and Tremblay, Suzanne.

La participación de las organizaciones de la sociedad civil en la formación de políticas públicas en América Latina: referentes teóricos y experiencias recientes
 Hernandez Baqueiro, Alberto.
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Las organizaciones de la sociedad civil mexicanas y la cooperación al desarrollo: estrategias y enfoques
 Girado, Cristina., Hindrichs, Imke. and Converso, Daniela.

Late-modern hegemony and the changing role of voluntary associations in Finland
 Siisiäinen, Martti.

Law, policy and politics in Australia’s recent not-for-profit sector reforms
 O\'Connell, Ann., Martin, Fiona. and Chia, Joyce.

Leadership and Decision-Making in Crisis
 Campbell, Scott. and Deitrick, Laura.

Leadership and Gender: An Empirical Study of Giving and Volunteering by Lions Clubs International Members in 14 Countries
 Mesch, Debra., Osili, Una., Kou, Xiaonan. and Hayat, Amir.

Leading for Impact in the Greek Nonprofit Sector: The Emerging Role of Nonprofit Leadership Brand
 Giannopoulou, Christina. and Ioannidis, Anthony.

Learning Processes Building Stronger Civil Society: University-Community Partnership Research Findings
 Mayo, Marjorie., Mendiwelso-Bendek, Zoraida. and Packham, Carol.

Learning and social innovation in the third sector
 Lundgaard Andersen, Linda.

Learning how things operate: Funding flows and NGO reformism in South African civil society
 Mueller-Hirth, Natascha.

Les agents de développement communautaire: Entre l'État et la société civile
 Savard, Sebastien. and Bourque, Denis.

Les ancrages territoriaux de l’action collective des organismes du tiers secteur : réflexions à partir de l’exemple québécois
 Caillouette, Jacques.

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Making Room at the Table: Claiming and Retaining Institutional and Normative Space for African Civil Society Organizations That Promote Rule of Law Reforms
 Brown, Jeffery.

Management and organization of the partnership between non-profit organizations, social enterprises and firms: an empirical study
 Bandini, Federica. and Anzivino, Alessia.

Managing Intellectual Property for Third Sector Initiatives through Franchising
 spencer, elizabeth.

Mandatory Public Benefit Reporting as a basis for Charity Accountability: Findings from England & Wales
 Morgan, Gareth.

Markets rush in where networks fear to tread: Case studies of governance network and third sector organizational change in Northern Ireland
 Acheson, Nicholas.

Measuring Civil Society and Volunteering: New Comparative Findings from Implementation of the UN Nonprofit Handbook in 17 Countries
 Salamon, Lester., Sokolowski, S. Wojciech. and Haddock, Megan.

Measuring Horizontality: The methodological development of a new instrument to measure behavioral change in community philanthropy organizations in Africa
 Wilkinson-Maposa, Susan.

Measuring Missions: The Distribution of Discourse on Evaluation for the Nonprofit Sector
 Kloos, Karina., Oberg, Achim., Oelberger, J. Carrie. and Powell, Walter.

Measuring Social Impact
 Onyx, Jenny., Edwards, Melissa., Maxwell, Hazel., Bullen, Paul., Darcy, Simon. and Sherker, Shauna.

Measuring Social Impact in a post-GDP Society
 Rhodes, Mary Lee.

Measuring the Social and Economic Impact of Volunteering in Europe
 Bosioc, Daniela., Salamon, Lester. and Fonović, Ksenija.
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Measuring the socioeconomic impact of philanthropic foundations: the methodology of the Institute for Strategic Analysis of Foundations (INAEF)
 Do Rego Felgueiras, Ana., Rey Garcia, Marta. and Alvarez Gonzalez, Luis Ignacio.

Measuring the value created by social enterprises. Empirical results from the application of the method VALO.R.IS.
 Chiaf, Elisa.

Media advocacy, professionalism and environmental issues
 Dasegowdanakoplu, Poornananda.

Mediation or Leadership? The Politics of Representation in the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)'s lobbying for Health Policy Reform in South Africa
 Piper, Laurence.

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NGO Mission Success: The Field Office Perspective
 Kraeger, Patsy.

NGOs and food security in Armenia and Georgia
 Jenderedjian, Anna. and Bellows, Anne.
 [001] [002] [003] [004]

NGOs, social movements and representation in Ecuadorian water management
 Hoogesteger, Jaime.

Narratives of active citizenship: how people become and stay involved in different types of participation over their lifetime
 Brodie, Ellie.

National Giving Campaigns in the United States: Empathy, Entertainment, and the National Peer Group
 Philbrick, Deborah., Einolf, Christopher. and Slay, Kelly.

National NGO:s monitoring international rights: Are there regime types in children’s rights?
 Vamstad, Johan.

Nationalization and mergers of international CSOs in Brazil: the case of the ABRINQ / Save the Children Foundation
 Mendonca, Patricia. and Cordeiro, Rui.

Negotiating Forms for Dialogue and Emerging Social Enterprise Markets
 Gawell, Malin.

New Institutional Economics and the Lively Arts: Exploratory Case Analyses
 Gray, Charles.

New Participatory Approaches to Local Government Budgeting: Case Studies from Europe and South East Asia
 Laratta, Rosario. and Kanemura, Takafumi.

New Social pathways: voluntary associations for Cooperation, development and international solidarity
 Berti, Fabio. and Nasi, Lorenzo.

New Spaces for Civic Participation in Lithuania: opportunities for and interest in e-participation
 Butkeviciene, Egle. and Vaidelyte, Egle.

New forms of civic participation – enhancing or competing with traditional volunteering in Swedish civil society?
 von Essen, Johan.

Non positivist Approaches to Research in the Third Sector: Empowered Policy-making
 Alessandrini, Megan.

Non profit organizations and Public value creation: a literature review and what forth?
 Giordano, Filippo. and Mussari, Riccardo.

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Of Love and Lucre: Performance Measurement for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises
 Barman, Emily.

Off the Hook: How Geographical Moves Affect Giving and Volunteering
 Nesbit, Rebecca., Paarlberg, Laurie., Christensen, Robert., Clerkin, Richard., Tschirhart, Mary. and Rodriguez, Darlene.

On becoming an UNESCO Associated School: Does it help to reduce problems of troubled youths?
 Seiger, Christine Pascale. and Steinebach, Christoph.

Once recipients, now donors: Brazilian multinationals and international corporate philanthropy
 Nogueira, Fernando., Breda Júnior, José Eduardo., Okretic, Loic. and Carvalho, Otávio.

Opening the Blackbox: Religious Participation as a Gateway to Community Engagement through Philanthropy and Volunteering
 Tschirhart, Mary., Paarlberg, Laurie., Clerkin, Richard., Christensen, Robert. and Rodriguez, Darlene.

Operationalizing a program adoption-based organizational sustainability and growth strategy: Actualizing a high impact organizational practice
 Frankel, Sid. and Frankel, Harvy.

Organization Structure, Service Mix, and Member Satisfaction and Retention
 Gmuer, Markus. and Ribi, Yvonne.

Organizational Features, External Constraints and Institutional Capacity of Business Association: Evidence from China
 Wu, Wei.

Organizational and fundraising practice in matured nonprofit organizations
 Lopez-Rodriguez, Luz Mairym.

Outcome Measurement in the Third Sector: Moving from Program to the Front Lines
 Benjamin, Lehn.


Parallel Power in Rio de Janeiro: Armed actors and mediation between citizens and the state
 Wheeler, Joanna.

Participated Governance, Corporate and Labor Law and the Cost of

Participation of the Beneficiary in Non-Governmental Development Organizations:a case study in Vietnam
 Mercelis, Fleur., Wellens, Lore. and Jegers, Marc.

Pathways for improving non-profit boards
 Vidal, Pau.

Patterns, motives, and obstacles toward giving in transition economies: the example of Kazakhstan
 Ibrayeva, Aigerim. and Nezhina, Tamara.

Paving Way to the LGBTT Rights: Domestic or International Dynamics?
 Kaplica, Koray. and Yıldız, Ugur.

Personalisation and Marketisation: Policy construction and practice implementation – implications for Third Sector provision of adult social care and support
 Carr, Sarah.

Philanthropic Foundations - Bringing a New Approach to Development?
 Habraken, Rik. and Schulpen, Lau.

Philanthropic Foundations in Post-Revolution Egypt: Impacts on Democratic Transition and Consolidation
 Herrold, Catherine.

Picturing Generosity. Factors of success and failure of national campaigns in the Netherlands
 Wiepking, Pamala. and van Leeuwen, Marco H.D..

 Domaradzka-Widla, Anna. and Siemienska, Renata.

Policy, Politics and the Helping Relation in Employment Activation: A Community-based Model
 White, Deena.

Political Opportunity Structures and Social Networks within the Local Context
 Wallman Lundåsen, Susanne.

Political change in Myanmar, diversified agendas, and contested representation by Burmese NGOs
 Benders, Maaike.

Politics of translation: impact of donor civil society policy on local NGO relationships
 Ketola, Markus.

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Qualitative changes masked by stable rates? Trends in Danish volunteering over the last decade.
 Henriksen, Lars.

Quality of Work in Finnish Third Sector
 Ruuskanen, Petri., Selander, Kristiina. and Anttila, Timo.


Radical media: examples of newsmaking in social communication
 Morcellini, Mario.

Re-evaluation of Overhead and Fundraising Efficiency Measures: The Role of Size, Age, and Subsector
 Rooney, Patrick., Pollak, Thomas., Kramarek, Michal. and Mark, Hager.
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 [017] [018] [019]

Rebalancing the relationship between citizen and state
 Taylor, Marilyn.

Recent Developments in the Law of the Third Sector in Spain
 Peñalosa, Isabel.

Recent Developments in the Law of the Third Sector in the German-Speaking Jurisdictions (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Liechtenstein)
 Schurr, Francesco.

Reclaiming Civil Society Space for Development: Motivations, Impact and Solutions to Shrinking Civil Society Space in Africa
 Okumu, Paul.

Regulating Diverse Civil Society and Nonprofit Organizations The Cases of Ecuador and Colombia
 Appe, Susan.

Regulating Government-Civil Society Relations in Australia: Lessons for the Australian National Compact from inter-sectoral framework agreements in other jurisdictions
 Butcher, John., Casey, John. and Dalton, Anne.

Regulation and foundations’ autonomy: the US pattern toward reform of Italian legal framework
 Rametta, Raffaella.

Regulatory Shifts: Current Developments in Regulatory Frameworks under the Charity Commission for England and Wales
 Dunn, Alison.

Relationships among Entrepreneurial Orientation, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness in the Greek Nonprofit Sector
 Giannopoulou, Christina. and Ioannidis, Anthony.

Religious engagement in the third sector: A Christian and Islamic comparison in the Netherlands
 Çelik, Gürkan. and Creemers, Iris.

Reporting Outcomes and Public Benefit: Assessing the needs of funders and commissioning authorities in four jurisdictions
 Jung, Tobias.

Rescue the Competitor? – Acceptance of Nonprofits’ Expenditures to Avoid a Nonprofit’s Closure
 Ingerfurth, Stefan. and Helmig, Bernd.

Resource Constraints or Cultural Conformity? Nonprofit Relationships with Businesses.
 Suarez, David. and Hwang, Hokyu.

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Securing funds and developing activities: How do public policies, rationalization and managerialism, influence volunteers’ world in the French context
 Dansac, Christophe., Vachee, Cécile., Gontier, Patricia. and Carletti, Marc.

Shifting Geographies of Wealth and Geographies of Philanthropy
 Moran, Michael.
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Shining Light on Charities, or Looking in the Wrong Place? The New Regulation-by-Transparency in Canada’s Charitable Sector
 Phillips, Susan.

Significance of Social Capital in Disaster Reduction and Recovery
 Kawawaki, Yasuo.

Situación de la Transparencia y Rendición de Cuentas en las Organizaciones No Gubernamentales (ONG) del Ecuador
 Barragán, Daniel.

Social Business in Brazil
 Comini, Graziella., Fischer, Rosa Maria. and Assad, Fernando.

Social Capital and Child Health Status: Cross-Country Evidence
 Yoshikawa, Kanako. and Yamauchi, Naoto.

Social Capital in the Creation of Social Entrepreneurship
 Matsunaga, Yoshiho.

Social Change, Inequality and the Marketisation of Human Service Delivery: Implications for the Future of the Third Sector in Australia
 Carson, Ed. and Kerr, Lorraine.

Social Enterprise, localism and civic participation– a psychosocial perspective
 Froggett, Lynn.

Social Enterprises in Brazil: the age of transition?
 Fischer, Rosa Maria.

Social Entrepreneurship as a Cure for Global Disease - A China Perspective
 Xiaosong, Li., Yuan, Li., Caccamo, Marta. and Rothlin, Stephan.

Social Entrepreneurship as a contested institutional field: Understanding different meanings associated with social entrepreneurship
 Schneider, Hanna. and Maier, Florentine.

Social Investment: A Conceptual Outline
 Then, Volker. and Kehl, Konstantin.

Social Management and Coproduction of Public Good: conceptual and methodological challenges in educational experiences in Brazil
 Schommer, Paula. and Boullosa, Rosana.

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Tax Incentives to Corporations’ Donations on Non-Profit Organizations in Korea: Is the Deduction Limit Effective?
 Son, Wonik.

Teaching and Learning about Nonprofit Organizations from a Global Perspective: A Case Study of Kennesaw State University
 Wade-Berg, Jennifer., Peters, Ardith. and Hicks-Coolick, Anne.

Territorial co-construction’s role and place of Third Sector in France.
 Bioteau, Emmanuel., Fleuret, Sebastien. and Glemain, Pascal.

Testing the Validity of Expert-Assessment Based Measurements of Civil Society
 Paturyan, Yevgenya.

Testing the civil society argument: Does stronger civil society lead to less corruption and a better democracy?
 Gunduz, Aydin.

The Accountability of Market-Oriented Development Organizations
 Wachner, Aline.

The Brazilian government organizations and their relationship with the State: a promising or interested partnership?
 dos Santos Melo, William., Félix, Jonathan., Nippes, Rodrigo. and Marques, Guilherme.

The Challenge of Social Partnerships in the services to the persons: the Italian case
 Rossi, Giovanna.

The Challenges of Mainstreaming Gender in International Development Work: some lessons from Australian NGOs.
 Kilby, Patrick. and Crawford, Joanne.

The Change of Engagement Practices in Estonian Policymaking: Convergent Perceptions of Public Officials and Stakeholders.
 Uus, Maiu.

The Colonial Legacy of International Voluntary Service
 Perold, Helene.

The Cooperative Firm: Coordination and Motivation. An analysis from the economic theory of the firm and the social economy.
 Nachar, Pablo. and Marcuello Servas, Carmen.

The Development of Social Enterprise of an Indigenous Village in Taiwan: intertwined with social policy, culture and social capital
 Hsieh, Lu-Yi.

The Disclosure Panacea?: From ASB to the Charities Act 2009 – An Irish perspective on Charity Reporting
 Breen, Oonagh.

The Discourse of Participation through Social Entrepreneurship – a cross-national and
 Eschweiler, Jenny. and Levander, Ulrika.

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UNV's 2011 State of the World's Volunteerism Report: Universal Values for Global Well-Being
 Chao, Mae., Leigh, Robert., Tandon, Rajesh. and Cruz, Anabel.

Una única meta: diversos caminos. Aprendizajes de la implementación de estándares de transparencia y rendición de cuentas en organizaciones sin fines de lucro en Chile
 Bettoni, Analia.

Understanding Civic Awareness and Action in Malawi through a Civic Driven Change (CDC) Lens
 Malunga, Chiku.

Understanding diffuse stakeholder expectations for managing legitimacy. A (re-)construction of stakeholders’ conceptions of the public value(s) of Austrian Federal museums
 Knassmueller, Monika. and Jancsary, Dennis.

Understanding the Conceptualization of Corporate Social Irresponsibility on Sport Organizations
 Hu, Jer San., Lee, Chien Hsien., Wong, Haw Ran. and Kao, Tzuyi.

Understanding the Hybridization of Social Good Provision: Emerging Legal Forms in the US Case
 Toepler, Stefan.

Understanding the nonprofit “market”
 Brown, William.

University “spin offs” and enterprises’ cooperation
 Taffari, Giuseppe.

University-Based Education Programs in Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies: Programs in the United States
 Mirabella, Roseanne.

University-Based Nonprofit Education Programs in China: An Overview and Assessment
 Guo, Chao. and Zhang, Zhibin.

Unwelcome Change: A Case Study of East African Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and their Embrace of Social Entrepreneurship as a Social Development Model
 Meme, Kinoti.

Urban and Rural Divide?: Investigating within country differences in voluntary associations in Sweden
 Wallman Lundåsen, Susanne.

Using the Legal Framework to Encourage Public and Private Support for Not-for-Profit Organizations in Mexico
 Layton, Michael D..


Values and public space in the impact evaluation of World Heritage: an inventory of values
 De Souza Cabral, Eloisa., Eguinoa, Luis. and Muzy, Paulo.

Values based mission versus for-profit business models: CEO perspectives from Australian charities.
 Hermans, Rosemary.

Valuing Social Returns on Social Investments: Comparing the State-of-the-Art in the US and Europe
 Moody, Michael. and Littlepage, Laura.

Valuing Volunteering: Using systemic action research to assess the impact of volunteering
 Vajda, Violeta., Cotton, Kate. and Wheeler, Joanna.

Voluntary Support Network for the Elderly Foreigner:A New Movement of Korean Old Comers in Kyoto (Japan)
 Ozawa, Wataru.
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 [025] [026] [027]

Volunteer management in palliative care in the UK: Current practices, challenges and opportunities for development.
 Hill, Matthew., Wilmot, Amanda., Morris, Sara. and Payne, Sheila.

Volunteering with Vitality: Lifelong Skill Usage and Learning
 Cook, Suzanne.


What Should Social Investors Invest In, and With Whom?
 Steinberg, Richard.

What facilitates community based development in transitional countries?
 Kvartiuk, Vasyl.

What's in a Name? The meaning of 'Hybrid' in housing organisations in Ireland
 Rhodes, Mary Lee. and Donnelly-Cox, Gemma.

When Competing Logics Enter Organizations: The Politics of Organizational Responses to Conflicting Institutional Demands
 Pache, Anne-Claire.

When too much is not enough: Severe and systematic human rights abuses against transmigrants in Mexico and low levels of transnational shaming
 Aikin, Olga.

Where are potential donors and volunteer?: Exploring preferences and incentives in Japanese giving and volunteering behavior
 Okuyama, Naoko.

Where civil society flirts with the market: designing a corporate volunteer program
 Meinhard, Agnes., Hustinx, Lesley. and Roza, Lonneke.

Who Gives to Associations and Why?
 Wang, Lili. and Ashcraft, Robert.

Who and Why People Support the Minority Community-Based Organizations in USA? - Examining the Burmese Refugees Indigenous Organizations in Indiana
 He, Lijun.

Why do companies engage in philanthropy? Evidence from Germany
 Borgloh, Sarah.

Why do companies engage in philanthropy? Evidence from the Netherlands
 Schuyt, Theo. and Gilder, Dick.

Within the aftermath of conflict: Representation and claim making of Peruvian victims
 Waardt, de, Mijke.

Women’s involvement in multiple-stakeholders dynamics. A conceptual discussion.
 Degavre, Florence. and Safuta, Anna.

Work Integration Social Enterprises in Greece: Goals and resources. Preliminary results of an empirical investigation based on semi-structured interviews.
 Adam, Sofia.


Yours, Mine, and Ours: Optimizing Third Sector Intellectual Property through Franchising
 spencer, elizabeth.

Youth Volunteer Exchange Programmes in Southern and Eastern Africa: Models and Effects
 Mati, Jacob.

Youth Volunteering and Youth Development: Mapping Participation of Youth in the National Service Volunteers Scheme
 Kumar, Archna., Aggarwal, Swati., Aggarwal, Raina., Pran, Chander Shekhar. and Seth, Mridula.

Youth and the 25th Revolution in Egypt: Agents of Change and its Multiple Meanings
 El- Sharnouby, Dina.
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