ISTR 11th Annual Conference 2014-Jul-22 to 2014-Jul-26

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1) “Gaining legitimacy for urban upscale objectives and city marketing through extended partnerships”
 Paulsen, Friedrich.

15M Movement: Spanish political activism and its links with other Euro countries
 Toret, Javier. and Feenstra, Ramón.

2) “Pushing for innovation – the role of citizens in local housing and childcare policies in Warsaw”
 Domaradzka, Anna. and Matysiak, Ilona.

2011: Civic Protest and the Radicalisation of Civil Society
 Powell, Fred.

3) Local governance of childcare expansion in Austria: The role of knowledge and ideas
 Blum, Sonja.

4) "Private initiatives, governance and service delivery at local levels – new developments within the childcare services in Zagreb"
 Matancevic, Jelena.

¿Participación, cogestión o cooptación? La relación de la sociedad civil con el Estado en Uruguay
 Cruz, Anabel. and Bettoni, Analia.

‘Entrepreneuring’ in citizen participation: a Case in Chi-Mei Community in Taiwan
 Kao, Ming-Rea. and Lin, Shelley.

‘Who is speaking to whom about what and where and why’: An exploration of agency and the third sector in post-banking crisis welfare reform.
 Acheson, Nick.

“Attraction and rejection“ - Diffusion of global models of disability and advocacy into Russian civil society organizations
 Fröhlich, Christian.

“Glocalization” of standards; Study from Participant observation on Japan’s Charity Commission
 Deguchi, Masayuki.

“I’m Here too, Girlfriend”: Reclaiming Public Spaces for the Gendering of Civil Society in Turkey
 Mushaben, Joyce.

“Participación ciudadana y gestión pública en el Uruguay: prácticas y discursos en los gobiernos de izquierda”
 Pereira Bruno, Javier.


A Comparative Analysis of Efforts to Encourage Participatory Possibility in Three Fields of Development Action
 Stephenson Jr., Max.

A Contemporary History of Corporate Philanthropy in France: Key Changes over the Past Thirty Years
 Gautier, Arthur.

A collaboratice approach for implementing an evaluation tool in nonprofit organizations
 Turbide, Johanne.

A comparative analysis of legislative advocacy strategies used by U.S. and Israeli nonprofits: an exploratory study
 Libby, Pat., Deitrick, Laura. and Mano, Rita.

A data-driven definition of volunteer types: The key to adjusted volunteer management practices
 Walk, Marlene. and Willems, Jurgen.

A good place to be a man? Gender, work and subjective wellbeing in the third sector organisations
 Kamerāde, Daiga., McKay, Stephen. and Mohan, John.

A mixed-methods, longitudinal study of volunteering in the UK since 1981: comparing periods of economic adversity and relative prosperity
 Lindsey, Rose., Mohan, John. and Metcalfe, Liz.

A study on Employer Supported Volunteering in the UK
 forbes, deb.

A study with reference to migrant women in India.
 Gaonkar, Rekha.

A women’s NGO as an incubator: promoting identity-based associations in civil society of Nepal
 Tanaka, Masako.

Accountability social, gobernanza urbana y ciudadanía en America Latina. Análisis comparado de casos.
 Hernandez Quinones, Andres. and Pereira Bruno, Javier.

Accumulation of the Relational Skills in Japan for Promoting Horizontal Solidarity of Civil Society Organizations
 Imamura, Hajime.

Activating Moral Imagination : Exposed 2013 as a faith-based Fourth Generation Approach?
 Bowers Du Toit, Nadine. and Forster, Dion.

Active ageing and third sector organizations: a quantitative study in Italy
 Rossi, Giovanna., Boccacin, Lucia. and Bramanti, Donatella.

Activist academics and the creation of new knowledge
 Yerbury, Hilary. and Burridge, Nina.

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Becoming professional: Examining competing institutional logics in non-profit organisations in South Africa.
 Claeye, Frederik.

Between Markets and Charity: Understanding the Hybridization of Social Good Provision
 Toepler, Stefan.

Between “militancy and survival”: The challenges of civil society organizations in hybrid regimes. The case of Nicaragua.
 Obuch, Katharina.

Bio-citizens or Health Consumers? How CSOs Negotiate State and Individual Responsibility for Health in Croatia
 Dill, Ann. and Zrinscak, Sinisa.

Building Administrative Capacity: A Pilot Study to Assess and Augment Administrative Skills
 Hoefer, Richard.

Building Cross-Sectoral Collaboration through Academic Engagement: A Case Study of the Sichuan Earthquake
 hu, ming. and Bies, Angela.


Calm seas or choppy waters ahead? Balancing charity statutory regulation, co-regulation and self-regulation in the UK
 Dunn, Alison.

Can economic necessities limit ethical requirements? Business Decisions in a Benedictine Monastery
 Koller, Edeltraud.

Can philanthropy fill the gap? CSO sustainability and changing aid dynamics
 Hayman, Rachel.

Capacity Building of Non-Governmental Organisations in China. Concepts and Evolution.
 Zhang, Yangyong. and Kuhn, Berthold.

Caribbean and Latin American NGO Academic Programs
 Dolch, Norman., Nunez-Janes, Mariela., Franco, David. and Wise, Helen.

Caring for the future - Challenges for childcare professionals in the wake of inclusive education
 Werding, Eva., Walk, Marlene. and Schinnenburg, Heike.

Centralization in Nonprofit Organizations: Reducing the Role of Citizen Participation?
 Froelich, Karen.

Challenging gender roles in hybrid regimes: Nicaragua’s women’s movement under scrutiny
 Obuch, Katharina.

Changes in the Performance of Nonprofit Organization Boards of Directors: The Effects of Online Board Performance Self-Assessment
 Harrison, Yvonne. and Murray, Vic.

Changes in the fields and frames of volunteering: a view from a country with low volunteering tradition
 Ferreira, Silvia.

Changing Identity and Determinants of Local United Way allocations: an empirical analysis
 Paarlberg, Laurie. and Van Puyvelde, Stijn.

Changing patterns of funding and allocations – reinventing Dutch NGOs
 Peelen, Lisanne., Schulpen, Lau. and Habraken, Rik.

Charitable giving and volunteering – how they relate in a Scandinavian context
 Vamstad, Johan.

Chinese women activists: between rational actors and emerging citizens?
 Braeuer, Stephanie.

Citizens Research Groups: A critical reflection on supporting the development of research groups run by and for citizens
 Munn-Giddings, Carol.

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Democratization of urban governance: perspectives in the constitution of the Floripa Te Quero Bem movement
 Schommer, Paula.

Determinants of nonprofit sector size: Evidence from Texas
 Van Puyvelde, Stijn. and Brown, William.

Developing an iconography of subversion
 Schwabenland, Christina.

Does Membership in a Public-Service Club Make a Person More Generous?
 Steinberg, Richard. and Qu, Heng.

Does Role of NGOs Matter for Reproductive Health Policy Implementation?
 Paudel, Narendra.

Domestic election observation in Russia: springboard for democratization?
 Skokova, Yulia.

Downward accountability of Belgian nonprofit organizations: a survey based analysis
 Wellens, Lore. and Jegers, Marc.

Dutch NGOs in Kenya – determinants of provincial allocations
 Habraken, Rik., Visser, Marjolein. and Schulpen, Lau.


Effective governance of hybrid organizational forms: The case of social enterprises in Canada
 Meinhard, Agnes. and O\'Connor, Pauline.

Elite giving in contemporary Ukraine – mapping donors’ impact strategies and attitudes to first and third sector
 Soderbaum, Hanna.

Empathic Social Enterprise: The role of empathy and shared intentionality
 Seddon, Fred., Hazenberg, Richard. and Denny, Simon.

Empirical Investigations of Volunteer Recruitment
 Nesbit, Rebecca.

Employee volunteering for employability: civic participation and the restructuring of the labor market
 Shachar, Itamar. and Hustinx, Lesley.

Empowerment’ as women’s emancipation?: A global study on the influence of feminism in women’s NGOs
 Phillips, Ruth.

Encouraging generosity: the practice and organisation of fundraising across nations
 Breeze, Beth. and Scaife, Wendy.

Enhancing Third Sector Accountability through Financial Accounting – Regulations and Practices in German-Speaking Countries
 Baumüller, Josef. and Haring, Nikolai.

Europeanisation of social movements and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis: The Case of Spain and Greece
 Bourne, Angela. and Chatzoupoulou, Sevasti.

Evaluating the uses of the web as a tool for transparency and accountability within social organisations
 Vidal, Pau.

Evidence and its use by NGOs: conceptual conundrums, quality quandaries and capacity constraints
 Hayman, Rachel.

Evidence of a Volunteering Legacy from a Major Sporting Event: Rugby World Cup 2011
 Smith, Karen.

Explaining organized civic advocacy (non-)engagement in the Czech Republic
 Navratil, Jiri.

Explaining the relationship between volunteering and the workplace; combining an employee and employer perspective
 Roza, Lonneke., Meijs, Lucas. and Haski-Leventhal, Debbie.


Facets of member value: Which organizations consider which type of member most valuable?
 Rupp, Christine. and Helmig, Bernd.

Factors that influence the contribution of civil society organizations to public policy formulation the case of uganda
 Kiwumulo, Peter.

Financial Information of CSOs and Donors’ Decision Making
 Ishida, Yu. and Baba, Hideaki.

Financial Vulnerability among Performing Arts Organizations
 Tevel, Ettie., Katz, Hagai. and Brock, David.

Financialization of Philanthropy: The Case of Social Investment
 Thümler, Ekkehard. and Bögelein, Nicole.

Finding a Nonprofit Policy Voice: The Case of Settlement Services in Three Canadian Provinces
 Shields, John.

Formal or genuine participation: citizen engagement
 Lappalainen, Pertti.

Forms of knowledge concerning evaluation of NGO progammes in Southern civil societies
 Kontinen, Tiina.

Foundation-University Partnership as An Approach to Building Third Sector Capacity in China
 Bies, Angela., Zhu, Jiangang., Belsky, Shenyu., Guo, Chao., Mesch, Debra., Witkowski, Gregory. and Katz, Robert.

Foundations of Democracy? Egyptian philanthropic foundations and the limits of the transnational diffusion of institutional logics
 Herrold, Catherine.

Foundations that (may) fail. Lessons from the Italian foundations of banking origin.
 Barbetta, Gian Paolo.

Four Phases of Portuguese Anti-Austerity Protest Organization and its Relation to Social Movement Activism Abroad
 Baumgarten, Britta.

Framing Social Enterprise: a comparison of UK and Brazilian perspectives
 Mswaka, Walter., Comini, Graziella. and Teodósio, Armindo.

From Doing Good for Fun to Doing Good Professionally: Grassroots Philanthropic Organizations in China
 Zhou, Huiquan. and Xu, Ying.

From Opportunity to Entrepreneurship: Exploring Dynamic Processes of Social Entrepreneurship
 Huang, Chang-Yu., Kao, Ming-Rea., Huang, Wendy Wei-Ting. and Chen, Vivian Yu-Wen.

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Gender Differences in Volunteering Behavior:Analysis on Korean Population
 Kang, Chulhee., Hwang, Jimin. and Lee, Kyounghye.

Generous People, Generous Nations: A cross-national study of philanthropy
 Wiepking, Pamala. and Handy, Femida.

German Foundations and Civil Society
 Anheier, Helmut.

Germany: Towards a divided Civil Society?
 Krimmer, Dr. Holger.

Germany’s Top 100 Nonprofit Brands – How Do Brand Awareness and Strengths Effect Trust and Giving Behaviour?
 Boenigk, Silke. and Becker, Annika.

Getting to Zero: a case study of spend out
 Leat, Diana.

Giving Circles in the UK and US: mapping landscapes and exploring differences in collaborative giving
 Eikenberry, Angela. and Breeze, Beth.

Giving Korea: Estimating Total Amounts of Giving & Volunteering in Korea
 Kang, Chulhee., Park, Tae Kuen. and Oh, Yang Rae.

Giving Mexico: Philanthropy and Volunteering
 Butcher de Rivas, Jacqueline. and Sordo Ruz, Santiago.

Giving Patterns of Million Dollar Gifts for International Development-An Empirical Study of U.S. Donor's Strategic Giving
 Tian, Yuan.

Giving Until it Hurts? Philanthropy, Violence and Global Civil Society
 Witkowski, Gregory.

Giving in Smart Ways: How does Industry Shape the Philanthropy of Giving Pledgers?
 Fazekas, Erzsebet.

Giving to the Rural Hometown: Philanthropic Practices by Philippine Cases of Migrant Philanthropy
 Opiniano, Jeremaiah.

Global Civil Society and its external governance relations with the state: a theoretical approach.
 Baptista, Rafael.

Global Migrant Philanthropy: A Decade After
 Landong, Jemima. and Opiniano, Jeremaiah.

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He who pays the piper calls the tune? A study of Dutch foundations supporting research and innovation
 Hoolwerf, Barry., Karamat Ali, Danique. and Studies, Philanthropic.

Helping girls grow: Factors influencing initial and continued involvement in girl scouting among new volunteers
 Connolly, Iolani (Lani).

How Do Changes in Corporate Philanthropy Influence Financial Firm Performance? The Case of the Netherlands
 Wiepking, Pamala., Schuyt, Theo., de Gilder, Dick. and Meijs, Lucas.

How Giants Learn to Dance – Towards Conceptualizing the Social Intrapreneur
 Schmitz, Björn. and Schroeer, Andreas.

How Nonprofits Encourage Citizen Participation: Comparative Study of Development NGOs’ Message Framing Behaviors
 Okada, Aya.

How are social innovations diffused? A role of social entrepreneurs
 Sakurai, Masanari.

How can Roman Catholic Church be developed by changes in society? An economic analysis
 Koller, Edeltraud.

How can we think public policy from civil society? Proposal, movements and challenges
 Boullosa, Rosana.

How did Social Finance effect on revitalization of the 3.11 Tsunami disaster in Japan? : A study of social investment fund and the outcome.
 Hattori, Atsuko.

How do Ugandan NGOs cushion themselves against financial risks?
 Burger, Ronelle., Burger, Rulof. and Owens, Trudy.

How to Become Sustainable: The Promise of Intangible Capital
 Castillo, Elizabeth.

Hungarian Minority Civil Society in Romania and Slovakia
 Szekely, Tunde.

Hybridity and Nonprofit Organizations: The Research Agenda
 Smith, Steven.


Impact of nonprofit reputational capacity on stakeholder decisions: Definition, propositions and experimental testing
 Willems, Jurgen. and Boenigk, Silke.

Improving Aboriginal Australian community governance through strengthening Aboriginal and government capacity
 Bainbridge, Roxanne., McCalman, Janya., Tsey, Komla. and Brown, Catherine.

In Search of the U Shape: New Approaches, New Data
 Steinberg, Richard., Duffy, Barbara., Tian, Yuan. and Hansen, Ruth.

In-not-for-profits we trust/ The perception of trustworthiness of not-for-profit organizations
 Torok, Marianna.

Inclusive Aid through partnerships with Identity-Based Associations in Nepal: A Case Study on Evolutional Process of a Trafficking Survivors’ Organization
 Tanaka, Masako.

Individual philanthropy at a crossroad
 Okuyama, Naoko.

Informal groups and social initiatives in Russian civil society - an alternative path to democracy?
 Froehlich, Christian.

Iniciativas de jóvenes y su relación con el liderazgo social en las organizaciones de la sociedad civil en Jordania
 Haider, Wahida.

Innovation or Isomorphism? Tensions and paradoxes in third sector organisational development
 Alcock, Pete. and Kendall, Jeremy.

Institutional Philanthropy and Collaborative Governance in Transitional China
 Wang, Lili. and Graddy, Elizabeth.

Inter-class alliances and cleavages in the struggles for the transformation of the Kenyan constitution
 Mati, Jacob.

International connections of philanthropy: the global geography of UK charities working overseas
 Clifford, David.

Internet, Youth and Democracy: Political Participation of Malaysian Youth
 Nga, Janice., Liao, Grace Li-Min., Hsu, Shih-Jung. and King, Victor.

Intersecting Worlds: Social Enterprise and Narrative Therapy/Community Work
 Chamberlain, Susanna.

Introducing the ‘neo-contingency approach’ to community development
 Sato, Katsunori. and Roy, Michael.

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Joining the boycott? Effects of stimulus-induced negative affect and ethical evaluation on boycott intentions
 Gebele, Christoph., Lindenmeier, Jörg., Drevs, Florian. and Tscheulin, Dieter Kurt.


Knowledge and Power at the Civil Society: a study about Brazilian professionals in the NGOs
 Carmo Guerra, Júnia Fátima. and Teodósio, Armindo.


Landscapes of Voluntarism: work, place and space in the third sector
 Leonard, Pauline. and Halford, Susan.

Latin American “Cardboard publishers”: Transnational cultural networks
 Kunin, Johana.

Learning More About Who Really Governs and How: Power, Influence, and the Dominant Coalition
 Renz, David. and Andersson, Fredrik.

Les enjeux de gouvernance dans les EHPAD du secteur non-lucratif
 nirello, laura.

Links between volunteering and informal helping in Sweden: a 20-year perspective
 Jegermalm, Magnus.

Local Community Volunteer Social Worker System in Japan: Survey Data Analysis and Feedback to Community
 Ozawa, Wataru. and Makita, Yukifumi.

Look who’s crowding-out! Correlates of willingness to substitute declining government contributions to charitable organizations
 Bekkers, Rene. and DeWit, Arjen.

Lost in muddling through. The new hybridity of nonprofits in Western welfare states.
 Bode, Ingo.


Main Problems of the Taxation of Civil Society Organizations in Brasil: Certification and Impact on the Payroll
 Pessoa, Leonel. and Trezza, Valeria.

Making church happen. Architectural methods to transform Flanders’ parish churches into civic collectives
 De Ridder, Roel.

Management as Legitimacy: Government Funding for Development NGOs
 Suarez, David. and Gugerty, Mary Kay.

Managing Volunteers in a Hostile Context: The Experience of Russian NPOs
 Crotty, Jo. and Ljubownikow, Sergej.

Mapping the Regulators: Charitable Solicitations Regulations in the American States
 Barber, Putnam. and Farwell, Megan.

Measuring the social enterprises: the statistical contribution
 Zamaro, Nereo., Borzaga, Carlo. and ECCHIA, GIULIO.

Measuring the Philanthropic Environment across Nations: Methodology and Preliminary Results
 Spantchak, Yulya.

Media framing of development-induced displacement
 Dasegowdanakoplu, Poornananda.

Meeting the information needs of charity trustees: can Enterprise Performance Management systems help?
 Knowles, Cathy., McCulloch, Maureen. and Limburg, Diana.

Membership Management in three Brazilian associations through the lens of institutional work
 Nogueira, Fernando.

Methods and Key Figures of Blood Donor Management
 Rüstig, Wolfgang.

Methods for the Recruitment of Blood Donors from Minority Groups
 de Kort, Wim.

Million-Dollar Philanthropy and Giving in a Cross-National Perspective
 Osili, Una., Ackerman, Jacqueline. and Li, Yannan.

Modeling Social Enterprises as a Hybrid Organisation
 Szymanska, Aleksandra. and Jegers, Marc.

Models of Collaboration Between Volunteers and Local Government in Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines
 Alampay, Erwin.

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NGO Interaction with Government Agencies and NGO´s Role in Alleviation of Social Problems in Russia
 Mersianova, Irina.

NGOs as Democratic Legitimizers of international Law-making - Elements of Critique
 Beijerman, Martine.

Neoliberalization and global health: health politics and gender in authoritarian states
 Duten, Alexia.

Networks as Negotiations, not Pixie Dust
 Danley, Stephen.

New Urban Movement as a Field Negotiated Into Existence: The Case of Poland
 Domaradzka, Anna. and Wijkstrom, Filip.

New examples of collective action in Greece: challenging the traditional patterns of civil society- state relationship
 Loukidou, Aikaterini.

New tensions for the third sector in Mexico
 Puga, Cristina.

No safety no trust: Anticipating the third sector for more public trust onto making food safety mechanisms and the policy
 Chuang, Su Chong.

Nonprofit Organizations in Tough Times: The Czech Experience
 Prouzova, Zuzana. and Hyanek, Vladimidir.

Nonprofit Performance: Bringing the User Back In.
 Benjamin, Lehn. and Campbell, Dave.

Nonprofit organizations in Danish welfare provision – explaining differences across welfare areas
 Thøgersen, Malene.

Nonprofit sector higher education in Central Europe
 Pospisilova, Tereza. and Jantulová-Šťovíčková, Magdaléna.

Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted
 Grizzle, Cleopatra.


Opportunities and challenges for NPO while engaging in corporate volunteering
 Roza, Lonneke., Hustinx, Lesley. and Shachar, Itamar.


Paper Submission Working Title: Exploring the Complexity of Post-Civil War Civil Society Through the Success of the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR)
 McDonald, Mary. and Mitchell, Christina.

Participation and Local Governance Outcomes in Transition
 Kvartiuk, Vasyl.

Participatory philanthropy: A nonprofit-centered conceptual framework for charity sports events
 Greenspan, Itay. and Berger, Ida.

Partners in Community Development: Examining Hometown Association and Local Government Collaboration in Paniqui, Tarlac
 Landong, Jemima.

Partnership Strategies For Social Enterprises: A Close Look At Japanese WISEs
 Nakagawa, Sachiko. and Laratta, Rosario.

Patterns of social and political involvement: Further conceptual and empirical explorations in a Western European country
 Dekker, Paul.

Perceptions by attendees of Christian churches’ role in social welfare and environmental activities in Australia
 Leonard, Rosemary.

Person, job and organization effects on wages in the third sector workforce
 Katz, Hagai. and Yogev, Hila.

Perspectivas y Contradicciones de la Participación Ciudadana para el Control Social: análisis del Movimiento Nossa BH en la promoción del "derecho a la ciudad" -
 dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio, Armindo.

Philanthropic Journeys: exploring high-income professionals’ pathways to the giving of time and money
 Hogg, Eddy.

Philanthropic aid and international development: Evidence from million-dollar charitable donations
 Osili, Una. and Li, Yannan.

Philanthropic foundations, business activities and unfair competition: across the EU and US legal frameworks
 Rametta, Raffaella.

Philanthropic foundations: issues for governance in the public interest
 Xhauflair, Virginie. and Mernier, Amelie.

Philanthropy in Belgium - Fundraising: organizational strategies and tools
 Scheerlinck, Eef., Faseur, Tine., Bouckaert, Ann-Sophie., Persyn, Joke. and De Coster, Ilja.

Pierre Bourdieu’s theoretical contribution to the analysis of voluntary associations
 Siisiäinen, Martti.

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Recent Civil Society Networks in Brazil: strengthening democracy through social control and public engagement
 Krieger, Morgana.

Reflexive, not committed: longitudinal patterns of individuals’ involvement in voluntary associations in Great Britain
 Kamerade, Daiga.

Regulation and Self-Regulation in the Chinese Nonprofit Sector: Some Initial Observations
 Sidel, Mark.

Regulatory waves towards the nonprofit sector in Israel
 Limor, Nissan. and Brindt, Noy.

Relationships, Resources and the Legitimacy of NGOs: Reflexive, Coercive, and Normative Isomorphism in Shaping NGO Self-regulation
 AbouAssi, Khaldoun. and Bies, Angela.

Religion in the lives of women:status of women in Muslim personal law
 Manjula, BC.

Religion nurtures some forms of prosociality, education does not
 Bekkers, Rene.

Research as praxis for community philanthropy development
 Kilicalp, Sevda.

Rockefeller Foundation and the promotion of social sciences in interwar Czechoslovakia
 Skovajsa, Marek.

Role and influence of civil society in 21st century global policy processes
 Buffardi, Anne., Moodley, Pooven. and Buenaventura-Goldman, Marianne.

Role of information in mobilizing voluntary actions: Findings from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
 Okada, Aya. and Comfort, Louise.

Role-play as advocacy: Expanding the community of empathy beyond the mutual-help group boundary
 Noorani, Tehseen.

Roles and functions of intermediary organizations in collaborative governance : The case of Japan
 Shimaoka, Mikiko. and SATO, Masahisa.


Shifting sands: Volunteering in the UK’s changing public service delivery landscape
 Hill, Matthew. and Ellis Paine, Angela.

Shopping for Change – commodifying practices and individual responsibility in non-profit fundraising discourse
 Arnesson, Johanna.

Should NPOs follow international standards for financial reporting? A multinational study of views
 Crawford, Louise., Morgan, Gareth., Breen, Oonagh. and Cordery, Carolyn.

Size, Structure and Integration of Rural Non-profit Organizations in Local Governance: Survey Results from the Czech Republic
 Curtiss, Jarmila., Skarabelova, Simona., Navratil, Jiri. and Vaceková, Gabriela.

Social Capital during the post-disaster resilience and disaster prevention
 Kapucu, Naim. and Erkan, Erna.

Social Enterprise and Democracy
 Eikenberry, Angela.

Social Entrepreneurship - Addressing Symptoms of or Solutions to Wicked Problems?
 Gawell, Malin. and Hulgard, Lars.

Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise: Meanings, Models and Measures
 Lam, Swee-Sum., Nair, Roshini. and Tan, Pauline.

Social Entrepreneurship and the Advancement of Civil Society: Polycentricity and Dispersed Knowledge
 Frank, Peter. and Shockley, Gordon.

Social Impact Bonds: a critical exploration
 Clifford, Jim. and Jung, Tobias.

Social Innovation and the Third Sector – strategies of public and welfare policies towards social innovations
 Then, Volker. and mildenberger, georg.

Social Loafing Phenomenon and Lean-Thinking Model in a Taiwan Non-Profit Organization
 Chen, Jose Chiu-C..

Social Responsibility and Non-Profit Organizations
 Rey Garcia, Marta. and Felgueiras, Ana.

Social capital and non-profit business collaboration: Case study on the Social Marketplaces in Germany
 Ho, Meng-Han.

Social innovation as social enterprise - Limiting or opening the space of social change?
 Hulgard, Lars.

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Taking stock: a critical examination of board governance in the UK’s top-500 nonprofits
 Palmer, Paul., Melville, Rob., Massie, Ruth. and Jung, Tobias.

The Armenian third sector twenty years after the post-soviet transition: Continuity or change?
 Paturyan, Yevgenya., Baglioni, Simone. and Gevorgyan, Valentina.

The Bavarian Volunteer Card – more than a Bonus Program? Results of empirical research on the systematic implementation of a Volunteer Card in Bavaria, Germany
 Wegner, Martina.

The Construction Youth Trust: developing measure of social impact
 Murdock, Alex., Bridgeman, Jemma. and Murdock, Alex.

The Cross-Sector Partnership: Value Sharing between for-Profit and not-for-Profit Organizations
 Pyo, Na Sung. and Chung, Seungwha.

The Crosscurrents of Nonprofit Regulation in Mexico
 Layton, Michael.

The Discontents of Integration: Boundary Work and Welfare Stigma at Reformed Elder Homes in China
 Dai, Haijing.

The Dynamics of Ethnic Organizations among Native Populations: The case of Indigenous Doctors in Bolivia
 Babis, Deby.

The Effects of Boards Decision Making on the Efficiency of Italian Foundations
 Donegani, Chiara Paola. and Balduzzi, Paolo.

The Evolution of Corporate Philanthropy in Germany: An Institutional Perspective
 Mair, Johanna. and Wolf, Miriam.

The German Debate on Participation, Citizen Involvement and Social Movements
 Walk, Heike.

The Growth Industry of Going Abroad to Volunteer: Trends and Implications for the Global South
 Tiessen, Rebecca.

The Impact of Aid Reduction and Donor Exit on Civil Society in Developing Countries
 Pallas, Christopher.

The Impact of Applied Learning: Students Learn by Saving a City
 Krasynska, Svetlana. and Jones, Jennifer.

The Impact of a Neo-Liberal Economic Regime on the Third Sector in Israel: Three Indicative Illustrations
 Gidron, Benjamin.

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UK Foundations today – Love in a cold climate
 Pharoah, Catherina.

Understanding Grantseeking and Grantmaking in Competitive Nonprofit Markets
 Faulk, Lewis. and Janis, Amanda.

Understanding Merits and Limitations of SROI Analysis
 Maier, Florentine., Schober, Christian., Simsa, Ruth. and Millner, Reinhard.

Understanding Volunteering Variation in Europe: A Multilevel Approach of the Structural and Cultural Determinants of Volunteering
 Damian, Elena.

Understanding gendered spaces in the Third Sector in terms of agency and communion
 Leonard, Rosemary. and Johansson, Stina.

Understanding the Brazilian evaluation field and its professionals through social network analysis
 rillo otero, martina., Bara Bresolin, Antonio., Barboza, Madelene., Alves, Mario. and Nogueira, Fernando.

Unexpected changes in participation in civil society organizations in Post-Soviet countries
 Kamerāde, Daiga., Crotty, Jo. and Ljubownikow, Sergej.

University of Zagreb, Croatia Civic engagement as volatile fact in civil society of transition country
 Bezovan, Gojko.

Unpacking nonprofit career awareness: Volunteering as a gateway to nonprofit careers
 Nemenoff, Erin.

Updating the Legal Framework for Civil Society in East Asia Reflections since October 2013
 Simon, Karla. and Irish, Leon.

Urban Blood Donor Groups
 Boenigk, Silke. and Leipnitz, Sigrun.

Use of volunteers in third sector organisations following the 2010 UK Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR)
 hetherington, linda.

Using Classroom Philanthropy to Build Civil Society
 Hersey, Leigh.

Using NGO service delivery to generate research data: the experience of NGOs in Malawi
 Gooding, Kate.

Using religious messages to address gender-based violence: The case of the Solomon Islands
 Kilby, Patrick. and Wu, Joyce.


Value creation in mission-based organizations operating in market environments—The case of microfinance organizations
 Pinz, Alexander. and Helmig, Bernd.

Volunteer Management as a Means of Civic Empowerment
 Yanay-Ventura, Galit.

Volunteer Matching: Exploring the Intersection of Volunteer Preferences and Organizational Needs
 Deitrick, Laura. and Carter-Kahl, Sue.

Volunteering Participation in Scotland: An Analysis of Linked Social Survey and Administrative Data
 Rutherford, Alasdair.

Volunteering and civic participation
 Stoppiello, Sabrina., Ascoli, Ugo. and Nicosia, Manuela.

Volunteering as a choice ... made in conversation
 Haers, Jacques.

Volunteering in religious organizations: what does it bring to society? Calculating social yield
 Boender, Welmoet.

Volunteers' perspectives on work and leisure
 Prouteau, Lionel. and Sardinha, Boguslawa.


Waiting for the Big Wave: A Fifty Year Retrospective on the Ebbs and Flow of Irish Charity Regulation
 Breen, Oonagh.

Walking the line: Civil Society Organisations engaging with the state on violence and crime in post-transition South Africa
 Riffler, Vera.

Welfare providers: Distinctive goals and values in the regulated state?
 Trætteberg, Håkon.

What Can Humanitarian Assistance Professionals Learn from the New Public Administration Movement
 Bahng, Grace.

What a difference a day makes: mixed methods research on social participation in the 1958 British birth cohort
 Mohan, John. and Bolton, Victoria.

What are the relationships between self-help/mutual aid groups and professionals? Case studies from five countries
 Oka, Tomofumi.

What do self-help/mutual aid groups offer to citizens themselves?
 Borkman, Thomasina. and Munn-Giddings, Carol.

What is the Role of Volunteers in Icelandic Non-Profit organizations Providing Welfare Services?
 Hrafnsdottir, Steinunn. and Kristmundsson, Omar.

What were the Influences of the State and the Market on the fate of Endowments in Germany from the sixteenth century to the twentieth century?
 Adam, Thomas.

When Activism Fades Out: Causes of Closure of Voluntary Associations in Finland and Estonia
 Lagerspetz, Mikko., Keedus, Liisi., Sundblom, Dan., Rikmann, Erle. and Sundback, Susan.

Which are more accountable to citizens: corporate foundations or civil society organizations?
 Larroude, Elisa.

Who Is In Charge? – The Hierarchical Segregation of Volunteers in CSOs.
 Rameder, Paul., Maier, Florentine. and Meyer, Michael.

Who gives: another rationale for rewarding and regulating charitable and political contributions separately
 Carmichael, Calum.

Why do they care? Framing in social-sector NGOs in Russia
 Pape, Ulla.

Win-back strategies for blood donation services
 Clement, Michel., Shehu, Edlira. and Langmaack, Ann-Christin.

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